Friday, May 3, 2013

Outer Planet Transits--Ignore at Your Own Peril

I feel so fortunate to have been born in the mid-1960s with Pluto in Virgo, Neptune in Scorpio, Uranus in Virgo, Saturn and Chiron in Pisces because these days these planets are kicking my butt.  Okay, so I write with a bit of sarcasm, but for anyone born during the first week of a cardinal sign in the 1960s can relate to this huge wake up call Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune bring our way.

For instance, I'm getting first hand information from the front line of this outer planets dance and my guess is that I can serve clients better having endured these transits first hand.  I sigh in sympathy with anyone born around the same time as me calling into Mark Husson's Power Peak show (Hay House Radio), especially if they just completed a Pluto or Uranus transit.  And if you haven't experienced the conjunction, square or opposition of Pluto or Uranus (I'm experiencing both to my Sun, Mercury and AC), all I can say is that we have no words to describe the experience.  Excruciating comes close.  So let's take a look at Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces, especially for anyone experiencing a Chiron return, dealing with the Uranus/Pluto square directly in their chart at this time, and with Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio.  I add that for me transiting Neptune is conjuncting my natal Saturn until 2015!  Whoa, space girl just bought her space boots and off I go to never never space land.  Beam me back down, Scotty.

Wikipedia, I'd like to spank Uranus
First, I need to tell you that we are all unique. Some people won't experience hard angles to any of the outer planets at this time, depending on their chart.  Some people will only experience the Chiron return and Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.  Some people will experience Neptune now and Pluto and Uranus later.  And some people won't have to deal with Pluto for another 11 years (late degrees in Capricorn, Libra, Aries, Cancer).  But some of us are getting the full effect of these transits now and some of us are feeling the impact of another exact Pluto/Uranus square at 11 degrees for the next few weeks.  I have this on my Sun/Mercury so here I am talking about it.

Chiron in Pisces and the Chiron Return--You could experience feeling insignificant or invisible or that you're just floating through a life with little meaning.  Or you could have a breakthrough and heal a deep childhood wound around visibility issues.  For instance, I'm in the process of releasing feeling dismissed, rejected and ignored.  I had some dreams come up around the last eclipse that brought me release then I learned of some family history which shows other members of my family having learned this same theme.

I recall reading a description in an astrology book about people born with Chiron in Pisces standing in a room and hearing parents talk about them as if they're not present.  The wound no matter how it turns up can lead to martyrdom, addiction, victim consciousness or co-dependency and must be dealt with during this time, especially for people around 49 or 50 going through a Chiron Return.  If you experience a trine to your Chiron with Saturn in Scorpio and later Jupiter in Cancer, you will have the discipline and enthusiasm to finally heal this business.

Saturn, Wikipedia
Saturn in Scorpio--Born with Saturn in Scorpio? You are about to or are in the process of going through a Saturn Return.  You also feel the energy of this placement if you have planets in any of the fixed signs in the early degrees now playing hardball with Saturn in Scorpio.  In fact, if you have fixed sign planets at around 3 to 9 degrees, the eclipses of April 25 and May 9 will impact your planets. Expect changes and expect to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Saturn demands discipline and you are your own authority as you create your own reality.  Ooh, another catchy phrase.

Uranus in Aries--Don't you want to give this brat a spanking?  On one hand, Uranus in Aries is shaking things up on the planet, getting people to demand their rights and shout out of windows, "I'm not going to take this any more" (like that movie, "Network").  However, Uranus shows up these days as a humanitarian but also as scary terrorists that blow up people and buildings.  He's the kid with the gun on the playground just as much as he's the human rights activist going on about 99 percent verses one percent.  And by now some of us would like Uranus to move into Taurus already and bring us some peace.

On a personal scale Uranus in Aries brings unexpected surprises and not always to our liking.  You suddenly lose a job (you didn't like anyway), your partner of 10 years parts company, and your best friend dies in an accident.  Uranus kicks up dust with the tough stuff and when he's square Pluto in Capricorn, over there breaking structure, most of us quiver in our bones.  And what exactly are Uranus in Aries demands on us?  While Saturn tells us to grow up, what exactly does Uranus tell us, go throw a tantrum and make sure you damage someone or something?

But on the other hand, people who enjoy warrior energy and taking on causes could harness that energy and transform their part of the world.  I'm not a revolutionary type myself so I'll go hang out on Neptune for the duration.  Good luck guys.

Blue on blue Neptune, Wikipedia
Neptune in Pisces--Well, what's so wrong with Neptune returning to his own sign? Nothing really and for some people, especially creative people, Neptune in Pisces offers a fabulous trip, that even the Beatles with their Magical Mystery Tour could never have imagined.  Neptune doesn't blow up structure or send lightening bolts, but dissolves structure leaving us merging with gooey cosmos.  Suddenly, we feel like we're on the Star Trek Enterprise or floating around like a giant jelly fish in cosmic soup.

For anyone with Saturn in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer, they're going to feel like they're swimming in an aquarium with tropical fish.  It feels frustrating when nothing feels solid or secure any longer, time disappears and life feels surreal, especially for people with Saturn in Pisces.  Dream life feels intense, but we also float towards the edge of madness.  Your world dissolves, but hopefully something better replaces old illusions.  It's time to face the truth, that is if you can find a truth to face.

Pluto in Capricorn--I've already talked a great deal about Pluto in Capricorn. Since Pluto acts in a secretive below the ground manner, and sometimes, below the belt, we can't really predict how this planet will show up. Except if we find ourselves hanging onto things no longer of use, Pluto strips us of those things, people, places, you name it. In some ways, Pluto teaches us how to travel light by letting all that baggage go (relationships, jobs, harmful beliefs, regrets).  Learn the art of letting go and you're well on your way to mastering Pluto's energies.  Every psychologist needs to experience a hard angle Pluto transit to help them go deeper with themselves and their clients.

And if it makes you feel better, think of a Pluto transit of a hard angle (square or opposition or conjunction) as a shamanic initiation, for in essence that's what it is or think of it as Kundulini rising.  Pluto brings power, but first you have to prove yourself worthy of wielding that power.

I hope my humor helps in grappling with these outer planet transits.  They do bring transformation and empowerment, but most of these transits take 21/2 years because outer planets Neptune and Pluto in particular move at a snail's pace.  Chiron spends more time in Pisces and Aries than the other signs because of its elliptic journey.

A sense of humor helps, reading spiritual books helps, understanding the Dark Night of the Soul helps as does reading Joseph Campbell books.  It doesn't hurt to find a safe place to vent, seek therapy at this time or consult with an astrologer who understands these transits intimately.  You are growing rapidly and your soul is forced to evolve which is why you feel this do it or die urge to change your life circumstances. The main problem we face as humans is that we despise change.  In the past, we might have been able to go on living humdrum lives and fading into the wallpaper, but this is no longer an option.  So face your fears down one at a time, learn to love yourself unconditionally, and beg the planets for mercy, lol.

These transits hurt no matter how optimistic you feel about life or that you claim determination as your middle name.  Persevere, yes, but better yet, go meditate.  Let go, and let God float you to the next station on your journey.  Bon voyage.


  1. Thank you for writing about this especially how it affects those that were born in the 1960's as there really is not much out there. I am one of thses born in this generation.

    Uranus and Pluto are squaring my Sun right now and so far it's not been too bad. I've already been through a Pluto opposition in 1977 or so and that period was the darkest times of my life.

  2. I know, I would like to see more written about the astrological events of the 1960s. Liz Greene mentions these transits in her outer planet book. I have also heard some astrologers mention these transits on online radio shows.

    I have experienced traumatic events from both squares and oppositions for the outer planets. Some people have experienced some rough situations with both the Pluto square and the Uranus opposition or conjunction (people I know personally). However, it all depends on a person's spiritual evolution and the ability to let go, as well as, the strength of the Sun or planets affected in the chart.

    I am not sure which I find more troublesome, the Pluto opposition Sun (which thankfully has passed for me) or the Uranus square to my Sun, but I have felt these transits ease off, especially after I got the message and cleared out what I needed to. Still, I'm looking forward to next January when both Pluto and Uranus have finished their business with my Sun, AC and Mercury. At the same time, however, I have experienced trines with Pluto in Cap with my other planets, which eases the tension.