Friday, October 31, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus--Earthy Sensuality

The Taurus Full Moon falls at 14 degrees, 26 minutes

I don't know about you, but I could use a planetary transit respite about now.  Fortunately, the Taurus Full Moon grounds us and even reminds us to practice self-care while indulging in sensual experiences.

(I'm including this chart just to give you a general layout of the planets around the Full Moon.  You can make a chart for your region in the world).

In the Pacific Northwest--US where I reside this beautiful Moon occurs at 2:23 p.m. and it's an interesting Moon since it opposes the Sun conjunct Venus while trining Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Jupiter in Leo.  So basically we experience a Full Moon with a Fixed T-Cross with supportive energy which comes from Pluto (which squares Uranus).

And lately, I've been contemplating the Grand Shift that began it push decades ago.  Now, it gathers momentum with each Moon cycle, meaning the Moon has played a bigger and bigger role in aligning our feelings and emotions with higher frequencies.  The Full Moon in Taurus with its trine to Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that we must ground all the Fire and Water energy flying in our face at this time.  Yes, follow your bliss, go with the flow, but ground those inspirations so you can manifest self-love leading to peace on the planet.  After all, whose going to go to war when they love themselves and others. This Full Moon reminds us that if we fill our coffers with peace and love, we have more of that to share with others.

For some of you this does imply indulging in sensual pleasures without guilt.  It is about acknowledging the physical body and also the material world.  Right before the Moon becomes full it trines Mars in Capricorn so our emotions gravitate towards are material ambitions.  The square with Jupiter in Leo reminds us to share the bounty with others and save the drama, though there will be a lot of drama with Sun/Venus in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus and both squaring Jupiter in Leo.  Let's not forget to focus on the big picture presented by Uranus, the Great Awakener and Pluto representing the collective consciousness and the collective shadow.

If we choose to point the finger at others and label those folks as greedy, then take a good look inside.  Shadows come out to play during this Full Moon especially since Scorpio rules shadows/projections and the subconscious.  Those undesirable traits that we find in others act as triggers for our own inner work.  Ask yourself the hard questions.  Are you jealous of people who live in big houses? Are you jealous of successful people so you fall into self-righteousness and judgement to protect your wounded ego? Is materialism really the enemy or does it just point to our own emptiness that we can't fill up with material goods?

Scorpio also rules higher consciousness.  What would it take to lose the material baggage, lighten the load and soar like an eagle? What would it take to lose the desire for materialism so that we don't judge others who worship the material world? What's going on when we judge others or when we judge ourselves? How do we detach from the material world without feeling deprived?  Where is each of us on the scale of materialism and spiritualism? What is our true path in life and how do we manifest the resources to fulfill that path? Could we possibly turn to a wealthy philanthropist for funds? But wait, didn't we just judge all wealthy people as greedy and the cause of Climate Change?  These are the types of questions that surface the final week of October and the beginning of November up to the Full Moon on November 6.

General Elections occur in the US on November 4, as we approach the Full Moon.  I predict that with this line-up of planets, that we'll experience some stubborn qualities found in the 2-party political system.  American voters are concerned about their basic material needs, but also at the same time, experience a spiritual shift in values.  Do we choose to keep playing the game of dualistic politics which serves corporate lobby groups? Or do we choose political leaders with integrity and messages that promise real transformation? Do we place environmental issues first (Taurus)? Some of us feel strong emotions in that regard.  No matter what we do, don't get caught in the projections-shadows game.  It's too easy to sling mud at political leaders when we don't even have all the facts.  Forget all the television and print ads and go with what's in your heart.  I say this again and again, vote from your heart even if that flies against all logic.

In the end, transformation occurs when each of us heals our own shadow wounds.  The real effort revolves around inner work and understanding that the movies we see outside of us come from the light we shine or don't shine behind it.  Watch where you place your focus or at least put the two together--your focus creating your experiences.  The increasing frequencies on the planet ensure that we experience instant manifestation right now so keep your motives pure and practice integrity (Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn) so that you manifest something healthy in the material world (Taurus) and this allows us to shine our true lights in the world (Jupiter in Leo) while expanding the consciousness of self-love.

I'm ending this post with "Sensual World" by Kate Bush, a Leo Sun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Astrological Transits for 2015--Looking Ahead

I bought the planetary guide calendar for 2015 and after glancing through it, I noticed a Jupiter trine Uranus in February, the Uranus-Pluto Square continues now at 14 and 15 degrees in February/March, and Saturn squares Neptune for much of the year.  When Saturn retrogrades next summer it returns to Scorpio for 3 1/2 months.  The eclipses fall in Aries/Libra bringing more of that powerful Cardinal energy to the forefront.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Solar Eclipse Message--Goddess Rising

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Normally I only write a single post about Solar Eclipses and usually with just a quick glance.  However, today's Solar Eclipse (October 23, 2014) brings a powerful awakening that launches even more powerful transits that occur during November and December. For those of you already on your path to mastership, today's transits invigorate and empower you to step further along that path to awakening of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine. 

The Sun leaves Libra and moves into Scorpio at 4:57 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time) and if we failed to regain our balance when the Sun traveled through Libra, we might fall off kilter with this powerful Sun energy.  Especially since Venus conjuncts the Sun at 1:52 p.m. followed by the Moon conjuncting the Sun at 2:57 p.m. (Moon enters Scorpio at 2:10 p.m.) and all three planets conjunct Pallas with a one degree orb.  Pallas for those of you not familiar with the asteroid, represents a fierce intellectual feminine energy.  Connected to the goddess Athena, Pallas represents war, academic pursuits and wisdom.  Yet, this does not imply under these circumstances going to war with other people or countries.  I think we do battle with the darkness inside us on a more personal level while using the darker side (Kali) of feminine energy to ruthless cut away at untruths in our lives and the lives around us.  Meaning, no more BS.

Those of you already on your life or spiritual path will experience this Solar Eclipse as a much required boost to your ascension process.  Many of you will download spiritual information of a high level today and the following days.  Trust your intuition at this time.  However, discern the difference between intuition which comes from the heart and paranoia which comes from delusional thoughts and over analyzing (Pallas).  If your intuition tells you to take the day off and sleep then do that.  If your intuition tells you to purchase massage oils and practice self-care then do that.  If your intuition tells you to take the day off from work, even working with clients, then listen to your intuition.  This is because you now require space to download huge messages from the other side of the veil.

People who aren't on their true path yet will act in a negative way now.  They will entertain paranoid fantasies and even play out dark dramas.  They will battle against the feminine energies trying to come through, especially in regard to patriarchal institutions which cannot deal with feminine energies at this time.  This is not a time to hang onto the old, but to make some sort of sacrifice of the old ways of living on this planet.  This is why it is so important to meditate now and tune into the heart center.  Listen to the still voice within you.  Remember Scorpio energy is deep and penetrating, not something superficial floating on the surface.  And with the Sun, Moon, Venus,. Pallas and Saturn in Scorpio, let's do some deep diving into the subconscious and even the collective unconscious to uncover the obstacles preventing us from ascending to higher dimensions.

Those of you with Scorpio Moon, Sun or Rising Sign and yes, Mercury, you're just not going to put up with anyone or anything superficial at this time.  You have some serious healing to do for yourself and for the planet around forgiveness and surrendering what was to now what is.  If you have trouble forgiving, find spiritual books, videos and teachings to help you with this process.  And the forgiveness might not happen immediately, but you'll still make some inroads and clear space in your heart for Divine Love to enter and reside.  Scorpio has the most challenging time of all the Zodiac Signs of practicing forgiveness.  To say this process doesn't come easy to you is an understatement.  But ask yourself if all those slights and hurts from others were intended, unintended or simply imagined on your part. Water Signs after all, delude themselves and emotions are often too cloudy to reveal the truth behind situations and events.

The Sun, Moon, Pallas and Venus trine Neptune at 4 degrees Pisces.  For some folks this brings greater spiritual awareness and a deep connection to the Divine.  For others, this brings opportunities to entertain paranoid thoughts not grounded in reality.  Some people experience nightmares now bringing up issues hidden in the subconscious.  Those of you working with psychotherapists or hypnotists shatter illusions and experience breakthroughs now that lead to deep healing of your soul, mind and body. I recommend sound healing and music therapy as well as, dance therapy at this time for everyone.  Listen to favorite songs or music that brings up strong emotions so that you can experience release of those emotions.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Watching movies with heroic feminine characters or men in touch with their hearts benefits us now.  But stay away from movies with dark themes since these could lead to experiencing nightmares and disturbing energies.  Why would you do that to yourself? I recommend movies like Under a Tuscan Sun with the protagonist getting in touch with her deeper wounded self and experiencing empowerment.  However, find the movie that works best for you.  Movies with journey/adventure themes where the protagonists face their inner demons work best now.

To conclude this Solar Eclipse post (redux), I wish you all a happy ascension.  Surrender everything that no longer works for you and know in your heart that the Divine replaces all of that with something one hundred times better.  Oh, yes, this is a fantastic time to live on planet Earth.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Astrological Forecast for November 2014--Fly in the Ointment

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
For those of you who found the energies of 2012 intense, hold on to your hats.  In November the winds of change come on like a monster storm thus leaving us on the crossroads of transformation.  Those of you who choose to heal your deepest wounds and get in touch with your heart will fair better than those of you who ignore the lightening bolts in the transformational sky.  Now more than ever set the intent to love yourself and reflect love into the world.

This November we experience several challenging transits include the tightening orb with the Uranus-Pluto Square which forms an exact orb around the American Thanksgiving (November 27) and remains exact until December 28 (30 days).  In addition the Jupiter-Saturn Square in fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio continues throughout November with the powering up Saturn on November 8th and Venus wedding Saturn on November 13 then Mercury joins up with Saturn on November 25 around the same time Uranus in Aries forms a perfect Square with Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto turn out as the big players this November.

Other dates to watch are November 16 when Neptune in Pisces goes Direct and the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune bringing up spiritual themes of service, selflessness and sacrifice.  At least the Neptune fog clears when Virgo brings its analytical and problem-solving skills.  Remember Virgo represents earth and while the technological maiden sign is the least grounded of the Earth Signs, we still sense our feet firmly on the ground when the Moon travels in Virgo, even if we struggle with restlessness.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Before we get into the outer planet transits (my favorite), let’s look at the personal planets which move swiftly between signs.  Mercury moves out of Libra into Scorpio on November 9 then speeds through Scorpio until November 29, when the trickster planet moves into its polar opposite sign Sagittarius and squares Neptune leaving us with a feeling of spiritual expansion or that we’re hanging out in the Galactic Center.  Meanwhile, Venus which moved into Scorpio on October 23 races towards Saturn also in Scorpio.  Mars travels in Capricorn catching up with Pluto on November 11th and joining the Uranus-Pluto Square--world events rock the planet that week!

Last April, Mars in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries while squaring Jupiter and Pluto in a Grand Cardinal Square.  Then in October Mars joined Uranus and Jupiter in a Grand Fire Trine and now in Capricorn, Mars conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus.  During this time I warn the Cardinal folks (Sun, Moon and Ascension signs in Cardinal Signs) to lay low and let projects simmer in the background.  Don’t get into arguments at this time because they could turn violent quickly, especially with Uranus in Mar’s sign Aries.  Children butt heads with parents and authority figures.  Adults act childish.  What’s new Magoo?

Jupiter’s square with Saturn resembles a seesaw or the Wheel of Fortune.  This is when we see a project coming to fruition with Jupiter’s help and then Saturn slams on the brakes.  Jupiter brings enthusiasm and Saturn brings caution to the picture.  Jupiter calls for expansion while Saturn contracts and constricts. Perhaps this feels like the birth process but we don’t know when to push out the baby.  The good news is that Jupiter in Leo comes to break up the stronghold of Saturn in Scorpio as Saturn prepares to move into Jupiter’s sign (Sagittarius) on December 24.

Saturn in Scorpio demanded that we practice integrity in the workplace in our personal lives.  Saturn forced us to practice transparency too because any planet transiting in Scorpio uncovers dirty secrets while Saturn brings retribution or rewards for one’s actions.  Saturn wants us to earn our rewards and punishments and Jupiter bestows blessings on anyone not too worried about integrity or honesty.  Do you see how this square plays out?

We could see big dramas playing out on the world stage at this time and most likely between countries.  We make a mockery of foreign affairs or treat the world like a grand stage.  Embarrassing and dark secrets surface as Saturn completes his transit in Scorpio then Jupiter in Leo exaggerates those secrets or spills the beans.  Many celebrities get caught in scandals.  Will President Obama, a Leo, get caught up in a scandal? Sex scandals, bank scandals and what not could surface now, but I don’t wish to dwell on the negative. 

Outer planet transits also bring awakening for the masses so if we don’t get caught up in the shame and blame game we could develop compassion for those wounded folks who fall from pedestals.  We could just open our hearts and accept them as our own shadows projected into the world.  Now, that’s big healing.

Each time the Uranus-Pluto Square returns we see a different configuration playing out.  I believe this is Square #6 out of the 7 squares between these two planets.  The next square occurs next March then the planets separate as Uranus speeds onward.  As I mentioned earlier, we could see violence from November 8 to 18 when Mars conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus.  All three planets are powerful, combustible and explosive.  Issues surface around anger management, repressed emotions and violent movies this week.  I would also refrain from watching the television news since it’s going to devastate us, if we do watch it.

Deal with repressed emotions prior to this week. Scream into your pillow if you must or throw a tantrum in private.  For any of you with anger issues, seek therapy now and get to the roots of your anger.  Now is a time of release and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see volcanic activity too.  All that heat and steam must come to the surface so we can finally deal with it and bring real healing to our wounds, mostly stemming from early childhood.  Remember when you shift energies in your personal life, you shift energy on the planet.  Your healing not only matters to you, it matters to every being on the planet.

Major Transits:

Uranus-Pluto Square, November 27 to December 28
Uranus-Mars/Pluto Square (0 to 5 degrees), November 7 to 18
Neptune goes Direct, November 13
Uranus goes Direct, December 19
Jupiter goes Retrograde, December 8
Jupiter-Saturn Square, All of November until December 6
Sun conjuct Saturn, November 13 to 22
Venus conjunct Saturn, November  9 to 16
Saturn move into Sagittarius, December 24
Full Moon at 15 degrees Taurus, November 6
New Moon at 0 degrees Sagittarius, November 23
Full Moon at 14 degrees Gemini, December 6
New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn, December 21

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Jupiter Square Saturn--Expansion verses Confinment

Saturn has spent most of the past two years crossing and recrossing over or parked on my Midheaven and Neptune.  Saturn in Scorpio (using the Koch House System) has brought awareness to my Natal Neptune in the form of building stronger structures in my life and practicing integrity.  And Saturn opposing my Natal Jupiter in my Fourth House has me reevaluating my relationship with mother, mother images and home.

Now Jupiter in Leo comes along and squares Saturn in Scorpio, this tells me that those of us who have done the work around building new structures and practicing integrity can experience positive expansion in our lives. And those of us who ignored Saturn in Scorpio's teachings (remember Saturn is a wise elder teacher), head back to the drawing board.  This doesn't bode well for anyone experiencing a Saturn Return at this time and the Jupiter in Leo Square could deter from the necessary work in securing a more solid foundation.  You know the old saying that if you build your home on sand, it will collapse.

Jupiter began squaring Saturn (for this cycle) on September 21 with a 5 degree orb.  The Natal Houses affected in the chart bring up the type of themes and situations where you feel a push-pull effect.  For instance, if you have Saturn in the 10th and Jupiter in the 1st, you will feel like you're stagnating in your career or having a challenging time getting seen in the world.  You experience hope followed by disappointment as you transform your identity and image as part of your plan to experience expansion in your career.  But Jupiter brings the challenge to transiting Saturn who has remained in Scorpio for over two years rebuilding structure in the Natal House where it transits.

Here we ask, "Have I been too disciplined?"  "How can I break out of this rut?" "Have I built too solid of structure while setting my life in stone causing stagnation?"  Jupiter challenges Saturn to lighten up and light the load, whether that's work load, carrying other peoples' burdens to gain their respect or admiration or acting more mature than your age.  For a child carrying his parents' burdens and acting mature beyond his years, suddenly Jupiter in Leo has him questioning the loss of his innocence and childhood. This scenario plays out with the child experiencing his parents divorcing and acting like the mature one while his parents act like petulant children.  Something's clearly wrong with this scenario which is why Jupiter comes in and reminds this child to play and use creativity to solve problems.  Lighten up.

Since Jupiter rules philosophy and higher learning (read spiritual), he challenges the old Saturn structure of how things have to be and this is the way we have always done business. Parts of the body ruled by Saturn such as skin, knees, teeth, and bones could rebel in the form of skin or bone disorders or even broken bones that allow a person to drop some responsibilities or stop pushing himself too hard.  But Jupiter is a beneficent planet so we search for the silver lining in whatever situation appears to breakdown Saturn's hold on our psyche.  With Saturn in Scorpio, we have delved into darker territory like our subconscious and taken this stuff way too seriously in the form of cause and effect stories.  We warn people not to make the same mistakes as us while planting seeds of fear in their brains.  Jupiter chooses to laugh that stuff off.

Let me share with you how the Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Leo transits have affected my life with squares to my Natal Neptune in my 10th House and Natal Jupiter in my Fourth House.  I have Jupiter in my 5th House when I used the Equal House Chart, which I'm refraining from doing with this article.  When Saturn was first beginning a transit in Saturn I had moved into an apartment that I meant as only temporary. Saturn was still in Libra and I felt hopeful that I would soon find employment, save up money and move to a better housing situation.

Then Saturn moved into Scorpio and I suffered one disappointment after another with both my career/public image and housing situation.  I would interview for jobs and usually come out as runner-up but not land the job.  This happened several times.  Literary agents requested reads on my manuscripts and one told me that she almost signed me up with her agency but then changed her mind at the last minute.  I pitched articles that lead to hope and disappointment and this cycle continued with Saturn crossing my MC, then conjuncting Natal Neptune at 15 degrees Scorpio which meant that Saturn also opposed Jupiter in my Fourth House of home and mother issues.

When Jupiter in Leo moved into a Square with Saturn involving 4th, 7th and 10th Houses, the pattern hope-followed by disappointment cycle intensified, but with a new twist.  I have worked on clearing old patterns of undeserving and unworthiness while developing greater self-love than ever.  Even during my most desperate moments of my permanent housing search, I have not succumbed to selling myself short and moving into "any home" to solve my problems.  I know what I can tolerate so I focus on manifesting what is best for me, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  And you can bet my parents (4th and 10th Houses) were upset when I moved out of my last apartment and landed myself in my current struggles.

But Jupiter in Leo has given me a sense of freedom and I no longer feel like I'm suffocating as I did in my previous apartment.  I no longer feel controlled by the telecommunication company which kept raising my internet and phone rates.  And I required this breathing space so that I can manifest a better life situation for myself and build my home on rock instead of sand.  I suffer no Neptune delusions any longer though with a Neptune transit on my Saturn/Moon I still feel like I'm floating through life, at least until February 2015 when that transit completes itself.  I am learning how to grow up without losing my eternal innocence or a sense of fun.  So often Saturn crushes our inner child under the weight of "have-to" and "should" or this idea of caring what the neighbors think about us.

So now that I shared my experiences with the transit, here are details you can look up in your own chart.

The Jupiter Square to Saturn which begun on September 21st was exact on October 9 then stays within a 5 degree orb until December 7/8 when Jupiter turns retrograde.  Meanwhile Saturn moves into Sagittarius (Jupiter's planet) on December 24.  On November 18, the Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Saturn while Jupiter remains in square with Saturn and the Sun squares Jupiter.  Since Jupiter is in Leo which rules the Sun, I'm thinking that we will assert our identity through rebellion against old structures in our lives, most of which are self-imposed.  We will heal beliefs and patterns around self-worth and wonder why we martyr ourselves for others who refuse to carry their own burdens.  Some of us will ask others to take responsibility for themselves and let us off the hook.  I see parents doing this with their adult children in a big way in late December.

The exact square of Jupiter to Saturn on October 9th is further highlighted by the Total Lunar Eclipse as I wrote about in an earlier post.  Jupiter was a star player with his involvement in the Grand Fire Trine with Mars and Uranus.  With all that Fire power behind Jupiter, we literally could melt away the lead of Saturn and transform it into gold in the areas of life where the Grand Fire Trine appears in our Natal Charts! This means that we finally transform old issues in our lives that Saturn brought up for the past two+ years.  Picture a bright Sun in your Solar Plexus where you can dump your concerns and problems and command that they are transformed into wisdom and power.  Then you will come up with solutions that you had not considered before or you expand your consciousness to the point where you stop refusing help and spiritual guidance.  In other words, you open the proverbial door and finally walk through it without making excuses to stay stuck.

As with all transits we have bigger themes that affect us Universally and smaller themes which play out in individual lives.  The trick is to pay attention to those areas of your life where the the Jupiter-Saturn square occurs. Since these are slower moving planets this gives us time to work on these concerns and to transform our lead into gold.  Don't sit back and do nothing.  Bring spiritual tools and wisdom to the task at hand and experience rewards later this December, around the big holidays.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (October 23, 2014)

Aries Moon (photo taken on October 8, 2014) by Patricia Herlevi
If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendent in a Water Sign, you're going to love the Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio.  Remember that 0 degrees always marks a new beginning and is ripe with potential.  In order to reap that potential (no matter your Sun or Moon Sign), take inspired action.  With a Scorpio Moon and Sun (with a New Moon the Moon conjuncts the Sun), meditate or go deep within your subconscious mind to hear your intuitive voice.

Most of my drama around eclipses happens around the Lunar Eclipses and the Solar Eclipses depending on how the Moon and Sun aspect planets in my Natal Chart or house placement usually brings a boon in the areas of my life it highlights.  Yet, despite this boon I experience, all eclipses shake up our lives to let loose all that no longer serves us in the areas of our lives it contacts.  For instance, those of you in unworkable partnerships (business or romantic/life) receive a shaking up that forces you to come out of denial.  In this case the Scorpio Moon/Sun asks if this relationship supports your deeper psychological and soul requirements.  Perhaps you would rather experience a deep soul relationship with a partner but you ended up with a practical breadwinner who has no spiritual aspirations or sex appeal.  This Scorpio Solar Eclipse will have you questioning what matters most to you.

The Sun enters Scorpio at 4:57 a.m. on October 23, followed by the Moon which enters Scorpio at 2:10 p.m. (Standard Pacific Time) and conjuncts the Sun (Solar Eclipse) at 2:57 p.m. and Venus enters Scorpio an hour before the Solar Eclipse.  This further emphasizes the themes of Scorpio and I'm picking up a soul relationship theme.  Venus could also cause us to feel suspicious and jealous of our partners at this time if we haven't developed self-love and honoring for ourselves and lack self-esteem.  The trick is to find love, beauty and sensuality within ourselves so that we don't live off projections onto the other or expect the other to feed all our desires in the area of Scorpio themes. (Note corrections made to the original post).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
In the Northern Hemisphere as autumn grows deeper with death and rebirth themes all around us, in dying leaves, the upcoming Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls Day and other mid-autumn celebrations, we feel the veils between ourselves and the spirit world thinning.  Add to that darker days in some northern countries and Venus traveling in the traditional sign of Mars (Scorpio) where she's not all together comfortable, except for the sensuality and sexuality as well as, the art of seduction. But like I said earlier, when Venus is in Scorpio, themes of jealousy surface whether that is towards a woman partner or other women who we suspect our hitting on our partners.

However, don't allow paranoid thoughts to set you off course, especially since the Sun and Moon form a trine with Neptune with a 4 degree orb.  Remember Neptune stokes fantasies and illusions so what we experience might be as real as vapor or fog--just illusions or clouds that come and go.  Don't act on suspicions now because most likely you are entertaining dark illusions.  We could also entertain illusions in regard to health or with spirituality we could connect to a trickster instead of our Spirit Guides which could also foster delusions.

But for those of you who have done your spiritual work and are on the road to mastery, you could use the power of Sun/Moon/Venus in Scorpio to bolster your intuition and get in touch with your Divine Feminine whether you are a man or a woman.  I dreamed last night that we entertain illusions thinking we are just feminine or just masculine. We are both and we require both energies to function successfully on Gaia.  We also experience Pallas in conjunction with the feminine planets (I consider the Sun feminine in this case) and she represents Athena or Divine Feminine Wisdom, war, and justice.  She is in a sense representing the Aries-Libra polarity.  Again, we experience more feminine energy with the Solar Eclipse.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Two days before Mercury goes Direct at 17 degrees Libra, the planet conjuncts the North Node of fate and again reminding us to stay in balance, which I admit proves challenging when Mercury wobbles towards stationary direct.  Remember to take lots of deep breaths, speak more slowly during this time, don't attempt efforts at multitasking (unless you're a masochist) and listen with intent/purpose to others.  They might hold the key to your fate. Pay attention to synchronicity too.  Drive slowly and carefully while remembering not to text or talk on your phone while driving.  Accidents could happen now.  Mercury also sextiles Jupiter in Leo so watch out for arrogance or over exaggeration of abilities.  Diplomacy works best along with integrity and humility (not to confuse with putting ourselves down).

Jupiter continues its trine with Uranus and Uranus square with Pluto which could come off as an over emphasis of the pushy Cardinal square with Pluto wanting to assert authority and Uranus rebelling against it.  With Jupiter involved this battle happens on the academic or religious front.  Idealism clashes and pompous behavior dominates during this eclipse.  Though if we detach from the drama we find ribald humor in it.  In fact, anyone in an authoritative position could become a target of jokes. Stand up comedians poke more fun than usual at politicians and even the pope. Though with the planets and Pallas in Scorpio those jokes could turn suddenly dark.

As I'm typing this forecast, I realize that it is more complex than I originally thought.  Look for the planetary players as they transit through your Natal Chart.  Look at the themes of the houses where the planets land and any aspects to your Natal Planets.  The area of your chart where you have Scorpio on the cusps or planets in Scorpio will engage in the Solar Eclipse theatrical play.  And depending on the aspects of this eclipse in your chart, the effects could last anywhere from a few days to a few months.  Some astrologers would even predict until the next Solar Eclipse cycle where the Sun and Moon hit around 0 degrees Scorpio. Or at least you'll experience another round of any themes or issues you didn't resolve the last time around.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grand Fire Trine--Enthusiasm--Boldness--Courage--Adventure

My intuition told me to take a more detailed gaze at the Grand Fire Trine involving Mars in Sagittarius (16 degrees), Jupiter in Leo (17 degree) and Uranus in Aries (14 degrees) in connection with the Total Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aries/Libra.  Both the eclipse and the Grand Trine lock into the Uranus-Pluto Square (3 degree orb) as well as a Kite configuration.  What this means is the energies could cause either destruction to a current situation or bring a sense of justice (at-peace).

We have already taken a look at the Total Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra.  And we now gaze at the push-pull affect of the Kite which involves sextiles between the Sun and Venus with Jupiter and Mars, oppositions with the Sun and North Node with Uranus and the Moon, a Square with Uranus and Pluto as well as, the Sun and Venus square and Pluto and the fire trines with Jupiter, Uranus and Mars.

Since the Sun, Moon, North Node, Venus, Uranus and Pluto lock into a Cardinal T-Cross further emphasized by the Lunar Eclipse energies we find our release with Jupiter in Leo (which squares Saturn in Scorpio at 21 degrees) and Mars in Sagittarius.  The themes that are coming up for the intuitives I watched on YouTube recently (both angel and astrological intuitives), promote the idea of self-care and staying clear of drama.  And this makes sense since we can experience a lot of drama both individually and on the world stage with these aspects.  When Leo and Aries are involved we expect high drama.

To get an idea revisit my post on the the Lunar Eclipse with the Moon in Libra April 2014.  Remember last April?  The difference now is that we have a Grand Fire Trine bringing support.  This trine can bolster our confidence and courage to face whatever comes up.  Jupiter in Leo especially asks us to take care of ourselves by pursuing creative and imaginative outlets.  Mars in Sagittarius wants to go on an adventure either mental or physical.  Whatever you end up doing, don't self-medicate during this time since escapism won't replace a proactive approach.  Stay sober.

Look for the Grand Fire Trine in your Natal chart.  Does it land in the money and career houses (2, 6, 10), does it land in the self-identity houses (1, 5, 9), or the spiritual houses (4, 8, 12) or adventure and friendship/relationship houses (3, 7, 11)? This is where the Aries, Sagittarius, Leo energies will play out for you during the Eclipse.  But you must remember that Uranus and Moon in Aries (hot-headed) opposes the Sun, Venus and North Node while squaring Pluto.

Pluto is in a weak position with squares from both sides coming at him.  He represents the old way of doing business and authority figures as well as, banks and financial institutions in this reading.  The young energy of Aries comes out in the emotions of the Moon and the unexpected energies of Uranus.  We could act irrational at this time or come head-to-head with Pluto energy.  However, the Sun, North Node and Venus in Libra asks us to cool our jets and detach while playing fair.  We ask how do we serve justice while Mars in Sagittarius (Mars rules Aries) asks us to look at the bigger picture and not just our place in it.  In other words, expand consciousness as you play out your role in whatever drama comes up.

How this could play out is that grassroots groups could come head-to-head with financial institutions or transnational corporations.  This is big stuff involving multiple nations or cultures because Mars is in Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Leo.  The "people" could go to battle, at least mentally with world leaders and emotions could get out of hand.  We could see more Occupy movements start up again or people under 35 coming into their power suddenly, but refusing to use power in old corrupt ways.  We've seen this before and we'll witness it again.  Youth are very much involved with this Lunar Eclipse and the Uranus in Aries Square with Pluto in Capricorn.

And if Mars in Sagittarius (college age kids) get out of hand now when Saturn rolls into Sagittarius this winter and crosses over 16 degrees, we'll see a reigning in of this energy.  The warning is not to act rash or violent now for justice will be served, meaning those who commit violence will find themselves in prison since Saturn confines and brings retribution to our actions.  Best to have the law on our side rather than against us so any actions at this time must be legal and detached from emotion or Libra-style.  This is possible with the sextiles between Venus, Sun, and North Node with Jupiter and Mars.  We won't be rehashing the riots of the 1960s, but we might see youth escaping through recreational drug use (more likely alcohol), during the eclipse.

Now, the good news is that the orb between Uranus and Pluto is 3 degrees, but the bad news even with this wider orb (it's not exact), the pull of the Lunar Eclipse is still going to activate that square.  Will it feel as traumatic as last April? It's hard to say.  I would hope that many of us have grown spiritually in the past six months because of the events last April.  However, this eclipse will bring out the warrior in all of us and we are out for justice.  How this plays out is up to each of us and the maturity level we bring to the situation. The role of the Light Workers is still to hold a place of love despite all the drama.  How we achieve that is again up to individual choices.  Do you really need to know the news at this time? What can you do as self-care? And I advise you to keep your nose clean and stay clear of drama.  Just hold a space of love and healing.

If you have any comments on this eclipse I would love to hear them.  And if you would like a personal reading, sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living and use the PayPal on this blog for payment.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Get a Personalized Reading for Autumn Transits

Night photo by Patricia Herlevi
In October, Uranus and Pluto begin a move into a perfect square which culminates in the last week of November then continues through December.  A Total Lunar Eclipse in Aries/Libra occurs on October 8th, Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio and continues into Libra, and a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (0 degrees) takes place on October 23rd the day the Sun enters Scorpio.

In November Neptune and Chiron, both in Pisces go direct, Mercury transits through three signs, and Venus two signs. Then in December, Jupiter turns retrograde, Uranus goes direct and Saturn switches signs after two and a half years transiting into Sagittarius on December 24th.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Dance of the Outer Planets--Transformation, Truth & Empowerment

Since I have experienced Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits to my Sun, Moon and Rising Sign in recent years, I believe that I have become an expert on these transits.  And what I discovered revolves around the style and themes each outer planet brings through its transits to key points in a Natal Chart.  Starseeds in particular experience multiple outer planet transits to their charts that prepare them for their true life paths.  The trick is to find the silver lining and not play the role of victim.

Let's start with Uranus transits.  When Uranus opposes the Sun, our identity comes under scrutiny.  A person with this transit finds that sudden events bring upon life challenges. Though these "sudden events" came at the end of subtle and not so subtle warnings.  Uranus is a great liberator in that it blows up any weak structure or situation.  Uranus does not bode well with the energies of "should" or "have to" or common logic that brings forth lack and limitations.  In some ways, Uranus, like Pluto forces us to face our greatest fears, but it brings on those situations by increasing tension in the mind and body.  Uranus is a gate-crasher, especially as it transits in the warrior sign Aries.

So let's take a popular scenario that involves a Uranus square to the Natal Sun.  A woman marries into a respectable family, gives up her dreams and ambitions to support her husband and raise children.  She does this for years and then in midlife Uranus squares her Sun.  At first she feels unease and tension that she cannot explain. Then she meets a young man the same age as her college son.  She flirts with this young man and finds that her attraction grows until she reaches the point of leaving her marriage behind and embarking on a European tour with the young man.  People around this woman shake their heads saying that they didn't see that one coming.  Well, Uranus transits are shockers to say the least.

A Uranus opposition to the Rising Sign or First House most often brings on an identity crisis of one kind or another.  The person pits them self against an authority figure of some kind such as a boss, parent or teacher or even spouse they see as an authority in their life.  If 10th House planets are part of the configuration such as a T-Cross, then career and public image is involved.  If the 4th House is involved then the wrecking ball destroys the home life or brings sudden chaos into the domestic scene.  And if the 7th House is involved expect sudden changes with business partnerships or marriage.  The person with the transit could even find out that they prefer the same sex and leave a marriage to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Remember Uranus is ruled by Aquarius.

Uranus transits to the Moon involve emotions and often an explosion of emotions that lead to a new lifestyle or life path.  Again, these situations appear suddenly out of the blue, shocking everyone in the wake.  Bottled up emotions implode or explode like a volcano.  Someone leaves a marriage because his or her needs were never met or he or she felt suffocated in the marriage and sought liberation.  Again, this resembles a midlife crisis.  With Uranus in Aries we're witnessing many "older" women leaving stable marriages for younger men or perhaps they decide to explore their childhood dreams or act childish or immature in the eyes of others.  They decide to come first in their lives since that is an Aries trait to be number one.

Let's look at the Neptune transits now since they are receiving the least amount of attention and yet Neptune is a huge player with the transformation of the planet.  Personally, I have witnessed an increase in recreational drug use which some people wed to their spiritual practice (dubious).  I have witnessed more and not less tobacco smokers and we have witnessed the legalization of marijuana in some US States (Washington and Colorado) with I believe disastrous results. I noticed an increase in alcohol use too while riding the bus and with the growing trend of microbreweries and ale/beer served at every occasion.  Wineries are growing in popularity too.  All of this falls under Neptune in Pisces which is a double Neptune.

We have also seen the growing trend of spiritual movements many of which casts people in the roles of martyr and victim (blame the government or elite families) and people seek gurus to do all the spiritual work for them since Neptune represents escapism.  Channeling and sound healing have blossomed under this influence and we are now listening to ancient musical scales such as Solfeggio and experimenting with energy healing (also falls under Aquarius, Mercury, Uranus) with sound frequencies.

Many of these trends actually began when Neptune transited through Aquarius which focused on the neurological system and brain functions, as well as, brainwaves.  So that's the tangible side of Neptune.  The intangible side of the planet is what causes people to hook into escape into drugs, alcohol or addictions to food, music, spiritual books/teachers etc...Neptune transits frighten us because they reveal to us a new reality such as the quantum reality.  Neptune dissolves what it touches and when the things we take for granted dissolve into nothingness, this frightens us.

After I completed my Uranus and Pluto transits to my Sun and Rising Sign, Neptune hit my Saturn/Moon and has opposed my Natal Uranus.  I noticed that any situation I left was permanent and that it felt like my steps had been erased in sand. Did I dream that I lived in that apartment or that town? I already have a strong Neptune signature in my Natal Chart so I've gone used to now you see it, now you don't themes in my life.  A Neptune transit comes on so subtle that we don't recognize the losses until hindsight.  And Neptune dissolves both tangible and intangible situations.  We require the ability to forgive and feel compassion for others.  We begin to see auras, experience higher frequencies that completely alter our realities without drug use.  And maybe Neptune promotes drug use for some folks because what they really seek is heightened awareness without all the spiritual work.

Perhaps Pluto is the most popular outer planet transit described by astrologers because it is the most noticeable and most accessible transit of the three.  We compare this one to the Dark Night of the Soul or Joseph Campbell's "hero's journey".  Pluto represents the underworld of our subconscious and relates to our shadows and projections.  Pluto represents larger themes such as death, rebirth, sex, psychology, the subconscious mind, soul mates, and soul journeys.  Pluto leaves no prisoners and has a ruthless reputation. Pluto also has a secretive side and rules all those uncivilized urges that no one wants to talk about in polite company. And of the three outer planet transits we suffer most heavily under a Pluto transit to the Sun, Moon or Rising Sign.

Now, many of us have forgotten Pluto's transits through Sagittarius along with Uranus transit in Pisces which affected people with Mutable Suns, Moons or Rising Signs.  People especially born in the 1960s with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, Saturn in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces felt the brunt of the outer planet transits in Mutable Signs.  Yet, we never experienced a Uranus-Pluto Square during those transits.  Nor did we experience the pushy Cardinal energies which we now experience with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries--a huge shift in planetary energies (Earth and Fire).  Neptune forms a sextile with Pluto which we've also witnessed previously with Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo in the 1960s.

However, Neptune in Pisces retraces the steps of the previous Uranus in Pisces transit so we now revisit themes that Neptune simply dissolves with or without our permission.  And Neptune in Pisces has different qualities than Neptune in Scorpio (another Water Sign) and Pluto in Capricorn has different qualities than Pluto in Virgo.  Virgo represents service and Capricorn represents in this case building new structure but first dismantling the old structure, mainly the patriarchal systems stamped on the planet for thousands of years!

While none of us can predict the outcome of these long transits, we now approach another exact Uranus-Pluto Square which takes place at the end of November and continues throughout December 2014.  Meanwhile, Neptune forms a wide sextile with Pluto fusing the world's structures with spirituality and also tendencies and trends towards escapism.  The uneasiness Pluto brings into our subconscious forces some of us to grab for a bottle or vaporize ourselves. But this only adds to the tension and self-medication is the worst route to take at this time.  Pluto in Capricorn requires sober minds, not people blissed out on this or that substance.  The world requires us to open our hearts and fuse our minds with love as we invent new solutions to old problems.  So Neptune poses challenges in that respect.

I highly recommend hiring an astrologer to help with the outer planet transits.  Find an astrologer who doesn't promote doom and gloom and offers intuitive coaching based on the Grand Shift happening with the planet.  Stay sober and pro-active.  The last thing we need at the moment is a world run by drug addicts and alcoholics or gurus controlling the minds of the masses.  Stay clear of Neptune's fog and instead use this planet's energy for transformation that leads to Ascension.  None of these energies are easy to work with, but it's what we have at this time.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach for creatives residing in Bellingham, Washington. Sign up for a reading or intuitive session at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.  I am currently taking 5 full-hour clients per month until I get fully set up.