Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mars in Scorpio--Cleaning up Psychic and Psychological Pollution

Channeled Message

Is there no rest for the weary? Last night, information about Mars in Scorpio poured through me and I did not want to crawl out of bed to type the message.

Since Mars rules the ego, our masculine side, our drive, our need for competition, and our defenses and is now in its classic sign Scorpio, we are dealing with deep core issues. When Mars is RX it asks us to reexamine how we show up in the world, how we treat ourselves, and how we treat others. And all that in reverse too-how others treat us.

If we act from our ego, we can bet that we have not dealt with wounds on a psychic, emotional, or psychological level that we sustained from zero to two years old. Consequently, we might have experienced that wounding in the womb too, physically or emotionally. Fetuses are highly susceptible to events occurring outside of the womb. This is why it is important for a pregnant woman not to expose herself to harsh situations or people, and that does include violent music and movies. And this is especially important now with Mars transiting in Scorpio (the transit began on January 5) and is currently RX until June 29. Mars does not leave Scorpio until August 4.

So what can a parent do in the event the child had been exposed to violence, repressed anger, or overt anger or hostility? It's not easy to avoid those situations living on this planet. Expose a child to soothing music, positive affirmations, sound healing, and energy clearing. Feed the child foods not exposed to violence (such as milk from pasture-raised cows fed organic feed or organic non-dairy milk with organic formula).  Make sure that the baby food is either homemade from organic ingredients or processed with organic ingredients. All of this will counteract violence and the extreme negativity that exist on the planet as we work through polarities. Don't breastfeed your child in front of a television or computer screen that displays violent images or words.

For those of us who are older and still dealing with ego issues, we must seek some kind of healing or therapy now to address those childhood wounds. We must take responsibility for our words, our actions, and our circumstances. Blaming and shaming others, including ourselves is like beating ourselves or others with a baseball bat. Flagellation as far as I know ended in medieval times, but we still flagellate ourselves with our disturbing thoughts then wonder why we have self-esteem issues. You can tell if you experience self-punishment by the amount of bruises on your body or the number of times you hit your head (Mars/Aries rules the head). Now some people bruise easily because of medical conditions and that's a different story not related to the Mars RX in Scorpio.

Mars in Scorpio direct or retrograde asks us to look at how we treat and respond to others. Do we often use scathing or critical words to cut people down? Do we use provocative or aggressive words or language? Do we speak profanity at others or call them names? Do we constantly compete with others because our egos demand that we come first? Do we have to come first or else? (There could be some father-related issues--trying to please the father for that last question). How do we treat men or boys if we are female? And if we're male how do we respond to the world from our male side? Confident men don't put others down, only men insecure with their masculinity bully others.

Mars in Scorpio asks each of us to own our masculinity or masculine side. When we have done this in a healthy fashion we are confident, courageous, and take responsibility for our actions. We go after our desires in a way that doesn't trod over others. We can accept no graciously and look elsewhere to fulfill our desires. We use our Mars energy to exercise or to complete work or maybe to have fun in a sport without always having to win. A healthy Mars is someone who can win with humility and lose with graciousness. But in the end are there really any winners or losers? If you play the game at all in my mind that makes you a winner.

Since the opposite of Aries is Libra let's look at ways Libra is affected by Mars in Scorpio. We could see passive-aggressive game playing because the person with the smiley face and charming voice crams resentment into his or her kidneys. Being "pissed off" or having to pee a lot stems in this case from repressed anger and the inability to assert oneself. Now, this difficult because the person with this tendency was not permitted as a child to express anger or any stronger emotions. As a child, he or she might have even been punished when expressing their Mars side. Girls are often told to slap on a pretty face and smile like some beauty contestant runner-up. This reminds me of that movie Smile that came out in the 1970s which was a satire on a beauty contest. If you are a Libra detached from your Mars, you might want to check out that movie.

Libra stop trying to act sweet and positive when you don't actually feel that way. That's not authentic. And then what you end up doing is suppressing your Mars then you project the darker side of Mars onto other people, especially men if you are a woman or even if you're a sensitive man. And if you grew up in a home with an abusive father, you can triple this behavior. It's time to deal with those wounds in therapy--free yourself so you can regain balance. This will also prevent you from developing diabetes or kidney disease in some cases--again, seek medical advice. But I suspect that if a person has a healthy diet and lifestyle and still acquires diabetes, that Libra and Aries is involved. Look for passive-aggressive behaviors. Saying that the disease runs in the family is the same to me as saying that so do the patterns and beliefs behind it. So clear those patterns and beliefs.

Mars retrograde in Scorpio is asking us to clean up the psychic and psychological pollution we have released in the atmosphere and in the energy fields. Each of us is responsible for healing our part. Mars doesn't want us to take responsibility, but the healthier side of Mars gives us the courage and confidence to face our truth. If we keep meeting angry or hostile people, then it's time to take a look in the mirror and notice how we contribute to attracting those types of energies. Repressing anger as I have learned can lead to potentially dangerous situations, even car accidents. You get two angry people driving in opposite directions and there's a good chance that they will crash when they meet at an intersection. Like attracts like and Mars energy is not to be toyed with.

People who don't believe in astrology do themselves and others a disfavor. The planets possess gravitational forces that shape human behavior, not to mention all of nature, the oceans, etc...To ignore or push the planetary forces aside, is suicidal in a way. With over seven billion humans on the planet, we can't act irresponsibly. And I have noticed that the young people on the planet act more responsible than adults. And I ask all adults to clean up their messes because you wouldn't invite guests to live in a filthy home or would you? And yet, we are bringing in new life on the planet and at this point resembles inviting guests into a filthy home, not to mention a violent one.

So take this Mars RX in Scorpio seriously and clean up those early childhood wounds. Stop distracting yourself with television and other media and instead grab a self-help book on anger management or go into psychotherapy. Until we heal our anger issues and stop projecting our disowned Mars onto others, we won't experience world peace.

Until we address the need for violence in the media, on our streets, and to our own bodies (through the food we eat and other ways we abuse our bodies), we won't experience world peace and will continue to experience the mass violence currently in the news. Taking guns off the street isn't the answer (though it's not a bad idea). The answer to peace exist in balancing our inner Mars and Venus as well, as learning to accept "no" in our lives without throwing a tantrum or insisting on always coming first. Play nice in the sandbox already, but do this from a healed authentic place.

End of channeled message.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon on July 19, 2016--Meet the Master Builder

Since Capricorn rules builders and building, when with sign culminates into a Full Moon as it does every June or July, we ask ourselves what we have built in the past year. For some of us, we built a relationship on solid ground, and for others it's a career, and yet, for others, it's a actual house. Full Moons represent a time of completion and a Capricorn Moon focuses upon our life structures, societal structures, and structures built on the foundations our forebears set for us.

Think of Taurus as the gatherer of building materials and finding the right spot of earth to build. Then Capricorn comes along and does the actual building structure, followed by Virgo who inspects and analyzes the structure. By the time the structure reaches the Virgo stage (late August and first three weeks of September), we know whether we're standing on solid ground or quicksand. People with strong Capricorn or Saturn in their chart are master builders. They understand that without structure, we sink in the quagmires. But Capricorn, despite its Cardinal quality, is not the most flexible of signs. Sure it climbs with agility and jumps on opportunities that present themselves. But Capricorn is an Earth Sign which lean towards rigidity and change brings on worries and sometimes, anxiety.

Now, let's take a look at the July 19, 2016 chart for the Capricorn Full Moon to see what's happening with our blueprints and current structure. Since the Uranus Pluto Square has spent several years breaking down structures, many of us feel confused as to the new direction of our personal life, not to mention, life on the planet at-large. We have seen huge changes and transformation in just about every sector. And with the millennials busting out and taking management and leadership positions, Capricorn/Saturn integrity and responsibility acts as a two-headed dragon pushing us along with steam and fire.

Millennials born between 1988-90, according to Donna Cunningham have Saturn emphasized in their charts since Saturn, Uranus and Neptune formed a Triple Conjunction (three planets in the same sign) in Capricorn, the Ruler of Saturn. At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon, those folks born during the Triple Conjunction in Capricorn grab the spotlight. They are either experiencing a Saturn Return or on the cusps of this adult rite of passage. I predict that people born between 1988-90 are going to speak up about responsibility, integrity, karma, work ethics and work-related issues. They will remind us to do the right thing, whatever that is that aligns with integrity and taking responsibility.

Others affected by the 2016 Mutable Transits especially are people born in the 1960s when Uranus joined Pluto in Virgo, Chiron transited in Pisces and when Jupiter was in Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius as well as, Saturn in a Mutable Sign. The other group to keep an eye on this year had Uranus in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius when they were born (Pluto late 1990s -2008) and Uranus (2003 - 2011). You are change-bearers and messengers of transformation.

We have three major configurations happening in the Capricorn Full Moon chart which include a Cardinal T-Cross with the Cancer Sun, Uranus in Aries and the Capricorn Moon. Uranus plays the role of the apex which tells us that change is inevitable from the grassroots up. Libra acts as the outlet for this T-Cross telling us that fairness and justice in partnerships of all kinds bring us peace on the domestic front and in career. This means that we focus upon fair wages, equality in the home and workplace, and a fair playing field also in the economic front. We focus upon working mothers as an example and women asking for the support they deserve.

The Mutable T-Cross (Grand Square has dissolved) includes Jupiter/North Node in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius plays the role of the apex and the outlet is found in Gemini. I think this is about creating healthy partnerships with foreign countries and cultures. It's about curbing philosophies and not spouting off provocative phrases to grab the spotlight. It's about taking care of details (that are exaggerated in some cases). It's about balancing the bigger picture with the details. Where spirituality clashes with religious organizations as each of us wants to blend into diversity rather than play the dualistic game offered by religions. Saturn actually wants us to expand into Unity Consciousness since Saturn squares Neptune and wants to dissolve boundaries. Making any concrete plans at this time isn't going to work. Get in touch with spirit.

Finally, the Grand Water Trine which includes Mars in Scorpio, Sun in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces helps us get in touch with our emotions and release them. This is so much about what we desire but what we feel in the deepest core of our souls. We look at messages we received in our childhood that block us now. And we do a lot of deep sea diving sometimes in shark-filled waters and at other times, swimming in schools of dolphins. It all depends on how in touch we are with our emotions. This is easiest for people with a lot of the Water Element in their charts, and hard for Earth and Air Signs.

Fire Signs get a boost with Mercury joining Venus in Leo, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Ask yourself what you value and then communicate those values to others. Perhaps you value a more fair and just world so you join a grassroots group or cause. Perhaps your own lack of integrity is projected back to you by stories you see in the news or people you meet. Remember there is nothing projected outside of us that isn't happening in our inner world.

Air Signs, you feel left out in the cold since there are no planets transiting in Air Signs at the time of this Full Moon. You'll need to rely on planets transiting in Fire Signs (Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn), but in September when planets including Jupiter move into Libra, you'll get a breath of fresh air. Up until that point, it's going to feel like you entered a stuffy room.

Earth Signs enjoy the Capricorn Full Moon, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter/N Node in Virgo. Though you feel like you are constantly tearing down and rebuilding structure while Jupiter keeps sending you back to the drawing board. If life were a house, what type of foundation would you build upon? What type of windows would you want as you gaze out at the world? Where would you like to build as far as location? Are the structures of your life (home, family, career, spiritual life) holding up? And pat yourself on the back for what has entered the completion phase. You might even take a rest now.

Water Signs you want space to dream and feel that if you can dream it, you can manifest it. With Mercury and Venus in Leo, this is possible. Cancers want to lay low and deal with childhood and parental issues now. Neptune and Chiron ask you to practice forgiveness. Scorpio you have a lot of drive with Mars completing its journey in your Sign, but this can cause restlessness unless you find physical activity to work through the energy. Psychological issues rear their heads and you have the power to clear this energy and put it to rest once and for all. Pisces you want to get lost in dreams, but Jupiter in Virgo tells you to take care of the practical details. Saturn in Sagittarius asks you to practice integrity and bring peace where ever you roam.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Watch the Cancer New Moon Video

Cancer New Moon--Nurture Soul Thru Ascension (July 4, 2016)

As we enter the next ascension phase, which has actually been occurring throughout 2016 with the mutable transits, the Cancer New Moon reminds us to nourish ourselves--mind, body, and soul. As we go through the ascension process (it is a long process that doesn't occur overnight but in stages), our bodies require more rest, more healthy food, plenty of pure water, and exercise.

Some of you will leave your current employment to embark on your true life path. Some of you will leave your current partners so you can experience deeper intimacy with soul mates. Some of you will relocate to a new town or country. But please make the transition with mindfulness paying attention to the feelings of others involved. Leave all situations with love, peace, and compassion. If you leave in a haste, you will create a karmic burden for yourself. And this is what we are trying to ascend. Follow the soul and not the desires of ego. This transition leads to your ascension so clean up messes, balance karma, and create win-win situations. This transition does not require the drama of Eat, Pray, Love, even if it feels that way for some of you.  (BTW, I adore Eat, Pray, Love)

So let's take a look at this powerful New Moon in Cancer chart for July 4, 2016. The first thing I notice is a wide Cardinal T-Cross activated by a stellium of planets in Cancer (moon, Venus, Mercury, sun) squaring Uranus and Ceres in Aries and opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Now, this is a wide T-Cross but the moon and faster moving planets in Cancer re-activate the Uranus-Pluto square (and we thought we were done with that).

On a global level this brings more uprising of the general populace against corporate and political leaders. This has us questioning the structures that are suppose to support us and still do to an extent. You must decide where you want to place your focus or manifest more of what you desire or what you don't desire. In other words are you going to focus on organic farmers or big corporate farms that grow GMO crops? Are you going to focus on what does sustain you or go to battle with all the "evil" in the world?

Many years ago, my Spirit Guides showed me an image of a gas nozzle feeding gas into a car and they used this as a metaphor for people fueling President Bush with their fear. They hammered this message into me because I had got caught up in political and economic fear. Well, when you do that, you give your power away. And guess what, Human, you are mighty powerful so how you going to use your power of manifestation?

This T-Cross is asking each of us to take responsibility for our part in the bigger picture. We all matter and it's about time we allow that message to sink in deeper. Stop playing small and stop hiding your light behind the illusion of fear. This doesn't mean you attack what you perceive as evil and complaining never solved any problem. Get in touch with the messages in your heart then Uranus in Aries says, take action now.

And we still have the Mutable T-Cross with Neptune, Jupiter/North Node and Saturn to contend with. And since I've already explored this T-Cross (and the Grand Mutable Cross) in videos (see my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia) and blog posts, you already know the drill. In fact, this is the big push for transcendence. But first, we need to heal our addictions and stop escaping from our wounds. Distraction served us for a time, but now we must bolster the courage to transform our lives. I spoke of this transformation at the beginning of this post. Let go of illusions. Love is the only thing that is real and tangible.

We are blessed with a Grand Water Trine (I want to type this in all caps), which includes the Cancer stellium (personal planets) with Mars now direct in Scorpio and Neptune (only outer planet in the trine) in Pisces. This means that emotions run deep and can fuel our dreams into manifestation. But you must remember that Neptune is also involved in the Mutable T-Cross and the Cancer Stellium is locked into a Cardinal T-Cross. This means that the blessings and gifts don't come easy. We have wounds to heal and mindsets to transform before securing the gifts bestowed by the Grand Water Trine. And if you want further information about the energies of any of these configurations, please refer to my Astro Cheat Sheet.

So now let's take a look at the Signs:

Water Signs 

Cancer--With Mercury, Venus, New Moon, and the sun in Cancer, you shine the spotlight on love, romance, your values, communication, and new beginnings. It's time to take back your health and also to get out and mingle with new people you have met during recent months. Mars in Scorpio gives you drive and energy, especially to deal with psychological issues that have weighed you down. Let go, forgive and experience rebirth in July.

Scorpio--With Mars in Scorpio you're a real dynamo or a firecracker at this time. You are feeling powerful and invulnerable but karma will come back to bite you if you trod over another. You feel fearless and also incredibly sexy. You can even deal with demons that step out of the closet to haunt you or secrets that seep out to the world. Make sure that you get enough exercise to work off that extra energy and keep your emotions under wraps (so much drama!). Get deep with your psychology and this leads to transformation and transcendence. Curb the drinking, but drink plenty of water or your skin will dry out.

Pisces--Oh, dreamy Pisces, you don't know which way to turn with Neptune fogging your world. Then Saturn in Sagittarius is too blunt with you tramping on your fragile dreams. But why are your dreams so fragile in the first place? Bring in some of that Jupiter in Virgo reality and take practical steps to manifesting your dreams. Make sure the numbers in your check register balance and don't go crazy purchasing shoes or anything you find glamorous. You'll only find happiness from spiritual sources at this time. Transcend my dear.

Earth Signs

Capricorn--With all those personal planets opposing you, you feel irritated with your moods, emotions and lean towards sentimentality. Perhaps you find that your patriotism is challenged by younger folks or you don't take time for a holiday since work comes first. But don't tire yourself out, Capricorn. Even parents and authority figures deserve a rest now so you can get in touch with your hearts. Take care of your backs now. If you find that you suffer from spinal problems or health issues with connective tissue, release rigidity in your life and with Mars in Scorpio, do some deep digging in the subconscious. Release!

Taurus--With Mars opposing you, you feel exhausted. However, this exhaustion finds its roots in all the deep diving you're doing in your subconscious mind. Don't be rigid and go with the flow because the world is changing rapidly. This probably isn't time to take the usual vacation, but instead go on a spiritual retreat or at least take time to meditate where you're camping or on a beach. Search for rainbows and they appear. With Venus and Mercury in Cancer, it's time to take care of your health and lucky you, the resources to do that appear for you now.

Virgo--You're still leading the way with the idea of service since the North Node and Jupiter are still in your sign. You love the Cancer stellium but find that you have to explore new food options and diet since digestive issues rear up. Mars in Scorpio also brings digestive issues to the foreground. But what's really going on in your emotional realm? Are you working too hard? Are you serving others as if you don't have human needs yourself? Stop the martyr routine. And also give up this idea of perfectionism. You are perfect just as you are. Go sing some Billy Joel tunes.


Leo--Oh, mister and missus sunshine, you're not enjoying Mars in Scorpio because this causes you to go deep within. Are you casting your shadows on others, especially those with a lot of Scorpio in their charts? You still get a boost with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, but your biggest challenge is healing your ego and boosting your spiritual powers. Unfortunately, you can only do this by releasing that childhood baggage. Do this through creative therapies such as music, dance, and photo therapy. Try improvisational acting or just get up on stage to shine your bright light for the sake of enjoyment and not for ego gratification. We're not looking for the next Joan Crawford.

Sagittarius--Yes, Saturn is still dampening the party. But Saturn also brings you wisdom beyond any philosophies you can cook up on your camping stove. Saturn asks you to climb higher mountains and hang from taller rocks so you can gain the Eagle's view of the world. Expand your horizons to include other philosophies and traditions. Or bunk traditions and sail on an Aquarius wind thanks to Uranus in a fellow Fire Sign, Aries. If you can dream it, you can manifest it. Also be kind to your liver. Too many brews leads to liver problems down the line, such as aging quickly.

Aries--Boy, you're really kicking up dust these days! You're on a roll, but you're steamrolling over everyone who has different realities than your own. Still, you can use that Uranus energy to bring huge changes into the world, especially changes that honor children and youth. You're joining grassroots groups and signing petitions. You're marching down streets causing a ruckus but know your cause intimately and inside out before tooting the horn. Avoid dualism and gain wisdom from Saturn in Sagittarius which asks you to expand horizons. The world is your oyster but do you like oysters?


Gemini--As I'm writing this post it's still the time of Gemini. Winds of change have blown your way and you find that hiding in your brain doesn't work any longer. Don't use a mental approach to quelling emotions. You can't heal emotions through rational thought and darn, it looks like the world is an emotional quagmire. You know what I see for you are jobs working with your hands. This ranges from massage therapist to carpentry to farming, to lending a helping hand to others. Some of you make fine life coaches and help those needing a hand up. Remember to share tools and inspiration and not carry other people's mental quagmires.

Libra--You're affected by the Cardinal T-Cross but you're also the outlet for this cross. So you show us the way to more balanced lives. You do this by example such as cutting back sugar and salt or meditating. You are called upon to bring peace to families, couples, and children on playgrounds. You are everyone's diplomat in July and you're going to have your work cut out for you around the Democrat and Republican conventions. Remember your Libra forefathers, Saint Francis of Assisi and Gandhi and this will go a long way in helping you keep the peace. Balance your scales and this inspires others.

Aquarius--With your planet Uranus in Aries you're still leading the grassroots movements on the planet. But with Mars in Scorpio, you find that healing yourself now ripples out in the form of peace and balance. Your focus lands on new technologies and ways to innovate our lives. But I'm going to challenge you to get away from your computers and go outside. I'm going to challenge you to hook up with Sagittarius and Capricorn types and go rock climbing or hiking on the big rocks we call mountains. I want you to get in a high place (land wise) and get a wider view of the planet and humanity. I want you to get your signs from nature, especially animal totems. Will you take up this challenge, Aquarius? And remember to eat well and drink pure water.

Sign up for a personal reading. It's time for Gemini, Cancer and Leo to get their Solar Returns. Astrology is one of many tools to help you with ascension and soul mastership. You can also sign up on Fiverr for my group channeled sessions (once a month). If you join early I'll be able to address your personal questions. Also support me on Patreon. This allows me to spend more time on these posts and producing videos.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mars in Scorpio thru Zodiac Houses (Themes & Lessons)

As Mars retrogrades in Scorpio until June 29 when the planet goes direct, we can all expect to delve deeply into our subconscious minds. Each of us will visit or revisit particular themes depending on the particular house highlighted--the one that Mars in Scorpio transits. For more information about how this powerful transit affects you personally, take a look at your Natal Chart where Scorpio is on the cusps. 

If you need a refresher of themes from that house (or some case houses), take a look at my astrological cheat sheet. If you don't already have a Natal Chart, you can get free charts online but you'll need to have your correct birth time. I use You do need to join the site I mentioned in order to access free charts. Okay, so let's get started. This post is not intended as medical or psychological healing. See medical professionals if you find that the themes in this article are playing out in your life.

* Please note that this particular Mars transit I'm referring to and its corresponding themes are related to Mars transiting retrograde and then direct in Scorpio. The Mars themes by house would change with each sign Mars transits. So Mars transiting in Sagittarius through the 5th House has a different flavor and context than Mars transiting in Scorpio through the 5th House.

If you experience a Mars transit through your First House, expect to deal with anger and frustration around your self identity and body image. Perhaps you have been dieting and not losing weight due to a psychological blockage or the opposite, you are super thin and would like to gain weight, but no matter how much you eat, you don't gain a pound. The psychological issues either relate to early childhood such as your infancy or time in the womb or from a previous lifetime. Work with a therapist who also includes DNA clearing in his or her practice.

Symptoms you might experience with this transit: Headaches, jaw aches, fevers, temper, tension causing you to throw tantrums, too much heat in the body, eruptions with skin or rashes, problems with bones. See a medical practitioner if you experience any symptoms related to Mars, though most of your symptoms have psychological roots.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Second House you'll have anger issues around your money, your talents, gifts and what and how you contribute those gifts to the world. You experience a sense of entitlement as you aggressively pursue a path towards expressing your talents in the world. You also want to experience wealth and prosperity now, but you don't want to have to work too hard for it. After all, you reason that you deserve to have your desires.

You'll find that your frustrations have childhood roots from age 5 to 10. Perhaps your parents spoiled you or they ignored you and spoiled your siblings. You have issues around sharing or expressing your gifts which have roots in your childhood. With the help of a psychologist, get to the roots and clear them so that you are unhindered or unblocked from getting recognition for your talents and the rewards that come with that.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Third House, you experience physical problems with your lungs, hands, or arms that have psychological roots. You might find yourself going to battle with siblings or neighbors as you try to get your psychological needs met. You also feel stifled with communication which seems delayed or garbled when it relays back to you, like with that game when people whisper a secret that goes around a circle and gets distorted along the way.

You can't believe what everyone says now, and don't treat the media as if it is authority. You could experience technical problems with your computer and that too has psychological roots. Do you even enjoy working on the computer or would you rather travel or spend time outdoors or do something different with your life that involves your hands? Your issues and themes find themselves rooted in your pubescent years (10-12).

If you experience a Mars transit through your Fourth House, your disruption happens in the home and has psychological roots with your mother from ages 12 - 16 years. Perhaps you started to see your mother's faults at this age or as you grew into a young woman or man, you learned secrets about your mother that caused you shame or a sense of abandonment.

You might find yourself living in a home that would please your mother but doesn't please you. Or you might find yourself dealing with abandonment issues in regard to your mother or be dealing with homelessness in any form. Working with a psychologist is crucial with 4th House, as well as, 1st, 8th, 10th and 12th House issues. Work with a therapist no matter how long it takes to heal these themes Chances are with Mars in Scorpio RX, you'll heal the themes rapidly.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Fifth House, you feel like others have sucked the fun out of life. Your life lacks adventure during this transit or you find that your gambles land you in debt which leads to more drudgery as you climb your way out. You might have suffered from a car accident or a fight with a competitor since Mars transiting through the 5th House can bring those types of events (especially if you have Natal Uranus in that house).

You feel impatient and frustrated as well as, bored. This house represents your restless teen years (15-18) and so you'll revisit themes from that time in your life. Staying active helps such as exercising or taking a short trip to another town. Look for non-competitive athletic activities such as outdoor recreation. Go on a retreat where you feel cooperation and support from others as you clear away the roots causing your frustration. I have an image of James Dean in Rebel without a Cause.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Sixth House, you feel restless and stifled in your work environment whether that is at an outside office or your home office. You have pet issues to deal with at this time or you feel that you have to completely restructure your daily routine due to health problems. The themes you face now have roots in early adulthood (mainly your college years or when you first left your parents' home). You might have trouble with bookkeeping or keeping your bills in order or feel angry that you have adult responsibilities weighing you down.

If you face challenges with a boss, co-workers or pets, know that they are reflecting back to you your psychological issues and themes. This is a Virgo House so look up themes for Virgo as well. Work with at therapist on releasing workaholic or perfectionist tendencies. It is perfectly okay to retreat and rest during this transit. If you need help learning how to relax, call on a Taurus friend. Get a massage and take better care of your physical body. This is not the medieval era when people martyred themselves or wore hair shirts.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Seventh House, you are revisiting issues with roots in your early adult years (22 - 25) which reflect on love, romance, and partnerships. Your partners are reflecting back to you the areas of your life that require your attention now. If you are a woman that you learn how to assert yourself instead of playing passive-aggressive games or expecting your partner to read your mind or know what you desire, without you telling him (or her). If you are a man you need to learn diplomatic skills and compromise when it comes to working out tension with your partner (man or woman). Bring equality and justice into the relationship.

The 7th House is naturally ruled by Libra so look up the qualities of Libra (and Aries) to get a better understanding of the Mars transit lesson or theme for you. For you balancing your male and female sides is crucial. This leads to better sex with your partner too.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Eighth House then you're hit in the face with power issues. These themes come in the form of an enemy stealing power from you or you having to reclaim your power in very difficult or challenging situations. You find your roots in past lives or from around the time of your Saturn Return. Work with a psychologist and pay attention to dreams that surface now. What themes were playing out around your Saturn Return? And if you're under 28 years of age, what childhood issues are surfacing in your ability to go deep with another human being? Remember that the sexual act isn't intimate unless you feel safe in bearing your soul.

You could also be dealing with a sudden death of a loved one, particularly a child which has you delving into death and dying. You might find yourself working at a hospice if death comes up as a theme and learn that death is not to be feared. Remember Mars gives us courage to face what is placed in front of us. You might also be dealing with back taxes and if that's the case get professional help rather than push the problem underneath a rug.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Ninth House, you turn towards philosophy, the legal system or religion to get you out of tight squeeze. You find roots in your college years (if you attended college) or your young adult years in dealing with issues that come up now. The issues revolve around religiosity, xenophobia, foreign languages, foreign cultures, travel restrictions, exaggerated patriotism, fundamentalism or views you gained from higher education that no longer serve you. If your friends and colleagues accuse you of acting pompous, take a look at any insecurities you harbor around 9th House themes.

Health wise I would advise you to get a medical checkup for your liver, cut back on alcohol and eat a balanced diet. This is a good time to detox the liver with medical supervision. Drink purified water and get exercise so you can release tension built up by the Mars transit. Go on an adventure. You now have the drive and desire to travel. Just make sure you don't force your patriotism or idealism on other people, especially from other cultures. Be kind to people who work in the travel industry and respectful of professors and religious leaders. You might think you know more than them, but consider that you might not.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Tenth House, you find that issues and themes pop up around career, finances and public recognition. (I'm experiencing this Mars transit). Now is a good time to send out resumes, rewrite resumes, network, and clean up your posts and profiles on social media. Issues that come up now have roots with the first Saturn Return, but if you're under 28 years of age, then use discretion and maturity when dealing with finances and career. Now is not the time to get plastered and then post photos on social media. The Tenth House is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn which is about maturity, responsibility and integrity. Now, is not the time to make a bad impression.

If you find you have trouble with finances or unemployment, look to your 20s for patterns and beliefs that led to your current situation. Work with a therapist to help you unblock and clear those beliefs. If you can do that, you'll see how fast your finances and career turn around. In fact, I encourage you to do this unblocking so that you can enjoy your life purpose now.

If you experience a Mars transit through your Eleventh House, you might find yourself challenged in a group or networking situation. And this is a reflection back to your subconscious beliefs about yourself in relation to groups. Perhaps you were shunned or bullied by groups as a child and so you bought into the belief that you have to go it alone. You might also feel that you can't open up to your colleagues and there might be some truth to that until you clear the old patterns.

When Mars in Sagittarius dipped into my Eleventh House recently, I encountered a type of bullying from people on a travel-related forum. I was looking for a couch surfing situation in my home town and this did not go well to travelers who believed that you should not (under any circumstances) couch surf in your own town. One woman called me a freeloader without knowing my circumstances and this led me to clear patterns and beliefs I had around groups that had roots in my childhood. You might experience something similar on the worldwide web.

If you experience a Mars transit in your Twelfth House, you better believe that it is either karmic or past life related. The roots go back to your previous lifetime or experience before your birth into this lifetime. The lessons that surface could have to do with imprisonment, mental illness, addiction, or having a career in the performing arts. Some artists of the past suffered from addiction and mental illness as well. Work with a therapist who uses dream interpretation or hypnosis.

You might wish to go through a re-birthing process, a past life regression, or use some kind of art therapy such as music or dance or cinema therapy. You can also practice dance or write songs, or take photographs or make a film to heal yourself then share with others so they can heal too. You are wanting to merge with the Divine or Oneness, but you experience insecurities. You might feel that you are undeserving of unconditional love or you fear losing yourself by merging into Unity Consciousness. Now is a good time to go on a meditation or yoga retreat. Work with a therapist so you can make peace with God.

Mars goes direct on June 29 then it transits into Sagittarius on August 3. This gives us all ample time to make peace with our inner gremlins and face up to our shadows. Doing this Mars in Scorpio work leads to wholeness within each of us thus bringing in peace to the world. Mars won't return to Scorpio for two years so take the time to go deep and heal your psychological wounds. Free yourselves.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Reflecting on Zodiac Cancer (What Goes on in That Shell)

by Patricia Herlevi, Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod

Update and corrected10-26-16

As a Cancerian, I feel that I can speak on behalf of Cancer Moon, Cancer Rising and Cancer Sun natives.  When I use the word "native" I'm referring to people born under that sign's influences.  Perhaps not as mysterious as Scorpio, Cancer still baffles the natives of this sign and people who know people with Cancer Moon, Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising.  So I'm going to bring clarity and understanding because more than anything Cancer native need to be understood, heard, and comforted, even if they act otherwise.

Here's the thing, Cancers live in a protective shell which makes them hard and crusty, perhaps cold (to some people) on the outside, but that's only because Cancer is a water sign and these signs act as poster children for sensitivities and vulnerabilities.  Cancer men especially hide behind a gruffness because they fear what would happen if they showed their softer side.  This leads to all sorts of complications in relationships because people just assume that these men are macho or tough, when in fact, they tremble inside, they desire the love that they push away (in some cases). If no one taught them how to balance their yin and yang sides, they lose themselves in addiction, control games, and unwanted drama.  And if either the men or women feel stress from confronting others or from not being able to move forward in life, they suffer from stomach or breast problems (ruled by Cancer).

Meg Ryan's character Kate in the movie French Kiss sums up a Cancerian experience with the line, "I hold all my stress in my stomach."  And no doubt, Meg Ryan who is a Scorpion played a Cancerian character, Kate who loses her partner, has to face her worst fears, and then open up to find love again (a Cancer theme).  Cancers fear loss and abandonment and the character Kate ends up in Paris where her luggage and passport are stolen, and she finds herself at the mercy of a French man who she thinks she despises.  She has no choice but to open up and accept this man's help.

In the movie Under a Tuscan Sun, again we meet a Cancerian character, Frances, who experiences a wicked divorce and loses everything.  This forces her to travel to Italy, buy a villa (despite her fears and doubts), and after grieving her loss she must find a way to open up again to find new love. And true to the Cancerian spirit, while she's going through her own suffering, Frances reaches out to help others which include a young couple who desire marriage, a pregnant friend who was ditched by her lover and a ragtag group of characters.

In fact, if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or a kind word, turn to either a Cancer or Pisces native. You get a person with that combination and depending on what mood they're currently in, you'll feel like you just returned home where you receive a dose of mothering (from men and women Cancer-Pisces natives). Cancer is the sign of mother and home.  If a Cancer native did not have a happy childhood or a good relationship with the mother or lost his or her mother at a young age, it's best to enter therapy to heal those wounds. If these wounds are not healed before the Cancer native has children, he or she could abuse their children since this is the dark side of the mother (think Medea). Or they could suffer from addiction, even addiction to marriage where they marry several times and keep making the same mistakes which lead to another divorce.

The dark side of Cancer is that people who have Cancer as a Moon, Sun, or Rising sign tend to sulk or pout like children when they don't get their way. They also have a pushy side since they are represented by Cardinal energy. Sometimes they come off as bossy or smothering. Cancers are also known for their many moods which is around 12, each time the Moon changes astrological signs so when the Moon is in Gemini, the Cancer native is glib and full of words, but once the Moon moves into its own sign, the mood changes dramatically.  And speaking of drama, try hanging out with a Cancerian when the Moon is in Leo!

The dark side of a Cancer man (and I hoped I would never have to say this), is that he can act like a leech. If he did not get the proper nurturing or mothering as a child, then he clings to women in adulthood and sucks the women dry. I have heard of some Cancer men as becoming obsessive over women (possibly over men too if they are gay). And this can lead to stalking or harassment. The weaker Cancer man won't take responsibility for his feelings and blames others for how he feels. He is manipulative and controlling, often abusive.

Instead of having their emotional needs met, people run away from them. Weak Cancer men require counseling and sadly, some of these men will end up in jail or rehab before they receive this help. If they manage to marry without this psychological support, the marriage is mostly likely ending in divorce. The Universe will no longer put up with co-dependent partnerships.

The dark side of a Cancer woman is that she could become an abusive mother. She could also take to drinking and drugs. She too needs to clean up parental issues, mainly with the mother. Counseling helps and so do support groups. Once she cleans all this up, she becomes a powerful teacher and healer who practices self-love.

Even with the Sun sign, we have three types of Cancerians as with we have three types of every sign.  Cancers born during the first 10 days of the sign are Cancer-Cancer, Cancers born the second 10 days of the sign are Cancer-Scorpio and if they are born during the final 10 days, you guessed it-Cancer-Pisces.  And to further complicate this, each of the water signs have different elements. Cancer has earthy qualities, Pisces has the quality of air and Scorpio has the quality of fire.

Cancers tend to have lighter and more sensitive skin, often with freckles.  They have prominent jaw bones with crab-shaped faces or they might have perfectly round faces (especially as children), like a full moon.  Their faces morph with the waxing and waning moons too. Cancers move sideways more often then they move forward and this is on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). You will notice the body and face description more with Cancer Rising, but Cancer Sun also have these traits.  Breasts are either small or rather large but either way call attention to themselves. Even the men have prominent breasts as they age (don't confuse this with large).  The breasts are most noticeable on someone with a Cancer Moon.

While Cancerians are often referred to as having a shy demeanor, I can assure you there are just as many extroverts in this sign as their are introverts. But that doesn't mean that Cancerians feel comfortable in the public eye and this even goes for celebrities with Cancer as a Sun Sign. They have a homey feel or we think of Cancerians even famous ones as the boy or girl next door--think Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

I've read both good and bad press for this sign and this is why I'm writing this post. I have met Aries types attracted to Cancerians for the wrong reasons and I wouldn't recommend that these two signs form a relationship (friendship perhaps, but even with that these two grind away at each other). Cancers must be in a relationship where the other person rewards the Cancer native's generosity and kindness while not taking advantage of this sign's mothering nature. Remember when Cancer feels unwanted or slighted, it races into its shell and slams the door. No one should ever stay in an abusive environment or even one where he or she is not appreciated, but this especially true for anyone with a water sign Sun or Moon.

You won't find a more generous and nurturing sign than Cancer.  The best description I can give you is Gaia, always sustaining and nurturing, but if you inflict damage then you'll pay the price down the line.  Never abuse your mother and you will feel loved and at home for the remainder of your life.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sag Full Moon #2 for 2016--He Went That Way

For some reason the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 20 reminds me of a chase scene in a cartoon where one character points in the opposite direction and says, "He went that way." This full moon is tricky and troublesome because it rides up to the next exact Saturn Neptune Square which begins on June 28 and the on-going Mutable T-Cross for 2016 lends itself to purple haze, or is that rainbow haze?

Part of the problem is that the Full Moon occurs when Mercury in Gemini falls into a Grand Mutable Square with Neptune (1 degree orb) in Pisces, Jupiter conjunct North Node (4 degree orb) and opposes Saturn exact in Sagittarius.

While the Grand Earth Trine was saw at the beginning of June has dissolved with Mercury moving into Gemini, Jupiter still trines Pluto which gives us the power of manifestation. The problem is with all this energy flying in our face, we have no idea what we desire to manifest. The dreams that sufficed prior to 2016 no longer appeal to us. We want to expand our vision, take a long journey, or even change our religion. Change is the key word along with movement. We feel restless but stuck in a crazy labyrinth. Dang it, Fellini, did you have anything to do with these summer transits?

Mars is still retrograde in Scorpio kicking up dust from our subconscious minds, especially for people with dominant Earth and Water Signs in their Natal Charts. Meanwhile, the planet of values, Venus has sailed into Cancer and perhaps we value mothers, motherhood and nurturing. Cancerians and Capricorns need to pay special attention that they don't come off as smothering or suffocating. People, especially children with Uranus conjunct Ceres in Aries want their freedom and they want it bad.

So here is the breakdown for the signs:

Cardinals Signs

Cancer--This is your time to shine and also to take good care of your body, mind, and spirit. Stop worrying about how everyone else' doing and take a mini vacation, even if that's a day at a local spa or a day at the beach. Curl up with a good book or go on a camping trip if an invitation arrives.

Capricorn--Jupiter trines your Sun and Pluto conjuncts your Sun so it's a good time to get out there and apply for your dream job. Network and unexpected encounters could bring boon now. Your mind is on finances, but also on how you can serve your community. If you tend to volunteer for everything, cut back to one or two gigs. If you never volunteer, find a volunteer opportunity that appeals to you. You never know where it can lead.

Aries--You benefit from Mercury and the Sun in Gemini so if there's something you need to communicate better do so before the Sun moves into Cancer or before the Solstice celebration. Saturn in Sagittarius gives you a hint of maturity and you can see into the distance. Now, is a good time to draw up any long-range plans, but don't implement them until around October. You'll need to reassess and edit at that time.

Libra--With Mercury and the Sun in Gemini you want to get out and socialize. You realized the important of clear communication with friends and partners. If you're single, get out and mingle. Hey, that rhymes. The other message I receive is to get out of your head and get your head out of books. There's a big world out there so get out and socialize.

Mutable Signs

Pisces--With the Sun just about to enter Cancer and Mars RX in Scorpio it's time to slow down and daydream. Reassess your life and notice which direction you want to place your sail. Spend time near a large body of water, curl up with a spiritual or self-help book and explore the deeper recesses of your beautiful mind. Venus in Cancer asks you what you value.

Virgo--Take advantage of Jupiter and the North Node in your sign and the trine with Pluto in Capricorn. You can probably manifest anything you desire at this time, but first know what you desire. This reminds me of when I first learned Creative Visualization and I manifested some pretty wonky stuff because I forgot to say, "May this or something better manifest for me." Also don't try to manifest a particular person into your life because that goes against the other person's free will.

Gemini--You're probably tired of listening to everyone else talk and the frenzy on the media. Your mouth is sore from talking. Take a breather while the Sun moves into Cancer. The Sagittarius Full Moon has you feeling restless and you desire to load up the tent and head to the mountains or maybe on a road trip. If you do take a trip be prepared for the surreal adventure of your life with that Grand Mutable Square calling the shots. With Mercury in your sign now is the time to write a book or prepare for a lecture tour.

Sagittarius--You feel frustrated that the full moon in your sign isn't bringing you the fun and freedom that you desire. Darn it, you waited a year for the Sagittarius Full Moon and this year you got two annoying full moons. Part of the reason for that is Saturn is in your sign and locked into Mutable T-Crosses and Grand Squares. So what do you do? Well, you can lean on Uranus in Aries and shake things up or you can take this time to rest and evaluate your true life purpose on this blue planet.

Fixed Signs 

Leo--The Sagittarius Full Moon brings adventure and glamour, usually. However, this year the Sagittarius Full Moon brings confusion and irritating people you view as flakes. There's also a lot of navel-gazing happening as people explore their values and messages surfacing from their subconscious minds. It might even be too dramatic for you, but can we offer you a starring role?

Aquarius--Now is not the time to launch your innovative products or projects. With Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius you want to unleash something bold and brilliant. The problem is that no one is on the same page right now unless that page is called ball of confusion. Wait until after September when the Saturn Neptune square has separated and Jupiter has moved into your brother sign, Libra.

Taurus--The Full Sagittarius Moon feels irritating with people changing their minds constantly or going deep with psychological exploration. It's like everyone is writing their own Eat, Pray, Love and you just want some peace and quiet. So off to the garden for you or join a pagan celebration to honor the Solstice. In other words, your resolution comes through a connection to the earth and not to other confused humans.

Scorpio--The big transit for you is Mars RX in your sign. You want to psychoanalyze your neighbors and their dogs, and probably goldfish. But wait, this transit is about you and not them. Get thee to a therapists and unwrap those symbolic nightly dreams. Some of you feel like writing erotica--go for it, if that pleases you. You want to explore your darker side or your more sensual side. That's how Mars in Scorpio works. And Mars won't be back in your sign for another 2 years so take advantage of the healing that arises.

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