Sunday, September 23, 2012

Libra: Trapeze Artists & a Tightrope

Happy Birthday Libra!

After we gather the Virgo harvest, we enter in the realm of the Cardinal Sign Libra.  This is a time to look at every area of your life and bring anything out of alignment into balance, because scales represent Libra.  For other Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn), I recommend Tension Tamer Tea (it's the tea with the pretty tiger on the box), or buying nice smelling oils and salts and dunking into a tub of hot, relaxing water, especially for Cancerians.

Capricorns need to balance work with play; attend a party hosted by a Libra and lighten up a bit.  Eat chocolate cake and don't allow the guilt to cause your soul to cringe.  Aries, put the shields and swords away and attend that Libras party and also eat chocolate cake, but don't hog all of it for yourself (remember your manners).  Cancerians grab a camera and go out in nature. Go camping near a lake before the autumn chill takes over or sit at home listening to sappy songs that remind you of good times from your childhood.  You can also attend that Libra-hosted party and eat chocolate cake.

Now, is a time of refinement.  Is there a class you have been meaning to take? Would you like to redecorate your home or host a dinner party? While Libra represents balance, this sign rules the beauty planet of Venus.  Get a new haircut, replace your old clothing, even if that means going to a thrift store to do it.  For women, wear a little (not a lot) of makeup, take a yoga class, or meditate.

For Libras, make sure your kidneys are working properly, you might even get them checked out for good measure.  Kidney diseases can sneak up on us.  Enjoy the beauty in your life by taking the time to visit art museums and galleries.  If you're creative then take art classes or start a project to beautify your surroundings.  Add flowers to your home and work with essential oils for yourself and in your home. 

About Libras

The co-ruler of Venus, these diplomats, party hosts, charmers, and beauty experts dazzle us with style.  But not all Libras strive for glamour since we find beauty in many things such as world peace (John Lennon, Saint Francis of Assisi, Gandhi), just like we would in home decorating, or fashion.  Like any zodiac sign, Libras work in many professions, but do well in professions that require someone balancing the scales and bringing peace.

In the zodiac wheel, Libra rules the seventh house of partnership/marriage so there is a concern about the other.  This house falls opposite of the first house ruled by Aries and is one of four angular houses, meaning it holds a greater significance in a chart.  While many of us have this idea that Libras should already know about balance and act peaceful from the time of birth, the truth is every sign has to awaken to its particular energy over time.  It is plausible that a person born under the sign of Libra could have grown up in a home filled with drama, ugliness, and violence.  In this case, the soul had chosen those experiences to guide him or her in the direction of peace and beauty.

For instance, John Lennon experienced a rough childhood involving is birth mother and the aunt who raised him.  He found beauty and peace through music, while having to get along with a Cancerian (Ringo Star), a Pisces (George Harrison) and much easier a Gemini (Paul McCartney), which ended on a bad note, pun intended.  Lennon experienced two marriages and his marriage to Yoko Ono suffered it's turmoil, but through all of these experiences, Lennon did find peace and balance before turning 40. 

If you look at the lives of other Libras such as Saint Francis of Assisi, you will see plenty of struggle, and challenges to find peace.  Francis, born the son of a wealthy merchant found the courage to leave his family to seek peace through God, not an easy task for a Libra, who are known as people pleasers.  And why are they known as people pleasers?  I remember reading one astrologer's assessment of Libra who called this sign weak because it's whole identity is tied up in partnership.  True people born under this sign get divorced, but they don't spend too much time wallowing before they hook up with a new partner.  They need partnership as much as Pisces need water or the ethereal realm.  This is probably why people with this sign flirt a lot, are known for having affairs, and possibly they marry several times.

However, the true partnership they seek is with themselves and their true mission is self-love.  Once you have self-love, peace and balance comes more easily.  When you love yourself, you love the world and beauty shows up everywhere.  So no matter what your sign or even if you don't like Libras because you dated one once who told you to lighten up, this month focus on self-love and balance.  We all need to breathe more deeply and feel that inner peace, even Aries and Scorpio.

Featured Libras

Saint Francis of Assisi (Francesco)
Movie clip from "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"

John Lennon

Movie clip "Gandhi"

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