Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Medieval Archetypes for Sun Signs (Here's your knight in shining armor)

Some astrologers use archetypes to describe the sun, moon and rising signs.  Astrologer Steven Forest comes to mind.  At first, I thought of taking the humorous route, but I changed my mind and decided to go with medieval archetypes. Some of which might surprise you, especially, if you're a Sagittarius who never thought of yourself as a knight in shining armor or a knight of the Round Table of King Arthur's court.

Aries--The Page

Taurus--The Farmer or The Merchant (you decide)

Gemini--The Troubadour or The Juggler

Cancer--The High Priestess

Leo--The Court Entertainer (Jester)

Virgo--The Healer or The Saint

Libra--The Queen or The Diplomat

Scorpio--The Witch or The Wizard

Sagittarius--The Knight

Capricorn--The King

Aquarius--The Alchemist

Pisces--The Court Musician


  1. Aries--The Page
    What does it that mean? Please Explain

  2. The Page is usually represented by a child and Aries also represents the child in the Zodiac. Aries starts out the process. Pages might come in the form or apprentices or some kind of student.

    1. Oh :( I though they are the actual Knight in shining armor....Like "Ares" the Aphrodite's lover....
      I am Taurus.....& I really want a strongest and most passionate guy in my life....Is arise my right choice?

  3. Aries can come off as knights, though young knights. Though I associate Sagittarius or Libra as knights. The Libra knight would practice chivalry and the Sag knight would save the damsel, then leave her when he hears the call of his next adventure.

    You sure you're not looking for a prince or a king Leo. Leo is passionate and so are Scorpios, but then you would need to look at all the planets in a chart--see where the Venus and Mars are, and of course the communication planet, Mercury.