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The Summer/Winter Transits (Riding the Waves)

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
I was actually hoping for an uneventful summer (or winter if you're residing in the Southern Hemisphere), since we've experienced one powerful outer planet transit or eclipse after another for not just the past few months, but years. However, we're required to stay alert as arrows of change and movement head our way, at least for those of you with Mutable Sun, Moon, Ascendant and so on. 

This includes me with six Mutable planets plus Chiron, with five of those planets locked into a Mutable T-Cross. Believe me, I started experiencing some real challenges in May that has left me blurry-eyed and disoriented on most days. The Mercury-Neptune square has nearly wiped me out and that square continues until June 23.

Now, the Fix Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius), get a break with the exception of Saturn moving back into Scorpio on the 15th of June and then moving back into Sagittarius on September 18. Leos especially would do best to take advantage of Jupiter in their sign which ends on August 11 when the Great Benefactor rolls into Virgo. Cardinal Signs actually get a bit of a respite too with the exception of the Lunar Eclipse coming up on September 27 at 4 degrees Aries/Libra (but technically this is an autumn/spring transit).

Mutable Signs prepare to ride the big waves because they're coming at you and lasting well beyond the summer/winter months. Hope you enjoy the excitement of surfing the waves. Although the Mutable transits which involve Jupiter moving into Virgo, Saturn moving back into Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces and a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 13 (then this November the North Node moving into Virgo).

Photo by Patricia Herlevi
During the last week of June, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde. In July, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde through the course of the month. In August, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde and Saturn goes direct on August 2. In September, Pluto is still retrograde until the 25th, Venus goes direct on the 6th, and Uranus and Neptune continue the retrograde motion. Now, retrograde planets act like a double-edge sword. On one hand, we no longer feel like experiences from the outer world dog us, but on the other hand, we experience concentrated planetary energies working us from the inside out. The good news is that any of you doing psychological work on yourself or working with a therapist, get to do a lot of digging and releasing of beliefs and patterns in the subconscious, especially if any of the retrograde planet transits occur in your 8th or 12th houses or aspect Natal or other transiting planets in those houses.

So now I'm listing the transits standing out to me at this time by month. I will also mention which signs are most affected by the transits. However, don't just look at the signs of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. Also look at any Mutable Squares or T-Crosses as well as, natal yods that have a Mutable sign planet. Also look at the houses in your chart that has Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, Leo or Scorpio on the cusps and any natal planets in those houses, especially if you have any of those signs on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses also known as angular houses because those houses represent major areas of our lives.

June 21 - September 23, 2015

June (21-30)

21 Summer/Winter Solstice

Everyone celebrates this new energy when the light begins diminishing in the Northern Hemisphere and increasing in the Southern Hemisphere. Perform a ceremony or ritual or at least set an intention for the next 6 months or the year lasting from June 21, 2015 to June 21, 2016.

22 - 27 Jupiter trines Uranus exact (transit continues into July but not exact)

Leo and Aries are most affected along with Sagittarius. Get fired up now to manifest your dreams. You inspire and motivate others to do the same. Water and Earth Signs feel burned out with this Trine but still benefit depending on which houses Uranus and Jupiter transit. Air Signs focus the mental process to manifest dreams and develop faith that quells cynicism during this transit and possibly beyond.

23 Mercury D squares Neptune for the final time

Mutable Signs already weary from this transit experience more brain fog, restlessness, and disorientation. Take a time out for the next week and get reoriented with the changes that occurred in your life. Capricorn and Cancer benefit by tuning into their mental processes while aligning those with their spiritual pursuits. Aries and Leo benefit too by paying attention to how their mental processes prevent them from experiencing spiritual expansion. Scorpio and Taurus go deeper while Taurus moves away from mental constructs and obsession with the material world. Air Signs in general gaze at their spiritual beliefs, but may have trouble going deep in meditation because they're afraid of losing their egos.

On-going transit

Neptune sextile Pluto

Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio benefit by exploring spiritual insights and rebuilding structure of their lives. Cancer and Virgo feel challenged. Though for the most part this sextile has a planetary affect of grounding spiritual practices in everyday life and shifting consciousness on the planet. Refrain from drugs, especially drugs that cause hallucination or leave one feeling intoxicated. Escapism of any kind is a bad idea now and Pluto in Capricorn asks us to ground ourselves.


(Two full moons on the 1st (Capricorn/Cancer and 31st (Aquarius/Leo)

1-7  Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Leo Trine Uranus in Aries

Leo and Aries benefit the most with Sagittarius also benefiting. Air Signs feel a boost in enthusiasm. Water and Earth Signs feel more enthusiastic, courageous, and bold, but also burned out.

16 Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Cap

Cardinal Signs, especially Cancer and Capricorn are most impacted by this power play. Fortunately, it's a fast moving transit.

25 Venus turns RX in Virgo

Mutable Signs feel this as going inward and some confusion.

26 Uranus goes RX in Aries

Impacts Cardinal Signs around 20 degrees. Feels like a bump and mostly impacts Aries and Libra.


Jupiter square Saturn

Challenges Leo and Scorpio as well as, Aquarius and Taurus. Mostly involves dealing with ego issues and finding the root causes in the hidden subconscious.

Neptune sextile Pluto (See June)


2 Saturn goes Direct at 28 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio around 28 to 29 degrees most impacted along with Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. Feels like finishing up old business. Saturn moves back into Sagittarius in mid-September.

9 Mars moves into Leo

Important mostly because of the previous Venus conjunct Jupiter and Sun transiting in Leo and mostly benefits Leo. Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio feel this transit as irritation. Sagittarius and Aries and the Air Signs Libra and Gemini benefit from a boost of vigor. Everyone wants more action. I see egos posing as plastic action figures (comical image).

1-9 Venus conjucts Jupiter squares Saturn

Leos and Scorpio are most impacted and feel tension between values and desires verses taking responsibility and acting with integrity. Aquarius and Taurus experience the shadow of this scenario. We all feel tense with this transit.

11 Jupiter moves into Virgo

Ah shucks, Leo, the benefactor just moved into another sign. Virgos experience this as a boost until around September 21st when Jupiter opposes Neptune. Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer experience this as a boost too. Other Mutable Signs experience this as irritation and tension as they're asked to perfect their daily work and routine. Everyone works on getting more organized and efficient.

September (until the 23rd)

6 Venus goes direct at 14 degrees Leo

Planets around 14 degrees Leo get a makeover or go on a shopping spree on a mundane level. On a spiritual level we experience the Divine Feminine rising in each of us and we choose to shine our unique light on the world.

13 Solar Eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo

Most impacted are planets around 20 degrees Virgo and also Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. Taurus and Capricorn experiences a boost as does Cancer and Scorpio. Air Signs have trouble with clarity and suffer from perfectionism. Fire Signs feel a damper on their enthusiasm and motivation as Virgo comes off as gloomy to them.

18 Saturn moves back into Sagittarius

Impacts all Mutable Signs but especially Sagittarius. We all feel the squeeze as Saturn condenses the expansive energy of Sagittarius. This includes Sagittarius themes.

25 Mars moves into Virgo

Mutable Signs experience tension, except for Virgo who now has Jupiter and Mars in its sign and has the energy to get a lot of work completed efficiently. Virgos also speak up now because they feel bold. Mars makes demands on Pisces to get its act together and head out of the sandcastle clouds.


Jupiter opposite Neptune

Virgo practicality goes to battle with Neptune dreaminess. Gemini and Sagittarius experience irritation and are tongue tied.

Don't worry if I left out details in regard to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant signs. I will delve into these transits more deeply with the Moon and Monthly forecasts.

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