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Munchable Mutables--Digestion Fires, Food & Overindulgence

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I don't normally write an astrology post on Tuesday and I certainly have other projects calling for my undivided attention now, but Saint Thomas Aquinas brought up digestive troubles people are experiencing right now due to overindulgence of food or in some cases, under indulgence.

With Jupiter in Cancer until late next spring, the stomach, food, and nourishment are still issues we face now and in the months ahead.  The questions we need to ask ourselves are: Are we getting the nourishment that we need? Are we overindulging in the wrong foods for a healthy body? Are we able to afford the food we need to stay healthy? This question comes up during a time when representatives of the US Congress try to pass legislation to cut food stamps by 40 percent or cut out altogether.  When every one in seven US Americans are receiving food stamps at this time, it seems diabolical to cut this necessary program.  All humans no matter their shape, size or economic status or choice of lifestyle deserve food, shelter and some type of employment.  But I'm not going to get into politics.  However, as a Cancerian, I will say that I feel pissed off when people go hungry, especially when there is enough food in the world for everyone and then some left over.

We also need to look at food sensitivities, the toxins in our foods, labeling of GMO ingredients and food deserts (areas of city without a grocery store or any place to purchase fresh produce and healthy foods).  With Neptune in Pisces forming a trines with planets traveling in water signs, and that Jupiter in Cancer, I believe that we have the compassion in our hearts to create fair food distribution and get the crap out of our food systems.  And I believe we are seeing a turning point in this area, especially in the US, a supplier of some of the most toxic food on the earth where Americans are waking up and smelling their coffee.  Oddly, the United States has its Sun in Cancer so you would think this country would want to feed the world, but unfortunately, when transnationals get involve, you get some horrid food choices exported to the world.

Okay, so let's get to the topic, right? In October, Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 8th and this is a time to watch our overindulgence in food.  Stay clear of bad fats, sugar, and stuff you can't pronounce.  Sagittarius rules the thighs and liver.  Venus represents how we give ourselves self love, but she's a sensual planet and we can get out of hand where it comes to food and socializing with food.  Keep those dinner parties on the healthy side and watch alcohol intake as it can damage the liver as can overindulgence in fatty foods.

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Look for the Sagittarius house in your chart and if it is on the cusps of 4th or 6th house definitely watch how you nourish yourself and your daily routine and diet.  If you have Sagittarius on the cusps of the 8th house, then it is time to examine your subconscious urges around food and your hidden beliefs about food, nourishment.  If you have Sagittarius on the cusps of the First House, you will be concerned about body image and most likely weight loss, but don't lose so much weight that you resemble a Halloween skeleton.  Work with a professional and nutritionist in coming up with the right diet plan.  And don't set unrealistic goals which can happen with Sagittarius on the cusps and Venus traveling through the House.

Venus will square Neptune in Pisces from the 8th through the 13th, and longer if you tend to use wider orbs for oppositions (some astrologers do).  Again, we see a setup for overindulgence especially when the traditional ruler for Pisces was Jupiter (and still is used by some astrologers).  Are you realistic about the foods you're eating? Are you feeling paranoid about what's lurking in your food? Remember you can always bless food to purify it.  Are you suffering from a food disorder such as anorexia or bulimia? These food disorders can get out of hand and land you in a hospital, especially if you have Sagittarius on the cusp of the 12th House (Neptune/Pisces).  We might even see articles on celebrities at this time with these disorders because Neptune rules glamor and celebrities especially those in the movie business or super models (photography).

Another player to watch out for is Mars moving into Virgo on the 16th and staying in Virgo until December 8.  Virgo rules the lower digestive track.  If we don't eat food in a way that our stomach can digest properly or foods with the right enzymes, we could experience cramping, diarrhea and intestinal problems at this time.  It would also be a good time to get checked for Celiac Disease if digestion goes south.  Virgo is the nutritionist or the nurse in the Zodiac, she will lecture us about proper diet, about getting enough vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, etc and with fiery Mars in Virgo, we need to build up our digestive juices, get enough enzymes and good bacteria in our guts. If digestive fire is weak, we cannot digest food properly which ends up causing problems in other organs thus throwing us out of balance. Also refrain from eating meals when you feel angry.  And don't argue at the dinner table, geez.  What's that about?

Virgo's ruling planet Mercury is in Scorpio which rules our elimination system, but not only that our subconscious urges.  Saturn which brings us discipline in all areas of our lives is also in Scorpio.  So now is a good time to examine deeply our food beliefs along with self-worth, self-love and nourishment.  We might even have to delve into childhood to find the source of our food and nutrition beliefs, but don't dwell there.  Just get the information then clear it. There's no need for high drama or repeating our digestive problems to passerby like a parrot stuck on a groove.  For example, I feel sympathy for people with food allergies and other digestive problems, but I don't want to listen to a litany of them while I'm trying to enjoy a meal.  This is the main reason I prefer to eat alone.  Enough already.  Obsession (a Scorpio thing) never solved any problems in the history of humankind and I can assure you of that.  Solve the problem and get on with it.

Meanwhile, Scorpio's planet Pluto forms an exact square with Uranus which could bring some surprises in the area of food since Jupiter occupies the natural 4th house that rules food, Pluto is in the natural health of the public and Uranus is in the natural house of self and the body.  With two planets in Scorpio, plus the North Node, we could see either a large outbreak of food poisoning from preventable causes or the uncovering of tainted food before it reaches the public.  Certainly, with these big planets in angular houses we need to explore food safety by coming up with solutions and stop rehashing the same information like a broken record. In other words, what are we going to do about what we already know? Saturn in Scorpio might just come up with a solution in the area of responsibility.

As usual, I waxed on too long on a variety of topics under the food umbrella.  These topics are important to me and obviously Saint Thomas Aquinas who helps me with this post and who keeps pointing out synchronicity on the topic.  So watch your diet, don't eat any of the funny stuff and don't overindulge or under indulge.  The real reason to eat is to fuel the body with what it needs, though I know we find food rather pleasurable.  And I wouldn't advocate eating ash the way Saint Francis did in his time, but keep your diet healthy, get a doctor checkup if the system isn't working properly and read articles on nutrition.  That will keep the Virgo in you happy.

One last bit of information, between now and when Neptune goes direct on November 13th, I predict high levels of mercury and radiation found in fish and other sea creatures.  I wouldn't go for the sushi at this time, but then if your intuition says it's fine, go with your gut.  Refrain from eating seaweed now too since seaweed absorbs radiation and heavy metals.  Again, we're going to see articles in the news on this topic.

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Take care of your health, it's your greatest asset.

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