Friday, November 25, 2016

Zodiac Sign Spotlight--Sagittarius (November 21 to December 21)

(Prove the stars wrong, Sagittarius because I'm writing and posting this article when the moon is void-of-course in Libra. This means that the post won't experience success).

What does Jimi Hendrix have in common with Billy Bragg? And what does Taylor Swift have in common with Miranda Otto and Daryl Hannah? They were all born when the Sun traveled through Sagittarius. Other humans on this list include Pope Francis, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Sara Silverman, Tom Waits, Michael Scott of The Waterboys, Ellen Burstyn, Judi Dench, and Jim Morrison, to name a few.

And if you have a Sagittarius Sun then you can join the list of folks with strong ideologies, a powerful sense of destiny, globe-trotters, university professors, religious leaders, politicians, and celebrities who boldly share their opinions. You are a member of a rainbow tribe that spans the globe and your mind expands to include diversity. In fact, you thrive on diversity which is why you itch to travel, learn new languages, and enrich your mind with academics. 

You inspire as you hang from that rock ledge high up in the mountains. You inspire when you take home that Olympic Gold. And you are destined to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in someone else' backyard. Because it's true for you that the grass is greener on the other side of the big pond.

Now, the theme song for Sagittarius is "Don't Fence Me In," and any Cancer or Taurus who tried to reign in a Sagittarius ended up with boots covered in dust and chagrin as their Sagittarius friend bolted and ran away like a stallion on steroids. The big word for Sagittarius is freedom. And this freedom revolves around speech, lifestyle, politics, religion, academics and room to roam. In fact, Sagittarius Michael Scott once sung those words, "room to roam." 

Sagittarius, like Gemini, represents the storytellers of the Zodiac Wheel. And some of the world's best storytellers include Tom Waits, Billy Bragg, Walt Disney, and any number of authors born during the last week of November and first three weeks of December. All Sagittarius artists no matter their medium tell stories. 

And if they're not artists, then they pontificate while sharing stories at universities or on Ted Talks (a forum that must have been invented for Sagittarius). Or you find them at community gatherings (often drunk) sharing a story or two with wild humor tossed in. The downside though is Sagittarius tells off-color jokes from time to time. Some Sagittarius are racist and tell ethnic jokes. While others such as Woody Allen, poke fun at their own ethnic group.

Sagittarius excel in careers where they don't clock in or work in a structured environment. Nine-to-five does not work for these folks. Even the actors would rather film on location in a foreign country. And even then, the producers better allow time for these actors to explore the location. Or at the very least, give the actors books to read or interesting people to interact with as they wait for long hours to shoot their scenes. And in any case, they'll probably arrive late on the set and depart as soon as possible.

Downside of Sagittarius is that many can't commit to a traditional relationship. They require a partner who is interesting or adventurous such as someone they see as a buddy who goes rock climbing or snowboarding with them. They enjoy conversations with well-educated or well-traveled soul mates. Although they give a worldly impression, they also join groups or beliefs that curtail another group's rights. 

They blow hot air. They expect everyone to agree with their opinions that they present as well-read facts. They can't stay in one place for very long because the grass is greener somewhere else. They drink too much alcohol and expect others to clean up the mess they leave in their wake. They're also most likely to leave the one they're with rather than love the one they're with, but these are all generalizations.

Remember that a person is more than their Zodiac Sun Sign. Each of us has 10 planets plus asteroids in our Natal Charts which fall in various signs and houses. So not all Sagittarius or any sign is alike. But all Sagittarius people are represented by the horse and the satyr (part human/part horse). All Sagittarius bring brightness during the late fall months. They might struggle with ethics, but only if they don't own their shadows (a lesson we learn from Scorpio). 

The biggest transits for Sagittarius in 2017 are Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus in Aries. Saturn in your own sign curtails your freedom of expression and brings you complications with travel and immigration. Neptune in Pisces leaves you wondering what is real and what is fantasy. Uranus in Aries fires you up and you join grassroots efforts and get involved with humanitarian causes. You might also raise your children in a way that raises eyebrows and has people gossiping about you.

All Sagittarius have strong political and religious views that they boldly share with others, especially when they're drunk. Their element is Fire and their quality is Mutable which means they are passionate and restless for change. Your planet is Jupiter which bring you good fortune and your Tarot card is The Wheel of Fortune. So roll your dice, Sagittarius and you'll come out a winner.

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