Friday, November 10, 2017

Saturn Moves into Capricorn--Building New Structure













Saturn in Capricorn 

December 22, 2017 - March 21, 2020

Saturn is at 0 degrees Capricorn until 12-29

On December 22, Saturn enters Capricorn, its natural ruler, and we experience the sea change. Saturn moves out of the expansive and inspirational Fire Sign, Sagittarius and moves into the grounded and sober Earth Sign of the Mountain Goat. We are taking steps towards a Golden Age which we will experience in 2019 when Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are in Saturn and Uranus is in the stable Earth Sign Taurus.

Coinciding with the Golden Age is the Saturn Return for folks born between 1988 and 1990 (actually this process begins in 2018). This sober group of Capricorn-Saturn types will launch a building or in some cases, a rebuilding process of systems and of cities. Some of these folks already have an interest in city planning and urban design, as well as, permaculture and sustainable construction. This group will also play leadership roles in community-building, city government, and with other organizations.

If you have a Capricorn Ascendant or a Sagittarius Ascendant with Capricorn in your First House, then you're going to feel Saturn moving into your First House. This shows up in body changes with skin, bones, and connective tissues. You could experience weight loss and watch the diet, especially when Saturn is in the last degrees of Sagittarius. If you find that you are having digestion problems or experience sensitivities to fragrances and other smells, do a liver cleanse with medical supervision.

There is a sense of rebirth when Saturn crosses the Ascendant Sign. There is also a sense of resolving karmic issues. However, depression is likely as is bouts of low self-esteem. So, work on building confidence in yourself. Don't get caught up in the old patriarchal model of competition and lack consciousness. It's time to practice yoga, meditation, and get body work done. Cranial sacral and chiropractic work go well now. And I also envision people taking mineral salts for both Capricorn and Cancer.

Cardinal Signs feel the brunt of this Saturn transit. Aries and Libra experience the inner tension of a square and this could cause headaches for both signs, not to mention face, jaw, and teeth problems. Aries feel stifled and may even suffer from depression. Libra tries to keep everything light and breezy while mentally detaching despite the sober double Capricorn energy. Cancer experiences the opposition and so there is work around intimacy and the shadows we project onto partners and children (for Cancerian parents).

Taurus and Virgo latch on to the practical Earth energy of Capricorn and may launch businesses or see themselves climbing to higher career success. Whereas, Scorpio and Pisces experience this energy as grounding, maybe too grounding which can lead to emotional instability if underlying issues are not resolved.

This is a time for Gemini and Aquarius to become more practical and to even question their thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. It's time to stop talking and planning so that you get a plan or project into the action stage. Finally, Leo and Sagittarius, this is a time to reassess how you come across to the world. Sagittarius feels like they have experienced one firestorm after another so they take the next two years to heal and build a new and more realistic foundation underneath them. 
Saturn will pair up with Pluto in Capricorn, and create flowing aspects with Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter in 2018 and eventually, Uranus when it transits in Taurus. Even for people who don't enjoy Capricorn energy, we are entering a time of rebuilding. But first, we must dismantle the old guard to make room for the new. And that's what we'll do when Saturn completes its transit in Sagittarius.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sagittarius New Moon for December 17, 2017--Expand Your Horizons

Now, is the perfect time to heal xenophobia. Now, is the time to expand horizons to distant shores of our consciousness and the Earth. This is because the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus join Saturn in its last degrees of Sagittarius. And the Moon, the Sun, and Saturn are floating in the Galactic Center--this tells us to take a leap of faith and even to believe in the impossible.

Remember when people said that a moon landing was impossible? And humans have only flown in airplanes since the 20th Century. It wasn't so long ago when I would have had to type my forecast on an electric typewriter and then send it off to an editor or publisher to print it on paper. And it wasn't that long ago when e-mail did not exist yet. And now, several generations take e-mail for granted. And what about digital books? Did anyone see that coming?

The Sagittarius New Moon has us reflecting on expanding our vision and to seeing new possibilities. It's not that we head back to the drawing board, but more or less that we brainstorm and even included some wacky ideas. We see new technologies in the way of book publishing, the world wide web, academics, and in travel. Perhaps, a new type of ship enters the world. Or space travel consumes us. Sci-Fi and fantasy authors hit the spotlight. And I expect a blockbuster that takes us to far out places, at least in our imaginations. Think of a hero or heroine's journey that heals racism, sexism, and delves into a deep philosophical territory.

We're grabbing for the stars. Sagittarius is far out there anyway, and now we have three planets entering the Galactic Center and two more on the way (Venus and Mercury). But Mercury is retrograde and about to station as it will go directly in a few days time. Then off Mercury goes through the GC. We'll be communicating expansiveness and if not, we feel restless with itchy feet to travel overseas.

But is it even safe to travel outside of the country? The dark side of the planets in Sagittarius and with the on-going square between Uranus and Pluto (as well as, Jupiter in Scorpio probing into the deep recesses of our psychology), we see violence erupting in places associated with Sagittarius such as parts of West Africa and even, Finland.  Mars joins Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio so people ask why they are on the planet? How can they contribute to harmony between nations and between ethnic groups? And how does post-trauma contribute to tension on the world stage?

It seems to me that if we wish to heal trauma then we need to stop warring with other people and nations. Peace comes from within, however, the collective needs to make changes in diets and not just food diets. Is it a wise idea to feed the collective violent images 24/7 through the media, the movie industry, and book industry when we know that PTSD and oversensitivity erupt in violence? And now, there is evidence that eating junk food and not getting enough omega oils in the diet lead to violent behaviors. If we have this information why don't we act upon it? And this is what we ponder during the Sagittarius New Moon on December 17.

Perhaps, it's a better idea to focus on the here and now rather than a trip to Mars or another galaxy. Anyway, here is the breakdown for the Zodiac Signs.

Aries--This is your last chance to hitch a ride with Saturn in Sagittarius as it trines Uranus in your sign. It brings optimism without the impulsiveness. Saturn slows down your mental process but you still need to think before you act. Now, is still a good time to do something athletic. Or it's time to shake things up on the activist front. Join a grassroots group.

Taurus--Do you have some ghosts in your closet? What I mean by that is you would do well to take a look at those wounds hidden in your subconscious. And you find them through your projections on others. Pay attention to your judgments of others because remember when you point a finger four fingers are pointing back at you. Your clue lies in your shadow. And you can do some deep healing now.

Gemini--You don't feel like going where no one has gone before. You would rather stay with what you already know. You also act like a know-it-all at this time but you end up putting your foot in your mouth because Mercury is still RX and the Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury/Saturn oppose you at this time. But that's okay because at least Uranus favors you so you stir up the soup.

Cancer--You want to get out of the house and travel far away. You're old fashion but this Sagittarius energy brings out your compassion and empathy for people different than you. Check out music by The Waterboys since Mike Scott has a Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon. His music hits the spot, you dreamy moonbeam.

Leo--Watch out for exaggeration in other people and in yourself. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius so it's easy to get lost in grandiosity. Make sure you have your feet on the ground when you assess your abilities and talents. Far-reaching often stretches us in a good way, but the only thing you need to expand now is your love for humanity.

Virgo--More than ever you play the role of the hermit. You hang up a sign on the door, "Leave me alone" or you just slam the door and shut out the world. Virgo, you are not an expansive sign, but you are as restless as the next person. Yet, you're not in the mood for an academic or religious debate. We'll miss your presence on social media, but that's how it goes, for now. I don't really blame you.

Libra--You bring balance and justice to the scene. You play the role of a peacekeeper between friends, colleagues, and even nations. The world appears lopsided and people exaggerate their claims or their gossip becomes cruel and nasty. Libra, make sure you don't spread rumors at this time because they will return to bite you in the butt. Practice diplomacy.

Scorpio--With Mars and Jupiter in your sign and the Sagittarius Stellium appearing in your Second House of what you value, use this energy to make your mark in the world. Send out resumes, start a business, and reassess your personal assets. Get your finances in order now. You feel empowered and anything physical goes well now, including passionate sex. But if do protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy if that is not in your plans.

Sagittarius--The spotlight is on you. We believe almost everything that flows from your tongue. You reignite our dreams and bolster our faith. You inspire us through your novels, your religion, and your academia. Push us to take that leap of faith. If you are an author, launch your book around the time of this new moon. And if you are a professor, now is the time to take your lectures overseas.

Capricorn--Now, is the time for deep rest. Most everything is happening in a womb-like environment and you have to wait for the planets to move out of Sagittarius (out of your 12th House) and into your First House. It's time to watch your diet and take care of your health. And take this time to locate your deepest wounds because of Capricorn, there you find your greatest treasures. Set yourself free.

Aquarius--Some of the best adventures take place in the mind. You get lost in fantasies now, but you're not wasting time with wishful thinking. Months from now (during the summer eclipse season), you can take those grand ideas and launch businesses that transform the planet. It's the Aquarius Age after all.

Pisces--Faith comes to and through you if you balance your emotions. You are faced with a major decision to do with your home. You have much to forgive with your mother. And if you do this forgiveness work, you create a more peaceful home life. And you make peace with people from other walks of life too. It was always an inside job.

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gemini Full Moon on December 3, 2017--Communication Wires Crossed

The Gemini Full Moon comes with a bit of trickster energy on December 3. Mercury, the planet of communication co-ruled by Gemini and Virgo goes retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, also a bit of a trickster. Only Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius (27 degrees) brings sobriety to the picture, but Saturn is floating in the Galactic Center.

First, let's look at the areas Mercury in Sagittarius covers because these are the areas in your life where communication wires cross. Mercury rules the mind, our mental processes, thinking styles, that is when we're thinking at all, education, siblings, cousins, neighbors, the media, short-distance communication, interpersonal communication, and electronic devices such as computers.

Sagittarius rules the bigger picture including long-distance travel, foreigners, the law, religion, philosophy, academia, and book publishing. And you also must look at the cusps in your chart with Gemini and Sagittarius because that is where you will see the comical drama or just plain frustration playing out. And with this Full Moon, we look at the Gemini-Sag polarity.

If that's not enough confusion tossed into the astrological stew, the Full Moon Chart contains two T-Crosses. The Cardinal T-Cross contains Mars in Libra (doesn't like this placement) opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. Since this is a wide T-Cross, I think it just reminds us to resolve old issues with partnerships and with authority figures such as parents. It could bring up tension in the world which erupts in violence. And watch out because you can bet the media will distort the facts since Mercury is RX and in the sign of exaggeration, Sagittarius. So, tune into your Higher Self with Jupiter in Scorpio for your answers.

The other T-Cross is Mutable and troublesome. The Moon and the Sun are in an exact square with Neptune. Well, you can bet Neptune is going to bring more confusion to the mix if we look to outer sources for information. This is a time when turning to the brain leads to trouble and following intuition gets us to the right place at the right time in the right way.

Mercury is in flowing aspect with Mars in Libra which could bring mental balance. And Saturn completes its Fire Trine with Uranus which brings us optimism even when we are tripping over our words and not able to articulate our feelings into coherent thoughts. Like, I've said before this is going to be interesting.

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Whole Astrology Forecast for 2018 (Covering the High Points)


2018 Astrological Forecast

At first, when I glanced at next year's major transits, I thought I would focus on Water and Earth Signs mainly, and then Aquarius caught my attention. There are two major transits transforming the lives of Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Ascendant, and Aquarius Moon people. And those transits also shape the lives of Taurus Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people. Read on to learn more...

The first transit should come as no surprise to you who have listened to my Astrologer Patricia podcasts and read posts on this blog and my other blog, Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. And that is Uranus transiting in Taurus from May 15 until November 7. The second transit is Mars transiting in Aquarius for several months since Mars goes retrograde in 2018 (the planet only goes retrograde every two years while the other planets go retrograde every year).

So, let's look at the themes of Aquarius and Taurus. Aquarius is the way-shower, the groundbreaker, the homewrecker, and the party-crasher, especially when we've been dealing with drug-addicted elite running the show, not just in the US, but worldwide. Uranus in Aries has shown us the powerful energies of Aquarius with the Occupy Movement, Arab Spring, and activists using social media to awaken advocacy in the world. Uranus in Aries provided the sparks of transformation that continue with Uranus in the uncomfortable Earth Sign, Taurus.

Taurus represents the things that bring us comfort and security. The Bull represents our values, big banks, financial institutions along with Capricorn. It represents the Earth and ecology--think The Green Man. Taurus represents farms and agriculture as well as, permaculture. Taurus represents shelters from the storm, real estate and along with Capricorn/Saturn are elder years. Taurus is stubborn and rigid. Taurus is fearful when it does not have money in the bank and all the comforts it expects to have. And with Uranus, the party-crasher and the awakener entering the Sign of the Bull--the stock market, any facade of money systems, big banks, and status are about to feel the wrecking ball.

I ask you to fear not. These systems designed and built by the elite only serve the elite. They have spun fantasies and illusions to get us to buy into their systems. And yet, we are not served by the merry-go-round of the American Dream or any other country's delusion of the perfect life. We don't have to buy into lies spun by the media that leave each of us feeling unequal and inadequate. Aquarius tells us to be different anyway. Authenticity exists only outside of the system.

Mars in Aquarius for several months also has us questioning the systems in place. We become spiritual warriors and most of the work we do might be around our own egos and fears. When we conquer our fears as individuals we inspire others to step outside of the Matrix. Mars gives us energy and we might even venture into new types of fitness routines. We create a new male model as we dismantle the patriarchy system. We teach boys another way of being in the world that does not involve going to war and conquering an outside enemy. We venture into the realm of self-mastery and allow that to become our focus because when we master ourselves no one can control us or tell us what to think or how to feel. And Mars stays in Aquarius (with direct and retrograde motion) meaning we are going to chew on some big lessons.

While I am thinking those are the two biggest transits of 2018, I also want to bring in Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and the powerful eclipses, starting with a Lunar Eclipse/Super Moon that occurs on Leo on January 31. We'll also look at the February 15 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. I'll cover the summer eclipses in a later post.

Now, I've already written a great deal about Jupiter in Scorpio. However, this is a powerful, yet uncomfortable placement for Jupiter. And for Sagittarius, Jupiter is in the shadow or unformed house in their Natal Charts (it lands in the 12th House). For you Sagittarius, it is a time to test your faith. Are you operating on blind faith or do you have faith that can past a series of tests and challenges coming your way? And Scorpio, can you learn to forgive and let go of the past? Can you use your personal history as a road to healing? Can you do some detective work for your own behaviors and take responsibility for the roles you played? If you can do this you will gain true power and faith to move mountains.

We have very little fire element in the 2018 transits with the exception of the North Node in Leo, powerful eclipses in Leo and Uranus spending around 5 months in Aries. Our faith and patience are tested when Saturn is in Capricorn and Uranus are in slow-moving Taurus. Those of us with Cardinal or Mutable qualities want to move forward now. We find the slow passage of 2018 as torment. We want to implement our bigger visions in the world but have to wait for others to catch up with us. And having Mars in another fixed sign Aquarius also keeps us stuck in traffic or among too many think tanks and talking heads. When Uranus is back in Aries we take action, but that does not happen until November!

Saturn in Capricorn requires patience as we rebuild structures, create financial models to replace the banks that are going to fail. We work on the true meaning of Democracy and discuss new economic models. We might feel like we have to climb the mountain alone, we might worry about our body image or our bank accounts, but that is not what Saturn in Capricorn is about. We must focus on the bigger picture even if Capricorn wants to contract instead of expanding our consciousness. Fortunately, with Pluto also in Capricorn in flowing aspect with Neptune, we can look at the bigger picture or the vision. Again, faith is required in all we do. Saturn goes retrograde between April 18 and September 5 and this causes us to go inward and take better care of our physical bodies.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31 contains a Fixed T-Cross and we haven't experienced too many of those in the past decade. Jupiter in Scorpio squares the Sun/Venus/Juno in Aquarius and the Leo Moon/North Node/Ceres. And this to me, says that we'll be marching for women's issues again. With all those scandals involving the assault on women, we're going to balance the scales of justice with big lawsuits, published books (memoirs), and confessions on social media. Some women are going to pull the drama card and the rest of us will grow tired of it. Others will pull the activist card--especially around the rights of mothers and children. And since Jupiter is involved, children in other countries. We could see some big news in the arts too.

And to further enhance transformation coming from these events, Uranus squares Pluto and Mars square Neptune during this eclipse. We will bust illusions and delusional thinking. And we see a new age of spiritual warriors emerging.

Finally, let's take a look at the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15 (around Valentine's Day). Now we have the Sun, the Moon. Venus, Mercury, and Juno in a Stellium in a square with Jupiter! Aquarius is taking the secrets and scandals dredged up by Jupiter in Scorpio and taking people to the mat. Something will be destroyed or deconstructed during this Solar Eclipse. The populace is not going to put up with the same old routines any longer.

Mars joins with Vesta (purity, purpose, service) in Sagittarius and squares Neptune. And Chiron is in flowing aspect with Jupiter. We're going to go to the task of healing old wounds in ourselves and in the collective and we are ruthless in this healing process. We choose to be of service to the world and not the elite. We choose to serve each other and pick up the pieces while battling with the dark forces on the planet. But we don't do this through war or revolution, but more or less by shifting our focus out of the Matrix and on to the world we wish to build. We're not going to escape to Mars or another planet. We are going to find ways to heal the Earth and birth the new Earth or heaven on Earth. But first we have to put those dark forces to rest and we do that by suiting up and giving our service to the world, whether we are paid or not.

And with one of the last Uranus squares to Pluto, we must bunk the established order. We do this by shifting our focus from the products and services that never served us to the ones that are created from love and respect for humans, the Earth, and other beings. With so much Aquarius and Uranus energy in the 2018 astrological transits, we might as well step into the Aquarius Age and live up to its potential. We are not victims (Pisces) but we are innovators, and we are geniuses waiting for a challenging puzzle to solve. Step forth and do your part even if that is only changing your diet or relocating to a new more forward-thinking community.

Speak up.

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Whole Astrology--Neptune Goes Direct on November 22, 2017

Neptune went retrograde on June 16 and since that time, we have grappled with delusional thinking on the collective. We have examined the places in our minds where we hide in denial. We have bunked certain cultural myths and even taken a hard look at organized religion. We have also shuffled through spiritual practices and new age thoughts to determine what is real for us. And for some, it has felt like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole or getting sucked up in a tornado and tossed into another dimension.

If you are a Neptune Type (Pisces Sun, Moon, Ascendant, 12th House planets), then a Neptune retrograde period left you feeling somewhat grounded. If you have a channeling practice you have developed discernment in dealing with other realms. Dancers and artists have taken the time out to build muscles or skills. And for some it has felt like a time-out period or you found yourself retreating from the collective so that you could grasp where you begin and another person or being ends.

Signs most affected by Neptune in Pisces (either retrograde or direct), are the Mutable Signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) as well as, the other two Water Signs, Scorpio and Cancer. Earth Signs are less likely to dream during a Neptune RX or they want to deal in practicalities and  they become skeptical of spiritual practices. They might even declare themselves as atheists. That is until Neptune goes direct again and then the magic that happens leaves them wondering about the existence of a God. Fire Signs grab inspiration from Neptune in Pisces but would rather not go deeper into their emotions. While Air Signs experience Neptune in Pisces as the perfect storm. It fogs their mental processes.

Oddly, I saw an article at the end of October where scientists were reaching the conclusion that there is Divine Order in the form of a God. And this situation will only expand as Neptune goes direct and gathers speed and Saturn in Sagittarius enters the Galactic Center in December before it moves into the stolid Earth Sign, Capricorn, its natural ruler.

So, let's consider what Neptune represents because it is an outer planet and generational in nature. Neptune, according to Astrologer and historian Nicholas Campion is a trend-setter. And the trends it sets are in the sign of its transit. Neptune enlarges those themes and Neptune's energy most often shows up in the spiritual arena, in the fine and performing arts, with celebrities, and our nightly dreams. Neptune sounds like French Impressionist music. It looks like a gauzy underwater version of a French Impressionist painting. It is music to our ears and along with Uranus delves into the world of vibrations and frequencies. Right, now Neptune possesses Pisces attributes, doubly so because it is ruled by Pisces. And we have had plenty of Piscean moments since Neptune transited into the Sign of the Fish in 2011.

Neptune Direct is going to expand up on debunking illusions and cultural myths. We will see an emergence of music used in a different way, most likely in the realm of therapy. We'll see an increase in women taking dance and yoga classes, as well as, taking voice lessons if Taurus also figures prominently in a Natal Chart. For men, Neptune is going to show them how they idealize women--turning them into goddesses one moment and demons the next. Men will move past the idea of ever meeting their dream woman and follow the phrase from the 1960s song, "Love the One Your With."

We also must bring in discernment and understand that it is not the right time to merge with all that is because all that is contains some dark energies at this time. Or at least be careful for who you open your soul to because you could end up in a healer's office undergoing hours of clearing and removal of energy. Neptune and Pisces in themselves do not discern. They want to love everyone and this ends up in the realm of martyrs and saints--sainted martyrs that actually harbor resentment. But who opened the door in the first place?

And this also is not a time for getting caught up in fear, paranoia, and conspiracies even if they are true. And this is because we have choices that quantum realities presents to us. At the very least, Neptune shows us where we trip ourselves. It shows us the illusions we cling to about ourselves and others--and this information is revealed to us in deep meditation or in dreams. However, on the dark side, Neptune presents us with distractions too in the form of romance novels (addiction to), television, and any addiction--which is an obsession getting out of hand. I even see a lot of women and men suffering from eating disorders because they bought into a distorted reality. Neptune does at times prevent us with trick mirrors, especially when Neptune is in a square with Mercury or Uranus which rule the mental process.

Now, Neptune is in good placement with the other outer planets, at least starting this December. Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn and a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. Then next spring when Uranus dips into Taurus, that energy bodes well with Pisces. And of course, after Saturn moves into Capricorn, we experience another sextile. We are revisiting the elements of Water and Earth after experiencing the intense Fire Element for the past 2/1/2 years. I think this is about us getting real, cutting out distractions, and focusing on our life mission, which could even be healing ourselves.

This is a lot to chew so I'll leave you with this, dream big with Neptune moving direct and pay attention to your dreams. Saturn in Capricorn is the next big transit I'll address. Stay tune.

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Scorpio New Moon on November 18 , 2017---Immense Transformation

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
This Scorpio New Moon (November 18, 2017, at 26 degrees) brings spiritual transformation that shows up quickly in the physical realm. We reap what we sow. Our energy either comes back to caress or to slap our face--and it is up to each of us to choose our vibration.

However, even if we choose the low road we still reap wisdom in the form of lessons--hopefully. Mars in Libra squares Pluto with a one-degree orb so that in itself spells transformation, especially for anyone with Fixed planets from 16 to 26 degrees. You will work on releasing your stubborn will so that the Creator can do his/her work in your life. And you will know if you are not doing that if your joints are stiff and painful. Release.

So, yes, we experience another Cardinal T-Cross with Mars opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. Fortunately, the Sun and the Moon in Scorpio act as a yield sign for Uranus' end of the T-Cross. If we take responsibility for our emotional end of life we relieve the world of violent acts that could transpire during and around this New Moon. A trine with the New Moon, the Sun, and Chiron also provides us with empowerment through healing old wounds. I know, I keep harping on healing old wounds. And I applaud any of you doing the worked. I'm on board that trains too.

If we look at the chart set for Seattle, we see most of the planetary transits happening beneath the horizon. This means that most of the transformation is hidden and this can also hide covert activity so use discernment. It also reflects on pollution and disease happening beneath the surface. Fortunately, the outer planets Neptune and Jupiter are in flowing aspect; so are Saturn and Mars and Saturn and Uranus.

The sense I get is that we fight for justice in some area of our lives. It is time to stand up and get counted. Everyone matters. So, now, let's look at the breakdown of the Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Cool your jets, Aries. You want to get out there and fight for justice, but do your research first or you will come across as a fool. You have the energy and stamina for athletic pursuits. But be careful in regard to injuries. Don't take foolish chances. Wear the bicycle helmet and that sort of thing.

Taurus: Watch out that you are not projecting shadows onto others now, especially Scorpio people. You want things your way and you are not looking at the bigger picture. Practice self-care and then reach out to others and bring them comfort through food. It is through your kindness that you experience blessings in your life.

Gemini: Your quest is for knowledge as opposed to wisdom. You play the roles of an undercover journalist and detective. And this is most likely in your area of health. It's a good time to work with a doctor and psychologist now. You find a connection between your soul and disease. Get to the bottom of it. Dig deep and get to the roots.

Cancer: Do you feel safe in your home? How can you fire proof and mold proof your home? This is not a time to get paranoid but a time to take inventory and to prepare for the future. Stock up on food and water, but don’t take it to extremes. This message is only for some Cancerians. Others find comfort at home with a good book and a cozy blanket. Go inward to find your answers.

Leo: You don’t enjoy this dark time of year. Sure the upcoming holidays leave you feeling special, but you miss the rays of the Sun if you reside in the northern hemisphere. You miss the beach, the good times, and outdoor recreation with friends. But attend a dinner party or a poetry night and make sure to receive your 15-minutes of fame for the evening. Better yet, join a community or professional theater company. This will help you survive the winter months (northern hemisphere).

Virgo: I see you on a soapbox driving others crazy with rants. Calm down, Virgo because no one is perfect and neither is the world. If you can accept the world for its chaotic mess, then you reap rewards in the form of peace and friendship. No one will hang out with a complainer but if you come up with solutions instead of problems, others will join your team.

Libra: You feel like no one is listening to you. Are you invisible? Well, yes, because you’re always invisible or outshined by the Scorpio Sun and Moon. This is a time for you to go inward and to examine how you show up in the world. Play the game of incognito. Pick up favorite novel and then tuck yourself into a corner where you can observe the world. This will pass and soon you’ll be back in the thick of things.

Scorpio: With so many changes happening in the world and mirrored within you, who are you today? You bring powerful shamanic abilities to the world. Your communication with animals and other realms empower you. But where do you begin and other people end? Remember to own your shadows because they give you power and not shame. Think Kali as you go about creating and deconstructing your world.

Sagittarius: What do you truly value? Take stock of your material wealth and your talents. Are you ready to switch careers but find that your friends tell you to seek the more secure road? Well, Sagittarius, you’re not about security. And if you don’t seek the open road how will you inspire the rest of us? It’s time to climb the highest mountain and reach for that impossible star. Show us how it is done. Faith.

Capricorn: It is time for you to work on your communication skills with other people in your life. Stop acting like the authority on everything or lording over people. This is a time to practice compassion and kindness while lifting up others either in the material sense or through sharing your wisdom. And wisdom is not something you’ll find in books. It comes from your soul’s journey through this and other lifetimes.

Aquarius: How is your home life? This is the area you need to take inventory. And how is your relationship with your mother or women in general? This month go out of your comfort level by staying home more often and getting to know the people in your life. Even though we enjoy your sudden flashes of brilliance, it is time to listen more than talk. And who knows what you can learn from the other 11 Zodiac Signs.

Pisces: It’s time for you to get out of the house and join others with a creative project. And if fine and performing arts are not your cup of tea, then join a spiritual group, especially one studying a book or single concept. You need to rein it in this month. What I mean by that is you must stop expanding yourself so far into the Universe that you lose your identity. Contract instead of expand and see what lies in front of your nose. Then focus on those closest to you instead of those beings in your fantasies and dreams. Get real.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio Through the Zodiac Houses

It's not enough to know that Jupiter changed signs on October 10 and is now in Scorpio. So, we'll look at Scorpio and the Zodiac Houses. Jupiter will remain in a single house (or at the most transit into two houses) during the next 13 months.

And at the end of this article, I will include the transits of the personal planet in Scorpio for this cycle. So, let's get started.

If you have a Scorpio Ascendant and Scorpio ruling your First House, then you will experience transformation with your body image, possibly (in rare cases) your sexual identity, and you might undergo an illness that transforms you. While you seem more alluring to others, you might not be in the mood for pursuing a sexual relationship. However, you are in the mood for working on shadow issues and reconfiguring your ideal partnership. A Huge transformation is in store.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Second House, you take a penetrating gaze at your values. You uncover other gifts and talents besides the ones you already know about. Some of these talents come from ancestors if Jupiter in Scorpio aspects planets in your Fourth House too. You either acquire valuables now or you release your self from the burden of owning stuff. You go it alone for the most part and act like a self-made man or woman.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Third House, then the Jupiter transit reveals to you good and bad communication habits. You will also look at how you project your shadows onto siblings, cousins, neighbors, and co-workers. This is not a heavy transit, but you might find yourself seeking a career in undercover journalism, psychology, or detective work. You seek truth at this time, especially if Jupiter opposes any planets in your Natal Ninth House. And if you have Uranus transiting in your Ninth House next year, prepare for a shake-up nearby.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Fourth House, then you will deal with mother issues, and issues around the home. You might find that a mysterious illness is caused by toxins in the home, especially hidden toxins like radon, asbestos, or mold. You might also uncover pests in the home which you can easily take care of now. But mostly, you'll be dealing with psychological issues around mothers, (possibly fathers) and ancestors, especially if Jupiter aspects any of your Natal Eighth House planets.

If you have Scorpio on the cusps of the Fifth House don't get involved in love affairs because they will end badly or at the very least, bring redemption. You discover patterns that obstruct you from enjoying friendships and the more joyful aspects of life. You might get involved with psychological theatre or art therapy. If you are a writer, you delve into darker topics during the next thirteen months that have us considering the more serious time of life. But even so, this is the lightest House to have Jupiter transiting in Scorpio.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Sixth House Jupiter points to your health. How is your daily or monthly routines affecting your health? Are you overdoing it with too much drink or food? How is your liver health? You could suffer from the disease with the genitals or deal with sexual dysfunction caused by too much stress. Are you a workaholic? Why? If Jupiter aspects Natal Eighth House planets then you will discover the answer to that question. Pets could die at this time as could a colleague, but this leads you to seek deeper meaning in your life. Volunteering at a hospital, healing center or hospice brings rewards or at least a sense of deeper self-understanding.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Seventh House Jupiter shines its light on partnerships. Here we go deep with shadow work but in the realm of intimate and business partnerships. We might also find that a partner is deceiving us, especially, if Jupiter also transits into the Eighth House because the later degrees of the transit is in that house. You can heal sexual problems and procreation goes well if you are starting a family, especially if Jupiter aspects the Fourth, Fifth, or Eighth houses.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Eight House you receive the deepest lessons from Scorpio around death, birth, rebirth, transformation, sex, redemption and other Scorpio themes. This is because Scorpio is the natural ruler of this House. If you were born with Pluto or Neptune in Scorpio (these planets will be in your 8th House), then these themes will deepen bringing you total transformation. Thirteen months from now, you will see yourself in a different light. But others won't recognize the new you.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of the Ninth House you might immigrate to a foreign country or work overseas for the next thirteen months. If you are an author and you publish a memoir during this transit, you will touch a psychological cord with others. You dig deeper into your religious roots or take a darker philosophical approach to life. You might suffer from depression because life seems claustrophobic and like an on-going Halloween or Day of the Dead. Seeking to counsel if you need upliftment.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of the Tenth House then you will see a transformation in the area of your career and public image. Or you heal any father issues that are holding you back from succeeding in the outer world. With both the Fourth and Tenth Houses we are looking at sexual secrets in a family such as a mother molesting her son or a father molesting. This is a time of forgiveness and letting go. This removes the obstacles that block the path to success. Liberation is at hand if we do the gut-wrenching work.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Eleventh House be careful who you add to your network on and off-line. Someone could be harboring jealousy or envy and blocking your way. Use this time to advocate for people less fortunate or for the environment or for animals. You are a powerful leader especially if you have Natal Pluto or Natal Neptune in this house.

If you have Scorpio on the cusp of your Twelfth House then you delve into past lives, soul mate connections, and pre-birth experiences. You might suffer from exhaustion so it is crucial that you take this time out to rest or retreat. Rebirth happens for you when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius November of 2018. You could, however, give birth to a child or see a loved one into the afterlife. Hospice work goes well if you are inclined to this type of work. Spend time with spiritual pursuits. Ascension is at hand.

Sun in Scorpio October 23 - November 23
Moon (New) on November 18
Mercury in Scorpio October 18 - November 6
Venus in Scorpio November 8 - December 2
Mars in Scorpio December 10 into 2018

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Taurus Full Moon on November 3, 2017--A Matter of Perspective

When I'm pulling astrology charts I often think of the beginning of Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities because I'm gazing at a tale of two realities. And when I gaze at the chart for the Taurus Full Moon that lands on November 3, 2017, I'm seeing two distinct perspectives. One is dark and dramatic and the other one revolves around self-care and compassion for others.

With recent events especially in the United States' media we see mostly darkness. And these events ignite the worst and best in people. Some people sit glued to their television and computer screen rehashing images and dialogue that does not serve them at all. It is the strong and courageous person who confronts those images, comes up with a way to help others and sets his or her plans in motion. People getting high of the drama and lamenting about other people suffering actually create more dramatic weather patterns and events.

And it's time to stop reacting and to start responding. If we find ourselves constantly reacting and even worse, reacting in predictable or prescribed ways, then we need to find out what is triggering us. And we need to find the original wound so that we can begin or continue with release work. Each  of us contributes to the cosmic fabric and like the metaphor of the butterfly across the world flapping its wings and sending a hurricane in motion, each of us sets events in motions by what we focus upon and how we verbalize our realities.

I'm not going to get into the Law of Attraction because only some of what is written about and promoted at workshops is true. We are a collective and what we do collectively holds more power than what we do as individuals. This is why getting stuck in a robotic mindsets or being swayed by the masses is dangerous. At the very least it leads to a witch hunt mentality and at its worse we see events (not of our liking) speeding up and growing in intensity. Our actions, thoughts, emotions, and words do shape the reality we see in the media (even if some of that seems like fake news).

So, the Scorpio Sun and the Taurus Moon in opposition (Full Moon) ask us to delve into our subconscious minds, look at our inhibitions, blocks, and entanglements to see how those contribute to world events. I know in the past people focused on their thoughts only creating their individual realities. And now, we are looking at how actions and thought patterns of the collective are shaping the bigger reality. Jupiter joins the Scorpio Sun (or is only 6 degrees away from the Full Moon transit) so Jupiter expands on the subconscious mind, its urges, impulses, shadows, and projections.

Not only that, we are hung up on death, birth, rebirth, taxes (who pays them and who doesn't and how taxes are spent), and transformation. We find ourselves walking through the tunnel of the Dark Night of the Soul--though some of us are reaching for the light and poised for ascension (Taurus Moon). And the Taurus Moon is the best of all the moons. But it will cause us to seek comfort in food, wine, and other pleasures, if we are not facing up to the wounds in our subconscious minds.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time for energy healing, psychological healing, shamanism, hospice work, transcending a fear of death, healing disease, especially disease rooted in ancestral DNA. And speaking of ancestral DNA, we will be focusing on that during this Full Moon and around it.

Now, I love this moon for manifestation purposes. However, if you have beliefs and patterns blocking the way, you won't manifest your dreams and you could end up experiencing nightmares that force you to deal with the underlying energies. And once you deal with these beliefs and patterns you will find your life really opening up. Prosperity, peace and love make their way to you and quickly. But first, do the work.

We have a Cardinal T-Cross with Venus, Uranus, and Pluto which has us going to battle over what we value versus what other people value. We might harbor resentment towards people with means. Or we might resent the homeless for showing us what we fear the most. Remember everyone is a mirror. So what is it that we don't like about them? Start from that point. And never assume that other people share your values. People often take this for granted then offend someone because that person does not share their values.

We see flowing aspects with Neptune and the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. Mercury and Chiron are in flowing aspect (Water) and this also has us delving into old wounds but let's do more than talk about them. It's time to take action, even a baby step such as signing up with a therapist. And that goes well if you pursue it. Saturn and Uranus are still in flowing aspect (Fire Trine) so this gives us a boost of energy to build new structure, but only after we dismantle the old one.

We are entering a time of rebuilding (the Taurus Moon is a master builder). And for each of us this rebuilding shows up on different areas ranging from spiritual-psychological to building physical structure to replace the old that was swept away.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jupiter Transits into Scorpio on October 10, 2017 (until November 8, 2018)

Pix a Bay image
Anytime an outer planet transits into a new sign, it's astrological news. Even though Jupiter only stays in a single Zodiac sign for 12 months, we feel it shift energy during this transition into a new sign. And we're definitely going to feel Jupiter traveling from the calm, cool, and detached Air Sign Libra into the brooding and passionate Water Sign Scorpio. We'll feel this bump on the road.

And Jupiter stays in Scorpio for 13, instead of the usual 12 months. I know, some of you are dreading this transit, especially if you have planets in Leo, Taurus, or Aquarius. If you have planets in Libra or Gemini you're also going to dread this transit. But for people with an abundance of planets in Water and Earth Signs, you're going to reap rewards from hard work.

Now, Saturn is also changing signs this year. It's going into Capricorn in December. I did not see any sextiles in the works for Jupiter and Saturn, not even after Jupiter goes retrograde. This is because Jupiter speeds ahead to 22 degrees by the end of January 2018. And it won't be until I buy my planetary guide for 2018 that I fully immerse myself in Jupiter's 2018 transits. I do like the trine it has with Neptune for several times over the first 6 months of 2018. And by spring, Uranus dips into Taurus so we get even more of that Water-Earth dynamic. This tells me that we're going to accomplish a lot in 2018, especially in rebuilding because we'll have Uranus in an Earth Trine with Saturn. But we're going to work hard and keep plowing ahead.

So, starting in November of 2017 we experience Jupiter's first trine with Neptune. Both of these planets are expansive dreamers and they are idealistic. But they are in the harmonious flow so this reminds me of that saying about the field of dreams that if you can dream it they will come. This is a time of visionaries and following dreams. We also see Jupiter in a sexy sextile with Pluto (in Capricorn) in November and this continues through January of 2018. My hope is that we use this energy to build upon collective dreams or win-win situations. Otherwise, we could see people using sex as a weapon or an expansion of the sex trade.

Jupiter goes RX on March 9 and then goes direct again on July 11 where it trines with Neptune again but at a wider orb. So, we're back to express our dreams and ideologies. I also see more travel in the form of fantasies and daydreams rather than travel in the outer world. On August 22, we see an exact trine with Jupiter and Neptune (RX). But we see a better trine on May 20. Write these dates down, especially if you have planets in Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

Jupiter in Scorpio has us delving into our health issues. Medicine plays a greater role in our lives as we search more deeply for the root causes of our illnesses. We're ready to change our lifestyle to oppose getting cancer and other degenerative diseases. And those of you who are battling cancer will find new therapies that actually work, but mostly on the emotional and psychological levels. This will be a time of healing ancestral patterns and beliefs. It will be a time of purging parasites from our lives in all forms. And for some people, it is a time of going it alone because we discover that the people around us are toxic to our wellbeing and we matter to ourselves.

Now, that Jupiter has left Libra we will stop with all that people-pleasing and stop bowing to narcissists We again experience the deep healing that brings true liberation. So are you ready for Jupiter transiting in Scorpio?

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Libra New Moon for October 19, 2017--Breakthroughs and Balance

As we approach the Libra New Moon for 2017, we also have completed Jupiter's transit in Libra. By now, we have dissolved unworkable partnerships and some of you have begun new partnerships that are harmonious and supportive. 

We have also watched social justice issues come up in the daily news. And we have restored karma in many areas of our lives, especially with Saturn completing its transit in Sagittarius (ends in December).

Again, and this should come as no surprise, we see t-crosses in the New Moon chart. This time we have a Mutable T-Cross with Mars in the last degrees of Virgo going to battle with Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces. And we have a wide Cardinal T-Cross with Pluto, Uranus, and a stellium of Libra/Scorpio planets which include (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter with the latter two planets in Scorpio).

So what does this Libra-Scorpio energy represent? We move from the lighter Air Sign into the darkest and emotional of the Water Signs, Scorpio. Scorpio represents death, endings, soul journeys, the Dark Night of the Soul, the deep subconscious, taxes, other people's resources, regenerations, rebirth and other themes. If we hold onto our partnerships during the upheaval of fall events, our relationships deepen and we take a soul journey with our partners. We also find ourselves relying on other people's resources or receiving inheritance money. This depends on where you have Libra and Scorpio on the cusp of your chart houses.

Now, we also have Pluto going to battle with the Libra Stellium because of a square between Libra and Capricorn. Libra wants partnership and doesn't like to go it alone. Capricorn is the old goat climbing up the mountain alone waiting for karmic rewards.

Many Capricorns have planets in Libra or they're Ascendant in Libra and Libra sometimes has planets in Capricorn. And the only thing these two signs have in common is that they are represented by Cardinal energy. We are going to face the challenge of aloneness versus partnerships and families. We will also struggle with telling our truth and causing friction with others or playing nice just to keep the fake peace (Libras do this).

I'm reminded of the darker elements that appear in Jane Austen's books, especially "Mansfield Park" where the characters uncovered family secrets and dealt with darker social issues. That's what's coming up with this Libra New Moon. Jupiter is now in Scorpio and it expands upon Scorpionic themes. Recall what was happening in your life 12 months ago and you will revisit any unresolved issues from 12 years ago. And those of you with Jupiter in Scorpio experience a Jupiter Return. And those of you with your Moon, Sun, or Ascendant in Scorpio experience rebirth brought on by Jupiter. But we will get into Jupiter's transit in Scorpio in another article.

The main thing to remember with the Libra New Moon is that we are beginning a new cycle of Libra-Aries energy in the areas of individuality and partnerships. We move bravely forward as we discover our authenticity and unique life paths. And we go bravely where we've never gone before, kind of like a Star Trek character. And from another sci-fi movie, may the force be with you.

Aries: Suddenly, you find yourself focusing on a partner. You contemplate what it feels like to be in the other person's shoes. You realize that other people are reflecting you back to you. This leads to epiphanies that help you rebalance your needs with the needs of others.

Taurus: You experience Jupiter in Scorpio opposing you. You notice that your feelings run deeper than still waters. Sensuality explodes into sexual experiences. And for many of you, this is a year of kundalini rising.

Gemini: You're talking everyone's head off except now your topics are more probing and exploratory. You get involved with psychic groups and delve into paranormal topics. But you somehow manage to keep even the gloomiest observations on the lighter side. It's like you're singing Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now."

Cancer: You find relationships and relating to others challenging now. You receive and decline dinner invitations because you have grown tired of the usual gossip and chatter. You want to delve deeper into your feelings and emotions. You also want to know what makes others tick.

Leo: You're still the life of the party even if you feel like you're running out of steam. Your enthusiasm wanes just a bit but the Saturn-Uranus Trine and the North Node in Leo bolster your spirits and you're in for another round.

Virgo: It's time for you to rest. You have been busy organizing your life and the lives of your friends and family members. You have clean, gardened, and labored for others out of the best out of your heart, but now, you're hoping someone will reciprocate. It's time to hide away and meditate.

Libra: Where do you end and another person begin? How do you show up in partnerships? Are you a giver or a taker? Ultimately, each of us is both. You also learn to stand up for yourself and set boundaries with others. You have every right to take some quality time for self-care. Do it now.

Scorpio: You waited 12 years and now you have Jupiter back in your sign. Jolly ho. So what are you going to do with this great benefactor floating in your sign for 13 months and blessing you along the way? Wherever Scorpio falls in your cusps will be where Jupiter drops the blessings. Take advantage of these blessings because if you don't you have to wait for another 12 years.

Sagittarius: During the last 3 years you have learned discipline and patience. You have had to wait forever for life to turn your way. And in the meantime, you have gained wisdom and maturity. But now that Saturn is getting ready to move into Capricorn (December), it's time to tie up loose ends and clean up any debris you have left in your wake. But you do look forward to lighter days ahead. Whoopee!

Capricorn: Partnerships on your mind too because your partners appear too demanding to you at this time. He or she wants to head out to the social scene while you would rather climb a mountain and hide in a cave. You're still dealing with karma as Saturn moves out of your 12th House. You're another sign that could use a break. Follow your heart's desire. You never know.

Aquarius: Do you feel more awkward than usual? You want to turn down social invitations but wait. Some of those invitations lead to humanitarian efforts, charity events, and place you in the limelight. Now, is the time to speak your truth. Get up on a soapbox and advocate for your favorite cause. Aquarius, we're listening. Speak up.

Pisces: You're wondering when Neptune will leave your sign. Yes, you feel blessed with the numerous dreams you have experienced and your psychic abilities shoot through the roof. But there has been too much focus on your psychology and processes. And yet, Pisces you are undergoing deep healing that leads to personal transformation. It is time to ascend and start all over again.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Aries Full Moon on October 5, 2017--Transforming Partnerships

When I gaze at a chart these days I feel energy and images rushing through me. Today when I gaze at the Aries Full Moon chart for October the word "relationship" comes to mind. This Full Moon  represents culmination in partnerships and completion of karmic lessons with others (in some cases). This is a time of letting go and giving into the flow.

Now, Aries is the ruler of Mars and it's an aggressive Cardinal Sign in the Fire element. Aries represents new beginnings but that could be a new beginning as a solo creator, meaning some of us will go it alone for the time being. This involves messy  business of break ups. But the person with Aries energy is most likely the one asking for freedom. There is an image of a person releasing themselves from shackles. Now, whether that is shackles of another person or another person's viewpoints, I can't be sure. It's different for each of you reading this post.

Another word that comes to mind is combustible because this chart contains multiple T-Crosses in both the Cardinal and Mutable qualities. Not only that, Uranus is at the endpoint of Aries, Chiron is near the endpoint of Pisces and Jupiter is at the endpoint of Libra. Jupiter is opposing Jupiter in a tight orb and so we have a war of the sexes--male and female energies duking it out. And we're finding new ways to have justice and equality in relationships. It's like that book about men coming from Mars and women from Venus. Incidentally, Venus and Mars are conjunct in Virgo and this conjunction is exact!

Every point in this chart is reflecting on relationships and partnerships. Those relationships could be of the intimate variety or business partnerships. They could be how we relate to the natural world or to our country of origin. They could be how we partners with justice themes or ourselves. Meanwhile, Saturn is gathering steam at 22 degrees Sagittarius. This master number has meaning too as it reflects on stability in relationships or our ideology being tested. This is not a romantic chart with Venus and Mars in Virgo. We aren't giving anyone slack. We are practicing discernment but we might be scathing in the process or act in a passive-aggressive manner.

This chart is more about marriages dissolving than people living happily ever after, but I'm not seeing a lot of tears shed. I'm seeing people sighing with relief and singing, "I won't get fooled again." And I'm seeing this especially with middle-age couples. This is not to say that we won't make peace with relationships because we will with Jupiter at 29 degrees Libra. But we won't get caught up in anymore Hollywood fantasies. We are going to get gritty and real with partnerships and especially the relationship we have with ourselves. Reality bites.

The T-Cross in this chart include Mars/Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune (getting past the fantasies) squaring Saturn. And we also have that same configuration opposing and squaring Chiron. Uranus opposes Jupiter. And then Pluto gets entangled with the Libra Sun and Aries Moon. And on we go. I haven't seen this many t-crosses in a chart in a very long time. This means we have stuff to work out and stuff to work through. And we are going to do it.

Flowing aspects include a sextile with Neptune and Pluto so let's bring in the psychologists, Venus/Mars trining Pluto (this should go well), and Saturn and  Uranus creating a Fire Trine with the North Node (fate is involved). Freedom is the buzzword. The breakups I see are exasperating. They are not causing much grief or anguish but bringing on relief. It's like people are waking up and taking their lives back.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

US Election Chart for November 7, 2017

My intuition urged me to run a chart for the General Election in the US for 2017. This is considered an off-year election since it does not have any major races, yet fate is still determined on this day. And this chart carries some of the same Cardinal T-Crosses that we have seen over the past decade (from 2008 to 2017). And we also experience a Grand Water Trine which offers flowing feminine energy to the mix now with Jupiter in Scorpio.

So, again, we have the choice of where to place our focus. Will we as a collective focus on fear and dread or love and hope. The message I keep receiving these days is to not judge a book by a cover. What normally happens is that we see a tragic event such as a hurricane or an earthquake and we feel sorry for "the victims" but what if there are no victims? What if this procession of storms or super storms is really an act of liberation? What if these storms open up new ways of being on the planet? Do you really think that it is a coincidence that a hurricane hit Houston, a city known for its oil industry and chemical plants?

Now, before you jump to conclusions about what I'm suggesting, I'm not suggesting that anyone deserves to have storms plow through their lives and cause them suffering. But what I am saying is that these super storms caused by Climate Change or whatever other source offer a paradigm shift of great magnitude. And haven't we been waiting for this shift?

If we focus only on the material or physical aspect such as people's homes being swept away by flood waters such in the case with Houston and we don't look for grace or love amongst the suffering, then we miss the point of Gaia's cleansing processes and our realignment with our true purpose as a collective on this planet.

And now, we have the General Election coming up in the US with its watery message and Jupiter and the Sun conjunct in the transformational sign Scorpio. It forms a trine with Neptune in Pisces and the Cancer Moon. And anyone born when Neptune or Pluto was transiting in Scorpio are going to feel and lead to this transformation. If your life feels like it is being swept away then you are actually on the right path. This Grand Water Trine tells you to go with the flow even if all logic fights against that.

Another flowing aspect of this chart is represented by a Golden Triangle which is like a small trine but with a sextile in the middle. So, this Golden Triangle contains Neptune, Pluto (in Capricorn) and the Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio. It too speaks of transformation and allowing the past to go so we can make room for new beginnings. So what does that mean when we are looking at an election?

Well, let's look at the challenging dynamics in this chart by focusing on two Cardinal T-Crosses and yes, they involve heavy players such as Uranus and Pluto. First, we have Mars in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring the Cancer Moon. People are fighting mad and they are passionate, maybe too passionate with Mars in Libra (logic) opposing revolutionary thinking. The Cancer Moon causes us to feel extreme emotions.

And that Cancer Moon is also in the Grand Water Trine so it's pulling in the Scorpio and Pisces energy. It reflects on how we use our intuition and honor the Divine Feminine. What would our intuition ask us to do despite what logic demands that we do? Will women go against their husbands' wishes or fathers' wishes and vote for the candidate in their hearts?

The other Cardinal T-Cross involves Mars opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. This is all male-driven energy. This is the Patriarchal fighting back and using whatever trickery they still have up their sleeves to sway the populace. But will the populace fall for the same old routine or will we see actual change happening in this election? Will people who have felt let down by their particular party, mainly the Republicans vote in the opposite camp? And I imagine there will be protests around this election. Something is about to go haywire whether that be the reaction to this country slammed by storms and scandals or some new event.

And people are fired up making exaggerated claims with Mercury at 1 degree Sagittarius and the Grand Fire Trine if you will consider the North Node in Leo as a marker in a Grand Trine along with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Ceres is also conjunct the North Node in Leo and this is a Divine Feminine dwarf planet that represents food, agriculture, and the harvest.

I imagine people will also be concerned with food prices rising due to damage caused by storms (we will see tornadoes along the hurricanes). This will lead us to grow foods differently such as multi-cropping and amending the soil. Or we could very well experience the Dust Bowl again due to droughts and Uranus finishing up in Aries and getting ready to dip into Taurus next spring. Last time this happened it was around the time of the Dust Bowl in the US.

If you're wondering how President Trump will fare during this election and how that will lead up to an impeachment his Sun is at 22 degrees Gemini, his Rising Sign is at the very end of Leo, and his Moon is at 21 Sagittarius. With the flowing water aspects, I think people are going to want more humility and compassion in the world which Trump is unable to deliver. His responding with arrogance and exaggeration will not go well. People are going to tire of his big claims and talking out both sides of his mouth. The Sun/Jupiter in Scorpio want to dig for the truth and we will do a lot of digging around this election.

But as far as a prediction for impeachment, I don't think that will happen until 2019 unless a square with Jupiter in Scorpio and Trump's Ascendant (fall of 2018) brings disaster to the president sooner. And remember Jupiter can wield power even with wider transits such as a 10-degree orb so when Jupiter is at 19 degrees Scorpio start watching the truth seep out and along with repressed information. Undercover journalists will be hard at work not to mention judges and government investigators.

So, how will this election turn out? I'm going out on a limb and saying that people are hot and ready to kick out the old guard and start from a fresh slate. But this could mean losses on both sides of the fence or new parties entering the race. It's hard to know with Uranus involved in t-crosses and the touchy Cancer Moon which can also lead towards patriotism or our elders voting in large numbers. But remember this folk, we can never return to the old and nostalgia is a dangerous road at this turning point.

Women are playing a crucial role in this next election. There will be more women voters than usual and women's marches. Women who are running for office are going to attract votes from women especially and if they touch women on an emotional level. That Cancer Moon is going to reflect on women's issues (motherhood, children, agriculture, nourishment, intuition). And unfortunately, we will hear a lot of posturing from Hilary Clinton (a Scorpio Sun) woman in politics. Hopefully, she will encourage women to vote for women leaders.

Women leaders who take on homelessness, affordable housing issues, food security issues, and child welfare and environmental concerns are most likely to get elected to office on this day.

And again, I see a young woman celebrity (who is also a mother) igniting the hearts of Americans and internationals around the time of this election. Expect passionate speeches from women leaders on this day. Expect an outpouring of emotions. Expect confessions. And expect the unexpected.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Virgo New Moon for September 19, 2017--Purification on a Grand Scale

photo by Patricia Herlevi
I am writing this post on the Virgo New Moon for September 2017 on-the-fly. As often the case, I am way ahead of myself since this New Moon is a month away. However, prepare yourself for purification, for discrimination, discernment and for fixing what is broken. After all that Leo energy we experienced in late July and August, especially with the Leo Solar Eclipse, it's time to go back to reinventing the wheel or at least new technology.

So, what does Virgo energy suggests. For the physical body, Virgo rules the small intestine. And the small intestine discriminates what is healthy food and what is not. It has the energy of discrimination in general. Food allergies and insensitivity result when the wrong types of food enter a body. And we are looking at creating healthy functioning digestive system. We scrutinize diets, health routines, and exercise programs. We discriminate the difference between a fad diet and a healthy regiment.

Virgo also rules harvest. What do we harvest besides food? And how do we feed 7.6 billion humans on the planet while also dealing with waste products? How do we create healthy environments for us to live and recreate? And what about our pets and other animals? How do we protect them from pollution and overpopulation?

If all of this sounds rather serious it is because we have a whopping Virgo Stellium in the New Moon chart that weds the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. That's right all the personal planets are transiting in Virgo, the Sign of the Virgin/Maiden. And they are opposing Neptune and Chiron while squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.

So, this means that we have a whopping Mutable T-Cross fueled by Virgo and the apex is in Sagittarius. This is not a time for dreaming big or toting idealism. No one wants to hear about other people's religions or religious opinions posing as facts. In fact, Virgo can tell the difference between hyperbole and facts. And Virgo is going to take people to the carpet who don't distinguish the difference. This is not a live-and-let-live New Moon. There are rules to follow and protocol to observe, especially with Jupiter in Libra, who loves protocol.

We're going to deal with problems. We're going to roll up our sleeves and handle what comes up by using our rational mind. Notice that the Ascendant is in Gemini who shares the planet Mercury with Virgo. Mercury is direct and gathering speed as it moves through the retrograde shadow. Meanwhile, Saturn is gathering speed to in direct motion heading towards the Galactic Center. Meanwhile, Neptune and Chiron are retrograde helping us to retread over old territory as we go about our inner healing work. Pay attention to dreams now because they hold much symbolism and deeper meaning than usual.

So, what am I picking up from this energy? What do I see coming up on the horizon? I see debates about virgins, especially for countries that abuse virgins. I see people talking about the concept of Vestal Virgins. People harp about being of service to others and there is a sense of puritanical attitudes running the show. But watch out for hypocrites because they are everywhere. We focus on reproduction rights and the sexuality especially of young women--think teens and young adults. Our focus in on women during this New Moon.

Hopefully, there won't be any epidemics breaking out during September, but it is possible with this much Virgo in the chart and in a T-Cross with Saturn and Chiron/Neptune. Neptune shows up a lot with the spread of pandemics. We will look at the health concerns of drug addiction, alcohol addiction and smoking. We will also look at cleaning up the environment with new technology. And we will clean up the mess from communications gone haywire during the Mercury in Virgo RX.

Due to time constraints, I won't be including the Zodiac Signs in this post. I also may or may not produce a video for September's moons. However, I am giving astrology readings by written report or MP3s. And after I settle into my new home, I will return to giving Skype sessions.

Neptune Girl is Relocating to a Pisces Town

And I could use your help. Thank you.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pisces Full Moon for September 6, 2017--A Neptune Adventure

By the time this watery Full Moon comes along, I hope to be living in a new town in Washington State. Here's hoping. 

Relocation aside, what can we expect for the Pisces Full Moon on September 6, 2017? Well, Mercury went direct the day prior to the Full Moon and is at 28 degrees Leo. Meanwhile, this moon chart contains another Grand Fire Trine with Mercury joining Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Meanwhile, Saturn plays double duty since this planet is involved in a T-Cross with the Virgo Sun (discernment) and the Pisces Moon/Neptune (idealism/spirituality).

I like the Pisces Moon in theory because I was born under the rays of this Moon. However, every time the Moon transits into Pisces I fall into a deep funk because I was also born with Saturn conjunct Moon in this watery sign. The Pisces Moon asks us to reflect, to meditate, to contemplate and to take no action we will regret later. The Pisces Moon emphasizes performances, dreams, idealism, spiritual pursuits. It asks us to forgive and to have compassion for others. And we can soften up a bit until the Moon moves into fiery Aries. That's when we learn if we actually forgive others or not.

The Virgo Sun plays the opposite role. It asks us to discern, to pick apart, to communicate in reality's terms. The Virgo Sun does not get caught up in scams or schemes as it is an old soul because it has already been there and done that many times. It won't get fooled again. So, here you have an idealistic Moon, an idealistic Saturn, and a practical Sun going to heads with each other. Who will win?

Probably Saturn in Sagittarius because it is in conversation with Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Leo. We have another big player here too which is Neptune wed to the Moon. This gives us Triple Pisces energy and anything carrying a Pisces' theme is on our minds and in our hearts. Our language will reflect that. Our dreams will measure that. If you don't like Pisces, good luck with this Full Moon phase.

Also, note that Mars is at 0 degrees Virgo. And any time a planet is at 0 degrees it is potent in that sign. Mars is fussy in Virgo, critical and scathing. It also represents impatient energy. However, Mars in Virgo also lends us energy to get tedious and detailed work done. We take better care of our bodies. We get medical checkups and we experience medical breakthroughs. Mars is in the shadow degrees of the Mercury RX so we could also receive bad news or long-awaited news. It depends on where Virgo is in your Natal Chart.

So, now with all that aside, I'm going to channel the energy I'm picking up from this Moon Chart. I see this as an idealistic time, a time of big dreams manifesting, and a time of reality checks. If you are on the right path then synchronicity occurs on a regular basis. If you're not on the right path, you meet critical people and feel depressed. There might be some neurological conditions to tend with. Are you in the right job, right place, or right relationships? This Moon transit will answer those questions.

We also learn to stop punishing ourselves. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. Often times, good people punish themselves because they don't feel like they measure up or that they give enough to the world, even when they are exhausted from their efforts on behalf of others. Look to childhood trauma for answers to these patterns. If you find that you sabotage yourself the answer lies in your beliefs. What are those beliefs? Only you know the answer to that. A Virgo Sun brings out sadomasochistic tendencies. It brings out mental illness and abuse. We must address these situations and stop denying them because we feel ashamed. Shame never healed anyone.

Mark my words, this Pisces Full Moon is about healing these old patterns, especially since Chiron is also in Pisces. It's time to get out of denial. Virgo comes as a healer to help us do that. If you have medical conditions you ignored address those now. They are probably not as dire as you believe. Miracles can happen with this Pisces Moon.

I also hear to dream big. How big can you go? What is stopping you from living your dream life? Who do you think you are to play small? Remember the lecture by Marianne Williamson? If not, go look it up. Listen to inspiring people. Read inspiring books. Stop criticizing everything or looking for fault. That serves no one. You can do it. Whatever it is for you to do. And hearts are open now and so are minds, but don't allow your mind to fall off a cliff--use discernment.

There is always a dark side but I don't want to mention it here. You know what it is for you. Take advantage of this generous Moon cycle. Dreams you began last February come to fruition now. Some of you give birth to children, projects and new relationships. Foster those situations and watch them expand over the next few months. This is all for now.  Namaste.

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