Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking it up an Octave (the personal planets)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
A Musical Analogy to the Planets

I had no idea what I would blog about this week, then an astrologer, Tai, on the Linked In group Soul Astrology referred to the nodes as a "higher octave".  The concept of describing the lower and higher octaves of each planet popped into my thoughts. Even though many people scoff at astrology and don't believe that the planets have any power over their lives, they don't realize that they either resonate with the planets at a lower or higher octave.

When we resonate at a higher octave with the Sun we feel centered, selfish in a good way, and we feel bright, warm, charming, and attractive (in the sense that we manifest our desires in our lives).  When it comes to creative pursuits, we are at the top of our game and might even feel like we're on a winning streak. We might even feel like we're just floating through life, getting along with everyone and we feel an abundance of joy.

When we resonate at a lower octave with the Sun we feel burned out, exhausted, or suffer from hot flashes, night sweats or fevers.  We feel itchy and our hearts ache.  Creativity suffers and we tend to attract only darker experiences, not our true desires.  Self-confidence is at an all-time low and we might become too self-reflective in an egotistical manner.  We demand, control, manipulate and harm others so that we can feel at the center of the universe and we claim false power while dominating others.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Get back into alignment with the higher octave through meditation and visualizing a sun in the solar plexus growing and light in the heart chakra filled with love.  Do something playful or play with toys or children.  Try drawing, singing, dancing, or working with clay.  Also sitting in the sun or taking additional vitamin D could prove helpful in bringing you back to the higher octave.

When we are in the higher octave for the Moon, we reflect secure feelings, self-confidence and a knowing-ness or inner wisdom back to the world.  We give and receive equally well, nurture ourselves first then others.  We are in touch with our feminine side, are able to interpret our dreams and the dreams of others and feel that the light is aglow in moonlight.  Our intuition is at an all-time high.

When we resonate with the Moon at a lower octave, we seem childish, petty, moody, and overly emotional or closed off.  We don't practice self-love or trust our inner wisdom and we reflect our darkness onto others.  Repressed emotions turn into depression and we cry a lot or just shut ourselves away from the world.

Again, meditation can bring the moon back into balance.  Work with moonstones, hang out near a body of water or moon gaze.  Take time out to nurture and nourish yourself and then keep a dream journal.  Also listen to soothing music at this time and get enough sleep, as well as, drink plenty of water and take baths in sea salt.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with Mercury at a higher octave, our communication is clear and well-articulated.  We're able to disseminate complex information in a manner which everyone can understand and we are to the point.  Our brains function smoothly and we grasps new concepts and ideas quickly. Everything seems interesting or fascinating to us.

When we resonate with Mercury at a lower octave, our communication is muddy and self-serving.  We distort information and we are no longer clear channels of information as if we have been shut off from the gods.  It feels like a trickster is at work, but the biggest trick is on ourselves.  Could also be too much gossip and pettiness.

Journaling helps to get Mercury back on track.  If Mercury resonates at a lower octave its because our thinking has grown too cloudy from emotions so journaling helps to clear that.  Also cognitive therapy could prove beneficial to get Mercury back on track.

When we resonate in the higher octave of Venus, we see beauty everywhere. We practice diplomacy and strive for peace and harmony.  We flirt not just with other humans, but all nature.  We host parties, cook for our family and friends, and enjoy participating with fine and performing arts.  We might tend to the garden or learn how to create aromatherapy products.  Our senses feel alive and all is well on the planet.

When we resonate at the lower octave of Venus, we seem petty and spend too much time gossiping or competing with others in a beauty contest manner.  Diplomatic skills disappear and we transform into Kali-like warriors leaving a string of broken hearts and fragile souls in our wake. We worry about aging or losing our looks, not realizing that true beauty comes from the inside out.  We go on shopping sprees for things we don't need and feel emptier as we empty out our bank accounts or we overindulge in sweets and gain weight.

Spend time in nature to balance Venus energy.  Go for a hike or a long walk in a natural setting, feel the sensations of the breeze in your hair and on your skin.  Smell the wild flowers and listen to the birds singing.  Hang out with a pet and see the world through their eyes.  Then take a long bath in aromatherapy oils or get a massage.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Gardening helps too.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with a higher octave of Mars, we exude energy and drive, knowing that we can conquer any task that awaits us.  We set goals and reach them easily and effortlessly.  Our male side is in balance with our female side. We engage in healthy physical activity and experience a healthy sex drive.  We feel enthusiastic and our solar plexus feels unblocked.

When we resonate at a lower octave of Mars we act like tyrants or throw tantrums.  We seem petty and overly competitive with our egos running the show.  Friends, family and colleagues run in the other direction or go to war with us.  Mars causes us to come across as hotheaded and impetuous if not just childish.

Go for a run or a brisk walk to get Mars back in balance.  Spend time ventilating either in a journal or by punching a pillow. Dance to drums or get involved with a sport that you can do alone.  Once you work off the energy, meditate and get your ego back in balance.  Practice acts of kindness and develop greater compassion.

I will cover the transpersonal and outer planets in subsequent posts.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Quantum Astrology

I jumped on the quantum physics train in 2001 when I first heard about it, or possibly sooner than that.  Who can remember exact dates during this sped-up era? However, the law of attraction folks pulled me kicking and screaming, practically, towards their way of thinking.  I believe in astrology and I couldn't get my head around how astrology and law of attraction go together.  Could you imagine if law of attraction and astrology were two people on a date? Sparks would fly.

Some astrologers believe that the planetary alignment that occurred during our birth shapes our destiny.  Predictive astrologers give us little leg room where as, evolutionary or transformational astrologers claim that we always have a choice about how we experience the planetary energies in our natal charts and transits.  Quantum physics, from the little I can figure out claims that we live within multiple universes or dimensions.  We live all our lives simultaneously and that anytime we're faced with a decision, we end up choosing both sides of the decisions which we play out in parallel universes or dimensions.  How does one get their head around that concept?

As many of you know reading this blog, quantum physics replaced atomic physics even if many scientists still aren't convinced that we live in parallel universes that there is no space between us or anything and that we are in fact, energetic fields.  So if quantum physics is the new science, will we also discover a new way to view the planets and our interaction with them? Will we still combine Jungian archetypes with astrology? Will we still think of Pluto as the ruler of the underworld and Saturn as the strict authoritarian? Will Mars still race around like a crazy warrior on steroids and will Venus still practice the art of seduction?

How can we combine the concepts of the law of attraction and quantum physics with astrology? How do we give readings to someone who follows the law of attraction? Do we tell them that they created the transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn or Sun in their chart? Personally, I don't think we have any cooperation of that kind with the planets. We couldn't call planetary transits cooperative components as referred to by Esther Hicks/Abraham in her channeled teachings. I doubt any of us as individuals or as a collective are powerful enough to rearrange the planets in the sky, to speed them up or slow them down or to send them into black holes.

I can just see it now us saying, "Pluto, I'm giving you time out.  Into the black hole you go!"  If we could do that, we could also send Uranus and Mars into the black hole.  However, why would we do that?  I think with astrology, especially evolutionary astrology we can always choose between fear or love.  And you'll find plenty of fearful astrology such as, "Oh no! Oh, my gawd! Pluto will square Uranus and Saturn in the Cardinal element.  We're in trouble now."

Well, certainly that's one way of looking at this important transit (which already took place).  The problem with that OMG factor is that we end up choosing a gloomy reality filled with worst-case scenarios.  A series of what-ifs surface and cause our knees to tremble and our ankles to swell and our stomachs to churn.  "What will we do when the world ends up going to hell in a hand basket?"

So how else could we view such a transit?  One way is to take the transformational view.  If we admit to ourselves we know that the planet needs huge adjustments and the creatures on the planet need healing.  We know that we can't going on destroying the planet while burying our complacent heads in the earth.  We know we need to change and to transform the world, but without the push from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, we probably would just keep our heads buried in the earth while suffocating the life out of the planet.

Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming the earth and moving mountains with our collective minds or at least climbing to a summit where we can find a more expansive view.  Pluto in Capricorn destroys old structures and not just unfit buildings, but societal structures, which were heading for demolition anyway.  Saturn currently in Scorpio also brings transformation, but I think with inner structure, such as transforming sexuality, psychology, soul evolution, and how we view death and rebirth.  The Saturn transit lasts for another two years and I believe it will bring great changes to the earth, even if these changes feel stifled and slow.

I admit Uranus currently in Aries has caused us to take a hard and long look at the violence, especially unnecessary violence in the world.  How can humanity call itself peaceful or peace-loving and condone the current violent state of the planet? Uranus has pushed headlines in our faces that question our defensive attitudes, self-righteousness, intolerance and emotional instability.  And it's not enough for any of us to say that we didn't contribute to violent acts on the planet, because in some ways we did.

Anytime we don't address our self-righteousness, intolerance, indifference or suppressed anger or outrage, we contribute to violence we see played out in the world.  Anytime we don't acknowledge what is lurking in the shadows of our minds and hearts, Pluto shines a light on that part of us. Anytime we watch violent movies, read violent books, watch violent television shows or play violent computer games, we contribute to the violence in the world.  Anytime we support violence in team sports or support wars, or governments that support wars and conflicts, we contribute. Anytime we turn our self away from the violent ways food is grown or animals are treated so that meat ends up on dinner plates, we contribute to violence and on and on it goes. 

Like a skunk, we attract and repel
So it turns out that the energies we release in the world that create our realities has planetary interaction even if the planet transits merely show us what we have created.  Thankfully, transiting Saturn retards processes and forces us to rethink our plans already in motion or just about to be set into motion.  Pluto demands initiation and transformation leading to rebirth for the planet and Uranus rebels against old structures that no longer work and probably never did.  Jupiter expands what it touches and it's a bit touchy with Pluto and Saturn at the moment in the form of a yod. So if anyone still feels shock for current world events, look no further than a mundane astrology chart for the planet.  Carl Boudreau has some wonderful mundane astrology videos on YouTube which I recommend.

And in the meantime if anyone has ideas of how quantum physics, the law of attaction and astrology can come together and pave the way for a new planet, please leaves comments here.  Thank you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's yod got to do with it, got to do with it?

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Whether you are aware of it or not, everyone feels the effects of a yod in the universal chart.  This yod involves slow moving planets, with Jupiter moving at the speed of one astrological sign a year.  It currently travels through Gemini.  And our two favorite planets (heh, heh), Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio (already an intriguing combination), form a yod with Jupiter.

I don't do mundane astrology (though I would like to), but you can witness the effects of this yod (which formed on December 13) in the news headlines.  Uranus (not part of the yod yet) went direct also on December 13 and the new moon in Sagittarius soon going into void-of-course and moving into Capricorn also took place on December 13, right after the momentous 12-12-12 energy and the dark moon in the Galactic Center.  And speaking of the Galactic Center, Mercury began its transit into GC on December 11 and Venus moves into the GC on December 16.  With so many planets moving into new signs, and out brooding Scorpio and into the Galactic Center, a time of great awakening is upon us.  By the time this weekend passes, only one planet (Jupiter) is retrograde. Unfortunately, it's traveling over my natal Mars.  Oh, well.

So if life feels like it has sped up, it has.  And if it feels like changes are occurring quickly and manifestation is happening in front of your eyes, it is.  Be especially careful the thoughts you dwell on at this time because you will manifest more quickly than ever before.  Keep track of your moods, emotions, feelings and thoughts.  After all, developing greater consciousness requires exactly that you do that.  The more consciousness you bring to this era, the better off you will feel.  Tired of drama and trauma? Good.  Time to realize that only you can create both individual and collective dramas through your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.  According to Esther and Jerry Hicks in their Abraham teachings, "A belief is just a thought you think a lot."  And you don't have to believe or think like other people.  Stop trying to please others by cooperating with their damaging beliefs and thoughts.

I believe that the message behind the current transits (and boy is the sky busy right now) has to do with developing an authentic self.  This is a time of stripping away everything that is no longer necessary, and stuff that was never necessary.  This is a time to clean out the proverbial closet, but I'm talking about the closet of your inner self.  Though if you want to clean out the closet in your homes, now would also be a good time to do that--just watch out for rabid dust bunnies...

Okay, so how does this universal yod affect you?  To answer that question you would need to have a natal chart with transits drawn up or printed from a website such as It's free to register and print out your chart.  Once you have your chart in hand, look for the houses where transiting Pluto (Capricorn), Saturn (Scorpio) and Jupiter (Gemini) are located.  Next, look at the themes of each of those three houses and any natal planets you have in those houses.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Let's use my natal chart as an example.  At the moment, transiting Saturn is in my 10th house, transiting Pluto is in my 1st house and transiting Jupiter is in my fifth house conjunct my natal Mars.  Am I a happy camper? Probably not, however, I choose to flow with this yod because I know in a few weeks it will reveal hidden treasures in the area of my public life/career, personal development/self-love, and in the area of arts and creativity.  How do I know this?  The 1st house represents the mask we wear and personal development, the fifth house represents fun things like the arts, theater, creativity, love affairs (nope not going there), friendships, and the stuff we do to feel joy in our lives.  And the 10th house represents how the public sees us, our public image, and career.

Now, the energy between Pluto and Saturn flows in a sextile, meaning everything feels okay between my personal development and career.  However, mister expansive Jupiter in chatty Gemini forms an inconjunction with both Saturn and Pluto, shouting at both planets, "Wait a minute and get your cotton-picking hands off each other!" Okay, so it doesn't use those exact words, but Jupiter in Gemini tends to exaggerate situations and it's conjunct my sometimes belligerent Mars who also talks to much, but does very little.

So this plays out in that I'm working on spiritual development using a popular method.  I'm also cleaning up old garbage in the way of beliefs and tracking my emotions, while tossing out beliefs that actually never served me.  I feel frustrated because this is a painstaking slow process and my Mars energy feels annoyed with it.  Mars tells me that he's not going along with anything that does not feel creative or fun.  And Mars rebels against statements such as "Well, you create your own reality."  Remember Mars represents the inner child in us who just wants to play or play and win.  Mars loves competition and is full of ego.

Perhaps you recognize a similar scenario within yourself.  It looks like spiritual competition.  "I'll catch up to those spiritually enlightened folks."  "Why are they so smug and condescending to me? Don't they know who I am? Don't they know I was an avatar in another life?" On and on it goes.  Mars wants to be the best at everything and has absolutely zero patience.  Whereas, daddy Saturn has plenty of patience and Pluto carries a whip.  Not to mention with this configuration, childhood issues surface when least expected.  We also learn new parenting roles for our inner children.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
The planets involved with the yod can turn up in different areas of your chart.  You could have the 2nd or 8th houses involved which deal with resources, skills, and talents, death, rebirth, and soul mates, and deep psychology. The yod could involve the 9th house which you would see delays in travel, relationships with foreigners or foreign businesses not running smoothly or you might question old ideologies, including ones belonging to religion or higher education.  With the 3rd house involved, communication and short distance travel goes amok, and communication with siblings seems argumentative.

This yod will play out well into January 2013.  I don't have my astrological calendar for next year yet so I can't give you an exact date of Jupiter moving well out of the yod zone.  I will say however, that now is a good time to get in touch with your natal chart and track transits.  If you don't want to do all the work yourself, contact an evolutionary astrologer with an optimistic view of the world and current events.  Otherwise, you will just end up with a doom and gloom reading.

Yods provide challenges and difficulties.  They're not fun, but if you navigate a yod and do the work that is required of you, even if it is just backing off and sitting on your hands, you will reap treasures in the houses affected by the yod planets.  See you on the other side in late January.  Feel free to contact me with stories about growth and transformation that occurs during this time.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Define your element

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
What I like most about astrology is its orderly system.  You have three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, twelve houses and ten planets, if you don't count the micro planet Chiron or all those asteroids.  And another fun quality I discovered recently revolves around how the elements play out in charts and the qualities that bestows on the person with the chart.

For instance if someone has over half their planets in the fire element, they are a Fire Starter, someone with a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and drive.  They came to this planet to inspire others, to light fires (hopefully in a good way), and to bring warmth and joy.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Someone with half their planets in the water element, Conduits, soak everything in and color the world with emotions or feelings.  They are your psychic sponge who stay in touch with the cosmos.  If you need intuitive help, go to these folks.  They're easy to find because they usually work in a healing profession.

Someone with half his planets in the air element, Clear thinkers-Communicators, either has his head in the clouds or complete clarity of thought.  These people think quickly, but tend to over analyze.  They thrive with new technology involving communication, are gifted writers or broadcasters unless something in their natal charts hinder this free flow of thoughts and ideas.  You'll find these folks in the communications field, or writing novels.  They are excellent public speakers even if they don't have the same enthusiasm as a fire starter.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last but not least, if you need someone solid and grounded, then turn to someone with over half of their planets in the earth element, Earth Connectors.  These folks might seem slow and ponderous at times, even stubborn, but you can count on them to get a job done and to do it well.  You can find these folks in environmental type employment, landscaping, gardening, farming, massage or body work, and in the business realm as well.  They are the hardest workers of the lot, thorough and meticulous. 

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Finally, we have the well-rounded people who have the elements spread throughout their chart with no one element dominating.  We also have people who are missing an element and overcompensate in the other areas of their charts or project those missing qualities onto other people, especially partners.  This could cause problems down the road if they wish to remain autonomous.

Take a look at your chart to see if you're a fire starter, a clear thinker, feeler intuitive, or earth connector.  I have fun making up these terms and coining new phrases.  Guess which element rules my chart.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Surrendering to Saturn

Saturn has endured centuries of getting a bad rap from astrologers.  And when word of mouth gets out it can cause some serious damage to Saturn's reputation as the ringed planet.  Saturn is the disciplinary parent no kid wants.  Saturn says, "no, not yet, please wait," when we're rearing to go.  Saturn reminds me of the mother who gave good advice which we tossed only to find out later the misery we could have saved ourselves.   Saturn slows us down, trips us when we run in the wrong direction, and reminds us constantly of this annoying law of cause and effect.  Yes, if you stub your toe on your bed frame it hurts.  If you drive recklessly you'll most likely end up in an accident. If you eat poison you will suffer illness.  That Saturn.

But here's the good news.  When we wish to slow down some processes in life such as an expanding waistline or credit card debt, Saturn helps us.  While Jupiter urges us to expand, and live a merry life, and Mars demands his manna now, Saturn could save us from the remorse that happens when we don't allow any discipline in our lives.  Venus and Jupiter get the good rap.  But Venus and Jupiter have a dark side which can lead to problems such as overweight, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted relationships, buyer's remorse, hangovers, and clutter.

This reminds me of two kinds of friends--the people-pleasing friends who tell you what you want to hear, even if they lie through hissing teeth and those friends who tell you the truth, even if you would rather not listen.  Again, think of the mother who gives good advice of caution and discernment to her children who go off and do their own thing, then return crying about the consequences of their actions.  Then the poor mother sits on her hands and shuts her mouth so she doesn't say those words everyone despises, "I told you so."

Well, Saturn is a "I told you so" planet, but the cranky old Saturn doesn't have a problem with kicking us in the butt and shouting those words at us.  No guilt on Saturn's part and in fact, he's rather impersonal in his human-planetary reactions.  Saturn is not without his virtues such as patience, maturity, sage wisdom, grace under pressure, and a builder of structures.  Saturn rules our bones and with this human architecture we would resemble jelly fish.  But the downside of Saturn is sometimes we have problems with our bones or with the structure of our societies.  Sometimes we need Pluto and Uranus to come in and destroy old structure (sorry Saturn) so we can rebuild new structure, which Saturn participates.

While Saturn will never experience the rewards of a most popular planet, he is at least gorgeous.  Those rings might seem like imprisonment to some people, but you have to admit Saturn stands out as the only large ringed planet in our galaxy.  And while we think Saturn does not reward us for our efforts on spiritual and physical levels, this planet bestows blessings on us every time we have money flowing into our bank accounts from a job well done, when we reap the rewards of our meditation practice by obtaining a greater sense of well-being, when we have reached the last rung in the ladder of our career and receive recognition for our maturity and wise decisions, our management skills and our ability to weather challenges.

Saturn rules structure such as architecture
When it comes to Saturn, we can run, but we can't hide.  For those of you who believe in karma, what you reap you will sow, if not in this lifetime, then certainly in the next.  Do you really want to bring heavy baggage into your next lifetime? Hanging out with Saturn feels lonely at times, but not if we get in touch with our inner self where the true treasures lie.  Saturn leads us to empowerment and grace.  When the alcoholic or the compulsive gambler hit rock bottom, they are better off calling on Saturn's wisdom than Jupiter's excess.  No wonder it feels like all the lady luck dried up.  It did.  The structure dissolved and Saturn comes to rebuild a life on more solid and practical ground.

On a diet, call on Saturn.  People with strong Saturn in their natal charts have leaner bodies and more self-discipline.  They might seem uptight and coldly detached at times, but even Saturn has a sense of humor and I've known generous Capricorns that show up when the chips are down.  They were the ones who hung out in the shadows sharing good advice to deaf ears.  Their Jupiterian and Venusian friends lived the "good life" and only when they burned out, did they come crawling to Saturn, begging for a few morsels of wisdom.

Saturn is in all of us. We can surrender to Saturn and tap into our inner wisdom now, or wait until life becomes so unbearable from excess and delusions that we're begging for some time alone in a mountain cave.  Saturn receives the bad rap because humans want the easy route.  We want our cake and to eat it too and not just once.  And if we have already eaten our cake and still feel hungry then we scheme and steal cake from others.  Saturn tells us that this type of trickery won't work for long and sending out bad vibes comes back to bite us in the face.  Surrendering to Saturn brings empowerment to the extent that we manifest our highest and best wishes, not just to serve ourselves, but to serve others.

Okay, so Saturn is a bit of a drag. Who wants to invite the old man to their hip party?  You try to distract the old guy, but he reminds you to take your vitamins and take better care of your bones and teeth.  He's like the grandmother that phones when a couple is about to consummate their relationship. But maybe that relationship would have lead to a catastrophe.  You never know.  Saturn has his reasons for kicking us around the natal chart.  Find out where natal Saturn and transiting Saturn fall in your chart and discover your hidden treasures--not instant rewards, but diamonds that appear after years of polishing.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

R u a Neptune Type?

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I actually planned to write a post about Saturn, the ruler of my natal chart, but Neptune woke me up last night.  Then for around two or three hours, my head buzzed with information about Neptune types.  Who exactly are the Neptune people? Do they resemble aliens, call themselves Indigo and act like they're more special than everyone else? Some do if they get caught in illusions, delusions of glamour.  But in reality, Neptune types either have one of the following traits in their charts, or multiple traits involving Neptune, Pisces, or the Twelfth House.

You are a Neptune type if you have your natal Sun, Moon or Ascension in Pisces, if you have Pisces on the cusps of an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses) that would include having a Pisces Ascension, you have Sun, Moon, or Neptune in an angular house in Pisces or the Sun, Neptune, or Moon in your Twelfth House.  Other things to consider is if you have a stellium or cluster of planets in Pisces which doesn't include the Moon or Sun or it can.  Anyone born now with Neptune in Pisces and until the end of this transit is a member of a Neptune Type generation despite where their other planets appear in their charts. 

While I cannot go over every possible situation in this short post, we will look at Pisces on the cusps of angular houses, Pisces Moon, Sun, and Neptune in Pisces.  Since Neptune transits last over a decade, the only people now with Neptune in Pisces are the ones born at this time, referred to as Crystal and Rainbow Children, and hopefully, not the lost generation, which is a possibility too.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Pisces First House & Ascension or Neptune in the First House

These folks resemble mermaids and aquatic species... Okay, so they resemble human beings, but they have a faraway look in their eyes as if they rose out of the sea.  They seem fragile, vulnerable and delicate to others and might even suffer from extreme sensitivities or at least imagine that they do.  They have to work at building confidence in themselves because this doesn't come easy and when life grows difficult, they look for the escape hatch, appearing to swim in two different directions.  Or their souls transcend from their bodies and it appears that nobody is home.  They could live in a Neptune fog having just journeyed from the Twelfth into the First House, but whatever it's going on, they don't appear comfortable in their body or asserting their needs as if everyone should just know telepathically their needs.

The downside these Piscean/Neptune types might struggle with addiction and other escapism or live in a fantasy world.  On the plus side, they came to the planet bearing numerous spiritual and artistic gifts if only they could ground themselves.  Even the ones who seem cold and detached and brimming over with compassion--just look into their Piscean orbs and you'll met their hearts or they will melt yours.  But don't fall for their victim trap.  These folks might seem vulnerable and helpless, but have you ever seen rapids on a river or a tempest at sea?  Their ruler is Neptune, a bit fishy and slippery at times, but powerful nonetheless. Don't let these folks whip any storms (dramas) in your life.  The real glamour is on the stage not off of it, and not playing the role of cheap drama.  If you can't play at Elizabeth Taylor than settle for Mother Theresa and serve the world. That's what Neptune Types choose to do anyway.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Pisces in the Fourth House or Neptune in the Fourth House

If home is where the heart is, than these types can make their home anywhere in the world, and often do.  Travelers, nomads, musicians, filmmakers, wandering healers, troubadours, and vagabonds all fit here.  If they choose not to travel or live in a cloistered spiritual environment (monastery, convent, temple), they turn their home into a shrine.  If they're not religious then they'll have lots of little furry creatures running around their home and adopt a stray is their daily motto.  They might have a big screen television to watch world cinema or Hollywood classics, and if they're not the television type, then you will find an altar in the corner full of items and icons from a variety of religions and spiritual practices.  Or they might have a music room full of exotic instruments and an aquarium in the background.  They might spend time alone in their home or entertain friends with glamorous parties where the who is who shows up.  You'll find both hermits and socialites in this home.

Pisces in the Seventh House or Neptune in the Seventh House

The urge to merge is the motto of these types, but they tend to live more in a fantasy world when it comes to one-on-one relationships.  Or maybe they swim in two different directions, "yes, I want a relationship with you, but no, I don't."  Their partners might feel like they're riding a seesaw or playing a game of hide and go seek.  A healthy relationship with this type would involve some type of shared spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation or even singing together.  This couple watches movies together or attends concerts or on the downside, they might escape through addiction, dragging each other down with them.

Eventually, for some of these types reality bites and the delusion of glamour ends with a thud and a crash.  The urge to merge ends in bitterness and avoidance unless the Piscean type gets grounded and faces the realities of a one-on-one relationship.  Instead of the urge to merge, they adopt the urge to evolve.  Eventually, he or she meets a more balanced partner while also finding a balance in the relationship between togetherness and independence.  Bobbsy twins are a bore anyway.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Pisces in the Tenth House or Neptune in the Tenth House

Since I have Neptune in my Tenth House I can speak with authority on this astrological set-up.  Invisible is the key phrase here, invisible to employers, your community, and society at large.  While Steven Forrest delegates Cancerians to the role of the invisible man or woman, I can assure you that the true invisible people have Neptune in their Tenth House or their Sun in the Twelth House.  My Neptune conjuncts my Midheaven and I have noticed the amount of effort I have to put into promoting myself or just blend into the scenery.

Not that I wouldn't recommend blending into the scenery on occasion.  There are times when it's better to observe than to participate.  This becomes a problem when we want to land the perfect job or get people to pay attention to artistic achievements.  For anyone with the Sun or Neptune in the Tenth House consider a healing profession, especially with sound healing or dance therapy or a career in cinema or music.  But find a Leo type to play the role of your publicist or agent.  You'll need someone else shining your light into the world, even if you're more glamorous than a Cadillac.

Pisces in the Twelfth House or Neptune in the Twelfth House (not an angular house, but Pisces Home)

Neptune and Pisces feel at home in the Twelfth House.  The soul that makes it this far has prepared itself to transcend the mundane and turned towards a spiritual mission.  The upside is that this type has mastered meditation and has sage wisdom to share, but they prefer to remain cloistered speaking only to Ascended Masters while forgetting to share what they have learned with others.  And if they haven't reached spiritual heights this time around the astrological wheel, then they're probably dealing with a wicked addiction, mental illness or imprisonment, usually due to a drug addiction.  Saints, martyrs and victims reside here along with fools for love.  Ascension will occur eventually, but some of these types prefer the crooked road to the cosmic elevator.  Either way, they'll reach their destination.

(update on May 27, 2013)

Pisces Moon

I'm so Neptunian that I forgot to add Pisces Moon, Sun, and Ascension in his post.  Oops!

I was born with a Pisces Moon and I have mixed feelings about this Moon. One can grow tired and weary of coming across as fey and ethereal, which are words we use to describe people with Pisces Moon. If they don't feel like a mermaid perched on a rock waiting for Godot or their prince to appear, they focus on their artistic side making movies, choreographing dance theater, or enjoying a career as a dancer, or photographer.  These folks also delve into metaphysical and psychology tools, enjoy dream interpretation and most likely because they use these tools to discover themselves.

Since the Moon rules emotions and feelings, she feels safe and content in Pisces.  However, unlike a Cancer Moon, Pisces Moon natives forget to nurture themselves unless they practice yoga or meditation where they physically ground themselves.  These folks can literally feel like they are an invisible blob floating around and forget that they have a human body.  Therefore, it is easy to abuse the body with substances and other addictions.  I have also noticed with some Pisces Moon and Sun natives that these people gain weight easily, and not because of an addiction to food.  They use the extra baggage as a shield to protect themselves from other people's vibes, especially if they experience physical abuse as a child or domestic abuse as an adult.

Some type of therapy is a requirement for Pisces Moon, but even a life coach could help these people to ground themselves and learn some practical life skills.  Pisces Moon people have a tendency to find others to take care of them, then they rebel against these caretakers.  If you have a Pisces Moon and you fall into this tendency, hire a life coach to kick your butt into shape.  You are stronger than you think.

Pisces Sun

These folks are much stronger with their identity than Pisces Moon people.  However, if they don't balance the polarity with Virgo practicality, they are gullible and easily preyed upon.  Under the Pisces Sun you can find everyone from a powerful energy healer, to a phenomenal performing artist or filmmaker, to a con artist. You will find the gypsy types who never succeed in life because all their dreams are half baked and they lose interest in a dream before the launching day appears.

Pisces Sun people show up in hospitals as healers and as patients (usually mental patients) and Pisces-Neptune also associates itself with prisons and other confining situations.  However, even if a Pisces Sun person ends up in these situations, redemption on a grand scale is possible and so is spiritual enlightenment.  Remember that Pisces represents the endpoint of the Zodiac culminating in either transcendence or Tom foolery in which they return to the sign of Aries and travel through the 12 signs another round.

You will find spiritual gurus with Pisces Sun and spirituality of one kind or another plays a role in a Pisces Sun person's life, even if they don't discover religion until joining an AA group as they recover from a wicked addiction.  These people represent life-changers for others because of their own experiences that brings them wisdom and compassion.  In fact, it's possible that Pisces Sun or Moon are the most compassionate folks in the Zodiac.

Pisces Ascension

This is the same as having Pisces on the cusps of the First House or Neptune near any AC in the First House.  The soul has left the 12th House (also a Neptune experience) where they felt like an outsider of sorts with Aquarius ruling their 12th House.  Now, they have moved from a detached Air Sign into a deeply emotional water sign.  These folks are dreamy and sometimes unrealistic. They might either have grandiose thoughts about themselves or just the opposite and feel that they are invisible.

Pisces AC most noticeable feature are their feet (either too large or too small) and they experience problems with their feet.  They might entertain a shoe or foot fetish (this is also true for Pisces Sun natives).  I have a vision of ballerinas for my description of this ascension sign or just someone with a petite frame that seems fey and delicate (in either a man or a woman).  Other astrologers have commented on the eyes of Pisces Ascendent people--the eyes are large and otherworldly.  However, Leo's and Capricorns also have noticeable eyes and so do Pisces Sun and Moon natives.  Sometimes their eyes are in striking colors or resemble fish eyes.

Personally, I have known few people with Pisces AC, and tons of people with Pisces Sun and Moon so I'm unable to comment beyond what you'll find in astrology books.

To conclude this article, if you have a Pisces Sun, Moon, AC, or the Moon or Sun in Pisces falling in an angular or 12th House, or if you have several planets in Pisces forming a stellium, then you are a Neptune Type.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tuning into Neptune (that wonderful blue planet)

(This is an archival article from 2012). Today I named the corner of Railroad Avenue and Magnolia Street in Bellingham, Washington, the Neptune corner.  This corner provides fodder for Pisceans and Neptune-types in the form of a record (CD) store, next to a tropical fish shop, next to another pet store and across the street from another record store--all things Neptune. 

You will also find people with addictions and dealing with all kinds of social ills standing on the block next to the second music shop.  I mention, the downside of Neptune too.  You'll also find a smoke shop, a glass art store which is really a head shop (paraphernalia for marijuana users) and the drinking of alcohol on the street near this Neptune corner.

At the bus station and police department across the street, music blasts out from a PA system meant to stop loitering, but the musical choices are only conscious for achieving this aim, 6 days out of the week, and not on the day rock music blares from the PA, something about that screeching electric guitar solo that cries for substance abuse.  Okay, so you're asking, what the heck does any of this have to do with astrology?

I strongly believe, and you might coin the phrase "planetmorphizing", that each planet represents certain energies and scenarios (the universal stage, the show must go on), that seems like personalities.  Okay, so personality is too strong a word to describe planetary energies.  If you read the cookbook style astrology books, the authors will describe Neptune as mystical, spiritual, creative, artistic, musical, prone to escapism, addiction and often landing in institutions such as prisons and mental hospitals.  And Neptune and it's ruler Pisces do represent those things.  However, if you want to befriend planets and get behind the scenes, you need to get a better handle on the planets and become intimate with them like you would a friend.

And just like our energies as humans change when we meet new people, live with people, or interact closely with people, but still retain our true essence, I believe it is the same for each of the planets as they transit and aspect each other.  For instance, take Neptune and Saturn since my generation is now experiencing Saturn in Scorpio conjuncting Neptune or will do so within the next 2 1/2 years at some point.  A few different scenarios could play out with Saturn conjuncting natal Neptune in Scorpio and which scenario plays out has to do with the evolution of each soul of my generation.

The first scenario that could play out is that someone with an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or other types of addiction could find themselves hitting bottom, find the structure of their lives completely dissolve (Neptune is dissolution and Saturn is structure), which leads them into psychoanalysis or some other type of healing modality (Scorpio/Neptune).  A situation that began at birth or in early childhood when Neptune was traveling through Scorpio resurfaces from the subconscious and plays itself to the hilt. 

The person going through this scenario will try to escape, but everywhere he or she turns confrontation of self and life choices turn up.  This situation could even deal with child abuse or domestic violence caused by a parent with an addiction that now surfaces for healing.  Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid or mini-planet is in Pisces and many of the Neptune in Scorpio generation folks had Chiron in Pisces when they were born.

Now, a person experiencing Saturn in Scorpio conjunting natal Neptune could at this point drink themselves to death or overdose, even commit suicide since Scorpio rules death or the person could heal him or herself and in the process develop self-empowerment and empathy that leads them on a path of healing others.  (And this also depends on which house in the chart is highlighted by this conjunction and other aspects from transits).

On a more positive note, Pisceans and other Neptune types or people of this Neptune in Scorpio generation (late baby boomers and Gen-X) could develop new structure for their artistic endeavors especially in the fields of music and cinema.  With Saturn in Scorpio making probing below the surface types of documentaries is favored at this time.  Music therapy, the medical establishment using music for healing and music-brain research will also flourish at this time, with new discoveries coming to the surface everyday. 

We will explore how the music industry's profit-making structure at all cost does not serve musicians or music lovers.  Then with Scorpio coming in and blasting away old structure (Saturn in Scorpio, and don't forget Pluto in Capricorn also occurring at this time), music can be returned to its rightful place of evolving consciousness while also giving us pleasure.  Imagine healing through something pleasurable rather than the usual suffering and misery of conventional medicine, which in itself has some Saturn and Scorpio elements.  Personally, I don't find conventional medicine kind or gentle so how can it heal anyone, other offer some kind of placebo effect?

My main passion in life is researching music as a evolutionary tool as well as sound healing, working with crystals, and other Piscean metaphysical tools.  With this article I hope that I have tuned you into Neptune (my favorite planet) and that you will explore how Neptune's energies transform and shift depending on its relationships to other planets both in your chart (under transits) and on the world or mundane chart (which affects all of us).  In any case, I will write more on this fascinating topic in the future.  Don't worry, we're not through with Neptune yet and now the dreamy planet is home in Pisces for over a decade, Neptune has a lot to say.

On the trickier side, Neptune is slippery when wet, dissolves what it touches, and wants to merge with everything while giving off a mystical fog.  Neptune is like that friend who can't make up her mind, swimming in two directions and driving you nuts.  On one hand, Neptune searches for the escape hatch, but on the other hand, boy can this planet speed up ascension and help us to go with the flow.  It's always your choice about how you will use Neptune's energy--either for evolution or de-evolution of your soul.  But in either case, if you're the type who enjoys drama and racing around the block, eventually, you will tire of all that, and flow with Neptune.

There is one last area I forgot to mention, and that is Neptune and dream interpretation.  If you want to improve your dream interpretation and meditation skills, now is the time to do that.  Namaste.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evolving with each planet starting with the Sun

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, Seattle, 2009
When I lived in Seattle, I knew an astrologer with the theory that we must master each of the planets to reach enlightenment and most people never get past Mars.  If  a person made it as far as mastering Saturn, they slowed down at Chiron or Uranus.  Needless to say, if we choose to learn the lessons of the planets we need to know what lessons each planet represents.  In addition, we also need to feel friendly towards the energies of those planets and stop all dualistic thinking in the guise of benefic and malific planets.  I fall prey to these beliefs too.  We have thousands of years of thinking in this regard behind us. Remember those medieval fortune tellers or even more closer to our time, the gypsy fortune tellers?  When the dark of the moon arrives, you will meet a tall stranger with ill intent because Saturn moves into your 8th house.

Not many people jump up and down with joy when they find out that transiting Mars and transiting Uranus are conjunct and squaring one's natal Saturn or natal Pluto. Yikes!  Yikes! Yikes!  You'll also hear a lot of "Oh, my gawd!"  However, if your soul's purpose is to evolve past a reactive state to proactive wisdom and grace, then you'll need to master those energies.  But of course, we never start with Pluto, Neptune or Uranus, we start with the natal Sun.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, Mount Vernon, WA, 2010
Many people, not educated in astrology, think that all they have to do is read their daily horoscope in the newspaper to get a grasp of their Sun Sign.  Wrong!  You could not get more general and bland than to read the same horoscope that fits millions of people around the world who share your sign.  Your natal chart is what makes you an individual.  It represents your soul's signature in the world for your current life and even gives us some signs of your previous lives.  Everything about you appears somewhere in your natal chart, from your parenting and upbringing, your past loves, your state of health and state of mind.  Everything appears in those strange symbols that reside in that pie-like chart.  It's actually magical watching it all unfold and seeing a person from a place of love and admiration because you see the person's struggles, victories, right and wrong decisions, and their frailties and vulnerabilities.  It's all there.

So we start with the natal Sun as it appears in your chart, aspected by other planets and in a specific house and sign.  You ask yourself, what does the sun mean to me? What does my sun sign mean to me? And what about this house where it resides? What type of energy does my natal sun bring to my life and what are the lessons it teaches me?

Let me give you an example.  The Sun represents our personal identity and along with the Rising Sign shows how we present ourselves to the world through our strengths or weaknesses.  The Sun is consciousness and is how we choose to shine our light upon the world and the sign the Sun is in, represents what style we shine this light.  So let's look at an Aquarius Sun (excluding any aspects to other planets which either enhance or dilute the Sun's effect in our charts).

The Aquarius Sun with planet Uranus (Aquarius rules Uranus) strives for individuality and looks for ways to present it's uniqueness and genius in the world.  A weak Aquarius Sun hides behind the mad professor routine, is absent minded and acts different for the sake of difference or stands on the fringe thinking he is superior to others.  This Sun might profess himself a genius or an enlightened one on a field of sheep.  A strong Aquarius Sun starts a grassroots movement, brings inventions to humankind to help us live more sanely in the world or leads a peaceful rebellion that brings equality to everyone.

It's not enough to know the role of the sun in a chart, we need to live out the energies of the particular sun, flavored by its aspects to other planets.  An unaspected Sun proves a challenge to the person trying to understand the natal sun energies and how do you master something you don't understand? Reminds me of when I took high school algebra.  How do you master something that eludes you, which an unaspected planet does?

You can learn the basics from an astrology written "cookbook style," which usually has phrases, "if you have an Aquarius Sun, you are..." Or you can delve deeply into the actual sun's roles.  What does the Sun do? It gives us unconditional love and compassion in the form of warmth and light.  The Sun does not judge us and deny us light if we are "bad".  The sun brings growth to the planet, but can also scorch us and leave us dying of thirst or hunger.  On a good day, the sun nourishes us with vitamins from its light and in the form of actual plant foods.  The sun prevents us from freezing to death or does the opposite and bakes us.

So now, relate all of that information to the sun in your chart flavored by a specific sign.  Play around with the energies.  That's your job, and not the job of the astrologer to tell you how to do this.  You could spend your entire life mastering the sun in your chart or you could do it quickly then move onto Mercury, Venus, Mars...This all depends on the discipline in your chart presented by Saturn and your spiritual leanings presented by Neptune.  It depends on you awakening your consciousness too.

Briefly I will list qualities and energies of the remaining orbs and planets:

  • The Moon represents emotions, intuition, unconscious mind and urges, mothering, nurturing and how we deal with our shadows and projection
  • Mercury represents our communication style, how our minds work, logic, thinking, planning, learning, grasping concepts, and how we broadcast ourselves to the world
  • Venus represents our feminine side (so does the moon), sex appeal, how we attract to ourselves, and manifestation, the earth, ecology, womanhood, or for men, the type of women he attracts
  • Mars represents assertiveness or aggression, war, ambition, childhood, ego, creativity, leadership, and gives us the energy to wake up every morning and face the day.  For women, Mars represents the type of man she attracts

  • Jupiter represents enthusiasm, generosity, idealism, religion, foreign travel, culture (so does Venus), exuberance, fortune, expansiveness, and higher education
  • Saturn represents structure, discipline, authority, leadership, teachers, life lessons, karma, ambition, career, father figures, bosses, life lessons that bring us grace and wisdom, aging, and sages, past lives
  • Uranus represents rebellion, humanity, humanitarian, socialism, activism, breaking old structure, creating something original, inventions, computer technology...
  • Neptune represents spirituality, transcendence, escapism, addiction, cinema, music, monks, nuns, meditation, yoga, dreams,
  • Pluto represents the Dark Night of the Soul, underworld or Hades, descent so we can ascend, shadows, psychology, sex, death, rebirth, transformation...
My list of planetary attributes are incomplete and you will need to fill in the blanks.  However, I hope this article gets you started in your evolution as defined by your planets.

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bugaloo with trickster Mercury

Even gods & planets need to rest
As if the upcoming US Presidential election doesn't feel stressful enough, thanks to the hyperactive and hyper-phobic media, the communication planet, Mercury goes stationary retrograde on November 6, 2012.  And to further complicate the situation, Jupiter transiting in its opposite sign Sagittarius, although the orb is too wide to form an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter.  Okay, for those of you not familiar with a Mercury retrograde, let's back up a bit (pun intended).

When the planet Mercury gets too far ahead of the transiting Sun (3 times a year), the planet appears to travel backwards, when in fact, it is the earth's rotation that causes this illusion.  Mercury isn't actually traveling backwards, even if I see a driver pulling out of a driveway onto a busy street, when I think of this astrological event.  If you speak to a fear-based astrologer, they will warn you about all the things that could go wrong with mail getting lost, computers crashing, cars ending up at the mechanics, and miscommunication all around.  Those things could happen, but you could also take a mini-vacation for three weeks, meditate more, detach from all drama, get in touch with old friends, edit papers or books, or write a research paper.

When Mercury seemingly goes retrograde, it's actually asking us to backup, go over plans instead of implementing or launching them, make sure the virus protection on the computer is working, to get a check up for your car if you have one and to practice clear communication.  And please do not get caught up in cheap drama during the next three weeks, especially not with the debacle or flying circus we call an election in the US.  Instead, take time to read favorite books, watch favorite movies, and meet with those friends you haven't seen in a few months or even years.

Joan Crawford in peril over Mercury RX
I'm going to backup even further to when I first learned about Mercury retrograde.  When I was in my 20s, my friends and I dabbled in astrology and feared Mercury retrograde as if it were the Black Plague.  We called each other on the phone in peril, wringing our hands, and worrying that whatever guy we dated at the time would break up with us, or we would lose our job, or our cars would break down.  Darn that Mercury retrograde!

We failed to see the trickster humor and with Mercury, even when it's direct, the joke is always on us.  I realize that we have little to laugh about with this upcoming US election, but I will give you a few tips so that you stay calm and centered during the process.

  • Do not try to control or manipulate events, situations, or other people
  • Detach from whatever outcome happens knowing that you're in Divine hands
  • Do not exaggerate circumstances or engage in cheap drama
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate
  • Watch videos of spiritual authors or read their books
  • Watch comedy movies, not thrillers (yeah like thrillers are going to stop you from thinking paranoid thoughts)
  • Do not engage in negative or doomsday conversations
  • Stop worrying about prophecies since you have no control over them anyways
  • Read trickster stories (Native Americans have many) so you can get a handle on Mercury
  • Stop watching television news (these days that's equivalent to joining the melodrama club)
  • Dance to drums or drum CDs
  • Go for a long walk
  • Spend less time on social networks unless you have something positive to contribute
You'll be fine. I'll be fine.  Mercury retrograde my actually cough up information you need before you vote in the election so pay attention to details.  Read all candidate and legislation issues on the ballots carefully and then re-read before voting.  This is where the trickster comes into play, especially for people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.  Go slow during this time, this is not a rat race and I doubt you want to make it to the finish line anyway.  Fill your heart with joy and laughter.  Namaste

Thanks to Astrologer Mark Ortman for inspiring me to write this post on Mercury.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Planet Tango (real dancing with the stars)

Dedicated to Dancer/Shaman/Healer Gabrielle Roth, who now dances with the planets

I want to thank French astrologer Lune Soleil for inspiring this week's Whole Astrology post.  She had mentioned that Mercury and Neptune are influencing the presidential election in the US, and I envisioned these two planets dancing with each other.  Then I began to feel the energies of each planet and then the planets combined.  Oh, no, I thought, we are in big trouble.

What does it look like when Mercury, the quick-silver planet of communication dances with foggy-oh-just-let-me-escape or rescue-me Neptune? Neptune tosses a ball of confusion Mercury's way and both planets wallow in the emotional drama posed by water signs (Pisces and Scorpio respectively). The trance that many American voters have fallen into which plays to the tune of, "I have to vote for the Dem or the Repub will get elected..." Or if the voter is not singing that tune, then he's singing, "all I want is some powerful man to rescue me from oblivion."

Neptune waxes poetry while Mercury supplies the wit.  We also need to watch out for a silver-tongued devil in disguise as a savior, because when Mercury and Neptune join in this dance, our thinking is muddy at best or full of delusions of grandeur. Life feels like a Hollywood movie and we want some figure to love and to merge with in a common mission.  We want something big, and beautiful with words that shoot arrows to hearts.  And we look for love and compassion in the wrong places, instead of caring for our own souls.

So this gets me thinking about Neptune's possible dance partners.  With the fiery ball Mars, Neptune lets off too much steam and resembles two people engaged in a slam dance so popular during Seattle's grunge and punk years.  So then Neptune dances with the Sun, which resembles salsa dancing on the hottest day in July--caliente!  Neptune connects with Venus, but too much mirror-gazing happens as if we have landed back in the disco days of the late 1970s--but this ain't no Studio 54.  Neptune would dance with Saturn, but that dark cloud is as morbid as Pluto.  Ah, but Jupiter makes Neptune feel like she's starring in a Broadway smash hit.

Seriously, each planet has its own energy and as humans we can merge and dance with these energies to our benefit.  First, we need to study the planets' attributes and qualities.  Then we intuit what those energies mean to us and how they surface and move about in our natal charts.  If we view astrology in interdisciplinary terms, we not only have a good time doing this, but we balance energies in our lives.

Spin me Saturn
The next step is to take the energies, whether that's the staccato rhythms of Mercury or the slow groove of Neptune or halting steps of Saturn and dance it.  Yeah, that's right, dance the planets.  Whoa, what a new concept!  The good news is you'll never fear an upcoming transit again.  So dance your way through your Saturn return or Mars square Mercury.  This brings awareness and stops you from falling into a trance.  You now empower yourself and like a shaman shift energies of the planets to manifest the life you choose, not one dictated to you by whomever. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturn in Scorpio, no laughing matter

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
A colleague and I noticed a space out going on with people of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (born between 1983-1995) which involved miscommunication and frustration on our parts.  So I thought about these situations and then I remembered that Saturn had just moved into Scorpio and these spaced out individuals are in between 17 and 29 years of age.

Since the current transits fall on the extremely complex side and out of my realm of understanding, I have tapped into Saint Thomas of Aquinas, for whatever reason has appeared as my astrological guide.  The individuals between age 28 and 29 could begin a Saturn Return now as well, depending on the degree of Saturn in their natal charts, so much shifting and transformation happens within and outside of these individuals whether or not they think they are ready.  Since Saturn remains in Scorpio for 2 1/2 years, the individuals born in the later degrees of Pluto in Scorpio (1990s) won't feel the impact of Saturn until later in the cycle, but if they also have other planets in Scorpio, especially personal planets, then they could take these transformative, do-or-die energies personally.

So what's happening exactly?  Saint Thomas tells me that this powerhouse generation (double-Scorpio and triple that if the individual's Sun, Moon, or AC fall in Scorpio) came to transform the entire planet by uncovering first the dark forces at play behind the scenes.  These are your late Indigo Children.  I doubt they are Crystal or Rainbow Children since these souls fall more on the gentle and joyful side, more likely born under Pluto in Sagittarius, than Pluto in Scorpio, which would be a challenging and brutal placement for these super-sensitive souls.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
But, from what I know about Indigo Children (I'm one myself, though of a lesser shade of indigo) is that we know instinctively when others lie to us, whether that lie comes from a parent, friend, authority figure or the media.  We can't stand lies and we can't stand ourselves when we tell lies.  When Saturn (discipline, taking responsibility, maturity, wisdom) moves into Scorpio, lies are revealed in mass quantities.  This could bring relief to the Indigo Children and the Pluto in Scorpio Generation because they had a sense already about these lingering secrets and felt too stifled to say anything, as if a gag had been placed in their mouths.  But now with Saturn in Scorpio, they will start talking, and boy will these folks start revealing what they've known all along!

Depending on the parenting these 20-somethings received, they will either take on the role of victim-martyr or act courageously like the former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon, who Doreen Virtue recently brought to my attention on her HayHouse Radio show this past week.  The reporter Lyon uncovered lies and censorship in the media and the truth about Iran that has been suppressed in the news.  You can find out more about Lyon and other Indigo Children by typing in their names on YouTube or Google.

Towards the end of October, the Sun moves into Scorpio while Mars, Mercury, North Node and Saturn transit in Scorpio.  While the personal planets move through Scorpio within one to two months (for Mars), we will feel heaviness of Scorpio through December 2012.  Mercury will retrograde through Scorpio from November 7 until November 27.  We will experience 3 eclipses (November 13, November 28, and December 13, the first one involving Scorpio).  Then on the Winter/Summer Solstice, Jupiter in Gemini 8 degrees, Sat/Mars in Scorpio 8 degrees and Pluto in Capricorn form a yod configuration which we are all going to feel in the sense of dead ends. Those things that worked for us before will no longer work, on both individual and global levels, but as astrologer Carl Boudreaux says in his YouTube video for October and months ahead, with Saturn in Scorpio change comes slowly and cautiously.  Will we have the collective patience to get through this tense and unprecedented time?

As you can see, we had better get comfortable with Scorpio, Pluto, and Saturn. Another thing to point out is that the slow moving Neptune is moving direct again and moves one degree on December 29, just before the year ends.  Neptune no longer at 0 degrees pushes its energy forward and dissolves what it touches.  So as we see transformation in the world, we will also see the disappearance of tangible things perhaps due to floods, hurricanes and other types of watery events or we will see the dissolution of intangible thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns.  We will either feel fearful and escape into addictions or allow this new flow of energy to direct us to soul ascension.  This will depend on the amount of soul and spiritual work of an individual or a community.  If you haven't done the work, then you could find yourself in the proverbial lemmings flying over a cliff scenario.  This is not a time to seek saviors or follow those with blind ambition.

In saying this, I feel trepidation towards anyone worshipping political or other figures at this time, and I ask those Obama worshippers to wake up and smell the coffee.  It's not President Obama so much that has caused this savior worship problem, but people's escapism and inability to take responsibility for their lives.  With Saturn in Scorpio this type of behavior comes under scrutiny, thankfully.  Worshipping other humans leads to disastrous results at worst and disappointment and disillusionment at best.  This is the message of Neptune at one degree Pisces, which trines Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn in Scorpio is no laughing matter, even if you filled yourself with Jupiter's laughing gas.  There is no escaping the inevitable which now stares us in the face. As soon as, the Sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio, we will need to face some hard and harsh issues, mainly how we live on the planet and the grave damage we have caused.  We will learn about things that we tried to keep buried under the rug, but now crawl out from out of the rug and slither across the floor or fly across the room.  Those institutions we held dear to our hearts crumble now, leaving us standing there with our minds disbelieving and our mouths gaping.  We stand at the proverbial and prophetic crossroads that the ancients predicted. We too are ancient souls and to get in touch with that, we need to revisit previous lives and rescript our future.  Do you have what it takes to brave the darker days ahead? Remember the darkest part of the night happens before dawn.  It's just a matter of how long it will take for dawn to break on the horizon and for us to embrace peace.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Get on board the transit train

show me your ring Saturn
I feel like I should be pulling a cord of a whistle on an antique train right about now.  Those of us in love with astrology, the planets, aspects, and spend our evenings tracking transits, understand the meaning behind the movement of the planets.  We say things like, "Well, you know since Pluto is squaring Uranus, we can expect to see chaos in the world."  Now to us, this makes total sense, but to someone not versed in the language of astrology, heads spin like a Jupiter moon orbiting around this benevolent planet.

I don't know about you, but during the first day of my college astronomy class when the professor said that astrology is superstitious bunk, I picked up my shield and sword, ready to defend the honor of astrology.  But at the age of 19, I knew so little about astrology to defend it.  Charts, houses, aspects, and how the planets affected our deep psychology remained mysteries to my naive mind.  I had not even taken a psychology class yet, and I had only learned about Carl Jung in passing, and only because a fellow student explained the concept of synchronicity to me.  And why did he explain synchronicity to me? Was he trying to impress me with his intellect?  With my Mars and Venus in Gemini, I'm greatly impressed by intelligent men.  But in this case, I had heard the band Police singing a song about synchronicity.

So I suffered through the astronomy class, but at least grew enamored with the planets, especially Saturn with its rings and Jupiter which reminded me of pizza, which I gorged on when I studied astronomy.  Jupiter has that effect on college women, apparently.  We learned about worm holes, black holes, and transits of planets, but not how those planets affect us psychologically, emotionally, or how those transits shape our lives.

jolly Jupiter
Anyone reading this not familiar with astrological transits, understand that we have reached a crucial crossroads spiritually and otherwise.  The fate of the planet and its abundance of life, rests in the hands of humanity, or so we think. And perhaps, it is arrogant to think humans play such a heavy hand, while ignoring the movement of the planets.  We might play at God, but then we don't understand that there is just one of us here, and that we are expressions of God, each of us expressing something different, making us unique.

However, when Pluto rolled into Capricorn and Uranus rolled into Aries, and Neptune returned home to Pisces, and more recently Saturn moved into Scorpio, we need to pay attention.  Why? Capricorn rules structure, especially patriarchal structure and Pluto has come around to breakdown that structure.  But Pluto is also autocratic and power-hungry, if we want to shower the planet with human characteristics, which of course in reality doesn't stick.  Uranus (the Aquarian planet of brotherhood, sisterhood, the everyday person, or in our case the 99 percent of humanity) moves into feisty Aries and crashes Pluto in Capricorn's party, chaos results. 

Some spiritual teachers and astrologers predict riots and rebellion, both within the realm of Aquarius and Aries.  But Aquarius also rules humanitarians so hopefully, we get something along the line of Gandhi's peaceful demonstrations, rather than brash hot-headed people practicing dualistic thinking.  Neptune which dissolves what it touches and speaks to us about spiritual ascension or addiction, our choice, came home into its own sign, so in my opinion, this doubles Neptune's effect on the planet.  I think Neptune is the linchpin that will awaken consciousness during this era.

Saturn, which is a faster moving planet than the other three I mentioned, will stay in Scorpio for 2 1/2 years, again this is about breaking down structure.  However, I also imagine (and I have a strong imagination), that the field of psychology will fall under scrutiny, along with other Scorpionic themes, death, taxes, sex, soul mates, deep healing and transformation.  Or that Saturn will bring more discipline to these areas. In any case, Saturn will bring greater focus to these areas.

Now, while all of these planetary transits affect every single being on the planet, each of us experiences the transits differently due to where the transits fall in our natal charts, and which natal planets the transits aspect.  For instance, right now the hot spot for the transits falls at 8 degrees for Pluto, Uranus, eventually Saturn, and Jupiter.  In December, (boy will this bring excitement), Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Gemini will all fall in 8 degrees, forming a yod, a configuration which I already wrote about on this blog.

Now, would be a good time to make an appointment with an evolutionary astrologer to find out how these transits will affect you personally.  The astrologer will see where the planets fall in your chart and what themes will come up for you.  Some astrologers champ at the bit as this yod approaches, and predictions fly in every direction.  What happens depends a lot on how many humans have awakened to a higher consciousness.  Can we stay calm and centered as we approach the end of the Mayan calendar, not to mention other calendars of ancient civilizations?  Will we turn against one another or embrace the Oneness of all that Is?  Have you worked on mastering your spiritual tools, and can you claim mastery in the spiritual dimensions, as well as, hear on earth?

By getting on board the transit train, you learn all that you can about each of the planets involved with these transformative times.  You also grow more acquainted with yourself and your true life path. If you have asked this question, "What is my life purpose?"  Now is the time to find out and get on with the show because the show must go on, even if it resembles a wobbly circus act.