Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Moon Forecast for June 2015 (Video)

I had uploaded this originally on YouTube but had problems uploading the thumbnail. When I tried to fix the problem, YT placed a lock on my video. And since I worked on this video for a few hours, I'm posting it here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Becoming Your Astrological Sun, Moon & Ascendant Signs

Just like Simone de Beauvoir once said, "One is not born a woman, but rather, becomes a woman," we are not born as our Sun, Moon, or Ascendant signs or any of the other planetary placements in our charts. Overtime and with the efforts in place, we become the cosmic architectures in our charts. Our charts are merely blueprints of our souls' desires for our life paths.

Now, having said that, I'm going to tell you what those desires are one sign at a time. I'm doing this because it's a bank holiday in the US, it's raining outside, and there is no bus service today where I live. No, actually, I'm doing this because the idea woke me up last night and I think it's time we all stop generalizing about each Zodiac Sign and the people embodying those signs.

Lately, I've seen too much backlash aimed at Pisces natives (Sun, Moon, or Ascendant). The criticism focuses on Pisces shadow which is not compassionate or forgiving. Why is that? People adopt the Pisces filter (having planets in Pisces in their birth charts) to learn compassion, forgiveness, and other spiritual practices so that they can lose the baggage and ascend. The emphasis now falls on Pisces types because Neptune is in Pisces and it not only magnifies the shadows of someone courageous enough to embody Pisces energy, but to others who disown their own capacity to forgive and express compassion to others, yes, even people having a bad day and lashing out at them.

I've already written about the lower and higher octaves of Neptune and Pisces on this blog. And I can't emphasize enough that Pisces which represents the endpoint also brings us the greatest challenges. This is the part of the journey or pilgrimage where pilgrims give into temptations (drinking, drugs, escapism, or denial), and fall on the side of the road where others kick them in the back or push them out of the way. Neptune dissolves what it touches and dissolution is a frightening process for most of us because we have egos and suffer under the illusion of separation. After all, who wants to be one with Hitler or any other despised human or creature. You ask, "Do we have to be one with rats and fleas?" Well, yes, because there is no separation with Neptune energy.

So when you run into a Pisces type you find mean-spirited people, bless them and go your way. All Water Signs reflect back to us through other people. If we don't enjoy the behaviors in other people, don't flame them or gossip about them because it makes you feel superior. Own your shadows and projections then empower yourself. Otherwise, you carry that other person's burdens on your back and this does affect your health in the form of disease. Not only that, when we criticize or scorn the behaviors of others, we become paranoid that others will see those behaviors in us and persecute us. Pisces and persecution seem to go hand-in-hand because Pisces also rules the 12th House which was once called the House of Undoing. It is the house of mental hospitals, prisons, and rehab centers, just as much as it is the house of past lives, ascension, and spiritual awakening as well as, the performing arts.

Before I get into each Zodiac Sign, I want to remind you and me that we're all here to support each others' growth and development. I know just as anyone else the challenge of forgiving others and I have many people and situations to forgive, including myself and choices I've made. But as an astrologer, (and there are signs that provoke my dark side more than others), I must stay neutral in working with clients, which is why some of my clients have those signs that provoke my dark side. I realize on a higher level that these clients are teachers for me and they remind me to walk my talk. I'm also blessed with clients with compatible signs and they too are teachers.

Signs for Sun, Moon and Ascendant(Read all 3)

Aries--You are here to develop courage, a pioneering spirit, and healthy willfulness.You must overcome unhealthy selfishness, aggression, competitiveness, divisiveness, and rude behaviors.Your challengers are Libra types and other people of refinement and diplomacy. You are also challenged by nurturing mother types (Cancerian) and authority figures (Capricorn). You'll know when you succeeded when you can lead with diplomacy, show compassion for others in making decisions, and stop using games to get your way. Lay down your swords unless you have a true battle to fight.

Taurus--You are here to develop dignity, peace, and spread beauty in the world. You must overcome rigidness, stubborn attitudes, hedonism (overly sensual to the point of greed), and for some of you, using sex as a weapon. You are challenged by the passionate and secretive nature of Scorpions, forward-thinking of Aquarius, and fierceness of the Lions (Leo) who would love to eat you for dinner. You'll know when you succeeded because you bring pleasure not only to your own life, but to the world by protecting the environment, the arts, and making sure that we tend to every humans' basic requirements. Time to leave the field of clover and join the rest of the world.

Gemini--You are here to educate, communicate, disseminate true information that helps us live better in the world. You are also here to remind us how to play, how to pursue our curiosities, and to adapt to new situations.You are also here to teach, write, and broadcast information that empowers us. You are challenged by the higher mind of academia (Sagittarius), the watery spiritual realm of Pisces, and the critical fixers (Virgo). You'll know when you succeed because you no longer gossip, flame, or criticize others. You share information with others and accept that others might not be in agreement. You are playful, curious, and flexible in adapting to new situations while teaching others to do the same. Your word is impeccable and you understand the power of words and use words wisely. Treat others with respect. Remember that words are swords that deeply wound.

Cancer--You are here to nurture yourself and others. You usher in the Divine Feminine through the art and act of mothering and bringing comfort to others. You are challenged by business-minded Capricorn, the aggressive side of Aries, and the detachment of Libra.You'll know when you have succeeded because you will no longer sulk or pout to get your way. You'll stop whining, worrying, and fearing the worst. You'll let your defenses down a bit, while honoring your boundaries and protecting your sensitivities in a humorous way. You reflect instead of project or chase after. You own your shadows and chase the bogyman away. Time to climb out of the shell and engage with the world. You are safe in your vulnerability.

Leo--You are here to shine and remind us of the golden creative child within. You show us how to be playful without melodrama and that we are the builder of sets, characters, and stories of our lives. You are challenged by humanistic Aquarius who focuses on the group and not the individual, the lazy side of Taurus, and the melodrama of Scorpio. You'll know when you succeeded because you'll no longer be the center of your universe with the rest of the world catering to your needs. You will use your flare to teach children and adults how to play and get in touch with their inner children. You reveal to us our inner royalty and live a life of dignity. The world might be a stage, but make sure the stories you present are worth our time and attention.

Virgo--You are here to purify intentions, help us manage our resources, and cleanup our act. Like Gemini, you are messengers of truth and in your case, practicality. You are challenged by dreamy Pisces, pie-in-the-sky idealistic Sagittarius, and chatty Gemini. You'll know you succeeded when you honor your service to the world, give up the martyr act, and help others get organized and manage resources. You help us to purify our bodies and the planet, while taking care of pets and children, making sure that all our requirements are met. Remember that criticizing others doesn't change them. And no one appreciates a nitpicking session, no matter your good intentions. Refrain from nagging and co-dependence and watch others blossom in your care.

Libra--You are here to restore balance, bring refinement, and help us to detach from unnecessary drama. You are challenged by boorish behaviors of Aries, emotional outbursts of Cancerians, and authoritative Capricorn who also brings doom into your life. You know when you succeeded because you stop looking down on others and see them as equals. You own your shadows and create balance in your own life by becoming impeccable with your actions. You stop slamming lawsuits on others and litigation becomes a word of the past. You make it your mission to spread fairness in the world and rid of the ideal of elites. Accept everyone where they are at on the spectrum remembering that most of us were not born with silver spoons in our mouths and refinement is taught.

Scorpio--You are the shamans of the Zodiac here to transmute darkness into light. Learn the myth about Persephone to help you achieve this mission. You are challenged by pleasure-seeking Taurus, detached Aquarius, and sunny Leo (who you find superficial). You know you succeeded when you use your healing powers to bless the world and forgive yourself. You transform from the scorpion to dove or eagle and detach from drama or the theater of revenge. You rise out of the ashes and help the planet to shift into a new age. Toss out paranoia and empower yourself by sending love to all, even your so-called enemies. It is safe to forgive. Give this gift to the planet.

Sagittarius--You are here to spread true wisdom and inspire us to connect with our higher minds. You are challenged by detail-focused Gemini, spaced out Pisces, and critical Virgo. You know you succeeded when you use your humor in a friendly instead of a cruel way and inspire us to read, study, and share the wisdom of ourselves and others while developing personal philosophies. You engage us in the wide world around us by revealing cultures, ways, and languages of far-off locales. Stop ignoring your own community and escaping to a far-off place because you believe the grass is greener over there. Water the grass in your backyard.

Capricorn--You are here to build new structures in the way of renewable energy practices, green building, and new equitable banking systems as well as, to teach us about our inner authority. You are here to teach us to act responsible with currencies and to share what we have with others without becoming co-dependent. You are challenged by emotional Cancer, petty Libra, and immature Aries. You know when you succeeded when we reciprocate honor and respect for each other and the earth. When others emulate the wisdom you teach and we all have solar panels on our homes and a roof over our heads. Don't fear the ways of the world by creating more restrictive laws and instead see the dignity in everyone.

Aquarius--You are here to show us the humanity and dignity in all beings. You are here to take us into a more equitable time when all races, identities, and cultures experience the respect they deserve. You are challenged by narcissistic Leo, lazy Taurus, and passionate Scorpio. You know you succeeded when marching to a different drummer seems like the norm and not the exception. In order to achieve this mission, give up the idea that you know everything and allow yourself to make mistakes and learn along side the rest of humanity. We all have our roles to play.

Pisces--You are here to develop compassion and forgive your hurts. You are here to forgive then teach this spiritual practice to others from a pure heart. You are challenged by critical Virgo, cruel wordsmith Gemini, and sarcastic Sagittarius. You know you succeeded when you have rid yourself of all addictions and instead of escaping the world, bring comfort to it through music, dance, cinema, photography, yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. Remember Saint Francis of Assisi prayer, "It's in pardoning that we are pardoned."

I wrote the descriptions from the energies and gazes of each sign. Please don't take the challenges of each sign towards a particular Zodiac sign personally. I wrote the post in this manner so we can understand where our Zodiac brothers and sisters are coming from. We have 12 powerful energies available to us through the Zodiac wheel and it is up to each of us to add these paints to our life palettes. I look forward to viewing the art that you paint with these energies.

I am an astrologer and intuitive coach as well as, an artist residing in Washington State. I give mainly local readings now for those of you in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia as well as, returning clients and those of you I am in regular contact on social media. Support your local astrologers. If you would like a reading, contact me at Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living.

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Saturn in Sagittarius--Restrictions of Liberties & Going Local

Saturn from Wikipedia
The best way to understand the Saturn in Sagittarius transit is to travel back 28 to 30 years ago, the last time Saturn traveled through the Sign of the Satyr (November 1985 to February 1988). For me, this represented my days studying at a university, learning about the world, and becoming an exchange student in Canada.

However, for those of us who were alive and at least in our formative years from 1985 to 1988, we can recall that those were the years of powerful dictators, restrictions with travel, underhanded wars kept mostly away from the public eye, religious fundamentalists attacking the rights of women, and censorship, at least in the United States. We were steeped in the the Reagan-Thatcher era. New Wave and punk music gave way to more thoughtful jangly acoustic music with social messaging and we experienced the birth of nihilistic grunge music which left many defiant but in despair.

In Seattle especially, fun pop bands gave way to gloom, heavy drug use, and a music industry that expanded to include far off posts such as Seattle and Portland, Ore (many bands were signed quickly to major labels). But at the same time, all-ages clubs were shut down, censorship was on the rise mainly coming from a group of US Senators' wives led by Tipper Gore (Al Gore's wife). The right to abortion in the US was under fire and the fundamentalist Christian movement gathered momentum while aiming to take women's rights back to the Dark Ages (I'm not exaggerating). Meanwhile, the yuppie movement continued as the "Me Decade" came to a close. And this is just how I experienced the late 1980s when Saturn was in Sagittarius.

Mountains, Capricorn the Climber, Wikipedia
The good news for me was that I did travel and I spent time in Canada. I learned a great deal about the world even before the arrival of the worldwide web and e-mail. I was enamored with world cinema as well as, music from other cultures which started filtering into my life. While money was extremely tight (as it will be with Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo in 2015-16), I managed to get a university education which I enjoyed immensely. However, upon graduating from university, I could only find employment working in service industry jobs. But this didn't prevent me from pursuing a career as a rock musician, music journalist, and producer of a compilation album of Seattle bands which sold most of its copies in Europe and not Seattle.

So what can we expect with Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo? And we must remember we still have a wide square with Uranus and Pluto as well as, an exact Saturn-Neptune square in November depending on where you reside on the planet. The North Node transits out of Libra into Virgo on November 13. In November with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus (last two days of the month) in Sagittarius we experience more Mutable energies and of course, Mutable energies represent change, travel, and communication among other themes.

With Jupiter and the North Node moving into Virgo, we want to fix, purify, and perfect the areas where we have Virgo in our charts. And with Saturn in Sagittarius combined with the North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, we will tighten our belts or end up in debt which leads to self-punishment. Virgo asks us how we want to serve ourselves, others, and the world. But with Saturn in Sagittarius, I foresee more travel restrictions or money restrictions that prevent world travel. Laws could be passed or company's could change terms of use (such as PayPal), that make it hard to do business internationally, especially for those of us working in the intuitive arts, as I've learned recently.

Sagittarius, Wikipedia
Sagittarius energies sober up when Saturn is in this sign and with Jupiter in equally sober Virgo, we're going to see a lot of cleaning up around the mess Neptune in Pisces has brought in the areas of e-cigarettes, vapor, marijuana, drug use, and all those microbreweries. We're going to have to deal with some real issues revolving around addiction especially and the money addiction costs communities in the way of rehabilitation programs, social service agencies, and low-income or transitional housing. Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo along with Saturn in Sagittarius tell us that we can't have our cake and eat it too and there are consequences to face for promoting hedonistic behaviors. Anyone can become an addict when Neptune transits in Pisces because this is double-Neptune energy, which most of us will never get a handle on unless we pursue a spiritual path, and even then, Neptune can trick us such as leaving us addicted to a guru.

Starting in August, Neptune and Chiron transit in Pisces, the North Node and Jupiter transit in Virgo, and Saturn transits back into Sagittarius on September 18. Then in August and September personal planets transit in Virgo and in November and December, personal planets transit in Sagittarius. And on September 13, we experience Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Now, the people most affected by all this mutable energy are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. People with any Mutable Sign on their Midheaven or MC will experience changes in their career, possibly along the lines of new regulations and restrictions. The healthcare, publishing, airlines and travel industries will be most affected as will cruise lines and oversea travel. Immigration issues will also rear their heads as will fear of foreigners (which makes this astrologer sad). When I talk about these energies I'm referring to mass consciousness and not to people who are already awake and aware. We're looking at trends on a global level and not on the fringes of healthy spiritual communities.

Since Saturn constricts and so does Virgo to an extent, I see us as working more within our communities than working with foreign countries and cultures. The localization movements will expand even when dealing with federal and international restrictions imposed upon them. We will spend less time online and more time face-to-face getting to know our communities and fixing problems that face us at home which does involve sobering up and smelling the coffee.  In areas where we haven't taken responsibility in the past, we will mature and again, sober up. Neptune will want us to dream big, but Saturn puts on the brakes and tells us that the grass isn't greener somewhere else, and in fact, it's dying due to neglect. And yet, in some ways the world will seem smaller.

So for those of you wanting to delve into the Saturn in Sagittarius transit, here are some dates of the last Saturn transit in this sign and for its current transit:

Saturn in Sagittarius from 1985-1988

Saturn transited into Sagittarius on November 18, 1985
Retrograde at 9 degrees on March 19, 1986
Direct at 3 degrees on August 6, 1986
Retrograde on March 31, 1987 at 21 degrees Sag
Transits into Capricorn on February 14, 1988
Retrogrades at 2 degrees Capricorn on April 11, 1988
Transits into Sagittarius on June 11, 1988
Direct on August 30, 1988 at 25 degrees Sag
Moves back into Capricorn on November 12, 1988

Current Saturn Transit in Sagittarius 

Saturn moved into Sagittarius on December 24, 2014
Returned to Scorpio on June 15, 2015
Direct on August 2, 2015 in Scorpio
Returns to Sagittarius on September 18/19, 2015
Retrograde March 25, 2016 at 16 degrees
Direct on August 12, 2015 at 9 degrees
Retrograde on April 5, 2017 at 27 degrees
Direct on August 24, 2017 at 24 degrees
Transits into Capricorn on December 21, 2017

I hope you found this article helpful. I can't overemphasize the changing of guards as we move away from the powerful Cardinal planet transits to Mutable planet transits. No one or being on this planet will miss this shift happening in their bodies and their lives. Many people will feel confused and disoriented as this shift occurs, seemingly overnight for those people not following the astrology transits or paying attention in general. We will seem busier cleaning up messes with these transits and then in late summer of 2016, Jupiter moves into Libra giving us more Cardinal energy and then at the end of 2017, when Jupiter is in Scorpio, Saturn moves into its own sign Capricorn, eventually forming conjunctions with Pluto and squaring Uranus. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Also watch for any structure or industry that is too large to crumble under the weight of itself. This includes government and government spending too. When Saturn moves into Capricorn, we will rebuild infrastructure or completely build new structure.

I'm in the process of restructuring Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. See my website for details, Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living. The only long-distance clients I'm accepting now are returning clients or clients on social media (who I'm already acquainted with). All payments are through cashier's check or money orders. Please contact me through the form on this blog or on the website.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

June New Moon in Gemini--Round n' Round on the Surreal Merry-Go-Round

With 6 natal planets in Mutable signs, I had better have a sense of humor. Even so, after the June Full Moon in Sagittarius locked into a Mutable T-Cross, the Gemini New Moon seems like a cakewalk in comparison. 

Sextiles and trines dominate sending us charging into a new direction like medieval knights. But confusion still reigns with the Mercury squaring retrograde Neptune. The signs most affected by the restless energies are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So let's look at the Gemini New Moon and what type of new beginnings it sparks. Gemini rules communications technology, social media, journalism, broadcasting, dissemination of information, thinking and learning styles, the brain, puzzles, wit, writing, authors (though publishing is ruled by Sagittarius) and board games. Gemini has a competitive spirit, but not like Aries who has to come first and win. But if the game isn't fun then Gemini walks away following his or her curiosity to the next item of interest.

Gemini rules the lungs, arms, and hands. The sign of the Twins one of the downsides of Gemini is the double-sided personality which when out of balance comes across like a tornado. Even a sharp word from Gemini can cause harm. As can gossip and or flaming someone on social media.

The New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini will involve the communication field in some way, whether that's social media ending up in the news or false information working its rounds on social media.  But this New Moon has some positive attributes with Mercury direct forming a sextile with Venus in Leo, but also a square with Neptune. This tells me that women could take the brunt of nasty gossip not based in reality or that we take a more in depth look at the roles glamorous women play and why we fantasize about them. Are we just projecting some parts of ourselves and disowning our glamor?

Sun, and Mars conjunct this New Moon and sextile Jupiter in Leo. Interesting. Now we have the equation of the mother with her golden son child and a bit of exaggeration going on. Could we discover another child genius? Or will we discover our own inner genius when we follow our curiosities and see where they lead? Let's add a trine with Jupiter and Uranus exact at 19 degrees and a sextile between Neptune and Pluto (both retrograde at this time). And one day prior to the New Moon, Saturn rolls out of Sagittarius back into Scorpio (29 degrees). Wow!

Well, if there's a party going on, Saturn brings clouds of suspicion which might be a good thing to have Saturn playing sober party crasher with no one wanting to face "reality". When Neptune sextiles Pluto we're looking at the big picture especially around trends. What's trending now and why aren't people using common sense before jumping on the latest trends? That Jupiter-Uranus trine brings instant manifestation even obtuse manifestation for people who aren't careful about their wishes. But for more spiritually aware folks, this trine helps them break free of old patterns and beliefs or trends that block their way. For me, this plays out as watching people involved in trends edging towards a steep cliff. I want to shout at them to watch their steps, but they're not listening.

Chiron is at 21 degrees Pisces preparing to turn retrograde while Ceres is at 9 degrees Aquarius already retrograde. We're wanting to put on a pretty face and there's nothing wrong with that because seeing the glass as half full gives us faith. And from a Law of Attraction standpoint, I do believe we manifest what we focus upon so let's try to ride higher vibrations. We all want change and transformation rumbles beneath our feet, but let's keep our heads on straight. Saturn tells us to stay sober minded and investigate new situations and approach with caution. This doesn't imply that we can't join others and enjoy ourselves, but to stay mindful of our behaviors and thoughts. These energies come up so that we learn to master them and ride the waves. And huge waves are coming this September through December with Jupiter moving into Virgo, Saturn transiting back into Sagittarius, North Node moving into Virgo, and Neptune going direct.

I'm currently restructuring Whole Astrology. I will no longer give long-distance readings for new clients and I'll concentrate on keeping my business local in the Pacific Northwest (US) and British Columbia. For the latest updates and services available, go to Metaphysics for Everyday Living. I'll also start a new video series, Cosmic Capers this summer which features pediatric astrology. It's possible that I'll post a campaign on Patreon to support the new video series. Stay tune.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius--Swift Movement & Mutable Confusion

The Full Moon in Sagittarius suggest dreaming of foreign places and the itch for movement in any direction. But this Mutable Moon occurring on June 2 carries the burden of Mercury RX in Gemini squaring Neptune in foggy Pisces. It's like the plane never rises above the fog bank and the far-off land seems like a pipe dream. (Basically we start of June with a Mutable T-Cross involving Sun/Mercury in Gemini, Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces).

For the most part, Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), take a respite the first three weeks of June and the Mutable Signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius), experience restlessness, nervous exhaustion, or mental fog due to the Mercury RX square to Neptune, and restless Mars in Gemini. However, there isn't anything these signs can't handle with a bit of rest and a sense of humor. And actually, we experience some of the best aspects for taking a vacation in June despite the Mercury RX which only lasts until June 12 and then a shadow period for the week after that date. (However, refrain from signing any contracts, making major purchase or making any major changes until after June 23. Use discernment in all situations because something might just be too good to be true).

Also along with the Mutable T-Cross is a Grand Fire Trine (wider orbs) with the Full Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius, Uranus at 19 degrees Aries and Jupiter at 16 degrees Leo. Normally, I go with the 5 degree orb, but since this Grand Fire Trine occurs during a Full Moon, we will experience this Grand Trine as inspiration, enthusiasm, and adventure. The Grand Fire Trine combined with the T-Cross forms a kite, which means that we can soar above whatever tensions we encounter now if we go with the flow or remember the words of Esther Hicks as she channels Abraham, "Easy and graceful". In other words, don't push against the tide, but ride whatever waves come up with full detachment and no judgement.

The new planet Ceres at 9 degrees Aquarius trines Mercury RX which could lead to several scenarios involving food and nourishment. We could see numerous recalls on food products, uncover research about the toxicity in certain foods, hear more arguments against GMO food, and we will gaze deeply at the future of food on the planet under the guise of food security. Pay attention to food labels because they might have changed and some foods that were once gluten-free might contain gluten now under a new recipe, or because of a new processing plant that also processes gluten-containing grains. Pay attention to expiration dates on food and keep track of any food poisoning notices in the news since I've noticed more incidents of food poisoning when Mercury is RX. The good news is if you stay informed without giving into fear, you keep you and your family safe.

Since Ceres is in futuristic Aquarius, during the first week of June around the Full Moon, we will explore the future of food. What direction would you like to pursue? Join the conversations in this regard on social media and at lectures.We'll have plenty of opportunities for lectures and I predict that Ted Talks will receive heavier traffic around the Full Moon in Sagittarius. And we're also going to hear a lot from Oprah because of her Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

With the Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter transiting direct in Leo forming a trine with Uranus in Aries, we're still ready to pack our bags and go places, if not in the physical realm then definitely in our imagination. When Mercury is retrograde we use this time to reassess our lives, edit old manuscripts, revisit our education and decide if we require higher degrees, or going back to school to study a vocation that can earn us more money. We reassess our religious beliefs and look to the area of our lives where we have faith, even blind faith. Some of us research publishers and literary agents to send our manuscripts and some of us explore new cultures and delve into anthropology. We're all feeling curious about something worth exploring and the first three weeks of June offer us the time for that. If you feel like you don't have time in June to explore your life situation, then your life is out of balance and you are most likely using a busy schedule as an excuse to not face the music, whatever that is for you. Slow down, breathe, and release yourself from extra obligations.

Neptune, Wikipedia
We experience a sextile between Neptune and Pluto which is not uncommon. This means that we have the power to transform our lives by listening to the insights in our dreams and that we hear during our meditation practice. We can easily channel information with this aspect even though it's at a 6 degree orb. The sextile tightens as Pluto continues its retrograde motion. Now, is the perfect time to hone spiritual practices and work with spiritual tools that involve intuition. The veils are thin and we don't have Pluto playing power games when its retrograde. In fact, during a Pluto retrograde we use the time (6 months), to integrate what we have gained from previous transitions brought on by Pluto's death and rebirth process. Let's not get caught in the Neptune fog however and do use Pluto's ruthless gaze in owning shadows and projections.

Around the time of the Full Moon, three planets are retrograde (Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto), which is another reason I think this represents a time of respite. Technology isn't going to play nice in the sandbox now leading to frustration. Work we do now we'll have to redo later and rushing around or multitasking will only lead to frustration. So why not take some time out? Take a walk in nature, or better yet, go out of town and leave your electronic devices at home, including the cell phone. Turn off the news because it's not going to make sense anyway and most of what you hear or see is missing facts. In fact, many reporters and editors will deliver apologies for misinformation after Mercury goes direct mid-June.

With Saturn retrograde we could mistake a time-out as an excuse to shirk our responsibilities and live outside of integrity. The problem with this approach is that when Saturn goes direct on August 2, we will experience delayed consequences for our actions. And those of you with Saturn at 28 and 29 degrees Scorpio complete your Saturn Returns during the Saturn retrograde period, meaning you integrate the wisdom you gained from this life transition and take full responsibility for your life choices. Welcome to adulthood if you're around 30 years of age and welcome to your wisdom years of if you're around 60 years of age, and welcome to your transition period if you're around 90 years of age.

I believe that the mutable energies we experience in June foreshadow Jupiter moving into Virgo on August 11, Saturn returning to Sagittarius on September 19 and the Saturn-Neptune exact square coming up on November 26. Pisces, this is not a good time for you to escape into denial, or addictions for that would turn into nightmares for you. Gemini, this is not a good time for you to escape responsibilities, or get stuck in a gloomy mindset. Sagittarius, this would not be a good time for you to have an ideal without the steps to manifesting it and release the attitude that you're always right. Finally, Virgo, this is not a good time to get so caught up in your work routine that you miss the forest through the trees. That attitude will lead to nervous exhaustion. Have faith, do the work, and take responsibility for manifesting your dreams. That advice applies to all signs, but especially the Mutable Signs.

I encourage those of you with numerous Mutable planets, Mutable T-Squares or Grand Squares to get transit or Solar Return readings (Gemini gets 10% off on a Solar Return reading in June). Sign up for a reading at Metaphysics for Everyday Living 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

June 2015 New and Full Moon Forecast (Mercury Always Wins)

It felt like pushing a boulder up hill producing the astrology forecasts videos for June 2015, with Mercury acting like a trickster dog nipping at my heels. And that was prior to today's Mercury RX which ends on June 12.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Forecast for June 2015--Wiser or Crankier?

Cape Cod, photo by Patricia Herlevi, 1989
When I was a child, I looked forward to June. School let out for the summer and I anticipated my birthday at the end of the month. But now, turning 51 doesn't appeal to me because it brings me 9 years closer to the dreaded 60. The transits do offer me a consolation prize in the form of this year's Solar Return, with Venus joining Jupiter in Leo (8th House), and progressed Mars and Venus continuing their journey in my 7th House of partnerships...

(Thanks to the Mercury-Neptune square I made corrections on this post).

However, enough about me, you want the June forecast with Ceres included, right?We begin June with Mercury RX conjunct Sun in Gemini and a square to Neptune. On June 2, we experience the Full Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius (with a T-Cross involving Sun/Mercury, Moon, and Neptune), and if you're thinking June is a month for Mutable Sign folks to wake up and pay attention, you're on the right track. Venus moves out of Cancer and into Leo on June 6 so now Leos especially come off as charming while attracting abundance and possible new relationships. When Venus hooks up with Jupiter at the end of the month, Leo really lights up the fire of potentialities. However, for all of us, look at the house where you have Leo on the cusps and that's where the mister sunshine will light up your life.

During the first week, Mars in Gemini sextiles Uranus (Aries) and Jupiter (Leo) so people who work as writers or in the communication field or even broadcasting now stand in the spotlight. Provocative words and turn of phrases do the trick now to garner public attention. Talk show hosts such as Oprah (Aquarius), or any of the Aries personalities that hosts late night shows are going to grab headlines. We join in their enthusiasm and even if we don't, we're all feeling motivated like we can take on the world, or at least our domain.

Mary Magdalene, Cancer, wikipedia
Other nice aspects especially for Pisces include Neptune forming a sextile with Pluto (RX) and Venus forming a trine with Chiron in Pisces. However, Mars squares Chiron meaning that we will return to childhood wounds that we can heal now and release tension from our bodies. If we shove these issues back into our subconscious we'll experience accidents that leave us with physical injuries, especially to the feet and ankles, or we might find that we have trouble with our feet in general as we refuse to move forward with our lives preferring to stay stuck in childhood stories. It's your choice.

Meanwhile, Ceres transits at 9 degrees Aquarius while forming a trine with Mercury. And since faster moving planets are moving into the nurturing sign of Cancer, I think we'll do a lot of gazing at the future of food in the form of food security, organic agriculture, and how we choose to nourish ourselves and families. (I'll discuss Ceres further in future posts).

The big transits the second week of June include Mercury going direct on the 12th. Geminis and Virgos with their Sun, Moon, or Mercury at 4 degrees will experience this as a bump in the road. This week in general will feel stressful to all Mutable Signs including Pisces and Sagittarius. The sun squares the moon on the 8th which will mainly affect Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo. The real bumps to watch out for are Mercury turning direct and Neptune turning retrograde on the 12th. These planets had already locked themselves into a square so we're going to feel intense confusion on this day, or that we dropped into a rabbit hole. or landed in the Emerald City in search of the Wizard of Odd. It's going to resemble a Fellini movie, like it or not.
Refer to my article on Mercury squaring Neptune.

Meditation won't go well on the 12th or even the second week of June so don't be hard on yourself if you stumble out of Nirvana and want to toss your yoga mat out the window. Stop, take a few deep breaths and then go for a walk.Listen to music, dance, watch a movie, or do something on the higher octave of Neptune. Don't indulge in drink or drugs or your usual escape routine. Three days later, Saturn transits back into Scorpio (June 14/15) so Sagittarius takes a sigh of relief, at least for the summer months. Ceres goes retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius so we come up with practical as opposed to far out solutions for food issues. Aquarius also come across as practical and focused on how they nourish themselves and others. What's up with that?

This takes us into the third week of June and the New Moon at 27 (26 degrees and 56 minutes), Gemini on June 17. This moon causes us to launch communication or marketing projects. We feel like writing, talking, or talking about writing, but we might still procrastinate because we're still coming out of the Neptune fog from earlier this week. But it's a great time for digging behind the scenes as far as research, especially for writers, teachers, and journalists. We don't have all the facts and we're still dealing with all that miscommunication we experienced from May 18 to June 12 when Mercury was retrograde and squaring Neptune. Yes, follow the theme here. We do have the caveat of the Cancer Moon trining Neptune on the 17th and then later Chiron. These trines will remind us of 2013-14 when we experienced Grand Water Trines with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Remember that trines deliver gifts but we must be open to receiving them.

The last week of June offers some lovely transits.The Leo Moon conjuncts Jupiter on the 20th and the Sun moves into Cancer on the 22nd (or 21st depending on where you reside on the planet), along with Jupiter trining Uranus. These transits tell me that the more we can love and nurture ourselves the easier it is to manifest our dreams, even sudden manifestations with Jupiter trining Uranus exact at 20 degrees. This energy last through June 27. Meanwhile Venus joins Jupiter in Leo at 20 degrees exact on June 29 (my birthday). Will you join me in a happy dance? Cancers and Leos could receive awards and rewards now. I receive birthday gifts and guilt-free-gluten-free chocolate cake.

Mars moves into Cancer on the 25th (forms a conjunction with the Sun), bringing a boost to Cancerians and other Cardinal Signs too. Although Cancerians won't want to deal with Aries energy at this time since they just want to curl up somewhere with a book, Mars energy could appear as Cancers wanting to spend more time with children since Aries also represents children, especially energetic children. On June 26, Chiron goes retrograde at 21 degrees Pisces and transits back to 16 degrees when it turns direct on December 3. Anyone born with Chiron at 16 to 21 degrees experiences their Chiron Return now (age 50). This passage proves challenging and painful as we revisit wounds from our childhood, release, heal them and or find wisdom from the wounds that we teach to younger generations. Chiron represents childhood wounds and the grace to accept what we cannot change.

I believe this is the longest transit post I've written thus far and I didn't include minor transits.  Signs most affected by these transits are the Mutable and Cardinal Signs with Mutable Signs taking the brunt of energy. Cancerians experience a delightful month for once. Take a vacation and head to the ocean. That's what this Cancerian is going to do (if possible).

Please note that I wrote this post prior to the Mercury-Neptune Square post so you might find a contradiction. Basically, those of you who are discerning and follow your intuition, the Mercury-Neptune square will seem bothersome, but you won't run into any major problems with it. Do slow down and pay attention to details. With 6 planets in Mutable Signs, I should follow my own advice because I'm missing details and having to go back and fix my posts and scripts.

Those folks not following their intuition and going about their business as usual could fall prey to deceptive situations and individuals. As always with a Mercury RX and with long-running transits with personal planets experiencing challenging aspects with Neptune, don't sign any contracts, refrain from making major purchases, or beginning any major projects unless you are returning to a project or job from the past. Best advice is to wait until after June 23rd if possible. I have trouble with this too since my Mutable planets cause me to rush through life.

Geminis and Cancers receive $10 off on a Solar Return in June (and July for Cancers). Sign up for a transformational, practical, or pediatric (mothers) reading or an intuitive coaching session at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. Best to sign up early in the month. There's a good chance I'll leave town the last week of June. Consider becoming my art patron as I write a quantum fiction novel with Orpheus as my main character. 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Watch the Whole Astrology June 2015 Forecast

Correction: Venus moves into Leo (not Cancer) on June 6. This is an embarrassing error. That Mercury-Neptune Square is driving me nuts.

That crazy planet Mercury. Yesterday I noticed that the New Moon chart I include as an image in this video has the New Moon for June taking place on January 16! I did click on June when I was making the chart but the program reverted back to January and I didn't catch the error in time. Oh, well, I trust that you figured out that a New Moon for June would not take place on January 16.

Thanks a lot, Mercury. That trickster always gets the last laugh with me.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Whole Astrology has a logo

Thank you Petra Kempendorf for designing the Whole Astrology logo. The Moon, Neptune, and Saturn signify my three planetary rulers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mercury Square Neptune--Gazing through the Looking Glass

I was going to take  break from this blog, but then the Mercury-Neptune Square garnered my attention. Now, normally, I would just let this square slip by and some astrologers even consider a square as a minor transit. However, with two Mutable planets transiting in their own signs and squaring each other, the message is too strong to resist.

If you feel like you're starring in a surreal movie, look to Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces in the first 10 degrees of their respective signs. This square takes place the entire the month of May and three-quarters of June. Mercury went into Gemini on May 1 and transits into Cancer on July 9 so it is in Gemini for two months and eight days. What's the message here? Mercury is a messenger now traveling in the home sign of the Twins. Mercury represents our learning, thinking, teaching, and communication styles. Each of us has a personal style represented by our natal Mercury and its aspects to other natal planets and placement in the chart. Gemini and Virgo rule Mercury but they don't have the final say since each of the Zodiac Signs color how we socialize with the rest of the world.

Mercury, Wikipedia
I've already discussed Neptune and Pisces in depth on this blog so hopefully you're all up to speed with this blue planet that spins just as many delusions as it does valid dreams and spiritual visions. Neptune is where we experience spiritual highs in the form of epiphanies and spiritual lows in the form of addiction, victim consciousness, and escapism. Neptune is the most challenging planet in our solar system for us to master and most of us won't come close to understanding this mystical mass of diffused energy. Neptune represents the intangible and lacks grounding. The most challenging lesson for people with strong Neptune influence, mainly Pisceans, is to develop compassion and forgive what they see as a harsh and brutal world. Pisces feels everything and through mastering spiritual tools, transcends the mundane world finding solace in the music of the spheres.

Now, Mercury Square Neptune makes each of us vulnerable to con artists, thieves, and deceptive lovers who spin the fantasies we desire. Kelley Rosano talked about this in one of her recent videos. When Mercury squares Neptune which is bigger and more powerful, we lose our ability for analytical and logical thinking. If we tune into our intuition we rescue ourselves from deception that surrounds us now. But those folks who never worked with their intuition and haven't developed spiritual gifts are most likely to fall for scams, even spiritual scams, or buy into the religion of martyrs.

Neptune, Wikipedia
The other downside of Mercury squaring Neptune, especially around June 12 when Mercury goes direct and Neptune turns retrograde (keep this date in mind), is that we could fall prey to spiritual teachers who use manipulative marketing techniques or brainwashing. We are extremely vulnerable on June 12th and the days surrounding this date. First, our intuition seems missing in action, and our logic is still not up to speed. We want to believe the lies whispered to us by lovers in our bed, we want to believe in the get rich scheme, or the spiritual teacher with the quick fix for our money or health problems. Best not to act at this time. Retreat and don't make any major decisions or make any major purchases. Definitely don't sign any contracts in May or until after June 23 - 25.

I'm not sharing this information to frighten anyone, but I also don't want you to fall prey to those deceptive people who spin the stories you desire to hear. When Mercury squares Neptune we're all living in a fantasy land--it's Fantasy Island so be careful what you wish for because you might just get it in spades. During the last week of May the Sun transits into Gemini and joins Mercury, also squaring Neptune, but the Sun brings us strength and courage to resist those temptations that surround us.

Now, the positive side of this Mercury-Neptune Square especially when Mercury transits retrograde from May 19 to June 12, is that we can revisit our spiritual teachings. During this time, we keep what is still relevant to us and toss out the other teachings. Just as a child grows into new pairs of shoes in bigger sizes, we grow our souls and the teachings of the past expired so we can learn something new. We could also heal any riffs we have with religions based on experiences from our childhood.

And during this time, remember to say positive affirmations and focus on what your heart desires instead of what you don't want. You've heard all of this before.  Until June 12 when Neptune turns retrograde, this planet still gives us access to our intuition so meditating does provide us with the right steps and choices to make in our lives, but mainly this period is for retreating so we can discover our authentic wishes. Instead of joining any of those free webinars or spiritual summits, go to a yoga or free meditation class.  Your bank account will thank you. People are going to promise you the world now, but they'll never deliver on those goods. You are your best authority and your Higher Self provides the answers you require for every area of your life which is why learning meditation techniques is the way to go.

One last warning (I'm hearing from my guides), refrain from drinking alcohol during this time or experimenting with drugs. If you're a smoker (includes vapor), get help to quit now. Likewise, if you have problems with addictions of any kind, or are in a co-dependent relationship, seek help and not from a free spiritual summit. Sign up with your local rehab and detox counselors. Wishful thinking will only get you more wishful thinking.

Here is a breakdown of the Mercury-Neptune Transits:

May 1 Mercury enters Gemini
May 5 - 9 Square with Neptune begins
May 9 Square is exact
May 19 Mercury turns RX
May 21 - 30 Sun joins Mercury squares Neptune
May 29/30 Exact Square to Neptune
June 12 Mercury goes Direct and Neptune goes RX
June 23 Exact square with Neptune
July 9 Mercury moves into Cancer  

Other facts: Mercury and Neptune are represented by Mutable Signs which reflect quick changes, movement, travel, and thinking quickly on one's feet.

Gemini and Cancer, it's time for your Solar Return. Get $10 off a Solar Return in May and June. I will include progressed planets in the reading. I also offer Pediatric, Transformational, and Practical Astrology readings as well as, Intuitive Coaching for Artists and Entrepreneurs.  Sign up at Metaphysics for Everyday Living.