Sunday, October 27, 2013

Highly recommended book for Pluto Transit Folks

I came across Katrina Kenison's memoir Magical Journey (An Apprenticeship in Contentment) at my local library.  While I haven't completed the book, I recommend this book because of its analogies that relate to a Pluto transit. Granted, this is not an astrology book and I haven't seen any mentions of astrology, but the author, in her fifties describes the Dark Night of the Soul that people in their 40s and 50s experience.

She reflects on Joseph Campbell's hero's journey and she also talks about the fertile void and the wheel of transformation. Here's a quote, "...they align most perfectly with Joseph Campbell's vision of the hero's journey: the call to change or adventure; the hesitation at the door, or threshold; the road of trials and temptations; the abyss or what Campbell calls "the belly of the beast"...followed by revelation, transformation and atonement..."  This sounds like a Pluto transit to me.

The author reflects on her losses, fear of aging, experiencing the empty nest, loss of a job, and that hollow space in between the old life of keeping busy to a new one of contemplation and gravity.  She might as well be describing a Neptune transit too.  She also loses a longtime friend to cancer.

The book is published with Grand Central Publishing, New York.

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