Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spotlight: Pisces Moon

Ah, I know this moon intimately and so does my natal Saturn with its one degree conjunction to a Pisces Moon.  Audrey Hepburn had this moon and so did Salvador Dali.  Normally, a dreamy and dissipating orb that dissolves everything it touches or sends its natives (people with this moon), off on an enchanted journey.  A person with a Pisces Moon needs planets in earth signs to keep these energies grounded.  However, for those people who prefer to lose themselves in spiritual Oneness, this moon can take you there.

An astrologer, I think it was Linda Goodman, once described the Pisces Moon as "Fey and whimsical" and I would add a touch of star child and moon beams, walking a pilgrimage in a world that makes little sense, if any sense at all.  Someone born with this moon feels out of sync with the rest of the world, or completely transcends the mundane through art, music, cinema, or spiritual endeavors.  Off to the monastery or to a mountain top.  Go on a pilgrimage or listen to ancient Celtic music. 

Pisces moon feels like a victim at times, and helpless, powerless, and loses contact with the Divine.  You find people with this moon in the breadline, in prison, or in rehab when ungrounded.  On the other hand, you'll also find artists, scientists, and intuitives here, not to mention saints.  A person with this moon placement might shift from one mode to the other; helpless one moment, and a wise teacher in the next breath.

Pisces 2 fish swimming in opposite directions
Let's follow this Moon through the 12 Houses:

First House--Pisces Moon feels uncomfortable in the Aries house.  It's not looking for new beginnings, but trying to dissolve the old.  As far as body image, this moon lives more in spirit than in the body.  After levitating in the 12th house, it's reluctant to start the cycle once again.

Second House--Still connected to the Divine and the eternal, now the moon must discover its earthly talents and gifts as well as, finding the outer resources to share these gifts.  My Pisces Moon falls in the second house and financial stability (obtaining it) has been the bane of my life.  However, channeling spirit comes easily.

Third House--In the house of communication, Pisces Moon prefers silence to chatter. Here is a moon placement that could easily forgo communication technology and try telepathy instead.  But even those channels clutter leaving the Pisces Moon in turmoil.  Off to the mountain to levitate and communicate more clearly with the Divine.

Fourth House--Pisces Moon has other ideas about domestic life. He or she might feel close to his  or her mother or distant.  Pisces prefers to wander the earth rather than stick to one home.  You'll find nomads and gypsies with this placement, as well as, artists, dancers, musicians, and actors who call the road home.

Fifth House--Pisces in the fifth house prefers not to grow up and feels that her life resembles playtime or recess.  Here you find the inner child with creative pursuits.  Dress your friends up and put on a show.  Pisces Moon prefers the drama on stage when it arrives in this house, and will share the spotlight with kindred souls.

Sixth House--Pisces wants to serve humanity or animals.  You'll find the Pisces Moon adopting too many cats, dogs, and birds in this house or founding an animal sanctuary.  I don't know what the late Glenn Gould's moon was, but it would feel at home in this placement.  After all, the musician's mission in life was to buy an island where he could house every unwanted animal.

Seventh House--Here Pisces seeks nothing short of a Twin Soul, a mirror to stare into, and intimacy that touches the hem of the Divine.  Pisces won't settle for a relationship that focuses on practicalities or legalities in this house.  That feels too much like a butterfly stuck to a rock, and unable to soar.

Eight House--Time for a deep therapy session in which Pisces Moon tackles the heavier topics of death, sex, and rebirth.  While Pisces Moon prefers to dissolve and escape transformation in favor of effortless ascendancy, the Scorpion house challenges the Pisces Moon.  On the other hand, in this house of the soul, Pisces Moon finds his or her soul mate and learns about deeply relating, while letting go of those nasty hangups.

Ninth House---Weeee!  Pisces now connects with Sagittarius energy, takes up her backpack and walking stick and takes to the road.  Whether this journey takes place in the outer or inner world, Pisces Moon feels liberated in this house and ready to explore the wide world.

Tenth House--Here's another house where Pisces Moon feels stuck and trapped in Capricorn structure.  Moving up the career ladder does not interest Pisces Moon, but perhaps, Pisces can make a career as a intuitive or healer with this placement.  Finding clients would come easily since this is the most public house in the chart.

Eleventh House--Pisces Moon floats from group to group, only making true friends with kindred souls.  Socializing on a large scale does not interest Pisces Moon, but she still finds it necessary to network and form connections.  However, Pisces Moon forms these connections only to dissolve them later.  "Sure, you'll do for now," Pisces Moon says, "but soon, I'm out of here."

Twelfth House--Pisces Moon has arrived home in this house.  If the moon has refrained from fooling itself and has done the work, it ascends.  If it hasn't done the work, the person with this moon could end up in prison or a mental hospital.  Either way, the Pisces Moon feels invisible here and anonymous.  Given the bigger picture, Pisces Moon finds wisdom from experiences and realizes that all life is illusion anyway.

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  1. Hi, greetings from Finland! I'm a 26 yrs old Aquarian with Scorpio rising and Pisces Moon (+ MC Libra). At first I'd like to thank you for these fantastic astrological writings. I'll be following your blog from now on, if you don't mind. I found your blog by typing "surviving + pisces moon" in Google. Yes, I'm having troubles with my Pisces Moon at times. I wish I could find a way to get rid of this phlegmatic feel - it sure is frustrating when I just can't get anything done. I daydream all day long instead of doing things, how annoying. Also being so emotional is sometimes too hard to handle - and of course, I'm an Empath... I'm very artistic and I know that I could turn this sensitivity to a benefit when creating art. But it's not really easy due this phlegmatic affection. :) Sorry for complaining my Pisces Moon problems to you! Maybe I was just asking for a blog post, where you tell how you've survived with your Pisces Moon. :)

  2. Hello Ronya, greetings. Yes, the Pisces Moon has its weak points, but it also has a lot of strengths once you begin integrating more in your life. The strong points are that Pisces Moon (I have this Moon myself in my second house)are that when combined with practical Virgo, the polarity of Pisces, you can manifest your dreams and what seems like daydreaming could really be a form of manifestation in its early form. You can also create art or write from this space.

    With your Aquarius Sun, Scorpio rising combined with Pisces Moon, try photography or video making if you have not done so already. You could excel in these areas or in a healing profession and as you mentioned you are an empath.

    As someone with a lot of water in your chart, you do need to create boundaries around you to protect you from other people's stuff and this will be a real challenge for you during your lifetime as it is for water sign people. You are sensitive and when people hurt you, you need to say so on a level of feeling, but not blaming. Such as when you do such in such, my feeling are hurt. Or "I don't feel that you honor my feelings when you say that or act that way towards me." I know this is not an easy thing to do, but your Aquarius Sun can give you the attachment that you need.

    We experienced a rare historic event in the past weeks, with over half the planets in Pisces plus Pisces' planet Neptune also in Pisces. This was a time of immense healing, but it was rather painful even for people without a Pisces Moon. We are also experiencing two yods which are a configuration that slows the mental process down and stops us from acting on impulse or acting quickly at all. This will pass by the end of the first week of April.

    You will start to feel relief now with planets moving into Aries. The Sun, Mars, and Venus recently left Pisces and moved into Aries and Mercury will follow in a few weeks. However, Neptune stays in Pisces until 2024. And Chiron an asteroid of healing wounds is in Pisces for a few more years.

    Let me know how it goes.

    I have distant cousins in Finland since my father's family is from there.

  3. Gosh... I am sagittarius sun with pisces moon and aries rising. I feel like a hermit most of the time.

  4. Hello Susan, that's unusual since Aries and Sagittarius are outgoing signs--yang. Do you have a Square with your Moon and Sun? How many planets do you have in Pisces other than the Moon? Perhaps your Moon is the most aspected planet in your chart or that it has strong dynamics with your Natal Neptune, Saturn or Pluto.

    I have a Pisces Moon, Capricorn Rising and Cancer Sun and all of these energies have a tendency toward the hermit lifestyle, yet I can swing both ways--extroverted and out there networking, or completely shutting myself off from the world. I also have no planets in the Fire element which is outgoing, inspired and enthusiastic.

  5. I'm like Susan in that I would be happy as a hermit despite having an Aries Sun, Leo Moon. However, my Sun is in the 8th and my Moon in the 12th. I resonate more with the Pisces Moon descriptions way more than descriptions for a Leo Moon. I'm guessing from your response to her, this may be due to my chart ruler Mercury being retrograde, conjunct Saturn and Chiron in Pisces and is quincunx that 12th house Moon. Neptune also squares my Moon as well.

  6. Absolutely, having the Sun in the 8th House is going to darken it like a cloud passing over it because this is the Scorpio House and I believe this is the heaviest house in the Zodiac as far as its themes and dynamics. Also any Moon in the 12th is going to feel invisible because that's the nature of this house of dissolution so even a Leo Moon (and Moon doesn't feel comfortable in Leo anyway) is going to feel hidden and hard to access. Add a Mercury RX conunct Saturn and Chiron in Pisces and yes, you will feel more introverted and your inner world will feel more significant to the outer world.

    Your challenge is to find a way to shine despite all of that.

  7. I was born with 19 degree moon in Pisces, 8 degrees into the 12th house. My moon opposes Pluto. I am 40 years old. I spent the good part of the last 24 years abusing alcohol and drugs. I went to jail numerous times. There are other astrological factors of course, but my emotions have been some of the most powerful forces in my life, at times nearly destroying me. I'm just posting this in an effort to share my experience. I feel like I'm way behind the eight ball now, but I've been sober for almost 5 years and have done much in pursuing concrete constructive goals that I never had the power to pursue before. If there is anyone reading this who is troubled I want to speak to you. Nothing is forever. Thoughts and feelings change. It may take longer than you would like. Believe me, I wish I could turn back the clock and do some things differently, but I got through a lot of bitter experience and it is that experience that gives my life purpose and meaning today. No matter what is going to happen, is happening, or has happened, it is that experience that can bring us closer to other people in a positive and helpful spirit. Though it is not easy for me all the time, it is this principle that I try to live by today and it is so much more peaceful and fulfilling than the way I used to live. It's crazy that I almost destroyed myself to figure out this truth of life. Thank you to whoever made it possible for me to share this.

  8. Hello Charlie, thanks for sharing your story here. I have one word to describe you and that is courageous. Having Pluto opposite Moon is a real challenge to take on and it could very well lead to addiction and other darker experience since Pluto rules the underworld and the Moon our emotions and how we express those emotions.

    You have experienced profound transformation which now puts you in a place of helping other people. It's true that you cannot turn back the clock, but you can turn your experiences into something precious like an alchemist turns base metal into gold. Take stock of the lessons you learned along the way, what survival skills you gained, and the strength and courage it took to pull yourself out of the hole.

    Pisces Moon is empathic and empathetic, but often it is the experiences of the Pisces Moon native that transform them into excellent healers, teachers and guides. Let the past go, but hold onto the lessons you learned and start asking yourself, what's next for me? What do I want to do next? And how can I use my gifts to better the lives of others?

  9. Hi Esoteric Artist,
    I have Sun in Scorpio 2nd house, Moon in Pisces 5th house, Libra Rising, Venus 29' in 12th house, and North node in Libra Conjunct Venus. I am a Nurse Practitioner dealing with the heart, and long to pursue more creative endeavors. I have served my children and humanity for so long now.. I have had two failed marriages, and have been single for 12 years. I long to find my soul mate, yet have been going it alone and have a strong warrior spirit. I am somewhat lost, not knowing what my path should be. I feel pulled in several directions, the need for solitude, spiritual pursuits, and the desire to serve and have a mate. Yet, I do not find someone who I feel I can give my heart. Do you have some insight? Thank you.

  10. Hello Kathy,

    I would suggest getting a full reading from an astrologer since this sounds like a complex question. You might also check out Sandra Taylor's books and read the chapters on self-love and paradoxical intent. I suggest her book, "The Secrets of Attraction" at least I think that is the correct title. She is with Hay House (publisher).

    With Pisces Moon especially self-love is crucial. Without it you can only attract partners who don't love you or who can't love you. I have a Pisces Moon and this has been a life lesson for me.

    With the North Node heading into Libra on February 19, 2014, you will seek balance in your life and have an even stronger desire to find a true partner. You will need to heal that strong warrior spirit you mention because you don't need to go it alone. Perhaps by letting some of the barriers between you and others, you can open your heart to a relationship coming through. Accept compliments with a thank you. Smile at the world and let the past go, easier said than done. The best way to not repeat the past is to not revisit it, meaning when you do attract a loving partner in your life, make sure you don't bring those old stories into the new story you're creating.

    1. Typo correction, should read "by letting go some of the barriers..."

  11. Hi,

    My moon is in 29 degree of Taurus. Anaretic moon conjuncts mars. But my Venus and Mercury are in Pisces in the 8th house + Neptun squares my Jupiter/Sun/North Node conjunction in Aries. So I feel very very Piscean and am definetely not happy with it. I have no addiction problems but I feel I am always the victim or cant confront to other or stick up for myself.I can never say no, other people's opinions are very important to me. I feel most of times I have to stay quiet or accept other's opinions to keep the peace. But in inner side I am not in peace. This behaviour is so automatic, I even dont realise that I do it.My south node in Libra could strenghthen this situation with a Pisces Venus,too.Funnily, from outside I look like a warrior, someone who would never let treat herself badly or someone who would stand up for herself. (asc leo and sun conjunction jupiter in aries) But the truth is different :)
    I am wondering what is going to happen, when transiting South Node in Aries will touch my MC, Jupiter,Sun and North Node in my 9th house. As known, 9th house is the house of long distance travel and abroad,higher education. I am going to abroad during this transit for educational purposes and honestly I am kind of afraid of what could happen to me there. For this reason, I was looking for some articles related to nodes and I ended up here.

    I know, I am changing from topic to topic, but I must say my very Cancerian boyfriend (Sun, Mercury, Mars) +Venus,Asc Leo has his moon in Pisces in the 8th house. His neptune squares his moon and makes a t-square between mercury/mars, neptune and moon.Looking this information, he should be very sensitive and caring but I couldnt agree with this. Or he hides this very very well. I feel I am the sensitive and caring one and he the selfish, thoughtless one. He feels the same for us the other way around. :)

    Sorry for so many infos but I keep asking myself what brings us together and why we cant give up, at least I cant give up on him, but I also feel a big insecurity with him.Maybe it is his sun and mars falling in my 12th house, as we both have same asc.

  12. You're asking a lot of questions here which constitutes an actual reading.

    However, the short answer is that your lesson is to forgive yourself and balance your emotions. I highly recommend listening to Michelle Patterson's Angel Souls Oracle Reading for the week of August 11, 2014 on YouTube. You can find it on her Angel Souls channel.

    The South Node represents the past such as past life energies. The North Node is where to look for lessons in this life. Place your focus on the North Node and there you will find your answers.

  13. Hi Im Milica,
    Can y tell me shortly what are my strong and bad points,here is my positions:

    Moon in the Twelfth House 12th hs
    Moon in the First House 1st hs
    Moon in Pisces
    Moon Conjunct Ascendant
    Moon Square Midheaven
    Moon Square Neptune
    Moon Sextile Venus

    Sun is at first house in Aries and AC Pisces

    and Neptuns positions are:

    Neptune in the Tenth House 10th hs
    Neptune in Sagittarius
    Neptune Conjunct Midheaven
    Moon Square Neptune
    Neptune Square Ascendant
    Sun Trine Neptune
    Mercury Trine Neptune
    Mars Trine Neptune
    Saturn Sextile Neptune
    Neptune Sextile Pluto

    I know I hawe allot of dreams sometimes thay come true...

  14. Hello Milica,

    If you would like a chart reading, sign up at
    I don't give free readings.

    If you have the Moon in the 12th House, then you have little access to the energies of the Moon including the Moon Sign. This means that you doubt your intuition, have a difficult time getting in touch with your feminine side, you might fear that your mother doesn't love you, have a difficult time relating to women or look for an older woman to mother you.

    The challenges are to find an intuitive coach or teacher to help you get in touch with and work with your intuition as well as, learning how to mother or nurture yourself. You do, on the other hand, have a lot of faith since the Moon falls in the Pisces 12th House.

  15. Ok thank you for an quick answer. I just ask what that moon means because the dreams some times clairvoyant. About mother and fears I get true that in childhood ;) All the best for you from me*)

  16. A well integrated Moon in the 12th House could lean towards psychic abilities and prophetic dreams. This is a visionary Moon much like a Pisces Moon. The only downside is that we have less access to planets that fall in the 12th House. We have to develop the gifts they bring over time.

  17. Hi! I'm a Sagittarius Sun (house 6), Pisces Moon (house 10) with Cancer Rising female. Kindly advise if a Virgo Sun (house 11), Cancer Moon (house 9) with Libra Rising male be a good match for me? Eagerly awaiting your reply! Thanks!

  18. It's possible that it's a good match, but I can't tell by just looking at this information. I recommend getting a relationship chart reading. The Moon is going to play the largest role and with those two water moons there is caring, kindness, and compassion potential. Also you could be dreamy but look for ways to escape and not face reality with Pisces and Cancer moons. And Sag Sun could evade facing practicalities too, but probably not so much since it's in the natural house for Virgo (6th). Virgo Sun is also practical and the only grounded planet here.

    But like I said earlier, this is not enough to go on here. An astrologer looks at interaspects between the planets in both charts. Also yods could play a factor if there are any.

    I'm not able to respond better to your question. I recommend reading my article on relationship charts under "synastry". It's the article with the photo of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

  19. I am a cap sun although I have a pisces moon and asc. How would you interpret that?

  20. You have flowing aspects between your Sun with your AC/Moon in the form of a sextile with Capricorn and Pisces. I have a similar set up though with a Capricorn AC, Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces. You are a double Pisces and your Chart Ruler is Neptune.

    Depending on how your chart is set up, whether you have planets or houses intercepted and if you have planets in your First House, you will most likely fall towards the dreamy, intuitive, and creative side, with some escapist tendencies. Your Capricorn Sun, will battle with the escapist tendencies and try to bring the practical side into what every creative or intuitive work you do.

    You probably have an 11th House Sun which means that you enjoy networking or working with groups. You might lean towards humanitarian work and root for underdogs. You are very much aware of other people's hardships and must discern against falling into co-dependent relationships with others.

    On one hand, you might tell people to pick themselves up, but then you feel so deeply for their struggles. This creates a paradox which over time you will find a balanced way to help others without allowing them to drag you down. It's hard for you to detach from your emotions and everything seems to be about you, because you are empathic and don't know where someone else stops and you begin.

    But over time, you will master these situations. Having a double Neptune/Pisces in your chart (Moon and AC), you are an Old Soul. None of this planet Earth seems new to you. You are wise.