Monday, September 3, 2012

Tromping with Mars through the houses

Yesterday we took a walk with Venus through the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Today, we will explore Mars energy as it enters each of the 12 houses in a natal chart.  We won't explore Mars transits which is a whole other ballgame.

First, let's take a look at Mars because this small red planet has received a bad rap from astrologers and stargazers, including me.  Mars portrays a feisty, hotheaded, and aggressive image. Some of us probably imagine Mars as a 2-year old testing his or her limits, and throwing tantrums to get the right results.  Not that tantrums ever do the trick.  Sulking and pouting works some times, but...

On the positive side, we need Mars for drive and energy, not just sex drive, though Mars gets a lot of credit in this category.  Mars gives steam to the engine, and in the third dimension (which I hope to leave soon through ascension), Mars gives us the competitive edge.  Athletes thrive on Mars energy and so does a lot of technology.  It's one thing to have an idea, but another thing to invent it and get it out into the world.  Mars helps in this regard.  Mars toots its own horn, goes to war, struts and swaggers all over our natal charts.  So how do we work with Mars energy without getting burn, and while still practicing generosity, kindness, and compassion in the world.  Mars in Pisces certainly struggles with this dilemma.

Mars enters your house:

Mars loves the first house because Aries (Mars ruler) also rules over this house.  This house represents your self-image, your body type, which would have some Aries traits such as reddish hair or red highlights in the hair, a tendency towards flushed skin, a walk that reminds people of a ram leaning its horns into the wind.  This is the house of self, opposite the 7th Libra house of partnership.  In this house, we might have learned some painful lessons in childhood or adopted the belief that it is not okay to serve yourself first.  Mars in the first house deals with frustration and anger about self verses the world, that comes from childhood trauma or events.

The healing that needs to happen in this house when Mars is present, is about forgiveness and finding balance and peace, while still asserting oneself.  Build self-confidence, heal insecurities, and empower yourself.

The energies of Mars ground to a halt in the second house ruled by Taurus.  The green pastures call to the person with this placement, but even when lying on a hammock in a beach house in Fiji, Mars does not allow the second house Mars to relax.  The energy and drive here is about getting one's gifts or talents out in the world, securing resources through those talents, and removing obstacles, (usually one's own stubborn attitudes), out of the way.  When Mars enters the second house, it reminds us of a bull in a china shop, especially if the person with this placement has not dealt with anger issues.

When these issues around talents, gifts, and resources are healed, Mars brings empowerment and the energy necessary to get one's gifts out into the world so that others can enjoy the sensual pleasures those gifts bring.

When Mars enters the third house of communications with Gemini as the ruler, the room livens up with chatter.  Oh, and Mars loves to talk here, especially with siblings or people close by.  I imagine a lot of gossip occurs here, especially in regard to bashing competition.  Mars takes on a witty quality that cuts like a double-edged blade.  Here you find the public relation directors and the marketing professionals who never leave you alone.  Or you find the equivalent of a West African griot bringing you the news of the day, with some gossip about political leaders or a good story to share.  This Mars placement heals through story, and the intentional power of words.  Learn the hidden power of words, and use those words for the highest and best.

Mars in the fourth house wants to mother and smother everyone it encounters.  The image I have is of a Japanese wife ruling the home--shy and demure before marriage then transformed into a tigress with a mission after setting up home.  This also represents the chicken soup variety mother who brings comfort to those who feel scared or sick.  The problem with this Mars placement is that the individual with Mars in Cancer could feel overwrought with emotions that shake up a home, or the person feels so sensitive, he or she never leaves the house.

Heal the heart of fear and insecurities by nurturing yourself first.  Allow others to nurture you too, and don't act passive-aggressive to get your needs met, but assert your needs.  Create a healthy and harmonious home by dealing with your emotions before they get out of hand.

When Mars lands in the fifth house, ruled by Leo, fun lingers in the air.  It's party time and guess who is the center of attention?  Here you enjoy plenty of drama on and off the stage, hang out with gypsy actors, dancers, and shining personalities.  Walk in a room full of mirrors and say to yourself, "it's me, me, me, me!"  The image I have is of a 10 year old child riding a bike with no hands on the handle bars, shouting, "Look at me!"  Here we have the circus clown dropping in for a few laughs, or comedians causing us to laugh until our sides ache.

When Mars is in the fifth house it's time to play and use our imagination.  Creative Visualization feels at home here.  The downside is that we could get so caught up in our ego that we break other people's hearts.  You find the flirts here and the painful love affairs that leave everyone feeling spent.  Still lighten up and tell your story with plenty of humor.

Mars enters the sixth house and you feel like you entered a convent or a monastery.  You have entered the house of service and since Mars usually likes to serve itself, it could feel stifled in this house or transform into a martyr.  Mars takes on a nursing role but it feels like Nurse Ratched from One Flew over  Cuckoos Nest or you have a mother superior with an overly authoritative attitude.

On the other hand, Mars in the sixth house can bring the drive to organize one's daily life, get a health routine going, and serve humanity as a healer.  Mars brings drive and energy and it's up to us to channel that energy for good.

Oh, boy, does Mars despise the seventh house ruled by its opposite sign Libra.  Mars doesn't want to balance the scales, to compromise or to give in a relationship.  No, Mars in this house wants to take all that it can to further it's own ambitions.  While Libra possesses Venusian qualities and leans towards refinement, Mars acts like a real toddler here, impatient, and going through the terrible twos.

Yet, in a relationship that has lost its spark, Mars energy can reignite the partnership and the sex life.  Mars can also bring protection to a partnership because it will fight for what it thinks is a good cause.

When Mars moves into the eight house, it takes on a serious demeanor feeling the gravity of the Scorpion energy weighing it down.  While Mars prefers uncomplicated sex and will liberate itself from psychological mind games, here Mars meets its soul mate, deals with death, rebirth, and the heavier stuff of life.  Mars can bring the energy needed to heal these issues and the caution here is to not turn against oneself through violence or self-sabotage.  Deal with the deep psychological issues and experience true rebirth.  Rise like the eagle that transforms into a peaceful dove.

Mars in the ninth house wants to pack its bags and travel the world.  Here you find the love 'em and leave 'em Mars that dabbles in foreign languages, food, and culture.  It's all about freedom, man!  Mars enjoys philosophy and might even dabble in spiritual idealism.  Mars feels free here and allows the world through the crack in the door.

When Mars enters the tenth house, career takes center stage.  The problem with Mars in this Capricorn-ruled house is that it wants its mana now and not after years of toil and climbing one's way to the top.  You'll find the temper-tantrum-throwing young executives in this house, as well as, the college graduate upstarts who lean on entitlements.  However, when Mars in the tenth house cools its jets, and gets to work, it has the energy and drive to climb that ladder to success.  Just don't stomp on too many heads along the climb.

Now Mars enters the eleventh house where it takes on the role of the social media marketing guru.  This Mars knows everyone whose worth knowing and has the annoying habit of name-dropping.  He could be the life of the party, as long as he doesn't fight with his competition or embarrass himself with a sharp word towards his competition that makes the news headlines.  Be weary of gossip and watch your back around a person with Mars in the eleventh house.

On the other hand, you couldn't ask for a better public relations person.  The person with Mars in the eleventh house has healing issues around anger management, ethics, and integrity.  This placement lands in the public sector of a chart, and handled best with kid gloves.  Borrow refinement and diplomacy from Libra.  "And don't mention the war," (Faulty Towers sketch).

Finally, Mars makes its journey into the twelfth house where hopefully it learned its  lessons along the way and prepared for ascension.  Mars energy becomes invisible or fogged up in this Piscean house.  Drive and energy could land this Mars in prison or a mental institution or a rehab center.  But this same drive and energy can bring healing by turning over one's will to God and Divine Intervention.  Hard luck transforms into Unity Consciousness and ego dissolves into Spirit.

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