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New Moon Forecast for July--Miraculous Water Trine & Other Stories

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Right now, I envision the late Masaru Emoto's beautiful water crystals. I'm thinking that we are all at least 70% water and a conduit of not only our thoughts and emotions, but also the music we hear, the words we speak, and the world of vibrations we expose ourselves to. 

July's New Moon at 23 degrees Cancer forms a Grand Water Trine with Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.

In viewing the New Moon chart for July 15 using Seattle's coordinates, we not only see a Grand Water Trine as mentioned earlier, but we can also pull in Mars and Mercury in mid degrees of Cancer since they fall in the same house (8th House) thus forming a stellium. So let's break this apart to see how each planet and energy creates a dynamic for transformation through self-nurturing (Cancer).

Now, as I'm writing this post, it is no accident that I'm delving into the work of Louise Hay mostly known for healing the mind-body-spirit through using affirmations. And I believe that anyone reading this post will go deeper into some type of metaphysical work or new age study in July and hopefully beyond. With any new moon we expect the sun and moon to appear in the same sign so this is nothing new here. This means that our outer and inner selves line up with the energies of that sign, and now the moon appears in its own sign.

Cancer represents how we nurture ourselves and how we nurture others. Do we find ourselves craving mothering, do we have mother issues, and do we find ourselves taking care of everyone else' needs but our own? What's our home life like? Do we have a place to call home? How do we define home? Cancer rules how we nourish ourselves with food and we look at food allergies and sensitivities now. In fact, we're going to look at sensitivities in general even if we're a power house Aries because Cancer brings up sensitivities and in this case, is there something in the home we're sensitive to?

The sun and moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio (last degrees of the sign) so we're finishing up old business by delving into our subconscious minds and delving into past lives or whatever we have to do to unearth those beliefs and patterns keeping us stuck. We must clean out those old wounds and let stuff go through forgiveness in ourselves and others.

Now, whether or not Seattle is a Scorpio city or not, Washington is a Scorpio State and we do have some battles both internal and external taking place in Seattle now that can and will ultimately bring transformation to the world. And it involves water, lots of water, not to mention oil. Seattle will also delve into its history of how it treated Indigenous people and make amends now, or at least start the process (planets appearing in the 8th House).

Chiron in Pisces tells us that we gain strength by facing our wounds and letting go. We must accept what we cannot change such as we can't change events of the past. Sure we can delve into various types of meditations that allow us to rescript the past as with Sandra Anne Taylor's work. Ultimately, this Grand Water trine with the stellium places the power of transformation in our hands and I hope you will take advantage of this precious transit. Release those old stories that keep you stuck in the same groove.

May Dr. Emoto rest in peace
Let's look at some other positive transits during the new moon. First, we have the continuation of the Neptune Pluto sextile which I've already discussed on this blog and in my videos. Both planets are retrograde in July so we're experienced concentrated Plutonian and Neptunian energies. But we experience this more internally than externally even if we realize that anything we experience in the outer world was first created in our hearts and minds.

The Jupiter/Venus Trine (Leo) to Uranus (Aries) also continues and many astrologers are telling us that this transit brings instant manifestation and unexpected manifestation with Uranus involved. Now, the only caveat is that Uranus at 20 degrees Aries squares the sun/moon in Cancer which not only brings tension to the Grand Water Trine, but causes us to act, hopefully not impulsively, on our own behalf. Uranus in Aries wants actions so just talking about a situation would cause restlessness and thus rash behaviors.

Meanwhile, Pluto at 14 degrees Capricorn opposes Mercury at 13/14 degrees and Mars at 14 degrees Cancer and this is an exact opposition with shadows and projections playing out. This could occur in families or with partnerships or with self. Cancer wants to take care of the home front, spend more time at home, more time with children or parents and more time practicing self-nurturing. Meanwhile, Capricorn wants to dismantle or build structure outside of the home such as tending to a business or becomes so ambitious that it fails to see the forest through the trees causing disruption in the home and with family life.

We also have Jupiter/Venus squaring Saturn in late degrees of Scorpio. Fixed Signs represent rigidity and you can't find two signs less alike than Scorpio and Leo ruled by Pluto and the Sun. Here we have the darkest places of our souls in an intense transit with our creativity and the part of us we shine in the world. It's as if the subconscious mind goes to battle with our heart center. What do we truly believe about ourselves and why do we give our power away to others? Do we make up excuses such as I can't get involved in a creative project because my dad or mom told me I have no creative talents? Clear away those beliefs and follow your heart's desire. I know, this is hard work, but you can do it. Also remember what I said about aligning with our true values in previous posts? This message applies here too.

Those of you with planets or your Ascendent or Midheaven between 13 to 20 degrees in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra are going to see these scenarios playing out in your life. How can you balance emotions now? How can you create balance between home/family and business/finances? For some of you this is going to be an emotional time, but thankfully, that Grand Water Trine which leads us to spiritual tools and practices brings deep healing now.

We could even say that we're dealing with a wide T-Cross with Mars/Mercury/Sun/Moon in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This involves 4 planets and 2 luminaries so it's a big deal and there's no way we aren't going to hear the winds of change calling us. Overall, I want to say this is a pleasant new moon for some folks, especially those of you with lots of Water Signs in your charts, however, if we don't learn to master our emotions and ride the waves of change/transformation, this could also be a horrendously painful passage. And it's the start of a cycle because it's the new moon.

I would advise setting intentions now of what you would like to see transpire from the Cancer New Moon. Set the intention to stop sweeping problems underneath the rug because they're too painful to face. Find a therapist or support team to help you heal what requires healing. We're all in the trenches with you, but let's not turn this into rant sessions, like the two women I overheard on a bus yesterday comparing notes on their bizarre medical conditions and blaming the medical establishment. They keep up that attitude and I guarantee that they'll never heal themselves but continue to play starring roles in their life dramas.

Pluto in Capricorn is asking us to take responsibility of ourselves. Uranus in Aries is asking us to take our power back and realize that even the problems we face our gifts that help us build the strength of warriors. The Cancer stellium with Mars reminds us that no one can make us feel anything and we choose emotions from our own creative palette. How many of us respond with knee jerk reactions or canned emotions which reminds me of canned laugh tracks from American television comedies from the past. Try new approaches and know that you decide the reality you experience and no one really has the power to do that for you, unless you give them your power. And why would you do that? What do you get in exchange for selling your soul? These are the messages I'm receiving from the new moon transits. I hope you will take these questions to heart.

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