Friday, November 4, 2016

Whole Astrology--Gaze at US General Election Night Chart

No matter how much I preferred that the months crawled instead of sped up to the General Election in the United States, the election is a few days away. And the chart for the election has some long-running themes in it. First, we have the Uranus-Pluto Square activated by Jupiter in Libra. Neptune and Saturn still play roles and we can expect a surprise on this election. 

I set the chart for Seattle at the close of the polls on the west coast of the US. This means that everyone has cast their vote, but the count remains. So let's do a quick run through of this chart.

Notice how the planets are appearing on half the chart and it's the half that has to do with partnership and "the other". The North Node however, falls in the Third House of Communication so there is a fateful message at stake.

And I feel that the message is coming from the general populace and it is directed at corporate media, big government, and the corporate world that runs the show. The message is grassroots and it comes from our feminine side with Uranus conjunct Ceres in the 10th House. Chiron also appears in the 10th House and it speaks of wounds sustained by the American people caused by the fake economy and puppet government we have endured. Righteous anger comes through loud and clear. People aren't going to vote the way they're expected to. There's a wildcard about to be played by the people (Uranus).

Now, Uranus is going to battle with the system represented by Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is also in the last degree of Capricorn. It's representing children and the people ruled by the government. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and in its last degree of a sign plays a significant role. The message of power to the people sounds the battle cry, but we're not talking the traditional battle here. Look to the internet (Uranus) where the true rebellion has taken place not just during the past months but during the past decades. People have had enough of voting for criminals and dealing with underhanded dealings on their hard-earned dimes.

Jupiter, also in the T-Cross with Pluto and Uranus, suggests that we want to restore balance and we're looking at a Venusian leader to do that for us. We are looking for justice, cooperation, and peace. We want to join the tribal rainbow instead of dealing with divisive leaders who tear families apart and destroy a sense of community. People are basically good and that good will prevail. Just look at the Moon and Neptune in Pisces in the 9th House. We are working towards diplomacy with the greater planet. We are desiring peace between nations and not bombing other nations.

This message is further highlighted with Venus in the 6th House in Sagittarius and Saturn getting ready to move into the 6th House. This is the daily environment and in this chart suggest that we want to beautify our daily environment and take care of our health, both as individuals and as a collective. Actually, I find this chart amazing in its breadth and scope. It moves us away from selfish pursuits and has our eyes on the Greater Good. We could even get a woman as a president, but it's not going to be Hilary Clinton who is not representative of Venus or Libra. She is more Mars energy. She presents the Patriarchal system, and not where we're heading.

Donald Trump represents a prehistoric mentality and is too much of a thug to rule a country with people thinking about the Greater Good. The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio falling in the 5th House tells us that we're digging beneath the superficial surface. We're not going to play games anymore or be used as pawns. We're tired of gambling our future away and so this time, we're going to toss in the curve ball. Whether Bernie Sanders gets elected by write-in votes or Jill Stein rises in the fake polls and take the White House or Gary Johnson does, it's going to be an interesting night. We just don't really know what's going to happen, but Venus is finally running the show.

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