Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aquamarine Dreams of Neptune

I have focused a lot on the planet Pluto, which some people joke isn't even a real planet, but an asteroid. Even so, whether Pluto is a planet or an asteroid, it gives a real power punch to the cosmos and humans here on planet Earth. However, if you're a Pisces, especially if you're a Pisces, it would be best to focus on Neptune, your ruling planet which has just returned home to Pisces.

Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius people need to also stay alert since Neptune in Pisces will either oppose your natal Sun (Virgo) or square your sun (Gemini and Sagittarius). We also need to remember that people of these signs or with a lot of planets in these signs, experienced the powerful Pluto transit in Sagittarius for 12 years. So hopefully these folks are spiritually apt to not suffer through the fog and addictions Neptune presents. Pisces and Neptune want to dissolve into nothingness or merge into a Great Oneness.

In its highest ideal Neptune is about spiritual pursuits, returning to the Divine Source, but the lower vibration of Neptune leads to addictions, escapism, spiritual gullibility, and many people under these influences could join cults to their detriment. The problem with Neptune is it leads to a lot of idealistic and foggy thinking--Neptune rules brain fog.

With Neptune we also need to watch out for tricks involving smokes and mirrors. But on the other hand for musicians and composers with a strong Neptune influence this could land you in the right place at the right time under the right vibration. Sound healers and spiritual teachers couldn't ask for a better Neptune placement, neither could counselors and therapists dealing with clients harboring addiction problems. This is also a good time dealing with anything related to marine life and the ocean. Perhaps we will feel enough compassion (Pisces) to clean up the mess in our waterways. Or we will stop overfishing though this is doubtful since people will probably eat even more seafood now.

If you want to read my predictions on Neptune transits for the music industry, visit my blog and click on Neptune. Speaking of music two pieces of music come to mind to describe Neptune in Pisces which includes Claude Debussy's "Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun" and Earth Wind & Fire's "Fantasy." But any music with a water motif or reflects on spiritual oneness fit the bill.

For those of you with your Sun in Neptune, expect to feel out of sorts, like the ground you walk on is dissolving and expect to feel drawn to a spiritual practice of one kind or another. You might feel closer to God than ever, want to spend time near the water, write poetry, write songs, write movie scripts, but whatever you do don't try to lose yourself in the wrong relationship. Pisces and Virgo people are vulnerable at this time to ending up in abusive relationships with addicts of one kind or another. Watch out for co-dependent and savior or martyr thinking at this time, if you can even track your thoughts.

On the other hand, if you work on your soul's evolution, you could also meet a soul mate worthy of your love and devotion at this time. Just don't fool yourself into thinking that a co-dependent person is your wounded soul mate.

If you have a moon in Pisces (I do), this is a great time to get in touch with your emotions and to express them creatively through the arts, music, or cinema. This is a good time for sound healing, music therapy and other energy work, but depending on how the Pluto transit is affecting your chart or Scorpio planets in your chart, this might not be a good time for psychoanalysis. It is a good time to join a spiritual group, but use discernment. It's a good time for joining a group that chants or sings as a spiritual practice. It's also a good time for service to your community because Pisces and Virgo are servants, we all are really, if we can just get past our egos.

I haven't researched Neptune much with this new transit, but plan on doing so in the future. After all, this transit will affect half of my planets, two in Pisces and two in Virgo, and two in Gemini. The Pisces planets fall in my second house of gifts and talents so I expect that I'll be working with music in some way for the next decade. Find out where Pisces is in your natal chart and then follow the degrees of Neptune as it passes through this house in your chart. Also look for planets in Pisces and Virgo. My generation was ruled by Pluto in Virgo and for 7 years Uranus was in Virgo too. I anticipate some kind of transformation with people born between 1958 and the early 1970s (sorry I don't have exact dates).

Neptune is one of my favorite planets and is a co-ruler of my chart along with Mercury--I say ruler because these two planets are the most aspected and highlighted in my chart. Do I suffer the way of the fool? Yes, but at least I find the humor in it. Neptune can bring beauty and enchantment to your life, boost your creativity and heal your emotional wounds. You can also find a way to serve the planet and grow compassion in your heart.

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