Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Greyhounds of Change---Transits for the 1st Week of July 2014

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Last Saturday, I met a pack of greyhounds at the farmers market.  I learned that greyhounds are called hounds of the wind or wind hounds in German and we can associate this dog with air qualities.  Why am I bringing up greyhounds in conjunction with this week's transits? Because the answer my friend is truly blowing in the wind, as Bob Dylan (a Gemini) once sang.

On July 1, Mercury went direct in Gemini and just in time.  As our patience had worn thin due to delays in communication, slow mail, slow internet connections and lack of clarity, the quicksilver planet moves forward again.  Not, only that with its trine to the North Node in Libra, exact from the 3rd through 5th, fateful communication arrives now too or at least a fateful message that changes the direction of our lives.

Venus continues her transit in Gemini and Mars completes his transit in Libra so we experience stuff of the mind, such as our thinking style, diplomacy, and how we use words to shape our reality.  On July 7, Venus trines Mars with a 4 degree orb.  I believe that this trine opens up communication between men and women or our female and male sides of our psyche.  We create a balance between reflecting and attracting in contrast with inspired action.  The danger here, if there is one, is that we become lazy with our communication and assume the other person knows the meaning of our words.  With Mercury still wobbling forward, it's best to clarify words and intentions now.

We're still riding on the energies of the Cancer New Moon (June 27) and the Sun in Cancer.  My guess is that conversations this week revolve around the following themes: Motherhood, children, breasts, stomachs, food, nourishment, nutrition, work from the home, domestic help, real estate, houses, gardens and gardening, growing ones own food, canning, crafts, and food security. With Jupiter still in Cancer (until the 17th), now is a good time to change one's diet and daily routine to promote health and well-being, especially if certain foods cause allergies or depression.  But with Jupiter in Cancer, we have a tendency to overeat and this could cause harm to our stomachs.  Fortunately, Pluto in Capricorn will bring transformation in this area of our lives, unfortunately, through illness.

We start off the week with a water trine with the Sun and Neptune which causes us to explore our dreams and get creative.  Now is a good time to start writing that novel, write songs, poetry, screenplays or creative non-fiction. It's a good time to explore nightly dreams or daydream thus coming up with solutions that didn't come with the analytical process.  Albert Einstein was a Pisces who found many answers to problems through daydreaming.  Many inventions came from dreams or altered states of consciousness.  If anything watch a surreal movie by Federico Fellini or Luis Bunuel this week.  Cinema and music go down well this week, but watch out for escaping through addictions.  Some people will find themselves shopping for the perfect shoe or taking better care of their feet. Others will explore foot or breast fetishes...Yeah, not going there.

The Uranus-Pluto square continues with a 4 degree orb and an inconjunct (yield sign) to Saturn in Scorpio.  This means that we will experience the usual tension in the world with Saturn demanding more integrity.  Saturn and Uranus form a perfect inconjunct at 16 degrees in their respective signs and Venus pulls into a yod formation with Saturn and Uranus on the 5th through approximately the 9th, and a bit longer. Remember yods can bring frustration because the sextile runs into stop or yield signs from the inconjunct or apex planet in this case, Saturn.  Look at the houses where you have Aries, Gemini and Scorpio on the cusps and these are the areas of your life where the yod (though short-term) plays out.

This shows up as an itch to move forward, but annoying situations prevent you from moving forward.  However, yods are fateful and they slow events down for a reason, usually safety or bad timing for action.  The words Divine Order come to mind when dealing with yods.  Yes, they try our patience, but later we look back and tell ourselves, I'm glad I didn't act on that opportunity until I had my ducks in order.  Yods help us to get organized and reassess our intentions.

Finally, Saturn forms a trine with Chiron with both planets retrograde.  This means that we have success now bringing up childhood wounds or issues and accepting them. With Chiron we never experience a complete healing, but we do experience acceptance and integration.  With Saturn involved, I'm thinking we will be taming some shadows the first hot week of July.  We might do this by listening to songs from childhood, going over memories with siblings or other family members or watching movies from that era.  This does not imply that we get stuck in nostalgia, but take a Saturnian gaze at those situations and then let them go.  We might find, as I did, that we did experience good times as children.  They weren't all bad, our parents were kind to us and loved us the only way they knew how.  It's up to us to parent ourselves as adults and find healthy role models to help us with this.

As usual, there's a lot more going on the first week of July that I can address in a blog post.  However, if you want a personalized reading for this month and following months, sign up for a reading at Whole Music & Whole Astrology.  I'm offering discounts for Cancer Sun natives this month.

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