Sunday, December 31, 2017

Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018

In January 2018, we experience two full Moons and one of them is a Lunar Eclipse. It's going to be an emotional ride... 
Just as we adjust to the energy of the New Year, we experience the stubborn energy presented to us with the Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31. The reason we experience obstinate energy is because Leo (Moon) and Aquarius (Sun) are in the Fixed Signs. And they join Jupiter in Scorpio forming a Fixed T-Cross, which is the most challenging T-Cross to navigate.

If any of you are or know of a person with their Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius, have experienced their stubbornness. This could be the person clinging to a fixed idea, a fixed concept, or a fixed philosophy. It could be that they refuse to change destructive thought patterns or behaviors or it could be that they slow everyone down as they tend to take their time making decisions or preparing to go out in the world.

Even though the four signs share the Fixed quality or modality in common, they use this energy in different ways. Scorpio refuses to forgive and they tend to hang on to old hurts so that they won't attract new pain, but do so any way. Taurus holds onto comfort and clings to traditions because any changes are outside of their comfort zone and they experience fear and anxiety when they lack security of knowing life will never change.

Aquarius hangs on to old ideas, concepts and philosophies even when they believe that they are presenting something new and radical. I see this a lot with Aquarius people born in the era of baby boomers. They still believe that the only way to bring change to the planet is to polish off their picket signs and practice civil disobedience and this approach is no longer bearing fruit. Then, Leo tends to cling on to glory days in some cases or who they know as in name-dropping. They have a challenging time allowing spirit to take the lead because that would mean letting go of their ego's intentions and stepping into a void, something none of the Fixed Signs will do.

Okay, so now, we have Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio locked into a T-Cross. And the outlet is through Taurus. And the Bull represents what we value, who we value, comfort, sensual experiences, the earth, farming, and master builders who build foundations. So, in this T-Cross that accompanies the Lunar Eclipse, we want to tear down old traditions and we want to make peace with ideas that clash. Since Uranus is in a 5 degree orb square with Pluto (one of its last squares to Pluto), grassroots mentality clashes with the established and bullish order. But folks, how are we going to construct new structures if we don't allow the old foundations to crumble? And this does include corporations and the government.

To me, this eclipse is telling us to dissolve the old ways because they aren't working any longer, not that they ever did. This is because Jupiter is in a wide trine with Neptune (and we can go wide with these planets because they are expansive). Jupiter wants dig to psychological roots and Neptune (and Chiron) want to heal those wounds now on the collective level because both Jupiter and Neptune rule the collective subconscious, especially with Jupiter in Scorpio. See how this works?

I want to mention that the eclipse is at 11 degrees which is a master number that keeps returning in the Moon and other important transits. It rules the open gateway into the higher consciousness and it represents the Divine Feminine and of course, the Moon which rules the feminine is ripe with potential since it is full and blocking the Sun. This is a reflective time but if our egos get in the way we won't enjoy what we see or what stares back at us.

Now, this is very interesting and also pertaining to the Divine Feminine. The Sun conjuncts Venus and Juno and opposes the Moon which conjuncts Ceres. So, do we have women at odds with each other? Are some women clinging to the patriarchal way of doing business out of fear battling women who want to embrace a new feminism where men and women are seen as equal? Remember Aquarius is not interested in gender or gender biases because like Mercury and Gemini to a certain degree, Aquarius rules androgyny. And maybe men want to explore their feminine side without causing alarm to their female partners. This is a bit scary and causing conflict because we are dealing with an opposition and a square to Jupiter in Scorpio which expands with our subconscious urging and primal instincts.

Finally, Mercury is at 29 degrees Capricorn getting ready to move into far-out Aquarius and some people find Aquarius Age ideas frightening. They cover their ears and sing la-la-la. But why not see this new age as the next adventure. It's the greatest show on earth. So, grab a ringside seat.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Capricorn New Moon on January 16, 2018 (26 degrees)

The spotlight really is on Saturn for the next three years and on the Capricorn energy which we can expand to a revisit of Cardinal Energy (2008 - 2012). Again, people born with planets in the first 8 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, or Libra are going to feel this Saturn-Capricorn energy, especially around the Capricorn New Moon. And the people born with planets in the last 10 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra will feel the more earthy, and grounded with the desire to get back to work. Here's why.

For any of you new to astrology, the Capricorn New Moon chart for January 2018 offers us two brilliant examples--Golden Triangles and a Stellium (four or more planets clustered in the same Zodiac Sign). The moon chart contains several golden triangles with flowing aspects with planets in Water and Earth Signs. A golden triangle includes both sextiles and trines. We don't hear much about golden triangles in the podcast but they are a wonderful transit to have in a chart. These triangles contain much strength since the Capricorn Stellium is where the other planets get their energy.

First, we have Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, the Sun, the Moon, and Venus in Capricorn in flowing aspect with both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces (not conjunct), and Jupiter/Mars/Vesta (which is actually at 0 degrees Sagittarius) in Scorpio. This means that we hold the vision of what we desire to manifest (Pisces) while also keeping our feet grounded in the practical world (Capricorn). We know that we must heal childhood wounds and clear away unworkable beliefs and patterns (Scorpio) so that we can manifest a better life situation (personal) and a more peaceful world (collective).

So, let's take a look at the Capricorn Stellium which is also which is also in a square with Uranus/Pallas-Athena (fighting for the grassroots). When planets are clustered they blend their energies and themes and then toss those themes into the energetic soup of the Zodiac Sign that contains the cluster. So, Saturn's sober and determined energy blends with Mercury's quicksilver communication style. Then those planets blend with Pluto's bid for power and transformation as well as, our emotions (the Moon), our identity (the Sun), and our values (Venus).

On the health front, we're going to stick with our resolutions of creating better fitness and diets. We're going to change our work routines, especially if our work routines are causing physical discomfort and leaving us feeling depleted of energy. On the job front, we're either going to remove distractions and work diligently or we're going to walk away from a job situation that isn't working out for us in the long run. This is because Saturn, now in its own sign gazes at long-term. It creates strategies for helping us to reach our goals or live out our life or work mission.

This stellium also contains karmic energy so the saying what you reap is what you sow has more potency around this New Moon. And if we have not practiced integrity, humility, or if we have sucked other people dry with control and manipulation, and if we have harmed others by dragging them along because we are afraid, then Saturn puts us to the test.

And for some folks who haven't practiced integrity especially in the business world, it's time to pay the piper, as they say. The bill comes due and a time of reckoning begins. Although there are no planets in Libra during this New Moon, I still see a balancing of the scales because Venus is in the Capricorn Stellium and is in harmonic aspects with Jupiter which rules the legal system and justice. (And no, I'm not going to get into politics but expect some shockers in January).

Here's what I'm picking up. We will all be tested in some area of our life and that area is where we have Capricorn and Cancer on the cusps of our Natal Chart houses. 2018 is already a big year for big life changes because Cardinal Signs rule the major areas of our lives. Many of us find that when we manifest our big dreams that we fill empty inside. This happens when our dreams are reflective of status, recognition, and the stuff that egos crave. We might switch careers because we now turn our heads and hearts toward serving others instead of polishing our egos. Remember, Capricorn is a very sober sign. It brings delays, scrutiny, and requires us to develop patience.

Capricorn rules aging and elders. It rules wisdom and taking the long view. Capricorn is suspicious of get-rich-quick schemes because Capricorns realize that if you want something you have to work for it. This energy can also augment lack consciousness and fear. It can bring on impatience and depression and with the Uranus/Pallas square happening with Pluto and the Sun and the Moon, we suffer from anxiety too, especially if things aren't happening as quickly as we would like.

Any relationships or new jobs started at this time have the strength to go the distance. Many younger Capricorns find older partners and older Capricorns hook up with younger partners. But don't judge this as good or bad. Now is not the time to judge others but to focus on our own work. Put your nose to the grindstone as they say. If you're willing to do the work on yourself and out in the world, you reap rewards (although down the road). Capricorn tells us to enjoy the climb and to not focus on the destination. With Mars going into Aquarius later this year, expect the unexpected on that climb and be willing to change in a flash.

So, here is the breakdown of the Signs:

Aries: I see an impatient man with a red face. This tells me that practicing patience is your biggest test in January. I see a train barrelling ahead and then halting on the tracks. This tells me that some event will test your patience but this delay or detour will give you time to rework your plans. Something better than you first imagined is in store for you. You have a Capricorn Stellium putting on the brakes, but take this time out to build your strength. You'll need it this year.

Taurus: I see a bull in a china shop, but this bull is graceful around fragile objects. So, I see you navigating the coming year with elegance and grace. You will need to watch your diet and not spend too much time sitting in front of the TV screen. Get outdoors. Learn to garden. And if you're in a cold climate, prepare the ground for spring flowers. I see you reaping abundance if you deal with those subconscious issues that weigh you down.

Gemini: There's not a lot happening with planets in Mutable Signs except for Chiron and Neptune in Pisces and Chiron isn't a planet and will move into Aries later this year. Most of the planets are in Water and Earth Signs, with the exception of Uranus which transits in Aries. This leaves you feeling uninspired and stuck in the mud. Now, is a good time to learn new skills you can do with your hands. Carpentry goes well as does, learning a musical instrument. At least Saturn is no longer opposing you.

Cancer: People keep talking about status and you would rather spend your time dreaming or nurturing the ones you love. Some of you want to start a family and build a home for yourself, but you need to take the long view. Are you with the right partner? And ask yourself why you want children? Are they only a reflection of you or an extension of you? Or do you want to give birth to a complete human being whose growth you can support? And if you're past childbearing years, then what else can you nurture and support? Other than that, you feel like laying low.

Leo: You feel tired. I see an adult dragging a blanket into a room and heading towards a king-size bed. I see shades drawn and one of those eye pillows. Leo, take some time to rest in January. Now, that the holiday parties are behind you and a workload stares you in the face, it seems counterintuitive to rest, but when you sleep, you find solutions and ideas that would not have come to you if you were stuck in a hive of busy-ness. It's also time to enroll in a yoga class. I see you yawning and stretching.

Virgo: Finally, you have reached a place where you can slow down and take care of your physical needs. I see you in a yoga class. I see you spending the money on better food and classes for your body and mind. I see you nagging less and praising more. Virgo, get ready for some breakthroughs that bring more stability to your life. Why not take a trip in January?

Libra: This is a status quo month for you, well, almost. There is that pesky planet Uranus opposing you asking you to assert yourself and speak your truth. And Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn along with the Sun, the Moon, and your planet Venus. You are familiar with this energy because squares, conjunctions, and oppositions to your Sun have become a part of life for you in recent years. However, don't space out because now is the time to build a new foundation and take your life in a new direction. Are you ready?

Scorpio: You're on one of your psychology kicks, but unless you have training in probing the brain, leave your friends alone and let the experts help them. Focus on your own shadows and projections because you can make some headway with your personal evolution if you allow others to take care of their own baggage. Think of it this way. If you were at a baggage claim at an airport would you really want to carry other people's heavy suitcases? Nor would you want anyone to take your baggage.We reclaim our power when we take care of our own stuff. And power is the name of the game, that and creativity this month.

Sagittarius: I see a woman sighing with relief. It will take you a month to realize that Saturn is no longer dogging you, unless you have planets in Capricorn, such as Mercury in Capricorn. But overall, it's time to turn your inspiration into something concrete that you can taste, touch, feel and smell. This will take longer than you think, but you will enjoy the adventure of learning new skills and meeting new people. I see a crowd around a man telling a joke. This means that you are still in a celebratory mood and enjoying life despite the doldrums of January. Not bad.

Capricorn: If you have been keeping your nose to the grindstone during the past three years, you see rewards of your efforts. I see spring coming to the northern countries when the ice begins to melt and trickle into the stream. I see someone with puffs of cold air coming from their smiling mouth. Stretch yourself to your limits and reap rewards at this time. You feel like a bear coming out of hibernation as you focus on the new dawn ahead. Or you race towards the finish line well ahead of other runners and this feels like the end of a marathon. Congratulations, Capricorn, you did it.

Aquarius: Your wants and wishes seem intangible now as if they are basking in the shadows of your subconscious. All those planets in Capricorn fall in your 12th House of the unformed so you are itching to flow out of the proverbial womb. But now, is a good time to rest and prepare your next move or your next launch. You will experience plenty of tests in 2018 and a lot of sudden surprises which you actually like. But January is the month to recharge your batteries and rest your neurological system. Don't worry, we can't leave without you. After all, this is the Aquarius Age.

Pisces: Listen or play music. Dance. Pray. Love a lot or love a little. Dream a little dream for yourself or a bigger dream for the collective. I see an image of the Pied piper taking us down a rabbit hole where wonderment awaits us. If you make movies or work in the arts, lay the groundwork down in January for your next or current project. If you are starting a metaphysical practice, talk to a business partner or advisor to keep you on track and on point.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Saturn in Capricorn (Message for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, & Libra)

Pix a Bay image

Saturn in Capricorn
December 22, 2017 - December 18, 2020

I received another message for the Cardinal Signs about Saturn moving into Capricorn on December 22, around the time of the Solstice. I'm focusing on the Cardinal Signs because you are most affected by the Saturn in Capricorn transit as is anyone with their Sun or Rising Sign in a Cardinal Sign. A Cardinal Sign-Moon also feels this waves of Saturnian energy. I'm also including the previous decade starting in January 2008 when Pluto arrived in Capricorn.

But first, let's go back the fall of  2007. If you have a Capricorn Ascendant then you would have felt the last dregs of Pluto in Sagittarius as intuitive hits or unformed realities. You were still in the womb of the Galactic Center and more than like experiencing prophetic dreams and impulses to relocate, change jobs, or you began looking at unworkable partnerships. This would have been the beginning stages of the destruction Pluto would bring to your life so that you would rebuild your life on more solid ground. And sure enough, when Pluto moved out of the shadow of Capricorn into Capricorn, we experienced the collapse of big banks, problems with Wall Street, and the mortgage crisis which caused the economy to go into a recession.

Now, any of you following politics from that time period, remember that President Obama came into office the following year and he had a huge mess on his hands. Although the opposite party, the Republicans bailed out the big banks, Wall Street, and this launched the beginning of homelessness for people who were otherwise unlikely to ever live in shelters, cars, or go on public subsidies. Houses were repossessed by banks, homeowners entered the rental market causing more demand for rental housing which caused landlords to raise the rent. Meanwhile, new minimum wage jobs were created and more foreigners move to US cities where they grabbed the higher paying jobs with high-tech companies (causing further unemployment). But I'm not going to get into politics here.

Ten years later, Saturn moves into Capricorn. Saturn is a different animal than Pluto. Saturn rewards and punishes based on a person's maturity (do they learn from life experiences or act like victims never taking responsibility?), integrity, compassion, and leadership skills. Saturn rules loners and people who think they have to climb the mountain alone. Saturn rules elders and aging. It rules skin, bones, teeth and connective tissue. It rules the lower spine and the knees. It rules mentorship and ethics in the business world. Saturn is the age before beauty; age before youth. And those of you going through either a Saturn-Sun opposition, Saturn-Sun conjunction, or a Saturn Return are going to feel like the Universe is testing you. It is. And you require faith (hard now that Saturn has moved out of Sagittarius) and patience (much easier when Saturn is in Capricorn).

While Pluto and then Uranus transiting in Aries beginning in 2011 (dipped into Aries) deconstructed the old structures, Saturn in Capricorn and then later Uranus in Taurus are rebuilding the structure. But first, we must take a good hard and realistic look at the structures currently in place because the old structures are represented metaphorically by an old crumbling church built on the fallow ground. Uranus in Taurus is going to till the new soil, but in an unconventional way since Uranus is unconventional and despises its time in Taurus.

The people most likely to show up as new leaders of the younger communities are the folks born between 1988-90 and a bit after that. The problem is that you have so little confidence in your abilities and some of you are unaware of your leadership skills. But have patience in the rebuilding process and know that what is yours will come to you at just the right time and just the right way. Pay attention to your dreams because they are real and contain important messages for you. Find mentors but don't fall into the lifelong learning education trap where you spend all your time in classrooms and fear engaging with the real world. You have what it takes. Your toes are on the starting line and the pistol to start the race rings out. Get going. We have been waiting for you, not just in this lifetime but for thousands of years. But remember to keep your integrity intact.

Okay, so here is the message I have for each of the Cardinal Signs:

Capricorn: You experience the Saturn-Sun conjunction which could leave you feeling exhausted as if your lifeblood or bone marrow has been sucked right out of you. You need to focus on keeping your connective tissues in healthy shape and also keep your iron levels up because anemia is a possibility as are problems with knees and the lower back. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin K, D, and the minerals magnesium, calcium, zinc, and boron in your diet. I also hear that ingesting hemp oil for your skin is important as is building collagen which gets depleted under Saturn conjunct your Sun Rising Sign.

Cancer: I see a focus on the skin for you. Make sure that you wear sunscreen at least half the time you spend in direct sunlight. You will need to take vitamins D and K, along with boron, magnesium, and calcium. And for all the Cardinal Signs I'm seeing a reduction in sugar and changing over to salt with minerals such as Himalayan salt. Spend time near the ocean, walk barefoot in the sand, and get plenty of purified water as your body requires more cleansing during this Saturn transit. If you find that you are grinding your teeth, drink relaxing teas before bedtime or ask your doctor about herbs for relaxation. And deal with your shadows and projections. Stop trying to mother people because this just brings dysfunctional and infantile people your way. Mother children but not adults who must find their own power in the world.

Cancerians and Capricorns who lost homes during the last decade will either buy a new home during the next three years or decide to go mobile and buy a mobile home or tiny home that travels. You will find new livelihoods that allow you the freedom to roam.

Aries: For you, I see wearing a helmet and using safety equipment while engaging in sports and recreational activities. Broken bones, and a broken jaw and broken teeth are potential for you if you don't practice safety. Bones take longer to knit during this Saturn transit, but you do experience slow and steady progress. It's time for you to mature and take responsibility for your anger and other emotions. It's time to mature and take on a leadership role. Health problems are the face and head, especially with teeth. Saturn brings rewards when you practice patience, take responsibility for your actions (past and current), and act with integrity. Along with Libra, make sure that you keep your electrolytes in balance. And if you are a man, take your zinc.

Libra: You experienced Saturn conjunct Sun from 2009-12 so this prepared the ground for the square you experience with Saturn in Capricorn. In previous years, with Uranus also opposing your Sun or Rising Sign, you experienced the end, often times, a dramatic end, of a partnership. This could have been in the business realm or the personal realm such as a divorce or loss of a business. Some of you lost employment too. And now, you begin a rebuilding process in those areas, but only after you do the emotional work required.

Healthwise, I see problems with kidneys and pancreas if you don't cut back on sugar, drink plenty of purified water, keep your electrolytes in balance and live a balanced lifestyle. Yoga and meditation go well for you. Taking on the weight of the world leads to health complications. Practicing diplomacy and living with integrity bring greater health to you. Eat less acidic foods as they leach calcium from your bones and cause kidney stones. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat and sweets. This will also help you to balance the scale when it comes to weight loss. Go easy on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery does not go well. Age with grace by taking better care of your health rather than going under the surgeon's knife (it won't go well during this Saturn transit and especially not when Mars is in Aquarius in 2018).

This is all the information I have for now. This article also refers to anyone who has a cluster of planets in Capricorn or Cancer (Aries and Libra) or planets in the angular houses (1, 4, 7, and 10).

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Neptune in the Second House (Disolution of Values and Financial Difficulties)

 Neptune Transit in the (11th, 12th, 1st, & 2nd houses)

Creating New Realities While Dissolving Old Structure

I've been thinking about transiting Neptune's effect on my Second Natal House. Neptune transited into this House when it arrived in the Taurus House of Values on May 13, 2007. Neptune was in Aquarius at that time and in 2007, I suddenly decided to relocate from Seattle to the small community of Mount Vernon, Washington. And this was after enrolling at a community college for six months, which came as an unexpected decision I made in December of 2006 when facing financial difficulties and a competitive job market.

Although I am focusing on my personal Neptune transits, I feel that other people with a Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant who have Pisces on the cusps of their Second House also experience similar themes. But I also want to look at Neptune transiting into the 11th, 12th, and First houses. So, if you happen to have Neptune transiting in any of those houses at this time, listen up because many of the themes and experiences will refer to you too.

I'm going to start with Neptune transiting into my 11th House which took place in December of 1970-78. This comprises most of my childhood up to 8th grade. Then Neptune transited into my 12th House of the unformed in December of 1978. I remember suffering from depression, going out for athletics and trying out for just about everything a schoolgirl could but suffering from invisibility issues. I was involved with music classes during that time. I don't recall seeking any spiritual path until I entered a university in 1982 and experiencing exposure to alternative forms of spirituality. And bouts of depression and a lack of self-confidence plagued me.

In 1984, Neptune transited into Capricorn but the planet remained in my 12th House. I delved into cinema, music, and I wanted to become a video host on MTV--that was my big dream at the time. I was learning how to play guitar, I was in a college dorm band, and I studied dance. Many of my friends for the next several years were either Capricorn or Pisces, but they were mainly born during the winter months. I hosted a college radio show in 1986. And also in 1986, I relocated from Bellingham, Washington (ruled by Cancer) to Seattle (ruled by Scorpio or Capricorn, depending on the chart).

In 1987, when Neptune crossed by Ascension Sign at 6 degrees Capricorn (I'm not even writing about Neptune joining my South Node at 2 degrees Capricorn), I wended my way into Seattle's competitive rock music scene. I began a project producing a compilation album of Seattle bands, which culminated during the autumn of 1989 when a Seattle-based record label released the album to international acclaim. I was also a music journalist and I got involved with a community radio station too.

With Neptune in my First House, I suffered from bone and spine problems as well as, lung problems which eventually led to me suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities which left me housebound. That began in 1994. In 1991, I flew to England where I spent the summer months promoting myself to record labels and ending up in Melody Maker magazine. Then, I returned to Seattle where I experienced three months of couch-surfing before I moved into an apartment rented out by a slumlord from Russia. In 1997-98, when Neptune was transiting in Aquarius and still in my First House, I left my music career, if we could even call it that. But I attended WOMAD USA and that shifted my reality about music.

When Neptune was still in Aquarius and still in my First House (2005), I fell down a flight of stairs and torn a tendon in my ankle and hit my head on a windowsill. I was housebound for several months until I received treatment from an alternative healer who healed me with a combination of shamanism and acupuncture. Then right as, Neptune transited into my 2nd House (22 Aquarius)in 2007, I relocated from Seattle to the small rural city, Mount Vernon, also in Washington State.

Soon, after relocating, the Seattle Opera phoned me with a Communications job interview offer. I was unable to pursue this position and I was hired as a contract arts reporter for a local magazine. While living in Mount Vernon, Neptune continued its transit in Aquarius in my 2nd House. My values changed and so did my economic situation going from bad to worse. I suffered from post-trauma (without my awareness) while dealing with mentally-challenged and emotionally-challenged landladies. People suffering from mental illness and addictions challenged me at every turn and my self-confidence plummeted.

When Neptune transiting into Pisces in 2011, I relocated to Bellingham, Washington. I wrote and self-published novels and a non-fiction book on music consciousness. This brings me back to 2005, which was a productive year for me, despite injuries caused by falling down stairs. I produced and directed a video on crows, composed a set of medieval songs for saints, and I hosted a world music website, after having left my cinema website and writing about cinema (2000-2003). I wrote my first novel, Super-Nature Heroes (a speculative novel featuring saints as superheroes which I channeled) in 2005 and prior to that year, I had written several screenplays. Both music and cinema fall under Neptune's gaze.

So, in 2011, when Neptune arrived in Pisces, I delved more deeply into sound healing and music research. My interviews and research culminated in 2013 when I published my book Whole Music (A book project that relied heavily on synchronicity and the generosity of others) based on my blog with the same name which I launched in 2007, prior to leaving Seattle and prior to Neptune entering my 2nd House. Then in 2012, I launched this blog with Neptune themes.

On a health note, I have been in recovery from PTSD and chemical sensitivities. I have suffered from foot problems, but nothing major or needing surgery. I have also had pairs of shoes magically appear in my life which led to me developing a shoe fetish of sorts, very Piscean. I have delved into various spiritual practices which I mostly discarded in favor of listening to my own internal guidance system. But my finances are a mess and I am unable to keep books or even balance my checkbook. I have suffered from dyslexia around numbers and I've also suffered from blurred vision or gauzy vision from time to time.

Neptune will remain in my 2nd House until 2028 when it transits at 7 degrees Aries.

So, what can someone expect when Neptune is in their 2nd House? This really depends on other transits in a chart, the Natal planets in the 2nd House and the Sign Pisces transits in the 2nd House. Traditionally, the 2nd House is ruled by Taurus which carries the themes of our values, our talents, gifts, and to an extent our finances. Do we value ourselves? Do we value the work we do in the world? And we need to look at the areas Neptune rules which is fine and performing arts, the entertainment business, spirituality, prisons, hospitals, mental illness, addictions, transcendence, and dissolution of matter.

Neptune is a powerful outer planet that rules the collective as much as the individual. It sets trends because it stays in a sign for up to 13 years. When I was born Neptune was also in a Water Sign, Scorpio and was in a sextile with Pluto and Uranus which transited in Virgo. Neptune in Pisces is in a sextile with transiting Pluto now in Capricorn so again we experience the Earth and Water combination.

If you have a Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant and Neptune is transiting in your 2nd House, feel free to leave your comments below where you can share your personal experiences. It's always fascinating to compare notes.

Cancer Full Moon--Nurturing New Year (Self-Care is a Theme for 2018)

We begin 2018 with a supermoon in the nurturing sign of Cancer. And there are no Cardinal T-Crosses, no Grand Squares, and plenty of flowing aspects in the Water and Earth Elements. To say that I love this Moon is an understatement and no doubt, many astrologers are feeling relief from all the strife we had to share with you for the past decade. Have we arrived at a new shore?

First, let's look at the Grand Water Trine because it is a double Grand Water Trine. The Cancer Full Moon in all its ripe and pregnant glory trines Neptune in Pisces exact and then trines Jupiter/Mars/Vesta in Scorpio. Then we also have a similar configuration with Chiron. This is an excellent time to do something of the artistic or spiritual nature. Deep healing happens when we move past illusions and pursue our truest dreams/desires. With Chiron involved we are able to heal those wounds we acquired from our mothers (and fathers). Start working on your core issues as early as November so you can reap rewards on January 1st and the first week of the New Year.

Now, this is not a good time for people with addictions unless they seek therapy. This is because Mercury is in Sagittarius so a lot of socializing involving alcohol and recreational drugs tempts people to get off the wagon or to not think too clearly when involved with the social scene. The planets in Water Signs also keep the alcohol flowing since the dark side of the Water Signs (all of them) is addictions, especially to those of the liquid variety. People are in higher moods but they are still looking for escape routes. Better to take the spiritual or artistic routes in the long run.

The double Golden Triangles (one contains Neptune in Pisces and the other one contains Chiron in Pisces) bring some relief because a stellium of planets in the Earth Sign Capricorn ground us in reality. That Stellium includes Saturn, Venus, the Sun, and Pluto. And Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio might have us looking more deeply at the workings of our psychological minds and our sabotaging behaviors. If we can get a grip on these behaviors, especially the compulsive ones, we can evolve to the next level of consciousness. Saturn in Capricorn and Venus in Capricorn ask us to use some discipline now.

We still have the Fire Element at play in the background with the North Node in Leo befriending Ceres (which represents the Earth, mothers, harvest, and daughters), Uranus in Aries married to Pallas/Athena (wisdom and battles), and Mercury in Sagittarius. We are drawn to inspirational speakers, especially humanitarians and those involved with grassroots efforts. But watch out for exaggeration and hyperbole since Sagittarius rules those things and Uranus in Aries brings out immaturity in older and younger men. Let's not get into heated debates that lead to battles. Keep your wits about you. Younger women act hotheaded now too!

Mercury in Sagittarius squares Chiron and Uranus are still in a wide square with Pluto (although it is ebbing in energy). We are still finishing up old business. Forgiving where we need to let go and noticing that most of our reactions to others find root in our childhood wounds. In other words, ask yourself, "Am I really angry with my spouse or is this about something else from childhood?" Honesty goes a long way now, especially in how we deal with our moods, attitudes, projections, and shadows. Remember, that Mars and joined Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio so we can go very deep right now into psychological terrain. And I advice getting the psychological work done this year because Jupiter in Scorpio will help us go very deep and Chiron leaves Pisces in 2018 and moves into Aries.

If you were born with Chiron in Pisces finish up old business. We'll next be looking at people born with Chiron in Aries and the childhood wounds they need to heal. (But we'll cover this in another post in 2018). For now, let's just say, that the Cancer Supermoon really is a super good chance for us to ground ourselves (the Moon opposes Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Pluto because these planets are in a cluster or stellium in Capricorn). Use this time for extreme self-care. It's only when you are fully nourished that you can nourish others. Take care of yourself in 2018, and this will inspire others to take care of themselves. It is in giving that we receive, but if you have always been the giver, then open up to receiving at the time of this Cancer Full Moon and throughout 2018.

Where do you have Cancer in your Natal Chart? Sign up for a Full Moon reading and I will toss in highlights (important transits) for 2018. I'm not giving astrology sessions in December because of the Mercury RX. But I might give readings the last week of December.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mercury RX in Sagittarius from December 3 - 22, 2017


Normally, I don't write a blog post on the Mercury Retrograde which takes place three to four times a year, lasting three weeks. For those of you still not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, this is a period when it appears that the planet Mercury is going backward, when in fact, it is the Earth changing speed. When Mercury moves too far ahead of the Sun, it backtracks for three weeks and allows the Sun to catch up.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. And Mercury is either in the Zodiac Sign prior to the sign the Sun transits, in the same sign or the sign that follows. So, if the Sun is in Capricorn, Mercury is in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius. Now, the reason we hear so much about Mercury Retrograde, which grabs as much attention as eclipses, is that communication can go awry, technology breaks down, scammers and spammers attack more often, cars break down as do other machines. Short distant travel has us grinding our teeth and our stress levels hit the ceiling, if not the sky.

Mercury is already problematic when it transits in Sagittarius. This is for several reasons. The first reason is that Mercury is ruled by Gemini which is the polar opposite of Sagittarius and Virgo which squares both Gemini and Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules long-distant travel, world affairs, the world wide web, the legal system, religion, the Vatican, culture, anthropology, long-distance communication, world travel, and the bigger picture. When any of the personal planets transit in Sagittarius people either come across as generous and wise or they come across as snarky, sarcastic, and condescending.

Mercury transited into the Sign of the Satyr on November 6, and since that time people have been snarky, especially on social media. When Mercury squared Neptune mid-November this lead to confusion in the media and communication appeared muddled. Many spiritual gurus who have made outlandish claims stepped into the bad limelight and received negative attention on social media. And then when Mercury squared Chiron, around the US Thanksgiving, we heard even more stories of alleged rape and abuse in the media. And these wounds come up now to be heard and healed once and for all--they are on the collective level since Chiron in Pisces is also in a square with Saturn now in the Galactic Center.

While I'm writing this post both Mercury and Saturn are at the Galactic Center. Depending on where people are in their evolution, they either take this time to get deep spiritual by leaving behind all their distractions and choosing their battles wisely if at all. Or people are engaging with others with biting sarcasm or snarky remarks on social media. I wish those people wouldn't even light up their computers and just sleep off their negativity.

Mercury goes retrograde at 29 degrees Sagittarius on December 3. So, this feels karmic and our interactions with others feel like spiritual tests. We want to break away from the collective and retreat to a sacred space whether that's in nature or on a hill at night staring up at the cosmos. But unfortunately, we are in the thick of holiday shopping and holiday parties--bummer when many of us want to escape from all this confusion! So, now, we're still dealing with the Mercury transits but from a different angle. We still have the Chiron wounds which bring out even more snarky remarks, the Neptune Square at the tail end of the retrograde. And Mars changes signs from Libra to Scorpio halfway through the Mercury Retrograde.

So, what advice does this astrologer have for you? Breathe. If you can put off your holiday shopping, especially for electronics until after December 22 or even better January, do so. If you can avoid office parties or other gatherings with stressed out people, do so. If you can wait to travel, do it in January and after the Cancer Full Moon. When communicating with others, breathe, and pause before responding. Pay close attention to both the words the person is communicating with you and their body language. Pay attention to your intuition because you might be hearing a different message than the one coming from the other person's mouth. And repeat back to the person what you just heard them say. Seek clarity at this time.

Avoid signing contracts until January. Watch out for exaggeration in the news (especially now). Watch out for hyperbole and if something is too surreal or good to be true, it is. Now, more than ever, thieves, scammers, spammers, and nasty people are out to take advantage of generous or happy people. But even me telling you that the con person ends up conning themselves isn't going to make you feel better when they sneak into your bank account and wipe you out or cause your computer to crash. Practice discernment and tread with caution. This Mercury RX will leave a lot in its wake but it only lasts three weeks. Some of you, (Cardinal and Fixed Sign people) will sail through it. But Mutables (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius) watch your back and your wallet. Now is not a time to be gullible because if someone is promising the sky to you, get real.

The best time to move forward for optimum results especially in the realm of business or creating new structure is when Mercury transits into Capricorn on January 11, 2018 and joins Saturn and then the Sun in the Sign of the Mountain Goat.

Sign up for a reading in November or January. I will only give astrology readings to returning clients during the Mercury RX period. I will give Totem Animal and card readings in December. Please contact me if you would like a reading. Prices range from $50 to $200. And PayPal is the best payment option (hopefully it is working during the RX period). PayPal address is wholemusicexp at

Friday, November 10, 2017

Saturn Moves into Capricorn--Building New Structure













Saturn in Capricorn 

December 22, 2017 - March 21, 2020

Saturn is at 0 degrees Capricorn until 12-29

On December 22, Saturn enters Capricorn, its natural ruler, and we experience the sea change. Saturn moves out of the expansive and inspirational Fire Sign, Sagittarius and moves into the grounded and sober Earth Sign of the Mountain Goat. We are taking steps towards a Golden Age which we will experience in 2019 when Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are in Saturn and Uranus is in the stable Earth Sign Taurus.

Coinciding with the Golden Age is the Saturn Return for folks born between 1988 and 1990 (actually this process begins in 2018). This sober group of Capricorn-Saturn types will launch a building or in some cases, a rebuilding process of systems and of cities. Some of these folks already have an interest in city planning and urban design, as well as, permaculture and sustainable construction. This group will also play leadership roles in community-building, city government, and with other organizations.

If you have a Capricorn Ascendant or a Sagittarius Ascendant with Capricorn in your First House, then you're going to feel Saturn moving into your First House. This shows up in body changes with skin, bones, and connective tissues. You could experience weight loss and watch the diet, especially when Saturn is in the last degrees of Sagittarius. If you find that you are having digestion problems or experience sensitivities to fragrances and other smells, do a liver cleanse with medical supervision.

There is a sense of rebirth when Saturn crosses the Ascendant Sign. There is also a sense of resolving karmic issues. However, depression is likely as is bouts of low self-esteem. So, work on building confidence in yourself. Don't get caught up in the old patriarchal model of competition and lack consciousness. It's time to practice yoga, meditation, and get body work done. Cranial sacral and chiropractic work go well now. And I also envision people taking mineral salts for both Capricorn and Cancer.

Cardinal Signs feel the brunt of this Saturn transit. Aries and Libra experience the inner tension of a square and this could cause headaches for both signs, not to mention face, jaw, and teeth problems. Aries feel stifled and may even suffer from depression. Libra tries to keep everything light and breezy while mentally detaching despite the sober double Capricorn energy. Cancer experiences the opposition and so there is work around intimacy and the shadows we project onto partners and children (for Cancerian parents).

Taurus and Virgo latch on to the practical Earth energy of Capricorn and may launch businesses or see themselves climbing to higher career success. Whereas, Scorpio and Pisces experience this energy as grounding, maybe too grounding which can lead to emotional instability if underlying issues are not resolved.

This is a time for Gemini and Aquarius to become more practical and to even question their thoughts, patterns, and beliefs. It's time to stop talking and planning so that you get a plan or project into the action stage. Finally, Leo and Sagittarius, this is a time to reassess how you come across to the world. Sagittarius feels like they have experienced one firestorm after another so they take the next two years to heal and build a new and more realistic foundation underneath them. 
Saturn will pair up with Pluto in Capricorn, and create flowing aspects with Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter in 2018 and eventually, Uranus when it transits in Taurus. Even for people who don't enjoy Capricorn energy, we are entering a time of rebuilding. But first, we must dismantle the old guard to make room for the new. And that's what we'll do when Saturn completes its transit in Sagittarius.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sagittarius New Moon for December 17, 2017--Expand Your Horizons

Now, is the perfect time to heal xenophobia. Now, is the time to expand horizons to distant shores of our consciousness and the Earth. This is because the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus join Saturn in its last degrees of Sagittarius. And the Moon, the Sun, and Saturn are floating in the Galactic Center--this tells us to take a leap of faith and even to believe in the impossible.

Remember when people said that a moon landing was impossible? And humans have only flown in airplanes since the 20th Century. It wasn't so long ago when I would have had to type my forecast on an electric typewriter and then send it off to an editor or publisher to print it on paper. And it wasn't that long ago when e-mail did not exist yet. And now, several generations take e-mail for granted. And what about digital books? Did anyone see that coming?

The Sagittarius New Moon has us reflecting on expanding our vision and to seeing new possibilities. It's not that we head back to the drawing board, but more or less that we brainstorm and even included some wacky ideas. We see new technologies in the way of book publishing, the world wide web, academics, and in travel. Perhaps, a new type of ship enters the world. Or space travel consumes us. Sci-Fi and fantasy authors hit the spotlight. And I expect a blockbuster that takes us to far out places, at least in our imaginations. Think of a hero or heroine's journey that heals racism, sexism, and delves into a deep philosophical territory.

We're grabbing for the stars. Sagittarius is far out there anyway, and now we have three planets entering the Galactic Center and two more on the way (Venus and Mercury). But Mercury is retrograde and about to station as it will go directly in a few days time. Then off Mercury goes through the GC. We'll be communicating expansiveness and if not, we feel restless with itchy feet to travel overseas.

But is it even safe to travel outside of the country? The dark side of the planets in Sagittarius and with the on-going square between Uranus and Pluto (as well as, Jupiter in Scorpio probing into the deep recesses of our psychology), we see violence erupting in places associated with Sagittarius such as parts of West Africa and even, Finland.  Mars joins Jupiter and Vesta in Scorpio so people ask why they are on the planet? How can they contribute to harmony between nations and between ethnic groups? And how does post-trauma contribute to tension on the world stage?

It seems to me that if we wish to heal trauma then we need to stop warring with other people and nations. Peace comes from within, however, the collective needs to make changes in diets and not just food diets. Is it a wise idea to feed the collective violent images 24/7 through the media, the movie industry, and book industry when we know that PTSD and oversensitivity erupt in violence? And now, there is evidence that eating junk food and not getting enough omega oils in the diet lead to violent behaviors. If we have this information why don't we act upon it? And this is what we ponder during the Sagittarius New Moon on December 17.

Perhaps, it's a better idea to focus on the here and now rather than a trip to Mars or another galaxy. Anyway, here is the breakdown for the Zodiac Signs.

Aries--This is your last chance to hitch a ride with Saturn in Sagittarius as it trines Uranus in your sign. It brings optimism without the impulsiveness. Saturn slows down your mental process but you still need to think before you act. Now, is still a good time to do something athletic. Or it's time to shake things up on the activist front. Join a grassroots group.

Taurus--Do you have some ghosts in your closet? What I mean by that is you would do well to take a look at those wounds hidden in your subconscious. And you find them through your projections on others. Pay attention to your judgments of others because remember when you point a finger four fingers are pointing back at you. Your clue lies in your shadow. And you can do some deep healing now.

Gemini--You don't feel like going where no one has gone before. You would rather stay with what you already know. You also act like a know-it-all at this time but you end up putting your foot in your mouth because Mercury is still RX and the Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury/Saturn oppose you at this time. But that's okay because at least Uranus favors you so you stir up the soup.

Cancer--You want to get out of the house and travel far away. You're old fashion but this Sagittarius energy brings out your compassion and empathy for people different than you. Check out music by The Waterboys since Mike Scott has a Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon. His music hits the spot, you dreamy moonbeam.

Leo--Watch out for exaggeration in other people and in yourself. Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius so it's easy to get lost in grandiosity. Make sure you have your feet on the ground when you assess your abilities and talents. Far-reaching often stretches us in a good way, but the only thing you need to expand now is your love for humanity.

Virgo--More than ever you play the role of the hermit. You hang up a sign on the door, "Leave me alone" or you just slam the door and shut out the world. Virgo, you are not an expansive sign, but you are as restless as the next person. Yet, you're not in the mood for an academic or religious debate. We'll miss your presence on social media, but that's how it goes, for now. I don't really blame you.

Libra--You bring balance and justice to the scene. You play the role of a peacekeeper between friends, colleagues, and even nations. The world appears lopsided and people exaggerate their claims or their gossip becomes cruel and nasty. Libra, make sure you don't spread rumors at this time because they will return to bite you in the butt. Practice diplomacy.

Scorpio--With Mars and Jupiter in your sign and the Sagittarius Stellium appearing in your Second House of what you value, use this energy to make your mark in the world. Send out resumes, start a business, and reassess your personal assets. Get your finances in order now. You feel empowered and anything physical goes well now, including passionate sex. But if do protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy if that is not in your plans.

Sagittarius--The spotlight is on you. We believe almost everything that flows from your tongue. You reignite our dreams and bolster our faith. You inspire us through your novels, your religion, and your academia. Push us to take that leap of faith. If you are an author, launch your book around the time of this new moon. And if you are a professor, now is the time to take your lectures overseas.

Capricorn--Now, is the time for deep rest. Most everything is happening in a womb-like environment and you have to wait for the planets to move out of Sagittarius (out of your 12th House) and into your First House. It's time to watch your diet and take care of your health. And take this time to locate your deepest wounds because of Capricorn, there you find your greatest treasures. Set yourself free.

Aquarius--Some of the best adventures take place in the mind. You get lost in fantasies now, but you're not wasting time with wishful thinking. Months from now (during the summer eclipse season), you can take those grand ideas and launch businesses that transform the planet. It's the Aquarius Age after all.

Pisces--Faith comes to and through you if you balance your emotions. You are faced with a major decision to do with your home. You have much to forgive with your mother. And if you do this forgiveness work, you create a more peaceful home life. And you make peace with people from other walks of life too. It was always an inside job.

Sign up for a personal astrology or card reading. Let's explore those inner and outer territories. Time to set a new course.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gemini Full Moon on December 3, 2017--Communication Wires Crossed

The Gemini Full Moon comes with a bit of trickster energy on December 3. Mercury, the planet of communication co-ruled by Gemini and Virgo goes retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, also a bit of a trickster. Only Saturn in the last degrees of Sagittarius (27 degrees) brings sobriety to the picture, but Saturn is floating in the Galactic Center.

First, let's look at the areas Mercury in Sagittarius covers because these are the areas in your life where communication wires cross. Mercury rules the mind, our mental processes, thinking styles, that is when we're thinking at all, education, siblings, cousins, neighbors, the media, short-distance communication, interpersonal communication, and electronic devices such as computers.

Sagittarius rules the bigger picture including long-distance travel, foreigners, the law, religion, philosophy, academia, and book publishing. And you also must look at the cusps in your chart with Gemini and Sagittarius because that is where you will see the comical drama or just plain frustration playing out. And with this Full Moon, we look at the Gemini-Sag polarity.

If that's not enough confusion tossed into the astrological stew, the Full Moon Chart contains two T-Crosses. The Cardinal T-Cross contains Mars in Libra (doesn't like this placement) opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. Since this is a wide T-Cross, I think it just reminds us to resolve old issues with partnerships and with authority figures such as parents. It could bring up tension in the world which erupts in violence. And watch out because you can bet the media will distort the facts since Mercury is RX and in the sign of exaggeration, Sagittarius. So, tune into your Higher Self with Jupiter in Scorpio for your answers.

The other T-Cross is Mutable and troublesome. The Moon and the Sun are in an exact square with Neptune. Well, you can bet Neptune is going to bring more confusion to the mix if we look to outer sources for information. This is a time when turning to the brain leads to trouble and following intuition gets us to the right place at the right time in the right way.

Mercury is in flowing aspect with Mars in Libra which could bring mental balance. And Saturn completes its Fire Trine with Uranus which brings us optimism even when we are tripping over our words and not able to articulate our feelings into coherent thoughts. Like, I've said before this is going to be interesting.

Sign up for a reading prior to December 3rd unless you want a pure channel session. I choose not to read charts under the influences of this Full Moon chart so I'll only give card readings and channel sessions in December. However, you can purchase gift certificates or sign up for readings for January (book in advance).

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Whole Astrology Forecast for 2018 (Covering the High Points)


2018 Astrological Forecast

At first, when I glanced at next year's major transits, I thought I would focus on Water and Earth Signs mainly, and then Aquarius caught my attention. There are two major transits transforming the lives of Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Ascendant, and Aquarius Moon people. And those transits also shape the lives of Taurus Sun, Moon, and Ascendant people. Read on to learn more...

The first transit should come as no surprise to you who have listened to my Astrologer Patricia podcasts and read posts on this blog and my other blog, Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. And that is Uranus transiting in Taurus from May 15 until November 7. The second transit is Mars transiting in Aquarius for several months since Mars goes retrograde in 2018 (the planet only goes retrograde every two years while the other planets go retrograde every year).

So, let's look at the themes of Aquarius and Taurus. Aquarius is the way-shower, the groundbreaker, the homewrecker, and the party-crasher, especially when we've been dealing with drug-addicted elite running the show, not just in the US, but worldwide. Uranus in Aries has shown us the powerful energies of Aquarius with the Occupy Movement, Arab Spring, and activists using social media to awaken advocacy in the world. Uranus in Aries provided the sparks of transformation that continue with Uranus in the uncomfortable Earth Sign, Taurus.

Taurus represents the things that bring us comfort and security. The Bull represents our values, big banks, financial institutions along with Capricorn. It represents the Earth and ecology--think The Green Man. Taurus represents farms and agriculture as well as, permaculture. Taurus represents shelters from the storm, real estate and along with Capricorn/Saturn are elder years. Taurus is stubborn and rigid. Taurus is fearful when it does not have money in the bank and all the comforts it expects to have. And with Uranus, the party-crasher and the awakener entering the Sign of the Bull--the stock market, any facade of money systems, big banks, and status are about to feel the wrecking ball.

I ask you to fear not. These systems designed and built by the elite only serve the elite. They have spun fantasies and illusions to get us to buy into their systems. And yet, we are not served by the merry-go-round of the American Dream or any other country's delusion of the perfect life. We don't have to buy into lies spun by the media that leave each of us feeling unequal and inadequate. Aquarius tells us to be different anyway. Authenticity exists only outside of the system.

Mars in Aquarius for several months also has us questioning the systems in place. We become spiritual warriors and most of the work we do might be around our own egos and fears. When we conquer our fears as individuals we inspire others to step outside of the Matrix. Mars gives us energy and we might even venture into new types of fitness routines. We create a new male model as we dismantle the patriarchy system. We teach boys another way of being in the world that does not involve going to war and conquering an outside enemy. We venture into the realm of self-mastery and allow that to become our focus because when we master ourselves no one can control us or tell us what to think or how to feel. And Mars stays in Aquarius (with direct and retrograde motion) meaning we are going to chew on some big lessons.

While I am thinking those are the two biggest transits of 2018, I also want to bring in Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and the powerful eclipses, starting with a Lunar Eclipse/Super Moon that occurs on Leo on January 31. We'll also look at the February 15 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. I'll cover the summer eclipses in a later post.

Now, I've already written a great deal about Jupiter in Scorpio. However, this is a powerful, yet uncomfortable placement for Jupiter. And for Sagittarius, Jupiter is in the shadow or unformed house in their Natal Charts (it lands in the 12th House). For you Sagittarius, it is a time to test your faith. Are you operating on blind faith or do you have faith that can past a series of tests and challenges coming your way? And Scorpio, can you learn to forgive and let go of the past? Can you use your personal history as a road to healing? Can you do some detective work for your own behaviors and take responsibility for the roles you played? If you can do this you will gain true power and faith to move mountains.

We have very little fire element in the 2018 transits with the exception of the North Node in Leo, powerful eclipses in Leo and Uranus spending around 5 months in Aries. Our faith and patience are tested when Saturn is in Capricorn and Uranus are in slow-moving Taurus. Those of us with Cardinal or Mutable qualities want to move forward now. We find the slow passage of 2018 as torment. We want to implement our bigger visions in the world but have to wait for others to catch up with us. And having Mars in another fixed sign Aquarius also keeps us stuck in traffic or among too many think tanks and talking heads. When Uranus is back in Aries we take action, but that does not happen until November!

Saturn in Capricorn requires patience as we rebuild structures, create financial models to replace the banks that are going to fail. We work on the true meaning of Democracy and discuss new economic models. We might feel like we have to climb the mountain alone, we might worry about our body image or our bank accounts, but that is not what Saturn in Capricorn is about. We must focus on the bigger picture even if Capricorn wants to contract instead of expanding our consciousness. Fortunately, with Pluto also in Capricorn in flowing aspect with Neptune, we can look at the bigger picture or the vision. Again, faith is required in all we do. Saturn goes retrograde between April 18 and September 5 and this causes us to go inward and take better care of our physical bodies.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 31 contains a Fixed T-Cross and we haven't experienced too many of those in the past decade. Jupiter in Scorpio squares the Sun/Venus/Juno in Aquarius and the Leo Moon/North Node/Ceres. And this to me, says that we'll be marching for women's issues again. With all those scandals involving the assault on women, we're going to balance the scales of justice with big lawsuits, published books (memoirs), and confessions on social media. Some women are going to pull the drama card and the rest of us will grow tired of it. Others will pull the activist card--especially around the rights of mothers and children. And since Jupiter is involved, children in other countries. We could see some big news in the arts too.

And to further enhance transformation coming from these events, Uranus squares Pluto and Mars square Neptune during this eclipse. We will bust illusions and delusional thinking. And we see a new age of spiritual warriors emerging.

Finally, let's take a look at the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15 (around Valentine's Day). Now we have the Sun, the Moon. Venus, Mercury, and Juno in a Stellium in a square with Jupiter! Aquarius is taking the secrets and scandals dredged up by Jupiter in Scorpio and taking people to the mat. Something will be destroyed or deconstructed during this Solar Eclipse. The populace is not going to put up with the same old routines any longer.

Mars joins with Vesta (purity, purpose, service) in Sagittarius and squares Neptune. And Chiron is in flowing aspect with Jupiter. We're going to go to the task of healing old wounds in ourselves and in the collective and we are ruthless in this healing process. We choose to be of service to the world and not the elite. We choose to serve each other and pick up the pieces while battling with the dark forces on the planet. But we don't do this through war or revolution, but more or less by shifting our focus out of the Matrix and on to the world we wish to build. We're not going to escape to Mars or another planet. We are going to find ways to heal the Earth and birth the new Earth or heaven on Earth. But first we have to put those dark forces to rest and we do that by suiting up and giving our service to the world, whether we are paid or not.

And with one of the last Uranus squares to Pluto, we must bunk the established order. We do this by shifting our focus from the products and services that never served us to the ones that are created from love and respect for humans, the Earth, and other beings. With so much Aquarius and Uranus energy in the 2018 astrological transits, we might as well step into the Aquarius Age and live up to its potential. We are not victims (Pisces) but we are innovators, and we are geniuses waiting for a challenging puzzle to solve. Step forth and do your part even if that is only changing your diet or relocating to a new more forward-thinking community.

Speak up.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Whole Astrology--Neptune Goes Direct on November 22, 2017

Neptune went retrograde on June 16 and since that time, we have grappled with delusional thinking on the collective. We have examined the places in our minds where we hide in denial. We have bunked certain cultural myths and even taken a hard look at organized religion. We have also shuffled through spiritual practices and new age thoughts to determine what is real for us. And for some, it has felt like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole or getting sucked up in a tornado and tossed into another dimension.

If you are a Neptune Type (Pisces Sun, Moon, Ascendant, 12th House planets), then a Neptune retrograde period left you feeling somewhat grounded. If you have a channeling practice you have developed discernment in dealing with other realms. Dancers and artists have taken the time out to build muscles or skills. And for some it has felt like a time-out period or you found yourself retreating from the collective so that you could grasp where you begin and another person or being ends.

Signs most affected by Neptune in Pisces (either retrograde or direct), are the Mutable Signs (Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces) as well as, the other two Water Signs, Scorpio and Cancer. Earth Signs are less likely to dream during a Neptune RX or they want to deal in practicalities and  they become skeptical of spiritual practices. They might even declare themselves as atheists. That is until Neptune goes direct again and then the magic that happens leaves them wondering about the existence of a God. Fire Signs grab inspiration from Neptune in Pisces but would rather not go deeper into their emotions. While Air Signs experience Neptune in Pisces as the perfect storm. It fogs their mental processes.

Oddly, I saw an article at the end of October where scientists were reaching the conclusion that there is Divine Order in the form of a God. And this situation will only expand as Neptune goes direct and gathers speed and Saturn in Sagittarius enters the Galactic Center in December before it moves into the stolid Earth Sign, Capricorn, its natural ruler.

So, let's consider what Neptune represents because it is an outer planet and generational in nature. Neptune, according to Astrologer and historian Nicholas Campion is a trend-setter. And the trends it sets are in the sign of its transit. Neptune enlarges those themes and Neptune's energy most often shows up in the spiritual arena, in the fine and performing arts, with celebrities, and our nightly dreams. Neptune sounds like French Impressionist music. It looks like a gauzy underwater version of a French Impressionist painting. It is music to our ears and along with Uranus delves into the world of vibrations and frequencies. Right, now Neptune possesses Pisces attributes, doubly so because it is ruled by Pisces. And we have had plenty of Piscean moments since Neptune transited into the Sign of the Fish in 2011.

Neptune Direct is going to expand up on debunking illusions and cultural myths. We will see an emergence of music used in a different way, most likely in the realm of therapy. We'll see an increase in women taking dance and yoga classes, as well as, taking voice lessons if Taurus also figures prominently in a Natal Chart. For men, Neptune is going to show them how they idealize women--turning them into goddesses one moment and demons the next. Men will move past the idea of ever meeting their dream woman and follow the phrase from the 1960s song, "Love the One Your With."

We also must bring in discernment and understand that it is not the right time to merge with all that is because all that is contains some dark energies at this time. Or at least be careful for who you open your soul to because you could end up in a healer's office undergoing hours of clearing and removal of energy. Neptune and Pisces in themselves do not discern. They want to love everyone and this ends up in the realm of martyrs and saints--sainted martyrs that actually harbor resentment. But who opened the door in the first place?

And this also is not a time for getting caught up in fear, paranoia, and conspiracies even if they are true. And this is because we have choices that quantum realities presents to us. At the very least, Neptune shows us where we trip ourselves. It shows us the illusions we cling to about ourselves and others--and this information is revealed to us in deep meditation or in dreams. However, on the dark side, Neptune presents us with distractions too in the form of romance novels (addiction to), television, and any addiction--which is an obsession getting out of hand. I even see a lot of women and men suffering from eating disorders because they bought into a distorted reality. Neptune does at times prevent us with trick mirrors, especially when Neptune is in a square with Mercury or Uranus which rule the mental process.

Now, Neptune is in good placement with the other outer planets, at least starting this December. Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn and a trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. Then next spring when Uranus dips into Taurus, that energy bodes well with Pisces. And of course, after Saturn moves into Capricorn, we experience another sextile. We are revisiting the elements of Water and Earth after experiencing the intense Fire Element for the past 2/1/2 years. I think this is about us getting real, cutting out distractions, and focusing on our life mission, which could even be healing ourselves.

This is a lot to chew so I'll leave you with this, dream big with Neptune moving direct and pay attention to your dreams. Saturn in Capricorn is the next big transit I'll address. Stay tune.

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Scorpio New Moon on November 18 , 2017---Immense Transformation

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
This Scorpio New Moon (November 18, 2017, at 26 degrees) brings spiritual transformation that shows up quickly in the physical realm. We reap what we sow. Our energy either comes back to caress or to slap our face--and it is up to each of us to choose our vibration.

However, even if we choose the low road we still reap wisdom in the form of lessons--hopefully. Mars in Libra squares Pluto with a one-degree orb so that in itself spells transformation, especially for anyone with Fixed planets from 16 to 26 degrees. You will work on releasing your stubborn will so that the Creator can do his/her work in your life. And you will know if you are not doing that if your joints are stiff and painful. Release.

So, yes, we experience another Cardinal T-Cross with Mars opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto. Fortunately, the Sun and the Moon in Scorpio act as a yield sign for Uranus' end of the T-Cross. If we take responsibility for our emotional end of life we relieve the world of violent acts that could transpire during and around this New Moon. A trine with the New Moon, the Sun, and Chiron also provides us with empowerment through healing old wounds. I know, I keep harping on healing old wounds. And I applaud any of you doing the worked. I'm on board that trains too.

If we look at the chart set for Seattle, we see most of the planetary transits happening beneath the horizon. This means that most of the transformation is hidden and this can also hide covert activity so use discernment. It also reflects on pollution and disease happening beneath the surface. Fortunately, the outer planets Neptune and Jupiter are in flowing aspect; so are Saturn and Mars and Saturn and Uranus.

The sense I get is that we fight for justice in some area of our lives. It is time to stand up and get counted. Everyone matters. So, now, let's look at the breakdown of the Zodiac Signs.

Aries: Cool your jets, Aries. You want to get out there and fight for justice, but do your research first or you will come across as a fool. You have the energy and stamina for athletic pursuits. But be careful in regard to injuries. Don't take foolish chances. Wear the bicycle helmet and that sort of thing.

Taurus: Watch out that you are not projecting shadows onto others now, especially Scorpio people. You want things your way and you are not looking at the bigger picture. Practice self-care and then reach out to others and bring them comfort through food. It is through your kindness that you experience blessings in your life.

Gemini: Your quest is for knowledge as opposed to wisdom. You play the roles of an undercover journalist and detective. And this is most likely in your area of health. It's a good time to work with a doctor and psychologist now. You find a connection between your soul and disease. Get to the bottom of it. Dig deep and get to the roots.

Cancer: Do you feel safe in your home? How can you fire proof and mold proof your home? This is not a time to get paranoid but a time to take inventory and to prepare for the future. Stock up on food and water, but don’t take it to extremes. This message is only for some Cancerians. Others find comfort at home with a good book and a cozy blanket. Go inward to find your answers.

Leo: You don’t enjoy this dark time of year. Sure the upcoming holidays leave you feeling special, but you miss the rays of the Sun if you reside in the northern hemisphere. You miss the beach, the good times, and outdoor recreation with friends. But attend a dinner party or a poetry night and make sure to receive your 15-minutes of fame for the evening. Better yet, join a community or professional theater company. This will help you survive the winter months (northern hemisphere).

Virgo: I see you on a soapbox driving others crazy with rants. Calm down, Virgo because no one is perfect and neither is the world. If you can accept the world for its chaotic mess, then you reap rewards in the form of peace and friendship. No one will hang out with a complainer but if you come up with solutions instead of problems, others will join your team.

Libra: You feel like no one is listening to you. Are you invisible? Well, yes, because you’re always invisible or outshined by the Scorpio Sun and Moon. This is a time for you to go inward and to examine how you show up in the world. Play the game of incognito. Pick up favorite novel and then tuck yourself into a corner where you can observe the world. This will pass and soon you’ll be back in the thick of things.

Scorpio: With so many changes happening in the world and mirrored within you, who are you today? You bring powerful shamanic abilities to the world. Your communication with animals and other realms empower you. But where do you begin and other people end? Remember to own your shadows because they give you power and not shame. Think Kali as you go about creating and deconstructing your world.

Sagittarius: What do you truly value? Take stock of your material wealth and your talents. Are you ready to switch careers but find that your friends tell you to seek the more secure road? Well, Sagittarius, you’re not about security. And if you don’t seek the open road how will you inspire the rest of us? It’s time to climb the highest mountain and reach for that impossible star. Show us how it is done. Faith.

Capricorn: It is time for you to work on your communication skills with other people in your life. Stop acting like the authority on everything or lording over people. This is a time to practice compassion and kindness while lifting up others either in the material sense or through sharing your wisdom. And wisdom is not something you’ll find in books. It comes from your soul’s journey through this and other lifetimes.

Aquarius: How is your home life? This is the area you need to take inventory. And how is your relationship with your mother or women in general? This month go out of your comfort level by staying home more often and getting to know the people in your life. Even though we enjoy your sudden flashes of brilliance, it is time to listen more than talk. And who knows what you can learn from the other 11 Zodiac Signs.

Pisces: It’s time for you to get out of the house and join others with a creative project. And if fine and performing arts are not your cup of tea, then join a spiritual group, especially one studying a book or single concept. You need to rein it in this month. What I mean by that is you must stop expanding yourself so far into the Universe that you lose your identity. Contract instead of expand and see what lies in front of your nose. Then focus on those closest to you instead of those beings in your fantasies and dreams. Get real.
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