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Pediatric Astrology--A Tool for Understanding Your Child

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Is your child wired differently than you? Many parents have commented to me about their children's unusual gifts, behavior, or wisdom coming from their small bodies. This is no accident nor is it synchronicity. Old Souls are returning to the planet in large numbers, awakening our mass consciousness, and paving the way for the New Earth. And since, droves of Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children arrive on the earth now, it's time to get to know your child on a deeper level.

So how can Pediatric Astrology help you in understanding your child? What type of education, food, activities, and lifestyles work best for your unique child? What type of health problems can you expect from these sensitive children? Why are so many children coming in the world with "learning disabilities" which suggests that their brains are wired differently than ours?

As parents you signed on to steward and protect these children as they prepare for their greater mission. They have come to shift the planet, especially those born with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries (radical child), and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. While you might consider those outer planet transits challenging for yourself, imagine if you were pint-size dealing with the stress of your parents, the economy, and fear running rampant on the planet! Did I mention that these children are incredibly sensitive? They are the superheroes of sensitive and so we as adults better clean up our act, but this isn't a lecture.

So what do I look for in a child's chart? First, I look at the triplicity which includes the Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant Sign. Then I view the angular Houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), but here's where I veer away from the average chart reading. When I read a child's chart or even teen's chart, I use a different set of theme for the houses. After all, how many five year old children do you know who have a career outside the home and they certainly don't have the emotional baggage of an adult dealing with past parental issues.

Let me give you a brief example of how I read a child's chart by using a sample chart (not of a real child). Pretend that this is the chart of your child and you come to me for a reading. I would tell you that your child has her Sun in Capricorn, her Ascendant (first breath and identity) in Libra and Moon in Leo. I would also tell you that your child will have a challenging time expressing her emotions since her Leo Moon is in a Yod configuration with Jupiter in Gemini and Pluto/Sun in Capricorn so the child will also struggle with outward expression until she reaches her middle age years at which time she will blossom in miraculous ways unleashing her unique gifts upon the world.

I would tell you not to be alarmed that your child develops slowly because this is the chart of a Late Bloomer due to the Capricorn Sun fused to Pluto and in a Yod with the Moon and Jupiter. (Actually, this chart has a double Yod and Jupiter is in both Yods).

However, the Ruler of the Chart Venus (the planet associated with the Libra Ascendant) falls in the 3rd House of communication in Sagittarius which brings a gift in expansive communication. This is a child interested if not obsessed with another culture, maybe even one she lived in a past life, though we see no activity in the past life house (12th). Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius falling in the Third House of communication and education (K-12) would normally suggest a bright mind and someone who excels in school, but with the Moon and Sun tied up in a Yod with Jupiter and Pluto, this child could suffer from depression or power issues. And with Venus in the Third House this is a child with artistic talent who is going to grow bored if not depressed in a drab environment. She needs to be surrounded by beauty and awkward people she finds ugly will disturb her.

With the Sun conjunct Pluto as well as, Mars in Aquarius in the 4th House which represents home and mother she will either experience the home as disruptive or experience a family where she perceives betrayal, power issues, and subterfuge even if this is just coming from television shows or conversations she overhears in the home. Home is a scary place for this child so make sure that you create a calm and peaceful home where people speak in quieter tones, play soothing music in the background, and bring many soft and beautiful things into this child's environment. Keep arguments and discord away from her or she's going to rebel at some point (Mars in Aquarius which is similar to Uranus in Aries in 6th house of daily environment, which she also has in her chart). If there's any abusive situations in the home deal with those situations immediately and work with healers. Even if a violent incident happens in the neighborhood or community, bring in the help of healers and therapists.

The child has Neptune and Chiron in the 5th House which is also known as the arts and recreation house. I read a book by one astrologer years ago where the astrologer referred to this part of the chart as the Fun House and it has that potential. This child has an interest in dance, theater, photography, and making movies. She will escape through these activities and even excel at them. Remember she has strong aesthetic needs which we find in her communication and educations house (3rd House). I would even suggest enrolling this child in an alternative school such as an art school or music school. Art feeds her soul and brings relief to her sensitivities. For whatever reason, I recalling that 1980s television show Fame which featured artistic students coming from broken homes or at least homes they perceived as painful. Their arts education helped them to work through their issues.

Let's take a look at the 6th House which represents the daily routine, health, and pets. I take a look at this house to see if food or other type of allergies are potentials. Sudden health problems are possible as is accidents in the home since Uranus in Aries falls in the 6th House. But this girl can handle anything that comes her way despite her sensitivities with Pallas in Pisces also in the 6th House. Pallas is the the Roman name for Athena who was considered the Goddess of Wisdom, meaning this child possesses inner wisdom which she can download to heal herself and bring healing to her daily environment. And any adjustments you make in your home to accommodate her will also assist your well-being. She might also have a connection to owls and small animals. She will feel more compassion for animals than humans because of her spiritual connection to animals.

I'm going to end this reading by giving you a breakdown of the Houses for a child's chart:

First House--Identity, first breath, body type, relationship to body, other people's first impression

Second House--Gifts, talents, resources, home environment (as far as resources available)

Third House--Communication style, learning style, K-12 education, thinking style, siblings and cousins

Fourth House--Mother, home, home environment, sense of safety and security (some astrologers say this is the house of the father)

Fifth House--Recreation, sports, theater, play, imagination, friends, and fun activities 

Sixth House--Health, daily routine, (sometimes suggests home schooling), pets, and this is where I look for sensitivities and allergies

Seventh House--How the child views their parents' marriage/partnership, whether or not the child has traditional parents, same-sex parents, or single parents. The child views relationships and develops beliefs by witnessing partnerships of adults

Eighth House--Power house, other people's resources, inheritance, family secrets, betrayal, denial and addictions, sometimes represents domestic violence and child abuse (be careful using these terms in a reading)

Ninth House--Higher education, aunts, uncles, foreigners, living in a foreign country, having immigrant parents, immigrating to another country, the law, government (in some respects), philosophy, religion

Tenth House--Father, witnessing parents' work ethics or values towards work, bread winners, public life and for some children (especially those who work in the entertainment business or are involved in sports), this could represent fame and how they deal with publicity.

Eleventh House--Groups, clubs, humanitarian causes (yes, children get involved in these), gaming (with the 5th House), social media, and school mates

Twelfth House--Spirituality (usually their parents' beliefs), past lives, hidden realms, communication with angels, mental or emotion instability, learning disabilities (along with the 3rd House), spiritual gifts, channeling, healing abilities, dealing with parents with addiction issues...

I hope you enjoyed exploring Pediatric Astrology with me. If you would like to uncover your child's unique treasures and find new ways of relating to him or her, sign up for a child-size Natal Chart reading at Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living or on the right side of this blog (send me message via the form). 

If you're signing up for a long-distance reading payment is via a money order or cashier's check from a legit bank and I send out a personalized report to you with chart by e-mail.I do the readings after your payment has cleared my bank. (If you e-mail me, I'll send you my postal address).

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