Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tip: Reaping Rewards from Astrological Transits

Earth & Mars, Wikipedia
Do what is required of you.  Specific transits ask for specific action.  With a Pluto transit, we lay low while keeping ourselves in the light as much as possible until the transformation completes itself.  Then we follow up with the appropriate action.  For instance, if we lose our home during this transformation, we take the required steps to clear away the old to make way for the new.

With a Neptune transit, we surrender and allow the old life to dissolve and so on.  We also heal addictions during flowing and even challenging Neptune transits.

While everyone loves trines, sextiles actually provide better opportunities because the tension that shows up forces us to take advantage of opportunities.  With Trines we take life circumstances and good fortune for granted, often not doing anything.

Squares force us to go inward and deal with inner tension.  Therapy helps.  Oppositions bring experiences, situations and people that oppose us.  Sharpen your sword, not to use against an opponent, but to use the sword of truth so we heal denial.

All transits bring rewards.  Some bring personal power while others bring a pleasant windfall or new love into our lives.  Also explore your dharma for this life and notice how the transits pave the way to achieving that dharma (life purpose).

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