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The Practice--Is He (She) Compatible with Me? (Exploring Relationship Charts)

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One of the biggest question with both spiritually-based and practical astrology revolves around compatibility in a relationship. I admit that with most men I dated in the past, at some point I visited an astrologer to have a synastry chart reading (also known as a relationship chart). It asks what's the chemistry between the couple.

However, the best time to have a synastry chart session is after a few dates when the relationship starts turning serious. Don't wait until you have moved into together. And don't wait until a week before the wedding. I wonder if the Royal Family ever had a synastry chart done for Prince Charles and Princess Diana and if they did, why did they ignore the red flags which we won't get into here?

For the sake of this short post, I'll give two sample synastry charts. The first one is for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, also known as The Wales and then a synastry chart for Camilla and Prince Charles. I won't be given an in depth gaze, but I'll be using the charts to show you how a synastry chart reading checks for compatibility. We will look examples of personal planet to personal planet aspects and personal planet to outer planet aspects. For example, we'll look at where each of the individual's Suns fall in each others' charts and then the aspects of outer planets to say a Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars. Then we'll look at house placements of each others' planets.

Confused? Read on.

First, here's the synastry chart for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Even though we know Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were no ordinary couple, for the sake of this post, let's just say that they were and they visited me as clients.

I would first comment on the chart's complexity and as you can see the aspects appear throughout the entire chart, not just a corner of it. This chart resembles a Spiral Graph!

Diana's Venus falls in Charles' 10th or Public House, she also has Ceres which is another female planet in Charles' 10th House, right next to Charles' Moon and North Node. Any personal or outer planet conjunct another person's Moon is fateful, then toss in the North Node into the mix, and there's no way these two would have not met.

Then just opposite with Charles' Fourth House of not only home and mother but also tradition and the homeland, Diana's Midheaven and Neptune fall in Charles' Fourth House.

Meanwhile, this is a busy and important House for Charles because he has his Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Chiron in this house and Vesta (another one of those female asteroids). He places a lot of emphasis on this house as he would coming from the tradition of the Royal family and his mother acting as the reigning Queen of England. Along comes Diana with her Neptune, playing the role of the lost girl or faerie tale princess and her Neptune conjunct Charles' Mercury in Scorpio so you can bet there are some secrets lying around, but mostly hidden under the carpet. So that's an example of an outer planet conjuncting a personal planet (Neptune and Mercury) in an angular House (4th House). Remember that angular houses represent the most important aspects of our lives (Individuality with the 1st House, Home with the 4th House, Partnerships with the 7th House and Career/Public Image with the 10th House).

So let's stick with the angular houses and look at Charles' 7th House. Now Charles personally doesn't have any planets in his 7th House, which bodes well for his time as a bachelor and I would expect Camilla to show up in the soulmate 8th House or possibly the 12th (hidden affairs). She does. But with the synastry chart for Charles and Diana, Diana's Jupiter falls on the cusps of Charles' 7th House and her Moon (Aquarius) falls on the end of Charles' 7th House. And eventually, Diana did seek freedom from the confines of the marriage and also expanded upon self-exploration and getting involved with radical causes which brought imbalance to the marriage. Remember the 7th House is ruled by Libra (balance and partnership). So there you have an example of how the houses work in a synastry chart too.

Princes Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles

So let's look at a synastry chart with Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. It will surprise you that this is a very private chart. Camilla is known for her privacy and staying out of the public spotlight. She was what the late Diana referred to as "the third person in the marriage."

Look at all the aspect lines in the left hand side of the chart, noting that houses 12 through 4 are private houses. However, Camilla's North Node falls in Charles' 10th House and Charles' North Node falls in Camilla's 10th House. This suggests two things--this is a fateful relationship, especially with the Ceres/Moon conjunction in the 10th next to the Charles' North Node--emotional, painful, and fateful, not to mention in the public eye.

Charles and Camilla share some causes, friends, groups, and interests in common with a Stellium of Camilla's planets landing in Charles' 11th House (natural ruler Aquarius) and they both have Uranus in their 11th Houses which we would expect since they were born a year apart from each other. Uranus is also going to shake things up, which this affair did do with the Royals. "What do to about that Camilla problem?"

I also like the fact that Charles and Camilla share an Ascendant in common, Leo and less than a minute apart! I've never seen a couple with the same Ascendant. North Node conjunct a Moon, Sun, Venus, or Mars also brings in that fated element. And if you're into past lives, take a look at the 12th House. In fact, let's do that since we have the chart here. (Are you having fun yet?)

Well, Camilla's experienced deja vu when she first met Charles since her Sun and Mercury fall in Charles' 12th House. Since Camilla even has a 12th House Sun and Mercury, she suffers from the invisible woman syndrome with little access to her Cancer energies. She's going to act out her Leo Ascendant which is dramatic, fiery, and not wanting to share the spotlight with Charles' younger wife. Camilla is not a simpering wallflower victim by any means and she is someone who knows how to play her cards well. She also has Pluto and Saturn in her First House of identity in Leo (she's powerful and authoritative and knows how to get her way, eventually). Saturn might delay the prize, but those who are patient reap rewards. I wouldn't mess with this woman.

Now, interestingly because Charles and Camilla both share an Ascendant and were born a year or so apart, Charles also has Pluto in his First House conjunct Ceres (which rules agriculture and nourishment, not to mention mothers/women). And isn't it interesting that Charles has been involved with organic agriculture and dealt with a bulimic wife in the past (two themes I associate with Ceres)?

I'm going to end my post here because I only wanted to give you examples of how an astrologer works with a synastry chart and it was fun using famous people as examples. I mean no disrespect to the people in the charts.

If you're in the dating phase and want to investigate compatibility with your partner, contact me for a synastry chart reading. For more information click on the Whole Astro tabs above or visit the Whole Astrology page at Metaphysics for Everyday Living. I do charge more for these charts because as you can see they are complex and crucial for practical astrology purposes.

If you would like me to make a video on these charts and topic, leave a comment below. Thank you.

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