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La Luna Look What You Do to Me--Moon Phases & Signs (Part 1)

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Most people don't think about the cycles of the Moon unless they are practicing wiccans, astrologers, or enjoy gazing up at a full moon. Those born under the sign of Cancer are likely to watch for the Moon's cycles because they feel deeply the energies shifting as the Moon travels through the complete Zodiac each month.  However, in this past week, I have noticed that even in the spiritual community, spiritual teachers pay scant attention to the Moon's phases and this could be to their detriment.

So let's look at every Moon sign in the full, new, waxing crescent and waning crescent phases.  Let's also look at the dark moon since many people feel depressed and have trouble letting go during this phase which last one to two days.  The months I give for the new and full moons are approximate.

In ancient times, women naturally followed the phases of the Moons since these cycles tied into the menstrual cycle as well as fertile and non-fertile times.  But as we have moved away from nature and into the industrial then later the technological age, we have replaced moonlight with artificial lights, and those lights are everywhere affecting our natural rhythms.  Add to that, women don't take a week to reflect each month and to tune into their intuition, mainly because most women feel rushed off their feet keeping up with the stresses of modern times.  So you will find few women who care that the Moon is in Taurus in the waxing crescent phase or in Sagittarius during a dark moon phase.

So here is a short rundown of what to expect for the Moon as it travels through its various phases at different times of the year.  I am not going to talk about eclipses here because I have already written extensively about them, having been born near one (four day shadow), I can attest to the power of eclipses, but we only experiences two sets of eclipses per year and we need to pay attention to the other moon cycles too.

New Moon in Aries (April)--This is when we plant the seeds for new growth and feel like a young child in some way.  We begin to take baby steps towards our goals and we feel a lot of warrior energy welling up inside our hearts.  We just feel courageous, hopeful, and renewed during this New Moon. And it is a fabulous time to plant seeds for the year in more ways than the obvious planting the seeds for summer crops.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aries-- we are seeing our goals or ideals beginning to take shape and we still have much work to do to manifest them.  Our energy grows and we might feel like taking on the world.

Full Moon in Aries (October)--This is when we feel a need to harvest our fruits from the previous cycle.  It's a time when youth might act up or our inner child calls for attention.  We might feel immature during this phase or extremely productive.  People are most likely to stand up and speak their truth during this Moon and some people might shout out for justice.  This is a good time to keep anger in check because people can become explosive during this Full Moon.  Mars energy are the keywords here.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aries--The energy is ebbing and it's time to let go of old hurts and repressed anger. This is a time to purge ourselves of childhood wounds and stop blaming others for our shortcomings.  The person who doesn't take responsibility for themselves during this Moon acts like a victim and ends up feeling depressed.

New Moon in Taurus (May)--This new Moon asks us to plant seeds too, as well as, set our financial goals for the year.  This is a great new moon for manifestation but as always, be careful what you wish for because at this time we seek sensual experiences that we might regret under say a Capricorn Full Moon.

Waxing Crescent in Taurus--Try not to sleep too much during this moon phase as we can become lazy and stubborn when it comes to change.  If all went right during the Taurus New Moon we now see a glimmer of our desire starting to manifest.  This is an excellent time to get resumes together and search for a job that represents the next step in your career.  This is also a good time to keep spending habits in check since we'll want more luxury items or indulge in gourmet or expensive food during this time.  Watch the vino.

Full Moon in Taurus (November)--This is not a time to plant new seeds, but to enjoy the bounty of the harvest.  Full Moons represent a completion stage--reap what you sow.  This falls around the time of the late harvest and in the US, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Again, it is a time of sensual pleasures or just plain bullheadedness.

Waning Crescent Taurus--This could represent a time of regrets from overindulgence or from laziness.  The fruitfulness has been left behind and now we find ourselves in the letting go process-whether that includes letting go of past grievances or letting go of all that stuff we accumulated in the previous Taurus cycle. The main lesson is lighten the burden.

New Moon in Gemini (June)--We just want to talk about our dreams and talk to others about their dreams and ambitions.  After lying around in a hammock, we head to a social gathering and we chat the hours away.  Spring is in full-bloom and so our communication skills.  This is a good time to get in touch with siblings, take a workshop or class, or write in a journal.  Flit around like a butterfly from place to place and absorb all the information you can because you'll need that information later.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Gemini--Apply for a communication job, write an article for a magazine or newspaper, become a volunteer or professional radio host, or just tune into a variety of radio stations at this time.  We want information and we want it quick.  We grow impatient with slow downloads to webpages and videos, and we want variety. This is a good time to attend public meetings, give lectures, teach classes, and do all those Gemini things you have always wanted to do, but didn't think you could.  Everyone seems interesting or on contrast everyone seems boring.  It all depends on perspective and under Gemini we find that we have dual perspectives.

Full Moon in Gemini (November)--By this phase, you publish the article you wrote in either the new or crescent moon phases, you teach that lecture you have worked on for several months and you bring any communications project to fruition.  This is a perfect time to attend or present at a conference or seminar, provided Mercury isn't in retrograde.  It is also a good time for travel or taking a retreat and sinking into silence.  But the silent retreat works better under the waning crescent Gemini Moon.

Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini--Go on a retreat or go in a room alone and shut the door, then remain in silence so you can digest all the information you collected during the previous Gemini Moon cycle.  We don't feel sociable during this time and the darker side of Gemini comes out, that is if it hasn't locked himself away in a closet.

New Moon in Cancer (July)--Go to the beach and make sure that you are getting the proper nourishment.  If you are a mother, make sure your family is getting the proper nourishment.  We feel vulnerable during this time to the rays of the summer sun and the foods we eat.  But overall, this is an optimistic time where we can learn and practice self-love and self-nurturing.  We could feel sentimental and nostalgic, get interested in history and hang out in antique shops.  Our eyes feel dewy and no, it's not just because you have hay fever.  People just feel overly sensitive during this time and might suffer stomach upset.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Cancer--Now we feel pregnant with possibilities and we watch ourselves grow in a myriad of ways as we nurture ourselves, others and our dreams.  This is the phase in pregnancy (symbolic) where the baby bump appears and we realize there's a pregnancy.  This is where we cross the bridge to a place of no-return and even leave the past behind.  We feel emotional, sensitive and we need to watch what we eat or we could upset our stomach.  Our breasts might even feel tender, the more so during the Full Moon in Cancer.

Full Moon in Cancer (December)--It's odd that the Full Moon in Cancer falls during our most sentimental time of the year, during the religious holidays.  During this time, we give and receive gifts while placing too much meaning into the gifts, which in some cases cause us to feel grumpy or disappointed.  This is because we feel extremely vulnerable and want others to truly get who we are.  When they don't, we feel wounded and we crawl into our shells.  People eat too much and drink too much during this time because of overwrought emotions.  But we can also feel deeply loved and appreciated during this time because we are all so gushy with sentiment and recalling old memories of when we were children.  And don't be surprised if someone brings out a sentimental movie such as "It's a Wonderful Life" on this Full Moon.  Stop me now.

Waning Crescent Moon in Cancer--Talk about dark moods!  Oh, we feel everything so deeply that we feel like a hammer is pounding our hearts.  The world is full of such misery and look at all those poor children going hungry, we lament. And true enough, the world does feel like a burden during this moon phase, mainly because we are moving to the dark moon in the Moon's home sign.  But it will pass and soon you'll be dancing in clover again.

New Moon in Leo (August)--Okay, here I have an image of a child winning a spelling bee and all the other children rallying around their little hero.  This is a Moon where we open our hearts wide and courageously practice compassion.  We feel grandiose and life feels so full with potential.  In the northern hemisphere summer is at its peak, the weather is hot and so are tempers.  We want to see color, lots of color and dance, hear music, sing, or act in a play.  Whatever we do, we want others to notice us.  The downside, people are also over dramatic during this New Moon and this can get out of hand.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo--Now, I have an image of a primadonna rehearsing for an upcoming performance.  She's upset about her costume and all the details of the performance get on her nerves.  On other hand, this is a time of rehearsing, preparing, and shining one's light in the world.  We want color and the dazzle of big lights and we remember Shakespeare's words that all the world is a stage and we refuse to only stay up on stage for our limited 15 minutes of Warhol fame.  No, we want the entire world to notice us.  This is a time to recognize our gifts because if we don't, no one else will.

Full Moon in Leo (January)--With the holidays behind us and our lives falling into the doldrums, we need to find our heart center during this full moon.  Go to a play or a musical performance or better yet, volunteer at an arts organization or as a performing artist.  Join a choir and audition for a soloist part.  This isn't a time of receiving attention, but a time of giving attention to others and of letting go of the need to be the center of attention. Check your ego at the door.

Waning Crescent Moon in Leo--Since Leo rules the Sun, and represents our center, we could feel depressed when the Leo Moon is waning.  This is when we accept our shortcomings and work on improving our image.  We made need to let go of grandiose dreams and take the next steps towards self-improvement.  Many people could feel like the party has ended and they don't want to go home.

New Moon in Virgo (September)--As we approach the harvest (Full Moon in Pisces), we assess the previous steps we made in the cycle.  We are more critical than usual and more analytical as we buckle down and come up with new ways to solve old problems.  This is a serious and fussy new moon where we might hear a lot of complaints and regrets.  But we can also use this time to communicate our dreams (Pisces) and take in a movie or music concert.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Virgo--I have an image of a servant sewing a dress on one of those old fashion Singers sewing machines. She's pulling out the seams and starting over again.  Meanwhile, the clock ticks and a customer waits in the wings for her dress.  This moon phase feels fussy stressful, like there is miscommunication going on, and a Neptune fog blowing in and we just want to get whatever we are doing right so we don't have to return to it later.  We need to get it right or else.

Full Moon in Virgo (March)--This Full Moon takes place as winter (or summer) comes to a close and the next season glimmers on the horizon.  Since Virgos tend to suffer from nerve problems from too much stress, I advise everyone to take it easy during this Full Moon and allow yourself to dream, take in a movie or sing with your favorite recordings.  Prepare for the changes ahead by clearing out the old.

Waning Crescent Moon in Virgo--This is another time people feel depressed or possibly disappointed in themselves or others. Were their expectations too high? Did we expect to accomplish too much? Practice patience and let go of all those should haves and would have regrets.  Clear the way for new things and people to enter and stop criticizing everything.  It's as my friend says, "It's all good." Of course, she's a Libra and for her, it is all good.  As it should be.

The Dark Moon phase for any Sign represents a time where everything seems hidden from us.  We could feel empty, tired, or depressed. This is a good time to rest and wait for the New Moon to appear.

(I will cover the next 6 Moons next week).

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