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Evolution Through the Zodiac (Meanings for Each Zodiac Star Sign)

For the purpose of this article, I'm focusing only on your Star (Sun) Sign and the meaning of it as it reflects on your soul's evolution. Now, we have all experienced each of the Star Signs in other lives. However, for this particular life, we chose a particular Star Sign to evolve us to the next level. So here, we go.

This post is meant for Beginners with Astrology.

Aries--The Ram, represented by the Star Sign, Aries ushers in the true first season of the year. Aries represents the light at the end of the tunnel or the baby coming out of his mother's womb. Since Aries is a Cardinal Sign, it begins a new cycle and its energy is fiery. Since a birth of anything requires effort and drive, this sign ruled by the planet Mars reminds me of sprouts pushing up the soil. Aries wants to come first, be acknowledged, and be seen as a leader. Yet, Aries is the baby in the Zodiac and still must travel the Zodiac Wheel before gaining wisdom. Therefore, this energy can come across as a temper tantrum when it is at its weakest, but as a pioneering leader when it's at its strongest.

Opposite Sign: Libra

Taurus--A Taurus Sun wants to take in its environment through the senses. After Aries pushes energy into the world, this energy mellows in slow-moving Taurus. When the Sun transits in Taurus or when people are born under the Star Sign, Taurus, they are more thoughtful, sensual, and want to sense everything around them. Here, we have the baby who puts everything in her mouth so she can taste and smell it. Here we have the child playing in the mud because the earth feels cool against the skin. The Star Sign Taurus is ruled by Venus and not much of a talker. She communicates through the beauty of the natural world or through a creative endeavor.

Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Gemini--When the Zodiac energy transits into Gemini or for people born with a Gemini Star Sign, now it's time to communicate ideas and engage in the mental process. Gemini represents the journalist or sleuth in the Zodiac. This represents both the monkey-mind and the inquisitive mind. But Gemini energy skirts on the surface and is similar to the TV reporter who skips from one story and interesting person to the next one. The Gemini Star Sign most likely work with hands or arms in some way. Certainly, his or her hands and arms are a prominent feature of the body or a focal point. Gemini, like Virgo, is ruled by Mercury which rules the brain and those little details that add up to a bigger picture.

Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Cancer--When the brain grows tired from too much focus on details and spinning stories, the body requires sustenance. Cancer rules how we mother ourselves and mother others. This Cardinal Sign also launches the next season which is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. Since Cancer rules the stomach and breasts, we look to this sign for nutrients and nourishment. The Zodiac Star Sign must learn to take care of his or her own body, even if the parents weren't nurturing or even present. The challenge is to eat healthy food and to fill one's emotional coffers so that he or she doesn't act needy and expect others to fulfill that role. Also, the Cancer Star Sign must learn to balance emotions as moods change quickly when the moon (Ruler of Cancer), transits through each Zodiac Sign.

Opposite Sign: Capricorn

Leo--Shakespeare once proclaimed the world as a stage and a world on a stage. This is something the Star Sign Leo understands. For Leo, ruled by the Sun must take center stage. A Leo not partaking in the spotlight is sadsack. When Leo does not receive recognition or opportunities to shine, they become overly dramatic and a real pain to deal with. So the Leo Star Sign must find ways to engage in creativity, work with children, and bring colors to the world.

When the energy was still in Cancer, it played an introverted role and now when the energy moves into Leo it expands outward and is fiery and stubborn, and yet mellow. Leo is a Fixed Sign which anchors in summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. For those of us in the North, we feel the sun burning and radiating through our skin. That's the power of Leo. With Leo, the individual matters and it really is about how we choose to show up on the world stage.

Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Virgo--After the Leo energy burns itself out, we return inward to purify our intent and find ways to be of service. The Virgo Star Sign is both the hermit and the public servant. In this sign, we deal with perfectionism and setting pure intentions. But with Virgo, we can become overly critical of others and our environment. We can organize, strive for efficiency, and then grow bored in the process. Mercury is Virgo's ruling planet so again, we are dealing with a monkey mind versus an organized and efficient mind. When the Virgo Star Sign receives too much communication, including from the Spirit Realms, they suffer from nervous exhaustion. Then it is time to retreat and rest the obsessive mind. Once the mind is rested, return and edit your life. Virgo Star Sign is detail-oriented and one of the best editors and coaches in the Zodiac.

Opposite Sign: Pisces

Libra--After we complete the purification and critical juncture that Virgo provides, we regain balance in the sign of Libra. Ruled by the Air Element, this Cardinal Sign provides leadership and diplomacy. The Star Sign Libra loves to socialize and since Venus is the planetary ruler, the eye turns to partners and the nuances of partnerships. Romantic comedies fit under Libra, as do social protocol. Think positive thoughts, says Libra and don't act vulgar. Need to learn some social skills, turn to a Libra who will enjoy making you over. Libra represents beauty, grace, and artistic expression as long as it contains perfect symmetry.

Opposite Sign: Aries

Scorpio--Now, we break loose from the straitjacket of social protocol. The Scorpio Star Sign fuels itself on primal nature. This sexy sign reflects on death, the occult and anything we find remotely taboo. With a penetrating gaze, this Star Sign explores the psychology of themselves and other people. They're the shamans who dive into the under realms and bring back pieces of our souls. They are Day of the Dead and Halloween. The Star Sign is ruled by Mars and Pluto so it's passionate and powerful while embarking on a path of total destruction and transformation. Think Kali, and you're just about there.

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Sagittarius--After we exit the dark tunnel of Scorpio, we seek the higher learning of the Star Sign Sagittarius. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this Star Sign is prone to exaggerate, but oh, they make such great teachers, philosophers, and lawyers. It's time for ribald humor, pie-in-the-sky visions, and political idealism. In fact, I've never known a Sagittarius without opinions about politics and religion. Here you find the rock star, the university professor, and the would-be politician if only he had the time. Time for world travel, exploring other cultures, and shooting a few arrows at the sun.

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Capricorn--Ruled by Saturn, the Capricorn Star Sign tells us to get back to business and back to the business of making money. This Star Sign rules structure of all kinds including body structure. Both Saturn and Capricorn delay gratification (unlike Sagittarius and Jupiter), but any empire you build under the gaze of Saturn last a long time, and even for generations. Okay, so it gets a little boring with the Star Sign Capricorn, but these folks are usually loyal and work hard. As bosses they are taskmasters and as employees, they get to work on time and put their noses to the grindstone. They also make fine actors and comedians, but you probably didn't know that.

Opposite Sign: Cancer

Aquarius--Uranus-Ruled, expect the unexpected with this maverick Star Sign. Aquarius appears to go along with the program then they hit a curve ball. This Air Sign is mental as all Air Signs are, but they also have a deep emotional side, thus their symbol the Water Bearer. I remember some astrologers referring to Aquarius people as cold. One astrologer compared the Aquarius Star Sign to a robot (she was an Aries). And while Aquarius people can detach from emotions, I've also seen them express sensitivity that rivals a water sign (think Eva Cassidy). You never get what you expect from an Aquarius, but you might at least feel entertained by their lightning and thunder antics. And they champion the underdog. What's not to like about that?

Opposite Sign: Leo

Pisces--The Pisces Star Sign represents the endpoint of the Zodiac Wheel. When we reach the place of authenticity that we acquire under Aquarius we prepare to ascend into the cosmos. But it's like this last Water Sign never actually left the cosmos when they floated on the earth plane. Pisces rules the 12th House of the unformed and Neptune is its ruling planet. Pisces is the deep blue ocean and it is Neptune blue. Pisces is where we all meld into oneness and preach about Unity Consciousness. We put on our legwarmers and dance. We photograph the world even though it's not really what it seems. we make movies about love and peace, then get trapped in illusions.  Time to ascend.

Opposite Sign: Virgo

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