Born in 1964 & 1965


Overview: For me, 1964 marks the year the Beatles arrived to the US and unleashed Beatlemania, but of course a lot more happened that year besides a British pop group causing teeny boppers to wet their pants screaming at the top of their lungs.  The Civil Rights Act passed in the US,  the toy company Hasbro launched its G.I.Joe figure  (ironic since a year later the US sent troops to fight in the Vietnamese civil war), Nelson Mandela (South Africa) was sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment and the Warren Report for President John F. Kennedy was issued, according to

Meanwhile, the revolutionary 1960s continued with Civil Rights, Chicano rights, women’s rights, Gay rights, and farm labor rights. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy had also left the US Americans shock, and while change was definitely felt electrifying the air with Uranus and Pluto in the mutable sign Virgo and the Cold War continued while Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and other folksingers brought socio-political issues into popular music.  In October 1964, Martin Luther King Jr., received the Nobel Peace Prize.

China conducted its first nuclear bomb test which in itself fits into the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that took place that year with a wide orb.  Meanwhile, the face of pop music changed with the arrival of the British Invasion led by the Beatles, Rollingstones, and other similar bands who found their roots in the American blues and American rock n’ roll such as Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley.  Movies that year included, Ray’s Charulata (India), Teshigahara’s Woman in the Dunes, Buñuel’s Diary of a Chambermaid, Cuckor’s My Fair Lady, Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove, Stevenson’s Mary Poppins, and Jewison’s Send Me No Flowers.  Movies were moving deeper into surrealism as were popular imported television shows such as The Avengers (England, began in 1961), Dr. Who (England) and Bewitched (US, first episode in 1964).  Could the sextile with Neptune and Pluto have had a say in what people were watching on the small and big screen? Certainly, this sextile affected the drug use with pop and rock music.

Sandra Bullock
Celebrities born in 1964 include: Nicholas Cage, Sandra Bullock, Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon, Bret Easton Ellis (American author), Juliette Binoche, Tracy Chapman, Russell Crowe, Melissa Sue Gilbert, Lenny Kravitz, Wynona Judd, Courtney Cox (Friends), Courtney Love (rock singer), Chris Cornell, Mary-Louise Parker, Rosie Perez, Marisa Tomei and Beatrice Dalle (French actress character Betty Blue).


A yod launched January with a sextile between Neptune and Uranus/Pluto inconjunct Jupiter that started on January 20 and separated on February 16.  Saturn squared Neptune which would have led to a lot of confusion.  To give you an idea of the wild ride of this month, US President Lynden B. Johnson declared a war on poverty in the US (January 8), one day later, anti-US riots broke out in the Panama Canal zone, then Panama severed diplomatic relations with the US two days later, US Surgeon General Luther Terry reports that smoking may be hazardous (January 11), and later he would declare a connection between smoking and lung cancer, Revolution overthrows Sultan of Zanzibar, 1 month after independence (12th), the album Meet the Beatles arrives in the US, according to

How would a child born during this planetary configuration feel falling down this rabbit hole with the combustible energies of Pluto and Uranus moving into a tighter conjunction while sextiling Neptune in Scorpio (secrets, drugs, music, cinema, deep psychology, death) with an inconjunct to Jupiter (Aries)?  Saturn in Aquarius squaring Neptune would have tossed in another curve ball.  Just looking at that lineup we see warrior energy, healer energy, radical thinking, even genius energy or just plain spaced out or victim energy.  Home life would have been confusing at best possibly with far out parents, an alternative lifestyle or one progressive parent butting heads with a conservative parent.  This would have  bode better with the Aquarius born child and the Capricorn born child might have just felt lost and clingy with so much strange energy floating around. And this is just January!
The yod continued in February, ending before the Sun moved from Aquarius into Pisces with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction sextile with Neptune (just more weirdness as the three outermost planets formed that relationship).  I can feel its energy, but I can hardly describe it.  “Trippy” is a word that comes to mind and I’m not surprised people were tripping on drugs, listening to strange music and watching surreal movies and television shows given those transits (this is not just for February 1964, but would continue).  Were parents of children born during this time tripping on drugs, were they acting irresponsible and what type of message were children receiving from parents during this time?

In March, the outer planet transits continue the same, but Saturn in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries, then Saturn moves into Pisces, joining Neptune in the water signs.  Saturn in Pisces would eventually oppose Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (I was born with this opposition in June 1964).  Saturn in Pisces is a challenge to describe since Pisces represents drugs, imprisonment, dance, cinema, music, spirituality, dissolution of matter and Saturn which represents structure, authority, government, corporations, bones, skeleton, skin, etc and we saw all of that playing out in the adult world, but how did Saturn in Pisces during this time shape the children born at this time?  Personally, I have never felt secure in the world, but I was born with Saturn conjunct Moon, one degree orb in Pisces.  The ground has never felt rock solid underneath my feet and I can’t speak for others born with Saturn in Pisces in the 1960s, but could it be a similar experience?

Did families break apart during their early years, was one of the parents (authority figures) gone for most of the child’s early life, did the child experience learning disabilities, rebel once they reached grade school age? Did they grow up having to take care of a parent because of drug abuse or some kind of mental illness or addiction?  Any of these scenarios are probable.  The child could have been born with some type of deformity involving skin, bones, skeleton or develop scoliosis later (I did).  The child could grow up with a creative spirit, musical or photographic talent and have a love for music and cinema, as well as, dance and choreography.  And I’m talking about Saturn in Pisces here.  The opposition with Uranus/Pluto which came later in the year would pose challenges to getting any spiritual or creative gifts out into the world.

In April, Saturn opposed Uranus/Pluto while the sextile with Neptune continued (as it would for the entire 1960s), and Jupiter after it moved into Taurus on April 13 sextile Saturn and trining Uranus-Pluto.  So here you have some stability with Jupiter trining Uranus/Pluto and creating another flowing aspect with Saturn, but Jupiter opposed Neptune. While there are oppositions happening all these planets were in Earth and Water Signs which would have bode well for the arts, spirituality-religion, but not without opposition.  Authority figures weren’t going to give way to radical thinkers.  Would this have given birth to both dogmatic religious and radical spiritual children? I have found that the Jupiter opposition to Neptune all deals with higher education, spirituality, religion, philosophy, the arts, publishing, travel, and seeing the world.  And many adults of this era were introduced to world travel through the Peace Corp, military families living overseas or as in the case with my family, a father who spent most of his time overseas, including Vietnam.  Children born at this time would have been exposed to music from other parts of the world and through the media would have been exposed to places around the world featured in the news and educational television.  This is where a worldview would develop that could later serve these children.

May looks a lot like April, except the Sun moved into Gemini at the end of May. In June we experienced a Solar Eclipse on June 10 (super moon), a Lunar Eclipse on June 25 (which led to my early birth) and a Solar Eclipse on July 9 (super moon) when the rock singer Courtney Love was born.  Transits in June included Uranus-Pluto opposite Saturn and square Mars (though I’m not looking at personal planets in this series), but this T-Square is significant (Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Gemini because you have a T-Square happening around the time of eclipses, and the Solar Eclipses were both super moons which meant that the Moon was closest to the earth (gravitational pull).

I was personally born during this T-Square and I would call myself sensitive and my childhood brutal with a lot of shouting in the household, not to mention a lot of confusion.  I know other women born the same time as me however who did not experience the same trauma, though they do have similar skills and talents as me. The other women might have had an Aquarius Moon (if they were born earlier in the day) or Moon void of course or a Moon not in a tight orb with Saturn like my moon. I think environment also has something to do with how a child develops despite what transits are going on at the time.  But this T-Square could be called a perfect storm where at some point someone born with dynamics with Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Mars would have come up against authority of some kind or another, whether that be in home life, marriage or career.  Power struggle is written into this dynamic and it would have all depended on where these planets landed in a natal chart too.  These children would learn the lessons of regeneration throughout their lifetime.

In July we see the same transits with a super moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th.  This could have also played out as it did with Courtney Love born on July 9, 1964, who struggled with a drug addiction, violent episodes (she punched other women out of jealousy), death of her husband Curt Cobain (also drug-related with violence).  Could other people born during this time also abuse drugs, experience psychological instability or possess great creative or spiritual talent?  There is room here for paranoia, depression and deluded thinking such as, “If I become rich and famous, I will find happiness.”  Or “If I just find the right guru, I will reach enlightenment and then I’ll be happy.”  If a person comes out of those delusions he or she could also become a powerful healer or transformer of the planet in some way, but not without radical transformation occurring in the adult years (Uranus and Pluto) and wise teachers to lead the way (Saturn in Pisces) and (Jupiter in Taurus).

In September Saturn (retrograde) moves back into Aquarius where it stayed until December 17.  Saturn squared Jupiter while the other outer planet transits remained status quo.   This continued through October when MLK received the Nobel Peace Prize. So now instead of the children born having Saturn in Pisces (water/emotions/creativity), they have their Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (Air/thought/mental/genius).  These children might have either had a high IQ or experienced learning disabilities, perhaps a precursor to what we now label ADD with flashes of genius and or restlessness.  But at least we got a rest from the Saturn opposition with Uranus/Pluto so these children would not carry that tension of wanting to breakdown authority or at least rebel against it (and not often knowing the source of their rebellion).

By mid-December Saturn moved back into Pisces and we continued the dynamics we saw earlier in the year, but with the outer planets.  The Sun would move from Sagittarius to Capricorn and these two Suns would deal with all that energy differently with the Capricorn having the easiest time experiencing trines and sextiles with the outer planet while Sagittarius Sun would (depending on degree) experience a square with Pluto/Uranus as would any planets in Sagittarius at that time.  The North Node was in Sagittarius opposite sign Gemini and part of December Saturn was in Pisces).  I can only guess how that would have played out for the Sagittarius child born at this time.  He or she would have work cut out for him or her having several natal planets in water and earth signs, hopefully not drowning out or grounding too much the Sagittarius fire and enthusiasm.


If you’re starting to see children dropping into the rabbit hole or flying off in a tornado to the strange land of Oz, you are not far off.  The 1960s kaleidoscope echoes with our current transits with Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn, etc, but in the 1960s, the Indigo energies were only starting to take root with the revolutions of the people in various countries, the overthrow of colonialism in the developing world, Communism in Cuba, as well as, revolutionary spirit in the arts with cinema, music, Pop Art, and the counterculture further developed along these lines.

Experimentation with drugs and psychological experiments (ie: LSD and Timothy Leary), psychedelic culture and music still to come, the Beatles developing into better songwriters with more emphasis on lyrics than their raging popularity.  Other bands such as the Rollingstones, The Byrds also developed further into new musical territories and now we were even hearing exotic instruments from other cultures such as India and North Africa appearing in pop songs.  New Age spirituality grew as well, with alternative Christian views, as well as an interest in Hinduism and Buddhism of the East.  George Harrison discovered Indian classical music and Ravi Shankar’s sitar.  And the introduction of miniskirts also showed that life was opening up.  Just as there was a counterculture emerging, Eisenhower era mentality would have fought back against the changing tides.  This fight would culminate with the draft of young men sent to Vietnam to fight a war they did not support and it would later appear in the Kent State shootings in 1970.  And with the Civil Rights movement in the South mainly but across the US States with race riots occurring throughout the 1960s and the deaths of Malcolm X and MLK, we saw the conservatives fighting back with a vengeance.

However, 1965 brought a mixed bag of events and only some of it pertained to pop culture.  The British Sea Gem Oil rig collapsed, Malcolm X was assassinated, Nicolae Ceausescu came to power in Romania, New York City experienced the Great Blackout, the US sent troops to Vietnam and the Rollingstones unleashed their mega hit, Can’t Get No Satisfaction to crowds of screaming female teeny boppers, according to History Timeline for 1965.

Movies to hit the big screen included: Wise’s The Sound of Music, Lean’s Dr. Zhivago, Polanski's Repulsion, Bunuel's Simon in the Desert, Godard’s Pierrot le Fou, Godard's Alphaville, and Milos Forman’s Loves of a Blonde.

Celebrities born in 1965 include: Diane Lane, Helena Kukova (tennis star), Jane Swift (former governor of Massachusetts), Sarah Jessica Parker, Rodney King, Robert Downey, Jr., Paulina Poirzkova, Natalie Dessay (French soprano), Tasmin Little (English violinist), Kirst Novoselic (Nirvana), Tom Tykwer (German filmmaker), Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Hurley, Evelyn Glennie (Scottish percussionist), J.K. Rowling, Elizabeth Manley, Bjork and Gong Li (Chinese actress).


In January we experienced Uranus-Pluto conjunct in Virgo sextile Neptune in Scorpio, plus Jupiter trining Pluto exact and Capricorn Sun forming a Grand Earth Trine, while Neptune opposed Jupiter.  Children born at this time would be practical, grounded, with the possibility of slower learners (especially Capricorn Sun children) or slow to start talking or even walking.  They would eventually grapple with their inner spirituality verses religious teachings of family, church and peers. With Neptune in Scorpio opposing Jupiter in Taurus these children would need to learn how to trust their intuition and inner spiritual guidance but they might have been born into a conservative or fearful family that shut these gifts down.  Children born with an Aquarius Sun might even stand out even more, causing their parents worry as these children would definitely not conform easily and would be a handful once they reached grade school age, not to mention their rebellious teen years. They were rebels with causes that they couldn't articulate so they searched for symbols in the media or the arts later to speak for them or speak to them.

In February the Jupiter opposition to Neptune was exact on February 26-28 further emphasizing the theme of inner spiritual guidance verses “reality” presented to them by the outer world and outer authority.  If the children born during this time, especially since Chiron was transiting in Pisces, felt unheard or unsupported by parents and peers, they would end up isolating themselves in some way or closing their heart and throat chakras.  They would do their best to conform and fit into the program, except that the Aquarius children would only pretend to conform and the Pisces children would find ways to escape from “reality” by developing addictions later in life or becoming chronic liars.  They would feel like victims in some cases, martyrs in other cases, if they did not receive the support and encouragement for their spiritual gifts and creative talents.  They are extremely creative and would find either constructive or destructive ways to use those gifts.  They would either study dance, singing, music or photography or some creative pursuit, or they would hide behind alcohol, drugs, and use people to validate their existence (or do both things).  They could get lucky and grow into rock, pop or movie stars through a lucky break (Jupiter in Taurus).
In March, we continue with similar configurations with the outer planets except that Saturn in Pisces opposed Uranus in Virgo exact from March 28 to April 3rd.  This would bring the theme of spiritual service into a child’s life. The child could have grown up in a family with a sick or addict parent or perhaps an elderly parent that they felt they had to take care of.  In some way the parent might not have taken responsibility for themselves while burdening their child.  The child would either grow up to be subservient and co-dependent, become an addict themselves (as a means to rebel) or the child grows up with victim or martyr themes which eventually leads them to a healing or service profession.

In April, Jupiter moved out of Taurus into Gemini, which would have taken grounded and sensual energy now turned to the mental realm.

In May, Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, with an exact conjunction with Uranus on May 6 - 9, and exact conjunction with Pluto on 19 - 21. Mars formed a sextile with Neptune, while Neptune at 18 degrees separated from a conjunction with Uranus at 10 degrees. Saturn continued an opposition with Uranus.  These are extremely powerful transits with a lot of male energy (Mars, Pluto, Uranus, Saturn) and the challenge for these children, especially those born under the mental sign Gemini (last week of the month) would need to balance their male side with their female side including intuition, emotions, and self-nurturing.  With these aspects, there is a tendency to fall into victim consciousness or feel like a defensive warrior.  Letting go and having faith in a Higher Power is an important lesson for these folks.  The other challenge still is present and that is dealing with frustration, anger and a sense of helplessness.  You are powerful transformers not victims of circumstances and you chose your life experiences for your soul's education and path.

In June Jupiter in Gemini squared Uranus and Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces creating a Mutable T-Cross (T-Square).  The tension was released with a Neptune-Pluto sextile and an exact trine with Jupiter and Saturn from June 12 - 30.  While these children would feel like they have no writing or communication talent, this would be an illusion. These children have gifts in spiritual communication and would do well with intuitive life coaching sessions to unleash these gifts.  Or Jupiter would exaggerate talent and the children would avoid doing the necessary work or give upon creative pursuits too soon.  However, some of these children, especially the Cancerians have gift for healing others and using their powerful intuition, but would need some training in this regard to get over self-doubts and shyness.  The Gemini Sun children would make excellent writers, radio hosts and astrologers.

In July, Saturn formed an exact trine with Neptune exact while Neptune continued to sextile Pluto and Jupiter squared Pluto-Uranus conjunction.  Even with Jupiter in Gemini squaring Pluto and Uranus, children born during this time would have powerful spiritual gifts, healing gifts or they could succeed tremendously in fine or performing arts.  They certainly possess inner vision, healing power, and might have trouble communicating or articulating this power.  They also might exaggerate their gifts without going through the trouble of training and honing those gifts, which would lead them on a road to charlatanism.  However, if you were born in July 1965, hone your creative and spiritual talents even late in life. 

There is also a danger here of narcissism and other mental illnesses of not seeing the world as it really is or thinking too highly of oneself and using glamor to get by with others.  Drug abuse and alcoholism are also likely, but the Saturn-Neptune trine would curtail most of that or lead from addiction to a healing path.  August has similar transits except we are now dealing with Leo Sun so the narcissistic tendency is stronger.

In September, we see the first exact conjunction with Pluto and Uranus on the 5- 6 and then 21 -30 and the sextile to Neptune is within 1 to 2 degree orbs this is opposite Saturn which forms a trine with Neptune.  Let’s go into physical sensations to describe these transits.  Pluto feels dark, spooky, foreboding and taboo while Uranus has zippy electric energy that zigzags or shows up like a sudden shock (lightening) this opposes the cold and detached Saturn who in Pisces constricts, contracts, and retards the creative or intuitive process except that Neptune fuses Saturn with more Piscean energy which connects us to the Divine Source and asks us to act in integrity and take responsibility.  My guess is that the children born during this time are Indigo, super sensitive, unable to handle lies and hypocrisy and would grow up to bring transformation to the planet, but only after rediscovering personal power (which is immense with that Pluto/Uranus conjunction exact).  It's good to remember that we are all hypocrites some of the time, to not judge, and detach from other people's dramas.  Create the life you choose.

In October, Jupiter moved into Cancer (which would eventually trine Saturn, Neptune and sextile Uranus and Pluto in Virgo).  But at that moment Jupiter was too far out of orb with those planets.  Children born with Jupiter in Cancer especially under the sign of Scorpio (last week of the month) would possess psychic-intuitive gifts and healing abilities.  They might also go into a service profession such as nursing but would be better off going into alternative healing modalities.

In November, Jupiter retrograde back into Gemini and Pluto and Uranus form another exact conjunction from November 10 -18 (see description from previous months) with a tight sextile to Neptune.  The year ends status quo.

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