Saturday, January 30, 2016

Moon and Personal Planet Transits for Jan 30 to February 7, 2016

I don't normally post about weekly transits, but I'm experiencing a strange urge to write about the moon as it transits from Libra through Capricorn before it reaches the Dark Moon phase in Aquarius on February 8th. Why would I want to create this extra work for myself?

When the moon transits in Libra on the 28th and void-of-course on the 29th of January, the moon pulled in the square between Uranus and Pluto which is has a one degree orb at this time and until the last two weeks of March when Uranus begins a permanent separation from Pluto. So this means that when the moon or any of the quicker moving planets move into Libra (or Cancer, Aries, Capricorn), they ignite the tension of the Uranus-Pluto Square, which as really been on-going since 2011. And this tension revolves around the populace wanting change but the leaders (political or corporate) have used fear and force to keep the populace in place. In other words, Uranus representing the collective has challenged authority or even tradition or convention. But this is going to fade into the background as Uranus pulls away from its square with Pluto. So let's use this short window of opportunity to finish what we began in 2011 to awaken the masses and free ourselves from oppression, which we can do through spiritual avenues, or by awakening to Unity Consciousness and unconditional love.

However, during the Libra moon transit we prepare for the upcoming Lunar Eclipse also in Libra on March 23 which ushers in justice and bring greater balance, but first there's the shake up of the eclipse to wake us up. So on Friday, most of us felt at least mildly irritable, and some folks experienced rage as they tried to release shackles of oppression, however they define oppression. But with Pluto involved, you can bet that inner oppression holds the key.

So then the moon transits into Scorpio on Saturday evening on January 30th (Pacific Standard Time) and on the 31st for different time zones. The moon conjuncts Mars in Scorpio on February 1st which again bodes well for therapies that delve into the subconscious mind and unearth unworkable beliefs and patterns. This energy especially if it lands in the 8th house or 12th house of a natal chart bodes well for psychological release and this can even happen quickly, especially when uprooting ancestral DNA in regard to beliefs and emotions. And since the moon trines Chiron (and Neptune prior to that), the planetary transits are asking us to heal through deep transformation. And though this work is never fun, at least the energies are working for us and if we do the work we are guaranteed some type of breakthrough.

The moon enters Sagittarius on February 2nd and normally this would bring a sigh of relief as we engage in activities that help us feel free and lively. However, expect restrictions on this day and the next as the moon conjuncts Saturn, which of course, throws up the caution sign, delays gratification, and most likely, delays travel during this time.  Mercury is direct now, but it's in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn so even the way people speak and communicate now is sober and more businesslike, even gloomy, which tosses a damp towel on any enthusiasm the Sagittarius moon can drum up.

The Sagittarius moon also squares Neptune and then Chiron, but also forms a trine with Uranus in Aries (when it conjuncts Saturn). This could cause tension between wanting freedom to do one's own thing, but have to deal with duties related to work or family or home. But we can still have a rich inner dream life and follow spiritual pursuits as long as we don't engage in heated debates about dogma and rules.

The moon enters Capricorn at 4:44 (Pacific Standard Time) on February 4th (this is an angel number). But now the moon brings the Uranus-Pluto square into the foreground again, but this time when the moon conjuncts Venus, Pluto and Mercury (Triple Conjunction) and squares Uranus. This represents a clash of personal and collective values that we communicate in heated debates with Uranus stirring up the pot while the Sun transits in Uranus' ruler Aquarius and the moon continues its transit into Aquarius when we experience the Aquarius New Moon and then a void-of-course moon.

The good news about the Capricorn moon is that it sextiles Mars in Scorpio and trines Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo as well as, forming sextiles with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. So again the signs most affected are the Earth and Water Signs, with Aries igniting the fire and possibly taking the brunt of authority fighting back, even if that's the inner authority in the psyche. I think children are going to act up now too, especially those with Indigo rays. Instead of ignoring them or engaging in a shouting match, listen to what they have to say. Some of these kids are tuned into higher channels.

I feel that the wisest course of action is to harness these moon and inner planet transits to the outer planets for healing purposes.This is a time of going inward and doing the psychological work and not for launching new projects or businesses or seeking accolades from the outer world. And the more shifting each of us does on our own, the greater impact we have on the healing of humanity and the planet. Ask yourself what is it that you really want--is it peace on the planet and the end of warring or is it a new job or new pair of shoes? I doubt anyone reading this blog wants anything superficial at this point especially after deep personal inspection. So use these difficult moon passages to clear out the demons or gremlins in the mind in which the ego draws its destructive energies. I'm not saying that we get rid of our egos, only that we call upon our Higher Selves to take over from here on out.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Whole Astrology Valentine's Day Forecast

As a thank you to Whole Astrology blog followers (lost 3 recently, sorry to see you go), and Astrologer Patricia subscribers, I produced a special video for Valentine's Day that includes a chart reading and oracle cards.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Unblocking Zodiac Sign Fears

I wasn't planning on writing a new Whole Astrology blog post today, but then the concept of fears that unblock progress for each of the Zodiac Signs popped into my head. Since unblocking fears leads to manifesting lives we truly desire, I decided to share this information with you now.

I began working with Archangel Chamuel recently since I was called on to do this work and this archangel represents unconditional love for ourselves and others. The angel approaches us gently and has offered the following insights and affirmations for healing fears corresponding with each Zodiac Sign, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Some of you don't even know you have these underlying fears so for you, discovering the belief that's holding you back and clearing it, quickens your spiritual awakening. So shall we get started?

Aries--You're afraid of not being able to impress others. This causes you to talk too loud, boasts about your achievements, namedrop, and crowd other people out with your need for attention and respect. The trouble is you can't demand or manipulate people into respecting you.

The solution is to do the work you came to this planet to do for the sake of doing the work. It's ironic that when you don't make a grab for attention, people notice you and reward you for your fine work.

Affirmation: I am enough just as I am. I am safe in the world and others notice me.

Taurus--You're afraid that if you don't secure a foothold in the world and stand your ground that the winds of change will blow you off course. You also fear that you will lose all the material possessions you acquired which prevents you from changing course when necessary. You're like the person who would rather grab all their belongings and pull them out of a house during a fire, rather than save his or her physical body.

Solution: Think of the river that flows into the ocean and takes only what's necessary for the journey, but safely arrives at a vast existence. Stop hanging on to material items or ideas with a expired due date. Allow the Universe to come in and fill the vacuum.

Affirmation: I now let go and go with the flow. Ease and grace is the name of my game.

Gemini--You're afraid that someone else' will dim your mind or that someone won't realize your brilliant mind and label you a slow-learner or nitwit. You have this obsession with being the smartest person in the room and you'll fight like mad to keep that honor, only this approach alienates you from all the people you feel are less intelligent than you.

Solution: Allow others to give their input and realize that we all have something to add to the conversation. You can learn from others if you open your mind. Learning is a two-way street and we all have something to learn from everyone. Even the village fool possesses some wisdom.

Affirmation: I freely give and take with others. I am free to express my wisdom and others share their wisdom with me too. I am open to learning new ideas and concepts.

Cancer--You fear abandonment, especially abandonment of the mother. This causes you to cling to anyone who nurtures you male or female, which just leads to a catch-22 situation of getting abandoned or you fear taking any risks such as moving to a location far away from your mother even if you're offered a job opportunity of a lifetime.

Solution: Hold your mother and your loved ones in your heart and allow them to come and go like the tide. Learn how to mother yourself by having a good paying profession, your own home, and having gentle-loving people in your life. Adopt an animal to mother if you don't have children and if you do have children, teach them how to nurture and fend for themselves so that they can make it on their own in the world.

Affirmation: I am always held in the bosom of an unconditionally-loving Mother-Father God. I am safe and all is well in the world. I am safe where ever I go. I am free to mother myself. I love and approve of myself.

Leo--You're either afraid of no public recognition at all for your creative pursuits. You wear flashy clothing, try to impress others through lavish courtship well-beyond your financial means (burn holes in your wallet) or you create drama off stage and storm out of the room for your grand exit, thus losing your off-stage audience. Or you're so focused on yourself that you don't allow anyone to appreciate you because you fail to appreciate them.

Solution: Open your heart to others and share the generosity of your spirit. Teach others how to create joy through creative pursuits or engaging in the performing arts. Stage a play for children or work with children in some way teaching them how to shine like little suns. The more you give of your creative spirit, the more joy returns to you and people notice your radiant light. When you focus on others, you give generously to the world. Remember the words of Saint Francis of Assisi, "It is in giving that we receive."

Affirmation: When I step out of the arena of myself and appreciate others, love and admiration return back to me. (Borrowing this one from Louise Hay), "I am beautiful and everybody loves me." Beauty begins in the heart and when I love the world, it loves me back.

Virgo--You're afraid that if you don't micromanage others or perfect their work and habits of others, then the world will crumble. So you criticize others or think you have to do everything yourself to get it right the first time. You judge others for not having the purity of intent, instead of checking in with your own intentions and then every muscle in your body forms knots and you have this sudden urge to go into a room alone and slam the door-thus shutting out others who you find incompetent. But really, you criticize yourself even more harshly and suffer with the not good enough syndrome.

Solution: Before running off and joining a cloistered community, take a deep breath and learn meditation even if you start with a 5-minute meditation per day. Take a yoga class and get those kinks out of your muscles and or go for a walk and get some fresh air in your lungs. Allow others to learn from their mistakes rather than micromanage people. When hiring an employee, use discernment so that you hire the most competent one. Apologize when you make mistakes or miss your mark, then try again. Rome wasn't built in a day, or even a year. We're all works-in-progress so forgive yourself and forgive others, then move on. Stop beating yourself up.

Affirmation: I am good enough just as I am. They are good enough just as they are. I am a work-in-progress growing more perfect each day. I am safe and all is well. It is safe for me to make mistakes.

Libra--You're afraid you'll end up alone and that no one will love you. You're afraid that when the proverbial ark arrives, that you'll not have a partner and get left behind when the flood comes.

Solution: Host parties and invite people in your community that you truly respect. If you're single, get out and mingle. Flirt for fun and keep it light. Smile at others and express sincerity when engaging with others. Refrain from doing things just so others like you and don't fake friendship. Meet people on the level of the mind through common interests and if you have passive-aggressive tendencies work with a therapist to heal them.

Affirmation: I am intelligent and engaging and everybody loves me. I live my life in balance spending equal time alone and with loving friends and partners.

Scorpio--You're afraid of death or that others will die and leave you alone. You're also afraid of betrayal from others and self-sabotage which is betraying yourself. You're afraid of insensitive people who stab you in the back or betray your intimacy in some way. This causes you to hold suspicions or jealous thoughts of others. At your worst, you live a life of paranoia, not trusting anyone you meet and working from a defensive position with you holding the proverbial knife.

Solution: Use discernment and hone your intuitive gifts which would clue you in on the people you can trust and then surround yourself with people who place integrity first on their list of values. Hang out with more solid types such as Capricorn and Taurus or Virgo people. When you engage with a potential new partner, go slow in the relationship and feel out the waters before deep sea diving with them. Also do your research and find out if your potential mate is already engaged elsewhere such as married, find out if they have a criminal record, and make sure that they have been tested for venereal diseases before jumping into bed with them. Know when to reign in your passion and when to express it and look for creative outlets to channel your passion.

Affirmation: I can trust my intuition. I use discernment and I attract trustworthy people. I go with the ebb and flow of life. I welcome transformation and I reclaim my power now. I am in charge of my destiny and I wield my power wisely.

Sagittarius--You're afraid of your loss of freedom and you fear confinement to a location, person, or idea. You fear imprisonment and you fear a suffocating marriage with a clingy or nagging partner.

Solution: Acknowledge your shadow side which requires some stability even if that stability comes in the form of a mobile home you drive around the continent or a storage unit where you store your belongings. This way you don't project that stability onto a more clinging type person who requires you to stick around so that he or she feels more secure. Look for occupations that you can fulfill the duties on the road or through international travel or if you're a university professor find a position that allows you to spend time at universities overseas or allows you to travel for field work. Travel or engaging with ideas or foreigners must be part of your daily life.

Affirmation: I am free to roam the world. I am free to explore other worlds and ideas; I have my feet in both worlds.

Capricorn--You're afraid you will fail at leadership and let others down. You're afraid that you'll lose all that you worked for and end up on the street penniless. You're also afraid that others will rebel against your authority causing an uprising.

Solution: Know that every leader has a backup crew and support team. No one rises to the top on their own and no one falls from the top alone. Make sure that you recognize the work of others on your behalf and express appreciation and respect for your supporters. Also realize that the old-style of leadership (from the top down) has ended as we move into the Aquarius Age with everyone playing an equal role in building and sustaining communities. Respect others and they will respect you.

Affirmation: I acknowledge my support team. When I appreciate others, they appreciate me back. It is okay for me to lean on others and in so doing, I gain respect. I respect myself and I am safe to rest my head.

Aquarius--You're afraid that you will lose your edge and conform thus living a life of boredom and monotony. You're afraid that others don't acknowledge your brilliant mind. You're afraid of not fitting in and rejection, but if you fit in, then you lose the game. You're afraid of being too different and others labeling you a freak. You're afraid of conformity or others copying your every move. You're afraid of losing your individuality. And you're afraid of losing your freedom to express yourself.

Solution: Acknowledge that you follow the beat of a different drummer and it takes awhile for the crowd to catch up. Focus upon the solutions you bring to the world, especially with technology or in the realm of human rights. When you focus on what you're doing and stop worrying about what others are doing, you live out your destiny. You most likely won't win any popularity contests, but that's not the point of an Aquarius path. You're here to innovate even if your innovations are only acknowledge a generation after your death. Keep your eyes on the prize and don't waver. Focus on the work and not future accolades, which might not arrive during your lifetime.

Affirmation: I bring brilliant solutions to the world. I can trust my insights and ideas. I am free to be me and express myself. Life loves me back.

Pisces--You're afraid of disappearing or becoming invisible. Alternately you're also afraid of receiving too much attention or losing your freedom because others need you too much. You fear not being able to merge with another so you find someone who "needs you" and you enter a co-dependent relationship. You fear confinement so you find escape routes through drugs, alcohol, food or other addictions. Sometimes you do this to slow down the process of ascension because you fear you are losing yourself. You also fear you don't know enough so you search hungrily for spiritual gurus which leaves you feeling lost. You fear that when the proverbial spaceship shows up it will rip you away from your loved ones and dump you off in a space station at the far end of the cosmos.

Solution: Realize that your fear comes from reaching the endpoint of the Zodiac journey which began in Aries and ends in Pisces. Realize that you are a wise teacher and all your life experiences (good and bad) transform you into your own spiritual guru and that you can lead others along their path, but you must allow them the space and freedom to learn their stuff--don't try to learn their lessons for them. Finally, let go and let God because it's really what you desire--your connection with All That Is. Congratulations Pisces for your completion of the Zodiac journey.

Affirmations: I am comfortable living in my own skin. I am comfortable with my relationship with God and All That Is. I am safe and I am free. I am safe expanding beyond my boundaries. I merge with the god inside me and the god in others. All is well.

I started losing followers after I posted this article. I realize that most of us don't want to look at the shadow sides or fears of our Zodiac Sun Signs, however, anyone interested in awakening consciousness needs to heal these natural impulses by recognizing them. I'm in no way putting down any of the Sun Signs and I assure you that I am also working with my own shadows since astrologers are not outside of the energies or rays of the planets in their own charts. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Virgo Full Moon (February 22, 2016)-- Getting Sober about Fate

A Virgo Full Moon usually suggests a sober transit in which we feel the urge to get organized, take care of our health, and clean up our daily environment as well as, routine. Virgo represents how we serve the world, usually through our profession, but also through volunteer work. 

But on February 22, 2016, the Full Moon transits in the same sign as Jupiter and the North Node either having us staring at the world with critical eyes or rolling up our sleeves and accepting our roles as servants for the Greater Good.

As we swim through several Mutable Sign transits including Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter, Ceres, as well as the moon and sun, we're looking at big changes and movement occurring. And this movement leads us to healing on an individual and global level. Neptune and Chiron asks us to experience compassion in our hearts through the choices we make while the Virgo Full Moon, Jupiter and the North Node asks us to come up with practical solutions. Also dig up the roots of our addictions and heal ourselves now.

Even though Saturn transits in Sagittarius we still must set boundaries with others, but not through relying on dogma or idealism. If someone requires help then help him or her and not just offer platitudes, which as far I know have never helped anyone. The Virgo Full Moon asks us to go beyond the superficial and dig beneath the surface after all Mars is still transiting strong in Scorpio which asks us to use our energy to dig deep within our unconscious to root out those patterns and beliefs that keep us stuck. Mars is beginning to separate from its trine with Chiron in Pisces and remember Chiron reminds us that those experiences that don't kill us make us stronger if we can forgive the past and accept what we can't change. I'm personally in the process of doing this work so I'm not just breathing hot air here.

And speaking of Chiron, this asteroid is still in orb with Pluto (sextile) which also bolsters the urge to get underneath our compulsive habits and need to sabotage our best efforts. While this brings up personal healing for mostly people with prominent planets and the Ascendant in Water or Earth Signs, everyone can benefit from clearing out old beliefs from the mind. And the planets are giving us the support to do that. Meanwhile, with Neptune strong and powerful in its own sign until 2025, pay attention to your dreams as they have clues that lead to healing and success. Personally, I love working with dreams and dream symbols (but then I have strong Neptune in my Natal Chart). Pick up a dream symbol dictionary or a book on interpreting dreams.

Virgin, Wikipedia
Saturn in Sagittarius is still locked into a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries so some of us, especially those of you with dominant Fire in your Natal Charts are looking for adventures or have passion and drive to make a real difference in the world if you don't get caught up in yours or other people's ego games. Remember the Virgo Full Moon asks us to serve with a humble heart since Virgo rules humility and purity of intention.

Meanwhile, Ceres, which represents motherhood (especially mothers of daughters), the female lineage, and agriculture conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. So now we're looking at agriculture as a form of nurturing and we will focus upon how we can nurture the earth better rather than dousing it in petrochemicals. And speaking of petroleum, Neptune rules fossil fuels (especially the liquid variety) as well as air pollution. We'll also be looking at pollution in the ocean and how we can meet human needs without destroying our blue planet. I also think that sound healing and energy healing modalities play a role in cleaning up the earth and ocean. Perhaps we'll look to whales for solutions as they are also ruled by Neptune. Take a look at the work of the late Masaru Emoto, for example.

And yes, we'll come up with far out solutions now that are ingenious since Mercury conjuncts Venus in Aquarius (the future for earth is now) so scientists and researchers among our best innovative thinkers take center stage. And for Aquarius, this is a time for you to land in the spotlight too. What do you wish to communicate about the earth and what you value now? Venus-ruled Taurus brings permaculture and traditional (ancient farming methods) into the equation or just plants a victory garden after they have torn out their lawns and freaked out their neighborhood association. Scorpio brings drive and passion to the solutions (think Prince Charles of Wales), and Leo brings in creative solutions for children that says that cleaning up the earth can be fun too. We're all important. We all count, not just celebrities.

What's she doing here? photo by Patricia Herlevi
But let's get back to the Virgo Full Moon at 3 degrees. It comes with a Mutable T-Cross that pulls in Jupiter/North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces. Now, some astrologers aren't going to work with Chiron, and that's fine. But having gone through my Chiron Return, I'm not leaving out this important asteroid which brings evolution to individuals through deep personal healing. So the tension with this T-Square (and then the moon later transiting into it), has our idealism squaring off with taking action with our service and the deeper collective and individual wounds that keep us from acting. So we could see a lot of people pontificating about what they think is wrong with the world and expecting other people or the government to take actions meanwhile, these pontificating folks do nothing except act self-righteous. See what I mean? We all have to be part of the solution because we all share the same planet. No passing the buck, boys or girls.

Virgos however might want to at least take a nap since they're nerves are frayed by the culmination of this Full Moon in their Sign. Pisces, you feel like no one is listening to your spiritual messages, but it's not the message, but your overwrought emotions brought on by the full moon in your opposite sign. Gemini and Sagittarius don't fall into the trap of all talk and no action. You certainly have enough experience and wisdom under your caps to join the Aquarius types in activating solutions. Find another time to write the book or if it's time publish the book with solutions now and get on Ted Talks.

Libras and Aries, you have the Uranus square with Pluto (one degree orb) to contend with so strive for balance in the areas of your lives where you have Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer in your Natal Charts. Cancers, you're feeling emotional with this Full Moon, but at the same time find yourself coming up with practical solutions and implementing them behind the scenes in your sweet humble way. Capricorn, you're in a position of leadership but remember to collaborate with the team players or at least community leaders in your region. Don't be like the football player who hogs the ball and the glory, but realize that we're all climbing the mountain with you and sometimes you have to stop and give a leg up to the person right behind you. Now, is a good time to act as a mentor or hire an intern who respects your work. What can you do to make the world a better place? That's the question the Virgo Full Moon asks each of us now.

Okay, so this is a long post and I'm sure I haven't covered everything, which I leave for the myriad of astrologers (my colleagues) on the planet. However, if you would like  personal reading from me, read the service page first and then send me an e-mail and your payment by post.

I also want to remind you of my Patreon campaign for Whole Astrology and my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia. And if you enjoy these articles, also visit Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living where I cover diverse metaphysical topics.

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Right Activities for the Zodiac Moons

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I already spoke about moon sensitive people. However, everyone benefits from the moon transits as the orb makes its way around the Zodiac Wheel every 28 days. For instance, each moon brings out a different aspect of our life or our personality. Remember that we have all the Zodiac Signs somewhere in our Natal Chart and the moon activates them in turn.

Aries New Moon--Start a new project or relationship. If you have wanted to ask a certain person out on a date, now is the time to do so and acting chivalry. Plant a seed, metaphorically or literally and watch it grow as the moon transits through the Zodiac.

Aries Full Moon--You've been patient with your project or relationship and now it's reached a culmination point as you are poised for the next cycle. Time to celebrate your good fortune. Wearing red gives you a sense of power now. Go out and do something athletic or at least adventurous--not a time for sitting on your butt with all this Mars energy.

Taurus New Moon--Work with medicinal herbs, flower essences, and aromatherapy for healing purposes or to set a mood for the next moon cycle. Set an intention for prosperity to enter your life and then make plans towards manifesting that intention. Get a massage or body work. Take a yoga class. Plant a garden. Get your hair cut (if you want it to grow out slowly such as a shorter hairstyle or with bangs).

Taurus Full Moon--Go hiking or attend a gathering with gourmet food grown from a home garden. Spend time in the hammock and read a favorite book with sensual details. Engage all your senses and stop and smell the roses. This is a slow and lazy full moon where we retreat alone or with loved ones. it's not a good time for active sports or athletics unless they involve stamina and strength such as weight lifting or wrestling.

Gemini New Moon--Start a complicated jigsaw puzzle or engage in word games. Begin the writing of  book or write shorter pieces such as magazine or newspaper articles. Host a radio show if you're inclined, give a public speech about a new project. Go out and mingle with intellectuals and don't be surprised if you end up in a lively debate. Take good care of overworked hands, arms and lungs.

Gemini Full Moon--This is a good moon for hosting a public event where you're the speaker, a book signing, the culmination of a political campaign, teaching, playing word games with children, flying a kite, attending a lecture, or just hanging out with mindful people. Refrain from gossip which only harms others and then eventually comes back to fly in your face. If you feel a case of nerves, go for a long walk or ride a bicycle. Get out and breath fresh air. Ward off any viruses starting at this time.

Cancer New Moon--Begin a program of self-care by watching your diet and eating habits. Take care of your breasts and stomach by treating yourself gently and honoring your sensitivities. Intuition is heightened so follow those hunches (which seem illogical especially). Set intentions for self-care and nurturing others. Set intention to do your part to end world hunger and spend time with a beloved child or pet. Ask for nurturing from others but let them know your exact needs.

Cancer Full Moon--Go sailing if you're not afraid of water or take a ferry to an island. Spend the day near a large body of water or take a warm bath in Celtic or Dead Sea salts. Picture an amber or white light showering over you and cleansing your body of psychic debris. Read or watch a favorite romance. Massage your upper body and spend time daydreaming or envisioning your dream life. Eat a healthy meal and break bread with family.

Leo New Moon--Now's the time to practice a heart-healthy routine and take good care of your upper spine. Enroll in a drama class or engage in something creative that involves working with colors such as painting, coloring or color therapy. Buy a new pair of sunglasses or gold jewelry (even fake gold or anything that sparkles), wear a tiera or crown for the day. Go see a play and get inspired to do something artistic or play with children while engaging your imagination.

Leo Full Moon--Wear a favorite piece of jewelry and get out in mingle. Go to the opera, theater, or a lively dinner party where everyone feels like a guest of honor. Attend a wedding or awards banquet or just wear a lot of gold, yellow, and orange while doing something fun that entertains your inner child. This is not a good moon for getting work done, but a great moon for having fun so don't fight the current and do something you enjoy (and don't say that you enjoy your work, even if you do).

Virgo New Moon--Start an organizing project such as organizing your closet, kitchen, or bedroom. Balance your budget or open a book keeping program for your home business. Start a health routine such as diet and exercise or start a music diary in which you record your thoughts and emotions when exposed to certain music. Begin editing or proofreading a manuscript and spend time alone contemplating what you want to do next with your life and who you want to spend your life with? Read self-help books and refrain from criticizing others (which we all want to do with this new moon).

Virgo Full Moon--If you're experiencing digestive problems use the cycle between the Virgo Full Moon and the Pisces or Aries New Moon to do a detox program. Get medical help and work with a nutritionist or at least read up on nutrition online or in books. Experiment with diet and exercise routines and clean your work space, including clearing the air quality. Spend time alone meditating. We're all feeling touchy now so refrain from criticizing others--thus spending time alone.

Libra New Moon--Begin divorce or other legal procedures now (though I would think that the Libra Full Moon offers a better cycle since it begins the waning moon cycle). Make wedding or other celebration plans. Get your hair cut or styles, go to a salon and beautify yourself and your home. Buy a new outfit that shouts class and elegance. Refrain from gossip and get your life back in balance, whatever that entails for you. This is a good moon for lawyers planning their next case. Good time for signing legal contracts.

Libra Full Moon--Finalize a divorce or other legality. Sign contracts, get your hair cut if you want it to grow back quickly, buy makeup, clothing, or home interior decorating items. Good moon for completing design projects or making presentations. Host a dinner party with academics and people in the arts. Go to a romantic comedy movie or one of those French films where the characters philosophize about love, sex, and class. Read a good book, buy a pair of new eyeglasses or accessories, especially made from the finest materials This is also a good moon for buying wedding gifts.

Scorpio New Moon--Take care of your lower intestines, genitals, and colon health problems which will culminate by the Scorpio Full Moon if not addressed. Good time for diagnosing an illness or dealing with wills, funeral arrangements or sex and marriage counseling. Start sessions with a therapists or energy healer that clears ancestral DNA emotional patterns. Read Joseph Campbell's books or other self-help books that address the shadow side and taboo topics such as death. Teach your teens or (tweens) about safe sex and also practice safe sex yourself. This is a fertile new moon so if you're not looking to get pregnant, use birth control.

Scorpio Full Moon--Dress up as your shadow side and attend a masquerade or costume party (even though this moon takes place in the spring). You'll find that health improves if you practiced a health routine for the past six months. Deal with darker topics and read self-help books. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is a good time for engaging in shamanism or getting a soul retrieval from a shaman (not your friend pretending to be a shaman because they read a book on it). Visit a qualified psychic or intuitive coach. Good time for divination practices and also healing with herbs.

Sagittarius New Moon--This is a good time to enroll in a higher education class or in the very least attend a lecture or watch Ted Talks on YouTube. If you attend a party expect to engage in lively debates with foreigners or professors or religious people. Watch out for stepping on other people's ideological toes or expect a passionate outburst which everyone will soon forget. Have fun, watch comedy, and laugh your head off. Refrain from over drinking or over eating unless you want to experience consequences during the Capricorn Moon.

Sagittarius Full Moon--A good time for graduating from a higher education setting or getting certified. Long-distance travel goes well unless Mercury or Jupiter are RX. Engage with foreigners, people from other religions or spiritual ideologies. Attend a party with diverse people or give to a philanthropy organization. Fundraisers go well as do political debates provided the contenders have thick skin. No crybabies please.

Capricorn New Moon--This moon bodes well for starting a business or setting financial goals including a plan to get out of debt. Open a new bank account and or restructure your daily routine (along with planet transits in Virgo). Buy a new business suit or office furnishing. Use this moon to create new structure somewhere in your life. Take good care of bones and teeth and add minerals to your dietary routine. Don't forget to smile since this moon makes us all too serious and dour.

Capricorn Full Moon--Attend a business-related conference. Give a presentation for a local or national professional association. Job interviews go well as do signing contracts for a new job provided Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are transiting direct. Make sure your diet is solid and that you're not suffering from exhaustion. If you are, then see a doctor. Take good care of your bones and teeth. Watch out for injuries to your knees, back, or teeth especially if Mars square Saturn or the Capricorn Moon or if Uranus does (people with planets or the AC in Capricorn heed this warning). If you have the Capricorn on the cusp of your 10th House or a Natal Capricorn Moon expect a promotion or public recognition for your professional work during this full moon.

Aquarius New Moon--Join a group or if you're already in a group attend a meeting. Wear something shocking or daring and stir up the pot. Get your haired dyed an unusual or unnatural color or get a tattoo (which you're stuck with for good), pierce your ears, or just say something provocative and see where sparks fly. Listen to unique or unusual music or Mozart. Wear Doc Martens to work if you work in a conservative environment or dress up in a suit if you don't. Stir up the pot. Pick a favorite cause and donate time or money. Go fly a kite.

Aquarius Full Moon--Since this moon takes place in July most likely, visit a nudist beach, or attend a gathering for people different than you. Get your hair dyed an unusual color even if just a streak. Go to the zoo and dance and sing to the animals. March down the street playing a drum (if you won't get arrested), go to a party dressed like Mozart or Cleopatra, especially if no one is expected costumes. In other words do something fun and shocking, but doesn't harm someone else. Join a favorite cause. And take care of your ankles since injuries to ankles is a possibility especially if there is a hard angle to Mars, Saturn, or Uranus.

Pisces New Moon--Go swimming (if you're not afraid of water) or take a boat somewhere. Spend time daydreaming or reading self--help books with meditations in them. Listen to guided meditations or your favorite ethereal music. Lie in bed after you wake up practicing visualization. Drink lots of purified water and hang out near a body of water or fish tanks. Dance, sing, or practice yoga. This is a good moon for connecting to the Divine but also a delusional moon that can swamp us. Refrain from drugs and alcohol since they could lead to addictions with this new moon. Take a nap. Take care of your feet since injuries can occur during this new moon if you're not watching where you're going and none of us are.

Pisces Full Moon--This is a wonderful moon for manifesting our desires. Create movies in your mind for what you would like to experience and then feel your way into those experiences. Give a photography showing or dance recital or movie screening during this full moon. Go to church or spiritual workshop or meditation group. You might rather meditate alone or practice yoga outdoors preferably near water. Buy a fish or aquarium. Go hug a tree, a dog, or a child. Refrain from drinking or drugging and definitely don't drive under the influence of any substance. Take a walk in the fog. Take a nap. This is not a good moon for staring a relationship or business. It's the dreamer's moon.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Are You Moon Sensitive?

I noticed some astrologers using the term "moon sensitive" recently to describe people most affected by the moon cycles and especially, eclipses, new and full moons. The most obvious group affected by the moon are people with a Cancer moon, sun or Ascendant.

However, people with a Water Sign moon (which trines, sextiles or conjuncts Cancer), several planets in Cancer or several planets in the Fourth House are also moon sensitive. A prominent moon in any sign in a chart, such as having the moon in an angular house (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) or a heavily aspected moon are also moon sensitive. I would also include a moon in the 12th House or a Singleton moon (no planets aspect it) in this list. However, in the case of a 12th House or a Singleton moon, only other people notice that the native with these moons in their chart ebbs and flows emotionally with the moon. The person with this moon feels they have little access to the moon and over dramatize its effects.

Besides the descriptions I just listed, how do you know if you're moon sensitive? Your mood or personal interest change each time the moon changes signs. For instance, when the moon transits in Pisces, you have an urge to doing something around dance, photography, spirituality, or any of the other Pisces themed activities or perhaps you feel depressed around the Pisces Moon and then when the moon transits into Aries, your mood changes and you get out there and compete with other urban warriors and feel the need to come first or on top. And then with each consecutive moon, your desires and needs change to match the themes of that moon.

You strongly sense when the moon is void-of-course. Your brain fogs up, the plans you had prior to the void-of-course moon suddenly halt and you have a strong desire to take a long nap because everything feels off-kilter or that you're just muddling through.

Eclipses and full moons bring out your more dramatic emotions. You experience short tempers and irritations with others. You end up in a crying jag that lasts for hours. Some sudden event happens in your life that drives you to the edge (of your sanity). You wonder how you can cope and then the phase passes and life returns to normal, or almost normal.

Around the new moon you have a strong desire to start a new cycle by setting intentions. You always, no matter what phase or sign the moon transits, feel a powerful connection to the moon. You love reading lore about the moon, have an interest in witches and moon cycles, and if you're a woman you end up becoming the Alpha Woman in a household and all the other women get their menses around the same time as you, as they sync to your cycle. You adore gazing at the moon, love songs about the moon, and have a strong yin (calm and intuitive side) even if you're a man.

If you're a woman or a man, you desire having children and mothering them. Or you learn to mother yourself and even if you don't have children, you nurture plants, animals, relatives or friends. You tend to be more domestic than your contemporaries or your mind wanders off in daydreams or your life seems to be flowing like a river and you just ride along with it. Out of all the planets and orbs in the sky, the moon causes your eyes to mist and when you are in tune with it, you feel connected to the natural world. You are psychic and some of you suppress this ability because others around you don't approve of your abilities.

On the darker side, you have a strong attachment to your mother, that sometimes leaves you looking a bit helpless or infantile. Or you just have a strong connection to your mother or were mostly affected by how she disciplined you. In the case of child abuse from your mother, I urge that you find a qualified therapist to help you move through those traumas so that you can restore balance with the moon.

If this sounds like you, here are following tips to help you to ride the moon transits with ease and grace:

Avoid harsh situations and people

Take care of any addictions you might have

Avoid alcohol and overeating (especially comfort foods)

Practice extreme self-care including allowing free time to daydream and star gaze

Listen to soothing music before bedtime

Go with the flow

Hang out near a body of water

Keep a moon and planet transit guide handy so you can watch the moon cycles

Hang a photo or painting of the moon in your home

Learn moon lore (tales)

Take long warm baths (in Dead Sea salt or equivalent)

Be gentle and kind to yourself

I write this post from my own experiences as someone with a Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury in my 7th (angular) House. I have romanced the moon since my childhood, always fascinated by it. But it is only in recent years that I have acted gentle towards myself.

Protect your intuition and sensitivities by avoiding people who don't appreciate or respect you--I learned this lesson the hard way. And don't take it the hard way if anyone ever calls you a moonbeam or loony. Take it as a compliment. That will show them.

Does this song cause your eyes to mist?

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Zany Aquarius New Moon

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
After watching Astrologer Kelley Rosano's YouTube video for the Aquarius New Moon this February in which she gave a glowing preview for Cancerians, I had to take a look at the New Moon chart. Oh, and it's not only looking good for Cancerians, I think all the Zodiac Sun Signs, with a few caveats for Taurus and Leo will be absolutely loving this wacky moon and the transits that accompany it. It's definitely time to break free from any ruts and reclaim your personal power.

Scorpio Sun, Moon and Ascendant are going to enjoy Mars in Scorpio despite that square to the sun and moon in Aquarius. And those of you born with Natal Neptune in Scorpio will feel that Mars-Neptune conjunction coming up as the perfect time to delve into cinema, music, dance, choreography, photography and spiritual practices. You'll have the drive to fuel your dreams. The only caveat is that you could gravitate towards violence or aggression in the performing arts such as watching violent shows or listening to aggressive music. But understand that every time you do this you contribute to morphogenetic fields that promote violence. The Universe doesn't distinguish between reality and fantasy, only the energy present which creates morphogenetic fields. So keep it clean, Neptune in Scorpio and Scorpio Sun, Moon, or Ascendant folks.

Those of you born when Pluto transited through Scorpio (1984-95) are also going to feel that Mars conjunction to your Natal Pluto if it's around 15 to 25 degrees. The Aquarius New Moon is at 19 degrees so the Aquarius Sun and Moon squares your Natal Pluto during this transit. Perhaps you engage in quirky sex with a connection to your psychological baggage. It could bring healing now. And speaking of kinky sex and weird experiences, those of you with an Aquarius Sun, Moon or Ascendant from 15 to 25 degree or 19 degrees exact, will experience Mars in Scorpio squaring your sun, moon or Ascendant. If sex doesn't do it for you, some other taboo will capture your fancy or maybe you just feel more passionate than usual.

Leo and Taurus could feel this as a passionate time too, but Leo won't get the ego strokes he or she wants since Aquarius focuses on the bigger picture--the one that's far off and in the future and Mars in Scorpio could drown Leo's light when it broods or turns an eye towards darker topics. Taurus, you'll make the best of this New Moon by going with the flow, something an Earth Sign doesn't enjoy hearing. But this could be an electrifying time if you do manage to go with the flow and accept who and what comes to you now.

Capricorn and Virgos experience an excellent time for their business or promotions at work because Venus, Mercury and Pluto form a triple conjunction in Capricorn and form a sextile with Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo. Get your hands on some paint or clay and create art. Garden, or design a new landscape or build something whether that's a business or a tiny house. Launch that project just prior to this new moon, but here's the clincher, after the moon conjucts the sun in Aquarius it goes void-of-course and doesn't enter the next sign Pisces for another 18 hours. Well, there's wacky Aquarius for you. Personally, I would just envision the project and set an intention then launch the project or business in April, after the eclipse season in March.

However, both Aquarius and a void-of-course moon bring the unexpected. If you have definite plans and ideals for a project and don't want to entertain the unexpected or sudden breakthroughs, then wait until the Aries New Moon on April 7 (sorry, the Pisces New Moon in March is a Solar Eclipse moon which isn't a good time to launch anything).

Sagittarius and Aries benefit from the trine between Uranus and Saturn with the Aquarius Moon and Sun forming a lovely sextile to planets in Uranus and Sagittarius between 15 and 25 degrees. Break up old structure and build new structure now. The type of structure depends on the houses where you have Aquarius, Sagittarius and Aries on the cusps.

Pisces and Cancer mainly benefit from Mars in Scorpio which heats up the romantic sector of your lives or if not romance, then you have more passion and drive at this time to pursue spiritual healing or work in the arts. You're going to feel more intuitive, more creative, imaginative, and passionate. Make sure you use this energy for positive pursuits don't entertain paranoid thoughts or stalk people who aren't interested in you romantically. This sounds like a no-brainer, but with Mars in Scorpio obsession with another is a possibility. If you find that someone else is stalking you, get legal help and protect yourself. Pisces especially you must set boundaries and say "no" like you mean it.

Gemini and Libra benefit from having the sun and moon in their brother Air Sign, Aquarius. For you this is a mental time and engaging mind-to-mind with another now is a real turn-on.  You'll also benefit from the Fire Trine between Uranus and Saturn, even though Saturn in Sagittarius opposes planets in Gemini between 9 and 20 degree range.

So here's the technical rundown on the transits. Around the New Moon (moon and sun at 19 degrees Aquarius), Mars at 18 degrees Scorpio squares the sun and moon, sextiles Venus/Mercury/Pluto, trines Chiron in Pisces 19 degrees and conjuncts the asteroid Juno (marriage and home). So Mars in Scorpio alone shapes reality with all this traffic. We want to go real deep at this time either in intimate relationships or our personal psychology or perhaps we become passionate over finances.

Mars in Scorpio also sextiles Jupiter and North Node in Virgo. So some of us are going to get real serious about our work and use this drive to perfect our projects and organize our businesses. We could also use this time to visit our medical doctors and get an annual physical or do a detoxing cleanse for our colons and liver. With David Bowie's death from liver cancer in the news, we will hear about cancer prevention and other liver diseases. We are reminded to take better care of our livers and clean up lifestyles that wreck the health of our organs.

The asteroid Vesta conjuncts Uranus which squares Pluto, forms an inconjunct with Jupiter and the North Node and sextiles the Aquarius Sun and Moon. We're looking for radical ways to serve humanity or the planet. But this could play out (at least it has for me) in that we question the grassroots activist approach to making changes on the planet. With all the information we have on multiple realities, shifting reality, the power of aligning with visions through metaphysical practices, it would be simpler to use our imaginations to shape the reality we would like to witness in the world, align with that reality, and then go and enjoy ourselves. Now, how's that for a radical approach? Sorry but placards and peace marches aren't going to cut it any longer. You Aquarius folks know that and you Pisces folks would rather just sing, "Give Peace a Chance" rather than attend another rally.

Oddly, as I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I have a Dream speech. He was a Capricorn with a Pisces Moon capable of entertaining some powerful visions and building new structure from his dreams. What are your dreams telling you? What are your passions? You can be an artist and change the world, you could design greeting cards or bake cakes and change the world. You could run a dog daycare and change the world. It doesn't matter your profession, just align with your Higher Purpose and then bravely march forward. You just never know--the wackier the dream, the better says the Aquarius New Moon.

Watch the extended version video of this forecast on YouTube

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

We Can Be Heroes Pt 2--Exploration of David Bowie's Diagnosis & Death Transits

I admit that my head spins as I research the transits surrounding David Bowie's liver cancer diagnosis (18 months earlier which brings us to July 2014 with no exact date) and his death on January 10, 2016. 2015 would have been a watershed year for Bowie with transiting Pluto and Uranus hitting his 12th House and Uranus squaring his Natal Sun and Mars. 

Also the new and full moons for July 2014 as well as, the Capricorn New Moon at 19 degrees on January 9, 2016, one day prior to Bowie's death. Since a new moon represents a new cycle, death for Bowie is just the beginning of a cosmic experience--one beyond the stars.

So let's take a look at the transits for July 2014. I apologize that I don't have my planet transit guides and ephemeris for 2014 or 2015 since they are in storage. But in July of 2014, we experienced a Capricorn Full Moon at 20 degrees (conjuncts Bowie's Capricorn sun/Mars) with Cancer sun in opposition and a T-Cross with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Then on July 26 we experienced the Leo New Moon at 3 degrees conjunct Bowie's Natal Moon (and opposed his Ascendant) and part of a Triple Conjunct that included Natal Pluto and Saturn in Bowie's 7th House. This would signify the beginning of a new cycle that would ultimately bring transformation to partnerships in marriage and business--as well as, leaving a lasting legacy behind in the arts, which Bowie would do 18 months later.

From what I read in articles written about his post liver cancer diagnosis, Bowie worked hard on many fronts while keeping a brave face throughout the course of his disease and ultimate death. With that moon transit to Pluto/Saturn/Natal Moon, Bowie transformed his death and dying experience into art and we can accredit his Capricorn Sun and Mars, as well as, Mercury to his tireless efforts in completing several projects, including an album released on his birthday, January 8, 2016. I'm not left with the impression that Bowie fought death like a warrior or played the role of a martyr. The impression I have is of surrender and completion--not surprising since his Natal Sun fell in his 12th House of dissolution and ascension. Where does the Starman goeth?

Other major transits in July 2014 include, Pluto retrograde from 12 to 11 degrees squaring Bowie's Natal Neptune (Ruler of the 12th House) in Libra. Saturn in Scorpio going Direct in Bowie's 9th House on July 21 and Uranus in Aries going RX the following day in Bowie's 2nd House of talents, personal resources, and values.  Incidentally, Saturn formed an inconjunct with Uranus exact. Neptune at 7 degrees Pisces RX was intercepted in Bowie's 1st House which can also create a veil of secrecy--something was hidden from the public and we now know that was a cancer diagnosis and others sworn to secrecy about the diagnosis.

Most important, Jupiter transited from Cancer to Leo in July 2014 which again landed in Bowie's 7th House (would have been a more clear transit related to disease if it had fallen in the 6th House, but Jupiter spent time in Bowie's 6th House when it transited in Cancer). Jupiter conjuncted Bowie's Natal Moon at the end of July at exactly 3 degrees Leo. Then it would transit over Bowie's Natal Saturn (sun ruler) and Pluto later that summer. Looking at articles I saw that September 2014 was a watershed month for Bowie, with activities, appearances, and I believe recognition in the form of awards.

Let's take a brief look at Bowie's Natal Sun/Mars at 17/16 degrees and Uranus transits for 2015. Pluto came within one degree of Bowie's Mars at the end of 2015 when it was at 15 degrees Capricorn and two degrees from Bowie's Natal Sun. It transited to Bowie's Natal Mercury in 2011 which would have brought deeper communication, even the exploration of death and taboo topics such as sexuality. Uranus squared Bowie's Mars March 31 to April 16 and then squared his Natal Sun exact from April 17 until May 4. Then again retrograde from October 25 until November 23 and squared Mars exact from 24 of November through December and into January 2016. I mention Uranus not only because of the square to Bowie's Sun/Mars, but because Uranus is Chart Ruler. And weren't we all shocked to have heard about the death of David Bowie?

Finally, let's take a look at the chart for day of death. I don't have a time of death to work with so I'm going general here.

My friend and astrology colleague Jane Ritson told me to look at the Jupiter transit since this transit signifies death in an expansion into greater consciousness as we slip to the other side of the veil. Since we see Bowie as an adventurer and cosmonaut, it seems appropriate to look for the Jupiter transit in the death chart.

Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo lands in the 8th house, naturally ruled by Pluto, the Lord of Death and its forming a trine with the Capricorn New Moon transiting over Bowie's Natal Mars/Sun in the 12th House. Incidentally, both the 8th and 12th House carry themes of death and transformation, but the 12th House gives a softness or a fog to death whereas the 8th House shows us the harsh realities as we go from ashes to ashes, to mention also the title of one of Bowie's songs (Scary Monsters).

Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius transit in Bowie's 10th House of public image and career. We find ourselves looking over the legacy of his career in the arts, not just music, but in all his endeavors, including his business endeavors. We also watch his metamorphosis over the course of time while looking at how his body transformed through his various ages and stages, and now in the stages of death. I also want to mention that Jupiter and Sagittarius rule the liver and with Jupiter transiting in the sign of health would we be looking at liver health. Saturn was in Scorpio (Scorpio rules genetics?) when the cancer was discovered and then in Sagittarius as the disease of the liver progressed leading to death. But death is beautiful and death is art with Venus conjunct Saturn at the time of death--an adventure with Sagittarius involved. And what's more adventurous than leaving the physical body behind? Really it's just a shedding of old skin metaphorically speaking.

When I heard about Bowie's death, the first place I looked was at the Pluto and Mercury RX transits happening in his 12th House. On January 10 (a day after the Capricorn New Moon with its Cardinal T-Cross), the sun, moon, Mercury and Pluto all came within range of Bowie's Natal Mars/Sun. You would expect a violent death with Natal Mars involved and in a way cancer is aggressive and even violent as it eats away at the physical or corporal body. Death gave its final blow, but the message was more nostalgic and even surreal than anything else with Mercury RX at 29 degrees Capricorn--the end of physical reality when appearing in the 12th House.

We would have receive hidden messages about Bowie's upcoming death when Mercury direct crossed over Bowie's Natal Mercury, Mars, and then Sun which was on December 16 for Mercury, 21 for Mars and 22 for the sun. And no doubt this nostalgia we are experiencing in regard to the musical icon's death as it relates to our own life will continue during the Mercury RX and until Mercury transits into Aquarius in which the nostalgia gives way to futuristic music or the future of music without icons like Bowie or those future musicians influenced by Bowie--no doubt a new generation of musicians will pick up the gauntlet. Capricorn individuals leave a legacy that was crafted over time and with much effort. Remember that Saturn rules structure.

While I find this topic fascinating, my hands hurt from typing and my wrists burn from using this keyboard so I'm stopping here. Feel free to leave comments and your own observations. David Bowie had a profound impact on my early adult life, but I admit over time I had forgotten about him or he moved to the background of my life. I did catch him in concert in the late 1980s with his band, Tin Machine when he performed at the Paramount Theater in Seattle. This was a time when Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were all in Capricorn. (The other Capricorn act I saw at that time was The Bangles, who have also left a lasting impression on pop music).

I'm an astrologer and intuitive coach for artists and entrepreneurs and a former arts journalist. I was also a professional musician from 1987 to 1996 in Seattle.

We Can Be Heroes--Astrological Gaze at David Bowie

David Bowie, 1947 - 2016
As we barely made it out of the gates of 2016, Capricorn musician icon David Bowie died from liver cancer. Not surprising his diagnoses from 18 months earlier hid behind a veil of secrecy (sun/Mars and Mercury in 12th House) and the nostalgia that resulted finds its connection in Mercury RX in Capricorn, but that's not all.

My friend and astrology colleague Jane Ritson from England sent me a cryptic e-mail message, "You heard about Bowie?" But this did not prepare me for the shock of learning about David Bowie's death at the age of 69, two days after his birthday and release of his final album. My grandmother and Saint Francis of Assisi also managed the fete of dying near their birth date. It's as if David Bowie, a Capricorn ruled by Saturn showed us how to transcend time and space, while breaking through the karmic gates. He even turned death into art with his video, "Lazarus" who Jesus raised from the dead. We have Bowie's lasting legacy including his final album released on his birthday, January 8, 2016.

It seemed appropriate to collaborate with Jane for the following two-part article and we've been sharing notes back and forth since the announcement of Bowie's death. Please note too that we're writing this article while Mercury is still RX in Capricorn. And that Mercury was at 0 degrees Aquarius on Bowie's birthday and at 29 degrees (endpoint) Capricorn on the day of his death. Bowie's chart ruler is Uranus and his Ascendant was at 3 degrees Aquarius.

And oddly, through most of my early adult years I assumed Bowie was Aquarius because of his androgyny and futuristic music. Mercury was dangerously close to Bowie's Ascendant prior to his death, but hovered in the 12th House of ghosts, invisible forces, and the unformed. The 12th House is also the house of dissolution and having a Capricorn Sun which is ruled by Saturn, Lord of Structure, led to Bowie constantly reinventing himself over the course of his music career that began in his teens.

So for the first part of this article, Jane explores David Bowie's Natal Chart and in part 2, I'll explore the transits for July 2014 when Bowie received his liver cancer diagnosis and then his death chart for January 10, 2016. Please note, that we're writing these articles on the fly with little time and energy to thoroughly research every time Uranus transits impacted Bowie's Sun and Mars at 17 and 16 degrees Capricorn in 2015 in the 12th House suggests an ending. While Pluto was only one degree from Natal Mars and 2 degrees away from Natal Sun suggesting a metamorphoses of the physical self, but sometimes physical death, in the case of Bowie whose body was slowly transformed by cancer (Pluto and Saturn). But he certainly didn't die a victim. His message is it would seem is even in death we rise to the occasion and we can be heroes. (A Pluto transit doesn't need to be exact to have an impact).

I also want to add that in my late teens and through my twenties, David Bowie had a huge influence on my music career and also on video production and photography. I once made a silly music video in college with my friends using Bowie's "Starman" and I can't to this day listen to that song without chuckling. Then Bowie's appearance in A Man Who Fell to Earth influenced a music video and short movie (nonsensical) that I produced my final year of college--a total bomb, but as my therapist at the time told me, even Bowie had to start somewhere and he failed along the way too, but rose gloriously over past failures.

A Man Who Fell To Earth (Exploring David Bowie's Natal Chart)

By Jane Ritson

David Bowie - of the earth or of the stars?

For a man who had an earth sign Sun David Bowie or rather David Robert Jones had a strong fascination with the stars.  With albums and songs such as Space Oddity, Life on Mars?, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Earthling, Starman.  Where did he feel his inspiration came from?  He once said ‘I am in awe of the universe but I don’t necessarily believe there is an intelligence or agent behind it.’

David Bowie had an Aquarius Ascendant and Sun linked to Uranus.  There are no signs more attuned to the spiritual realms and to the progression of humanity.  The Ascendant is the persona we create for ourselves and Aquarius is compelled to be different, to push the boundaries, to innovate, to experiment. 

There was always the pull between the earth, the ground and out there, the stars.  And this dichotomy produced brilliance.  With six quincunxes in his chart, including Sun quincunx Uranus he was compelled to reconcile the question of which planet he belonged on.

Capricorn, the sign of business will always out and David Bowie created Bowie Bonds, asset-backed securities which offered the purchasers a share in the revenue of his albums.  And also Bowienet, an internet service provider offering exclusive Bowie content.

A strong feature in his chart was Moon-Saturn-Pluto, a difficult combination in a difficult house.  This must have been a hard and painful legacy to live with, and suggest a lack of early love.  What better way to escape than into a series of alter-egos and colorful personalities.

David Bowie’s chart includes a Yod (Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Sun).  His inner vision and idealism expanded his life and found an outlet in his personal work.  And the ideas kept coming and coming.

David Bowie also had to reconcile his desire for privacy and his need to perform.  His Sun was in the hidden 12th house and his Leo Moon next to the public Descendant.  When he was at school he suffered a serious injury and was hospitalized for four months.

He had a small talent triangle with Neptune, Pluto and his North Node which also linked to Mercury.  It was as if he was the voice of his generation.  He captured the public’s feelings.

With Mars tied to the Sun he had an endless supply of energy which propelled him to the top of his profession.  Mars is also the sign of masculinity.  David Bowie had Venus trine the Moon.  This is a very feminine combination indicative of a predominance of female past lives.  In this life he may have wondered about the difference between the sexes.  He admitted to being bisexual and then regretted the compulsion to shock, saying it wasn’t actually true but he needed to flout moral codes.

This multi-talented man - singer, songwriter, record producer, painter and actor left a final legacy - his life-long fascination with the stars but a darker perspective - Blackstar.  To the end he was still wondering ‘am I of the earth or of the stars?’

May you rest in stardust and peace, David Bowie...

Jane Ritson, Astrologer

Monday, January 11, 2016

Body Type & Eating Style by Ascendant and Moon Signs

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I'm one of those fortunate women who can eat just about anything and not gain an ounce. I've maintained the same weight for over two decades despite entering my peri menopause years. However, Saturn is the ruler of my chart and this planet rules structure and people with strong Saturn in their Natal Chart tend to fall on the lean side. Most people shun Saturn.

Whereas, a person with Jupiter as their chart ruler tend to put on weight because while Saturn constricts and restricts, Jupiter expands. So the happy-go-lucky Jupiter-ruled native is more likely to explore various ethnic foods, not to mention sweet foods, if Venus is also a heavy hitter in their charts and this leads to overeating and weight gain. The problem with Jupiter or Sagittarius Moon or Ascendant is that these folks don't know when to call it quits. On the other hand, Saturn-ruled people, especially if they have Saturn in Virgo or Capricorn lean towards discipline and Saturn in Aries believes that will power prevents overeating.

Now, someone with a strong Saturn in their Natal Chart is more focused on goals and ambition than eating three solid meals a day, unless they have Virgo on the cusps or planets in Virgo falling in their 6th House representing health and the daily routine. So there might be a tendency to starve most of the day and binge at dinnertime if Jupiter and Venus oppose, conjunct or square Saturn in the chart. So when it comes to food issues and diet, I mainly focus upon Saturn, Jupiter for body type, as well as, the moon for emotional types (my Pisces Moon and Venus in my 6th House have caused me to experience a sugar addiction at times), and Venus for a balanced diet.

While I could cover the topic at another time, I won't cover eating habits of the 12 signs at this time and I will mainly focus on Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra, and Cancer and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, moon, and Venus, as well as, the Ascendant which brings us the ruler of the chart and the body type. And from my understanding of astrology, here's how it plays out.

The Ascendant gives us our body type and self-identity. It also represents the time of our first breath as we embark on another life journey on the earth plane. So we could bring in past life eating habits such as binging if we started in our previous lifetimes, hoarding if we lived during times of famine or war (or it's in our ancestral DNA experience to have lived during times of famine, war, or relocation), or a food addiction, if we also were addicted to that substance in a previous lifetime.

So then the Ascendant not only represents our body type but all the baggage we're bringing into this lifetime. Therefore, I recommend for people with weight problems to see a regressionist therapist or a spiritual teacher-healer who clears DNA ancestral patterns. I recommend this to people who have tried every diet and have yet to take off the extra weight permanently. And I recommend these therapies for people with eating disorders such as Anorexia or Bulimia--it certainly couldn't hurt to try these other therapies.

Let's look at a chart of Princess Diana of Wales who suffered from Bulimia. First, she had a Cancer Sun and Cancer rules the stomach, breasts and how we take in nourishment whether that is food or emotional nourishment. Since Diana came from a broken home, her mother left the family when Diana was young then her father raised her and her siblings. Cancer natives have a fondness and connection to their mothers and if they don't have a healthy relationship with their mothers this could spill over into the areas of food and nurturing. It's a challenge to give ourselves love and nourishment if our mothers failed to do so, thus this can lead to overeating, weight gain, and purging because we don't feel deserving of nourishment but we crave it nonetheless.

Now, we also have a Sagittarius Ascendant which gives Diana Jupiter as her chart ruler. Sagittarius Ascendant people often battle with weight issues because Sagittarius or Jupiter expand the waistline, thighs and buttocks. There's also a tendency to overeat, especially when the Sagittarius Ascendant feels bored.

Then Diana's moon which rules emotions, eating habits, and how she nourishes herself falls in Aquarius. Now, I'm not an astrologer-researcher (though I would like to be), but I have come across Aquarius (and Virgo) in charts of people with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. Remember that the Aquarius Moon tends to shock others and like it's Leo polarity, loves attention--Diana's Bulimia ended up spotlit in the media. And it was shocking news to hear that an English princess was binging and purging food, mainly to get emotional nourishment from a distant (mother), husband and detached royal family members.

Next I would look to the 6th House of the daily routine and health regime, but this house is empty in Diana's chart. However, this house is intercepted in Taurus, a sign that loves its comfort, mainly comfort foods, which if anyone binges on and doesn't want to gain weight, would need to purge the food. Venus which rules pleasure and personal values falls in the 5th House and also in the intercepted Taurus so there is a love of comfort foods, but in this case, did not bring emotional nourishment and left Diana feeling depressed, lonely, and unlovable. In fact, her need for affection and attention was insatiable and food brought her comfort temporarily followed by remorse.

However, with Mars, Pluto, North Node and Uranus all falling in her 8th House of deep healing, psychological treatment brought the real issues to the surface and Diana was able to heal her eating disorder, but not necessarily save her marriage. But now, I'm off the topic which is body types and eating styles by Ascendants and Moon Signs.

Let's take a look at Oprah Winfrey's chart which features a Sagittarius Ascendant and Moon along with an Aquarius Sun. Now, most of us don't care about Oprah's body size or weight since we view her as an intelligent and ambitious woman. We are inspired by her life story and audacity to become one of the wealthiest and most successful woman in the world. But Oprah, as we have seen from Weight Watchers ads on YouTube has struggled with her weight. Part of that has to do with having Jupiter as her chart ruler (Sagittarius Ascendant) along with a double dose of that with Jupiter ruling over her how she deals with emotions, mothering, and nourishment because she has a Sagittarius Moon. She probably craves ethnic foods from different cultures and possibly food we consider shocking with the Aquarius Sun.

Let's take a look at Oprah's 6th House where we find her chart ruler, Jupiter again. Holy Jupiter! While this gives a liveliness to Oprah's step and a joyful, if not exuberant demeanor, she also needs to watch her daily routine when it comes to food. Jupiter lacks the discipline and will power of Saturn. Food is everywhere and within easy reach.

It also doesn't help that Jupiter lands in Gemini (it's polar opposite sign) so Oprah loves to join conversations about food which just cause her to crave food more. Then she has Uranus in Cancer falling in her 7th House, and remember Uranus is the ruler of Oprah's Sun so she has a relationship with food and probably some bizarre eating habits. Given the overall architecture of Oprah's chart, she also views food as an adventure.

Next, I look for the moon which rules how we nourish ourselves and it falls in the 11th house of groups so she looks for nourishment from groups and networking, where there are probably plenty of food choices available--which again can lead to overeating.

However, the strangest thing about this chart is that Oprah's Ascendant is at 29 degrees Sagittarius and her North Node falls in Capricorn (1 degree) in her First House. So this represents a woman who longs to be thin and leggy since Capricorn rules bone structure and lean bodies. Her body size and weight are part of the journey of her North Node in Capricorn. So it's not a coincidence that she has become a spokesperson for Weight Watchers which is a structured weight loss program that involves Saturn discipline! In her mind, she's already thin.

So if you have clients with food issues or weight problems (too much or too little weight) look to the moon and Ascendant first. The Ascendant rules body type and self-identity and the moon rules our emotions and how we nourish ourselves (food or otherwise). Then look to the 6th House of the daily routine and health see what's on the cusps and what planets land in this house. Look for squares or oppositions to the 6th House and the 1st House. And feel free to see how planets in the other 10 houses affect a person's lifestyle and general well-being in regard to food and nourishment.

Planets most associated with weight and body type are Saturn and Jupiter. The moon affects how we deal with emotions and how we express emotions. Venus plays a role too since planet rules Libra (balance and sugar intake), as well as Taurus (sensual delights, cooking, working with food, farming). Distorted or shocking habits fall under Uranus and Aquarius so look for that with clients who have eating disorders and use them to get attention. And finally, Virgo represents our daily routine, health regime, and plays a role in food assimilation (small intestine). People with fussy eating habits or over disciplined eating habits probably have strong Virgo in their chart or a heavily aspected 6th House, ruled by Virgo.

Please note that I'm not a medical expert and there are numerous factors in a chart that contributes to whether or not someone will develop a diet-related issue. Other factors to consider are home environment, parental relationship, upbringing, post traumatic stress disorder, sexual abuse and the society and culture one is brought up. But even those factors are found in an astrology natal chart--you just need know where to look. Also Neptune plays a role in anorexia as a person with this eating disorder sees a fat person staring back at the in the mirror (delusional) when they're actually thin.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here. I don't give medical advice, but I do give astrological advice and referrals to different types of healers and medical professionals. Sign up for a reading, but read the services page first.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Leo Full Moon--Everyone's Creative

Usually a Leo Full Moon brings the astrological cats out from the woodwork or plenty of drama arrives either on or off-stage. 

Leo Full Moon asks us where we can apply more fun and creativity to our lives--whether that's enrolling in an acting class, hitting the boards like a Shakespeare actor, or finger painting along with children.

However, this Leo Full Moon at 3 degrees comes with a Fixed T-Cross that involves the Aquarius Sun, and Mars in Scorpio (a wide T-Square with a 7 degree orb), though the fast moving moon pulls it together.

Now every Leo native possesses Aquarius tendencies in the way of projections onto other people, he or she considers an oddball Libertarian and every Aquarius native possesses the urge to strike out with individualism which he or she projects onto "narcissistic" or "hedonistic" types. It's only a matter of perception.

Now, we're bringing in Mars in Scorpio (and Mars will remain in Scorpio on and off for several months in 2016), who uncovers motives in other people. This is not a trusting placement for Mars energy, but the fiery planet still gathers strength in the sign that traditionally ruled Mars in classic astrology. At worst, this Mars is blood-hungry or out for vengeance, but on the higher octave, Mars in Scorpio uncovers corruption with large financial institutions, government, and in men. When we uncover motives and secrets then we move towards solutions to problems we encounter. Meaning, we require all the pieces on the table to complete the jigsaw puzzle we call life on this planet.

Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo don't play well in the sandbox, usually, but when it comes to Hollywood this combination brings us Oscar-winning performance, think of  Scorpio Julia Roberts playing the role of activist of Erin Brokovich. If the passion in that movie didn't move you I don't know what will. This T-Cross is rigid, passionate, sexy, and detached in measure.

When we face situations around this full moon, do we come from a place of passion, do we detach from our passion, and who gets to take center stage? The parts of your life that shine under the spotlight now have Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio on the cusps. Everyone has every sign in their chart, just look to the cusps of the houses and then look up the themes for those houses.

The Leo Full Moon brings healing of childhood wounds as we uncover them through deep psychology now (Mars trine Chiron in Pisces). We also strike a balance with building structure and liberating ourselves from old structure now with Saturn in Sagittarius trining Uranus in Aries. Meanwhile, the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto which also brings us the opportunity for deep healing on the subconscious level. Now, would be a good time to work with therapies that release old patterns and create new neural pathways in the brain. Also clearing ancestral DNA at this time brings deep healing and life transformation. I recommend the work of John Newton 

Leo Moon 2014 by Patricia Herlevi
When we heal our own psychological wounds this brings us newfound strength and courage to take on what is ours to take on, as far as the world is concerned. In the end, we are all bit players in a life drama called planetary transformation. While we might believe that there is only one of us here, that Unity involves 7+ billion humans and billions of non-humans, not to mention other energies on the planet. The words in our scripts matter more than we imagine since words contain the power of creation and destruction. The music we listen to and perform either raises consciousness or sends us into a deeper slumber. Everything we do matters which is why the practice of mindfulness isn't just woo-woo nonsense.

The Leo Full Moon reminds us that each of us is an individual creator or co-creator with the Divine. It's up to us to choose what we create and how we live on the planet. But let's not fall into the trap of the gabby college co-ed who begins every sentence with "I" and everything revolves around "me" because we live in a collective world (Aquarius), and if we only skim over the surface of life then we are missing the core or root (Scorpio).

It's no accident that this Leo Full Moon contains a Fixed T-Cross, but let's not refuse to budge from old opinions and patterns that don't serve us and isolate us from other who think along different lines. Use that Fire energy of the Leo moon which over the course of this transit connects with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries forming a Grand Fire Trine which inspires us, fires us up, and asks us to widen our experiences and to expand our minds. Are you ready for the Leo Full Moon? Get creative.

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