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Judging from the history highlights for 1968 found on, this year looked violent and surreal.  Is this because humans tend to remember the darker events or because this year played out like a dark horse?  Japan experienced the 300 Million Yen Robbery, in Prague a revolution erupted known as Prague Spring, in Vietnam the TET offensive took place on January 31, considered the deadliest year of the Vietnam War according to and turned American sentiment against the war (look up TET Offensive online and numerous pages come up).  This is also the year of the My Lai Massacre, also the Vietnam War and took place on March 16.  In the US, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., were assassinated and nerve gas leak in Utah killed 6,000 sheep.  MLK also gave his prophetic Mountain Top speech, right before he was assassinated.

Sadly, when I looked up positive events for 1968, I just found more dark ones.  So let’s look at cinema from 1968 which includes: Kubrick’s Space Odyssey, Leone’s Once Upon a Time, Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet (tragic), and the children’s movie Hughes’ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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Celebrities born in 1968 include: Cuba Gooding, Jr., L.L. Cool J, Inaki Urdangarin, Felipe de Borbon (Prince of Asturias), Pauly Shore, Lisa Marie Presley, Gary Coleman (who suffered addiction problems in adulthood), Lucy Lawless, Celine Dion, Laetia Sadier (Stereolab), Marc Anthony, Marie-Chantal (Crowned Princess of Greece), Will Smith, Ziggy Marley, Parker Posey, and Nazzareno Carusi (Italian pianist).


In January, the outer planets seemed status quo with the Neptune-Pluto sextile and Jupiter inconjunct Saturn.  While Uranus was not conjunct Pluto, it was only 7 degrees away from Pluto and Jupiter had just entered Virgo and Mars entered Pisces creating a Mars-Jupiter opposition and a wide T-Cross with Venus in Sagittarius. Mid-month the Capricorn Sun trined Pluto and then Uranus before heading into Aquarius.  On January 31, a particularly violent day in Vietnam, Venus in Capricorn squared Saturn in Aries (Vietnam’s ruler is Cancer).  The North Node transited in Aries which carried the lesson of asserting oneself and this would have gone for nations and as well as, individuals.  This Node does not represent peace or diplomacy.

Earth Signs dominated the beginning of the month so children born during this time would appear grounded and extremely practical.  They would either become excellent goal-setters and take a step by step process to meeting those goals or with Mars in Pisces and the South Node in Libra, they might appear wishy-washy with a fear of asserting themselves in the world.  Uranus Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo contributed to introversion and shyness so asserting them selves would have seemed like a grueling task.   The Neptune-Pluto sextile also promised more weirdness of world events with revolutions heating up in the background, the Vietnam War thunderous in the foreground, and the wind changing direction once again.

In February Uranus and Pluto formed another conjunction (with a wide orb) and a sextile with Neptune, however, Uranus and Neptune formed a tight sextile with a 2 degree orb.  Jupiter in retrograde traveled back into Leo so children born during this time, would not be as shy and introverted as the children born in January.  Aquarius born children would at some point experience an opposition with Jupiter (Sun-Jupiter) and the Pisces children would experience an inconjunct.

In March, Jupiter moved back into Leo bringing enthusiasm to the child born at this time, or at least warmth in his or her expression. Uranus formed an exact sextile with Neptune electrifying Neptune’s energy and bringing along a spiritual radicalism or possibly mental illness involving the nervous system.  A child born during this sextile might also embody such conditions as autism, heightened spiritual awareness such as communicating with angels and relatives who have passed on and I would use the term Indigo here as well.  This exact sextile lasted from March 22 to March 31 when the Sun was in Aries.  Uranus also stayed in conjunction with Pluto which also sextiled Neptune, but not exact which further emphasizes the qualities I already mentioned.  If the Natal Aries Sun formed an inconjunction with Uranus in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio (0-3 degree orb) these children would have a yod in their natal chart.

The Uranus-Neptune exact sextile appeared again from April 1 -12, and again, a child born with an Aries Sun with a 0 to 3 degree inconjunction to Uranus and Neptune would have a yod in their natal chart.  (See my article “Blame it on Yod”).  The Uranus-Pluto conjunction sextile Neptune continued.  For children born in April, see the description for March.  Children born with a Taurus Sun that month would not experience a yod with Uranus-Neptune, however, they would experience a Sun-Neptune opposition depending on the degree of their Natal Sun and this would bring unusual spiritual gifts, but they would need to develop confidence in those abilities to share those gifts with the world. You are needed now.

May brought a wide Fire Trine with Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Aries and once again, Uranus formed an exact sextile with Neptune from May 1 - 22.  The Fire Trine would bring frustration and impatience to the child born at this time.  Jupiter in Leo would want to expand and push forward in the world while Saturn in Aries would hinder and constrict those efforts.  Meanwhile, Uranus electrified Neptune who responded with steam and mist, a feeling of invisibility and radicalism.  While the Fire Trine looked hopeful, this was not an easy month full of revolutionary energy and confusion.

These aspects continued in June.  In July, Jupiter moved into Virgo (again) and Saturn formed an inconjunct with Uranus that conjuncted Pluto and sextiled Neptune.  The emphasis was heavily on Virgo with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo forming a sextile with Scorpio.  Children born at this time would have a fix-it attitude and see the glass as half empty.  They would feel a strong urge to correct, fix, repair, and communication would come off as complaints or irritating nagging.  However, these children, if supported, could use their fix-it energies in the realm of communications such as media or writing non-fiction books, and if by chance they were extroverts (unlikely) they could do radio hosting or public presentations.  However, they are not motivational speakers, since Saturn was in Aries bringing constriction in the area of self-expression.

On September 24, Uranus left Virgo and moved into Libra and Jupiter formed a conjunction with Pluto which stayed in a sextile with Neptune.  These transits continued until the end of 1968.  So now instead of having Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo, we experienced Jupiter conjuncted Pluto in Virgo.

I found this description on the Evolving Doors Astrology website,

“The Jupiter-Pluto combination can manifest in a number of different ways. At its best, these planets could bring a principled, ethical or honourable approach to difficult, volatile and powerful situations. Jupiter contributes perspective, tolerance and justice to Pluto's agenda of transformation and deep change.”

This is a rare conjunction that takes place every 13 years according to the webpage.  Jupiter expands upon what it touches, brings a sense of freedom, enthusiasm, idealism and spirituality while Pluto darkens what it touches taking us to the depths of our souls and to places we would rather not visit.  Pluto doesn’t expand what it touches, it blows things up.  Pluto is ruled by Scorpio and Jupiter by Sagittarius and in traditional astrology, also Pisces.  And this was how we ended 1968 (autumn of that year).

With Uranus in Libra, and Jupiter replacing Uranus in the conjunction with Pluto, I believe that children born during that autumn would seek spiritual and psychological solutions to solving social issues as opposed to revolutions and violence.  Plus the fact that these children born during 1968 could suffer from post traumatic stress disorder if they had been exposed to any of the violent events of that year, even via the television set, if it was constant enough.  Hopefully, the parents of these children shielded them from the violence from that year, including footage from the Vietnam War. 

In the least, these children would grow up critical and even cynical of the world at large since they were born during a volatile time.  However, contrasting with that, these children are also deeply spiritual with Jupiter in Pisces’s opposite sign Virgo and Jupiter a lower octave of spirituality and religion.  Jupiter would normally give birth to enthusiastic and passionate children, but here Jupiter was in hypercritical Virgo conjunct Pluto!  If these children did not gravitate toward religion or spirituality, they would find some other kind of idealism to pursue such as in politics or some other type of structure/institution.  Children born with Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Virgo most likely have a dark sense of humor.

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Overview: This year was mostly known for the First Moon Landing (Neil Armstrong first man on the moon), however, this is not without controversy and some people wonder if the moon landing was faked.  I’ll let someone else answer that question.  ARPANET (precursor to the Internet) was created, baby boomers rolled in the mud at the Woodstock Music Festival in Woodstock New York, and Sesame Street debuted.  1969 also was the year of the Manson Family murders (as if that isn’t surreal enough) and Yassar Arafat became the PLO Leader.  In 1969, the US, Soviet Union and a hundred countries signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

Costa-Gavras Z, Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy, Roy Hill’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Hopper’s Easy Rider hit the screen.

Celebrities born in 1969 include: Jennifer Aniston, Chaz Bono, Timo Kotipelto (Finnish musician), Salt (of Salt and Pepa), Paul rudd, Cate Blanchett, Anne Heche, Cy Chadwick, Jennifer Lopez, Dweezil Zappa, Tapio Wilksa (Finnish singer), Catherine Zeta Jones, P.J. Harvey, Helene Grimaud (French pianist).


The Neptune in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Virgo continued throughout 1969 so I won’t mention this transit throughout this section, unless the sextile is exact. I will mention Chiron since I have neglected this asteroid in the other posts.  In 1960, Chiron transited in Aquarius, and moved into Pisces on March 26 then through a retrograde traveled back into Aquarius, but on January 21, 1961, Chiron once again entered Pisces where it remained until April 1, 1968 when it transited into Aries and then on October 18 (through a retrograde) traveled back into Pisces where it remained until Chiron transited back into Aries on January 30, 1969.

This means that February 1969 launched a new energy where Chiron was concerned.  Visibility issues and not feeling heard or a spiritual woundedness that went along with Pisces Chiron was replaced by a wounded warrior and possibly a childish quality where you eventually get the adult who refused to grow up and whose woundedness has to do with not being able to push forward or pioneer the way.  This person might come off as a wise fool or just a fool to those around him or her.  The wound is now in Aries, instead of Pisces and while this group born in several months in 1968 and most of 1969, shared the Neptune-Pluto sextile with the rest of this subgeneration born between 1960 and 1969, Uranus was in Libra during this time, and Pluto and Neptune were reaching the end of their transits in Virgo and Scorpio. Jupiter too moved out of Virgo into Libra in 1969.  We also safely moved past the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo which shaped the middle 1960s.

In January, we experienced a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Libra and after Jupiter retrograde, the conjunction tightened with a 2 degree orb and then a one degree orb the second half of February.  Meanwhile, Saturn in Aries formed an inconjunct with Pluto in Virgo, which came close to forming a yod with Neptune in Scorpio (though I think a 6 degree orb for one of the legs is too wide for a yod).

However, we could safely say that the Aries-Libra axis played a key role here with children born at this time, especially since the North Node fell in Aries.  Events of this time alternated between violent and revolutionary to pioneering (landing on the Moon or even the illusion of that) while the Vietnam War continued and so did anti-Vietnam War protests which grew stronger reaching a crescendo in the early 1970s.  On one hand, Libra acted out with a love of the arts (music) and peace, the Woodstock Music Festival and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s public quests for peace, which in many ways just seemed like staged events.

1969 might be called a year of the aftermath of the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., and certainly these premature deaths and a feeling of hopelessness, not to mention feeling like we were under the oppressive thumbs of our respective governments and corporations.  Woodstock and similar events were the antidotes as were losing ourselves in music and cinema of the time.  And look at the type of movies that grabbed the public interests--mostly buddy movies with a pioneering spirit, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Easy Rider and Midnight Cowboy.  Meanwhile, people could lose themselves in the fantasy of space travel via the Moon Landing or television shows like The Jetsons or Star Trek.  Children of this time also had their escape hatch, in the form of a public broadcast educational television show, Sesame Street.  Big Bird became a household name in no time and even this television show had a pioneering spirit, but one that focused on children through catchy songs and Muppet characters mixed with humans, often celebrities.

In March, Jupiter formed an exact sextile with Uranus from the 8 - 15 in Libra and Saturn inconjunct Pluto and Neptune, forming a yod (though wider than I would go with one of the legs) from the 22 of March until 13 of April.  In March, Saturn formed an exact inconjunct with Pluto from the 13 with a 5 degree orb to Neptune (not exactly an inconjunct, but since these planets are so powerful, let’s just say this is a loose yod).  In April, the inconjunct with Saturn and Pluto remained tight and loose with Saturn and Neptune.  I think a person born at this time needs to see for him or herself whether a description of a yod applies to them.  For instance, does this person feel like stop and yield signs keep appearing or even dead ends or forks in a road that seem to hit dead ends no matter which fork he or she takes? If that is the case, then you are indeed dealing with a yod.

This particular yod (I’m just looking at the outer planets) involved Saturn which restricts, constricts, disciplines and asks us to live in integrity, with Neptune the planet of dreams, escapes, mental illness, healing, forgiveness, religion and spirituality and Pluto, the darker planet of transformation.  These would not be easy energies to reconcile and anyone born in 1969 still has a few years to go before they will experienced a yod breakthrough unless they are quick learners and wise beyond their years.  But with Saturn in Aries, I doubt that’s the case.  People born in 1969, could come off as passive-aggressive because of the planets in Libra and Aries (Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn) as well as, the North Node in Aries.  They would fear confrontation and use subterfuge to reach their goals or get their way.  They would use different types of game-playing and one of those games, “I’m okay-you’re okay, but do you really think I’m okay?”  And this game is wearisome to other family members and society in general.

The yod would slow this process down, add confusion with Neptune in Scorpio and depending on the helplessness this person feels, there is a tendency to not trust reality, create a reality that borders on mental illness if not mentally ill already or addiction to escape responsibility or confronting the realities of their lives.  They are also gullible and fodder to new age gurus who appear pioneering and thumb their noses at authority or those who judge them (Uranus in Libra).  They live exaggerated lives, are preachy (Jupiter in Libra) and think that peace won’t happen unless everyone agrees with them, but with the North Node and Saturn in Aries, there is an overarching theme of “it’s my way or the highway, but okay, I can go along with your plan too, maybe.”  If these attitudes and behaviors are not kept in check, then these people could attract abusive partners and family members if they aren’t also abusive and then in that case, you have all out war, but one of subterfuge.

This is a group that could use some life coaching and deep therapy.  Then once they go through the therapy and find healing which includes owning their stuff and taking responsibility for it and giving up the game playing so they can relate to others, they would make excellent lawyers, mediators and diplomats.  I don’t see alternative healers in this group however because there is a tendency towards immaturity and not wanting to take responsibility for others stuff.  They also can’t handle the darker stuff and blame people for having problems.  They are a group more than likely to spout, “Well, you created your own reality,” but not take the same advice for themselves.  Sorry, to sound so harsh here, but this information comes from my Spirit Guides and it is pouring forth through my fingers.  Please get these lessons you brought to the planet with you, those of you born in March and April of 1969, especially Aries-Sun and Aries Mercury folks.

In May, Uranus moved back into Virgo (May 21) and Jupiter was also in Virgo so once again, we experienced a conjunction with Uranus and Jupiter, but this time in earthy Virgo.  Starting on the 21st, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto formed an inconjunct in Virgo and meanwhile Saturn moved into equally earthy Taurus, the North Node moved back into Pisces (in April).  May brought a grounded quality to the children born at this time and they would also seek solutions through spirituality (North Node in Pisces) and through service (stellium of outer planets in Virgo).   

Saturn in Taurus would give these May-born children (especially those born with a Taurus Sun) a slow methodical approach to life.  They would expect quality in products and sensual experiences and become critical of anything or situation that seemed shoddy to them. These are quality folks who communicate through sensual experiences as opposed to words.  I am going to refer to this group as Earth Angels, because that is what they are.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they work in gardening, environmental science, ecology, religion as opposed to new age spirituality, or body work such as massage, or they work in a spa situation. These folks are excellent yoga instructors or motivational coaches, having an eye towards perfection and a mindset for experiences as opposed to ideals or concepts.  They prefer tangible experiences as to abstract ones.  They would also make excellent potters, sculptors, and painters, loving to get their hands dirty.  They know when something doesn’t smell right, but they are also stubborn and not always open to change, even necessary change so they stay in uncomfortable situations until a breaking point. Gemini Suns would have a different experience and would appear less methodical, but still slower in speech than the average Gemini.  They also make excellent teachers but more focused on language and presentation than experiences, but they are also not abstract.

In June, the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction continued until June 25, when Uranus transited back into Libra where it would remain for the next 6+ years, however, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Virgo and Saturn remained in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio.  We would have felt Uranus switching signs from earthy Virgo to the Airy Libra which would then square the Cancer Sun from the 25 - 27.  Though a Cancerian born at this time would feel supported with Jupiter and Pluto in Virgo, Saturn in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio.  Children born at this time would experience deep feelings especially with the North Node in Pisces and Venus in her own sign, Taurus and could adapt well to changes too with Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Sagittarius.   

A Gemini born in June (Gemini Sun) would experience the Mercury RX at the beginning of June so might be a little bit slower in communication or more introverted than the average Gemini, but with  Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Aries the first week of the month, optimistic.  Here you have a motivational teacher or life coach or someone who prefers to write about new age topics or upbeat news if he or she works in the media.  I see new age authors also in this group.

In July, Jupiter formed a sextile with Neptune until the 16th when the planet moved into Libra and joined Uranus again in a conjunction.  This would cause tension for people born with a Cancer Sun, but come easier to someone born the last week under the Sign of Leo.  But those Leo folks would and still do lean towards more glamorous lifestyles.  They have an attitude of “What’s in it for me?”  And they’re pretty good with their own public relations campaigns, tooting their horns in social situations to the point of ad nauseam.  

This group could also fall into the traps of narcissism or passive-aggressive behavior and certainly they would have proven themselves a handful to their parents as they constantly sought approval from others, often wearing out friends, partners, and teachers.  And the message to you folks is this: “You’re not any better or worst than anyone else. The moment you stop trying to prove yourself to others and to the world, is the moment you find inner peace.”  And at that point, you can teach that process to others.  If by chance you choose a performance career, make sure you balance that career with community service or use your name to support a cause or charity.  That will gain you the respect you seek.  Oh, yes, and with Uranus currently in Aries opposing your Natal Uranus in Libra, this message will come to you in the form of people who oppose you, if you choose to come from a place of arrogance.  Community service is the way to go.

In August we see more of the same energy except the Sun moved into Virgo and these folks would experience perfectionist verses the glamour and arrogance of the Leo Sun.  They would adapt better to service industries and appear more introverted than the Leo Suns born earlier in the month, especially since Pluto in Virgo would lend its support in September.  The rest of the year until December appeared status quo even though the Sun Signs changed throughout this period as did the personal planets (which I am not really covering here).  However, in December, Jupiter moved into Scorpio on the 17th and opposed Saturn RX for the remainder of the month, with an exact orb on the 30th and 31st.

Jupiter opposite Saturn has a push-pull affect because these two planets are already opposite in energies and here you have Saturn (ruled by Capricorn naturally) in an Earth Sign and Jupiter (ruled by Sagittarius, a Fire Sign) in watery Scorpio.  On one hand, this energy bodes well for digging beneath the surface and seeing what lies beneath the skin.  This could represent someone with a lot of passion, but afraid to go into the depths of that passion (Saturn constricts in Taurus).   

This could represent a person who runs the extreme from optimism one moment to pessimism the most and who is constantly testing reality.  People born during this time have the gift of shamanism, can venture into dark places and bring back pieces of theirs or other people’s souls.  They grow into wise teachers and powerful healers, especially when you bring Pluto in discerning Virgo and then Uranus in Libra brings balance and lightness since any outer planet in Scorpio is going to have its share of darkness in shadows and Neptune is also in Scorpio, but in much later degrees, at the end of the degrees or nearly.  So  in essence, Jupiter in Scorpio is retracing the steps Neptune in Scorpio traveled from the late 1950s when the planet moved into Scorpio.

On that note, this ends my series on the 1960s outer planet transits.  As I learn more on this topic and make new discoveries, I will come back and make corrections.  In addition, I would love to hear from actual people born in the 1960s and see how my descriptions either fit you or don’t fit you.  Remember, I did not for the most part include the personal planets and they color a person too. I was mainly looking at groups of people, rather than individuals and so of course I made generalizations. There was no way around doing that.

I wish you all much healing and transformation so that you arrive into your leadership positions in the world.  You have come this far, and there is still a long way left to travel. Keep on keeping on, my fellow 1960s folks.

Also read e-books by Donna Cunningham such as "Outer Planets and Inner Life" Volume 3, e-book through Moon Maven and her new e-book on stelliums.


  1. Libra October 1968 Scorpio rising here. Virgo moon in 9th, rest in 10th. That is so true of me thanks. I also do have a dark sense of humour that is, at times, inconsistant with my spiritual life & keep getting pulled up on facebook by my buddhist friends, which has given me a mini crisis of faith :-)

  2. We are all spiritual works in progress. The fact that you recognize a crisis of faith leads to an awakening experience. Patience and self-forgiveness help.

  3. Hello Patricia, I was born on May 18, 1969 and I came upon your page searching for retrograde planets on the year 1969. I have come a long way and you are right that I still have a long way to go. This is what I have noticed so far, people that have been abusive with me starting from church, home (upper line like parents,parent's friends and families), and the government. It is true that I don't feel comfortable with change but in my opinion I feel it is because I want to get to my main goal and change just pulls me back. It is funny how you call us Earth Angels because I remember crying to God in church asking him why he didn't chose to make me an angel since being a human was hard. I just learned that we are all humans no matter where we are in this earth. I have two years researching about Astrology which is something I was prohibited by the church leaders. But since I learned that the church leaders are also human and also do things that are prohibited by the bible, I started to question their actions. Astrology has helped me understand why people tend to do things no matter who they are or what position in life they have. I have learned to forgive myself for being human. I still have many unanswered questions but the ones that have been answered only bring up more new questions. Knowledge is my addiction and I try to obtain it in anyway I can so I self thought myself around the internet. I don't have a specific job at the moment but I have a major in Political Science. I hope to go into Law only because I have no way to get help in correcting a school loan that was obtain by a school who committing fraud. This was when I had turned 17 years which they said I was 18 years. Anyways that is a whole different story. My school goals are in a pause at the moment, but Astrology has helped me understand why. I still think I will be going back to church in the future because I still believe in the creator of the universe. I am guessing my North Node is playing a part in that. Or it could be that I am getting the hang of dancing with the North Node and the South Node in my birth chart. I am not an expert in Astrology but my gut feelings are usually right. Well leaving a comment is the best I can do for a great post with amazing information on it.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Those of us born with Pluto in Virgo have faced our share of challenges. In a way, we did come back as Earth Angels in that we do have solutions to societal ills and climate problems.

    Did you have Pluto in Virgo opposite planets in Pisces? Or planets in Sagittarius squaring Pluto in Virgo? This would account for problems with big religion.

    Focus on getting through the next few months with the Season of Mutables and I think you will experience epiphanies that will transform your life for the better.

    Thanks for stopping by Whole Astrology.

    1. Thanks for the reply, I have Jupiter with Pluto in Virgo and mars in Sagittarius. I appreciate the information and I will research into that. Thanks again Patricia.