Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chart for First Landing on the Moon, July 20, 1969

As part of my 1960s Series, I found the chart for the First Landing on the Moon on Astro Databank.  I'm including it here with some questions for you to respond to in the comment section.

1. Where would you find the relationship between the Earth and the Moon? Which house and which planet reflects on this?

2.  What planets and houses reflect on achieving the impossible dream of floating out there in outer space? I'll give you a hint, it's fishy.

3. What planets and house placements signify the patriarchal need for progress and landing upon the Moon's surface?  Hint: Look at the two planets in the same house with the natal Moon.

4. What aspects in this chart give us a sense of breathlessness?

5.Do you see any sentimental Cancerian themes in this chart? If so where besides the Sun in Cancer?

You can look this chart up on Astro
"First Landing on the Moon"

Astronauts were: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Health Alert-Mercury-Mars Mutual Receptivity & Saturn in Scorpio

I thought I was going to get a break from astrology today, but this morning I woke up thinking that Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio are in each others' signs, which is called mutual receptivity.  Since Mar's traditional ruler is Scorpio and Virgo whose natural ruler is Mercury, we experience mutual receptivity.  And astrologers love seeing this in transits and in charts.  This type of thing makes us salivate and drool on ourselves because we get to talk really fast when explaining this exciting event to our clients.

However, right now this mutual receptivity brings us a health warning and the change of seasons (fall or spring) doesn't help matters with dampness, freakish weather and changes in the air.  If you are already feeling exhausted or rundown make sure you get enough sleep, drink plenty of purified water and herbal teas that boost the immune system, and stay clear of sugar and caffeine (green tea is an exception since it boost the immune system and a little dark chocolate won't hurt).

With the Scorpio stellium that includes the Solar Eclipse, the Scorpio parts of the body (sex organs, colon) could experience minor infections, including yeast, intestinal flu and bladder infections.  With Saturn involved some of use will experience sinus infections and extra congestion or some kind of constriction while the Mercury RX in Scorpio could bring sore throats and upper respiratory infections. Food poisoning and flu are also possibilities which is why taking care of your health is crucial during this time.

If you experience high fevers, stomach or digestive problems that last more than 24 to 48 hours or any extreme symptoms see a doctor.  While I don't give medical advice here, just information, I do feel that taking herbal remedies and supplements brings a boost now. Since Scorpio is opposite Taurus, an Earth Sign, we ground ourselves when we use plant-based remedies and we experience how powerful the earth's medicines are for healing an illness or preventing it from occurring in the first place.

TIPS: I highly recommend tinctures made from medicinal mushrooms, elderberry, echinacea, and oregano oil as well as, cooking with more ginger, garlic and tumeric.  Make a broth with onions, garlic, oregano, parsley or cilantro, mushrooms and other immune boosters and drink this throughout the day.  Miso soup is another excellent option. Eat super foods such as kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes (salmon color variety), squash, gogi and other berries as well as, warming spices.  If you are around sick people, use a nose spray with xylitol, oregano oil, sea salt or a colloidal silver nose spray.  Some people use the throat spray.  Also try the five thieves essential oils (eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, clove and rosemary) which you use three to four drops of each oil which you add purified oil and pour into a glass spray bottle (6 oz).  Spray this around the room or spray it over your head and breathe the mist in.  It works!

It is also important to keep the blood circulating now so get some light exercise such as walking, jogging for a short while or riding a bicycle.  Do some type of outdoor activity to breathe clean air into the lungs.  Studies have shown that indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air. Of course this depends on whether or not you live near a refinery or pollution source and whether or not you live in a "green" building or home, but on the average indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air.

Saturn asks us to practice discipline in the area of health and Mercury asks us to discern when it is in Scorpio and use some common sense.  Also look at the houses where the stellium and Virgo in Mars fall in your natal chart and any planets they might aspect with the transit.  Look out especially for planets in the First and the Sixth houses since these houses represent the body, health and daily routine. Also look at the Scorpio House, Eighth because health problems that had been hidden before could surface now and this might involve getting a physical with a medical doctor.  If you have experienced digestive problems in the lower tract it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an examination for the colon. It's also not a bad time to get checked for venereal diseases if they are suspect since this also falls under Scorpio.

I'm not writing this post to scare anyone even though it is Halloween, but to bring your attention away from your mind and back into your body.  As the seasons change it is easy to feel scattered, overworked and lose our center.  So pay attention to your body now, but don't obsess (Scorpio and Virgo).  Find ways to ground yourself and take care of your body.  It is the only home you have as you walk upon Mother Earth.

If you have any questions about the transits as they fall in your natal chart, make a donation of $20 or more and I will answer a single question about the current transits.  Make the donation through PayPal on the right side of the blog and then e-mail me your question along with your birth data (Day, Month, Year, Time and Location of birth).

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keep the Home Fires Burning--November 2013 Transits

photo by Patricia Herlevi
For many astrologers including myself October and November offer turning points for the planet.  Carl Boudreau who practices mundane astrology, says that we reach a place of permanent changes, meaning, we won't be able to return to the old way of doing business.  And why would we want to when the old way of doing business feeds the coffers of the elite and destroys our health and the environment.  If you want a picture of the old way of doing business, watch YouTube videos on the tar sands fields in Alberta, Canada.  Then visualize the Earth Mother with  huge gouge in her side.

We jump start November with a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd (which I have already covered in another post).  On November 7, just four days after that momentous event, Jupiter goes retrograde and on the 9th, Mercury goes direct.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck, among other things and it goes in a direction that causes us to go inward.  We will feel less of that need for outer expansion (give it a rest) and possibly we will expand in the spiritual dimensions.

With Mercury going direct in Scorpio, we will revisit issues we visited in the past few weeks and we will lost that concentration we had for our meditation practice (darn).  However, we still have a week to research, revisit, reedit, return to old projects or old jobs and do all the stuff that begins with "re".  Personally, I enjoy the time out Mercury RX allows us and when Mercury is in the water signs, it is a fantastic time to learn meditation or to improve a current meditation practice. When Mercury is in Scorpio, we can uncover a lot of information from our subconscious minds or for academic or journalistic research.  I'm actually wishing the retrograde was for 6 weeks because of the boost it has given me for my research!

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Other planets going direct in November include Neptune on the 12th and Chiron on the 19th.  Both of these planets have transits in Pisces and again, the theme of getting a meditation or spiritual practice going has resounded for the past few months.  Did you take advantage of this downtime or did you run around like a crazed chicken chased by a dog chasing his tail? All that frenzy will now hit you in the face as we move forward and plow ahead. Hopefully, you used the past few months to reassess your life, especially if you were one of the babies born in the 1960s when Neptune was in Scorpio, Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo and Chiron was in Pisces.  Your time to shine is now, but are you ready and did you prepare yourself spiritually during the past few months? True leadership takes discipline, but this fortunately, is a quality that the double-Virgo folks have.  Remember how when we were young and we desperately wanted to lay our hands on the planet and heal it? We wanted to lead humanity forward and wanted to bring real healing to the planet.  Now is our chance.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 23 which takes us out of the inward Scorpio where we were able to focus on various projects and see the trees through the forest. When the Sun moves into Sagittarius we will lose that ability and also the ability to practice moderation.  However, with Jupiter (Sagittarius planet) retrograde, we might be able to have some discipline.  We will feel an exuberant spirit as we head to the holidays starting with the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, and all the religious holidays that make up this season worldwide.  We will either feel that there is plenty food and drink with indulgence high or we will feel that there isn't enough cans in the cupboard. A Sagittarius Sun is generous so remember to practice generosity during this time to make sure that the good food gets around the table and on as many tables as possible.  Now, there is a Sagittarius ideal.

photo by Patricia Herlevi
The Uranus-Pluto square remains in the background or foreground for people with planets at 9 degrees in Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, until November 16, so halfway through the month we will feel a sigh of relief. By the end of the month, we will experience a fire trine with the Sun and Uranus which is exact on December 1 and starts separating on December 5.  This will bring either warmth and enthusiasm or drama revolving around idealism, especially religious idealism.  Will we see heated theological debates? We might see a lot of exaggeration with foreigners or higher education or even academics spouting egotistical opinions and beliefs posing as facts.  Discern during this time because it won't matter how many letters someone has after his or her name, they are probably exaggerating.  Let's try our best not to act like pompous bores.

That's the round-up for November. And if any new transits catch my eye, I'll be sure to post them here.  However, I am researching the outer planets of the 1960s for a series I will post on this blog.  Did you know that a Neptune-Pluto sextile dominated the 1960s (1960-1970) with the widest orb at 6 degrees? We'll get to that later.  One of the crucial aspects from the mid-60s was the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo which was exact in 1965 and 1966. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Highly recommended book for Pluto Transit Folks

I came across Katrina Kenison's memoir Magical Journey (An Apprenticeship in Contentment) at my local library.  While I haven't completed the book, I recommend this book because of its analogies that relate to a Pluto transit. Granted, this is not an astrology book and I haven't seen any mentions of astrology, but the author, in her fifties describes the Dark Night of the Soul that people in their 40s and 50s experience.

She reflects on Joseph Campbell's hero's journey and she also talks about the fertile void and the wheel of transformation. Here's a quote, "...they align most perfectly with Joseph Campbell's vision of the hero's journey: the call to change or adventure; the hesitation at the door, or threshold; the road of trials and temptations; the abyss or what Campbell calls "the belly of the beast"...followed by revelation, transformation and atonement..."  This sounds like a Pluto transit to me.

The author reflects on her losses, fear of aging, experiencing the empty nest, loss of a job, and that hollow space in between the old life of keeping busy to a new one of contemplation and gravity.  She might as well be describing a Neptune transit too.  She also loses a longtime friend to cancer.

The book is published with Grand Central Publishing, New York.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Moon = Nourishment--12 Styles of Self-Nurturing

One of the biggest messages coming from spiritual teachers presently is to honor ourselves through self-love (Venus) and self-nurturing (Moon).  And for each of us that comes in different ways.  For instance someone with an Aries Moon will nurture themselves differently than a comfort-craving Taurus Moon or a security conscious Cancer Moon who needs to feel at home.  So let's look at the Moon house placement and sign on the Zodiac road to self-nurturing.

Aries or First House Moon--This fiery moon can easily burn itself out with its need to rescue others and its need to be right.  Throwing tantrums and picking battles leads to over exhaustion, head aches, sinus infections, and upper respiratory infections, not to mention fevers.

Self-nurturing for Aries is to spend time alone, hiking, biking, or doing something athletic that brings out that warrior spirit in a positive way.  Stay away from spicy foods (or in some cases, eat spicy food), listen to calming music to cool down, and if you feel a cold coming on, spend some quality time in deep sleep.  Rest is not a 4-letter word and no one will think less of you, if you retreat once in a while to replenish your fuel.

Dietary: Stay clear of fried, salty foods, stay away from stimulants such as refined sugar and caffeine, too much spicy foods (could cause heartburn or rash moods), and if you must eat meat go for small portions of free range organic fed animals that are treated ethically.   Energy drinks for you are on the no-no list so stay clear of them.

Taurus or Second House Moon--When life gets tough, these moon folks go shopping, but cheap goods don't interest them.  Give yourself scented oils, silks, soft material, wood, and gourmet food. Other ways to nurture yourself include getting a massage, go to a spa (get the works), or if you don't have the money to do this, take a hot bath in Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil then eat something creamy like macaroni and cheese (homemade variety).

Since Taurus Moon tends towards lazy and indulgent, take a yoga class, get a bicycle and ride it everyday even for a short distance.  Take a walk in a beautiful setting around gardens or a forest, or better yet get your hands dirty in the soil with gardening. Cook a meal for yourself and friends which you harvested from your garden.  And remember you can also release stress and honor yourself by speaking your truth.

Dietary: Eat heavier creamy foods in moderation, if at all. Since dairy products and tofu can cause congestion, eliminate dairy and replace the tofu with tempe which is drier and less congesting.  Drink plenty of water since your digestion could be on the sluggish side, and make sure you get enough fiber in your diet from whole grains, vegetables and fruit.  If you suffer from sore throats try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or some people suggests a teaspoon of honey.  Do not give honey to infants or toddlers.

Gemini or Third House Moon--With this Moon there is usually too much information to digest and this leads to fatigue.  This moon wants to talk about thoughts and feelings, but sometimes talk therapy leads to more doubts and worries or nervous exhaustion.  Turn off the radio, television and computer and put the newspapers away.  Take Julia Cameron's Artist's Way advice and do a news fast (where you don't read, watch or listen to the news for a week).  I know it's hard for you to sit still, but try a 5 minute meditation in the morning and before you go to sleep. Then stretch it to 10 minutes, 15, 20 and so on.

Since Gemini is dualistic, this moon also nurtures itself through communication with others.  A short phone conversation, joining an internet group with like-minded interests or teaching others what he or she has learned are also nurturing for this messenger moon.  This is not a feeling but a thinking moon, but if the moon thinks too much it leads to insomnia and other problems.  Burn off extra energy by taking a walk, going for a bicycle ride, or taking a bus on a short distance trip.  Taking a class might burn off energy too or deplete it, so use discernment and ask yourself, do you really want to take the class?

Dietary: And this goes for all mutable signs, eliminate gluten, dairy (goat or sheep dairy might be okay), sugars, caffeine and other stimulants. You're already wired with nervous energy so eat heavier foods that are calming to your system, drink plenty of water, stay clear of energy drinks (sugar and caffeine), and if you must drink beer or wine, limit yourself to one glass, if at all.  Make sure you move after eating such as going for a walk.   This helps with digestion.

Cancer or Fourth House Moon--This moon feels nurtured when it is close to home and home represents a safe, secure and loving environment.  Since this moon has mothering instincts and is often mothering or smothering others while sacrificing itself, retreat to a beach or natural setting near water by yourself and breathe it all in.  Eat healthy and lighter food rather than stuff emotions and food into your stomach (not nurturing).

Buy house plants to nurture, get a pet or tend to a garden.  Take a moon bath on the full moon, light a candle and meditate, listen to your favorite music and get lost in nostalgia (but not for too long), take a hot bath in sea salt and lavender or other favorite scents.  Many Cancer Moon folks enjoy spending time near the water, (swimming, boating or even taking a ferry ride).  Cancer Moon folks also enjoy photography, cooking, and learning about history.  This moon also nurtures itself by visiting antique shops and quaint small towns.

Dietary: Cancer Moons, you suffer from congestion in lungs, throat and sinuses so stay clear of damp foods if possible, limit in take of dairy, opting for goat or sheep milk products, yogurt is best.  Make sure you get enough minerals such as calcium, magnesium, in your diet, and don't forget to take Vitamin D supplements.  This also goes for Capricorn Moon.  Refrain from eating spicy foods since these can upset your sensitive stomach and never eat when you're upset because this leads to digestion problems. Bless your food so that you know that it's safe since Cancerians worry about the quality and safety of food.  Get plenty of vegetables, including sea vegetables in your diet, but go easy on the salt because it causes water retention.

Like all water signs, limit any alcohol consumption to one glass of wine or beer, if you are unable to refrain.  Pisces Moon is advised to completely refrain from alcoholic beverages.

Leo or Fifth House Moon--All the world's a stage, but sometimes we get burnt out on too much drama.  This moon nurtures itself when it feels loved and special, but the best place to start is to love yourself. Forget what other people think, just love yourself, be the king or queen in your life, but don't become a narcissist in the process. Do what you love doing whether that's acting, drawing, or some other creative pursuit and open your heart to the flow of love between yourself and others.

Leo Moons nurture themselves by getting their hair styled, buying chic or dramatic clothing, and dressing to the nines.  These Moons love attending the symphony, musical theater or even better, dressing up to attend the an opening of an opera.  Leo Moons also nurture themselves by bestowing generosity on others, not to stroke their egos but to flow love from their hearts.  A happy Leo Moon is a warm and radiate one.

Dietary: Just go easy on the food or watch your belly and waistline increase in size. If you don't want to resemble Henry VIII, then watch your food intake because you will indulge to impress upon your friends and colleagues.  Spicy foods might not agree with you, but can be eaten in moderation, just don't let it go to your head.  Eat heart-healthy foods such as garlic, olive oil, fresh herbs, vegetables and a little salmon goes a long way, make sure that it is not farm salmon.

Virgo or Sixth House Moon--Out of all the moons, this one works the hardest always trying to solve problems and perfect what it touches.  When this moon suffers from burn out it becomes a hypochondriac or a clean freak on a rampage.  When this happens Virgo Moon, retreat into your space, close the door and regroup.  Time for some quiet time so go on a spiritual retreat or camping alone.

Some Virgo Moons use their quiet time to fix household gadgets, get caught up on the latest information for their trade or they just cuddle up with a favorite novel and hopefully they don't find any typos or misinformation in the novel, which will drive Virgo Moon crazy.

Dietary: I feel reluctant to give Virgo Moon advice since they are the nutritionist moon in the Zodiac and they can go overboard leading to food phobias, obsessions, and an overall negative dining experience.  However, Virgo Moon refrain from sugar and stimulants such as caffeine which turn you into a nervous bird.  Similar to your polar opposite Pisces Moon, refrain from consuming alcohol and make sure you get enough fiber in your diet. Bless and love your food.   I would also suggest with all Mutable Moons, get checked for celiac disease and food allergies if you suffer from fatigue, nervous tension, headaches or digestion problems.  Consume gentle detoxing herbs on a regular basis.

Libra or Seventh House Moon--Believe it or not Libra Moon, the best partnership you can have is with yourself.  When you are off balance you throw the world out of sync then you get frustrated and blame others for your stress.  Gossiping might feel relaxing, but it's unconscious behavior and harmful to others.  Hanging out at dinner parties in idle chatter is also not self-honoring.

Libra Moons need a self-improvement program or to beautify their home.  Go to the salon and get a new hairstyle, go buy something elegant to wear that makes you feel like a million bucks or visit an art gallery or beautiful setting.  What you need is a sense of order, balance and refinement as well as, to take responsibility for your own thoughts, actions and feelings.  Learn to love yourself and be your own best friend.

Dietary: The advice I'm receiving for Libra Moon is take care of your kidneys.  Drink plenty of water (purified), refrain from alcohol except you can drink a glass of wine or beer with food.  In order to keep your moods balanced, stay clear of sugar and caffeine. Stick to lighter foods and eat plenty of water soluble vegetables and small amounts of fruit.  Once in a while you can eat heavier foods, but don't make this a habit.  The heavier foods are good for grounding your energy and emotions. Get regular checkups for diabetes or blood sugar imbalance.

Scorpio or Eighth House Moon--Scorpio Moon needs a good mystery to solve or something constructive to place their focus, besides all the darkness in the world.  Get involved with the lighter side of metaphysics, get a massage, practice kundalini yoga and or delve into shamanism or another spiritual path.  Forgiving others is self-nurturing as is helping out a friend.

Allow yourself to take life in and feel your emotions deeply without judgement.  Go deep with another person that you trust and as always with Scorpio, sex is relaxing and nurturing provided that it is safe sex and not with someone who will betray you.

Dietary: Since you are a water sign moon, refrain from consuming alcohol or consume small amounts.  Make sure you keep your colon and elimination healthy or you could end up with a health crisis down the line.  Too much salt and fried foods are not your friends, and you need plenty of fiber in your diet from vegetables (with skin), fruit (with skin), and whole grains.  You are okay with dairy, but get checked for lactose intolerance and dairy allergies first.  Digestion could be a problem so rule out celiac disease or give up gluten all together and you will see marked improvement with digestion.  Eat an alkaline diet (animal products, caffeine, chocolate, and fruits are considered acidic so eat sparingly).   Investigate the ingredients in your foods or cook from scratch. Watch out for food poisoning because you are prone to it.

Sagittarius or Ninth House Moon--Somewhere over the rainbow, far away and out of sight, is where Sagittarius Moon finds nurturing.  This moon needs adventure because boredom stresses it out.  Go on a camping trip, travel to a foreign country, learn a new language or engage in spiritual education.  This Moon also feels nurtured listening to world music, field recordings and watching foreign language movies.

Better yet, engage in a philosophical conversation or study the ancient philosophers or read the Coptic Gospels and draw your own conclusions.  This is another athletic moon so go out for a run, a walk or a bike ride, take the dogs for a long walk.  Since the Moon represents emotion don't overeat or over indulge in alcohol since these are not nurturing activities for the Sagittarius Moon.

Dietary: Moderation is the key for you Sagittarius Moon with food and drink.  You are the most likely Moon to gain weight quickly and have trouble taking it off.  You are also most likely to overindulge and pay the price later.  Take good care of your liver by drinking detoxing herbs, get fiber in your diet, and again, eat foods in moderation.  Also drink plenty of water since you tend to dehydrate and your liver is often full of toxins you need to flush out.  I laugh when I use the word "moderation" because you'll need to look up this word in the dictionary. It's not in your vocabulary.

Capricorn or Tenth House Moon--More than any other moon, this one needs to feel like he or she is somebody important.  Capricorn Moon people work too hard (similar to Virgo Moon), only this moon isn't out to perfect or fix the world, it just wants to get rich.  One side of this moon is masochistic and self-denying and that includes food, water, and rest.  Their bones and muscles begin to ache, the skin breaks out and this moon feels cranky.  Time out.

Take a vacation from work and unburden yourself with a massage (yes, spend the money on a massage), take are of your skin even if you end up buying spendy skin products.  Stop worrying about what other people think about you and respect and love yourself.  You want to be a leader? Then lead by example and show the world what self-love can achieve.  One woman recently summed it up, "If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will."  Remember this advice Capricorn Moon and make sure you eat enough to keep flesh on your bones, drink plenty of purified water and sleep 8 hours a night.

Dietary: Capricorn Moon you need to keep your bones, teeth, skin and hair healthy by making sure you get enough minerals such as calcium and magnesium preferably through food sources such as green vegetables or Alaskan salmon with the bones (Trader Joe's sells this in a can).  Calcium from a dairy source is not recommended, but something like Green Vitamins and Minerals (I can't recall the brand) is perfect.  Drink plenty of water because you forget when you work too hard. Get up and move after eating  a meal.  You could eat raw foods once in a while to give your body a rest, preferably during the hotter months.  You can eat meat, but choose small portions of free-range animals raised on organic feed.  Eat meat sparingly.  And if you're vegetarian or vegan make sure you get enough protein in your diet or you could become anemic.

Aquarius or Eleventh House Moon--The latest gadget or social network grabs the Aquarius Moon folks.  This moon overextends itself by getting involved in humanitarian efforts, donating time, money and resources to saving the planet.  These aren't bad goals, but self-sacrifice is old news.  Since Aquarius Moon can suffer from nervous exhaustion or feelings of isolation (no one understands me), this moon needs to hang out with one person at a time to regain balance.  After all the world is a big place and focusing on its entirety can leave anyone feeling overly detached.

Feeling overly defensive or self-righteous? Time to see humanity in its reality and practice self-acceptance.  Do the mirror exercise where you see your projections reflected in others and take responsibility for your part. Spend some time alone inventing something new or innovating something old.  And do what you love doing and stop thinking you have to save the world. That's just your ego talking (Sonia Choquette's words).

Dietary: I'm drawing blank with the Aquarius Moon because it's more than likely to follow an eccentric diet that wouldn't work for the other 11 moons, but works well for them.  So I'll just leave Aquarius Moons to follow their own internal and wise guidance.  But stay away from GMO foods. You might find the science intriguing, but the food is bad for you and everyone else.   You'll also be the first to try the new herbal supplements on the market or jump on the latest food trend, that is if you don't start it yourself.

Pisces or Twelfth House Moon--Ah, Pisces Moon, I know you too well. This dreamy and sensitive moon needs time alone, time out, and time to get lost in dreams.  Self-nurturing involves watching a movie, getting lost in music, dancing or taking a dance class, watching movies about dancers or dancing, playing music, writing songs, photography, or soaking in a hot and salty bath.  When this moon is creating it is at its nurturing best and it doesn't matter what it's creating as long as it isn't melodrama or delusional thoughts.

Stay clear of all intoxicants and meditate or practice yoga instead.  Want to connect with the Divine, then sing kirtan or other sacred chants.  Spend time in nature, nurture animals or your best friend, but don't play the role of victim or martyr. Compose a symphony or write a play instead.  And don't forget to drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

Dietary: See the advice for Cancer and Scorpio Moons since most of that applies to you too.  Most of all you need to build your blood with blood-building foods such as beets, some fish and meat (sparingly and free-range, and important to you, ethically-raised).  You have a tendency towards anemia, so make sure you eat enough greens and foods with iron. If you can tolerate wheat products, wheat has high iron content. Dairy doesn't work for you, best to eliminate it.  You can handle salt, but if you suffer from water retention, cut back on salt.  Seaweed is probably a better option because it gives you salt and iodine.  Refrain from drinking alcohol (Pisces Moon is the most susceptible to alcoholism).  Remember to drink plenty of purified water, get checked for food allergies and celiac disease if you suffer from digestive problems and fatigue.  Eliminate refined sugar and all caffeine from your diet.  The occasional dark chocolate is fine.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Invisible Revealed--November 3 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

I actually was going to wait to write about the November 3 Solar Eclipse, but I think it's too important to kick under the rug until a better date.  At the end of this short post, I will include a link about this eclipse of a video by a Dutch astrologer I found on YouTube.  You will also find a series of videos on this eclipse by other spiritualists that are darker than they need to be.  The problem is every time Scorpio (or Saturn or Mars) comes up, people think that evil is involved and that is in my opinion, fearful thinking.  I just don't buy it.  No Zodiac sign is evil and no planet is malefic.  That's the type of superstition that gives metaphysical practices a bad name.

So here's the deal, on November 3, we will experience a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio.  This means that the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign and at the same degree.  Along with the Sun and Moon, we also have the North Node, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio.  The North Node is the fate of where we are heading, Saturn brings us structure, boundaries, and responsibility while Mercury in Retrograde slows down our thinking (allowing us to think more clearly) at this time.

Chiron, retrograde in Pisces forms a trine with this Scorpio stellium and also opposes Mars in Virgo. Mars in Virgo forms a sextile (flowing aspect with the stellium) and Pluto (Scorpio's planet) in Capricorn (despite the square with Uranus in Aries) forms a flowing sextile with the Scorpio stellium and a trine to Mars in Virgo, and sextile to Chiron.  So we have two of these planets in retrograde and a focused stellium involved in a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).  This implies that besides the opposition with Mars and Chiron (in the sign of Neptune) and the Square with Pluto and Uranus, we experience flowing and cooperative energies.  However, Taurus Moon, Sun and AC people are going to feel stress during this eclipse, mainly because they will react with stubborn attitudes.  Meaning, they will hang to the old way of being when they need to let go. We all need to let go of everything that is holding us back, including grievances and resentment.  Scorpio has a challenging time practicing forgiveness, but this is exactly what each of us must do now.

Again because Chiron and Mercury RX are involved, I'm seeing a clearing away of childhood wounds.  And the Scorpio focused planets will bring a powerful punch or launch to this healing, meaning we won't be able to avoid these wounds any longer.  I have this image of someone trying to hide a large snake under a throw rug.  You can see the snake moving underneath the rug and the rug is moving with the snake.  Anyone who denies seeing this happen in front of them is a fool.  We see what we see and we must tell others what we see and stop denying our inner voice.  The message here is to speak up, speak your truth, but give it some thought first.

Scorpio reveals and uncovers not just stuff we consider dark and creepy, but everything we deny is there, present and working behind the scenes. With Scorpio shining its laser light, there is no behind the scenes.  What you see, is what you get and denial won't get you where you're going.  Mercury in retrograde is collecting information and placing it in a mental storehouse so we can deal with it later, but not too much later since Mercury goes direct 7 days after the Solar Eclipse, so a week later.

The Dutch astrologer tells us in her video that Mercury RX and Saturn place a reign on Scorpio's powerful and explosive energy.  In this regard we give three cheers to Saturn and Mercury RX, who normally we hurl insults at.  But when it comes to the planets there is a perfect plan.  The planets in their transits provide outlets and safety nets even when those safety nets frustrate us.  Eclipses cause us to react or to act because of the strength and power behind them.  But not only that, eclipses release all the energy that has been bottled up for months, years, decades, a lifetime. We say things that we mean even though we tell the other person, "I didn't really mean that." Of course we meant that.  Otherwise we wouldn't have said it and now just isn't the time to play nicey-nice so that the other guy likes us and tells his friends how nice we are.  Scorpio is not Libra and Scorpio doesn't play nice in the sandbox, unless the others in the sandbox are sincere and not playing games. Scorpio has its own games, but that's another story.

So there in a nutshell is the message of this Solar Eclipse: Stop playing games, stop trying to get everyone to like you and just be authentic.  If you're not authentic, you cannot discover your life path and if you don't discover your life path, then why the heck are you on this planet? To dress pretty and smell good and win a popularity contest? Meanwhile, the planet burns up from all the products we make to look good to the neighbors and to succumb to peer pressure.  And you will feel a lot of energy in the form of strong emotions now and in November because Scorpio is going to demand that you feel those emotions.  We as humans feel a strong need to fit in because we are tribal, but at this time, we need to question the logic of our tribe and our tribal ways. Are we too clannish? Are we too closed off from other ways of thinking and being on the planet? Are we caught up in us verses them attitudes? Now is the time to heal all of this.

People with a lot of earth and water in their charts are okay with these emotions, the fire and air signs however, are going to feel like they're suffocating in it.  This is not a time to try analysis or rationalization.  Feel the emotions and let them go, like the wind coming and going.  Don't judge the emotions and don't ask why you feel them. Just feel them and let them go. That's all.  Don't delve into your childhood and rehash old stories, just release those wounds to your Angels and Guides and let them go.  Don't judge yourself for wanting freedom to pursue your path.

You can purge a lot now if you choose and liberate yourself.  Since Scorpio is known for ruthlessness, you will need to practice ruthlessness with old patterns, beliefs and even friendships that don't serve you.  Kick those to the curb.  You don't need to be cruel and you can even be diplomatic, but free yourself of anything that is preventing you from evolving.  Then admit to yourself that you placed those obstacles in your path because you felt fearful of change and transformation. Don't turn this process into a blame game.

Now, I realize that this message is harsh and you might at this point feel like that snake hiding under the rug.  However, Scorpio and Saturn aren't our enemies and in this case, they are actually befriending us by showing us where we need to let go and let God.  We must surrender now to the Divine and admit we don't have the answers.  And it will be interesting to look back at this time a year from now. I'm certain that everyone reading this will have experienced tremendous growth, including me.  And no, we won't be abducted by evil beings on the planet, but we will shed light on the darkness and ignorance that resides in each of us.  By the way, the degree of Scorpio Sun and Moon during the Solar Eclipse is 11, a Master Number about opening a portal or doorway into another dimension or way of being.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

La Luna Shine Your Light on Me--Phases of the Moon (Part 2)

Wikipedia Art Noveau poster
Shall we continue with the phases of the Moon? I will even add the types of activities that go best with the remaining Moons (Libra through Pisces).  I'm ending with my sweet Pisces Moon, not because she's super special or anything, but because Pisces ends the Zodiac.

New Moon in Libra (October)--This Moon asks us to look at the areas of our life that are out of balance and to come up with ways to bring more balance into our lives in the area of partnership and agreements in particular.  This New Moon also ushers in a cycle of beauty, grace and diplomacy.  Throw a dinner party or start a new beauty routine or decorate your home with this New Moon or the waxing crescent moon in Libra.  If you own a beauty salon or a spa, start an ad campaign on this New Moon and by the Full Moon in Libra six months later, you should see results of your efforts.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra--Keep doing the Libra theme things you started with the New Moon in Libra.  Although you probably won't remember since a few months have passed by so think beauty, grace, and diplomacy.  Think Paris and France's liberty, equality, and pursuit of yummy croissants.  This is also a good time to start a new beauty routine, try a new lotion or facial or hair product, get your hair styled or buy a new outfit. Entertain dinner guest or take a loved one out for fine dining.  People are feeling pretty good during this moon phase.  Just don't bring in anything heavy into conversations. This is a time of light chatter and chatting.  Avoid gossip however.

Full Moon in Libra (April)--Full Moons are always a time of completion and then the energy wanes over the next phases until we return to the New Moon of that sign.  With that in mind, reassess the previous 12 months of Libra Moons and see how your new routine or goals are playing out.  This is also a time when people are wanting to come off as nice even if they feel aggression underneath.  Remember with a Full Moon we experience the polar opposite with the Sun's position.  So people could feel unbalanced during this Moon or they might not feel like dealing with repressed anger.

Waning Crescent Moon in Libra--We could feel dissatisfied with our surroundings now, find them unappealing and even ugly.  Life feels heavy and people act rudely and even crudely.  The charm and grace that was present during the New, waxing crescent and Full Moon has been replaced by drudgery.  People hide behind tight smiles while grunting at you to have a nice day.

New Moon in Scorpio (November)--This is a good time to start psychological therapy or dream interpretation as well as, a good time to do past life regression and hypnosis work, through the different phases of Scorpio moons. Start an investigation, but watch for paranoid thinking.  You can focus on tasks with details now or plant the seeds towards following a lifelong passion.  I imagine sex is good during this moon too, but watch out for darker emotions surfacing or reflections of death.  Remember Scorpio rules Pluto and traditionally Mars too, so the energy is a shade darker than other moons.  Scorpio Moons are great for shamanic work, especially soul retrievals.

(This year on November 3, we will experience the Scorpio New Moon at 11 degrees as she eclipses the Sun.  I will write about this Solar Eclipse in an upcoming post).

Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio--The intensity we discovered and explored during the New Moon in Scorpio grows.  We uncover other people's motives and intentions during this time or we focus on a project so intensely that other people completely fall off our radar.  This is an excellent time for behind the scenes work. Detectives could hit the target and lawyers are at their rabid best (just joking about the rabid part).  This is a good time for psychological plumbing and people want to dress in black and look scary.  Though this is more obvious during the Full Moon in Scorpio where death and taxes are on people's minds.

Full Moon in Scorpio (May)--Who wants to think Halloween thoughts in May? Yet, even darkness comes to this sunny and hopeful month.  Oddly, my grandmother passed away in May when the Sun was in Taurus and this had me thinking back then about death, inheritance, and history during that sunny month.  I even wrote a long poem about it to commemorate my grandmother's long life (she lived to 107).

During this Full Moon, it is time to bury anything that no longer serves us or has outworn it's life.  It is time to forgive.  Yes, Scorpio, I'm talking to you.  Bury those vengeful and hateful thoughts and bury them deep into the ground where they can dissolve into ash.  This Full Moon is about disintegration of the old, it is about decay and cleaning out mold from our houses and even cleansing candida and other parasites from our bodies, though the cleansing works better during the waning crescent phase.  So do some spring cleaning and let the sunshine in.

Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio--Time for deep housecleaning and de-toxing of the mind, body, and spirit.  Revisit past lives and re-script or just release those lifetime themes and patterns.  Do psychological healing work and pay attention to dreams.  Who or what do you need to remove from your life? Go on a candida diet and pay attention to your elimination system.  And practice forgiveness while rising like the phoenix or the dove of peace.

New Moon in Sagittarius (December)--People are feeling expansive and generous during this time, but they also want to indulge in food and drink.  This is a pie-in-the-sky new moon where anything and everything is possible.  Motivational speakers could get a lot from this Moon so schedule talks and events on this New Moon.  Connect with foreigners, start learning a foreign language, and listen to global music or watch a movie from another country in another language.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Sagittarius--Enthusiasm builds and we want to travel somewhere exotic or take a class from a higher education institution.  We might engage in a philosophical debate and there is no danger of hard feelings.  People are biting and sarcastic now and life is seen as parody.  We could hear too many vulgar jokes or deal with crude people now and wonder why the younger generations lack manners.

Full Moon in Sagittarius (June)--This Moon ushers in the end of spring and we see glimmers of summer, and holidays, and hanging out with friends and talking into the wee hours of the night. We experience or could experience long-distance travel..  School is out for the summer and we hardly want to pursue anything educational during this time, but we might overindulge at graduation parties.  Kids are antsy for school to let out and some people are dreaming about surfing the big wave or climbing a big rock. Adventure is on the mind and life feels like fat old Jupiter dropped in bearing gifts.  Do you feel lucky?

Waning Crescent Moon in Sagittarius--The party has ended, everyone is hungover or wondering about their next diet plan to lose all the weight they recently gained.  This is a Moon of buyer's remorse and though it is in Sagittarius, no one is feeling like the life of the party.  It's time to get on with real life.  And along comes the Capricorn Moon.

New Moon in Capricorn (January)--The holiday season is behind us now, and it's time to pay taxes, collect unemployment (seasonal workers), and get those new resumes in order.  This is a time of reassessment of the previous year, balance the budget, plan ahead, and work hard.  This is a time of cutting expenses, cutting back and we feel constricted in some way.  Plus in the northern hemisphere the cold and gray weather feels oppressive and we feel like we have nothing to look forward to until Valentine's Day.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Capricorn--Now that our taxes are behind us, we turn our attention to business goals, but we could also find a motivational coach to help us reach our goals.  Some of us search for jobs during this moon and we could make a good impression if we wear darker shades of clothing to the interview and emphasize our strengths.  This is a time to show maturity and a sense of responsibility because Saturn likes those qualities and so do the bosses who are hiring at this time.  And most important, watch your posture. You're slouching again.

Full Moon in Capricorn (July)--Thank God, this moon happens during the prime of summer because it is so heavy--like a a soldier wearing heavy boots stomping on our backs. This is an S & M type moon where people act masochistic and bang their heads with should haves and could haves and they question why they didn't do this or that.  This is a time when we need to make peace with authority figures, especially our parents.  And some our poorest work habits hail from our relationship with our parents.

Waning Crescent Moon in Capricorn--Don't like your job? Now, is a good time to leave it and find something more suited to your taste. So brush off the suit, practice your interview skills, and tighten the belt until you land your next job.  Actually, it's best to have lined a job up first before quitting the one that drives you crazy.  Don't you just love Saturn?

New Moon in Aquarius (February)--I often wondered why Valentine's Day, a sentimental day of hearts, strings, silk, and chocolate falls in Aquarius instead of gushy Pisces (who just loves hearts and flowers).  Perhaps, we need the Aquarius detachment to protect us from falling for Mister or Missus wrong again.  And if your Valentine's beau happens to forget to buy you a card or chocolate, forgive him..  Aquarius is known as the absentminded professor and he forgets to pick up the chocolate on the way home from the lab where he's just invented a device that will change the course of humanity.  All jokes aside, this is a detached and innovative moon, hardly romantic, and that's a good thing.  Solar panels are more important to the planet than a poem that starts with "Roses are red, violets are blue..."

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius--We feel inventive and a bit smarter than usual. We want to tackle those puzzles and invent a system to change the world, or evolve humanity into the new age.  Either we think everyone's a genius-in-disguise or we are only attracted to the brightest thinkers among us.  This is a good time to watch re-runs of Ted Talks on YouTube, I kid you not.  Discover and adopt a genius today.

Full Moon in Aquarius (August)--I don't know if the Noble Peace Prize is awarded when the Moon is in Aquarius but this would not be a bad idea. On this Full Moon we think humanitarian thoughts and we think humanitarians are bee's knees. Oh, aren't they so wonderful, we gush.  We honor entrepreneurs a bit too much on this day and we want to invent something too, but not just to get rich.  Grassroots organizations and activists get a boost from this moon and people walk around quoting Gandhi and Chief Seattle.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius--The invention fails, scientific research we counted on reveals flaws, or the humanitarian we admired appears in a bad light in news headlines.  We feel selfish on this day and we could care less about humanity or who won the Noble Peace Prize.

New Moon in Pisces (March)--Pay attention to dreams because they are most potent and symbolic now.  Watch movies by Surrealist and engage in stream-of-consciousness writing exercises.  Discuss your dreams with friends and plant seeds for compassion in the world. This moon bodes well for meditation, dance, yoga, and energy work.  Go get a massage or foot reflexology. This advice works for the different phases of the Pisces Moon.  Listen to music or join a group of chanters.  And stay away from intoxicants and if you have a shoe fetish, stay away from shoe stores.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces--Keep that yoga and meditation practice going.  Take voice or dance lessons, learn movie making or photography.  We feel dreamy and want to escape the mundane world during this time so this is an excellent time to go on a retreat.  Stay away from intoxicants, take care of any mental health problems or emotional imbalances now before the Full Moon in Pisces which we can call Claire de Lune because the Neptune fog lifts and we see ourselves clearly at that time.

Full Moon in Pisces (September)--The Harvest Moon is really a Pisces Moon though we think of the Maiden Virgo during this time.  So besides harvesting the fruits, grains and vegetables we planted in the earth, we also harvest our dreams during this Full Moon.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to go see a movie released during this Full Moon or attend a music concert or dance event.  Go to the circus and admire the high wire acts.  If we dreamed big during the last cycle and took the necessary steps then now is the time of manifestation.  This is a large moon that sheds abundant light.  Bask in it and know you deserved it.

Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces--(Whew, I made it to the end of this long post).  We could experience nightmares or anxiety dreams during this phase if we haven't dealt with our emotional imbalances.  This Moon reminds us to practice mindfulness and if we have slipped off our spiritual path, to get back on it.  We want to retreat now or seek spiritual guidance.  Why don't you just phone in to the Divine and ask for assistance?  Take care of your feet and don't buy a new pair of shoes on this moon.

I gave brief descriptions of only some of the moon's phases through the cycle of one year.  I encourage you to check out the writings of other astrologers who specialize in the Moon. Some of these astrologers will even give you advise of what to wear during each of these moons, down to the color and pattern of your clothing.  You can find those astrologers by clicking on Google or your favorite search engine.

Friday, October 18, 2013

La Luna Look What You Do to Me--Moon Phases & Signs (Part 1)

Wikipedia, Art Noveau
Most people don't think about the cycles of the Moon unless they are practicing wiccans, astrologers, or enjoy gazing up at a full moon. Those born under the sign of Cancer are likely to watch for the Moon's cycles because they feel deeply the energies shifting as the Moon travels through the complete Zodiac each month.  However, in this past week, I have noticed that even in the spiritual community, spiritual teachers pay scant attention to the Moon's phases and this could be to their detriment.

So let's look at every Moon sign in the full, new, waxing crescent and waning crescent phases.  Let's also look at the dark moon since many people feel depressed and have trouble letting go during this phase which last one to two days.  The months I give for the new and full moons are approximate.

In ancient times, women naturally followed the phases of the Moons since these cycles tied into the menstrual cycle as well as fertile and non-fertile times.  But as we have moved away from nature and into the industrial then later the technological age, we have replaced moonlight with artificial lights, and those lights are everywhere affecting our natural rhythms.  Add to that, women don't take a week to reflect each month and to tune into their intuition, mainly because most women feel rushed off their feet keeping up with the stresses of modern times.  So you will find few women who care that the Moon is in Taurus in the waxing crescent phase or in Sagittarius during a dark moon phase.

So here is a short rundown of what to expect for the Moon as it travels through its various phases at different times of the year.  I am not going to talk about eclipses here because I have already written extensively about them, having been born near one (four day shadow), I can attest to the power of eclipses, but we only experiences two sets of eclipses per year and we need to pay attention to the other moon cycles too.

New Moon in Aries (April)--This is when we plant the seeds for new growth and feel like a young child in some way.  We begin to take baby steps towards our goals and we feel a lot of warrior energy welling up inside our hearts.  We just feel courageous, hopeful, and renewed during this New Moon. And it is a fabulous time to plant seeds for the year in more ways than the obvious planting the seeds for summer crops.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries-- we are seeing our goals or ideals beginning to take shape and we still have much work to do to manifest them.  Our energy grows and we might feel like taking on the world.

Full Moon in Aries (October)--This is when we feel a need to harvest our fruits from the previous cycle.  It's a time when youth might act up or our inner child calls for attention.  We might feel immature during this phase or extremely productive.  People are most likely to stand up and speak their truth during this Moon and some people might shout out for justice.  This is a good time to keep anger in check because people can become explosive during this Full Moon.  Mars energy are the keywords here.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aries--The energy is ebbing and it's time to let go of old hurts and repressed anger. This is a time to purge ourselves of childhood wounds and stop blaming others for our shortcomings.  The person who doesn't take responsibility for themselves during this Moon acts like a victim and ends up feeling depressed.

New Moon in Taurus (May)--This new Moon asks us to plant seeds too, as well as, set our financial goals for the year.  This is a great new moon for manifestation but as always, be careful what you wish for because at this time we seek sensual experiences that we might regret under say a Capricorn Full Moon.

Waxing Crescent in Taurus--Try not to sleep too much during this moon phase as we can become lazy and stubborn when it comes to change.  If all went right during the Taurus New Moon we now see a glimmer of our desire starting to manifest.  This is an excellent time to get resumes together and search for a job that represents the next step in your career.  This is also a good time to keep spending habits in check since we'll want more luxury items or indulge in gourmet or expensive food during this time.  Watch the vino.

Full Moon in Taurus (November)--This is not a time to plant new seeds, but to enjoy the bounty of the harvest.  Full Moons represent a completion stage--reap what you sow.  This falls around the time of the late harvest and in the US, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Again, it is a time of sensual pleasures or just plain bullheadedness.

Waning Crescent Taurus--This could represent a time of regrets from overindulgence or from laziness.  The fruitfulness has been left behind and now we find ourselves in the letting go process-whether that includes letting go of past grievances or letting go of all that stuff we accumulated in the previous Taurus cycle. The main lesson is lighten the burden.

New Moon in Gemini (June)--We just want to talk about our dreams and talk to others about their dreams and ambitions.  After lying around in a hammock, we head to a social gathering and we chat the hours away.  Spring is in full-bloom and so our communication skills.  This is a good time to get in touch with siblings, take a workshop or class, or write in a journal.  Flit around like a butterfly from place to place and absorb all the information you can because you'll need that information later.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini--Apply for a communication job, write an article for a magazine or newspaper, become a volunteer or professional radio host, or just tune into a variety of radio stations at this time.  We want information and we want it quick.  We grow impatient with slow downloads to webpages and videos, and we want variety. This is a good time to attend public meetings, give lectures, teach classes, and do all those Gemini things you have always wanted to do, but didn't think you could.  Everyone seems interesting or on contrast everyone seems boring.  It all depends on perspective and under Gemini we find that we have dual perspectives.

Full Moon in Gemini (November)--By this phase, you publish the article you wrote in either the new or crescent moon phases, you teach that lecture you have worked on for several months and you bring any communications project to fruition.  This is a perfect time to attend or present at a conference or seminar, provided Mercury isn't in retrograde.  It is also a good time for travel or taking a retreat and sinking into silence.  But the silent retreat works better under the waning crescent Gemini Moon.

Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini--Go on a retreat or go in a room alone and shut the door, then remain in silence so you can digest all the information you collected during the previous Gemini Moon cycle.  We don't feel sociable during this time and the darker side of Gemini comes out, that is if it hasn't locked himself away in a closet.

New Moon in Cancer (July)--Go to the beach and make sure that you are getting the proper nourishment.  If you are a mother, make sure your family is getting the proper nourishment.  We feel vulnerable during this time to the rays of the summer sun and the foods we eat.  But overall, this is an optimistic time where we can learn and practice self-love and self-nurturing.  We could feel sentimental and nostalgic, get interested in history and hang out in antique shops.  Our eyes feel dewy and no, it's not just because you have hay fever.  People just feel overly sensitive during this time and might suffer stomach upset.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer--Now we feel pregnant with possibilities and we watch ourselves grow in a myriad of ways as we nurture ourselves, others and our dreams.  This is the phase in pregnancy (symbolic) where the baby bump appears and we realize there's a pregnancy.  This is where we cross the bridge to a place of no-return and even leave the past behind.  We feel emotional, sensitive and we need to watch what we eat or we could upset our stomach.  Our breasts might even feel tender, the more so during the Full Moon in Cancer.

Full Moon in Cancer (December)--It's odd that the Full Moon in Cancer falls during our most sentimental time of the year, during the religious holidays.  During this time, we give and receive gifts while placing too much meaning into the gifts, which in some cases cause us to feel grumpy or disappointed.  This is because we feel extremely vulnerable and want others to truly get who we are.  When they don't, we feel wounded and we crawl into our shells.  People eat too much and drink too much during this time because of overwrought emotions.  But we can also feel deeply loved and appreciated during this time because we are all so gushy with sentiment and recalling old memories of when we were children.  And don't be surprised if someone brings out a sentimental movie such as "It's a Wonderful Life" on this Full Moon.  Stop me now.

Waning Crescent Moon in Cancer--Talk about dark moods!  Oh, we feel everything so deeply that we feel like a hammer is pounding our hearts.  The world is full of such misery and look at all those poor children going hungry, we lament. And true enough, the world does feel like a burden during this moon phase, mainly because we are moving to the dark moon in the Moon's home sign.  But it will pass and soon you'll be dancing in clover again.

New Moon in Leo (August)--Okay, here I have an image of a child winning a spelling bee and all the other children rallying around their little hero.  This is a Moon where we open our hearts wide and courageously practice compassion.  We feel grandiose and life feels so full with potential.  In the northern hemisphere summer is at its peak, the weather is hot and so are tempers.  We want to see color, lots of color and dance, hear music, sing, or act in a play.  Whatever we do, we want others to notice us.  The downside, people are also over dramatic during this New Moon and this can get out of hand.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo--Now, I have an image of a primadonna rehearsing for an upcoming performance.  She's upset about her costume and all the details of the performance get on her nerves.  On other hand, this is a time of rehearsing, preparing, and shining one's light in the world.  We want color and the dazzle of big lights and we remember Shakespeare's words that all the world is a stage and we refuse to only stay up on stage for our limited 15 minutes of Warhol fame.  No, we want the entire world to notice us.  This is a time to recognize our gifts because if we don't, no one else will.

Full Moon in Leo (January)--With the holidays behind us and our lives falling into the doldrums, we need to find our heart center during this full moon.  Go to a play or a musical performance or better yet, volunteer at an arts organization or as a performing artist.  Join a choir and audition for a soloist part.  This isn't a time of receiving attention, but a time of giving attention to others and of letting go of the need to be the center of attention. Check your ego at the door.

Waning Crescent Moon in Leo--Since Leo rules the Sun, and represents our center, we could feel depressed when the Leo Moon is waning.  This is when we accept our shortcomings and work on improving our image.  We made need to let go of grandiose dreams and take the next steps towards self-improvement.  Many people could feel like the party has ended and they don't want to go home.

New Moon in Virgo (September)--As we approach the harvest (Full Moon in Pisces), we assess the previous steps we made in the cycle.  We are more critical than usual and more analytical as we buckle down and come up with new ways to solve old problems.  This is a serious and fussy new moon where we might hear a lot of complaints and regrets.  But we can also use this time to communicate our dreams (Pisces) and take in a movie or music concert.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Virgo--I have an image of a servant sewing a dress on one of those old fashion Singers sewing machines. She's pulling out the seams and starting over again.  Meanwhile, the clock ticks and a customer waits in the wings for her dress.  This moon phase feels fussy stressful, like there is miscommunication going on, and a Neptune fog blowing in and we just want to get whatever we are doing right so we don't have to return to it later.  We need to get it right or else.

Full Moon in Virgo (March)--This Full Moon takes place as winter (or summer) comes to a close and the next season glimmers on the horizon.  Since Virgos tend to suffer from nerve problems from too much stress, I advise everyone to take it easy during this Full Moon and allow yourself to dream, take in a movie or sing with your favorite recordings.  Prepare for the changes ahead by clearing out the old.

Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo--This is another time people feel depressed or possibly disappointed in themselves or others. Were their expectations too high? Did we expect to accomplish too much? Practice patience and let go of all those should haves and would have regrets.  Clear the way for new things and people to enter and stop criticizing everything.  It's as my friend says, "It's all good." Of course, she's a Libra and for her, it is all good.  As it should be.

The Dark Moon phase for any Sign represents a time where everything seems hidden from us.  We could feel empty, tired, or depressed. This is a good time to rest and wait for the New Moon to appear.

(I will cover the next 6 Moons next week).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Too Close to Home--Lunar Eclipse in Aries = Youth Rebellion

I live in a city with the moniker, "City of Subdued Excitement" and true enough, before liquor sales was privatized in Washington State, Bellingham was a relatively tranquil city.  Then last weekend, we felt the first powerful blow of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Aries and the exact Pluto/Uranus Square, all occurring this Friday, October 18, 2013, 4:38 Pacific Standard Time.  Enter the first arrivals of the Pluto in Sagittarius Generation (which I wrote another post, and a group of freshmen obsessed with getting high, drunk and stoned.

I will preface that with not all people of this generation possess this attitude, but those who do, seem insolent, rude, disrespectful and dare I say it, narcissistic.  When the university freshman arrived less than a month ago, I felt trepidation and a bad vibe I couldn't shake.  I tried to rationalize the feeling away, telling myself I have an overactive imagination, but the feeling kept growing stronger each time I rode the bus with young male students whose every other word was gutter-speak (not the type of language you would use around small children, for instance).  They either rip their professors to shreds or discuss the last party they attended or where the next one is.  And I predicted this would happen with this Generation and it's only just begun!  We still have another 13 years of this generation coming of age, and we will need to look at other transits around the time of each of their births to determine future events.

So let's start with the natal chart for Bellingham, Washington.  This city has been through many phases and many annexation and consolidation processes before reaching its incorporation into a city date of July 19, 1904 when four towns came together as one city and a new mayor was elected at that time.  The time I have for the signing of document by the mayor is 12:00 p.m.  This time is not 100 percent accurate, but when you see the Lunar Eclipse transit chart you will see a remarkable story unfold, even if the story began unfolding last Saturday night.

If you would like the natal chart information it is July 19, 1904,  12 p.m. Bellingham, Washington.

Then I ran a transit chart for October 18, 2013, not able to type in a time for this chart.

I am also using an Equal House chart because Bellingham is in the northwest corner of Washington State and I read recently that the Equal House charts work well for northern locations.  You can try other types of house systems if you like, but your argument might be less compelling.

Let's start with the First House where the Lunar Eclipse Sun in Libra opposite Aries Moon in the Seventh House.  Let's call this the youth and identity house because it is naturally ruled by Aries, but here it is ruled by Libra/Venus which actually plays a strong role in Bellingham's identity with ecology, natural beauty, the arts and women leaders who have over the decades given so passionately to this city.

Here, we have the North Node in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio transiting.  We can interpret this as authority dealing with a youth problem, but also a problem (I am including articles about the event) that has been hidden from the public (except for people who live in the neighborhoods where student rowdiness occurs).  We see that this event was fated with the North Node and Mercury in Scorpio on the cusps of the Second House prepares to go RX which means we will revisit this problem in a few days time.  Meaning, it's not over yet and solving the problem is going to take the work of psychologists, sociologists and detectives (Scorpio).  This is a deep problem that could cause severe harm to this community.

Venus in Sagittarius transits through the Second House which represents moveable property in this case because the gifts, talents, confidence for an individual isn't going to cut it for a chart of a city.  Venus wants peace, but Venus in Sagittarius could also be searching for instant gratification such as getting drunk or partying, which is the case in this situation.  There was also destruction to police cars, a bus, signage and the environs.

Transiting Pluto which prepares to Square Uranus exact on the day of the eclipse, is in the Third House of communication, and for some reason, I'm seeing this house as representing young people bunking authority. Uranus conjuncts Moon in the 6th House (later the Moon moves on to the 7th House where it eclipses the Sun) and here we have disruption causing emotional upset, especially with people who own homes in the neighborhood where this occurred, older more established people.

Chiron (wounds, addictions, etc) and Neptune transit in Pisces in the 5th House which opposes Mars in Virgo in the 11th House.  So here you have youth getting drunk (Neptune) in large numbers, 300 to 400 according to one newspaper article in the Bellingham Herald and the common sense Virgo doesn't seem to come into play, or maybe she does since many of the university students volunteered to clean up the mess their colleagues made the previous night.

Last but not least, transiting Jupiter crosses Bellingham's MC and here we have the university president and other concerned about the university and city's reputation as they should be given these circumstances. They confess a problem with drugs and alcohol with the students and current laws privatizing the sale of liquor (used to be overseen by the state government), which is also a Tenth House issue.  So here we have a city and university protecting itself from public scrutiny.

Here are two articles:

I also recommend watching the KIRO TV video to get the full impact of these events.  This type of thing does not normally happen in this city, but if this is a wake up call, then we had better take care of business and bring in the necessary healing of wounds that cause this type of behavior.

Seattle Times article

Now for my personal feelings about the youth riot.  I consider myself a permanent resident of Bellingham and I feel deeply upset that this event took place in the Sehome neighborhood where I live just a few blocks from the park where this incident took place.  I hope that we don't see a repeat performance this coming weekend by youth who thumb their noses up at the community.  Like I said earlier this is a good community and usually peaceful.  I also will add that I am not an advocate of parties where people get drunk and high.  I feel turned off by that behavior and prefer sober mature people who care about the community to students who come through and trash the place and then move on.

By the way, I believe that this Lunar Eclipse in Aries 26 degrees is powerful and destructive, involving youth in some way and often rebelling against authority. This is not your average eclipse because we must take into account that Pluto/Uranus square become exact on the same day as the eclipse.  And then to take a look at the rest of the outer planet transits.  We could learn a lot though about healing community during this time, and to stop legalizing situations that lead to intoxication of youth in any town or city.

Note: If you click on the image of the astrology chart, you will get a larger image in a pop-up window.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pluto Positives (Pluto in Capricorn & Successful Professions)

Pluto brings us to our knees, Wikipedia
While Mr. Dark One, Pluto has gained a bad boy reputation, especially now that he's in Capricorn engaged in a boxing match with Uranus, some people actually flourish with Pluto in Capricorn.  The process involves breaking down old structure so that we can rebuild new structure thus transforming how we live on the planet.  And when you think about it, if it wasn't for Pluto and Uranus butting heads, we would be in dire straits.  After all, this old structure (call it patriarchal) is destroying the planet, wrecking people's lives, and leaving some folks living in cars.  We can't blame Pluto for those things, now can we?

So I'm listing 5 professions (among many) who benefit from Pluto in Capricorn (which moves into Aquarius in 2024).  Some of these professions flourish at the beginning of this long transit and others flourish during the clean process, and others in the rebuilding process.  Capricorn rules all structure including body structure (bones, skeleton and skin) so if you work in a profession dealing with those body parts, you're in luck.  Capricorn also represents financial institutions, government, the corporate work place and other situations needing mass restructuring.  If you're in those professions, you'll need all the help you can get!  Unless, you are on the more innovative sidelines reinventing these endeavors.

1) Chiropractors, bone specialists, dermatologists, dentists...

If you work with the body's structure (teeth, bones, skin) then you would find plenty of patients and clients now because Pluto in Capricorn affects the structure of the body, and most often in an adverse way.  Our bodies need more minerals at this time, especially for folks with strong Capricorn or Cancer in their natal charts.  Skin disorders, premature aging, degenerative bone diseases, broken bones, chiropractic concerns (though the spine is technically ruled by Leo/Sun), mineral deficiency, and teeth problems (especially relating to gums) all are prominent at this time.

If you're not getting many clients or patients, then get out there and advertise.  These professions should boom under these aspects. Since chiropractors are considered "out there" by some, I imagine that this profession also gets a boost from Uranus, so the more unusual you seem, the better.

2) Intuitive Life Coach, motivational speakers, self-help authors

This one is a no-brainer, really because when people experience a Pluto transit the only sane place to turn is to self-help gurus, life coaches, and motivational speakers.  Many of these folks have their own stories to tell about transformational life experiences so they shed a light on the dark road ahead.  I'm going to lump astrologers into this category too because of the Uranus square to Pluto, (Uranus representing astrology).

Many people going through the Pluto and Uranus transits early (first week of a Cardinal Sign) will most likely join this group and use their experiences to help others.

3) Engineers, architects, construction, and green builders

When Pluto first went into Capricorn, this group suffered a great loss.  The dismantle process and deconstruction had just begun and no one calls an architect to build during the fall of a tower.  We usually wait until the dust has settled and we can make plans for a new structure.  Architects are unable to hold up crumbling walls and engineers stand around scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

However, at this point, we should see a boom with the process of deconstructing buildings and recycling the materials.  We will start to see a boom in renovation and repair work to structures damaged by weather and time.  Then toward the end of the Pluto transit we will see an extensive rebuilding process around sustainable architecture and green technology.  So those green jobs we have been waiting for are on their way, just be patient. We might have to wait until Uranus enters Taurus (the sign of the builder).  It will happen.

4) Urban Farmer and community activists (around food security)

With Pluto opposing Cancer (the sign of nourishment, food, security), we need better access to fresh and healthy food, especially in "food" deserts in urban areas.  With the loss of farmland to agri-business (large corporate farms) and development (real estate), we need to come up with innovative ways of growing food for growing populations in urban areas--enter the urban farmer. And the urban farmer needs to partner with community food activists and grassroots groups.  This is where Uranus in Aries and then later Uranus in Taurus come into play.

This profession is only getting underway at this time.  It will pick up steam as we move closer to 2024 when Pluto enters the sign of the people, Aquarius.

5) Quantum Physicists, teachers of new science and new spirituality 

Quantum physics has been around for nearly 100 years in its modern form, but it is only starting to catch on now with larger groups thanks to the work of Gregg Braden and renowned quantum physicists.  As we deconstruct old structure this includes religion and modern science based on Newtonian theory.  The irony is that quantum physics has been around since ancient times, but few people understood it or even felt they needed it (thanks to everyone joining the status quo and not thinking for themselves).

However, I believe that quantum physics and the understanding of it, will heal communities and heal the world because of the kernels of truth found in this far-out science.  Conventional science has pulled the wool over our eyes and taken away our knowledge of how to heal ourselves.  Dominant religions have also caused us to doubt our inner voice (is the devil speaking to you?) and cause us to forge co-dependent relationships with religious orders (I had better consult with the Pope or Krishna before making that decision).

New Spirituality/Science doesn't toss out the baby with the bathwater (that tired old cliche), but instead causes us to detach and reexamine everything we have ever been told.  And how much of the garbage that has been fed to us for thousands of years has actually served us?  For instance, if everyone knew that there is no empty space between us or anything, then we would treat ourselves and others a lot better.  When we are rude to someone else, we are rude to ourselves.  Why do you think we feel so bad?  It's like a crazy boomerang or some people call it karma, but it's deeper than that.  Much deeper than that.

So if this field of endeavor interest you then get on board.  We need you as teachers and practitioners.  Gregg Braden can't do this all alone.

Other professions that could do well now are body workers, energy healers (but the greatest boon will come when Pluto moves into Aquarius), people using ancient healing modalities for the modern age, detectives, investigative journalists, community and city planners, bicycle makers, credit unions, local banks, angel investors, community builders, people who teach life skills, etc...(Feel free to add to this list).

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Munchable Mutables--Digestion Fires, Food & Overindulgence

Wikipedia, astrological human
I don't normally write an astrology post on Tuesday and I certainly have other projects calling for my undivided attention now, but Saint Thomas Aquinas brought up digestive troubles people are experiencing right now due to overindulgence of food or in some cases, under indulgence.

With Jupiter in Cancer until late next spring, the stomach, food, and nourishment are still issues we face now and in the months ahead.  The questions we need to ask ourselves are: Are we getting the nourishment that we need? Are we overindulging in the wrong foods for a healthy body? Are we able to afford the food we need to stay healthy? This question comes up during a time when representatives of the US Congress try to pass legislation to cut food stamps by 40 percent or cut out altogether.  When every one in seven US Americans are receiving food stamps at this time, it seems diabolical to cut this necessary program.  All humans no matter their shape, size or economic status or choice of lifestyle deserve food, shelter and some type of employment.  But I'm not going to get into politics.  However, as a Cancerian, I will say that I feel pissed off when people go hungry, especially when there is enough food in the world for everyone and then some left over.

We also need to look at food sensitivities, the toxins in our foods, labeling of GMO ingredients and food deserts (areas of city without a grocery store or any place to purchase fresh produce and healthy foods).  With Neptune in Pisces forming a trines with planets traveling in water signs, and that Jupiter in Cancer, I believe that we have the compassion in our hearts to create fair food distribution and get the crap out of our food systems.  And I believe we are seeing a turning point in this area, especially in the US, a supplier of some of the most toxic food on the earth where Americans are waking up and smelling their coffee.  Oddly, the United States has its Sun in Cancer so you would think this country would want to feed the world, but unfortunately, when transnationals get involve, you get some horrid food choices exported to the world.

Okay, so let's get to the topic, right? In October, Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 8th and this is a time to watch our overindulgence in food.  Stay clear of bad fats, sugar, and stuff you can't pronounce.  Sagittarius rules the thighs and liver.  Venus represents how we give ourselves self love, but she's a sensual planet and we can get out of hand where it comes to food and socializing with food.  Keep those dinner parties on the healthy side and watch alcohol intake as it can damage the liver as can overindulgence in fatty foods.

Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Want
Look for the Sagittarius house in your chart and if it is on the cusps of 4th or 6th house definitely watch how you nourish yourself and your daily routine and diet.  If you have Sagittarius on the cusps of the 8th house, then it is time to examine your subconscious urges around food and your hidden beliefs about food, nourishment.  If you have Sagittarius on the cusps of the First House, you will be concerned about body image and most likely weight loss, but don't lose so much weight that you resemble a Halloween skeleton.  Work with a professional and nutritionist in coming up with the right diet plan.  And don't set unrealistic goals which can happen with Sagittarius on the cusps and Venus traveling through the House.

Venus will square Neptune in Pisces from the 8th through the 13th, and longer if you tend to use wider orbs for oppositions (some astrologers do).  Again, we see a setup for overindulgence especially when the traditional ruler for Pisces was Jupiter (and still is used by some astrologers).  Are you realistic about the foods you're eating? Are you feeling paranoid about what's lurking in your food? Remember you can always bless food to purify it.  Are you suffering from a food disorder such as anorexia or bulimia? These food disorders can get out of hand and land you in a hospital, especially if you have Sagittarius on the cusp of the 12th House (Neptune/Pisces).  We might even see articles on celebrities at this time with these disorders because Neptune rules glamor and celebrities especially those in the movie business or super models (photography).

Another player to watch out for is Mars moving into Virgo on the 16th and staying in Virgo until December 8.  Virgo rules the lower digestive track.  If we don't eat food in a way that our stomach can digest properly or foods with the right enzymes, we could experience cramping, diarrhea and intestinal problems at this time.  It would also be a good time to get checked for Celiac Disease if digestion goes south.  Virgo is the nutritionist or the nurse in the Zodiac, she will lecture us about proper diet, about getting enough vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, etc and with fiery Mars in Virgo, we need to build up our digestive juices, get enough enzymes and good bacteria in our guts. If digestive fire is weak, we cannot digest food properly which ends up causing problems in other organs thus throwing us out of balance. Also refrain from eating meals when you feel angry.  And don't argue at the dinner table, geez.  What's that about?

Virgo's ruling planet Mercury is in Scorpio which rules our elimination system, but not only that our subconscious urges.  Saturn which brings us discipline in all areas of our lives is also in Scorpio.  So now is a good time to examine deeply our food beliefs along with self-worth, self-love and nourishment.  We might even have to delve into childhood to find the source of our food and nutrition beliefs, but don't dwell there.  Just get the information then clear it. There's no need for high drama or repeating our digestive problems to passerby like a parrot stuck on a groove.  For example, I feel sympathy for people with food allergies and other digestive problems, but I don't want to listen to a litany of them while I'm trying to enjoy a meal.  This is the main reason I prefer to eat alone.  Enough already.  Obsession (a Scorpio thing) never solved any problems in the history of humankind and I can assure you of that.  Solve the problem and get on with it.

Meanwhile, Scorpio's planet Pluto forms an exact square with Uranus which could bring some surprises in the area of food since Jupiter occupies the natural 4th house that rules food, Pluto is in the natural health of the public and Uranus is in the natural house of self and the body.  With two planets in Scorpio, plus the North Node, we could see either a large outbreak of food poisoning from preventable causes or the uncovering of tainted food before it reaches the public.  Certainly, with these big planets in angular houses we need to explore food safety by coming up with solutions and stop rehashing the same information like a broken record. In other words, what are we going to do about what we already know? Saturn in Scorpio might just come up with a solution in the area of responsibility.

As usual, I waxed on too long on a variety of topics under the food umbrella.  These topics are important to me and obviously Saint Thomas Aquinas who helps me with this post and who keeps pointing out synchronicity on the topic.  So watch your diet, don't eat any of the funny stuff and don't overindulge or under indulge.  The real reason to eat is to fuel the body with what it needs, though I know we find food rather pleasurable.  And I wouldn't advocate eating ash the way Saint Francis did in his time, but keep your diet healthy, get a doctor checkup if the system isn't working properly and read articles on nutrition.  That will keep the Virgo in you happy.

One last bit of information, between now and when Neptune goes direct on November 13th, I predict high levels of mercury and radiation found in fish and other sea creatures.  I wouldn't go for the sushi at this time, but then if your intuition says it's fine, go with your gut.  Refrain from eating seaweed now too since seaweed absorbs radiation and heavy metals.  Again, we're going to see articles in the news on this topic.

I give astrology consultations in the Bellingham Washington area and Canadians are welcome. I'm branching out now with a new concept to give natal chart readings for newborns.  Contact me through 

Take care of your health, it's your greatest asset.