Monday, November 30, 2015

Whole Astrology 2016 Forecast

Move over Pluto and Uranus. Neptune and Saturn take the spotlight in 2016. 

If you have a Mutable Sign sun, moon or Ascendant, you will either feel liberated or challenged, depending on where you are on your spiritual path, in 2016. If you have a Cardinal Sign sun, moon, or Ascendant (from 15 to 24 degrees) you’ll experience tension between Pluto and Uranus, particularly during January, February, and then towards the end of 2016.

However, the planetary fireworks for 2016 revolve mainly around Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Sagittarius (newer energy for us to deal with), Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Now, I’ve already covered these oppositions and squares in previous posts, so I’ll just give you some dates to watch out for if you’re Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, or Sagittarius because you’ll all feel these energies a bit differently given the natures of your signs.

In addition, 3 of the 4 eclipses for the year (2 sets of lunar and solar eclipses) land in Mutable Signs (Pisces and Virgo) and on March 23, we experience a Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees Libra which fortunately won’t pull into a T-Cross with Uranus and Pluto. However, we experience double-whammies with the moon when it transits in Sagittarius joining up with Saturn and then right after transits in Capricorn joining up with Pluto. 

Now, normally a Sagittarius moon represents expansion, travel, and getting together with others to wax our philosophies or idealism, but when Saturn is also in Sagittarius, we encounter emotional situations revolving around immigration, restrictions on education, restrictions on travel, fundamentalists spouting off idealism and curtailing other people’s liberties and heavy-handed laws all the way around.

Then when the moon arrives in Capricorn and then joins up with Pluto in the 15 to 17 degree range, we again have to deal with authority and reclaiming our power through a rebirth process, usually on a global scale, unless you also have planets in Capricorn, Libra, Aries, or Cancer in the 15 to 17 degree range, then it feels doubly personal.

If you’re heavy with Mutable planets in your Natal chart, and you have planets around 18 degrees, the Solar Eclipse on March 8th brings big changes to your life, depending on where it falls in your chart. The moon and sun in Pisces oppose Jupiter in Virgo and square Saturn in Sagittarius thus a Mutable T-Cross. If we pull in Chiron at 21 degrees Pisces, the soup gets even thicker. This means that problems you face now in your personal life have roots in childhood issues, whatever that is for you. But now the planets force you to deal with those issues, either through therapy or through taking spiritual workshops. 

Perhaps you pick up a self-help book. What I’m picking up revolves around issues of self-worth and taking back your power that leads to getting un-stuck. That’s what eclipses normally do for us anyway, but now the eclipse falls in a Mutable Sign so once we release the block damming the flow, our lives swiftly move forward. But for those of you who don’t take well to change, will find this painful.

On September 1 we experience another Solar Eclipse but this time at 9 degrees Virgo that opposes Neptune, and squares Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Well, anytime we bring Mars into the equation we can expect fiery tempers to blow or since this happens on a new moon, Mars could launch us into a new life direction because Mars also brings us drive and energy and when it’s connected to Saturn we can get a lot done, provided that we ground ourselves since Sagittarius lends itself to pie-in-the-sky thinking. Saturn champions realism.

The final Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces/Virgo occurs on September 16 and it will pull in Chiron. However, this is the least challenging of 2016’s eclipses since Jupiter has transited into Libra, bringing a challenger to Uranus in Aries (eventually) and Pluto in Capricorn. And Saturn travels back to 10 degrees Sagittarius putting this planet out of range of another Mutable T-Cross, thankfully.
September is still going to feel like a wobbly month since 4 planets are retrograde including Mercury (which by the way, goes retrograde 4 times in 2016).

Personally, I would slow down in September and take stock of achievements and issues from previous months. Take the month to retreat, or go on vacation even with the Mercury retrograde. For many of you it’s going to feel like catching up on life circumstances after a whirlwind. Or you might decide to completely change directions. It’s a great time to re-do projects, reassess, edit, and revisit old situations from a new perspective.

Some other big aspects to gaze at include a long retrograde for Mars in Sagittarius and Scorpio which begins on April 17 and last until June 28, and leaving Mars in Scorpio until August 4 when Mars moves back into Sagittarius. Also we experience as mentioned in earlier posts, exact Saturn Neptune squares in June, first week of July, end of August and then September. This will echo the previous Saturn Neptune square which took place from November 26 until December 4, 2015.

I’m going to end this post now and I will cover further details in future Whole Astrology posts as we go along, but expect Mutable T-Crosses and Grand Crosses in 2016 and the only outer planet changing signs in 2016 is Jupiter which moves into Libra in September. So even with all this movement happening, it still feels status quo, especially to those of you born with either Cardinal or Mutable T-Crosses. 

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cancer Sun & Solar Return Moon Sign

Recently, I reached the conclusion from my own experiences with the Solar Return Moon, that the sign of the SR moon colors my personality for the Solar Return year. For instance, in 2014, my Solar Return Moon was in Leo so the themes of that year possessed a Leo flavor. I felt more creative, I noticed that I preferred to have the spotlight shown upon me (which is strange for a Cancerian) and now with the Sagittarius Solar Return Moon, I seek freedom to roam. I also feel more idealistic than usual.

My theory goes something like this. Cancer rules the moon and having the sun in Cancer or even an Ascendant in Cancer in the Natal chart gives us more access to the moon's energies. For most signs, the Solar Return moon is just another energy in the transit chart, but for the Cancer, ruled by the moon, the sign of the Solar Return Moon matters a great deal. Not only will Cancers experience the themes of that moon, but expect the personality to alter a bit or a lot depending on the sign. Though I will say that the comfort level decreases when the Solar Return Moon falls in a Fire or Air Sign unless the Cancer Sun Native has several planets in Fire or Air signs in their Natal chart. Does this make sense?

So if you have a Cancer Sun (or Ascendant), take a look at your Solar Return chart for the 2015-2016 SR year. Now, this will be different for those of you with the Cancer Ascendant and I only mention the Ascendant because it represents our self-identity. Your Solar Return chart won't take place in June and July when the Cancer Sun rules, but at whatever time your Sun Sign rules. But those of you with a Cancer Sun look back to your last birthday chart (which is the Solar Return chart) and find the moon and it's sign. Look at the house it falls in and the themes of that house, using my cheat sheet and then the sign of the Solar Return moon.

Then for the next 12 months or so, see what areas of your life have changed. How has your attitude or personality changed during that time? For Cancer Sun we are approaching 6 months into this journey. So how has your Solar Return moon shaped your life thus far? Are you wanting to travel or spend more time at home? Are you feeling more adventurous or less? Are you changing your eating habits, finding that you're picky, or wanting to break up with your partner? Your experiences will differ depending on the Zodiac Sign your Solar Moon falls for the year. Then track the Solar Moon signs for the next several years because it changes every year.

Now, I'm wondering if it works the same way with the Solar Return Mercury for Virgo and Gemini, changing their communication style from year to year (even if with Mercury you only get a choice of three signs adjacent to your Solar Return or Natal chart Sun). But for now, let's stick to Cancerians and the Solar Return Moon. I enjoy astrological experiments and if you are Cancerian please leave your observations in the comments below.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cardinals Bearing Gifts--Full Moon in Cancer on December 25

It will be an interesting Christmas holiday for my family comprised of Cardinal Signs (Cancer, Capricorn and Aries) since the Cancer Full Moon (3 degrees) falls on December 25. Cancer rules nourishment, motherhood, and the home so some of us will feel at home on Christmas, while others might focus on the troubles affecting our home planet.

The December Full Moon chart features a wide Cardinal T-Cross (yes, the Cardinals are back for a final showdown), with Mars in Libra clashing with Uranus in Aries, and Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. I'm not dragging the opposition between the Cancer Moon and Capricorn Sun into the cross, but some astrologers might which would bring us a Cardinal Grand Square.

Although what you find with the Cancer-Capricorn polarity has to do with mothers, fathers, family dynamics, work verses home, individual verses family, nourishment verses barren, rules, authority, intuition, practicality, home, food, lineages, and traditions. I have this polarity playing out heavily in my Saturn-Ruled Natal chart and in my family so if you require help understanding the themes of this full moon, feel free to contact me.

The Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon experience flowing aspects with Neptune, the planet of dreams. Jupiter experiences flowing aspects with Pluto and Mercury and Saturn and Uranus bring in a Fire Trine. So this could also be a time of manifesting our dreams. However, we must ask ourselves where we'll place our focus. Many people are going to communicate doom and gloom about troubles facing the world. But where are you going to place your focus? What are your dreams worth to you? Venus at 24 degrees Scorpio sextiles Mercury in Capricorn leaving us feeling sensual and wanting to communicate from our senses. It's not selfish to focus on physical reality and to manifest your dreams. But do you feel worthy of manifesting your desires?

Young Charles Dickens, Wikipedia
I feel like duality is at play here. It's like the beginning of Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities except we're looking at a tale of two realities. Will we focus on peace and the nourishment we have in our lives or are we going to focus on fear and let our egos call the shots? The message I'm getting rather loudly is that we have to stop acting like the stoic John Wayne in the Wild West. And we have to stop entertaining vengeful fantasies whether that's in our personal lives or on a global scale. We are dealing with wounded individuals and collectives now which require healing. When anyone inflicts pain on another whether they can justify it or not (they all can justify it in their own minds), we inflict pain on the collective. We're not doing anyone any favors to keep practicing a rewards and punishment mentality. We've been doing that for centuries and where has it taken us? This isn't about a battle between cowboys wearing white or black hats. There are no good guys or bad guys, there is just us and our wounded egos playing out life dramas on a global stage.

However, you can bet that Mars in Libra wants justice and Uranus in Aries stirs up the embers of frustration and helplessness, but Uranus also could bolster our courage to practice nonviolent communication and stop practicing dualism. With Neptune strong in Pisces, we could finally get the spiritual message that we are ONE and that dualism is an illusion that our egos enjoy holding together. Pluto in Capricorn wears two faces. The first face is of an overbearing authority figure that uses fear to control the masses. The second face is of a magician who brings deep transformation through death and rebirth. Remember that our souls are eternal and even when souls leave the physical realm the gig isn't over. Perhaps, souls have a contract to play out "tragedies" so that we open our hearts and not close them.

Mars, Wikipedia
You can tell the evolution of a soul by how it reacts to so-called tragic events. After the Paris bombing recently, a video appeared on YouTube with a pianist playing John Lennon's "Imagine" on a piano set outdoors in Paris. He is surrounded by a crowd with people taking photographs and videotaping him. The musician appears humble as if giving a gift of love to those grieving around him. And we're also reminded of the murder of John Lennon during an autumn back in the 1980s. But John Lennon's spirit is still with us at peace vigils and on the street corner in Paris where a musician offered his talents to heal those around him. And isn't that the real gift of music to heal us? Lennon wasn't joking when he sung, "Give Peace a Chance."

We also call natural disasters tragedies because of the losses people experiences, but we gain our hearts in the process. Look at the outreach of love that occurs after a disaster. People clean out their closets and donate clothing, they give food or money to refugees or those folks displaced by events or they open their hearts through prayers and meditations. The best way to handle these situations and feel at home is to offer home within our hearts. We could join a drum circle or a prayer vigil and in these activities we gather strength and conviction that we will love our way through the changes and transformation that come upon our shores. I'm not condoning violence of any kind--whether that appears on television or in physical reality.

It's like Astrologer Barbara Goldsmith said in her YouTube video for the Gemini Full Moon for November, it's not just about France, but about all of us because we are part of one world. Whatever views we have about politics or national identities, no one deserves to lose their loved ones because some folks feel so helpless that they cause harm to others to communicate their beliefs--fundamentalist or not. And none of these events can happen if we don't allow it collectively because we're all connected. As long as we repress our shadows and project them onto scapegoats, we will experience these types of tragedies. But if we own our shadows, make peace with them, and then make peace with ourselves en mass, we heal the planet of these type of acts.

So this December lets experience an outpouring of love. Join a prayer circle, meditate, or just pull up your sleeves and get involved in the practical arena of helping those people out who are missing loved ones during the holidays or who have trouble getting their lives back on track. And let's remember the words of Saint Francis of Assisi, "It's not so much to be understood as it is to understand." When we give peace and love, it returns one hundredfold. Jupiter opposite Chiron reminds us that healing takes place when we serve others through humility. Be of humble service this holiday season and join an outpouring of love. Analysis won't get us through this transition, but love will.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Surreal & Powerful--Saturn Neptune Square Exact

As the moon travels void-of-course in Capricorn, I'm sitting here listening to Bach's Cello Suites on YouTube and contemplating the exact Saturn Neptune square occurring from November 26 to December 4, 2015. We will experience a series of exact squares with Saturn and Neptune in 2016. 

This will definitely mark a surreal time where we bend reality or reality bends us into an awakening or madness depending on our current state of mind. This could even be a dangerous time, especially while traveling since people will be spaced out or possibly intoxicated. We're not just dealing with Saturn squaring Neptune exact, but the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius join up with Saturn so now we have our identity and self tied up with the square. Will we see men running around saying that they are Napoleon? Probably, something to that effect. Mental illness ramps up as well confessions of addictions.

I'm including the chart for November 26, 2015 at 4:18 Pacific Standard time when Saturn transits into an exact square with Neptune. I'm setting the chart for Seattle, Washington so the houses involved with this chart will differ from the chart set for individuals and other places. Seattle has a Libra AC in this chart which is about balance and justice.

What concerns me is all the red lines which reflect squares and oppositions mainly with the Mutable planet transits. If we gaze at the sun/Mercury/Saturn square with Neptune, we see that the Gemini Moon opposes the Sagittarius planets and squares Chiron also in Pisces. Then we pull in Jupiter in Virgo (and North Node) which square the Gemini Moon and oppose Chiron. Meanwhile, in the realm of Cardinals, Mars (and Venus) opposes Uranus already squaring Pluto in an inconjunct with the Gemini Moon. Well, it's a mess. But but a Mystical Rectangle with moon, Venus, Uranus, and sun/Mercury/Saturn bring us some stability and Mars also supplies a flowing aspect to the moon.

So we're not just contending with an exact square with Saturn in the uncomfortable sign, Sagittarius and Neptune powerful in its own sign, Pisces. On the low end, expect deceit, trickery (especially with Mercury squaring Neptune), expect foul play on a global scale, and for secrets to reveal themselves with the Uranus Pluto square. Expect food poisoning with the moon involved since we won't be reading labels or warning signs at this point. Expect violence to erupt in the world because of paranoia towards others or an us verses them attitude. Philosophies clash now and could turn into warfare, unless we get the higher message of Neptune which is building bridges based on understanding and compassion. Expect car accidents to occur because people aren't paying attention to the road or they are driving under the influence. But also expect the law to come down hard on people who don't obey it, even losing privileges through the passing of new laws (Saturn in Sagittarius).

I think we'll experience a lot of reality busting around food (what's healthy and what isn't), as well as, in the realm of spirituality, and even sustainable lifestyles. I'm not saying we shouldn't take care of our health or the planet but some companies and providers have hoodwinked us and now we will find out the truth, which will hurt in some cases. Other astrologers have reached a similar conclusion.

On the higher side of the equation, if we stay sober and mindful through meditation, solutions come to us now and we are inspired to change. It's a good time to hone spiritual lessons, take meditation or yoga classes. But don't lean on a religion as a crutch because you must forge your own connection to the divine based on your inner philosophy. When faced with conflicts (and who won't be under these transits?) look to see how you are engaged in shadows and projections. Walk in another man or woman's shoes (I hear or dog's shoes) and practice compassion. Stay humble, but not so humble that you end up beating yourself up. If you mess up, pick yourself up and start anew.

Some folks (especially those with planets in Pisces and Sagittarius), will experience grand delusions of themselves and others. Some folks will proclaim themselves prophets and others will believe them, rather foolish thing to do. If someone claims to suddenly have all the answers that came to them in a dream, run. A Saturn Neptune square is about reality testing. The more grounded we are, the better. I know many of us would rather float off to 5D, but we're going to question the validity of even that. If we don't stay grounded, we could lose a foothold in the material world and not be able to support ourselves financially.

I'm concerned about the US Thanksgiving since this is a time of overeating and over drinking. I feel that there will be many traffic accidents that day as well as, delays and complications with long-distance travel whether that is with planes or trains or buses. Stay home if you can this year because this just isn't a good time for travel. Skype your loved ones instead. Staying home for one holiday isn't going to hurt anything, except egos. If you're a meat eater make sure that you're getting your animal products from a clean source such as local and range-free because I'm seeing a food poisoning epidemic occurring during this time or at least a large-scale recall, and possibly with turkeys. I don't like to make predictions and I certainly don't like spreading fear, but please practice caution and common sense (even though this will be a challenge). It would be a good time to listen to your gut. Pray to angels or your spirit guides for clarity--something in short supply during this time.

On the other hand, since we're dealing with all the outer planets locked into squares and oppositions, this is a time of soul mastership and awakening of consciousness. Take the high road the one that comes from your inner voice that tells you that you are safe and an eternal being. Help others but don't get sucked into drama. Give others tools they need or even resources to take them to the next level. Take care of others in your communities and don't let anyone go hungry now. Contribute to a food bank or work at a soup kitchen. Donate clothing you no longer need to a charity or non-profit. The more kindness we spread now, the more peace we will experience in the world. No matter how the bigger picture looks, stay connected to the Divine and your inner voice--it's the one that feels like love and understanding.

Pisces and Sagittarius either you will master this situation or get caught up in delusional thinking or addictions. It's up to you. If you struggle with addiction get help now. Don't drag anyone through your addiction by admitting that you require help then find the appropriate professionals to get you on your healing path.  Virgo, you want to fix everyone and everything now, but no one is broken even if you can help them brainstorm solutions. Focus on solutions and not problems. And finally, Gemini, watch your tongue during this time because it's sharper than usual and you could use words as weapons because you fear you must defend yourself. Meditate if possible even going for a walk cools the jets.

Aries, I know we need changes in the world, but don't ram your ideas into others. Changes take time and it's not all about you and your ideas. However, Aries, we could use your courage and pioneering efforts at this time. Focus on what we can do now. Capricorn with Mars and Uranus chipping away at your armor, you require letting go and surrendering what you can't change. Stop playing lone wolf and join your community. This is a time of communal activity and together we're stronger. Foster the skills and talents in others then delegate tasks. Then you will receive cooperation and not have to go it alone any longer.

As the cello grows in passion through my headphones, I'm now ending this post. But I'm including a link to Leslie Hale's Astrology blog since it never hurts to hear what other astrologers are saying and she goes in depth.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tangled Webs We Weave--New Moon in Sagittarius

We had better get used to hearing the word mutable since we're swimming through a season of planets transiting in mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini). On December 11, the New Moon transits at 19 degrees Sagittarius and now we have the sun, moon, and Saturn in the sign of the fiery satyr. Pie in the sky or responsible idealism?

Will we laugh our way through this new moon phase? That wouldn't be a bad way to get us through the Mutable T-Cross tension when the moon and sun square Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces. It's hard to laugh at the wounds that come up for us to heal. Jupiter in Virgo will have us exaggerating our faults or the faults we find in others. Chiron though asks us to have compassion for our wounds, after all we acquired them as helpless children so why be so hard on ourselves?

And if we can heal or at least accept those wounds, this leads us to a road of service of one kind or another. We look around and see more problems than solutions, but will we toss in the towel or will we cooperate with others? And what about working with diverse populations since Sagittarius often refers to people from other countries or ethnic groups or even cooperation between religions? So what if we don't share the same philosophy? Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (and Neptune finally breaking away from the exact square with Saturn) want us to merge into the cosmic soup. Who are we but a speck in the vast universe? Despite the moon, sun, and Saturn in Sagittarius, we're going to feel tiny. We're not only dealing with mutable signs that ask us to get our butts moving along our unique paths, but we're contending with large and spacious planets (Neptune, Jupiter) opposing forces.

We've joined the big league or at least we're on our way to acquiring our cosmic graduate degrees. We're on the road to mastership. How do I know this? Well, look at the planets involved with the oppositions and squares. Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto play hardball with our souls and we can either whine about our circumstances or do as Joseph Campbell would advise and answer the call to a long and drawn out quest in which we return with the boon.

By the time this Sagittarius Moon arrives, we're living in the Saturn-Neptune fog not really knowing which way the wind is blowing or if there's wind at all. And what's this nonsense about time-space reality or your reality and my reality? What's real and what's illusion? This is how we feel as we immerse ourselves in the holiday season. And oh, what a holiday season it will be with the Saturn-Neptune exact square arriving just in time for the US Thanksgiving holiday. I can just see the vegan breaking into tear of compassion for all turkeys as he sits at the traditional family dinner. But then, maybe by this point, his mother latched onto tofu turkey and quinoa stuffing. I'm making light of some powerful transits occurring in November and December. It's a soul-crunchy time for all of us no matter what sign our sun falls in.

Normally, we set the intention to expand in some area of our life with the Sagittarius New Moon, but now when we set intentions Saturn asks us to gaze with jaundice eyes on our dreams. Neptune and Jupiter tell us that we can no longer manifest desires with selfish motives--what about the others, asks Neptune and Jupiter? And what's this business with the North Node in fussy Virgo? Yeah, like that's fun. But Virgo suns and moons, you get it don't you? Time to be of greater service.

Meanwhile, Mercury transits in sober Capricorn and Venus continues her travels in Scorpio and Mars now in Libra engages in cosmic warfare with Uranus and Pluto (Cardinal T-Cross). Didn't we have one of those Cardinal T-Crosses last December around the holidays? Anyway, we'll ride the tides like we always do and we'll evolve to the next level of spiritual understanding.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Astrological Art of Becoming

Why do we choose to be born under a particular Sun Sign? Why did I choose for instance to be born into a family where every member is part of the Cancer-Capricorn polarity and I have a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Ascendant? I believe that astrology is the art of becoming or connecting with the higher purpose of our souls.

Aries--You came here to develop courage, boldness, and to foster a pioneering spirit. You relish in a youthful and fun spirit. You probably have issues around confrontation, facing your fears, and speaking your truth in this lifetime. Foster your courage.

Taurus--You came here to enjoy the sensual pleasure and to bring your gift of beauty to the world through art of one kind or another. However, you tend to get stuck in the mud as opposed to growing things in it. You tend to act rigid and opinionated when you give into fear. Practice your art instead.

Gemini--You came here to communicate clearly and decisively, while still having fun at the same time. You enjoy games to the point of playing games when you don't want to face up to responsibility. Lying is not a healthy form of communication so try being straightforward in your communication. Teach others how to have fun while still keeping their integrity intact.

Cancer--You came here to learn self-nurturing because you can't really nurture others from a dry well. Find the sustenance you require by opening up to others and learn the art of receiving graciously.

Leo--You little sunshine, you came here to shine your light on the world, but often come across as overly dramatic or too needy of attention. Use your imagination and creativity to build monuments or get up on stage where an audience will appreciate drama.

Virgo--You came here to offer solutions and to use your exacting eye to fill in the details. Stop judging yourself or others as imperfect and remember that we are all works in progress. Good enough is good enough.

Libra--You came to restore balance in the world, but you must first do this within yourself. Own your shadow which is actually aggressive and learn how to assert yourself without toppling the cart. If you want others to act refine then mirror that quality to the world. Dress appropriately and stop smiling when you're sad or angry.

Scorpio--You came to dredge up the demons in our subconscious and to solve mysteries. Use your sensitivities to uncover and investigate and not to feel slighted by other people's attitudes towards you. You are more powerful than you think--remember that. Reclaim your power.

Sagittarius--You came to lighten up the world and enlighten us, but first you must get your facts straight and determine what is fact and what is merely an opinion. Show us how to live freely on the road of life and not stop shooting our arrows at the sun.

Capricorn--You came to build new structure and teach us how to live in the here and now. Don't get so caught up in the time-space reality that you forget to enjoy the moment. Money isn't everything even if it pays the bills and keeps you living in mansions.

Aquarius--You came to innovate and take us into the new age. But don't grow too smug and think that you have all the answers. Remember there are 12 Zodiac Signs and each has an important role to play. Remember to cooperate and give credit where it is due.

Pisces--You came here to teach us compassion and understanding as well as, for us to expand our spiritual vision. But first, you must move past your own illusions and addictions so you can open up a true and authentic channel to the Divine. There's no faking it any longer, Pisces. Let's get real now.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Laser Focus--November's Scorpio New Moon

found in Google images for education use
We haven't heard much for the Fixed Signs lately, at least not since Saturn moved into Sagittarius and Jupiter into Virgo. As we wade through seasons of Cardinals and Mutables, we forget that action requires stillness. With the Scorpio New Moon stillness runs deep and but we uncover turmoil when we delve into our subconscious minds.

Actually, this new moon at 19 degrees Scorpio that falls on November 11 looks promising for Water and Earth signs. We experience a Triple Conjunction with sun, moon, and Mercury in Scorpio so still waters run deep. Don't mistake a stoic expression for nonchalance or boredom. For any of you who have had intimacy with Scorpios know that there's a volcano brewing underneath an icy exterior. We're reminded of the planet Pluto who we've been told astrologically is dark, but then the NASA photograph of Pluto arrives on the scene and the planet comes off as peachy white with a heart carved its bottom half. Sexy? Well, yes, but the planet also possesses the colors of a scorpion sizzling in the desert sand.

This new moon reminds us of all the times we underwent regeneration or rose out of the ashes in some way. We're reminded that when we burn away the dross we end up with a gold, and so it is with us metaphorically speaking. Here we have our identity (sun), our inner voice/wisdom (moon) and our communication style (Mercury) joining together to usher in a new beginning. Scorpio is ruthless in its gaze and so if there is something or someone in our life that is blocking our evolution, whether that's a thought, pattern, or person, we ruthlessly cut out that energy from our lives and reclaim our power. Pluto is all about power, but it's not about stealing power from others, but discovering our own inner power which exists in all of us.

So where in your life are you giving your power away? What do you gain in return? Remember, we don't give our power away if we think we're not getting something in return. Do we do favors for others so that they'll like us? Do we spend extra time at our job because we want a promotion? Do we slave away on the domestic scene to receive validation from a partner? That my dears, is giving power away and it only ends in bitterness and resentment (Scorpio knows these emotions too well).

Taurus folks aren't going to enjoy all this polar opposite energy coming at them. They prefer to lie on the velvet couch, eating their favorite comfort foods while watching a movie or sports. However, getting in touch with their primal side such as with practicing yoga or meditating now could lead to a kundulini awakening or at the very least a sensual experience that blows their minds. But do be careful because this Scorpio energy (which rules genitalia), could lead to pregnancy. It could also lead to near death experiences or the death of a loved one with spiritual dimensions.

Meanwhile, around this time, Venus returns to her own sign Libra and forms a sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius. Traveling with a partner or having a partner from another culture (especially one across the big blue ocean) goes well around this time. This is definitely a time for romantic beginnings for many of the astrological signs, if you're ready to be in a healthy partnership. Mars remains in Virgo until the 13th when it transits into Libra as well and then couples with Venus. This suggests that our male and female energies are in balance. Or on a mundane level we manifest what we value (Venus) through inspired action (Mars) and beautify the world around us (Libra) or at least bring balance.

Jupiter in Virgo still brings support to Pluto in Capricorn, but forms an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries. Meanwhile, Saturn is approaching a tighter square with Neptune. And two days after the Scorpio New Moon, the North Node transits out of Libra into Virgo. We're going to feel stirring in our hearts in the form of compassion. In fact, for many, their hearts are going to hurt as they witness happenings around the world that either disturb them or move them to tears out of love or compassion. Many folks will ask how they can serve the world (Jupiter and North Node in Virgo), and I suggest volunteering for an organization two or three hours a week to start.

But service comes in many forms and even professionals finding ways to bring justice, harmony and good health to the world. But my question to you is, what will you do with the Scorpio New Moon?

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Powerful Global & Individual Transformation (Mutable and Cardinal Planet Transits)

Having undergone my own transformation in recent weeks (again), and noticing irreversible changes occurring on the planet, I want to talk about the types of transformation you can expect in your own life by astrological signs. But for the sake of brevity, I will group the signs into qualities (Mutable, Cardinal and Fixed).

First let's look at the Mutable signs which include Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. With the North Node now in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo; Chiron and Neptune continuing their transits in Pisces, Mutable Signs are asked to go with the flow of changes coming your way. But since you are a restless group anyway, you welcome the changes on some level which include relocation (even to different cities and countries), adapting to new situations beyond anything you could have ever imagined, death of loved ones (that actually liberate you), divorce (again, that liberates you), and change of career. Some of you could sell or move out of an owned home and decide to rent or travel in a mobile home.

These changes have a fateful quality to them and by going with the flow, you meet your soulmate or life partner, get married (if you're single), give birth to a child you weren't expecting, become interested in a new field of study or career you never considered before, at least not consciously, but felt a tug in that direction. You will also engage in synchronicity which will bring excitement and joy to your life. Mostly, you will find ways to serve the world because your thoughts and feelings lean towards others and not yourself. You have no patience of lazy people or narcissistic behavior. You might even join new church or study a different religion, go on a spiritual retreat, or at least make peace with organized religion by seeing that we are all part of the same fabric. There is no them, just us, just you, essentially. You'll find that when you serve others, you serve yourself.

Now, let's take a look at the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn). It's time to heal any rifts in your life and make peace with what is. Stop trying to manipulate or control others so that you can feel safe and know that you are always protected. Let go and allow yourself to align with God or whatever word you choose to call the Divine Energy that runs through all of us. You seek freedom from shackles other people have held you in, but then you realize that you created those shackles by engaging in co-dependent relationships. Heal your fear of abandonment, of poverty, of homelessness. And once you do that, the path appears and you take up your a leadership position (which surprises you at first).

Stop ranting about problems in the world and focus on solutions. You hold those solutions in your hands and are more visionary than you believe. The Uranus and Pluto transits in Cardinal Signs have already awakened those of you with your sun, moon or Ascendant in a Cardinal Sign from 0 to 14 degrees. You might experience strange dreams seeing yourself working at careers you never considered before. Pay attention to those dreams which are based on either past life roles or your true destiny in this life (or your soul contract). You can refuse to take up the challenge but then you won't experience fulfillment and instead will feel like something is missing from your life (it is). Be brave and answer the call of destiny.

Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) since there's not much happening in your signs as far as outer planet transits (at least for now), you're digging your heels in and refusing to change. Your rigidness is standing in the way of the movement of the other 8 signs. You might find that your partner (if they have a Cardinal or Mutable sun or moon) are asking you to change or divorce is imminent, especially if you block the way of their life paths.

Scorpio is the exception here since Scorpio sun and moon underwent transformation when Saturn transited in Scorpio in recent years. Scorpio you bring us transformation with your planet Pluto in Capricorn and as a major player in transformation on the planet. And in fact, Pluto and Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio fed off each other for 2 1/2 years. We learned how to be ruthless in cutting out the fat from our lives whether that was non-productivity, stagnant careers, or dead end relationships. But I still don't see a Scorpio winning the upcoming US Presidential race. I do see Scorpios making discoveries in high tech, science, and medicine. I also see more success with new types of psychological therapies that delve into our lineages. Scorpio scientists and doctors will also dominate the media in upcoming years.

Several of the candidates running for US President (2016) have fixed suns and I predict that none of those folks will become the next president. Why is this? With 8 signs demanding change and transformation on the planet and fixed signs wanting to hold on to the past and old traditions, the populace wants a new type of leadership that represents holistic principles and sustainable lifestyles. People without homes want someone who advocates for them. People left out of the economy want someone to advocate for them. Environmentalists, youth, and entrepreneurs want someone who speaks their language (and candidates with fixed signs are too old school or too power hungry).

We're moving into a new era of cooperation and co-housing and collectives. We are moving into a new era of serving the greater good instead of a bank account. Millionaires will donate huge sums of money to causes or projects that bring comfort and security to others, while walking away from the trappings of their wealth. Meanwhile, the man or woman on the street experiences changes of fortune in many cases going from rags to riches and soon they too will discover that money doesn't buy happiness at least not with the planetary transits for the next 2 years. Times are changing and the planet is shifting. There's no going backwards so we might as well do a jig into the unknown.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Coming Attractions--Saturn Neptune Square (What's it Going to Take to Manifest Dreams?)

Starting on November 26, 2015, we're going to experience an exact square with slower moving planets and it's not Uranus and Pluto this time.

Saturn in Sagittarius which has been teasing us by playing cat and mouse with Neptune in Pisces throughout this year (due to retrogrades of both planets), moves into an exact square with the dreamy planet on November 26 and this square launches the first week of December also. So we already know what Saturn represents and what Neptune represents; we can also predict how this planetary dance will play out on the big stage.

If not, let me give you hints: Religion (big organized religion and religious structure, hierarchy, ancient practices, traditions and patriarchy), universities and academics, mental health, hospitals, big medicine, big industry, the structure of the human body (blood and bones), cinema, big movies as entertainment, music, music industry, music therapy, travel and foreign relations, government with Saturn involved, fathers, uncles, anthropology...Also following under Saturn's stern gaze, are recreational drugs, cigarettes, vapor (e-cigarettes), and prison systems.

Neptune revolves around escapism, where we delude ourselves, dreams without substance, wishful thinking, movies, fog, vapor, smoke, dissolution of matter, mental health (or lack there of), narcissism, music, music therapy, cinema therapy, dance, photography, and glamour. Saturn revolves around structure, body structure, architecture (the structural part), authority, responsibility, time-space reality, aging, effort, study, work, and pulling oneself up by their bootstraps (something Saturn and Capricorn loves). The self-made man is Saturnian for instance, even though that is an illusion. In reality, we all need others and as long as we're not co-dependent with others, this is healthy and harmonious.

For Pisces themes just look to Neptune since they share themes in common. Sagittarius represents travel, foreign nations, pie-in-the-sky idealism, academia (higher education), professors, law, lawyers, politicians who exaggerate their abilities and claims, expansion, sarcasm, over inflated economies, and having a good time (Jupiter). So now, start playing around with all those themes and attributes and see what comes up for you.

I'm not a predictive astrologer, but I have already seen trends in the media that will continue. I'm already seeing recreational drugs and vapor cigs coming under scrutiny. I'm seeing people moving away from the self-made human to humans who come together in a communal sense (Pisces wants us to merge). I'm seeing the rise in popularity of music therapy and also seeing interests in photography therapy and cinema therapy. I'm seeing compassion expanding on the planet thanks to Pope Francis and other religious leaders who touch our hearts. I'm sensing an awakening of consciousness in places I never imagined it.

But with this square, Saturn is asking Neptune to put his money where his mouth is. This is not a time of spouting idealism, but it is a time for rolling up our sleeves. It's time to come up with solid plans and make the efforts required to fix the problems in our lives. But we don't do this by focusing on the problems but on solutions that come to us through visions (both nightly and epiphanies). We also need to take better care of our structure (bodies) with yoga, meditation, drinking enough water, eating healthy and building our blood and bones. It's a time to admit our addictions and seek help. It's time for each of us to rehabilitate our lives in areas we've grown lazy, weak, or sick.

St. Thomas Aquinas, supported astrology
Since Neptune is more powerful and diffused than Saturn, Neptune will cause us to question time-space reality and this idea of aging. I consider myself ageless but Neptune plays a huge role in my natal chart. Neptune will have us squirming or squeezing out of responsibilities, but Saturn will kick us in the butt if we do that. So will this be a trying time? Yes. We must find a balance between responsibility and allowing ourselves to dream the big dreams. We must stop acting like victims or martyrs or worshiping them. What? We worship victims? Yes, and we call them heroes and then act just like them. Let's stop calling ourselves survivors and start thriving instead. It's our birth rite. Enough of all the colored ribbon pins people wear in solidarity with victim mentality. There are only lessons here so we gain wisdom. Challenges give us an edge (there's my Saturn talking to you).

The best way to handle this square is to only take responsibility for what belongs to you. Allow others to learn their lessons and learn to stand in their light. They can't reclaim their power if you coddle them unless they are young children or infants. If someone needs a hug, fine give them that, but then hand them the tools and the knowledge they require to grow into a true hero. Remember no one wants to answer the call to a quest, but those who do are the real heroes. Lend a hand when you are deeply compelled to do so, but don't allow anyone to manipulate you of your time, money, or friendship unless you can give freely and it is part of your road.

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