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Too Close to Home--Lunar Eclipse in Aries = Youth Rebellion

I live in a city with the moniker, "City of Subdued Excitement" and true enough, before liquor sales was privatized in Washington State, Bellingham was a relatively tranquil city.  Then last weekend, we felt the first powerful blow of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Aries and the exact Pluto/Uranus Square, all occurring this Friday, October 18, 2013, 4:38 Pacific Standard Time.  Enter the first arrivals of the Pluto in Sagittarius Generation (which I wrote another post, http://wholeastrology.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-horseman-cometh-pluto-in.html) and a group of freshmen obsessed with getting high, drunk and stoned.

I will preface that with not all people of this generation possess this attitude, but those who do, seem insolent, rude, disrespectful and dare I say it, narcissistic.  When the university freshman arrived less than a month ago, I felt trepidation and a bad vibe I couldn't shake.  I tried to rationalize the feeling away, telling myself I have an overactive imagination, but the feeling kept growing stronger each time I rode the bus with young male students whose every other word was gutter-speak (not the type of language you would use around small children, for instance).  They either rip their professors to shreds or discuss the last party they attended or where the next one is.  And I predicted this would happen with this Generation and it's only just begun!  We still have another 13 years of this generation coming of age, and we will need to look at other transits around the time of each of their births to determine future events.

So let's start with the natal chart for Bellingham, Washington.  This city has been through many phases and many annexation and consolidation processes before reaching its incorporation into a city date of July 19, 1904 when four towns came together as one city and a new mayor was elected at that time.  The time I have for the signing of document by the mayor is 12:00 p.m.  This time is not 100 percent accurate, but when you see the Lunar Eclipse transit chart you will see a remarkable story unfold, even if the story began unfolding last Saturday night.

If you would like the natal chart information it is July 19, 1904,  12 p.m. Bellingham, Washington.

Then I ran a transit chart for October 18, 2013, not able to type in a time for this chart.

I am also using an Equal House chart because Bellingham is in the northwest corner of Washington State and I read recently that the Equal House charts work well for northern locations.  You can try other types of house systems if you like, but your argument might be less compelling.

Let's start with the First House where the Lunar Eclipse Sun in Libra opposite Aries Moon in the Seventh House.  Let's call this the youth and identity house because it is naturally ruled by Aries, but here it is ruled by Libra/Venus which actually plays a strong role in Bellingham's identity with ecology, natural beauty, the arts and women leaders who have over the decades given so passionately to this city.

Here, we have the North Node in Scorpio and Saturn in Scorpio transiting.  We can interpret this as authority dealing with a youth problem, but also a problem (I am including articles about the event) that has been hidden from the public (except for people who live in the neighborhoods where student rowdiness occurs).  We see that this event was fated with the North Node and Mercury in Scorpio on the cusps of the Second House prepares to go RX which means we will revisit this problem in a few days time.  Meaning, it's not over yet and solving the problem is going to take the work of psychologists, sociologists and detectives (Scorpio).  This is a deep problem that could cause severe harm to this community.

Venus in Sagittarius transits through the Second House which represents moveable property in this case because the gifts, talents, confidence for an individual isn't going to cut it for a chart of a city.  Venus wants peace, but Venus in Sagittarius could also be searching for instant gratification such as getting drunk or partying, which is the case in this situation.  There was also destruction to police cars, a bus, signage and the environs.

Transiting Pluto which prepares to Square Uranus exact on the day of the eclipse, is in the Third House of communication, and for some reason, I'm seeing this house as representing young people bunking authority. Uranus conjuncts Moon in the 6th House (later the Moon moves on to the 7th House where it eclipses the Sun) and here we have disruption causing emotional upset, especially with people who own homes in the neighborhood where this occurred, older more established people.

Chiron (wounds, addictions, etc) and Neptune transit in Pisces in the 5th House which opposes Mars in Virgo in the 11th House.  So here you have youth getting drunk (Neptune) in large numbers, 300 to 400 according to one newspaper article in the Bellingham Herald and the common sense Virgo doesn't seem to come into play, or maybe she does since many of the university students volunteered to clean up the mess their colleagues made the previous night.

Last but not least, transiting Jupiter crosses Bellingham's MC and here we have the university president and other concerned about the university and city's reputation as they should be given these circumstances. They confess a problem with drugs and alcohol with the students and current laws privatizing the sale of liquor (used to be overseen by the state government), which is also a Tenth House issue.  So here we have a city and university protecting itself from public scrutiny.

Here are two articles:

I also recommend watching the KIRO TV video to get the full impact of these events.  This type of thing does not normally happen in this city, but if this is a wake up call, then we had better take care of business and bring in the necessary healing of wounds that cause this type of behavior.



Seattle Times article

Now for my personal feelings about the youth riot.  I consider myself a permanent resident of Bellingham and I feel deeply upset that this event took place in the Sehome neighborhood where I live just a few blocks from the park where this incident took place.  I hope that we don't see a repeat performance this coming weekend by youth who thumb their noses up at the community.  Like I said earlier this is a good community and usually peaceful.  I also will add that I am not an advocate of parties where people get drunk and high.  I feel turned off by that behavior and prefer sober mature people who care about the community to students who come through and trash the place and then move on.

By the way, I believe that this Lunar Eclipse in Aries 26 degrees is powerful and destructive, involving youth in some way and often rebelling against authority. This is not your average eclipse because we must take into account that Pluto/Uranus square become exact on the same day as the eclipse.  And then to take a look at the rest of the outer planet transits.  We could learn a lot though about healing community during this time, and to stop legalizing situations that lead to intoxication of youth in any town or city.

Note: If you click on the image of the astrology chart, you will get a larger image in a pop-up window.

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