Thursday, September 6, 2012

Defining Movies (Cinema for Sun Signs)

Last night while I drummed up ideas for my next post, I thought of the type of movies that portray the qualities of each Sun Sign.  For instance, "It's a Wonderful Life" (
exudes Cancerian qualities of home and family life; standing up for the underdog, and standing up against ogres.  Hitchcock's "Vertigo" sums up the Scorpion experience (fear of death, psychology, and transformation), and French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve's "Malstrom" describes the Piscean experience with all those water and fish themes; even the lead actress is a Pisces. 

Of course, most of you reading this post have never seen that movie, now have you.  In that case, we will substitute "Poseidon's Adventure".

Earth signs pose a real challenge.  Hmmm, what about "Grapes of Wrath" for Capricorn, the sensual "Elvira Madigan" for Taurus and "Nuns Story" for Virgo? I choose "Towering Inferno" for Aries, especially since Uranus is currently in that sign, "A Star is Born" for Leo, and "The Fireman's Ball" for Sagittarius.  We don't wish to drift too far away with air signs.  I choose "Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde" for Gemini (lol), "My Fair Lady" for Libra, and "La Strada" for Aquarius because those humanitarians also like stories about the underdog living on the fringes of society.

Water Signs

It's a Wonderful Life--Cancer
Poseidon's Adventure--Pisces

Earth Signs

Grapes of Wrath--Capricorn
Elvira Madigan--Taurus
Nun's Story--Virgo

Fire Signs

Tower Inferno--Aries
A Star is Born--Leo
A Fireman's Ball--Sagittarius

Air Signs

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde--Gemini
My Fair Lady--Libra
La Strada--Aquarius

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