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Gemini--The Sign of the Twins and Choices

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
Often when I think of the Zodiac Sign Gemini, I envision The Lovers tarot card. It's not because Geminis are terribly good lovers, but that they have a love for discovering new information and a curiosity for the world around them. Many Geminis are often good poets too since playing with words comes naturally to them--but I wouldn't go as far as to call Geminis troubadours. I leave that to the Fire and Water signs.

Gemini represents a two-sided coin, a fork in the road (do you turn left or right), and similar to the Zodiac sign Libra, Geminis perform a type of balancing act, though it looks more like juggling. Gemini also shares traits with the sign Pisces in that Gemini also moves in two directions and as I mentioned earlier (and so have other astrologers such as Mark Husson with Hay House), has two personalities. This reminds me of a gingerbread man stuffed toy I had as a child--one side was bright yellow featuring a happy face and the other side of the toy was pink featuring a frown. You might say this toy represented the sign Cancer, but Cancer portrays a rainbow of moods, not just two. Gemini appears to have a switch with the options of "on" or "off".

The upside of Gemini is that these guys and gals possess a childlike quality while enjoying mysteries, puzzles, boardgames, and anything that piques the mind. Gemini rules the mind, analytical thought, learning styles, communication, communication styles, the gift of gab, and the third house of an astrological chart. Gemini is co-ruler of Mercury and in itself is a bit of a trickster. Now, these qualities comes through in any of the personal planets that land in Gemini and can even refer to the Pluto in Gemini folks (which are quite elderly now if they're still on the planet). Whether you have your Sun, Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury, or Ascendant in Gemini, you will possess Gemini traits in the themes of the planet.

For someone with a Gemini Ascendant and First House, has prominent arms and hands as well as, a quick mind though that trait would come through in the Third and not the First House of a natal chart. They could suffer lung problems depending on other planets aspecting the First House, but health is usually indicated in the Sixth House. For instance, I have been plagued with lung problems for most of my life and I have Venus in Gemini falling in my Sixth House. When I was a teen I ran on the track team which exasperated asthma and I have Mars in the competitive Fifth House also in Gemini. And it's strange that I was on a team with a few allergy and asthma sufferers.

Friendships and love partnerships prove challenging with the Gemini unless you have your main planets in Fire and Air Signs. Geminis often require space as Air Signs do and they prefer to keep situations and conversations on the lighter side since they don't thrive on drama even if some Geminis thrive on adrenaline, that is until they collapse from nervous exhaustion (Gemini/Mercury has a connection to the nervous system and brain). Some Geminis thrive on adventures like their polar opposite Sagittarius, but short-distance travel and short-distance communication satisfies them. Some Geminis are quite happy just to wander around their neighborhood or community such as checking out a new business, school, or bookstore. And many Geminis love books and learning.

"Twins" photo by Patricia Herlevi
However, having said that, I've known many Geminis whose lifestyle involve overseas travel, learning new languages, and delving into foreign cultures. This is because every sign contains its opposite sign and the trick is to balance the two. I've met many sarcastic Geminis too and some full of hot air or pie-in-the-sky ideals, similar to Sagittarius. Both of these signs enjoy their freedom and lots of space to pursue their interests, which could be romance for short-term or even marriage, though I wonder if either of these signs are actually content in a marriage. They definitely require independent and not clingy partners who travel lightly through life and to other countries with them. Relationships with foreigners could go quite well for them as long as they don't get caught up in false patriotism or debating which culture is superior to the other.

As a Cancerian with a Pisces Moon and a powerful Mercury in my birth chart, I've dated my share of Geminis, at least in my youth. These relationships were on the short side and often left me with bitter feelings because I have my Venus and Mars in Gemini and this confused the Gemini boyfriend. Once the Cancer clinging and domestic routine set in, the Gemini men bolted. I learned that they don't do well with watery or even earthy types. Routines of any kind bore them, but they will stick around if you have many interests and are a good conversationalist. They enjoy glib and urbane people best. Geminis easily grow bored with Taurus individuals and Scorpio comes off as too dark and dramatic. Put a Virgo and a Gemini together which results in too much critical thinking leading to picking people apart--not pretty to witness. And water plus air for the Water Signs just causes tempests leaving both parties bitter and resentful.

Famous Geminis include: Bob Dylan, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker, Jacques Cousteau, Anne Frank, Donald Trump, Igor Stravinsky, Angelina Jolie, Bill Moyers, Paul Gauguin, Art Bell, Rachel Carson and Helena Bonham Carter for starters. Many Geminis work in the communications field since they are excellent journalists, researchers, broadcasters, and bloggers. They are also good with their hands, eye-hand coordination, and bring freshness to fine art. They are excellent crafts people so they could make jewelry, wood work, musical instruments, as well as, carpentry. They are also excellent authors who create fun and curious characters so they would excel at writing children's and young adult books.

Geminis are also the tricksters in the Zodiac, but usually they enjoy playing with words, especially puns, metaphors and word games. Give them a crossword puzzle and send them off to a corner and they'll complete it in no time. However, if you're a parent of a Gemini child or even twins, don't allow boredom to set in or you'll end up with a Curious George on your hands. Keep it light, keep it fun, and keep exploring so you can make new discoveries together.

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