Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) Solstice--Soaring Kite

First thing you'll notice for the chart for the Summer Solstice is a Kite configuration as well as some green lines which represent inconjunctions between the planets which read as yield signs. It's as if we would like to take off and soar in the clouds but we have all those little irritations to contend with first.

But for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it's summer so we're going to get outside and have fun and maybe in having fun with family and friends, we're able to raise our frequency so we can deal with those mundane problems.

I like the sextile that happens between the Virgo Moon and Cancer both at 0 degrees that occurs 30 minutes after the official Solstice. We take better care of our health and the health of others through nurturing Cancer energies and Virgo's need to serve. In fact, we'll be meticulous about our health on June 21st and most likely fussy about other people's health, but let's not get fearful about food, the sun's rays or insects roaming around and ready to bite our skin. Virgo and Cancer both induce worrying and fear so knowing that ahead of time we can come up with tools to calm those fears and have some fun.

Prior to the moon heading into Virgo, it's at 29 degrees Leo forming a square with Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio, but also sextiling Mercury in Gemini. Jupiter and Venus continue their conjunction in Leo trining Uranus in Aries which brings unexpected manifestation. However, let's not allow darkness to seep in and spoil the fun with Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn continues to trine Chiron which brings old wounds for us to heal now, usually involving events from childhood that hang out in our subconscious. However, this is an on-going transit along with the sextile between Neptune and Pluto. And I think its best to set some intentions on the Solstice for the next 6 months or year in regard to healing ourselves and to visualize where we would like to be on our life paths a year from now. Then after setting that intention, come up with a workable plan to heal those areas of our lives that require some clearing away. I say this because the earth is shifting and we must prepare for some huge changes on the way (some positive, some uncomfortable).

Where ever you reside in the world, Happy Solstice. Sign up for a Solar Return chart reading using the contact form on this blog and visit the new website for Metaphysics 4 Everyday Living.

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