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Fiery Red Planet in the Scorpion Den--Mars Transit in Scorpio

As always, I am witnessing potential for planetary transformation happening with upcoming transits.  We stand at the crossroads of either bringing more fear to the planet or expanding our love by discovering our truth.  As Mars transits into Scorpio on July 27th, we leave the world of diplomacy and repressed emotions and allow our passions to soar.

The main obstacle we encounter as we expand our consciousness during this time is that Mars transits into a Fixed Sign and eventually squares Jupiter in the Fixed Sign Leo (around August 19th).  Oddly, Mars and Jupiter still offer us an opportunity to pursue our truth with passion and to expand our consciousness by expressing what we love. So are we going to still focus upon what we despise? Why do we do this? Why do we focus on darkness when we can also focus on light?

Granted, Mars in Scorpio takes penetrating gazes into darkness, but only to discover the wounds deep inside us.  Mars brings us courage to delve into those hidden places and to bring healing. Mars also brings us drive, passion and energy required to deep dive into the subconscious sea, and even the collective unconscious.  Mars also acts as a real fireball here for good or ill because the planet's energy experiences liberation from Libra where it languished for over 7 months.  And some astrologers interpreted Mars in Libra as peace-making even though we have seen just the opposite scenario played out across the planet with violence from humanity and weather too.  It's as if repressed Mars threw tantrums because it was not able to express itself fully.  Mars in Scorpio acts like the spiritual warrior out to uncover darkness in the world, but finds that darkness in his own heart.  When Mars joins up with Saturn in August, we bring discipline to our deep sea diving.  Either that or we come up against our own inner authority which plays out in the outer world through violent acts, though I hope we can finally move past the violence.

I already covered the Jupiter transit in Leo so I'm not going into that again.  However, think of the potential of expanding heart consciousness on the planet.  When Jupiter aligns with Uranus in a trine in mid-August, we have the potential of shifting reality on the planet from fear-based to love-based by realizing that our oppressors are wounded individuals caught in a collective trance.  They are in fact, loyal to their beliefs and their immense greed, which stems from you guessed it, fear.  And what good is it for us to point our fingers at "tyrants throwing tantrums" when we have our own healing to do?  They can only reflect in the outer world what exists in all of us.  We are only responsible for our personal growth and that's the lesson here.

So let's look at Mars in Scorpio as it transits through the 12 Houses:

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the First House--Watch out for sudden fevers, headaches, migraines caused by overwork and over ambition.  Slow down or you'll injure yourself bumping into walls or crashing cars.  Take care of your body and stop pushing it so hard.  On the plus side, Mars in Scorpio transiting through the First House brings us confidence and a feeling that we can save the planet.  Some folks feel childish, some feel childlike and some remember that it's better to experience innocence than cynicism.  This placement brings us drive, courage and passion to move forward.  Children act up with this placement.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Second House--Wants to explore sensual experiences and use his or her talents to earn money in the material world.  Some people experience a boost of confidence and some people experience a windfall after ruthlessly clearing away the old.  Though Mars doesn't feel like starting anything new when its in a Fixed Sign and would rather solidify and ground work already under way.  People with this transit might feel lazy like sleeping all day.  This might not be a bad thing, if the bills have been paid.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Third House--Forceful communication could set many folks off now.  Mars in the Third House in Scorpio doesn't trust the beliefs and opinions of others so seems ripe for a debate.  Only the the opponent fails to get a word in edgewise.  People with this placement provoke through violent images and words. They appear vulgar and impulsive in communication and think that they already know it all as they dismiss their teachers.  On the plus side, Mars in Scorpio in the 3rd House bodes well for investigative journalism, talk radio (allow the guest to speak in turn) and documentary film making.  Activists also enjoy this placement as they uncover the dirt of their "enemy".  Just don't gloat because then you lose the thread.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Fourth House--If you find yourself in a domestic violence situation, walk away or sneak out of the house and seek shelter.  Most people will not experience direct violence in their homes, but will experience it indirectly from reading or listening to the news.  You will want to clear this heavy energy out of your space or you could feel ill from it.  On the plus side, you can uncover sources of mold, insect infestation, and plumbing problems and solve those problems now. We can also discover dishonesty in the household and heal those problems too.  Anything we swept under the rug, reappears now.  Deal with problems and transform the home front.  If you're moving into a new home, investigate the home for water damage, mold, insects and other problems that could creep up down the road. During this transit, it's not a good time to buy a home.  Wait until Mars moves into Sagittarius this autumn.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Fifth House--Some folks with this transit will feel the impulse to gamble.  Refrain from gambling at this time or suffer the consequences.  Mars in Scorpio uncovers information about people in arts, sports and entertainment that we would rather not know.  The arts also take on a darker tone even with artists who normally focus on lighter topics.  This is temporary and the artists will return to the lighter topics when Mars transits into Sagittarius in mid-September.  In fact, Mars races through Scorpio spending less than two months in the sign.  However, when Mars is transiting in Scorpio in the 5th House children with this placement might suffer from depression (which passes in a few weeks) or they question the darker side of life.  On the other hand, having Mars in Scorpio has us delving into mysteries, ghost stories, etc for the fun of it.  Pull out those Nancy Drew mysteries.

Archangel Michael, Wikpedia
Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Sixth House--We find out now that much of the reason we choose to serve the world is based on ego and not heart-based emotions.  Or we find that we suddenly have more energy to pursue our service and daily work.  We discover subconscious reasons (along with the 8th House) why we sabotage our work and through energy healing release these patterns of behavior.  Pets could die at this time or undergo transformation.  Health issues pose problems so see a doctor.  Transformation occurs in the workplace so go with the flow.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Seventh House--Relationships grow hot and steamy with this transit.  Trust becomes and issue so don't play the field or hurt your partner by having an affair.  Secrets in partnerships (business and romantic) reveal themselves and much healing can come from confessions now.  Along with the 8th House we can heal the reasons behind self-sabotage and impulsive behavior.  For people with solid partnerships, now is the time to take those relationships to a deeper more passionate level.  Support each other as you pursue dreams.  Also remember to take deep breaths when anger erupts as it could under this aspect.  Don't hang onto rigid ideas.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Eighth House--People experiencing this transit set out to solve the world's mysteries, but better yet, delve into the subconscious and solve personal mysteries.  Soul mates show up as teachers but take us to dark places so that we finally glimpse the light.  We ruthlessly pursue truth in all areas of our lives.  This is the Persephone transit into Hades realm where we unearth true inner power.  Shamans love this transit or placement in their Natal charts for it takes a shaman's strength and wisdom to thrive here.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Ninth House--In the publishing industry we witness more aggressive books or books relishing the patriarchal model (war, territory, competition) arriving in the marketplace.  An interests in adventure-thrillers grows and sales soar which expands further (unfortunately, I don't like this genre) when Mars transits into Sagittarius in September.  Higher Education also reveals the old energies bumping up against New Thought and philosophies fall on the darker mysterious side.  Getting into a university feels more competitive than usual or more competitive in achieving higher grades.  People feel suspicious of books, professors and religious leaders.  But then Mars rolls into Sagittarius in September and we all take a deep breath.  Whew!

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Tenth House--This is another aspect that bodes well for shamans and energy healers.  Doctors uncover diseases more successfully now.  We uncover unconscious urges that sabotage us on our career path and in public life.  Scandals erupt for those folks who have not practiced integrity.  This is the you can run, but you cannot hide aspect that makes or breaks a career.  We might also discover secrets about our boss, but refrain from gloating.

Forgiveness and compassion are keys with all of the Mars in Scorpio transits and by practicing forgiveness we expand love consciousness in the world.  Please don't use these transits to get revenge on someone or preach "an eye for an eye" mentality.  That's 3rd Dimension behavior.  With elections coming up in the US, investigate the candidates before casting votes.  Public images often cover up the real story underneath.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Eleventh House--Again this energy bodes well for investigative journalism and reporting.  Though we might not trust others who we mistake for spies during this transit. And in fact, a little discernment goes a long ways.  People might find their soul tribes now and their soul purpose for residing on the planet at this time.  Refrain from joining any group rants or adopting cynical beliefs of your peers. The darkest hour appears before a radiant dawn and make sure you arrive without a hangover from digesting too many toxins, energetic or otherwise.

Mars in Scorpio Transit in the Twelfth House--With this transit we hear about reforming hospitals, mental facilities and prisons. We see compassion and forgiveness in action that allow people to ascend over troubled waters.  For some reason the image of a warrior-Buddhist comes to mind. I hear the words, "balance light and dark" and by doing this we discover the truth of the Divine in each of us.  We receive spiritual awareness messages through dance, music, photography and cinema.  And those who have hit the bottle or drugs too many times reach a crossroads where true healing begins, if they choose.

The Mars in Scorpio transit begins on July 27 and ends on September 14.  I don't believe that makes this transit any less significant than the long Mars in Libra transit.  Both Mars and Scorpio possess power of greater magnitude that would quickly burn us out if this transit lasted the usual two months.  Mars a Cardinal Sign transits in Scorpio, a Fixed Sign so you can play around with those qualities and see what transpires.  Mars feels at home in Scorpio, its traditional ruler, but gets out of hand when we forget to apply discernment and caution.  We always have the choice of love or fear. Ask yourself in every situation that you encounter during the passionate transit, "What would love do?"

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