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La Luna Shine Your Light on Me--Phases of the Moon (Part 2)

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Shall we continue with the phases of the Moon? I will even add the types of activities that go best with the remaining Moons (Libra through Pisces).  I'm ending with my sweet Pisces Moon, not because she's super special or anything, but because Pisces ends the Zodiac.

New Moon in Libra (October)--This Moon asks us to look at the areas of our life that are out of balance and to come up with ways to bring more balance into our lives in the area of partnership and agreements in particular.  This New Moon also ushers in a cycle of beauty, grace and diplomacy.  Throw a dinner party or start a new beauty routine or decorate your home with this New Moon or the waxing crescent moon in Libra.  If you own a beauty salon or a spa, start an ad campaign on this New Moon and by the Full Moon in Libra six months later, you should see results of your efforts.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Libra--Keep doing the Libra theme things you started with the New Moon in Libra.  Although you probably won't remember since a few months have passed by so think beauty, grace, and diplomacy.  Think Paris and France's liberty, equality, and pursuit of yummy croissants.  This is also a good time to start a new beauty routine, try a new lotion or facial or hair product, get your hair styled or buy a new outfit. Entertain dinner guest or take a loved one out for fine dining.  People are feeling pretty good during this moon phase.  Just don't bring in anything heavy into conversations. This is a time of light chatter and chatting.  Avoid gossip however.

Full Moon in Libra (April)--Full Moons are always a time of completion and then the energy wanes over the next phases until we return to the New Moon of that sign.  With that in mind, reassess the previous 12 months of Libra Moons and see how your new routine or goals are playing out.  This is also a time when people are wanting to come off as nice even if they feel aggression underneath.  Remember with a Full Moon we experience the polar opposite with the Sun's position.  So people could feel unbalanced during this Moon or they might not feel like dealing with repressed anger.

Waning Crescent Moon in Libra--We could feel dissatisfied with our surroundings now, find them unappealing and even ugly.  Life feels heavy and people act rudely and even crudely.  The charm and grace that was present during the New, waxing crescent and Full Moon has been replaced by drudgery.  People hide behind tight smiles while grunting at you to have a nice day.

New Moon in Scorpio (November)--This is a good time to start psychological therapy or dream interpretation as well as, a good time to do past life regression and hypnosis work, through the different phases of Scorpio moons. Start an investigation, but watch for paranoid thinking.  You can focus on tasks with details now or plant the seeds towards following a lifelong passion.  I imagine sex is good during this moon too, but watch out for darker emotions surfacing or reflections of death.  Remember Scorpio rules Pluto and traditionally Mars too, so the energy is a shade darker than other moons.  Scorpio Moons are great for shamanic work, especially soul retrievals.

(This year on November 3, we will experience the Scorpio New Moon at 11 degrees as she eclipses the Sun.  I will write about this Solar Eclipse in an upcoming post).

Waxing Crescent Moon in Scorpio--The intensity we discovered and explored during the New Moon in Scorpio grows.  We uncover other people's motives and intentions during this time or we focus on a project so intensely that other people completely fall off our radar.  This is an excellent time for behind the scenes work. Detectives could hit the target and lawyers are at their rabid best (just joking about the rabid part).  This is a good time for psychological plumbing and people want to dress in black and look scary.  Though this is more obvious during the Full Moon in Scorpio where death and taxes are on people's minds.

Full Moon in Scorpio (May)--Who wants to think Halloween thoughts in May? Yet, even darkness comes to this sunny and hopeful month.  Oddly, my grandmother passed away in May when the Sun was in Taurus and this had me thinking back then about death, inheritance, and history during that sunny month.  I even wrote a long poem about it to commemorate my grandmother's long life (she lived to 107).

During this Full Moon, it is time to bury anything that no longer serves us or has outworn it's life.  It is time to forgive.  Yes, Scorpio, I'm talking to you.  Bury those vengeful and hateful thoughts and bury them deep into the ground where they can dissolve into ash.  This Full Moon is about disintegration of the old, it is about decay and cleaning out mold from our houses and even cleansing candida and other parasites from our bodies, though the cleansing works better during the waning crescent phase.  So do some spring cleaning and let the sunshine in.

Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio--Time for deep housecleaning and de-toxing of the mind, body, and spirit.  Revisit past lives and re-script or just release those lifetime themes and patterns.  Do psychological healing work and pay attention to dreams.  Who or what do you need to remove from your life? Go on a candida diet and pay attention to your elimination system.  And practice forgiveness while rising like the phoenix or the dove of peace.

New Moon in Sagittarius (December)--People are feeling expansive and generous during this time, but they also want to indulge in food and drink.  This is a pie-in-the-sky new moon where anything and everything is possible.  Motivational speakers could get a lot from this Moon so schedule talks and events on this New Moon.  Connect with foreigners, start learning a foreign language, and listen to global music or watch a movie from another country in another language.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Sagittarius--Enthusiasm builds and we want to travel somewhere exotic or take a class from a higher education institution.  We might engage in a philosophical debate and there is no danger of hard feelings.  People are biting and sarcastic now and life is seen as parody.  We could hear too many vulgar jokes or deal with crude people now and wonder why the younger generations lack manners.

Full Moon in Sagittarius (June)--This Moon ushers in the end of spring and we see glimmers of summer, and holidays, and hanging out with friends and talking into the wee hours of the night. We experience or could experience long-distance travel..  School is out for the summer and we hardly want to pursue anything educational during this time, but we might overindulge at graduation parties.  Kids are antsy for school to let out and some people are dreaming about surfing the big wave or climbing a big rock. Adventure is on the mind and life feels like fat old Jupiter dropped in bearing gifts.  Do you feel lucky?

Waning Crescent Moon in Sagittarius--The party has ended, everyone is hungover or wondering about their next diet plan to lose all the weight they recently gained.  This is a Moon of buyer's remorse and though it is in Sagittarius, no one is feeling like the life of the party.  It's time to get on with real life.  And along comes the Capricorn Moon.

New Moon in Capricorn (January)--The holiday season is behind us now, and it's time to pay taxes, collect unemployment (seasonal workers), and get those new resumes in order.  This is a time of reassessment of the previous year, balance the budget, plan ahead, and work hard.  This is a time of cutting expenses, cutting back and we feel constricted in some way.  Plus in the northern hemisphere the cold and gray weather feels oppressive and we feel like we have nothing to look forward to until Valentine's Day.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Capricorn--Now that our taxes are behind us, we turn our attention to business goals, but we could also find a motivational coach to help us reach our goals.  Some of us search for jobs during this moon and we could make a good impression if we wear darker shades of clothing to the interview and emphasize our strengths.  This is a time to show maturity and a sense of responsibility because Saturn likes those qualities and so do the bosses who are hiring at this time.  And most important, watch your posture. You're slouching again.

Full Moon in Capricorn (July)--Thank God, this moon happens during the prime of summer because it is so heavy--like a a soldier wearing heavy boots stomping on our backs. This is an S & M type moon where people act masochistic and bang their heads with should haves and could haves and they question why they didn't do this or that.  This is a time when we need to make peace with authority figures, especially our parents.  And some our poorest work habits hail from our relationship with our parents.

Waning Crescent Moon in Capricorn--Don't like your job? Now, is a good time to leave it and find something more suited to your taste. So brush off the suit, practice your interview skills, and tighten the belt until you land your next job.  Actually, it's best to have lined a job up first before quitting the one that drives you crazy.  Don't you just love Saturn?

New Moon in Aquarius (February)--I often wondered why Valentine's Day, a sentimental day of hearts, strings, silk, and chocolate falls in Aquarius instead of gushy Pisces (who just loves hearts and flowers).  Perhaps, we need the Aquarius detachment to protect us from falling for Mister or Missus wrong again.  And if your Valentine's beau happens to forget to buy you a card or chocolate, forgive him..  Aquarius is known as the absentminded professor and he forgets to pick up the chocolate on the way home from the lab where he's just invented a device that will change the course of humanity.  All jokes aside, this is a detached and innovative moon, hardly romantic, and that's a good thing.  Solar panels are more important to the planet than a poem that starts with "Roses are red, violets are blue..."

Waxing Crescent Moon in Aquarius--We feel inventive and a bit smarter than usual. We want to tackle those puzzles and invent a system to change the world, or evolve humanity into the new age.  Either we think everyone's a genius-in-disguise or we are only attracted to the brightest thinkers among us.  This is a good time to watch re-runs of Ted Talks on YouTube, I kid you not.  Discover and adopt a genius today.

Full Moon in Aquarius (August)--I don't know if the Noble Peace Prize is awarded when the Moon is in Aquarius but this would not be a bad idea. On this Full Moon we think humanitarian thoughts and we think humanitarians are bee's knees. Oh, aren't they so wonderful, we gush.  We honor entrepreneurs a bit too much on this day and we want to invent something too, but not just to get rich.  Grassroots organizations and activists get a boost from this moon and people walk around quoting Gandhi and Chief Seattle.

Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius--The invention fails, scientific research we counted on reveals flaws, or the humanitarian we admired appears in a bad light in news headlines.  We feel selfish on this day and we could care less about humanity or who won the Noble Peace Prize.

New Moon in Pisces (March)--Pay attention to dreams because they are most potent and symbolic now.  Watch movies by Surrealist and engage in stream-of-consciousness writing exercises.  Discuss your dreams with friends and plant seeds for compassion in the world. This moon bodes well for meditation, dance, yoga, and energy work.  Go get a massage or foot reflexology. This advice works for the different phases of the Pisces Moon.  Listen to music or join a group of chanters.  And stay away from intoxicants and if you have a shoe fetish, stay away from shoe stores.

Waxing Crescent Moon in Pisces--Keep that yoga and meditation practice going.  Take voice or dance lessons, learn movie making or photography.  We feel dreamy and want to escape the mundane world during this time so this is an excellent time to go on a retreat.  Stay away from intoxicants, take care of any mental health problems or emotional imbalances now before the Full Moon in Pisces which we can call Claire de Lune because the Neptune fog lifts and we see ourselves clearly at that time.

Full Moon in Pisces (September)--The Harvest Moon is really a Pisces Moon though we think of the Maiden Virgo during this time.  So besides harvesting the fruits, grains and vegetables we planted in the earth, we also harvest our dreams during this Full Moon.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to go see a movie released during this Full Moon or attend a music concert or dance event.  Go to the circus and admire the high wire acts.  If we dreamed big during the last cycle and took the necessary steps then now is the time of manifestation.  This is a large moon that sheds abundant light.  Bask in it and know you deserved it.

Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces--(Whew, I made it to the end of this long post).  We could experience nightmares or anxiety dreams during this phase if we haven't dealt with our emotional imbalances.  This Moon reminds us to practice mindfulness and if we have slipped off our spiritual path, to get back on it.  We want to retreat now or seek spiritual guidance.  Why don't you just phone in to the Divine and ask for assistance?  Take care of your feet and don't buy a new pair of shoes on this moon.

I gave brief descriptions of only some of the moon's phases through the cycle of one year.  I encourage you to check out the writings of other astrologers who specialize in the Moon. Some of these astrologers will even give you advise of what to wear during each of these moons, down to the color and pattern of your clothing.  You can find those astrologers by clicking on Google or your favorite search engine.

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