Sunday, June 28, 2015

Solar Return for the Neptune Girl Wearing Spaceboots

Since I post charts of well-known people and historical figures on Whole Astrology and since I spend time reading charts of clients, I think it's only fair to post my chart. I decided to post my Solar Return chart for June 29, 2015. So in other words, I'm giving up some of my privacy to share my chart with others. It's to thank my clients for sharing their vulnerability with me.

I also add that I'm currently going through my Chiron Return and challenging Neptune transits which is why I'm pleased to see the Grand Fire Trine involving a SR Sagittarius Moon. You see I don't have any Fire in my birth chart so this is going to help me with getting my work out in the world.

With the dominant Neptune/Pisces in my chart as well as, my Sun and Mercury in Cancer, I have suffered through the role as the invisible woman. The Grand Fire Trine will change that, at least for the next 12 months. My last Solar Return Moon was in Leo which helped a bit. The Jupiter/Venus in Leo conjuncts my Progressed Sun in my 8th House. I'm hoping this is the year I have my big breakthrough as an author, intuitive coach and astrologer. When my ego gets involved I suffer from humiliation at my lack of popularity both on and offline. But we all have our demons to face, I suppose.

I'm also pleased that I don't have a Uranus-Pluto square in my Solar Return chart or a Saturn-Neptune square in the chart. Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are retrograde which means I'll have concentrated energies to help me work through my psychological and spiritual stuff. Pluto is still working me over in my First House where it will be for around 20 more years, Neptune transits in my Second and Uranus in my Third House of communications having me watch my words as not to tip over the apple cart.

When I added lines to Chiron in my chart I ended up with a new configuration, a mystical rectangle. I was pleased to see that configuration along with my Grand Water Trine and Kite. Yes, I have a T-Cross too and when planets transit in Mutable Signs, they ignite my T-Cross. Well, I look forward to more transformation.

On the downside, I'm concerned about the transiting Venus/Jupiter square to my Natal Jupiter in my 4th House because I've been in the process of manifesting a new home. And can someone with 6 planets in the Water Element, handle a Grand Fire Trine in a Solar Return? I'll find out soon enough. It's not just me either, I know at least two other women born on the same day and year as me, though most likely they either have a void-of-course or an Aquarius Moon and different Ascendants. They, as far as I know, do not follow astrology.

If you have any observations about my chart feel free to leave comments or e-mail me with the form on the right side of the blog. Remember that I am a vulnerable Cancerian so keep your comments on the kind and gentle side, especially since my Solar Return Mars is in Cancer. I might end up blowing lava and steam like ancient Vesuvius.

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