Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sagittarius New Moon on November 29, 2016--Things aren't What They Seem

Normally, I love a new or full Sagittarius Moon because it brings out the dreamer or adventurer in us. However, the Sagittarius New Moon that lands on November 29 is full of hot air and deception. The sun and moon square Neptune. And at the same time, Venus in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. So this deception plays out in relationships between the masculine and feminine.

Use discernment in all dealings, but especially in relationships. If you meet someone new who you would like to date, wait two weeks before asking this person out. Use this time to do spiritual work through meditation and other forms of contemplation. People we meet during the week of this full moon might not pan out. In any case, go slow with anyone you meet and do not throw caution to the wind. With all this Mutable energy we are reminded of the series of Saturn-Neptune squares that we witnessed over the past year.

To give you an idea of this powerful Mutable energy, just look at the recent election in the US and the situation with Brexit in the UK. All of this is heightened during the Sagittarius New Moon at the end of November and going into December's Full Gemini Moon. We've all made some bad decisions during the past several months, especially during the summer months because we didn't have all the facts and no one was thinking clearly.

Remember that both Saturn and Neptune are large powerful planets that build and dissolve structure. Even time and space appear to be slipping away. They are as some of us ascend into higher dimensions.

In fact, I found this incredible video on YouTube about stepping out of the Matrix. This would be a good plan to follow especially around the Sagittarius New Moon squaring Neptune in Pisces. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find the video again. But basically, the message was that we need to stop tuning into the outer world and find our true power within. Focus on self and our unique path now. Don't engage in toxic conversations that are obviously fear-based. And if this means you must spend time alone, then do that. Go on a little adventure such as a day hike or hang out near the ocean or any body of water (Neptune). And don't believe the hype.

Let's take a look at the Cardinal T-Cross with Jupiter in Libra, Venus/Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus/Ceres in Aries. Now, what I'm feeling is that women and ethnic groups are fighting-mad. They don't like how the US Presidential Election or other events have played out in the world. Obviously, they feel threatened. But don't use this energy to clobber yourself with doom. This is about taking back power no matter who is in government. Stop focusing on outer power and outer trappings of the world. Venus in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra actually favor women. The sun/moon in Sagittarius favors ethnic groups. But what needs to happen is that we must stop hanging out in separate camps.

The only way power mongers of the world can control us, is if we allow this to happen. Their main method of dealing with the masses is to divide and conquer. They turn women against women. They turn whites against minorities. They turn this religion against that religion. And this is madness. Our job is to respect Diversity but create Unity from it. Our job is to create the rainbow tribe that appears in the prophecies of Indigenous people around the world. We are the Rainbow Tribe. Our job is to get out of our egos/minds and into our heart/souls. This is the challenge is presented now to us through both the Cardinal T-Cross and the moon/sun square to Neptune and then Chiron which is also transiting in Pisces.

Meanwhile, my guides are asking me to look for the Virgo North Node which forms a tight Mutable T-Cross with Neptune in Pisces and the sun/moon in Sagittarius. Now, the sun/moon forms the apex of this T-Cross and Gemini acts as the outlet. The message I'm getting is yes, we have some serious service to perform on the planet at this time, of a spiritual nature. But we can do this through laughter and with smiles on our faces. The apex planets tell us to lighten up and see life as an adventure, but not to believe everything we hear. Gemini which provides the outlet for the T-Cross asks us to have fun with others. Write, talk, and express our spiritual beliefs (Neptune in Pisces). Engage with like-minded people on social media. Join this tribe now.

There's a lot going on in this chart which I can't get into for this blog post. However, in general, a Sagittarius New Moon asks us to look at Ninth House themes (law, travel, higher education, religion, world culture, adventure, and ethnic minorities). It's a time of expansiveness but also hyperbole. It's a time when people's ideologies clash (which we have been experiencing too much this year). The moon represents our inner selves and emotions, as well as, how we reflect our ideals in the world. The sun represents our masculine side and how others see us showing up in the world.

This new moon does not bode well for any of the signs starting new intimate relationships. However, there is one caveat at that is Capricorn since Venus is in Capricorn, but expect a powerful spiritual partnership. Jupiter in Libra bodes well for Libras, but Libra has a tendency to gloss over people and tries to bring harmony to discordant situations. Therefor Libra, refrain from starting any new partnerships this month.

Your job is to see where all the planets land in your natal chart. Use my Astro Cheat sheet for help in personalizing the moon transit. And if you would prefer a personal astrology reading, keep in mind that I do charge fees for my services. Check out the services page for details. You can also find my videos on YouTube under Astrologer Patricia and visit Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living And take my Facebook challenge of receiving 50+ likes or shares for Astrologer Patricia.

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