Friday, September 14, 2012

Mars in Gemini--Silver-Tongued or the Gift of Gab?

For this post, I get to poke fun at myself since my Mars falls in Gemini and in my fun fifth house.  Since Mars represents the child, as well as, men, warriors, war, guns, aggression, competition, energy, atheletes, and drive and Gemini comes across as childlike, this combination reminds me of Peter Pan.  The men I have met and dated with Mars in Gemini act like Peter Pan too, which I know is just a projection of my inner Peter Pan archetype.

I once dated a man who had a cluster of personal planets in Gemini.  Coming across as a sociopathic liar, in retrospect, I can see that this man just enjoyed telling stories.  Certainly, he oozed a type of intellectual charm, or perhaps, on bad days, smugness, but he couldn't stick to any one job or woman, at least that's what I thought.  Geminis represent the troubadour in the zodiac, silver-tongued poet (think Bob Dylan), and they use their hands expressively when they tell a good yarn, or show up for a date three hours later, just when you're about to crawl into bed, alone and upset.  These men have no problem sneaking around the back door or sliding through a window at 3 a.m.  But they will dream with you about an illusive future together while they scheme how to meet the woman next door.  And hopefully, that woman was a Scorpio who would teach that man a lesson or two.

To give you an idea, here is Madeleine Peyroux singing Bob Dylan's "You're Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go."

Mars in Gemini is more than dating schemes by trickster souls.  You also find journalists, reporters, and radio broadcasters with Mars in Gemini.  This Mars finds its drive and energy in chatter, conversation, or some times one-sided dialogue while the other person struggles to squeeze in a word or two.  Mars in Gemini people usually have charming voices that you could easily listen to for hours and boy, can these men and women, as well as children, tell a story!  They also learn foreign languages easily or at least feel attracted to languages.

With my Mars in Gemini, I feel like a natural born storyteller, but back in my childhood and my teen years, I lacked a healthy outlet for fiction, so I turned my real life into fiction.  Once when I worked at a bulb factory (tulip bulbs), I felt bored and one day and made up a terrible story which I told my co-worker, an older lady.  The Beatles' "Long and Winding Road" came on the radio, and I told the lady that one time when I listened to that sad song I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to commit suicide.  Of course, I told a boldface lie and I felt awful and equally delighted that the woman believed me. That my dear, is Gemini Mars in action.

Fortunately, as I grew older, and I'm certain these silver-tongued lies catch up to all Mars in Gemini people, with the exception of sociopaths and psychopaths, I stopped telling lies, and started writing fiction where my characters told lies.  Many of my characters possess Gemini traits too and I wonder if my Mars in Gemini in my fifth house has anything to do with this.  These characters rally for fun and freedom or they have libertine parents.

One last observation I'll share about Mars in Gemini, children love these folks.  My former sister-in-law once said that I'm good around children because I'm childlike.  I won't argue.  You could find Mars in Gemini people actually working with children as teachers, daycare workers, musicians, clowns, circus performers, and actors.  Last summer I met an actor on a intercity bus who I swear had his Mars in Gemini because he acted childlike as he entertained a 4-year old girl on the bus.  Watching this man interact with this girl delighted the other bus riders including me.

With Mars in Gemini folks you have to take the good with the bad.  If your Mars or Venus falls into an earth sign, especially Taurus or fussy Virgo, then Mars in Gemini will drive you crazy.  This placement is about three things, fun, freedom, and personal expression.  Mars in Gemini is most happy when he or she can explore the world unencumbered, take in everything, and then write or tell stories.  This one has the gift of gab, but don't believe every word you hear coming from Mars in Gemini's mouth.  We sometimes make stuff up.


  1. Great Post, i'm a guy (1st decan scoprio) and I too have Mars in Gemini in the 5th. I must agree with many of your insights.

    i liked the bit you wrote here "and I'm certain these silver-tongued lies catch up to all Mars in Gemini people, with the exception of sociopaths" I'm actually thinking about screenwriting a show based on a character like this, one full of contradictions (sensitive, cairing, in a successfull relationship that most would dream of, but at the same time cheats and lies, so good at it, those around him never suspect a thing, he can live a double life easily). This character would make the audience jaw dropped about how this guy can get away with so much, lie so easily, cover his tracks, and never be caught.

  2. Watch Mad Men for inspiration. As a fellow Mars in Gemini, I appreciate the antihero's ability to live and tell a hell of a story.