Saturday, June 6, 2015

Venus Transits from June through August--Dang girl, look at you!

The plan was that I was going to take a stroll through the park, come home and have a nice restful evening, but then I picked up my planetary guide and saw the Venus transits for the summer/winter months. So here I am writing another Whole Astrology post. I suppose Aphrodite seduced my mind into writing about her planet.

In June, Venus begins the month at 25 degrees Cancer with a wide square to Uranus. This brief transit suggests unconventional women or Aquarius women in particular who feel a bit more emotional than usual. We could also focus on food security from a humanitarian or unconventional standpoint by combining Cancer, Aquarius, and Venus themes.

On June 5, Venus moves into Leo, forms a sextile with Mercury in Gemini and trines Saturn in Sagittarius. This transit suggests that we will discuss our values and expand upon those values and how they align or don't align with our integrity. This is actually a theme I picked up from the July moon transits so we'll be grappling with values aligning with integrity all summer. Let me give you an example. Say that you tell people that one of your values is that you're community oriented. But in reality, you would rather go it alone and make money in your community rather than sacrifice yourself by volunteering your time. So in this respect you're out of integrity and the Venus transits help you get back on track by admitting the truth to yourself.

On the June 21, Venus catches up with Jupiter forming a conjunction and now trining Uranus in Aries while forming inconjunct with Chiron. Again, we are forced to explore our values, but this time with our wounds or fear of not fitting into the status quo. We don't feel rich enough or pretty enough, or charming enough, etc...Then Uranus wants us to explore our uniqueness, especially for women.

Venus and Jupiter roll into July, hand-in-hand (both at 21 degrees Leo) forming a trine with Uranus. Certainly this is a good time for all three Fire Signs, but especially Leo and Aries. Do you have unconventional values? Are you willing to stand naked in your truth even if you don't share your community or country's values? Women, do you have courage to live your truth and align with your true values? And what do you place your faith in? Look at which house in your chart with Leo on the cusps and this is where the drama of values plays out.

Starting around July 12 and ending on the 18th, Venus squares Saturn (28 degrees Scorpio) and once again we grapple with values verses integrity. Are you walking your talk? If you're not, there's a good chance children, students, or young adults will call you on your stuff. They act out and rebel, especially the Indigo and Crystal children. They too could act out of integrity and require compassionate lessons.

On July 19, Venus transits into Virgo and turns retrograde on the 25. On August 1, Venus squares Saturn again with both planets now retrograde. This means that the planets' energies are concentrated and drawn inward. Instead of witnessing our lessons in the outer world, we get in touch with our subconscious through dreams and watching our daily habits. Now, if we act out of integrity we suffer from dis-ease. We could suffer from allergies, sensitivities, food intolerance and digestive disorders.

At the beginning of August, Venus reunites with Jupiter in Leo until Jupiter transits into Virgo on the 10th. On the 18th, Venus trines Uranus again and then on the 27th, Venus reunites with Mars so our minds and hearts turn to intimate relationships. What do we value in relationships and are we acting integrity to our values? Skipping ahead, Venus goes direct at 14 degrees Leo on September 6 while she forms a sextile with Mercury in Libra (Venus' ruler) and Venus is still conjunct Mars and trining Uranus.

Signs most affected by the Venus transits are Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, however, look for those signs on the cusps of your natal houses to see where the dramas will take place. Leos are going to explore their values in all areas of their lives and see where drama could be less played out. When Venus transits in Virgo we question our needs for material goods and tighten the money belt. Service takes precedence over having lots of glittery things, especially when Venus opposes glamorous Neptune in October.

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