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12 Personalities of Venus

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I choose the moon as my favorite orb and Neptune as my favorite planet.  I doubt there are many people in the world who choose the beautiful blue Neptune as a favorite, unless they work in a glamorous industry, the arts, or work as musicians.  However, today we focus on Venus, the planet associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, women, and with the rulers Taurus and Libra.  We travel through the zodiac revealing the 12 personalities of this personal planet.

I once learned about our planetary evolution from an astrologer in Seattle.  She claimed that we evolve when we master a planet's energy and then we move onto the next planet to master its energy.  Most people on the planet I would imagine have not moved past the planetary energies of Venus.  As long as we focus on only the sexual allure and sexual games associated with Venus, as long as we only flirt with the planet and not embody its true essence, we have not evolved past this energy.  And to think we need to make our way through all the lessons of the planets until we reach Pluto and Neptune seems daunting to me.

So before we go around the zodiac with Venus, let's take a look at Venusian weaknesses and strengths.  When we finally experience liberation for both male and female, when we finally experience true peace on the planet, and stop playing mind games or shattering hearts, then we have mastered the lesson of Venus.

Venus represents ecology, harmony, peace, feminine power, motherhood, allure, beauty, grace, diplomacy and plays a huge role with the emergence of the Divine Feminine.  On the weak side, Venus plays sexual games, flirts with disaster, pouts, sulks, throws tantrums, and ignites wars by feeding Mar's aggression and competitiveness.  Most of this is done on the unconscious level and so we need to become aware of how we represent our female side to the world.

So now let's walk with Venus around the Zodiac:

Venus prefers not to travel in Aries since this opposite sign and energy feels too manly and aggressive to Venus.  Having said that a woman with her Venus in Aries comes off as a warrior and this could be a good thing if she uses this energy to fight a good cause, but ultimately, peace is the best cause of all, and not something easily obtained when Venus falls in Aries.

For men, Venus in Aries feels conflicting.  The man's feminine side will take on Mars-like energy (Aries), and relate to women on a competitive level.  Here you find men in a relationship with a woman or a man, where one-up manship rules the day.  Again, Venus in Aries could be honed to protect the earth and to apply this energy to ecological causes.

Since Taurus co-rules Venus, the planet loves hanging out in this part of the zodiac.  Venus in Taurus enjoys sensual experiences such as camping in the woods, eating a well-cooked gourmet meal, wearing silk pajamas, and taking in all the sensations of the world. This Venus leans towards things that are aesthetically pleasing and shies away from vulgarity, ugliness, and poverty.  In fact, this Venus could overspend on the finer things in life, needs beautiful things to feel secure, and most likely an expensive home and designer car.

The problem with this Venus in either sex is that the planet seems lazy and stuck in the mud.  Why leave that spot on the sunlit sand to take a dip in the ocean when it feels wonderful? Getting involved with ecological causes seems like a stretch to Venus in Taurus, until the beauty of the earth is threatened or the Venus in Taurus fears losing a secure job and home. 

Venus in Gemini gets lost in the world of analytical thought or just doesn't want to grow up.  This Venus doesn't search for sensual experiences, and instead looks for intellectual challenges.  Venus in this air sign flits about from job to job or mate to mate, with his or her eyes roaming the room for another mind stimulant.  On the other hand, Venus has fun in Gemini, gets involved with the arts, and turns into a writing machine.

Venus in Cancer takes on mothering, some times smothering role as it reaches out to nurture everyone.  This Venus loves having children around or spends time along working as an intuitive--think High Priestess.  This Venus cares deeply, but is easily wounded due to oversensitivity.  However, Venus in Cancer offers strong shoulders to cry on, and makes others feel at home.

Shine the spotlight on Venus in Leo, the life of the party.  Here you will find lots of drama, both on the stage and off it.  This creative Venus knows how to have fun, but sometimes at the expense of burning everyone else out.  Certainly, both men and women with Venus in Leo possess loads of charm and sex appeal.  Even if they have not made it in Hollywood, they act like celebrities and most of the time, pull it off.  However, look behind the curtains of this one-person act, and you will see insecurities and vulnerability hiding behind hot air balloons.

Venus in Virgo comes across as the pure virgin type or a saintly servant.  She or he longs to serve the world in some way, but slips on the stairs of compassion when he or she judges others, criticizes and fusses.  Oh, there are so many problems in the world to solve, they lament, and not enough hands to help.  Watch out that the Venus in Virgo man or woman does not enlist you in a cause you have no time to serve.  This Venus smothers on the guilt on occasion or shines the critical eye on the manner in which you live your life. 

Venus finds her intellectual home in Libra, but this time she looks beyond the sensual experiences of the planet.  Venus in Libra folks cultivate refinement and diplomacy. You'll find this Venus leading causes for the performing arts or promoting world peace.  You may find this Venus working in the political arena or in working in the hospitality industry.  Attractive and charming, this Venus loves to flirt, flitting like a hummingbird from person to person. However, the goal for this Venus is to find balance in all areas of his or her life.

Venus in Scorpio feels rather dark and foreboding.  This Venus focuses on sex, death, taxes, rebirth, and deep psychology.  Perhaps the Kali archetype plays a role here or that this Venus rises from the ashes in the form of a dove.  Venus prefers not to hang out in the Scorpio constellation, but a person with this placement has powerful healing abilities for themselves, humanity, and the planet.  Stop acting like a dark cloud already.

Venus in Sagittarius enjoys mind expansion, travel, and foreign soil. The grass is always greener somewhere else and this Venus finds it challenging to settle down.  He or she is most likely to marry a foreigner if he or she marries at all.  Freedom is the name of the game here, that and philosophizing to the wee hours of the morning.

Venus feels too grounded in Capricorn, and unlike Virgo where this Venus serves humanity, Venus in Capricorn serves his or her economic bottom line.  This Venus rules over structure of the body, a building, or a corporation.  Learning compassion and expanding awareness brings peace and balance to this insecure Venus and heals a cold heart.

Venus in Aquarius reminds me of the Women's Liberation Movement, feminism, equality, and the rights of all humans.  But don't stop there, Venus in Aquarius thinks outside of the box and fights for equality for all creatures.  With so many causes swimming in Venus in Aquarius' thoughts, he or she comes off as an absentminded professor.  Always losing things, perhaps this Venus will find his or her heart in the lost and found.

Venus in Pisces ends our trip around the zodiac.  Here Venus learns the lessons of ascension and blisses out to the point of no return.  She's all about Oneness and Unity Consciousness.  Lose the body and gain the soul.  If this Venus gets too caught up in glamour and illusions, she won't ascend but will more likely end up with a wicked addiction.  Don't confine this Venus, she needs to swim two directions at once or soar like an albatross.

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