Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mars this Past Summer--Seeing Red

This article originally appeared on my Word Press blog Pacific NW Author.  I'm in the process of relocating my astrology posts from that blog to this one.  As you will see, this article allows us to look back and reflect on Mars transits.

Photo by Patricia Herlevi, 2012
After moving backwards (retrograde) for several months (starting in January 2012), Mars went direct today. Mars has also resided in Virgo for several months beginning last November, where it feels stiffled. So if you have felt restless, impatient, annoying energy or if you have felt more irritated than normal, transiting Mars had something to do with it.

You might have felt foggy in relationship with men or with your career. Your ambitions felt on hold and you might have rethought your career path, and felt like switching directions, but felt unmotivated. When a planet goes retrograde, we can use this time to re-think, regroup, and recouperate from previous activities. Mars, a fiery planet, would burn us out if it did not go into its yin phase once in a while.

So if you have used this time wisely, you might have a new career path worked out for you. You might have learned meditation and yoga (Mars is physical), broke up a relationship, and headed into the unknown. And now with Mars back in the saddle, but still in Virgo (until July), you might see a lot of red clothing, cars, flowers, and whatnot. The red will seem more dynamic than usual, like technocolor Walt Disney. Part of this has to do with the Sun transiting through Aries, Mar's ruler.

On the downside, you will see more stories in the media (if you're like me, you don't watch or listen to the news), about violence perpetuated on women by men, violence in athletics, car accidents, people dealing with anger issues, war, and other male-side or shadow male side stories. Mars/Aries does have this tendency. You will also see arrogance, selfishness, and macho attitudes. Adults will act childlike and childish. Children will act unruly with a me first attitude. I actually witness a girl act this way last night at an event I attended. Her mother had an overabundance of Venus energy so she acted overpermissive with her child.

Back in the summer of 2005, Mars stayed in Taurus for 3 to 4 months. I don't remember the exact length of time. During that time I was recovering slowly from a sprained ankle. I basically missed out on the beauty of that gorgeous spring because I was stuck in my apartment, next to a house under renovation. That renovation project that was supposed to last 4 weeks, lasted 4 months! Imagine listening to construction noise for that length of time. As soon as Mars left Taurus, the construction ended and my ankle healed completely.

I mention the Mars in Taurus, but it is currently in another slow-moving earth sign, Virgo. However, Virgo's ruler is Mercury which gives Virgo some mental, air qualities. It's also a mutable sign and not stubborn and fixed like Taurus. Still, I can't wait until Mars moves into Libra (though it does not bode well in its opposite sign, but could at least bring balance).

In the meantime, deal with anger issues before they sabotage your life. Think or better yet, feel before you speak your mind because you might just step on someone's toes. Don't make rash decisions during this time, slow down when you drive and drive carefully during this time. Pay attention to details, and if you feel irritated or impatient, take some deep breaths and center yourself. Go to the park, walk barefoot on a beach or near a lake. Sit and meditate in a park. Virgo ask us to ground our energy and drive at this time.

Happy Mars journey.

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