Friday, December 30, 2016

Aquarius New Moon for January 27/28, 2017--Crow of the Rooster

In 2017, the Chinese New Year begins earlier than usual. I guess we can expect the Year of the Rooster (not that I know much about Chinese Astrology) to push us forward. 

I remember a Year of the Rooster back in the 1990s where my friends and I joked, "If you snooze, you lose." And I have a feeling that this saying also goes for the Year of the Rooster in 2017. 

This is because we hail in this New Year during the Aquarius New Moon that falls on January 27, at least in my part of the world.

Now, let's first look at the Sign Aquarius before breaking down the transits in the Moon Chart. As many of you know, Aquarius is the sign of the rebel and revolutions. It's the sign for innovations and looking towards a future that resembles the modern French ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity (which we'll change to "humanity"). And 2017 marks a time of people shouting for justice. It also marks a year of many surprises coming to us out of left field. Doors open and then they close during a blink of an eye. Those people who normally hesitate and have to think everything through before making a choice will lose out in 2017.

I see two images. One is the wheel of fortune from the Tarot deck. It's spinning fast and if you want to succeed, you must grab the hub of the wheel and hang on. The other image I have is the French Revolution, not to say that we necessarily need to resort to violent overthrows. In fact, I wouldn't advise that old route. We must make a commitment to quiet and peaceful revolutions such as not supporting big banks, or engaging so heavily in consumerism, or filling the car with gas (look for alternative transportation).

Remember those wacky volunteer simplicity types? They are going to inspire us in 2017 and we will no longer see them as wacky but as teachers. Stepping out of the matrix is the name of the game and you can't have your cake and eat it too. And it doesn't matter how many times someone quotes Marie Antoinette. It's a revolutionary year, baby. And the energies I'm picking up are people making a commitment to change instead of expecting someone else to pick up the baton.

Okay, so let's break down the New Moon Chart. The first thing I notice is the Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter at 22 Libra, Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn conjunct Mercury at 15 degrees Capricorn and Uranus/Ceres at 20 Aries. Now, this is a tight T-Cross and it has some heavy players, meaning three outer planets are taking each other to the carpet. And they are all transiting in pushy Cardinal Signs.

I've already written extensively on this "revolutionary" T-Cross. Jupiter of course, wants peace and justice and so does Uranus in Aries (except this planet provides fighting energy), and then Pluto represents the establishment we are transforming through grassroots efforts.

This chart does not let Mutable Signs off the hook. A Triple Conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Chiron in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius. And for me, this has the same message as the Cardinal T-Cross. Except now we're looking at deep wounds possibly around sexuality and choices we make in that regard. Aquarius often represents androgyny as well as, equality between the sexes. Think of early Communist China where the women and men dressed the same as they were all considered comrades to the revolution. But Saturn in Sagittarius is holding on tight to the established order while younger energies (such as Millennials and Post-Millennials) butt up against the system.

And you can't really blame them when they are the ones who inherit the mess of climate change, broken economies, and a consumer culture run amok. They inherit financial and other types of debt. And the worse thing is that many of these younger folks have passion, drive, inspiration, and the intelligence (not to mention soul intelligence) to transform how we live on Planet Earth. So it will be interesting to see how the Aquarius New Moon (which launches 2017) will set the tone for the year. We also must remember that the North Node moves into Leo in May and this means that eclipses take place in Aquarius and Leo for the next year and a half.

Now, there is a lovely sextile between the Pisces Triple Conjunction (Venus, Mars, and Chiron) and Pluto/Mercury. And I believe that we will hear a lot from the Millennials. And this will cause us older folks to head back to our roots to find the original wound that requires healing now (Chiron). Venus and Mars often represent young men and women. I think of the moon as representing older women and I think of Saturn as representing older people (male and female). Mercury represents how we use our brains and when it's conjunct Pluto, we're doing our share of powerful and transformational thinking. But even better than thinking is getting in touch with our heart or heart path (Triple Conjunction in Pisces).

Saturn is in flowing aspects with Uranus and Jupiter. First, Saturn forms a Fire Trine with Uranus (which is on-going in 2017) so this brings us passion and enthusiasm. Then Saturn sextiles Jupiter. And since Jupiter is Sagittarius' planet and Saturn is in Sagittarius, this brings up scenarios around foreign relations, higher education, the higher mind, justice (as in the legal profession), and travel.

 Aries--Tone it down a bit. We hear your message but Jupiter in Libra asks you to expand on peace through meditation and contemplation.

Taurus--The Aquarius New Moon is not your cup of tea, but it can get you out of a rut. Try a different type of food this cycle. Or go on an amazing trip in which you see the world through a new perspective. Step out of your comfort zone.

Gemini--You want to take the intellectual route by gathering information through research. But why don't you get in touch with your emotional side and develop compassion?

Cancer--You want to run and hide because revolutions are not your thing. However, wouldn't you like to see everyone have food in their stomach that's not GMO and a roof over their heads? Wouldn't you like to see children living in safe places, as opposed to dealing with bullies? There are different kinds of revolutions and you get to choose one to join.

Leo--Aquarius people often leave out the uniqueness of an individual finding that too selfish. So, Leo, it's up to you to combine humanitarianism with authenticity. Put your signature on it.

Virgo--You're another sign who doesn't care for revolutionary energy or Aquarius in particular. But focus on the service side of humanitarianism. And those advocate groups could also use a good bookkeeper and organizer.

Libra--You're on board the peace train and you promote justice and equality. But you feel nervous when people seem to get off balance and spout negative ideals or beliefs. Your motto is to keep it really peaceful. And you're right, of course.

Scorpio--Please don't spread conspiracy theories or start new ones. It doesn't help us to focus on the dark ones behind the curtain. Besides, there's always something going on behind the scenes. Use your laser focus and compassion to heal your community or part of the world. Spread compassion, instead of fear.

Sagittarius--This chart features that wonderful Saturn-Jupiter sextile which causes your feet to itch and your heart to go restless. You want to travel and it is a good time for a diplomacy trip.

Capricorn--You feel attacked from all sides. First, you have Pluto and Mercury in your sign which causes you to think bullies are coming out of every sidewalk crack. And then Uranus in Aries is demanding that you join a revolution. Meanwhile, Jupiter asks you to ride the peace train. Aye!

Aquarius--This moon begins the next New Moon cycle for you. Set your intentions for the next moon cycle. What would you like to contribute to the world?

Pisces--Wow, with Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in your sign, you are receiving mixed messages about your sexuality and sex. You are also reconsidering your values and separating those values from your parents. Who are you, Pisces?

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cancer Full Moon on January 12, 2017--Welcome to the Cardinal Bash

At first, I thought the transits for 2017 were rather calm until I saw the chart for the Cancer Full Moon on January 12. Just two weeks into the new year and the transiting moon and sun form a Grand Square with Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus. Actually, there are a lot of transits going on that day that tests our values and our strength. 

Cancer, Capricorn, Libra, and Aries, haven't we had enough of all this bombastic energy? So, here is the setup. The Cancer Moon opposes the Capricorn Sun and Pluto, squares Jupiter in Libra, and Uranus/Ceres in Aries.

Meanwhile, Mercury (now moving direct, but wobbly) hooks up with Saturn in Sagittarius and those two planets square Mars conjunct Chiron (as if Mars conjunct Chiron isn't painful enough). And we have a Pisces Stellium with Venus conjunct Neptune and Mars conjunct Chiron.

So, you ask, are there any flowing aspects to this chart? The Sun/Pluto sextile Mars/Chiron so that brings some grounding through meditation that is transformational.

Mars and Chiron trine the Cancer Moon so that takes tension off the moon, but Mars is still involved which can cause irritation if we're not manifesting our dreams or understanding our dreams. And finally, Jupiter in Libra is in flowing aspect with Saturn/Mercury so if we turn to coaching types, we feel bolstered.

Now, I'm going to let a channeled message for this Full Moon come through.

If you are a woman or someone who is not part of the dominant matrix culture ruled by patriarchs, then you will focus on social justice during the week of this moon. You feel a strong urge to shake the status quo. You look for ways to buck the system that is not confrontational or that do not bring catastrophe to your doorstep.

Jupiter tells us that inner peace is the tension-tamer with all the global and personal problems facing us at the time of the full moon. Now, this is challenging because Mars conjunct Chiron is bringing up our childhood wounds. And we project those wounds onto others and blame them for our emotions. We label others as having personality disorders and blame them for our misery. But instead, we need to reach back to our childhood and look at those old wounds from the distance. We must find a way to look at childhood wounds from an adult mind and an adult heart.

Personally, I like the release work of John Newton (Health Beyond Belief) in that we focus on sensations in our body where memories attach themselves. And we notice the release of this old energy through forgiveness prayers. It sounds simple in concept, but as John says, this work is profound. And you don't need to rationalize why it works. You just pay attention to the sensations in your body where emotions, beliefs, and patterns are trapped.

Of course, there are many healing modalities you can work with and use the ones that call to you personally. If you know of powerful meditations use those now. If your tools are with sound healing then use that. Music therapy and all art therapy go well now. Walking in nature and practicing Indigenous prayers and healing practices go well too.

The Stellium in Pisces (Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and Venus), asks us to heal through the performing arts or spiritual practices. We must watch out for distractions and addictions which prevent us from finding true peace and happiness. Don't get caught up in attracting your soul mate, for instance, instead of doing the real work you came here to do. If you surrender to your true path and destiny, everything else falls in place. Work with spirit and tame your ego. 

This Full Moon is going to test all of us to our core. We will see how far we have come on our spiritual path and many of us will be humbled by this moon. This is not a time to show up at a spiritual workshop and brag about your wisdom or talents. We will find that we are back at the beginning and not the end of a path. We will realize we don't know as much as we thought we did. Those people who call themselves enlightened are fooling themselves and probably have dangerous personality disorders that require addressing by professionals. Watch out for gurus (wolves) wearing sheep's clothing. They will show up now as rescuers. They are dangerous.

The Cancer Full Moon warns us that we must find power within and use it compassionately and peacefully. A true powerful person does not attack others. But instead, a spiritual warrior is a martial artist who steps out of the way and allows other people's emotions and projections sail right past them. They do not engage with other people's egos, but they do welcome the healing of other people's spirits. End of transmission.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Whole Astrology 2017 Earth Sign Forecast (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo)

This is the fourth and final installment of my astrology forecasts for 2017. And now my gaze turns to the Earth Signs--Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. While I don't see much happening for Taurus or Virgo, Capricorn has a powerful year in store, that is my mountain goat if you choose to embrace your personal power. Don't look for power in the outer world or as gained from other people. I'm talking about inner power which moves mountains. Are you up for it?

The biggest event for Earth Signs in 2017 happens on December 21 when Saturn moves out of Sagittarius into Capricorn. In October, Jupiter stops squaring Pluto because the gaseous planet moves out of Libra into Scorpio. And the North Node moves out of Virgo (Earth Sign) into Leo (Fire Sign) on May 10. Mars, Venus, and Jupiter go to heads with Pluto and align with Uranus to bring on a Great Awakening.


When we celebrate the New Year, the moon arrives in Aquarius. However, we're still feeling the embers of the Capricorn New Moon from December 29. Some folks are bouncing into the future with glee, but Capricorn, you're focused on building infrastructure for the year ahead. And if you're thinking that 2017 is a sober year, you're right. For you, it's a very sober year. But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't prepare for changes that come to you out of left field. Be prepared for anything and learn to become a first responder. People will be counting on you as a rock to lean upon.


Mars conjuncts Neptune in your 3rd House of communication the first week. Situations seem surreal and people's reactions and responses seem unreal. Plus Mercury is RX in your 12th House (behind the veil) until the 8th. Best not to make any major decisions the first week of the year. Lay low and spend time interpreting your dreams instead. You do feel compassionate towards others, especially children.

The transiting Sun connects with the Dark Lord Pluto in your 1st House from the 7 - 12. This is when you feel a dark cloud covering your light. But even shadows have timely messages that bring deep healing and transformation. Venus conjuncts Neptune in your 3rd House and you want to glamorize your life from the 13 - 17 or at least get involved with an art project. Women, whether you are straight or gay seem alluring at this time.

Mars in Pisces squares Saturn from the 18 - 24. Since Saturn is your planetary ruler, you might find that either children or adults are rebelling against your authority. Or you might experience adults acting like children. Either way, you find this annoying and wish people would grow up and think for themselves.

The Cancer New Moon on the 12th has you at odds with your partner. You have the urge to get work done and get caught up after the holidays. But your partner wants to spend time with you and cuddle. You'll need to come up with a compromise. People are extremely moody during this time.


From January 8 until February 6, all the planets were in forward motion. That is the astrological equivalent of a green light. But on February 6, Jupiter which transits in your 10th House of Career and the Public goes RX. And it doesn't go direct until June 9. So that run of luck you have experienced with your career-hopping and the public takes a breather. It's not that you won't experience good fortune, only that you'll have to worker harder to reap rewards.

Then Mars in Aries squares Pluto on the 22 -25. This plays out in your 1st House of identity and your 4th House of home/mother/childhood. Either you work through childhood wounds and liberate yourself from patterns or Pluto is going to hurl a wrecking ball your way. If you are currently living with your parents, you will have to relocate. Or if you find you have to relocate because you lost a job, you might end up moving in with your mother. But either way, you fall back on yourself to heal old wounds once and for all. Stop blaming your parents. Taking responsibility gives you the power you crave.

And if Pluto doesn't get your attention, Mars conjuncts with Uranus from the 26 -28 in your 4th House. Look at the same themes from my above statement that quicken the response time. Uranus is the lightening or sudden events planet and when Mars brings its fiery energy to the transit and in its own sign Aries, expect sparks to fly.

On February 10, we experience the Leo Lunar Eclipse which falls in your 8th House of other people's resources. If you have been working on sharing your gifts and talents in the world, you might receive financial support in the way of a grant or a manager taking you on as a client. The Pisces Solar Eclipse on the 26th falls in your 3rd House. You might need to help out a sibling or cousin or neighbor during this time. Remember, people are going to lean on you heavily this year.


The Sun conjuncts Neptune from the 1 - 4 in your 3rd House. Dream big during this time, but share your dreams with the right people. You don't have to go it alone. People want to lend a hand. Venus in Aries goes RX on the 4th in your 4th House. Now, is a good time to reassess your values about home, mother, mothering, and childhood Perhaps, you have lived your life according to your parents' ideals and now it's time to explore what you desire. This further emphasized when the Aries Sun conjuncts Venus on the 25 - 31.

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction also takes place in your 3rd House. With all this brain power, you can get a lot of mental work done (27 - 28). Or you might want to try cognitive therapy to break old patterns and habits. Jupiter RX in your 10th House goes to head with Pluto in your 1st House. Your self-identity might not be in alignment with your career or your public image. Now, is the time to make adjustments. Make sure that you acting in integrity. The public knows the truth when it hears it and you don't want anyone bashing you on Twitter or Facebook.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th lands in your 9th House of higher learning/travel/religion. It is a house with a tendency for pomposity. However, it's also a time when you can teach others what you have learned along the way. You want to serve the public in some way that has to do with foreign relations, teaching, or spirituality.

The Aries New Moon on the 27th shines the spotlight on home again. And you revisit feeling at home or not feeling at home as that relates to your parents and upbringing. I think this is a theme for you, Capricorn (Sun and Ascendant).


This is a red light month because of all the planets switching directions. Your ruler Saturn goes RX on the 6th. Venus goes Direct on the 15th in Pisces. Mercury goes RX on the 9th in Taurus and Pluto goes RX in your 1st House on the 10th. Don't expect any work to get done and expect delays. You don't like when Saturn goes RX because you lack any motivation to get anything done. But maybe that's the point. It's time to rest and recreate.

Some positive boosters are the Mars-Pluto Trine on 6 - 8 which helps you build new structure even if Saturn goes RX at that time. The Sun-Uranus conjunction on the 14 - 15 either leaves you feeling restless or you use that energy to start an exercise program or do something physical. And the Mercury-Uranus conjunction boost brain power from the 28 - 30 into the next month (ends on May 13). Listen to brainwave CDs during this time.

The Libra Full Moon on the 11th lights up your Career and Public Image 10th House. You work towards achieving balance and harmony. Think Louise Hay's calm voice as you go about your day. That is the calmness you are trying to achieve. And things get even calmer around the time of the Taurus New Moon on the 26th. This is a month that you focus on calmness and beauty no matter what is brewing in the background.


Mars moves into Gemini (your house of work) and squares Neptune from the 11 to the 17th. You'll want to back up your spiritual beliefs with cognitive thinking. And your thinking is clear this month because of Mars trining Jupiter in Air Signs during the last week and the on-going Mercury-Uranus trine which ends on the 13th. Then you get a boost of enthusiasm from the Saturn-Uranus trine during the last week. That's a trine we see playing throughout 2017. It's a lovely Fire Trine that helps us to lighten up.

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th lands in your 11th House of colleagues. I see you getting involved with investigative work on social media or maybe through journalism. You want to join with others in solving a mystery. Just don't get caught up in conspiracy theories.


Big news in June is that Neptune goes RX on the 16th in your 3rd House of communications. I think it becomes easier to communicate and articulate your dreams and aspirations. Jupiter goes Direct on the 9th, the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon. You are itching to travel, but this falls in your 12th House so more than likely, this travel happens in your mind such as traveling and exploring past lives.

Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries on the 1 - 3. So you are either living with an unusual woman or about to meet one through your mother or at home. This woman wants you to join her in shaking things up. Most likely she is an Aries or Aquarius. Mars in Cancer trines Neptune (27 - 30). and this brings heat to a partnership or romantic situation. Perhaps, if you partner with women, the Aquarius or Aries woman stirs your passion.

The Cancer New Moon on the 23rd falls in your 7th House of partnerships. Either you start a new partnership now or rekindle a current one. You begin a new cycle for your 7th House themes.


This month you experience Cardinal Sign tension. Mars in Cancer (7th) squares Uranus in your 4th House. This could bring tension to the home but only because you or your partner seeks freedom now. The Leo Sun conjuncts Mars on the 23 - 29. You are looking at resources coming from other people or joint finances. Or you could find yourself leading a spiritual workshop or movement.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th falls in your 1st House. If you are experiencing aches and pains brought on by stress see either a medical doctor or better yet, a lifestyle coach. You are asked to make changes to your lifestyle to increase your vitality and good health. Also, this full moon ends a 12-month cycle. It's time to set intentions for the next 12 months.


The second most challenging month in 2017 is August. And again, the Cardinal Signs dominate bringing stress into the equation. Uranus in Aries goes RX on the 3rd and for you, this leaves some breathing space for several months. But Mercury also goes RX on the 13th in your 9th and 8th houses so it's not a good time to travel overseas. Wait until after September 5 when Mercury goes Direct in Leo. Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto on the 16th so there could be a drag-out fight in a partnership or one or both of you undergoes a transformation that shifts consciousness in your partnership.

Jupiter squares Pluto (1 - 8) but this leads up to a loose T-square with Uranus. You'll see this play out on the world stage in social justice events and many of these events began in 2016 or earlier. You might have your own legal and social justice issues to tend with home and partnerships. But this all depends on the evolution of your soul.

On August 7, we experience a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius in your 2nd House of gifts, talents, values. Eclipses bring breakthroughs and culminations. So if you have been working towards getting your talents out in the world, you might just hear good news or experience a breakthrough during this eclipse. Even rejections can turn to success later if you know how to use any criticism for fodder to perfect your work.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo occurs on the 21st in your 8th House of other people's resources, sex, death, and the occult. This is also the psychology house so you experience a breakthrough in how your early upbringing affects how you handle success and finances. How can you succeed with your talents, if you don't explore your shadows and then accept them? Solar Eclipses shed light on the darkness in our lives.


Use this month to rest or take a vacation. Mars in Leo trines Uranus and this gives everyone boost of energy and vitality. This trine happens in your 4th and 8th houses so see what transpires for you in the way of home and other people's resources during the 1st week of September.

You enjoy going on a spiritual retreat during the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th. Or if you can't get away for a retreat at least take a spiritual workshop or spend time reading self-help books. Pisces opens up new paths for you, but it's up to you to walk those paths. The Virgo New Moon on the 19th provides opportunities to travel abroad. Perhaps, you go on a teaching tour or you teach workshops overseas. This could also be about attracting foreign customers or clients.


The big news is that Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on the 11th. This means that the Cardinal Signs don't experience any more squares, conjunctions, or oppositions with Libra. Now, Jupiter transits in your 11th House of social networking, grassroots groups, charitable causes, and colleagues. You want to dig deep into an issue and advocate for justice.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Virgo the 1st week and are in exact orb on the 5th. This coupling takes place in your 9th House of world travel and the higher mind. I think some of you are going to meet partners from other countries and cultures in October. That is if you are single. If you're partnered then you'll meet foreigners who become your advocates, friends, and business partners. These are people with an eye for details but they might not see the big picture.

Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn (9th and 1st houses) the first week and is in exact orb on the 1st and 2nd. If you travel overseas, make sure that you have a strong self-identity and take care of your health. Whatever you do, don't act impatient (Mars) or criticize aspects of other cultures. This will not go over well and you might not receive an invitation to return.

Mars squares your ruler, Saturn on the 19 - 20 and this might have to do with a conflict in the area of spirituality or the performing arts. The Scorpio Sun conjuncts Jupiter on the 24th and again, you are involved with advocacy or grassroots groups.

The Full Aries Moon on the 5th brings both vitality and more world tension because every time the moon transits in Aries it connects with Pluto by a square and Uranus by a conjunction, and then catches up to Jupiter in Libra with another square. So social justice, legal issues, and bombastic energy hits the fan.

The Libra New Moon on the 19th will not connect with Jupiter since this planet has arrived in Scorpio. But this new moon squares Pluto and opposes Uranus so we get more of the same tension that we experienced with the Full Aries Moon. We can call it book-end energy.


Besides the Mars-Pluto Square (19 - 20) which takes place in your 1st and 4th houses, November provides us with more flowing transits. We experience the long-playing Saturn-Uranus Fire Trine which gives everyone a can-do feeling. And even you, Capricorn perk up and dig into the holiday spirit. Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio (11 -12) and you see your circle of colleagues and causes expand along with your personal influence. Then at the end of the month, you experience Mercury joining Saturn in your 12th House. What is it about the higher mind that you wish to communicate with others? Saturn is preparing to move into Capricorn in December, so this is its last foray in the Sign of the Horse.

The Full Taurus Moon on the 4th is a good time to beautify your body, home, and garden (even if it's close to winter). Get your hair styled. Buy clothing in soft materials that are not navy or black. This moon wants you to lighten up and put your efforts behind your values. Then on the 18th, the New Moon in Scorpio has you celebrating a victory with colleagues or heading back to the drawing board after a failure. But this time you research your topic and get all the facts straight.


Mercury goes RX in your 12th House from the 3 - 22 and your mind goes way back to previous lifetimes. You explore these lifetimes and mine them for gold. You obsess over details in your nightly dreams and intangible realms communicate with you. You explore your spiritual gifts and if you're not already working in the metaphysical field, that type of work calls to you now--not just as a lifestyle but as a life.

Saturn moves into Capricorn the same day as the sun moves into Capricorn (on the Solstice). And in two years time, Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn while Uranus move into Taurus. Consider now the type of structure you want to build for the future because in a way, the future is now. The Sun conjuncts Saturn the 22 - 27 and then Venus conjuncts Saturn the last week. Capricorn this is the month for you! You're feeling strong, healthy, and vital. You're feeling confident and people are still leaning on you for support.

We end the year with Mars in Scorpio trining Neptune (exact on the 27 - 28) and this inspires your spiritual pursuits. You want to communicate the occult and other expansive topics to others. And you're going to shock a few people. Happy holidays, Capricorn. You have arrived at the pinnacle of success or the top of a mountain.


The big news for you this year is Venus (ruling planet) going RX in Aries and Pisces during the first few months of the year. Then, in the autumn months, Jupiter transits into your opposite sign Scorpio in October. And then on December 21, Saturn moves into Capricorn, a fellow Earth Sign. You give a sigh of relief since Saturn's move into Capricorn can only boost your finances.

The North Node moves into the Fixed Sign Leo. You have more in common with Leo than you think. You both enjoy sensuality leading to hedonism and you both enjoy luxuries but for different reasons. Taurus, unlike Leo, you are not trying to impress anyone except yourself. And there's nothing wrong with a bit of self-love provided it does not turn you into a tyrant.


An Aquarius Moon launches 2017 and this doesn't go over well with you. Similar to Capricorn and Cancer, you are a traditionalist. You fear changes and Aquarius ushers in futuristic changes. You fear new technology and prefer to cuddle with a soft blanket or gentle person as opposed to the latest high-tech gadget. Solar power is all good and well, but you prefer gardening and farming. You want to sink your hands into the earth.

You do feel dreamy the first week of January and you feel like writing poetry or making a movie. That's because of the Mars conjuncts Neptune in your 11th House. You want to show others what you're made of through words or images. Then your planet, Venus hooks up with Neptune from the 13 - 17 and you definitely want to create art.

The Sun-Pluto conjunction happening in your 9th House of long-distance travel and the higher mind brings in finances that help you pay for a holiday overseas or funds to return to college. You might even go on a spiritual retreat involving sacred sites or a trip to Egypt. However, the Mars-Saturn Square (18 - 24) has you crossing swords with spiritual colleagues. But none of you have your facts straight. Mercury goes Direct in Sagittarius (also your 8th House) on the 8th. After that, all the planets are in forward motion so the iron is hot for forging new projects.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 12th has you desiring to cuddle with someone. You don't feel like getting out of bed that day and would love if someone catered to your culinary needs. Take good care of your breasts and stomach during this moon. People are needing tender loving care at this time.

The Aquarius New Moon on the 27 has you encountering annoying people who rebel against the system. You're not in the mood for conspiracy theories and even your friends seem to harbor a few. Focus on beneficial technology or farming practices then you'll feel less annoyed with others. Better yet, throw yourself into an art project and it could just turn into a career. Aquarius is in your 10th House of career and the public.


Jupiter goes RX on the 6th in your 6th House of work and health. You lose enthusiasm for your daily work and want to go on vacation. But this waning energy will only last until June 9 when Jupiter goes direct. Take the next several months to shore up your health and to get organized with your daily routine. This is also a good time to break bad habits.

Mars in Aries squares Pluto (22 -25). When this happens the world goes crazy. But similar to Capricorn, you are a rock of stability that others cling to. This is followed by Mars conjuncts the Awakener Uranus (26 -28). Where do you need to change in your life?

It's the first eclipse season and on the 10th, we experience a Lunar Eclipse in Leo which squares the Taurus Sun and Ascendant (at least in a general reading). You experience shaking up in the home and career. But eclipses shake things up to make our lives better. The Pisces Solar Eclipse on the 26 has you joining with spiritual colleagues or maybe you get involved in a cause that requires your compassion.


The Sun conjuncts Neptune from the 1 - 4 and this leaves you with space to daydream. Indulge in self-help books and workshops this week. Expand your consciousness. Your planet Venus goes RX in Aries on the 4th. You don't like when Venus goes retrograde because you lose sight of your values and you find it harder to look attractive to others. It's like your hairdresser went on permanent vacation and none of your clothes seem to fit. And Venus in Aries? Please. The Sun conjuncts Venus (25 - 31) which further annoys you.

You're not too pleased with the Mercury-Uranus conjunction (27 - 28) which occurs in your 12th House of pre-birth and the intangible realms. But if you open yourself up to drinking in the cosmos, you could touch the robe of enlightenment. Past lives surface and you encounter people from past life experiences. You also find that your intuition is heightened. You question everything. Too bad Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto (26 -31) causing people to rebel and riot across the planet. Peace, already.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th leaves you feeling solid and grounded. It's a good time to fix any health problems. Get organized. If you want to get away from your monkey mind, get involved in some kind of recreation or hobby. If you're single you might meet a love interest but refrain from acting overly critical or this affair ends before it begins.


Even though you normally love the month of April because you can finally get into the garden or do some urban farming, this April feels hectic. Mercury goes RX in your sign on the 9th. Venus goes Direct on the 15th in your 11th House. Saturn goes RX on the 6th and dare I say that this leaves everyone feeling lazy? Pluto goes RX on the 20th in your 9th House so travel doesn't go well. You would rather stay at home anyway. However, Mars in Taurus trines Pluto (6 - 8) so maybe you can clean up your finances. And the Sun-Venus conjunction in your sign the last week gives you a financial boost.

The Taurus New Moon on the 26 starts new manifestation cycle for you. Reassess that past 12 months and then set new intentions.


This mid-spring month will always be associated with Fernando the bull in my mind. I love May and I know you do as well. Flowers perfume the air, organic vegetables arrive at outdoor markets. Some folks take early vacations. And we all wear pastels which are associated with Taurus.

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction continues in your 12th House until the 13th have you revisiting past lives and over analyzing them. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune (11 - 17) so this just augments the last sentence. And then Mars trines Jupiter in Air Signs helping you to detach from spiritual and emotional situations. And then Saturn trines Uranus in the Fire Element so this could give you drive and motivation.

The Scorpio Full Moon in your 7th House of partnerships either leads to good sex with your partner or could bring up jealousy and paranoia. Which page are you on?


Venus conjuncts Uranus in your 12th House. Perhaps, you are attracting to strange art at this time. Or you get involved in a spiritual community that would normally seem too far-out to you. This happens 1 -3.  Neptune goes RX in your 11th House on the 16th. But Jupiter goes direct on June 9, the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon so plan a vacation after June 9. Mars moves into Cancer and trines Neptune (27 - 30). Dream big now and practice self-care.

The Cancer New Moon on the 23 is a good day for practicing self-care. Head to the beach. Indulging in comfort foods won't harm you, but don't overdo it.


Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries (19 - 21) and then after Mars and the sun move into Leo, the planets conjunct on 23 - 29. This Mars energy irritates you. People seem self-absorbed or in their own competitive worlds. You wish people would relax and make peace instead of war. This is a good time to garden and sink your hands into the earth. Growing food or flowers brings beauty and peace to your life.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th brings you money for higher education or to travel overseas. It would be a wonderful time to visit sacred sites or get involved with an international spiritual event. I'm seeing you some of you attending a Buddhist retreat in the mountains.

The Leo New Moon on the 23rd falls in your 4th House which represents your home, mother, and your childhood. It's time to let go of baggage so that you can shine. And do something creative in the home now. Or if there is something creative you always wanted to do, but your mother denied you this talent, now is the time to reclaim those gifts and dreams.


This is another intense month, somewhat like April. Uranus goes RX on the 3rd and that calms people down. We experience less from loose cannon types, but we also don't see many innovations for the next several months. And people could fall back asleep after waking up spiritually. But make no mistake, there is still an urgency for change due to powerful eclipses, a square between Jupiter and Pluto during the first week, Mercury going RX in your 4th House on the 13th and Venus opposing Pluto on the 16th. We all want to hide under a rock or in a cave.

The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 7th. And this eclipse sheds light in your house of career and the public. This means that a sudden revelation or out-of-the-blue event happens that takes your career in a new direction. Make sure that you are honest with the public, as you do not want to become the center of attention during this eclipse. A total Solar Eclipse in Leo occurs on the 21st and this happens in your 4th House. Perhaps, a conflict between your home and career are revealed to you. But lay low for a few days before coming up with a plan.


This is a relatively slow and quiet month, just the way you like it. We all get a boost from the Mars-Uranus Trine the first week.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th has you getting involved with spiritual groups. I see you joining a channeled session and meeting people that open your mind and expand your consciousness. But during the Virgo New Moon on the 19th, you might question your new spiritual endeavors unless they bring you some kind of pleasure. You might also see it as entertainment and that would be a mistake.


The most important transit for you this week is Jupiter moving into your opposite sign, Scorpio on the 11th. This means that Jupiter transits in your 7th House of partnerships for the next 12 months. If you are already in a partnership it's about to heat up. And if you are single, you could meet a Scorpio or other Water Sign person who feels like a deep soul mate. It's going to be an intense ride. This could also represent a time where you take legal action or delve into psychological issues. This is only for a small group of Taurus Sun and Ascendant people.

Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn and this energy helps keep you grounded. You scrutinize work situations but since this transit happens in your 5th and 9th houses, I say, travel somewhere and meet new people. Just don't be overly critical because potential friends will see you as aggressive. And if that's not enough Virgo energy, Venus and Mars connect in Virgo on the 12 - 13. Mars also squares Saturn during this time which has childlike energy going to head with authority.

The Scorpio Sun connects to Jupiter on the 24th. And this is a good time for healing psychological hang-ups around sex, death, DNA, your lineage, and other people's resources. But for you, all this happens in your 7th House of partners.


Besides the Mars-Pluto square on the 19 - 20, you feel supported by the major transits in November.  Venus and Jupiter conjunct in your house of partners and this tells me that finances improve and boosts your partnership or takes it to the next level. Everyone benefits from the last Saturn-Uranus trine as this leaves us feeling optimistic. And the Mercury-Saturn conjunction acts as a last hoorah for long-distance travel before Mercury goes RX on December 3 in Sagittarius (the sign for travel).

The Taurus Full Moon on the 3 (same day Mercury goes RX), asks you to reassess the past 12 months. What have you manifested? Do you like what you have manifested? How can you do that differently for the upcoming 12 months? Set new intentions for the next year. However, this is harvest time for you.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 18th again lights up your partnership house. If you're happy with your partner and you can go deep spiritually with him or her, then you are on the right path. If this isn't the case then you need to figure out if fear or stubbornness is standing in your way of having the partnership of your dreams. You might need to let your current partner go to make room for someone more suitable for the new you. Whatever you do, don't go and have an affair. You will get caught.


As I mentioned earlier, Mercury goes RX in Sagittarius from the 3 -22 (right before Christmas). But you like that Saturn enters Capricorn and your house of travel. Now, the downside of having Saturn in the 9th House is that you run into restrictions with overseas travel, foreign relations, foreign trade, immigration, and higher education. But the good news about having Saturn in Capricorn is that this energy trines Taurus. And it's fabulous for manifestation.

Double that effect with the Sun conjunction with Saturn (22 -27), right after Mercury goes direct. And then Venus meets up with Saturn during the last week. You meet women in high places who bring you support. And then we end the year with Mars in Scorpio trining Neptune (27 -28). This is a time when your wishes or fantasies manifest. Only don't try too hard because trines are flowing energy. But also don't slam the door on opportunities.

Happy holidays, Taurus.


There are no big Mutable T-Crosses with Saturn and Neptune in 2017. And for the most part, Virgo you are off the hook. The North Node moves from Virgo into Leo in May. At the beginning of the year, Venus transits in your opposite sign, Pisces. And then goes RX in Aries, returning to Pisces on the 4th of April (RX) and then goes direct in Pisces on 15 - 28.

Also at the beginning of the year, both Mars and Venus conjunct Neptune, which leaves people feeling inspired but also foggy as to where that inspiration will take them. You at least bring in practicality and critical thinking skills. In October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio which will sextile Virgo for the next 12 months. And then in December, Saturn moves into the fellow Earth Sign, Capricorn. So this means that you now have opportunities to improve finances and make career moves. The window of opportunity is 2 1/2 years, the length of time Saturn transits in a sign.

But until December 21, Saturn remains in your 4th House where you experience delays and restrictions with home, mothers, and childhood issues. Saturn reminds us that the areas of our life where we put efforts, take responsibility, and act with integrity will have lasting values. Perhaps, you experience a breakthrough with a lifelong lesson. Saturn stays in a sign for 2 1/2 years, so what themes regarding the home have you encountered during the past two years?

Uranus remains in your 8th House of other people's resources, big finances, inheritance, taxes, death, rebirth, soul-to-soul relationships, and psychology. So from January until July, expect the unexpected in these areas. I don't mean to cause you worry, but Uranus is the Awakener and does whatever it takes to wake you up to your true path.

Pluto transits in your 5th House. Pluto represents power and transformation. First, this area of your life undergoes transformation (more deeply if you have planets in Capricorn or one of the Cardinal Signs in the 5th House). Then after you surrender to the transformation, you gain power. So the Dark Night of the Soul occurs in your house of recreation/sports/children/love affairs and other things we consider fun. Perhaps, you are recovering from an injury that keeps you out of the game. Or you deal with issues with your children as they try to have power over you. Remember that you are never a victim but on a path of soul mastery.

Neptune and Chiron transit in your 7th House of partnerships. While it's a lovely fantasy to encounter your Twin Flame in 2017 (or up to 2024), it's time to become realistic about partners. Or Virgo, perhaps it's time to dream a little and write down a list of your values you would share with your ideal partner. Also, Neptune and Chiron asks you to walk in another person's shoes and express compassion. No one is perfect, but we can forgive imperfections. And let's not become too critical of a current partner because we like the one in our fantasies better.

Finally, Jupiter in Libra transits in your 2nd House of values/gifts/talents. If you choose to share those gifts with the world, not just out of the money you will earn, but out of love, then Jupiter blesses you. You reassess your values. And you balance the scales by keeping in mind all areas of your life. It is so easy to become overly focused and consumed by our passions or think that everyone shares our values. So Jupiter in Libra asks you to restore harmony with your public, the arts or other community you have joined, and working with a partner, instead of playing the lone wolf.

Keep all of those outer planet transits in mind as I quickly run through the transits for 2017. Any time a faster-moving planet aspects any of the above houses and transiting planets, you experience a heightened awareness of the themes and scenarios I mentioned above.


Both Mars ( 1st weeks) and Venus (13 -17) conjunct Neptune in your 7th House of partners. So please read what I said about Neptune in the opening portion for Virgo. Mercury which had been RX since December 19 goes direct on the 8th in your 4th House. It's time to clear up any misunderstandings with family or household members. You might have to clear up understandings with a mother or father.

Mars in Pisces squares Saturn (18 - 24) in your 4th and 7th Houses. You require building new structure with a partner and in your household. Perhaps, someone is returning to school or taking an overseas trip which you have to accommodate. At least Saturn in the 4th House brings you patience as you sort through challenges with logistics. If anyone can handle logistics, it's you, Virgo.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 12th has you looking at diet and digestive issues. You might change your diet or exercise plan. You're too critical of your body image during this moon and you blame it on your dietary habits. If you have trouble with your breasts or stomach, get medical attention at this time. It's probably nothing, but Virgo, you're not satisfied until the doctor gives his or her opinion.


After January 8 when Mercury went direct, all the planets were in forward motion. But on February 6, Jupiter goes RX (and goes direct on June 9). This takes place in your 2nd House of values/gifts/talents. So for several months you will feel like no one is noticing your talents. But use this as a time-out and not as a time to bash yourself. If you are a writer (most of you are), then use this time to rewrite and edit your work. It's not a time to pitch. Think of it as if it is a Mercury RX in that it's time to revisit, reassess, and rework. Hone your craft.

While you don't exactly enjoy the Mars-Pluto square (22 - 25) or the Mars-Uranus conjunction (26 -28), unless you have planets in the Cardinal Signs, you do not experience the madness taking place in the world directly. In fact, you feel critical of it. But Virgo, people see you as a rock, including Capricorn people. Be of service to others, but don't take on their baggage.

On February 10, we experience the Leo Lunar Eclipse. This takes place in your 12th House or behind the veil. Remember that the 12th House is what is hidden from us. Some astrologers refer to this house as a pre-birth house. It's also where we store past lives and spiritual lessons. But it is also the house of undoing where we sabotage ourselves with faulty beliefs and addictions. So see which spiritual beliefs are shaken up around February 10. The transiting North Node also moves into your 12th House in May.

We experience the Solar Eclipse in Pisces (last one in this sign until 2024) on the 26th. This takes place in the area of partnerships. There could be some shaking up or clearing away blocks so that you can start a new cycle. Or you could be ending themes around the North Node in Virgo and eclipses associated with that axis


Not that planets in Aries directly impact you, we experience Aries energy when Venus RX in Aries on the 4th, when the Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus (14 - 15) and Mercury conjuncts Uranus (27 -28) and then Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto (26 - 31). I tell you this because people are going to be hopping mad about social justice issues. Try to empathize with people born with a lot of Cardinal Sign planets. This could even be your family members and friends.

When the Pisces Sun conjuncts Neptune in your 7th House (1 - 4) you are directly impacted. The Sun brings light to the area of partners (and this includes business partners). It's time to balance the big dreams with practicalities. And you might need to make adjustments and compromises.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th ends a 12-month cycle for you in your 12th House. Perhaps, you started an exercise program or some other self-improvement project 12 months earlier. Now is the time to reassess and set new intentions for 2017.


None of the signs will enjoy the planetary traffic jams this month. But Virgo, you're going to feel at your wit's end because you want everyone to act efficiently and this month is chaotic at best. It's a good time to practice compassion and forgiveness. Don't take other people personally and refrain from ranting about "the system".

The good news is that Venus goes direct in Pisces (your house of partnership) on the 15. But Mercury goes RX on the 9th in your 9th House of travel and higher learning. Saturn in your 4th House of home goes RX on the 6th. And Pluto in your 5th House goes RX on the 20th. However, I think you'll enjoy the Dark Lord Pluto taking a breather in your 5th House until September 28.

Some bright spots of April are Mars in Taurus trining Pluto ( 6 - 8) so despite some planets changing direction (Pluto is still direct at this time), it's a good time to work on organizing and improving finances. Focus on abundance and not lack. The Sun conjuncts Uranus (14 -15) which helps you innovate in areas of other people's resources, finances, and dealing with more taboo topics. You could shed a light on impulsive behaviors. And Mercury conjuncts Uranus (28 -30) which boosts brain power. And this conjunction continues until May 13.

The Taurus New Moon on the 6th offers a wonderful time to travel overseas. It's also a good time to teach overseas, engage with foreigners or teach workshops online. Hone up on your communication skills and learn a new language.


With the major transits, we experience a trine between Mars in Gemini with Jupiter in Libra the last week. This gives us all breathing room and people want space to think. And we experience the Fire Trine with Uranus and Saturn which boosts our enthusiasm. The Mars-Neptune square is troublesome for you because it takes place in Mutable Signs, Gemini which squares Virgo and Pisces which opposes Virgo. This square takes place in your 7th and 10th houses the second week of May. Are you not paying attention to details with career and partners?

The Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th transits in your 3rd House of communication. You want to go deep with others and you can spot any deception in others at this time. The Gemini New Moon on the 25th squares your Virgo Sun or Ascendant. It's time to open clear communication and objectives with career and the public. What message are you trying to get across?


We revisit the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Aries. This falls in your 8th House and you might find that your values cross purposes with resources you receive from others. If you have a business, pay attention to taxes. And if you find yourself in conflict with power players, strike power poses and see where that takes you. Jupiter goes direct on June 10, the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon. This marks a good time to begin a vacation. I suggest taking a health-related or fitness-related vacation. Neptune goes RX on the 16th.

You like when Neptune goes RX because most people are clear-headed during that time. But it does not bode well for spiritual endeavors. You love Mars in Cancer trining Neptune from the 27 - 30. That does bode well for spirituality.

We experience the Cancer New Moon on the 23rd. You join a group or hang out with a group that feels like family. Break bread with your companions. Just don't go on a rant about gluten.


In July, Mars rules the roost. First, Mars in Cancer squares Uranus, the Awakener (19 -21) which means that the traditionalist Cancer goes to heads with revolutionary grassroots types who want to change the world. Change the world? Are you kidding me? Virgo, you're not too keen on Mars types either. Then on the 23 - 29, the Sun and Mars conjunct in Leo and egos swell and hog the spotlight. This drives you crazy too. This is why you need to go on a vacation.

You love the Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th. You feel like climbing a mountain or going on an adventure even with Pluto also occupying your 5th House of fun.


Uranus goes RX on the 3rd in your 8th House. You could experience a sudden revelation or seek freedom from to others. At least you won't be experiencing one thing after another until Uranus goes direct in early 2018. And we get too much Cardinal Sign madness in August coupled with eclipses. Jupiter squares Pluto ( 1 - 8), and Venus opposes Pluto (16). Then Mercury goes RX in Virgo/Leo on the 13th. You're not too pleased with all the chaos these transits bring. No one is. It's crazy-making. Lay low and refrain from criticizing others because they will fight back.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 7th transits in your house of work/health/daily routine/pets/and employees. Best to deal with any medical problems prior to this eclipse. Taking care of your heart, circulation, ankles, and upper spine are crucial now. You also experience sudden revelations with your daily work, employees, and possibly pets.

The Leo Solar Eclipse on the 21st and it sheds a light on past lives, performing arts, and secret dreams. What do you really want to do with your life?


Besides the Mars-Uranus Trine occurring in your 8th and 12th houses, this is a slower month. And this is a good thing after experiencing the tumultuous August. Take this month to go deep spiritually and release any beliefs or patterns that hold you back.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th lands in your 7th House of partnerships and legal contracts. This might require forgiveness and compassion towards a partner. Have you been holding your partner up to scrutiny? This full moon is about release and forgiveness. It's also about surrender to a higher power.

The Virgo New Moon on the 20th begins a new cycle for Virgo. Set intentions for the next 12 months and also reassess how you have met your goals for the previous 12 months.


This is a solid month for Virgos. First, Jupiter changes signs and moves into Scorpio on the 11th. When Jupiter is in Scorpio it supports you in your house of communication and education. You learn about the deeper motives intentions of siblings, neighbors, and cousins.

Mars in Virgo trines Pluto the first week and is exact on the 1st and 2nd. This gives your finances and business a boost. Venus and Mars conjunct in your 1st House (in Virgo) during the 1st and is exact on the 5th. You balance your masculine and feminine sides. You beautify and strengthen your body. Take a yoga class. On the 28 - 29, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in your 3rd House. This is a fantastic day for a short trip and communication. You find that people communicate on a deep level with you.

Mars in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius on the 12th exact. You cross swords with people who exaggerate or preach idealism.


We experience the Saturn trine Uranus one last time. This occurs in your 4th House and there are good feelings towards parents and your home life. This resonates throughout the month. Perhaps, if you are in the US, you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in grand style. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on the 12th and 13th brings you good news from a short distance or from overseas.

Perhaps, you receive a green light for a communications project such as publishing of a book. Then if you are writing a book or going on a speaking or book tour, the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius (exact on the 28 - 29), gives you a boost of good fortune.

You're not too excited about the Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, but you're also not directly impacted by it unless you have planets in the Cardinal Signs. This transit is exact on the 19 -20.

You love the Taurus Full Moon on the 4th because it gives you a boost in finances which allows you to make an overseas trip. Or your work takes you overseas and you teach workshops or give speeches. The Scorpio New Moon on the 18th connects with Jupiter and the Scorpio Sun in your house of communication. Again, this is a good time to teach. If you are a healer you go deep with others. Your intuition shoots through the roof.


The big news this month is that Saturn moves out of Sagittarius (this is a relief to you) and moves into its own sign Capricorn on the Solstice (21st). So now it transits in your 5th House of recreation, love affairs, children, and hobbies which you transform into job opportunities.

Mercury, your ruling planet goes RX in Sagittarius on the 3rd and goes direct on the 22nd. Don't sign any contracts during this time or buy any major purchases. It's time to revisit, revise, and do anything that starts with "re". You experience miscommunication in the home and technological failures in your home office.

You love when the Sun joins up with Saturn (22 - 27) and Venus joins up with Saturn (last week) because if you have done the work, you reap financial rewards now from a hobby. This is also the same for if you work with children or work in the theater profession. Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune on the 27 - 28 and dreams come true. What a great transit to end the year.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd brings good news for your career and any endeavors with the public. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 17th would be a good time to travel long-distance except Mercury is still RX in Sagittarius. Clear up any communication with foreigners or people from other cultures. There could be misunderstandings during this time. Overall, this could be a fun moon, even for you, Virgo.

Happy holidays!

This ends the four-part series of 2017 astrological forecasts. Please support my work (this took days to complete) by making a donation at Whole Astrology, supporting me on Patreon, or by getting a personal reading.

Whole Astrology Water Sign Forecast for 2017 (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio)

Water Signs, you are the closest to my heart because I have 6 planets in Water Signs in my Natal Chart. I understand you and the changes you have endured in recent years. I also understand how painful it is to have people stomp on your feelings, dismiss your dreams, and cause you to fear abandonment.

Well, this year, you'll undergo even more transformation that will fortify you for a Grand Shift happening on the planet. Neptune and Chiron remain in Pisces. Jupiter will transit into Scorpio in October and Saturn will transit into the compatible sign Capricorn in December. That's something to look forward too, even for Cancer Sun and Rising Sign people. The North Node moves out of Virgo into Leo in May which will remind all of us to bolster our courage and speak from our hearts. We all matter.


The first two months of the year highlight Pisces. Mars and Venus join Neptune in your 1st House. We experience Venus RX in Aries/Pisces. Chiron remains in Pisces for another year. And we experience one last Solar Eclipse in Pisces in February. The North Node moves out of your polarity (Virgo) into Leo in May.

The good news is that we won't experience any Saturn-Neptune squares in 2017. And Saturn has moved far ahead of Neptune, but is still in kissing distance to Chiron (the Wounded Healer). And we won't be experiencing any Grand Mutable Squares or T-Crosses as far as I know, with Jupiter now in Libra and Saturn in the higher degrees. And Pisces will lend support to Cancer Sun and Rising Sign people who experience the brunt of Cardinal T-Crosses, squares and oppositions with Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter.


Mars conjuncts Neptune in your 1st House the 1st week of the month and year. This could fuel your dreams provided you have one foot in reality. Or you could just blow steam. Mars is uncomfortable in a Water Sign, especially a misty-colored-memory Water Sign like Pisces. Mars paints in red strokes, not pastels. But Mars motivates you and helps you come up with an action plan. Venus joins Neptune  from the 13 -17, and when these two planets hook up, the world turns glossy and glamorous. But for you, it's time to question and reassess your values.

Mercury RX in Sagittarius causes miscommunication with your career or with the public. If you're famous, people could misread you and make proclamations on social media. No matter where you turn, you appear in the spotlight. But Mercury goes Direct on the 8th. And Saturn in your 10th House might bring travel opportunities to advance your career. Maybe you get involved with a movie, or photography or you join a dance troupe. Who knows?

The Sun-Pluto conjunction lights up your 11th House of good causes. You consider joining one to help transform the world into a better place. But make sure you do this for the right reasons and not because you see others like victims and yourself as a martyr. It's perfectly okay to pursue your dreams and not entertain nightmares. This doesn't mean that you are selfish.

Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius (your 1st and 10th Houses) so you are at cross purpose with your self-identity and your career or public image. What can you change to improve this situation? Now, is the time to make improvements with Mars in your sign.

You get a boost from the Cancer Full Moon on the 12th. You receive comfort from motherly or tender people. But you could fall of the wagon where diet is concerned since comfort foods dance like sugar plum fairies in your thoughts. Find another outlet for self-care such as getting  massage, energy medicine or joining a yoga class.


Jupiter in Libra goes RX in your 8th House of other people's resources and most of the taboo topics (death, taxes, sex, etc). It would be a good time to seek therapy for issues that have bothered you, especially in regard to other people, such as authority figures.

The Mars-Pluto Square takes place in your 2nd and 11th houses. Are you struggling with getting the attention of your peers? Do you feel like you are toiling away with your talents and everyone is ignoring you? Perhaps it is time to do something from the heart and see where that takes you. You are here to transform the planet, even if just by a small gesture. You also find the Mars-Uranus conjunction (26 -28) a bit too intense. Lay low and allow the energy to pass with the hopes that more people will awaken their spirit.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse on the 10th shines a light on your daily work, your health, and people who work for you. Are others asking to be recognized as unique individuals with the contributions they make to your life? Are you questioning service for service sake? We all want to shine and there is nothing wrong with that, Pisces. Perhaps, you will receive recognition or rewards for your service.

On the 26th, we experience a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Having a Solar Eclipse in your 1st House marks a new beginning for you. The Moon and Sun catch up to Neptune, and later Chiron. New beginnings come to you when you forgive the past and surrender to a Higher Power. Show compassion for yourself and see your perfection in your frailties and strengths. That is what completes you.


You enjoy dreaming big during the Sun-Neptune conjunction at the beginning of the month. But you don't enjoy all the Aries energy that follows with Venus RX in Aries, the Sun conjunct Venus in Aries (25 - 31), Mercury-Uranus conjunction  (27 - 28) and Jupiter square Pluto ( 26 - 31) which also represents Cardinal energy. But you will march through the third month with a dream lingering in your heart. At least Aries gives you drive and ambition even if the Sign sends hotheaded people your way.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th lights up your 7th House of partnerships and partners. Try not to act overly critical of yourself or your partner now. If you're single then you'll want to respect and love yourself before attracting a new partner into your life.

The Aries New Moon lights up your 2nd House of your values, gifts, and talents. You could use some spring cleaning in this area so that you can let new talents in that you have always wanted to explore. If it feels stale either revive it or let it go.


Oh-oh, Pisces, you're not going to like this chaotic month. Planets are moving direction and this leaves you standing in a Neptune fog. Thankfully, your ruling planet Neptune doesn't go RX until later in the year. But the communication planet Mercury goes RX in your communication house on the 9th. Be prepared for surreal messages and mishaps. And make sure you have your computer protection up-to-date. And don't open any strange e-mail. No, you did not win a lottery from some African country.

Saturn, the planet of structure goes RX on the 6th. And Pluto goes RX on the 20th, but you'll probably like that because everyone lightens up. And Venus goes direct in your 1st House. It's time to take stock of your physical appearance and how you present yourself in the world. Does your personal image reflect your true values?

The Taurus New Moon on the 26th shines light on your communication house. It also reflects on your relationships with siblings, cousins, and neighbors. This moon brings stability at the end of the most chaotic month in 2017. Take a breather.


Mars moves into Gemini creating squares for the Pisces Sun and Rising Sign. Pisces sees the bigger picture on the cosmic level while Gemini wants details about your spiritual experience so it can analyze them. You are about taking leaps of faith and Gemini wants proof. The Mars-Neptune square further emphasizes this scenario. Then there is the Mars-Jupiter trine (last week), the Mercury-Uranus conjunction (13th), and the Saturn-Uranus Trine which gives us enthusiasm but burns you out Pisces. There is too much male outward energy burning through May.

You like the Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th. This water moon falls in your 9th House of long-distance travel, higher education, religion, and the higher mind. Where in the world would you like to travel? At least plan the trip now. The Gemini New Moon on the 25th asks you to look at details and come up with a strategy to manifesting your dreams. You have strong faith, but it takes more than faith for dreams to manifest.


Neptune goes RX on the 16th. This is a time to go inward. Go on a retreat or spend time near the ocean. Put your dreams on hold for now, but pay attention to your nightly dreams and synchronicity for the next 5 months until Neptune goes direct (November 23). Mars moves into Cancer and trines Neptune from the 27 -30. You want to spend time with children during this week and it goes well. You even feel like the Pide Piper with children trailing behind you.

On June 9, Jupiter goes direct and we experience the Sagittarius Full Moon. This bodes well for your public image and career. You get the green light so speed ahead. You might receive invitations to travel overseas, especially if it boosts your career in some way.

The Cancer New Moon on the 23 has you heading to the beach. You explore food, nutrition, and digestive health. And while raw vegan food isn't the comfort food when you were a child, you find a clever way to recreate those childhood favorites with new ingredients. And you take it to heart to nourish your friends.


This month brings Mars back into the picture when Mars in Cancer squares Uranus (19 - 21), and then after Mars moves into Leo the Sun conjuncts Mars (23 - 29). Everyone seems selfish to you Pisces and this causes you to feel disappointed in humanity. Heal this disappointment by contributing your talents to a good cause. Perhaps, you get involved with animal advocacy which is something dear to Pisces' hearts. Or you get involved with cleaning up the ocean.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 8th/9th brings stable people into your life. And like I mentioned earlier, it is a good time for getting involved with a cause or a group that is dear to your heart. This counteracts any selfishness you see happening on the planet.  However, you'll lay low during the Leo New Moon on the 23rd. Or you could just stay home or at the office and get organized.


This is another shake-up month, but it is not as intense as April. You will give a sign of relief when Uranus goes RX on the 3rd and won't go direct until 2018. However, you won't enjoy Mercury RX in Virgo/Leo (13th to September 5). And you won't enjoy all the drama happening with the planets in Cardinal Signs clashing like old Viking warriors. Jupiter squares Pluto (again) during the first eight days of the month. Venus opposes Pluto on the 16th and women are fighting mad.

The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on the 7th occurs in your 12th House of dreams/unformed/birth/past lives/how we sabotage ourselves. But perhaps you find answers you seek in dreams during this eclipse. On the 21st, we experience a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo in your house of daily work and health. If you are sensing heart problems, you might want to have that checked out by a doctor in August, preferably before the Solar Eclipse.


This is a much calmer month and it wouldn't be a bad idea to go on a spiritual retreat or take a vacation near the ocean. We experience a Mars-Uranus trine which is exact on the 3rd. This gives us a boost of enthusiasm, but some of us are worn out anyway.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 6th begins a new cycle for you. Make sure you set intentions for the next Solar and Lunar year. It's also a good time to reflect on the journey you made in the previous 12 months and the 6 months since the Pisces New Moon. On the 20th, the Virgo New Moon  brings up themes around partnerships. If you're single you scrutinize the type of partner that would work best for you. If you're coupled then try not to be too critical of your partner which is easy to do with the Virgo Moon.


We return to Mutable energies this month. However, you are pleased that Jupiter transits into the Water Sign Scorpio on the 11th. For the next 12 months you experience Water trines and it's been a while since we have done that.

However, Venus joins Mars in Virgo and partnerships end up under the microscope lens (exact on the 5th). Mars in Virgo trines Pluto so that helps us get grounded and realistic about our lives (exact on the 1 -2). Mars squares Saturn on the 28 - 29 which feels intense as Mars tries to destroy structure and Saturn tries to maintain it. And on the 24th, the Scorpio Sun conjuncts Jupiter and we dive deep into our subconscious for treasures. We ask what is holding us back from experiencing prosperity?


We experience the last Saturn-Uranus Fire trine which is exact the 7 - 14 and resonates throughout the month. This gives us a boost during a cold month (at least in the northern hemisphere). And we need that Sagittarius energy even if it squares you Pisces. Remember that Sagittarius and Pisces once shared Jupiter in common. And together you take leaps of faith.

Venus catches up with Jupiter (12 - 13) and this is a good time to reap rewards from past efforts or to acquire unexpected wealth. For you, it's a good time to travel or start work towards a higher degree. Mercury in Sagittarius joins Saturn and either we're sober or bouncing off pie-in-the-sky ideologies.  Mars in Libra squares Pluto (19 - 20) and we could see legal action taken against government or large corporations. The everyday person is fighting mad.

On November 3, we experience the Taurus Full Moon. This transits in your 3rd House of communication and other themes. It is a sensual moon and you could meet a foreigner at this time that rocks your boat. And by the Scorpio New Moon on the 18th, this relationship could head into deeper waters, that is if you are single. Otherwise, why mess up a stable marriage?


Mercury goes RX in Sagittarius from 3 -22. This takes place in your 10th House of career and the public. Watch what you post on social media because it could bounce back to haunt you. This isn't a good time for sarcasm or posting a clever joke because someone might find the joke offensive and take you to the carpet. Others might have a sense of humor--we're talking Sagittarius here.

Saturn transits into Capricorn and you say bring it on. After all those, Saturn-Neptune Squares from November 2015 and the summer of 2016, you sigh with relief with Saturn transiting into a compatible Earth Sign. And you're not going to mind the Sun joining Saturn (22 - 27) or Venus joining Saturn (final week). And we end the year with a Mars (in Scorpio) trine with Neptune.

While it's probably not the most fun you'll have, others kick up their heels during the Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd. And then people really want to celebrate with the Sagittarius New Moon on the 17th and closer to the holidays. Watch your food and drink intake at this time. Stress or holiday food could cause you to overeat and regret it later. But dream big at least. At least it was a relatively calm year for Pisces.


Dear Cancerians, 2017 is another rough seas year for you (and me because I have my Sun and Mercury in Cancer). From January through May, the Cardinal energies return in with oppositions, squares, and conjunctions. Aries' planet Mars transits from Pisces to Scorpio. Saturns moves into Capricorn in December. Jupiter stays in Libra until October. And of course, Uranus and Pluto are in it for the long haul.

April is a crazy month with several planets changing directions. August follows suit with planetary tension and a Total Solar Eclipse. Remember that all moon cycles and transits directly affect Cancer because the moon is our ruling planet. Just like solar flares and gamma rays affect all Leo since the sun rules Leo. Fortunately, I don't see any Cardinal Grand Squares, but I could be wrong.

I'm only giving the broad strokes here. Please watch my Astrologer Patricia new and full moon videos in 2017. And if you want to know how the transits affect you, sign up for a personal reading. I will say this, plenty of changes are in store for the Cardinal and Mutable Signs in 2017. But you must be used to this by now, I would hope. Transformation seems almost like a cliche these days as does the Dark Night of the Soul. Oh, I've been there too. I've been there.


The Aquarius Moon that launches 2017 throws you off-kilter. People are rebelling and talking about the future. Cancer, by heart, you are a traditionalist and even though you instigate change, at least subconsciously, rebels scare you. And rebels come out to play during the Aquarius Moon. Better get used to it because the North Node moves into Leo and that means that the eclipses are in Leo and Aquarius, with the exception of the Pisces Solar Eclipse in February.

You love when Mars joins Neptune in your 9th House of the higher mind and travel the first week of January. Then on the 13 - 17, Venus joins Neptune in your 9th House. I have a feeling that long-distance travel or returning to college are in store for you this year. Perhaps, you meet a foreigner who stokes your dreams and you spend January either fantasizing about this new love interest or you muster up the courage to get to know this person. Neptune rules fantasies and dreams. You could also meet this person at a spiritual workshop or an online spiritual group.

When the Capricorn Sun hooks up with Pluto on 7 - 12, you feel the embers of transformation stirring in you. You might want to push those urges aside, but I don't advise that. Go through the fire to the other side, Cancer and get reacquainted with your God-given power.

You also find the Mars in Pisces square with Saturn in Sagittarius troublesome. Perhaps, a new law curbs how you can do your daily work or a strict religious group interferes with your development of your higher mind or hinders your ability to speak your truth. Cancer, find another way around the mountain instead of blasting your way through the rocks.

Mercury RX happens in your 6th House of health/work/employees/pets until the 8th of January. Miscommunication happens with doctors, health providers, lab results, as well as, those who work with you or for you. Double check all details.

The Cancer Full Moon on the 12th ends a cycle that began with the Full Cancer Moon in 2016. This moon asks you to reassess endings that occurred in recent months. How did you contribute to those endings? Did you respond or did you react? You'll also look at your diet and eliminate foods that slow you down due to allergies and sensitivities. Take care of your breast and stomach health. And prepare for a new cycle.

The Aquarius New Moon on the 27th bring out those rebels and non-traditionalists again. You wish they would shut up and go away. You don't want to think about the future because you fear it. And if one more person mentions the Aquarius Age, you'll scream at them. Oh, why can't things stay the same? Focus on solar energy. Focus on new ways of growing organic food. And focus on humanitarians who champion the underdog. There, now do you feel better?


Jupiter is the first planet to go RX in 2017 and it goes retrograde on the 6th in your 4th House of home/mother/childhood. This means that you will want to spend more time at home or in therapy dealing with mother issues from your childhood. The next 5 months, you'll want to spend time healing old wounds and accepting what you can't change. Travel won't be on your mind because you're going to become a homebody until June 9 when Jupiter goes direct.

The Mars-Pluto square (22 - 25) and Mars conjunction with Uranus (26 - 28) stir up those Cardinal energies demanding change again. And any change is stressful so you want to hide from the world. But I advise you to put on fighting gloves and jump into the fray. Well, no, actually, I ask you to blow the horn of peace and join with Jupiter RX in Libra. If you can create peace in yourself and your home, then you do the world a huge favor.

The Leo Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 10th in your 2nd House of gifts/talents/values. You are hoping that other innovative types (there's that Aquarius again) share their resources with you (the sun is transiting in your 8th House of other people's resources). You hope that someone like an agent or manager comes along to take you to the next level. And if you stay open to authenticity this could happen. Eclipses open doors and close doors. Get ready to show the world what you got.

The Sun enters Pisces shining a light once again on the higher mind (18th) And then the Pisces Solar Eclipse enters your 9th House on the 26th. You feel more sensitive but also inspired than usual. Emotions surface not for you to banish, but for you to accept. Emotions represent a rainbow and if you allow emotions to rise in you (in a safe way) they transform. So eventually, you transmute grief and experience joy.


The first week the Sun joins Neptune in your 9th House of travel/higher mind/higher learning. It is a wonderful time to take an online course and get certification. This will allow you to teach others formally and earn another stream of income. This could involve travel too, but you want to put the travel part off until after June 9 when Jupiter goes direct.

Venus in Aries goes RX on the 4th and you feel this in your 10th House of career and the public. It's time to revisit your values. And you might find that you have to speak your truth. Aries energy gives you the courage to do this, even RX. The Sun joins Venus in your 10th House (25 -31) and this is a good time to promote your work to the public. You could receive recognition. Then Mercury joins Uranus in your 10th House (27 -28) and you want to shake things up a bit. Think of ways to innovate so that you don't lag behind the latest trends.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th transits in your 3rd House of communications. You put on the critical thinking cap and are scathing to others. Your intention is to purify and fix, but this might not go over well with touchy feeling types. Better to use this moon energy to perfect your own work and clean your own house.

The Aries New Moon on the 27th brings out immaturity in others and in you too. Everyone's feeling impatient and they act like that Violet character in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Everyone wants what they want now. If you find this tiresome, retreat and go and enjoy an early spring day. Listen to "Here Comes the Sun" 20 times or until you feel calmer.


Remember, I warned you about April's traffic jam. Saturn goes RX on the 5th in your 6th House of work. So if you have any big projects to launch do it before April 5 or after August 31st. You meet up with delays in work, with health concerns, and experience restrictions in the daily work environment and with the daily routine or your employees. On the 9th, Mercury goes RX in Taurus which is your 11th House, so expect miscommunication with friends, social media contacts, colleagues, and groups. And communication is also slow-going. This lasts until May 3rd.

Good news is that Venus goes direct on the 14th in your 9th House. So at least studies go well now. And you explore your higher mind where you realize you have a different set of values than you thought. Act accordingly. Finally, Pluto goes RX in your 7th House of partnerships and legal situations. So, you can examine power control issues or the balance of power in relationships. Take advantage of the respite when Pluto becomes a sleeping giant for the next 6 months. Tyrants disappear for a while and you have space to breathe.

The Libra Full Moon on the 11th lands in your 4th House and joins Jupiter RX. You seek peace and harmony in the home. You might redecorate a room or beautify your surroundings. You might as well, since you are hibernating this winter, especially after Jupiter went RX on February 6th.

You adore the Taurus New Moon on the 26th. Set intentions for prosperity and abundance now. Enjoy some sensual pleasures. And do hop on social media where you connect with other sensual types and share images of the natural world with others. This does you a world of good. If you won't go outside and see the world, that invite the world onto your computer at least.


When I think of May I always see Fernando the bull eating daisies in a meadow. It's usually a peaceful month for me with the scent of lilacs perfuming the air after a rainstorm. And we feel like we have entered the season of spring in the northern hemisphere. But the planets bring us a mixed bag of energy and you can see the glass full or half empty.

First the good news, we experience the Saturn-Uranus trine all month and this fires up our enthusiasm and might even get you out of the house. Mars in Gemini trines Jupiter the final week of the month. And this takes place in your 12th and 4th houses so you explore pre-birth experiences, past lives, and other spiritual topics. And this heals your home life.

Now, the bad news. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune (11 - 17) so spiritually-minded folks find themselves crossing swords with more analytical types. We also see more research on cognitive brain functions. And some scientists are going to criticize us more spiritual types and metaphysical concepts. Mercury conjuncts Uranus in Aries (13th) in your 10th House. This gives you more brain power but also stirs an awakening on the planet which brings stress. You don't know how to deal with the public on this day. But it will pass.

We experience the Scorpio Full Moon on the 10th which falls in your 5th House. But I think this has to do with stress levels affecting your health. Time to see what psychological issues are affecting your health now. Coaching and therapy prove helpful. Try some recreational therapy. The Gemini New Moon on the 25th feels lighter and has you exploring spiritual realms since it falls behind the veil in your 12th House.


A Venus-Uranus conjunction from 1 - 3 shakes things up. It brings out the warrior in women or women act immature. I think it has to do with women showing up as authentic and bucking the system. Take advantage of this energy that falls in your 10th House. You have the courage now to stand up for yourself and awaken others. Go for it.

Jupiter finally goes direct on the 9th and on the same day as the Sagittarius Full Moon which lights up your 6th House. Perhaps, you can combine your daily work with travel. Now, is the time to set travel plans in motion. And I'm not talking taking a walk around the block. I'm talking about crossing the pond and spending time overseas.

Neptune goes RX in your 9th House of travel, but you can still travel to attend a spiritual retreat or visit sacred sites. Neptune will leave you in a fog part of the time, but the some people like surreal situations. And it also depends if you were born with Neptune direct or retrograde. I was born with Neptune and Saturn retrograde so when these planets turn backwards, I feel at home. Just watch out for deceptive people and don't believe the hype. Don't hook up with any spiritual gurus and hone into your intuition. If it seems too good to be true, run the other way.

We end June with a Mars (in Cancer) trine with Neptune. So this is another good time to go on a spiritual or yoga retreat. Spend time near the ocean. And I see some Cancerians trying mountain biking near a lake or on a beach. That looks like fun.

I already mentioned the Sagittarius Moon on the 9th. The New Cancer Moon on the 23rd (lands on my North Node) begins a new cycle. It's time to set intentions for the next 12 months. Where do you see yourself a year from now?


This month reminds me of daisies. And it's a Cancerian month of national celebrations (Canada, US, and France celebrate liberty days). People seem more wholesome now, more old fashion, and the word "vintage" gets bandied around. It's a time to enjoy the good life or to take a vacation away from daily struggles.

Unfortunately, Mars in Cancer squares Uranus (19 -21) so we find that we have new freedoms to fight for and social justice is on our minds. And at the end of the month, the Leo Sun connects with Mars in Leo. This transits in your 2nd House of values/talents/gifts. So you want to promote your talents to the world and Leo gives you the drive and the spotlight for your cause.

The Capricorn Full Moon lands on July 9 (at least in my part of the world) and this has you exploring the realm of partnerships. You balance your needs with the needs of your partner. Then on the 23rd, the Leo New Moon has you exploring your gifts and talents again. You research new ways to share your talents with the world, remembering Shakespeare's words about the world as a stage. Perhaps, you literally get on stage and perform.


Uranus goes RX on the 3rd in your 10th House. On one hand, those loose cannon types fall asleep for the next several months. But on the other hand, we experience less awakening on the planet because people become apathetic. However, Jupiter squares Pluto (your 4th and 7th houses) on 1 - 8 so people are at least calling forth social justice. Mercury goes RX in Virgo/Leo on the 13th until September 5, so this directly impacts your communication house. Pay attention to details and make sure other people are hearing what you're saying. You might not be on the same page.

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto on the 16th. Women demand your rights. And if you are a woman, then join your sisters.

An Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on the 7th transits in your 8th House of other people's resources and the occult. If you want to align with those resources then you need to innovate and think about future trends. You also need to stop seeing what it is in for you and consider the bigger picture of humanity For instance, if you are an author, then think of your readers and trends they follow.

A Total Solar Eclipse in Leo occurs on the 21st and lands in your 2nd House of gifts and talents. In fact, in July your focus is on your gifts and talents. And this is a Leo time of self and following the heart.


I'm telling all the signs that September is a month to get caught up on rest or beauty sleep. Take time away for some "me" time. Mars in Leo trines Uranus the 1st week of the month. And this bodes well for those of you who work with social justice issues. Everyone is rooting for the underdog. And Mercury goes direct in Leo on the 5th which has us breathing again.

You enjoy the Pisces Full Moon on the 6th. Spend the day daydreaming as these dreams reveal to you your true aspirations. It's a moonbeam kind of day. The Virgo New Moon on the 20th is the right day for clearing up miscommunication that occurred during the Mercury RX. You get back on track, get organized, and feel more efficient in your dealings with cousins, neighbors, and siblings.


The big news this month is that Jupiter transits out of Libra into Scorpio (your 5th House) on the 11th. So for the next 12 months, you will see how your children or other people's children reflect your inner self. You will get involved with fun activities that also provide therapy such as music or photo or art therapy. Perhaps, you join a theatre group that explores the psyche like they did in the late 1960s and early 1970s. You'll also enjoy the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in your 5th House on the 24th.

On the earthy front, Venus joins Mars in Virgo on the 5th which has you exploring relationships between men and women. And Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn which helps us build new structure or manifest our dreams into concrete reality (1st week, exact on 1 -2). However, Mars in Virgo also challenges Saturn in Sagittarius so how are you communicating with others in your daily work environment? You most likely will need to make changes as others will give you their feedback.

The Aries Full Moon on the 5th feels bombastic even if it gives you drive to complete projects. People are too hotheaded and ambitious and you prefer the more gentle types. And you'll meet the gentle types on the 19th during the Libra New Moon. If you seek harmony join others in making music or listen to your favorite music on this day. I hear the words, "cosmic jam session," whatever that means.


The Saturn-Uranus trine lights up November (exact 7 -14 and resonates the entire month) so this brings warmth to an otherwise cold month (at least where I live). Venus joins Jupiter in your 5th House (12 and 13). And if you get involved in a love affair now, expect it to move from light and fun to serious and deep quickly. Mars in Libra squares Pluto (19 -20) so we hear others demanding social justice again (theme for 2017). Then talker Mercury joins Saturn in Sagittarius on the 28 -29. So you're not going to get much work done during this time.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 4th brings everything to a halt. People just want to enjoy engaging with their senses. Communication and travel plod along. You enjoy this moon though since the moon is exalted in Taurus. The Scorpio New Moon brings the sun and moon into your 5th House where they align with Jupiter. This shed light on any new relationships you beginning at this time. Or it's time to get to know your children better or if you are childless, your inner child.


We end 2017 with Saturn moving into its own sign, Capricorn on the Solstice. Saturn moves into your 7th House of partnerships and for the next 2 1/2 years Saturn builds new structure in this area. Or Saturn could bring on a divorce, but that's usually more likely to happen with a Uranus or Jupiter transit in the 7th House. A Sun-Saturn conjunction occurs in your 7th House on 22 -27 and then Venus conjuncts Saturn during the last week which gives a boost to partnerships. Mars in Scorpio (also in your 5th House) trines Neptune in your 9th House. So travel goes well, especially travel with a partner or children.

Mercury goes RX in Sagittarius (6th House of work/health) from the 3 -22. This puts a damper on the holidays, but double check any travel plans or triple check. Make sure that you communicate clearly with others and that they hear what you say. And don't buy any electronics or big purchases during this time. Buy your holiday gifts in November instead. Mark this RX on our calendar.

The Gemini Full Moon on the 3rd is a fun moon for spiritual exploration since it lands in your 12th House. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 17th transits in your 6th House of health/work. Pay close attention to your daily routine and communication. Time to take care of health problems, but wait until after Mercury goes direct on the 22nd to hear back about any medical test results. You might have to repeat tests if you did them between 3 -22.

Anyway happy holidays.


The big changes for you coming up in 2017 are Jupiter moving from Libra and your 12th House into Scorpio and your first house in October. Then in December, Saturn moves out of Sagittarius (your 2nd House) into Capricorn (3rd House). Meanwhile, your ruling planet, Pluto continues to support you in Capricorn and Neptune brings a spiritual dimension as it stays in Pisces until 2025. Chiron continues to churn up childhood issues in Pisces but brings healing through spiritual avenues.

The Solar Eclipse in Pisces in February trines Scorpio and helps with the healing process and spiritual exploration. But the North Node moves into Leo in May so eclipses now occur in Aquarius and Leo, two signs that square Scorpio and leave you feeling at odds. It's another year of transformation and letting go of old structure. It's like this for everyone and not something to take personally. Everyone evolves at their own pace.


We start off the year with an Aquarius Moon which feels too zany to you. You choose to avoid rebellious types unless they are passionate about a favorite cause. Otherwise this energy is too detached for you. You do enjoy the Mars-Neptune conjunction the first week. This takes place in your 5th House of recreation/love affairs/children. And you could very well engage in a love affair during this time because Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio and Neptune is a Water Sign planet. Just make sure that you're not entertaining delusions because that could cost you.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto, your ruling planet from the 7 - 12 in your 3rd House of communication. However, Mercury in Sagittarius, your 2nd House doesn't go direct until the 8th so use your laser focus as discernment for communication coming your way now, especially from neighbors and siblings. Venus enters your 5th House and conjuncts Neptune (13 -17) and indeed, that love affair could be heating up, especially if you are a man meeting a woman partner now. But Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius (18 - 24) and this has your values squaring up against any romance that is happening in your 5th House.

You love the full moon in cuddly Cancer on the 12th. This falls in your 9th House of long-distance travel, academics, religion and the higher mind. You don't care for the second Aquarius (New) Moon that occurs in January on the 27th. Again, all those nonsensical people come out of the woodwork and pretend that it's the Aquarius Age already. Not if you have anything to do with it, Scorpio.


After Mercury went direct on January 8, that month was free and clear of retrograde planets. It was full-steam ahead with projects, exams, and new partnerships. But on February 6, Jupiter is the first planet to go RX in 2017 and this happens in your 12th House. Still, it might be a good time to return to old spiritual practices or delve into some past lives for several months (Jupiter goes Direct on June 9).

Mars transit into Aries and then squares Pluto, but aren't we used to this transit by now? It's been happening every other year since Pluto transited into Capricorn in 2008. And Scorpio you like it intense anyway so here's a bunch of world drama coming your way (22 -25). And if that's not intense enough for you, Mars conjuncts Uranus (26 -28) in your 6th House of daily work. What requires some shaking up? Do you need to take better care of your health? Do you need to fire an employee? Uranus is going to reveal that truth to you.

Since the North Node is moving into Leo in 2017, we experience a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 10th in your 10th House of Career and the Public. Perhaps, it is time to toot your horn a bit or engage with the public to promote your work or beliefs. Then on the 26th, the Solar Eclipse takes place in Pisces which lights up your 5th House, again of love affairs/recreation/children. This will be the last Pisces eclipse until 2024. So take advantage of this new beginning in Pisces or your 5th House. This could even mean the arrival of a child if you are trying to become a parent.


The Sun in Pisces conjuncts Neptune (1 - 4) which happens every year in March lighting up your 5th House. Since Venus goes RX later in your 5th House, keep an eye on this house in 2017. You could have children coming into your life, take up a new sport, or something meaningful. Venus in Aries goes RX on the 13 in your 6th House.

Do you still value your daily work or do you need to change jobs? The Sun conjuncts Venus (25 -31) so this emphasizes your values. On top of that Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your 6th House (27 -28). This boost the brain and helps you get a lot of work done that involves communication.

Finally, you experience the Jupiter-Pluto square in your 12th and 3rd Houses. I have a feeling that you are trying to communicate spiritual experiences and you have a difficult articulating the expansiveness of spirit to others.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 12th has you meeting up with colleagues or editing a project for a colleague. People require your ability to scrutinize and your laser focus. You also lend a hand organizing for a non-profit. Perhaps, you put together an event.


Welcome to chaotic April. This month, Saturn goes RX on the 6th (your 2nd House), Mercury goes RX on the 9th in Taurus. Venus goes direct on the 15th or Tax Day in the US and Pluto goes RX on the 20th in your 3rd House of communication. You definitely notice when Pluto goes RX because it is your ruling planet. It's time to conserve your energy until Pluto goes direct on September 28.

Mars trines Pluto (6 - 8) which gives you a boost of energy and confidence. The Aries Sun conjuncts Uranus in your 6th House of work (14 - 15). Time to innovate and do something to wake yourself or others up. Finally, Mercury conjuncts Uranus again on the 28 - 30). We're hearing a lot about innovation and you might want to pay attention where work and health are concerned.

The Taurus New Moon on the 26th lights up your 7th House of partnerships. With the chaotic energies of the month, why not retreat with your partner to the beach or the countryside? That's what I would do the last week of April, if I were you.


The Mercury-Uranus conjunction continues until the 13th. We all feel like brainiacs. Mars moves into Gemini and squares Neptune (11 -17) but this is a biannual event. We experience Gemini logic going to heads with Pisces' dreaminess. Gemini doubts that we create our own reality. He wants proof and so does his twin brother. But the trine with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra asks us to expand our consciousness to bring harmony to the Earth. And you go deep with this since these energies occur in two spiritual houses (8 and 12). And for the entire month we all get a boost of fiery energy when Saturn trines Uranus. We experience this trine several times throughout 2017.

The Scorpio Full Moon (your 1st House) occurs on May 10. It's time to complete a growth cycle. Look at all the transformation that has occurred for you in the past 12 months. Ask yourself what you want to manifest now? Is it better health? Is it a soul mate relationship? Time to reap the fruit from past manifestations and to set new intentions for the following 12 months.


Venus in Aries conjuncts Uranus in your 6th House of work/health/daily routine. You might be hiring an Aries or Aquarius woman. Or you might be getting involved in a feminist or woman warrior cause that takes up many hours of your day. But be careful what you commit to since Neptune goes RX on the 16th, even if a Mars in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces trine bring you powerful watery energy the last few days of the month. You might use this time to do a body cleanse or spend time near a large body of water. That would be deeply healing for you.

The best news for everyone is that Jupiter goes direct on June 9, the same day of the Sagittarius Full Moon. We are all feeling uplifted and in a mood to celebrate or travel. This happens in your 2nd House (the full moon) and your 12th House. I would suggest going on a spiritual retreat, maybe even in a foreign country. Or visit a sacred site at this time as research. You're really digging deep with past lives now.

You love the Cancer New Moon on the 23rd. And hopefully, you did take this month to travel even if you feel your home is on your back. I really seeing you making big headway with the sacred realm in 2017 and this is a good time to give that evolution a boost.


We experience a Mars energy with the Mars-Uranus square on 19 - 21 and the Sun-Mars conjunction (Leo) on the 23 - 29. Mars is the classical ruler of Scorpio so you handle Mars energy as well as Pluto energy. Are you busting out and embracing change?

You experience the Capricorn Full Moon on the 8th in your 3rd House of short-distance travel and communication. This is always a sober moon and one that could bring delays and restrictions. Make sure that you communicate in a business or authoritative manner for fullest effect.

The Leo New Moon at 0 degrees on the 23rd, marks a new beginning for all of us. But for you, this new beginning happens in our 10th House of career and the public. Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo that occurs in August. If you can move past your fears, you can make headway in your career and lighten up your public image now.


Uranus goes RX on the 3rd in your 6th House. This gives you a break from relentless changes happening with health and work. However, when Uranus is RX it is no longer a good time to innovate and Uranus doesn't go direct until 2018. Another Jupiter-Pluto square occurs 1 -8 and you revisit themes from the last Jupiter-Pluto square. Mercury goes RX in Virgo/Leo on the 13th and this brings delays and miscommunication with your career and public image.

Most important, Venus in Cancer opposes your ruler Pluto on the 16th. This is a day when women gather and come up against the old way of doing business. Will you join these women in the fight?

The Aquarius Moon is back in the form of a Lunar Eclipse on the 7th and this moon shakes up your home life. Perhaps your teenager rebels. Or your spouse does. You shock your mother in some way or she shocks you. The Total Solar Eclipse takes place in Leo on the 21st. Read the Leo Moon themes for August and multiply those times ten.


That song about September by Earth, Wind, and Fire is playing in my head. This is a calm month and we experience a Mars in Leo trine with Uranus. Perfect your daily work and the public notices you.

On September 6, the Pisces Full Moon again lights up your 5th House. Do you have a new child in the household? This is also a good time to get involved in the arts or get romantically involved. The Virgo New Moon on the 19th keeps you busy with grassroots groups, colleagues or spending time on social media. Just don't criticize others because that won't go over well and it is your feelings that are hurt.


Jupiter moves out of Libra (12th House) and into Scorpio (1st House) on the 10th. For the next 12 months get ready for a Jupiter makeover as Jupiter connects with your Sun or Ascendant.Venus and Mars join up in Virgo. You could meet a new partner while networking with groups the first week of October around the 5th.  You like the Sun-Jupiter conjunction at the end of the month. It lands in your 1st House. But the Mars-Saturn square on the 12th feels fussy.


With the Sun, Venus, Mercury (1 - 5) and Jupiter in Scorpio, you're feeling your power. And it is best to use this power for transforming your life circumstances. Instead of focusing on what other people are doing to you or not doing for you, own your power by taking full responsibility for your life and for your fate.

And you gain power from the Saturn-Uranus trine (7 -14) that falls in your 2nd and 6th houses. I say, focus on getting your talents and gifts out to the world through your daily work. Then Venus conjuncts Jupiter in your 1st House of self-identity and body on 12 -13. While overeating or indulging in drink are not good plans, any improvement plan you start now is bound to reap rewards. And you could see some financial gain or more confidence from this planetary alliance in your 1st House. Mercury conjuncts Saturn in your 2nd House of gifts/talents/values on the 28 -29. Again, I say share your gifts with the world. Strike when the iron is hot.

You don't enjoy the Mars-Pluto square on the 19 -20. But you can handle the intensity of it since Mars and Pluto are your planetary co-rulers. Defend your rights if you must. Don't back down if people attack you, but allow the energy to move past you and reflect back to the attacker like with martial artists.

The Taurus Full Moon on the 4th has you focusing on partners. This could be a sensual time, but make sure that you don't cross horns or refuse to compromise. Taurus and Scorpio people don't like to compromise and if any sign has the motto, my way or the highway, it is these two. So use this moon for manifestation of abundance and harmonious partners.

The Scorpio New Moon on the 18th again has you gazing at yourself and how you identify with you quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. This moon ends a cycle for you and it's time to reassess where you would like to be in the next 12 months.


Mercury goes RX in your 2nd House from the 3 -22. It's not a good time to pitch your projects or apply for employment. Wait until the New Year, if possible. Communication goes haywire. And you end up doubting your ability to communicate with others because it seems like no one is noticing you. But what's really going on is that people are stuck in their own communication quagmires and stressed out with the holidays. Your message could be compassion and empathy.

Saturn leaves your 2nd House and moves into Capricorn which is your 3rd House. This is the house of communication, education, thinking styles, siblings, cousins, and neighbors. Saturn asks you to sober up in these areas and expect delays and restrictions for the next two and half years. However, Capricorn is a supportive sign for Scorpio which gives you strength and endurance. This Saturn move occurs on the Solstice (21st). Then the Sun connects with Saturn in your 3rd House on 22 -27. And then Venus connects with Saturn during the last week. This is a good time for romance.

And we also end the year with a Mars-Neptune trine which is exact on the 27 - 28. For you this wonderful water energy occurs in your 1st House and your 5th House. This is a wonderful time if you're single and practice self-love because you could meet a life partner and the relationship deepens quickly, the way you prefer it, Scorpio.

Happy holidays, Scorpio.