Friday, October 25, 2013

Moon = Nourishment--12 Styles of Self-Nurturing

One of the biggest messages coming from spiritual teachers presently is to honor ourselves through self-love (Venus) and self-nurturing (Moon).  And for each of us that comes in different ways.  For instance someone with an Aries Moon will nurture themselves differently than a comfort-craving Taurus Moon or a security conscious Cancer Moon who needs to feel at home.  So let's look at the Moon house placement and sign on the Zodiac road to self-nurturing.

Aries or First House Moon--This fiery moon can easily burn itself out with its need to rescue others and its need to be right.  Throwing tantrums and picking battles leads to over exhaustion, head aches, sinus infections, and upper respiratory infections, not to mention fevers.

Self-nurturing for Aries is to spend time alone, hiking, biking, or doing something athletic that brings out that warrior spirit in a positive way.  Stay away from spicy foods (or in some cases, eat spicy food), listen to calming music to cool down, and if you feel a cold coming on, spend some quality time in deep sleep.  Rest is not a 4-letter word and no one will think less of you, if you retreat once in a while to replenish your fuel.

Dietary: Stay clear of fried, salty foods, stay away from stimulants such as refined sugar and caffeine, too much spicy foods (could cause heartburn or rash moods), and if you must eat meat go for small portions of free range organic fed animals that are treated ethically.   Energy drinks for you are on the no-no list so stay clear of them.

Taurus or Second House Moon--When life gets tough, these moon folks go shopping, but cheap goods don't interest them.  Give yourself scented oils, silks, soft material, wood, and gourmet food. Other ways to nurture yourself include getting a massage, go to a spa (get the works), or if you don't have the money to do this, take a hot bath in Epsom salt and your favorite essential oil then eat something creamy like macaroni and cheese (homemade variety).

Since Taurus Moon tends towards lazy and indulgent, take a yoga class, get a bicycle and ride it everyday even for a short distance.  Take a walk in a beautiful setting around gardens or a forest, or better yet get your hands dirty in the soil with gardening. Cook a meal for yourself and friends which you harvested from your garden.  And remember you can also release stress and honor yourself by speaking your truth.

Dietary: Eat heavier creamy foods in moderation, if at all. Since dairy products and tofu can cause congestion, eliminate dairy and replace the tofu with tempe which is drier and less congesting.  Drink plenty of water since your digestion could be on the sluggish side, and make sure you get enough fiber in your diet from whole grains, vegetables and fruit.  If you suffer from sore throats try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or some people suggests a teaspoon of honey.  Do not give honey to infants or toddlers.

Gemini or Third House Moon--With this Moon there is usually too much information to digest and this leads to fatigue.  This moon wants to talk about thoughts and feelings, but sometimes talk therapy leads to more doubts and worries or nervous exhaustion.  Turn off the radio, television and computer and put the newspapers away.  Take Julia Cameron's Artist's Way advice and do a news fast (where you don't read, watch or listen to the news for a week).  I know it's hard for you to sit still, but try a 5 minute meditation in the morning and before you go to sleep. Then stretch it to 10 minutes, 15, 20 and so on.

Since Gemini is dualistic, this moon also nurtures itself through communication with others.  A short phone conversation, joining an internet group with like-minded interests or teaching others what he or she has learned are also nurturing for this messenger moon.  This is not a feeling but a thinking moon, but if the moon thinks too much it leads to insomnia and other problems.  Burn off extra energy by taking a walk, going for a bicycle ride, or taking a bus on a short distance trip.  Taking a class might burn off energy too or deplete it, so use discernment and ask yourself, do you really want to take the class?

Dietary: And this goes for all mutable signs, eliminate gluten, dairy (goat or sheep dairy might be okay), sugars, caffeine and other stimulants. You're already wired with nervous energy so eat heavier foods that are calming to your system, drink plenty of water, stay clear of energy drinks (sugar and caffeine), and if you must drink beer or wine, limit yourself to one glass, if at all.  Make sure you move after eating such as going for a walk.   This helps with digestion.

Cancer or Fourth House Moon--This moon feels nurtured when it is close to home and home represents a safe, secure and loving environment.  Since this moon has mothering instincts and is often mothering or smothering others while sacrificing itself, retreat to a beach or natural setting near water by yourself and breathe it all in.  Eat healthy and lighter food rather than stuff emotions and food into your stomach (not nurturing).

Buy house plants to nurture, get a pet or tend to a garden.  Take a moon bath on the full moon, light a candle and meditate, listen to your favorite music and get lost in nostalgia (but not for too long), take a hot bath in sea salt and lavender or other favorite scents.  Many Cancer Moon folks enjoy spending time near the water, (swimming, boating or even taking a ferry ride).  Cancer Moon folks also enjoy photography, cooking, and learning about history.  This moon also nurtures itself by visiting antique shops and quaint small towns.

Dietary: Cancer Moons, you suffer from congestion in lungs, throat and sinuses so stay clear of damp foods if possible, limit in take of dairy, opting for goat or sheep milk products, yogurt is best.  Make sure you get enough minerals such as calcium, magnesium, in your diet, and don't forget to take Vitamin D supplements.  This also goes for Capricorn Moon.  Refrain from eating spicy foods since these can upset your sensitive stomach and never eat when you're upset because this leads to digestion problems. Bless your food so that you know that it's safe since Cancerians worry about the quality and safety of food.  Get plenty of vegetables, including sea vegetables in your diet, but go easy on the salt because it causes water retention.

Like all water signs, limit any alcohol consumption to one glass of wine or beer, if you are unable to refrain.  Pisces Moon is advised to completely refrain from alcoholic beverages.

Leo or Fifth House Moon--All the world's a stage, but sometimes we get burnt out on too much drama.  This moon nurtures itself when it feels loved and special, but the best place to start is to love yourself. Forget what other people think, just love yourself, be the king or queen in your life, but don't become a narcissist in the process. Do what you love doing whether that's acting, drawing, or some other creative pursuit and open your heart to the flow of love between yourself and others.

Leo Moons nurture themselves by getting their hair styled, buying chic or dramatic clothing, and dressing to the nines.  These Moons love attending the symphony, musical theater or even better, dressing up to attend the an opening of an opera.  Leo Moons also nurture themselves by bestowing generosity on others, not to stroke their egos but to flow love from their hearts.  A happy Leo Moon is a warm and radiate one.

Dietary: Just go easy on the food or watch your belly and waistline increase in size. If you don't want to resemble Henry VIII, then watch your food intake because you will indulge to impress upon your friends and colleagues.  Spicy foods might not agree with you, but can be eaten in moderation, just don't let it go to your head.  Eat heart-healthy foods such as garlic, olive oil, fresh herbs, vegetables and a little salmon goes a long way, make sure that it is not farm salmon.

Virgo or Sixth House Moon--Out of all the moons, this one works the hardest always trying to solve problems and perfect what it touches.  When this moon suffers from burn out it becomes a hypochondriac or a clean freak on a rampage.  When this happens Virgo Moon, retreat into your space, close the door and regroup.  Time for some quiet time so go on a spiritual retreat or camping alone.

Some Virgo Moons use their quiet time to fix household gadgets, get caught up on the latest information for their trade or they just cuddle up with a favorite novel and hopefully they don't find any typos or misinformation in the novel, which will drive Virgo Moon crazy.

Dietary: I feel reluctant to give Virgo Moon advice since they are the nutritionist moon in the Zodiac and they can go overboard leading to food phobias, obsessions, and an overall negative dining experience.  However, Virgo Moon refrain from sugar and stimulants such as caffeine which turn you into a nervous bird.  Similar to your polar opposite Pisces Moon, refrain from consuming alcohol and make sure you get enough fiber in your diet. Bless and love your food.   I would also suggest with all Mutable Moons, get checked for celiac disease and food allergies if you suffer from fatigue, nervous tension, headaches or digestion problems.  Consume gentle detoxing herbs on a regular basis.

Libra or Seventh House Moon--Believe it or not Libra Moon, the best partnership you can have is with yourself.  When you are off balance you throw the world out of sync then you get frustrated and blame others for your stress.  Gossiping might feel relaxing, but it's unconscious behavior and harmful to others.  Hanging out at dinner parties in idle chatter is also not self-honoring.

Libra Moons need a self-improvement program or to beautify their home.  Go to the salon and get a new hairstyle, go buy something elegant to wear that makes you feel like a million bucks or visit an art gallery or beautiful setting.  What you need is a sense of order, balance and refinement as well as, to take responsibility for your own thoughts, actions and feelings.  Learn to love yourself and be your own best friend.

Dietary: The advice I'm receiving for Libra Moon is take care of your kidneys.  Drink plenty of water (purified), refrain from alcohol except you can drink a glass of wine or beer with food.  In order to keep your moods balanced, stay clear of sugar and caffeine. Stick to lighter foods and eat plenty of water soluble vegetables and small amounts of fruit.  Once in a while you can eat heavier foods, but don't make this a habit.  The heavier foods are good for grounding your energy and emotions. Get regular checkups for diabetes or blood sugar imbalance.

Scorpio or Eighth House Moon--Scorpio Moon needs a good mystery to solve or something constructive to place their focus, besides all the darkness in the world.  Get involved with the lighter side of metaphysics, get a massage, practice kundalini yoga and or delve into shamanism or another spiritual path.  Forgiving others is self-nurturing as is helping out a friend.

Allow yourself to take life in and feel your emotions deeply without judgement.  Go deep with another person that you trust and as always with Scorpio, sex is relaxing and nurturing provided that it is safe sex and not with someone who will betray you.

Dietary: Since you are a water sign moon, refrain from consuming alcohol or consume small amounts.  Make sure you keep your colon and elimination healthy or you could end up with a health crisis down the line.  Too much salt and fried foods are not your friends, and you need plenty of fiber in your diet from vegetables (with skin), fruit (with skin), and whole grains.  You are okay with dairy, but get checked for lactose intolerance and dairy allergies first.  Digestion could be a problem so rule out celiac disease or give up gluten all together and you will see marked improvement with digestion.  Eat an alkaline diet (animal products, caffeine, chocolate, and fruits are considered acidic so eat sparingly).   Investigate the ingredients in your foods or cook from scratch. Watch out for food poisoning because you are prone to it.

Sagittarius or Ninth House Moon--Somewhere over the rainbow, far away and out of sight, is where Sagittarius Moon finds nurturing.  This moon needs adventure because boredom stresses it out.  Go on a camping trip, travel to a foreign country, learn a new language or engage in spiritual education.  This Moon also feels nurtured listening to world music, field recordings and watching foreign language movies.

Better yet, engage in a philosophical conversation or study the ancient philosophers or read the Coptic Gospels and draw your own conclusions.  This is another athletic moon so go out for a run, a walk or a bike ride, take the dogs for a long walk.  Since the Moon represents emotion don't overeat or over indulge in alcohol since these are not nurturing activities for the Sagittarius Moon.

Dietary: Moderation is the key for you Sagittarius Moon with food and drink.  You are the most likely Moon to gain weight quickly and have trouble taking it off.  You are also most likely to overindulge and pay the price later.  Take good care of your liver by drinking detoxing herbs, get fiber in your diet, and again, eat foods in moderation.  Also drink plenty of water since you tend to dehydrate and your liver is often full of toxins you need to flush out.  I laugh when I use the word "moderation" because you'll need to look up this word in the dictionary. It's not in your vocabulary.

Capricorn or Tenth House Moon--More than any other moon, this one needs to feel like he or she is somebody important.  Capricorn Moon people work too hard (similar to Virgo Moon), only this moon isn't out to perfect or fix the world, it just wants to get rich.  One side of this moon is masochistic and self-denying and that includes food, water, and rest.  Their bones and muscles begin to ache, the skin breaks out and this moon feels cranky.  Time out.

Take a vacation from work and unburden yourself with a massage (yes, spend the money on a massage), take are of your skin even if you end up buying spendy skin products.  Stop worrying about what other people think about you and respect and love yourself.  You want to be a leader? Then lead by example and show the world what self-love can achieve.  One woman recently summed it up, "If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will."  Remember this advice Capricorn Moon and make sure you eat enough to keep flesh on your bones, drink plenty of purified water and sleep 8 hours a night.

Dietary: Capricorn Moon you need to keep your bones, teeth, skin and hair healthy by making sure you get enough minerals such as calcium and magnesium preferably through food sources such as green vegetables or Alaskan salmon with the bones (Trader Joe's sells this in a can).  Calcium from a dairy source is not recommended, but something like Green Vitamins and Minerals (I can't recall the brand) is perfect.  Drink plenty of water because you forget when you work too hard. Get up and move after eating  a meal.  You could eat raw foods once in a while to give your body a rest, preferably during the hotter months.  You can eat meat, but choose small portions of free-range animals raised on organic feed.  Eat meat sparingly.  And if you're vegetarian or vegan make sure you get enough protein in your diet or you could become anemic.

Aquarius or Eleventh House Moon--The latest gadget or social network grabs the Aquarius Moon folks.  This moon overextends itself by getting involved in humanitarian efforts, donating time, money and resources to saving the planet.  These aren't bad goals, but self-sacrifice is old news.  Since Aquarius Moon can suffer from nervous exhaustion or feelings of isolation (no one understands me), this moon needs to hang out with one person at a time to regain balance.  After all the world is a big place and focusing on its entirety can leave anyone feeling overly detached.

Feeling overly defensive or self-righteous? Time to see humanity in its reality and practice self-acceptance.  Do the mirror exercise where you see your projections reflected in others and take responsibility for your part. Spend some time alone inventing something new or innovating something old.  And do what you love doing and stop thinking you have to save the world. That's just your ego talking (Sonia Choquette's words).

Dietary: I'm drawing blank with the Aquarius Moon because it's more than likely to follow an eccentric diet that wouldn't work for the other 11 moons, but works well for them.  So I'll just leave Aquarius Moons to follow their own internal and wise guidance.  But stay away from GMO foods. You might find the science intriguing, but the food is bad for you and everyone else.   You'll also be the first to try the new herbal supplements on the market or jump on the latest food trend, that is if you don't start it yourself.

Pisces or Twelfth House Moon--Ah, Pisces Moon, I know you too well. This dreamy and sensitive moon needs time alone, time out, and time to get lost in dreams.  Self-nurturing involves watching a movie, getting lost in music, dancing or taking a dance class, watching movies about dancers or dancing, playing music, writing songs, photography, or soaking in a hot and salty bath.  When this moon is creating it is at its nurturing best and it doesn't matter what it's creating as long as it isn't melodrama or delusional thoughts.

Stay clear of all intoxicants and meditate or practice yoga instead.  Want to connect with the Divine, then sing kirtan or other sacred chants.  Spend time in nature, nurture animals or your best friend, but don't play the role of victim or martyr. Compose a symphony or write a play instead.  And don't forget to drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

Dietary: See the advice for Cancer and Scorpio Moons since most of that applies to you too.  Most of all you need to build your blood with blood-building foods such as beets, some fish and meat (sparingly and free-range, and important to you, ethically-raised).  You have a tendency towards anemia, so make sure you eat enough greens and foods with iron. If you can tolerate wheat products, wheat has high iron content. Dairy doesn't work for you, best to eliminate it.  You can handle salt, but if you suffer from water retention, cut back on salt.  Seaweed is probably a better option because it gives you salt and iodine.  Refrain from drinking alcohol (Pisces Moon is the most susceptible to alcoholism).  Remember to drink plenty of purified water, get checked for food allergies and celiac disease if you suffer from digestive problems and fatigue.  Eliminate refined sugar and all caffeine from your diet.  The occasional dark chocolate is fine.


  1. Loved this! And great to have my intuition confirmed as far a my diet is concerned. 12th house Leo Moon.

  2. Leo Moon in the 12th House, that's a challenging placement for a Leo Moon. I would advise you to keep a healthy circulation system, make sure you get enough iron in your diet and eat heart-healthy foods. Pisces represents the circulatory system and is the ruler of the 12th House and Leo rules the heart.

    If you experience circulation problems, see a medical professional.

  3. I´m a Virgo Moon in the first house. And yes, I suffer from sinus and allergies. I also have Mercury in the 6th House, which I heard, also helps to that kind of reactions. Very interesting.

  4. Most definitely yes. Your main challenge is to live in a healthy environment free of dust, mold, second-hand smoke, chemicals, and anything else that could set off allergies or sensitivities. You may or may not be allergic to animals. Since you have this huge Mercury theme going on with the Virgo Moon in the First House (body) and Mercury itself in the 6th House, natural ruler Virgo, your lungs and sinuses are extremely sensitive.

    However, most of this can be handled by setting up a healthy work and living environments. And some types of energy medicine or perhaps talk therapies or hypnosis could alleviate the allergies if not heal them altogether. You might also look into Emotional Freedom Technique tapping since your mind (with Mercury so strong here) is a powerful player in your healing quest.

  5. So interesting. Thank you!
    When I was a child I got dizzy when I travelled in a car. It still happens to me now, but much less, only when the road is winding. I never found a reason. I started to think recently that my Pluto and Saturn (Saturn trine with the Moon) in the 3rd house (trips) could have to do with it.
    It´s amazing how things like that can be found in a natal chart.

  6. Hi Lucas, I have that problem too and for me it's caused by eye and ear problems. Have you had your ears checked for vertigo or your eyes checked for tracking?

    I used to actually get motion sickness in the car and part of that was a trust issue with the drivers.

    If you have a challenging aspect between planets in the third and the six houses that might explain it too, depending on the planets. Mars represents cars and I believe Mercury represents short distance travel.

  7. I haven´t had my ears or eyes checked. Maybe I should!

    I told you that about the 3rd house because I´ve already read something about getting dizzy on the road, and it was linked to "fear to death".
    I ´m not an expert, and that was a random lecture, but I remembered it when I started to get fond of astrology, and I saw those "hard" planets in my natal chart, such as Pluto and Saturn (in Scorpio) in the house of trips.

    I don´t have challenging aspects between my 3rd and 6th house. I do have that tough square, that I told you about, between saturn and my Sun (7th), and my AC (Leo). But the other aspects are allegedly benign. Saturn trine Venus and Mars in the 7th, trine the Moon in the 1st, and Pluto also trine with Venus.

    Great Blog!

  8. Astrology transits can only take us so far, we still need to stay proactive in our lives to deal with health issues. For anyone suffering from motion sickness, I recommend getting the eyes checked for tracking and the ears checked for vertigo.

    For instance, I have both vertigo caused by my ears and my eyes don't track correctly, one tracks lower than the other. So I have trouble reading at times, suffer from motion sickness if I'm looking away from the window and downward and have a heck of a time walking over
    bridges and overpasses because I feel dizzy.

    I don't see anywhere in my natal chart that I would have these problems except that I have many aspects to Mercury and Neptune in my chart, but I certainly don't leave it up to astrology to solve these issues. If I had the funds I would try eye therapy and energy healing.