Thursday, October 31, 2013

Health Alert-Mercury-Mars Mutual Receptivity & Saturn in Scorpio

I thought I was going to get a break from astrology today, but this morning I woke up thinking that Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio are in each others' signs, which is called mutual receptivity.  Since Mar's traditional ruler is Scorpio and Virgo whose natural ruler is Mercury, we experience mutual receptivity.  And astrologers love seeing this in transits and in charts.  This type of thing makes us salivate and drool on ourselves because we get to talk really fast when explaining this exciting event to our clients.

However, right now this mutual receptivity brings us a health warning and the change of seasons (fall or spring) doesn't help matters with dampness, freakish weather and changes in the air.  If you are already feeling exhausted or rundown make sure you get enough sleep, drink plenty of purified water and herbal teas that boost the immune system, and stay clear of sugar and caffeine (green tea is an exception since it boost the immune system and a little dark chocolate won't hurt).

With the Scorpio stellium that includes the Solar Eclipse, the Scorpio parts of the body (sex organs, colon) could experience minor infections, including yeast, intestinal flu and bladder infections.  With Saturn involved some of use will experience sinus infections and extra congestion or some kind of constriction while the Mercury RX in Scorpio could bring sore throats and upper respiratory infections. Food poisoning and flu are also possibilities which is why taking care of your health is crucial during this time.

If you experience high fevers, stomach or digestive problems that last more than 24 to 48 hours or any extreme symptoms see a doctor.  While I don't give medical advice here, just information, I do feel that taking herbal remedies and supplements brings a boost now. Since Scorpio is opposite Taurus, an Earth Sign, we ground ourselves when we use plant-based remedies and we experience how powerful the earth's medicines are for healing an illness or preventing it from occurring in the first place.

TIPS: I highly recommend tinctures made from medicinal mushrooms, elderberry, echinacea, and oregano oil as well as, cooking with more ginger, garlic and tumeric.  Make a broth with onions, garlic, oregano, parsley or cilantro, mushrooms and other immune boosters and drink this throughout the day.  Miso soup is another excellent option. Eat super foods such as kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes (salmon color variety), squash, gogi and other berries as well as, warming spices.  If you are around sick people, use a nose spray with xylitol, oregano oil, sea salt or a colloidal silver nose spray.  Some people use the throat spray.  Also try the five thieves essential oils (eucalyptus, lemon, cinnamon, clove and rosemary) which you use three to four drops of each oil which you add purified oil and pour into a glass spray bottle (6 oz).  Spray this around the room or spray it over your head and breathe the mist in.  It works!

It is also important to keep the blood circulating now so get some light exercise such as walking, jogging for a short while or riding a bicycle.  Do some type of outdoor activity to breathe clean air into the lungs.  Studies have shown that indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air. Of course this depends on whether or not you live near a refinery or pollution source and whether or not you live in a "green" building or home, but on the average indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air.

Saturn asks us to practice discipline in the area of health and Mercury asks us to discern when it is in Scorpio and use some common sense.  Also look at the houses where the stellium and Virgo in Mars fall in your natal chart and any planets they might aspect with the transit.  Look out especially for planets in the First and the Sixth houses since these houses represent the body, health and daily routine. Also look at the Scorpio House, Eighth because health problems that had been hidden before could surface now and this might involve getting a physical with a medical doctor.  If you have experienced digestive problems in the lower tract it wouldn't be a bad idea to get an examination for the colon. It's also not a bad time to get checked for venereal diseases if they are suspect since this also falls under Scorpio.

I'm not writing this post to scare anyone even though it is Halloween, but to bring your attention away from your mind and back into your body.  As the seasons change it is easy to feel scattered, overworked and lose our center.  So pay attention to your body now, but don't obsess (Scorpio and Virgo).  Find ways to ground yourself and take care of your body.  It is the only home you have as you walk upon Mother Earth.

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