Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gemini Full Moon on December 13, 2016--Mixed Blessings

The 2016 Gemini Full Moon which falls on December 13, asks us if we choose to see the glass half full or half empty. We'll remember Charles Dicken's opening to A Tale of Two Cities and also Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now". We could feel crazy trying to make a decision because we'll feel we have too many choices. And the best approach is to follow the gray line that falls in between black and white.

Why am I telling you this? The Gemini Full Moon chart contains two T-Crosses, a Mystical Rectangle, a Golden Triangle and a Grand Trine. As someone who was born with a Mutable T-Cross and a Grand Water Trine I have jumped back and forth between extremes. I'm not saying that either I or the Gemini Moon are bi-polar, only that we will gaze at opposite forces inside us. So let's break down this chart and see where that leads us.

First, we have an on-going T-Cross with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus/Ceres in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Many of us already know about the powerful alignment between Uranus and Pluto. Now, Jupiter comes and expands on that energy while promoting balance and harmony. It's like Jupiter is saying, "Okay, guys you have been fighting for too long. When are you going to make peace?"

And true enough, we see this energy playing out in North Dakota with the Native People promoting peace and healing of the planet while authority in the form of riot police brings in the patriarchal force. Jupiter in Libra and Ceres in Aries asks us to come from our feminine sides. This doesn't mean that we act passive or passive-aggressive. It means that we follow our feelings and get in touch with our hearts. It means that we reach out to others in a nurturing manner. And it means that we hold a place of peace in our hearts.

The Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Sun, and Chiron (in Pisces) form a Mutable T-Cross. So now we have big ideas clashing with smaller ones. We have big religion fighting with political leaders or movements. Remember Pope Francis criticizing Donald Trump last winter? We will see more of that scenario playing out. People who see the bigger picture ignore the details while other get lost in the details because they don't see the bigger vision. And all of this finds roots in childhood wounds. Fighting now is with words and ideas. But the words cut deep so watch what you say to yourself and others during the Gemini Full Moon and the two weeks riding up to the Full Moon.

Now, let's look at the Mystical Rectangle. First, of all this is a "male" rectangle since the planets are represented by Air and Fire. This means that we have a lot of a masculine bravado and possibly immature behavior during the Gemini Full Moon. Planets involved include Saturn/Sun in Sagittarius opposing the Gemini Moon (it's a busy moon) and sextiling Jupiter in Libra and trining Uranus/Ceres in Aries. The message I receive is to balance the masculine and feminine sides for each of us. We will also hear about gay marriages during this moon. It feels like a balancing act and that we must get over our views of male and female roles.

The Golden Triangle includes Uranus/Ceres in Aries (again) forming a sextile with Mars in Aquarius and a trine with Sun/Saturn in Sagittarius. This brings huge tension release from both the Mutable and Cardinal T-Crosses. It's almost as if the tension from the T-Crosses plays in the background. And we seek freedom from anything we find oppressive. We could see droves of people quitting their jobs despite the hectic holiday season, and in spite of it. We could see adults searching for childhood wonder or returning to holiday fun from their past. And we witness innovations that make headlines as we end 2016 and look towards 2017.

And if that's not enough, we experience a Grand Air Trine (when is the last time we experienced a Grand Air Trine)? It includes Jupiter in balancing Libra, Mars in futuristic Aquarius and the Gemini Full Moon. We often ignore the flowing energies of a Grand Trine, but only when planetary tension is absent. We have two T-Crosses bringing us tension so we welcome the blessings of the Grand Air Trine. This Air Quality helps us to detach from drama and chaos in the world. We can actually, take a breather and enjoy ourselves. With Jupiter in Libra, we're feeling optimistic. We're playing on odd logic and we feel like gambling metaphorically or otherwise. But don't bet your house folks, because you could just lose all.

The downside is that megalomaniacs grab the spotlights and they're everywhere. We hear too much about next president Donald Trump and others of a similar ilk. And for some folks, this is pure entertainment and for others, it represents sheer terror. Turn off the television set already. There is way too much talking and not enough listening during this Gemini Full Moon.

However, a Gemini Full Moon is also playful. It asks us to get in touch with our inner child and entertain him or her. And what a better time to do that then during the holidays. So instead of focusing on the chaos and doom in the world, focus on joy, peace, and the holiday spirit. Go do something fun so that you can relax. Then from this relaxed place we come up with innovative solutions to the problems that dog us.

Signs most affected by the Gemini Full Moon are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. I recommend that you sign up for a personal reading. It will be worth every dime you spend. I will show you the bigger picture and you can use that picture as your map for 2017 and beyond.


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