Thursday, July 17, 2014

Astrological Forecast for the 4th Week of July--Changing Guards

No rest for the weary this week as Saturn goes Direct, Uranus goes Retrograde, the Sun transits into Leo and Mars finally transits into Scorpio, leaving the Cardinal Sign, Libra where he's resided since last autumn.  Whew!

As we adjust to Jupiter transiting into Leo after its 12-month stay in Cancer, Mercury and Venus entering Cancer, and a powerful Super Full Moon in Capricorn during the past week, we look forward to Saturn going Direct, Uranus going retrograde with the Sun and Mars leaving Cardinal Signs for Fixed Signs.  So let's do our usual breakdown.

When the Sun leaves Cancer and transits into Leo for approximately 28 days, we stop exploring our emotions and other Cancer-related themes, and find our heart center (that is if we don't get caught up in ego traps).  With the Sun in his own sign, we all look for ways to shine now or we might just worship the Sun.  We see stories about the Sun or celebrities that catch our attention more than usual.  We might even feel like celebrities ourselves or want to at least celebrate ourselves.  Just remember that when we practice generosity with ourselves, we can outflow this generosity to others without strings attached.

The polar opposite of Leo is Aquarius the eccentric humanitarian so we see a bit of that coming through too. We might also see with Jupiter also in Leo and Mercury soon heading into Leo, celebrities such as Madonna or Mick Jagger grabbing the headlines (they're both Leo) or maybe Robert Redford will appear in the international news.  The world feels like a stage but make sure that there's substance behind the drama because there's nothing worst than everyone starting their own reality TV show.  Next...

Consequently, introverted types could feel like they are auditioning to star in their own lives.  Time to shine folks, work on building confidence in yourselves and speak louder than usual.  If you're feeling like a wallflower, now is the time to try something new, go on an adventure, dye your hair, buy a new dress or jeans, wear makeup or flirt with your neighbor.  When the Sun and Jupiter dance in Leo, we all enjoy our 15 minutes of fame even if we have a bad mane day.

Fireball Mars finally escapes his Libra prison and heads into his traditional sign, Scorpio.  Aries and Mars types will feel the most relief from this situation.  Finally, passion and a pioneering spirit return, but don't lash out at others in violence or aggression.  When Mars transits in Libra, the planet suffers repression which some astrologers are saying shows up as a volatile and impatient Mars.  Certainly, we have seen that happening on the world stage.  When Mars in Libra the energy feels pent up like its forced to play the role of the diplomat which is not congruent with this planet.

Mars also moves out of a pushy Cardinal Sign into sexy Scorpio.  However, Scorpio falls under the Fixed quality which means people don't budge under this energy.  So it's probably not a good time to get into debates since neither side will listen to the other.  Mars will go on some investigation and this could be a good time for research.  What kind of research? That depends on where Mars lands in your Natal Chart during this transit.  If Mars falls in the 10th House then research career matters such as employers.  If Mars falls in the 4th House, investigate homes before moving into them.  Otherwise you might experience buyer's or renter's remorse.

Saturn goes Direct on July 20th which technically is the 3rd week of July, but Saturn is a slow mover and contracts what it touches so we won't feel the energy right away.  However, when Saturn goes forward, this planet's energy asks us take responsibility for our lives, come from a place of integrity and be willing to put in the hours and effort it takes to succeed.  Saturn moves slowly but has its eyes on the long-term future.  Draw up your plans now with realistic eyes.  While Saturn isn't much of a dreamer, this planet brings necessary steps to achieving even Neptune's wildest dreams.

The downside of Saturn going direct is that anyone not practicing integrity, will experience the blank hitting the fan. There could be some harsh lesson in this area for anyone trying to get ahead the easy way by stepping on other people's backs or acting unethical.  With Mars going into Scorpio and a conjunction coming up with Mars and Saturn (August), anyone's ethics or lack of ethics will make its rounds.  Meaning, you can run, but you can't hide under this powerful conjunction.  If you have been acting dishonest, now is the time to come clean before Mars and Saturn do the job for you.

Saturn rewards and punishes, with Mars involved, issues with children and parents or childish adults will come up on the personal and global levels.  Issues revolving around education, authority, and reinventing education (Uranus goes retrograde) will be on our minds and on our screens.  Aggressive or violent acts by children or young adults also hit the radar and this could do with our own dark projections onto youth.  We could also see health issues to do with face, head, teeth, skin, bones and connective tissue or some strange disease affecting these body parts.  Get enough calcium and minerals while also moisturizing skin.  Lack of collagen could be an issue for older folks.  We could see an increase in accidents resulting in head injuries and broken bones, though the effect weakens with Uranus going (accidents) retrograde on July 23rd, the same day the Sun moves into Leo.

Finally, Uranus goes RX and this calms all those sudden surprises we've experienced in the past 6+ months.  However, the downside is that with Pluto and Uranus RX, we won't feel that extra push to make changes in our lives.  We could feel after a few months that our feet are stuck in the mud or that our lives have stagnated.  Life could seem calmer, but dull too.  Also with both planets RX, Uranus tightens his square with Pluto so by the end of November, Uranus square Pluto exact again!  By that point, Pluto is actually Direct (September 22nd or Equinox) and Uranus changes directions in December, giving us a transformational and shifting holiday season.  But we'll get to this later.  

By the end of July, only 4 planets remain in Cardinal Signs, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto which comes as a relief to people with Cardinal planets in their Natal Charts.  And Mercury zooms into Leo on August 1st with Venus following in pursuit, July 13th.  Bummer for Cancerians, but Leos will celebrate.

There is a lot more going on than these transits the final week of July.  If you would like to see where these transits land in your Natal Chart, book a reading with me.  I give both local and long-distance readings.  You can find details on my Whole Astrology page at  Contact me through the form on the Home page.  I look forward to reading your stars for you.

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