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More than Aphrodite--Venus and the Art of Relating

Yesterday I thought of relationships, dating, single people and Venus aspects in Natal Charts.  So often we equate Venus with sex, allure, charm and attraction.  And even though Venus represents the earth, women and ecology, the planet boils down to the art of relating.

For instance, how do we relate to the earth? How do we relate to ecology? How do we relate to women, sexuality, relationships and partnerships?  Venus possesses a two-sided face in that Taurus and Libra rule the planet, a grounded Earth Sign associated with cows and a Air Sign associated with diplomacy and indecision. Adding to this confusion and complexity, an astrologer looks for Venus energy with the actual planet and with the houses with Libra and Taurus on the cusps.  Taurus and Libra when aspected in a chart with a three degree orb or less form an inconjunct so the energy of each sign act as irritants to each other.

For the sake of this post, let's explore Venus in regard to romantic relationships and life partnerships.  Unless Venus falls in Aries, this planet forgoes the hunt and attracts through charm and magnetism.  Have you ever entered a room in the midst of a party or gathering where one person, man or woman appears to hold court? This person radiates attractive energy and others swarm to be near him or her.

And for the sake of my example, let's refer to a Venus signature woman. She doesn't arm herself with strategy or set out to conquer unless she has a Venus square Mars in her chart, but most likely she doesn't.  She simply attracts others by mirroring self-love and pleasure.  Someone with a well aspected Venus (exalted in Pisces, conjunct Jupiter or Sun in an agreeable Sign, Venus in a Trine especially with Jupiter, Sun or Moon and Venus in an angular House (1, 4, 7, 10), simply radiates charm, diplomacy and elegance.  If her Venus is Taurus-based than she exudes earthiness and sensuality.

With Venus-Neptune aspects, especially flowing aspects, we get magnetic actresses such as Audrey Hepburn with her Taurus Sun and Pisces Moon.  Who hasn't fallen under the spell of that enchanting actress?  The Venus-Neptune connection speaks volumes in the area of ethereal.  However, on the negative side, this combination leans towards addictions and escapism or relies too heavily on looks or charm.  She might not have the best survival skills and enters co-dependent relationships with Mars, Saturn and Pluto types in order to feel safe in the world.

Which brings me to harder aspects of Venus mainly the squares and oppositions to Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto.  If you have these aspects in your chart or a Grand Square with Venus, don't despair.  Ultimately these energies bring insights and wisdom that transform individual and collective lives.  However, we first must acknowledge the aspects in a Natal Chart and deal with them appropriately. Venus opposite Mars could relate to a battle of the sexes or a woman feeling like a male conquest.  Or Venus could play the role of peacemaker by saying no to collective aggression, violence and war then using her beauty and status to address those issues in public as a spokesperson for a non-profit or as a writer of self-help books for women and men (in the realm of relationships).

Venus opposite Mars, especially with one planet in Virgo could show up as the woman on a quest for the perfect mate and only discovering weak men.  This could also show up with a yod involving Venus or an Singleton Venus that falls in the 1st or 7th houses, I'm guessing.  The main problem with planet oppositions especially in the Natal Chart is that each person or energy represented projects shadows onto the other.  So the Venus woman carries this idea that she's not aggressive and her parents told her that aggression is inappropriate under all circumstances so she projects her aggressive side on the Mars energy or person representing that energy.

And if Pluto or Saturn comes on board in a square forming a T-Cross or even Grand Cross, then this woman could experience violence used against her by the Mars energy person.  This violence would come from an older or authoritative person such as a parent or boss (Saturn).  With Mars it could come from a cop or military person.  I mention these scenarios as probabilities and I certainly don't want anyone to dwell on the scenarios and manifest them.

Donna Cunningham writes about the Venus-Uranus aspects on her blog Sky Writer.  Her writing is the best I've seen and she gives celebrities as examples.  So I'll send you to Donna's post.  Then she'll refer to several more on the topic which I recommend reading.

For those of you still single and not enjoying the world of dating, take a look at your Natal Chart and explore your Venus aspects.  Look for the Sign and House for your Natal Venus and all the aspects to other planets and even asteroids if you want to go in depth.  Look for yods, Grand Squares, T-Squares, Grand Trines and other configurations.  If you have a Singleton Venus read my post on this topic.  Also check out Venus by Sign.

Venus is the place in our charts and lives where we light up the world through personal magnetism. We all have our own signature and Venus expression based on our individual Natal Charts.  However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Venus represents Gaia and ecology too.  When we learn how to love the earth and take care of her, we practice self-love and live in balance.  Venus ruled by Taurus and Libra to me suggests living in balance on the planet and beyond, if we include Neptune.  Venus isn't just about relating to women, but relating to the Divine Feminine in everyone, male or female.  She even reminds us to not over identify with gender especially if Uranus is involved and to apply integrity and discipline to our daily routine if Saturn plays a role (think skin care).

I cringe every time I read a superficial article on Venus and pop astrology doesn't interest me anyway.  Let the tweens read pop astrology and adults focus on deeper meanings of the cosmos.  Sure, Venus represents that part of our life that revolves around beauty and attraction.  The cosmetic industry thrives on Venus energy and would not exist without Venus, ditto for the fashion industry and even some healthcare such as cosmetic surgery or breast enhancement (though I suspect the Moon is involved with breast enhancement).

With Venus energy we can either skirt on the superficial shoreline or we can dive into a deeper ocean of consciousness.  It's your choice.  But just like Venus shines her graces upon you, she also curses through addiction and superficial escapes such as following celebrity gossip or suffering from an eating disorder influenced by super model images (especially if Neptune is involved).  Ideal beauty and inner beauty are not the same.  One leads down a path of self-abuse and the other self-love.

Still with any planetary aspect, there are no victims here, just people not willing to take responsibility for themselves through liberation from mass consciousness.  There is no right or wrong way to be in the world, just your way to reside in the world, and hopefully you seek authenticity.  Sure that lady at the party who resembles a queen bee in a hive still has to deal with the darker side of attraction.  She knows her body is aging, she fears that if she removes her makeup, expensive dress and high heels that others will ignore her and she's still on quest for self-love.

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