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1st Full Moon for July 2015--Bookend Full Moons

Realizing that we're still at the beginning of June, I'm giving you heads up on the two full moons for July. I'm calling them bookend moons even though they're wildly different. On July 1, we experience the Capricorn Full Moon which carries the themes of status quo, business, building structure, traditions, and lineages. The Aquarius Full Moon on July 31 rebels against status quo while dismantling old structure. Will be interesting.

I'll write about the July 31 Full Moon in a separate post.

Another interesting aspect of the Capricorn Full Moon (9Cap55) on July 1 is the Fire Trine involving the moon that occurs earlier in the day involving Moon in Sagittarius with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter/Venus in Leo.We get this beautiful opportunity to manifest our desires riding into the Capricorn Full Moon. However, we must remember that the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, opposes the Sun/Mars and squares Uranus during the course of the full moon.

This tells me that if we don't keep our egos in check and we insist on having things our way, then we'll run into trouble. It's like we're all fired up with passion and fury but old man Saturn applies the brakes. But wait a minute. If we allow our emotions, mainly anger with Mars involved to get out of hand we could end up in a tense or even violent situation. And why is this? Because we don't feel like others, especially mother figures our meeting our needs. Now, for children this is understandable but for us adults, we must take the next steps in self-nurturing and self-care as opposed to asking others to do that for us.

Ceres and Earth, Wikipedia
Now, with Ceres retrograde at 6 degrees Aquarius, we might find some unconventional ways to meet those needs or we might just detach and handle our needs from an intellectual standpoint, though this hardly satisfying. Perhaps we introduce an unusual diet into our lives or we get involved with feeding the hungry. Often times helping others meets our needs for nurturing. Do unto others as you would want done to you sort of thing. We'll also hear more about bulimia since it's an unconventional eating disorder which combines themes of Aquarius and Ceres.

Then we have a planetary traffic jam of Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo forming a sextile with Mercury in Gemini and an inconjunct with Chiron and trine with Uranus. So there you have it again, the inner child crying out for nurturing but not knowing how to handle this situation. Do we reflect on our values and use materialism to satisfy our need for loving attention? Do we intellectualize it, write about it, communicate this need to others on social media? Will others seem overly clingy and needy or outraged at this time because they refuse to practice self-care and project that onto others? This lesson really hits home with folks born in the 1960s when Chiron was last in Pisces. It's hitting home with me.

And speaking of Pisces, Neptune in Pisces forms a sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. In the 1960s, we also had Pluto in an earth sign, Virgo forming a sextile with Neptune in a water sign, Scorpio. And once again, Scorpio is involved with the current sextile since Scorpio rules Pluto. It's like we all want to put on a big dramatic show just short of resembling a Fellini movie. And as this sextile tightens with Pluto and Neptune, such a show plays out on Seattle's waterfront as activists in kayaks battle with big oil that wants to drill in Alaska. And there you have the Neptune and Pluto themes too--oil, water, and land. A sextile bodes well for the activists as long as they stay in the realm of compassion and don't get trapped in dualism. For a lot of people this plays out like a large stage play or a movie on the big screen, but is a real battle nonetheless.

By Patricia Herlevi
The wide Cardinal T-Cross involving Sun/Mars in Cancer, Moon/Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries is going to add fuel to the fire or in this case, water. Now, this is a wide t-cross since Mars is only at 4 degrees Cancer and Pluto is at 14 Capricorn and Uranus at 20 degrees Aries, but through the course of July 1 and 2, the moon opposes Mars, then opposes the Sun, then conjuncts Pluto and then squares Uranus so the moon ties the t-cross together. And because the planets are forming wide aspects, we're not going to see the chaos and drama of previous Cardinal T-Crosses involving Pluto and Uranus. However, we might experience deja vu of previous events ignited by these transits. Then when the Sun transits at 14 degrees Cancer we experience the opposition with Pluto and then the square with Uranus at 20 degrees Cancer. Breathe and remember compassion.

Themes of liberation surface. Themes around food security, food allergies, mothers and children surface. Some adults act childish and have tantrums in public (reflecting on their level of maturity). And one thing I noticed that happens with oppositions is projections and people not owning their shadows. So we get a lot of blame and shame, especially aimed at authority figures or big corporations as if we don't have choices we can make. Of course we can make choices. If we don't like the ethics of a certain corporation then don't consume its product. We're not helpless children with a wicked stepfather. And the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Leo reminds us that we create our reality with what we choose to think or perceive the world. Remember the world might not feel capable of loving us, but God loves us unconditionally. So plug into the real source and leave your friends, family, parents, and lovers off the hook.

I received another image for this the Capricorn Full Moon which involved how we battle with nostalgia in resisting junk food. Yesterday I passed by a vending machine filled to the brim with junk food which to me had nostalgic value. Now, I refrained from consuming any of it but I will say the temptation was strong. And since Capricorn and Cancer are nostalgic and look back to the past, especially childhood while using food as comfort, many of you will want to consume a candy bar or bottle of Coke because of childhood memories attached to it. Refrain if possible because this leads to health problems down the road. Cancer also rules the stomach and Capricorn the skin. I was picking up universal energy so I know this is going to be a problem for many of you around the full moon on July 1. I suspect a lot of binging for people with food disorders around the time of the full moon. Be easy on yourself, forgive yourself, and get proper help.

On the other hand, this gives us an idea or impression of why people have a hard time resisting foods containing GMO ingredients. Those ingredients end up mainly in junk food though not with the same recipe as our favorite childhood brands. We know there are psychologists behind the scenes knowing how our minds work, especially when we're under stress and we reach for those comfort foods. So stay alert and substitute with super foods often. It's a real challenge for Americans around the Fourth of July too when they roll out the barbecue and toss hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. Look for alternatives at your health food stores and food coops if possible. Plan ahead. Eating unhealthy food around a full moon coupled with emotions leads to digestive problems and food allergies.

So use the Capricorn Moon to apply discipline and develop wisdom while also owning your shadows as the Moon-Pluto conjunction will ask us to do. Prepare yourself for rebellion, either you rebelling against your own routines and structures; or a rebellion happening on the large canvas. Young children will also present anger issues, but that's because they pick up our repressed anger and act it out. If your child acts up, turn to your inner self to see what anger you're repressing then find a safe outlet to release it. Let's get down to the business of healing ourselves and thus the planet. I realize this is a grim post, but cheer up, the New Moon in Cancer brings respite.

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