Sunday, December 30, 2012

Taking it up an Octave (the personal planets)

photo by Patricia Herlevi
A Musical Analogy to the Planets

I had no idea what I would blog about this week, then an astrologer, Tai, on the Linked In group Soul Astrology referred to the nodes as a "higher octave".  The concept of describing the lower and higher octaves of each planet popped into my thoughts. Even though many people scoff at astrology and don't believe that the planets have any power over their lives, they don't realize that they either resonate with the planets at a lower or higher octave.

When we resonate at a higher octave with the Sun we feel centered, selfish in a good way, and we feel bright, warm, charming, and attractive (in the sense that we manifest our desires in our lives).  When it comes to creative pursuits, we are at the top of our game and might even feel like we're on a winning streak. We might even feel like we're just floating through life, getting along with everyone and we feel an abundance of joy.

When we resonate at a lower octave with the Sun we feel burned out, exhausted, or suffer from hot flashes, night sweats or fevers.  We feel itchy and our hearts ache.  Creativity suffers and we tend to attract only darker experiences, not our true desires.  Self-confidence is at an all-time low and we might become too self-reflective in an egotistical manner.  We demand, control, manipulate and harm others so that we can feel at the center of the universe and we claim false power while dominating others.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Get back into alignment with the higher octave through meditation and visualizing a sun in the solar plexus growing and light in the heart chakra filled with love.  Do something playful or play with toys or children.  Try drawing, singing, dancing, or working with clay.  Also sitting in the sun or taking additional vitamin D could prove helpful in bringing you back to the higher octave.

When we are in the higher octave for the Moon, we reflect secure feelings, self-confidence and a knowing-ness or inner wisdom back to the world.  We give and receive equally well, nurture ourselves first then others.  We are in touch with our feminine side, are able to interpret our dreams and the dreams of others and feel that the light is aglow in moonlight.  Our intuition is at an all-time high.

When we resonate with the Moon at a lower octave, we seem childish, petty, moody, and overly emotional or closed off.  We don't practice self-love or trust our inner wisdom and we reflect our darkness onto others.  Repressed emotions turn into depression and we cry a lot or just shut ourselves away from the world.

Again, meditation can bring the moon back into balance.  Work with moonstones, hang out near a body of water or moon gaze.  Take time out to nurture and nourish yourself and then keep a dream journal.  Also listen to soothing music at this time and get enough sleep, as well as, drink plenty of water and take baths in sea salt.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with Mercury at a higher octave, our communication is clear and well-articulated.  We're able to disseminate complex information in a manner which everyone can understand and we are to the point.  Our brains function smoothly and we grasps new concepts and ideas quickly. Everything seems interesting or fascinating to us.

When we resonate with Mercury at a lower octave, our communication is muddy and self-serving.  We distort information and we are no longer clear channels of information as if we have been shut off from the gods.  It feels like a trickster is at work, but the biggest trick is on ourselves.  Could also be too much gossip and pettiness.

Journaling helps to get Mercury back on track.  If Mercury resonates at a lower octave its because our thinking has grown too cloudy from emotions so journaling helps to clear that.  Also cognitive therapy could prove beneficial to get Mercury back on track.

When we resonate in the higher octave of Venus, we see beauty everywhere. We practice diplomacy and strive for peace and harmony.  We flirt not just with other humans, but all nature.  We host parties, cook for our family and friends, and enjoy participating with fine and performing arts.  We might tend to the garden or learn how to create aromatherapy products.  Our senses feel alive and all is well on the planet.

When we resonate at the lower octave of Venus, we seem petty and spend too much time gossiping or competing with others in a beauty contest manner.  Diplomatic skills disappear and we transform into Kali-like warriors leaving a string of broken hearts and fragile souls in our wake. We worry about aging or losing our looks, not realizing that true beauty comes from the inside out.  We go on shopping sprees for things we don't need and feel emptier as we empty out our bank accounts or we overindulge in sweets and gain weight.

Spend time in nature to balance Venus energy.  Go for a hike or a long walk in a natural setting, feel the sensations of the breeze in your hair and on your skin.  Smell the wild flowers and listen to the birds singing.  Hang out with a pet and see the world through their eyes.  Then take a long bath in aromatherapy oils or get a massage.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Gardening helps too.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
When we resonate with a higher octave of Mars, we exude energy and drive, knowing that we can conquer any task that awaits us.  We set goals and reach them easily and effortlessly.  Our male side is in balance with our female side. We engage in healthy physical activity and experience a healthy sex drive.  We feel enthusiastic and our solar plexus feels unblocked.

When we resonate at a lower octave of Mars we act like tyrants or throw tantrums.  We seem petty and overly competitive with our egos running the show.  Friends, family and colleagues run in the other direction or go to war with us.  Mars causes us to come across as hotheaded and impetuous if not just childish.

Go for a run or a brisk walk to get Mars back in balance.  Spend time ventilating either in a journal or by punching a pillow. Dance to drums or get involved with a sport that you can do alone.  Once you work off the energy, meditate and get your ego back in balance.  Practice acts of kindness and develop greater compassion.

I will cover the transpersonal and outer planets in subsequent posts.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Quantum Astrology

I jumped on the quantum physics train in 2001 when I first heard about it, or possibly sooner than that.  Who can remember exact dates during this sped-up era? However, the law of attraction folks pulled me kicking and screaming, practically, towards their way of thinking.  I believe in astrology and I couldn't get my head around how astrology and law of attraction go together.  Could you imagine if law of attraction and astrology were two people on a date? Sparks would fly.

Some astrologers believe that the planetary alignment that occurred during our birth shapes our destiny.  Predictive astrologers give us little leg room where as, evolutionary or transformational astrologers claim that we always have a choice about how we experience the planetary energies in our natal charts and transits.  Quantum physics, from the little I can figure out claims that we live within multiple universes or dimensions.  We live all our lives simultaneously and that anytime we're faced with a decision, we end up choosing both sides of the decisions which we play out in parallel universes or dimensions.  How does one get their head around that concept?

As many of you know reading this blog, quantum physics replaced atomic physics even if many scientists still aren't convinced that we live in parallel universes that there is no space between us or anything and that we are in fact, energetic fields.  So if quantum physics is the new science, will we also discover a new way to view the planets and our interaction with them? Will we still combine Jungian archetypes with astrology? Will we still think of Pluto as the ruler of the underworld and Saturn as the strict authoritarian? Will Mars still race around like a crazy warrior on steroids and will Venus still practice the art of seduction?

How can we combine the concepts of the law of attraction and quantum physics with astrology? How do we give readings to someone who follows the law of attraction? Do we tell them that they created the transiting Pluto conjunct natal Saturn or Sun in their chart? Personally, I don't think we have any cooperation of that kind with the planets. We couldn't call planetary transits cooperative components as referred to by Esther Hicks/Abraham in her channeled teachings. I doubt any of us as individuals or as a collective are powerful enough to rearrange the planets in the sky, to speed them up or slow them down or to send them into black holes.

I can just see it now us saying, "Pluto, I'm giving you time out.  Into the black hole you go!"  If we could do that, we could also send Uranus and Mars into the black hole.  However, why would we do that?  I think with astrology, especially evolutionary astrology we can always choose between fear or love.  And you'll find plenty of fearful astrology such as, "Oh no! Oh, my gawd! Pluto will square Uranus and Saturn in the Cardinal element.  We're in trouble now."

Well, certainly that's one way of looking at this important transit (which already took place).  The problem with that OMG factor is that we end up choosing a gloomy reality filled with worst-case scenarios.  A series of what-ifs surface and cause our knees to tremble and our ankles to swell and our stomachs to churn.  "What will we do when the world ends up going to hell in a hand basket?"

So how else could we view such a transit?  One way is to take the transformational view.  If we admit to ourselves we know that the planet needs huge adjustments and the creatures on the planet need healing.  We know that we can't going on destroying the planet while burying our complacent heads in the earth.  We know we need to change and to transform the world, but without the push from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, we probably would just keep our heads buried in the earth while suffocating the life out of the planet.

Pluto in Capricorn is all about transforming the earth and moving mountains with our collective minds or at least climbing to a summit where we can find a more expansive view.  Pluto in Capricorn destroys old structures and not just unfit buildings, but societal structures, which were heading for demolition anyway.  Saturn currently in Scorpio also brings transformation, but I think with inner structure, such as transforming sexuality, psychology, soul evolution, and how we view death and rebirth.  The Saturn transit lasts for another two years and I believe it will bring great changes to the earth, even if these changes feel stifled and slow.

I admit Uranus currently in Aries has caused us to take a hard and long look at the violence, especially unnecessary violence in the world.  How can humanity call itself peaceful or peace-loving and condone the current violent state of the planet? Uranus has pushed headlines in our faces that question our defensive attitudes, self-righteousness, intolerance and emotional instability.  And it's not enough for any of us to say that we didn't contribute to violent acts on the planet, because in some ways we did.

Anytime we don't address our self-righteousness, intolerance, indifference or suppressed anger or outrage, we contribute to violence we see played out in the world.  Anytime we don't acknowledge what is lurking in the shadows of our minds and hearts, Pluto shines a light on that part of us. Anytime we watch violent movies, read violent books, watch violent television shows or play violent computer games, we contribute to the violence in the world.  Anytime we support violence in team sports or support wars, or governments that support wars and conflicts, we contribute. Anytime we turn our self away from the violent ways food is grown or animals are treated so that meat ends up on dinner plates, we contribute to violence and on and on it goes. 

Like a skunk, we attract and repel
So it turns out that the energies we release in the world that create our realities has planetary interaction even if the planet transits merely show us what we have created.  Thankfully, transiting Saturn retards processes and forces us to rethink our plans already in motion or just about to be set into motion.  Pluto demands initiation and transformation leading to rebirth for the planet and Uranus rebels against old structures that no longer work and probably never did.  Jupiter expands what it touches and it's a bit touchy with Pluto and Saturn at the moment in the form of a yod. So if anyone still feels shock for current world events, look no further than a mundane astrology chart for the planet.  Carl Boudreau has some wonderful mundane astrology videos on YouTube which I recommend.

And in the meantime if anyone has ideas of how quantum physics, the law of attaction and astrology can come together and pave the way for a new planet, please leaves comments here.  Thank you.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's yod got to do with it, got to do with it?

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Whether you are aware of it or not, everyone feels the effects of a yod in the universal chart.  This yod involves slow moving planets, with Jupiter moving at the speed of one astrological sign a year.  It currently travels through Gemini.  And our two favorite planets (heh, heh), Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio (already an intriguing combination), form a yod with Jupiter.

I don't do mundane astrology (though I would like to), but you can witness the effects of this yod (which formed on December 13) in the news headlines.  Uranus (not part of the yod yet) went direct also on December 13 and the new moon in Sagittarius soon going into void-of-course and moving into Capricorn also took place on December 13, right after the momentous 12-12-12 energy and the dark moon in the Galactic Center.  And speaking of the Galactic Center, Mercury began its transit into GC on December 11 and Venus moves into the GC on December 16.  With so many planets moving into new signs, and out brooding Scorpio and into the Galactic Center, a time of great awakening is upon us.  By the time this weekend passes, only one planet (Jupiter) is retrograde. Unfortunately, it's traveling over my natal Mars.  Oh, well.

So if life feels like it has sped up, it has.  And if it feels like changes are occurring quickly and manifestation is happening in front of your eyes, it is.  Be especially careful the thoughts you dwell on at this time because you will manifest more quickly than ever before.  Keep track of your moods, emotions, feelings and thoughts.  After all, developing greater consciousness requires exactly that you do that.  The more consciousness you bring to this era, the better off you will feel.  Tired of drama and trauma? Good.  Time to realize that only you can create both individual and collective dramas through your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.  According to Esther and Jerry Hicks in their Abraham teachings, "A belief is just a thought you think a lot."  And you don't have to believe or think like other people.  Stop trying to please others by cooperating with their damaging beliefs and thoughts.

I believe that the message behind the current transits (and boy is the sky busy right now) has to do with developing an authentic self.  This is a time of stripping away everything that is no longer necessary, and stuff that was never necessary.  This is a time to clean out the proverbial closet, but I'm talking about the closet of your inner self.  Though if you want to clean out the closet in your homes, now would also be a good time to do that--just watch out for rabid dust bunnies...

Okay, so how does this universal yod affect you?  To answer that question you would need to have a natal chart with transits drawn up or printed from a website such as It's free to register and print out your chart.  Once you have your chart in hand, look for the houses where transiting Pluto (Capricorn), Saturn (Scorpio) and Jupiter (Gemini) are located.  Next, look at the themes of each of those three houses and any natal planets you have in those houses.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Let's use my natal chart as an example.  At the moment, transiting Saturn is in my 10th house, transiting Pluto is in my 1st house and transiting Jupiter is in my fifth house conjunct my natal Mars.  Am I a happy camper? Probably not, however, I choose to flow with this yod because I know in a few weeks it will reveal hidden treasures in the area of my public life/career, personal development/self-love, and in the area of arts and creativity.  How do I know this?  The 1st house represents the mask we wear and personal development, the fifth house represents fun things like the arts, theater, creativity, love affairs (nope not going there), friendships, and the stuff we do to feel joy in our lives.  And the 10th house represents how the public sees us, our public image, and career.

Now, the energy between Pluto and Saturn flows in a sextile, meaning everything feels okay between my personal development and career.  However, mister expansive Jupiter in chatty Gemini forms an inconjunction with both Saturn and Pluto, shouting at both planets, "Wait a minute and get your cotton-picking hands off each other!" Okay, so it doesn't use those exact words, but Jupiter in Gemini tends to exaggerate situations and it's conjunct my sometimes belligerent Mars who also talks to much, but does very little.

So this plays out in that I'm working on spiritual development using a popular method.  I'm also cleaning up old garbage in the way of beliefs and tracking my emotions, while tossing out beliefs that actually never served me.  I feel frustrated because this is a painstaking slow process and my Mars energy feels annoyed with it.  Mars tells me that he's not going along with anything that does not feel creative or fun.  And Mars rebels against statements such as "Well, you create your own reality."  Remember Mars represents the inner child in us who just wants to play or play and win.  Mars loves competition and is full of ego.

Perhaps you recognize a similar scenario within yourself.  It looks like spiritual competition.  "I'll catch up to those spiritually enlightened folks."  "Why are they so smug and condescending to me? Don't they know who I am? Don't they know I was an avatar in another life?" On and on it goes.  Mars wants to be the best at everything and has absolutely zero patience.  Whereas, daddy Saturn has plenty of patience and Pluto carries a whip.  Not to mention with this configuration, childhood issues surface when least expected.  We also learn new parenting roles for our inner children.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
The planets involved with the yod can turn up in different areas of your chart.  You could have the 2nd or 8th houses involved which deal with resources, skills, and talents, death, rebirth, and soul mates, and deep psychology. The yod could involve the 9th house which you would see delays in travel, relationships with foreigners or foreign businesses not running smoothly or you might question old ideologies, including ones belonging to religion or higher education.  With the 3rd house involved, communication and short distance travel goes amok, and communication with siblings seems argumentative.

This yod will play out well into January 2013.  I don't have my astrological calendar for next year yet so I can't give you an exact date of Jupiter moving well out of the yod zone.  I will say however, that now is a good time to get in touch with your natal chart and track transits.  If you don't want to do all the work yourself, contact an evolutionary astrologer with an optimistic view of the world and current events.  Otherwise, you will just end up with a doom and gloom reading.

Yods provide challenges and difficulties.  They're not fun, but if you navigate a yod and do the work that is required of you, even if it is just backing off and sitting on your hands, you will reap treasures in the houses affected by the yod planets.  See you on the other side in late January.  Feel free to contact me with stories about growth and transformation that occurs during this time.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Define your element

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
What I like most about astrology is its orderly system.  You have three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water, twelve houses and ten planets, if you don't count the micro planet Chiron or all those asteroids.  And another fun quality I discovered recently revolves around how the elements play out in charts and the qualities that bestows on the person with the chart.

For instance if someone has over half their planets in the fire element, they are a Fire Starter, someone with a great deal of enthusiasm, passion and drive.  They came to this planet to inspire others, to light fires (hopefully in a good way), and to bring warmth and joy.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Someone with half their planets in the water element, Conduits, soak everything in and color the world with emotions or feelings.  They are your psychic sponge who stay in touch with the cosmos.  If you need intuitive help, go to these folks.  They're easy to find because they usually work in a healing profession.

Someone with half his planets in the air element, Clear thinkers-Communicators, either has his head in the clouds or complete clarity of thought.  These people think quickly, but tend to over analyze.  They thrive with new technology involving communication, are gifted writers or broadcasters unless something in their natal charts hinder this free flow of thoughts and ideas.  You'll find these folks in the communications field, or writing novels.  They are excellent public speakers even if they don't have the same enthusiasm as a fire starter.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last but not least, if you need someone solid and grounded, then turn to someone with over half of their planets in the earth element, Earth Connectors.  These folks might seem slow and ponderous at times, even stubborn, but you can count on them to get a job done and to do it well.  You can find these folks in environmental type employment, landscaping, gardening, farming, massage or body work, and in the business realm as well.  They are the hardest workers of the lot, thorough and meticulous. 

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Finally, we have the well-rounded people who have the elements spread throughout their chart with no one element dominating.  We also have people who are missing an element and overcompensate in the other areas of their charts or project those missing qualities onto other people, especially partners.  This could cause problems down the road if they wish to remain autonomous.

Take a look at your chart to see if you're a fire starter, a clear thinker, feeler intuitive, or earth connector.  I have fun making up these terms and coining new phrases.  Guess which element rules my chart.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Surrendering to Saturn

Saturn has endured centuries of getting a bad rap from astrologers.  And when word of mouth gets out it can cause some serious damage to Saturn's reputation as the ringed planet.  Saturn is the disciplinary parent no kid wants.  Saturn says, "no, not yet, please wait," when we're rearing to go.  Saturn reminds me of the mother who gave good advice which we tossed only to find out later the misery we could have saved ourselves.   Saturn slows us down, trips us when we run in the wrong direction, and reminds us constantly of this annoying law of cause and effect.  Yes, if you stub your toe on your bed frame it hurts.  If you drive recklessly you'll most likely end up in an accident. If you eat poison you will suffer illness.  That Saturn.

But here's the good news.  When we wish to slow down some processes in life such as an expanding waistline or credit card debt, Saturn helps us.  While Jupiter urges us to expand, and live a merry life, and Mars demands his manna now, Saturn could save us from the remorse that happens when we don't allow any discipline in our lives.  Venus and Jupiter get the good rap.  But Venus and Jupiter have a dark side which can lead to problems such as overweight, unwanted pregnancies, unwanted relationships, buyer's remorse, hangovers, and clutter.

This reminds me of two kinds of friends--the people-pleasing friends who tell you what you want to hear, even if they lie through hissing teeth and those friends who tell you the truth, even if you would rather not listen.  Again, think of the mother who gives good advice of caution and discernment to her children who go off and do their own thing, then return crying about the consequences of their actions.  Then the poor mother sits on her hands and shuts her mouth so she doesn't say those words everyone despises, "I told you so."

Well, Saturn is a "I told you so" planet, but the cranky old Saturn doesn't have a problem with kicking us in the butt and shouting those words at us.  No guilt on Saturn's part and in fact, he's rather impersonal in his human-planetary reactions.  Saturn is not without his virtues such as patience, maturity, sage wisdom, grace under pressure, and a builder of structures.  Saturn rules our bones and with this human architecture we would resemble jelly fish.  But the downside of Saturn is sometimes we have problems with our bones or with the structure of our societies.  Sometimes we need Pluto and Uranus to come in and destroy old structure (sorry Saturn) so we can rebuild new structure, which Saturn participates.

While Saturn will never experience the rewards of a most popular planet, he is at least gorgeous.  Those rings might seem like imprisonment to some people, but you have to admit Saturn stands out as the only large ringed planet in our galaxy.  And while we think Saturn does not reward us for our efforts on spiritual and physical levels, this planet bestows blessings on us every time we have money flowing into our bank accounts from a job well done, when we reap the rewards of our meditation practice by obtaining a greater sense of well-being, when we have reached the last rung in the ladder of our career and receive recognition for our maturity and wise decisions, our management skills and our ability to weather challenges.

Saturn rules structure such as architecture
When it comes to Saturn, we can run, but we can't hide.  For those of you who believe in karma, what you reap you will sow, if not in this lifetime, then certainly in the next.  Do you really want to bring heavy baggage into your next lifetime? Hanging out with Saturn feels lonely at times, but not if we get in touch with our inner self where the true treasures lie.  Saturn leads us to empowerment and grace.  When the alcoholic or the compulsive gambler hit rock bottom, they are better off calling on Saturn's wisdom than Jupiter's excess.  No wonder it feels like all the lady luck dried up.  It did.  The structure dissolved and Saturn comes to rebuild a life on more solid and practical ground.

On a diet, call on Saturn.  People with strong Saturn in their natal charts have leaner bodies and more self-discipline.  They might seem uptight and coldly detached at times, but even Saturn has a sense of humor and I've known generous Capricorns that show up when the chips are down.  They were the ones who hung out in the shadows sharing good advice to deaf ears.  Their Jupiterian and Venusian friends lived the "good life" and only when they burned out, did they come crawling to Saturn, begging for a few morsels of wisdom.

Saturn is in all of us. We can surrender to Saturn and tap into our inner wisdom now, or wait until life becomes so unbearable from excess and delusions that we're begging for some time alone in a mountain cave.  Saturn receives the bad rap because humans want the easy route.  We want our cake and to eat it too and not just once.  And if we have already eaten our cake and still feel hungry then we scheme and steal cake from others.  Saturn tells us that this type of trickery won't work for long and sending out bad vibes comes back to bite us in the face.  Surrendering to Saturn brings empowerment to the extent that we manifest our highest and best wishes, not just to serve ourselves, but to serve others.

Okay, so Saturn is a bit of a drag. Who wants to invite the old man to their hip party?  You try to distract the old guy, but he reminds you to take your vitamins and take better care of your bones and teeth.  He's like the grandmother that phones when a couple is about to consummate their relationship. But maybe that relationship would have lead to a catastrophe.  You never know.  Saturn has his reasons for kicking us around the natal chart.  Find out where natal Saturn and transiting Saturn fall in your chart and discover your hidden treasures--not instant rewards, but diamonds that appear after years of polishing.