Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Mutables--The Answer My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Another week flew by and I haven't had much time to come up with an idea for a Whole Astrology post.  Then, after two Geminis contacted me this week, I started thinking about those of us with charts populated with planets in mutable signs.  The Mutable Signs (Gemini, Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius) are the only free-flowing energies in the Zodiac.  The leadership Cardinals push ahead and are always pushing and anchoring themselves in secure and safe environments whether that is the corporate headquarters or the home front.  The fixed signs glue themselves to an idea or a couch and refuse to move.  Don't ever expect these folks to change their minds about anything.  They're like donkeys that balk and bray at you. But the Mutable Signs can't stay still, get bored when the proverbial bus stops moving and they don't just stare at the neighbor's lawn (thinking the grass is greener there), they fly over the roofs and head to some other place altogether.  "We're out of here," they shout as their plane heads to Australia or Singapore.

However, each of the four Mutable Signs has their own method of escape.  Gemini with it's quick and clever mind, escapes through mental puzzles, games, reading, writing, communicating or talking for hours on the phone.  They escape into their mind, which is often analytical since it's ruled by Mercury.  They enjoy fascinating people who are knowledgeable in several subjects.  And Geminis can switch from topic to topic, even if everyone else thinks they are riding through a bunch of tangents. Oh, here we go again.

Gemini, Wikipedia
When it comes to writing and communicating, Gemini can get locked in details and they love complexity.  If it were up to them, they would leave out all the description of a story (save that for Taurus or Libra) and just write dialogue, but come on, that gets boring fast too.  On the conversation side, you couldn't find a more flexible person because Geminis see both sides of an argument.  They will agree with you one minute, then head off across the room to agree with a person with an opposite opinion.  And they might gossip about both people to a third party.  Well, we hope not anyway.

Geminis usually have a smooth voice and they are excellent radio or television hosts.  They can get along with just about anyone as long as the conversation remains detached of heavier emotions, so Scorpios need not apply.  Geminis are meticulous with research and can cram a lot of information in their heads for easy retrieval later.  The cardinal sin with Geminis, is not to bore these guys and gals with mundane stuff.  They don't care about the weather unless something extraordinary like a freak storm or a tornado comes through.  Then they're on alert.  If you want to keep a Gemini around, give him or her space and be a good ear because these folks will talk to you until your ears fall off.  You might need to set boundaries too, such as I need to get off the phone now, we have already been talking for 6 hours.

On the upside, the Twins are fun and lighthearted. They are full of information and give good advice.  If something is puzzling you, ask a Gemini to figure it out because they enjoy the challenge.  However, don't dismiss what the Gemini tells you or you will experience one of their darker moods.

Sagittarius, Wikipedia
Opposite of Gemini, is Sagittarius and this is the sign most likely to get on a plane and fly off to the far corners of the earth.  Escape literally requires an up-to-date passport and a sturdy backpack.  While these folks show enthusiasm for just about anything, can philosophize until the wee hours, and seems obsessed with religion and higher learning, they don't tend to stick around.  They make excellent musicians or gypsies because of their love for travel.  They also learn quickly and expand upon that vast knowledge.  Learning languages--piece of cake, getting someone to laugh--it's in their blood.

I wouldn't be surprised to find a Sagittarius with a large world music library or shelves of world cinema DVDs (or books on religion), however, when it comes to lightening to load and heading to a new destination, the Sagittarius might just give these admirable collections away or sell them.  If it doesn't fit into the backpack, it goes the way of the dinosaur and life is too short to stay stuck in one place when the big, big world awaits.  And don't be surprised if these folks marry foreigners or drop everything and study in a monastery.  This is all in the realm of possibilities for a Sagittarius, who might be vulgar or off-color at times, but interesting too.

Virgo, Wikipedia
Virgos are the most stable of the four Mutable Signs because Virgo is an Earth Sign.  Ruled by Mercury, Virgo shares a lot in common with Gemini, except that when Virgo makes up his or her mind, he or she doesn't waver.  He or she might analyze the situation and pick it apart (Virgos love picking things apart as part of their fix-the-world plan).  Similar to Gemini, Virgos make good teachers, but they are less forgiving of mistakes and expect their students to strive for this beautiful ideal called perfection.  And if you want an editor to help you polish a book or an article, hire a triple Virgo.  Sure, Virgo will pick your manuscript apart, but if you listen to his or her advice, you'll end up with a winning manuscript. Just keep your ego in check or Virgo will do that for you.

While Sagittarius needs space to roam, and Gemini needs time to work out puzzles, Virgo has gained a reputation as a hermit and if the Virgo has spiritual leanings, he or she will go off on retreats or retreat within their own home, by shutting the door to their office or bedroom and leaving a sign up that says, "leave me alone."  And I would give Virgo his or his space since these folks are most likely to suffer from nervous exhaustion.  This occurs because they work too hard trying to get everything right and perfect.  Or too many people have literally gotten on their nerves.  Yes, Virgo appears grounded and practical, but Virgo is still ruled by the quicksilver planet Mercury and is wired for change and adaption.  All Mutable Signs are escape artists and Virgo escapes by claiming territory as his or her own or Virgo could escape into service (or martyrdom in some cases).

Pisces, Wikipedia
The fourth Mutable Sign is Pisces escapes in the world of dreams, enchantment, delusions of grandeur or addiction.  These folks live on the razor's edge of sanity and it doesn't take much to push them into insanity and a lifetime in a mental health facility.  Unless, unless, the Pisces has a handle on the spiritual world and focuses that creative and expansive mind on concrete projects like film making, music making, or intuitive life coaching.  A water sign, Pisces goes with the flow and anyone who dams this flow by loading a Pisces' with emotional or other burdens, will suffer consequences.  Pisces won't stick around for long.  Yes, Pisces has a well of compassion and feels for everyone and everything, but the polar opposite of Pisces is practical Virgo and sometimes that shadow comes across in the form of "Do your own dirty laundry, I'm off to Hollywood to win an Oscar."

I remember a description of Pisces Moon by the late Linda Goodman which warned people not to fall for the pity party routine.  Pisces are not weak people.  I repeat, Pisces is not weak so don't be fooled by the vulnerability routine.  The world is also not out to get Pisces.  It's just that this sensitive sign feels everything and resents feeling most of it.  So they escape into a surreal version of our world (think Luis Bunuel, Spanish movie maker or Federico Fellini who was a Capricorn with a Pisces Moon).  And speaking of the Pisces Moon, I still haven't decided if the best description for this Moon is Tinkerbell or Peter Pan.  Pisces is both identities.  If you want someone to sprinkle faerie dust on your brow, go find a Pisces.

I wasn't planning on writing a long post, but there you go.  I have six of my planets in Mutable Signs (two in Virgo, two in Pisces and two in Gemini with four of the six asteroids I follow, in Sagittarius and Pisces). In addition, Neptune and Mercury (Pisces and Virgo/Gemini) are my two most aspected natal planets.  I enjoy writing, but typing on a computer literally gets on my nerves. And as I type, I satisfy my Pisces Moon with music played on my laptop.  My feet however are itching to get out of this chair and go for a walk.  I'm out of here.


  1. So... if you have all the mutable signs, does it mean that you employ all methods of escape? How do the signs work together?

  2. Do you have a Grand Cross of the four mutable signs? Where are your Nodes and what sign are they in? What sign is your AC in?

    If you have planets in Virgo then you can use these planets to create an anchor. Virgo is how we serve and how we use our talents to serve in a constructive way.

    Sagittarius gives us our idealism, enthusiasm, and routes to expansion.

    Pisces brings us security in spiritual practices and pursuits in fine and performing arts or healing if we don't allow the addictions to get us first.

    Gemini provides mental space, curiosity, duality to explore, contrast and comparison, puzzles, problem-solving (along with Virgo) and playfulness.

    So put that all together and what do you end up with?