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Lofty Jupiter Rolls into Royal Leo--A Gaze at Jupiter in Leo for 12 Houses

While Jupiter spent the last 12 months in Cancer, we reflected on self-nurturing, nourishing ourselves and others and most likely, motherhood.  We reflected our needs in other people and some reciprocated. Now, with Jupiter in Leo for the next 12 months, we get to the heart of the matter.  In fact, the highest level of Jupiter in Leo is heart expansion and all that suggests.  The downside of Jupiter in Leo is encountering overinflated egos, which upon reflection points at wounded hearts.

First, let's take a look at Jupiter and its themes.  Jupiter ruled by Sagittarius and traditionally, Pisces, promotes higher education, higher learning of the spiritual kind, academia, professors, adventurers, athletes along with Aries, religion, idealism, philosophy and publishing.  Archangel Uriel also represents these realms.  Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th House in an astrological chart.

The planet is large and gaseous and this is where astrologers come up with the idea that Jupiter expands what it touches through aspects and transits in an astrology chart.  Jupiter takes 12 years to transit through a Zodiac sign so we say that Jupiter rules a 12 year cycle that is congruent with Chinese Astrology.  And in fact, when we celebrate the year of our Chinese symbol such as Year of the Dragon, we also celebrate our Jupiter Return.  The other highlights are when Jupiter crosses our Ascension Sign/First House, arrives at our 10th House or Mid-Heaven or conjuncts our Moon and Sun Signs.  Some people experience a run of Jupiter if they have a stellium of planets in the sign Jupiter currently transits or have a string of planets in adjacent signs, such as Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo...That feels like winning the lottery and if these folks play their cards right, they truly feel blessed in the areas of their lives those signs represent.

Wikipedia Leo the Lion
While we put in much effort to reap Saturn's rewards, Jupiter blesses us automatically.  True, we must watch our thoughts and beliefs more carefully during Jupiter transits because manifestation seems instantaneous.  We also watch for a tendency towards laziness and inflated egos since Fire Sign planets bring on those qualities if we're not mindful.  However, for anyone wanting to complete college degrees or get higher training for a new profession, Jupiter brings blessings in those areas, and even brings us teachers during the time of the transit.  Book publishing is an option too as are teaching opportunities for those further along on their paths.

Now, let's look at Leo, a Fixed Fire Sign that rules the heart and the spine. The Leo planet is the Sun or center. Words and themes we associate with Leo include: Royalty, kings, queens, courage or cowardliness, the Cowardly Lion, lions, lion heart, heart chakra, heart expansion, generosity (especially combined with Jupiter), creativity, drama, theater, ego, reality television, 15 minutes of fame, hair (manes), hairstyles, glittery clothing (along with Aquarius), yellow, orange, gold, treasures, jewelry, awards, celebrities, rock stars, Hollywood, the film industry, Broadway, any theater troupe, musicals, castles, and banquets.

Now combine the themes of Leo with Jupiter and this will give you an idea of the themes that will play out for the next 12 months.  Next, we'll look at Jupiter in Leo in the 12 Houses.  But first, I predict that we'll witness heart research, heart transplants, strange stories around heart transplants, heart disease, nutrition for a healthy heart, exercise, dietary supplements for a healthy heart, physical fitness, opening of the heart chakra and heart expansion, aerobic exercise, and we'll witness love verses fear as heart verses ego.  Our challenge then is to expand our heart energies because according to Gregg Braden, the heart energy is 100 times more magnetic than the brain's energy.  This leads me to believe that the heart which connects to the soul is our true life force.  Sad, that in our culture we place more emphasis on the brain and ego.

Rolly-Polly Jupiter, Wikipedia
First House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits over the Ascension Sign and into the First House, we focus on our physique.  We worry about the bodily image we present to the world and what others think about us.  We also have a tendency to over glorify our bodies and get caught in our egos.  This is where we find fitness maniacs and muscled men and women showing off their abs. But this is also an opportunity to develop confidence and courage as well as, to play like a child.  Don't spend too much time on the outer physical and get in touch with the wounded child then heal him or her.  This could also represent a time of rebirth from wallflower to belle of the ball.  Emergence is a key word and look for new beginnings with dynamic energy behind them. Where's your sense of royalty or loyalty?

Second House:

Let your spirit and talent shine.  When Jupiter transits in Leo in the 2nd House, we develop hidden and obvious talent.  Even if we don't make concerted efforts, other people notice our talents and might pay us well for them.  This is also a time when assets such as money in the bank account expands and we feel blessed in a variety of ways.

The downside comes if we don't believe in our talents and join a pity party.  Less confident people could act like victims and play out epic-proportion dramas that drain others.  Best to focus on the positive and the gifts you have to share with the world. Remember the world is your stage so get out there and show them what you got.

Third House:

Oh, you want to communicate in largess.  You talk, talk and talk because you have so much to say and everything you say develops a greater importance (in your own mind).  Here we have the overindulgent radio hosts who don't allow guests get a word in edgewise.  We get the cliche, "Enough about me, let's talk more about me."  Children act up because they feel they're the center of the universe.  Why? Because Mommy or Daddy told them so.  We bandy the words "creative" and "imagination" around and everyone wants a chance at Ted Talks or landing a guest spot on a radio show.

In the realm of education, children speak up, even out of turn.  Everyone wants to play with words or language.  But if we go with the higher mind, we can use this transit to open hearts through clear and heartfelt communication.  We follow our passions and communicate those passions to the world through the media.  If you have something to share, blog it, but open your heart to listen to others.  True communication involves both speaking and listening.  Respect your teachers in what ever guise they appear.  This could be a time of learning for the heart.

Fourth House:

You are the king or queen of your castle so you'll probably want to set some boundaries or create a set of house rules.  This is a good expansive time to spend with family or partners as long as you keep your ego in check.  The home benefits during this transit through redecoration or a complete overhaul but watch expenses since they can get out of hand.   Women might feel the urge to mother their children without their partner's help.  Think of the lioness and her cubs.  People fiercely guard their homes and possessions too.  The mothering role in general takes on more power and motherhood  seems more glamorous than usual.

Fifth House: 

Oh, you want to gamble and take risks in the area of romance.  Good time for actors and artists to get their work out in the world. Take a chance on that audition or gallery submission.  Create and play with your imagination.  Now is the year to get on stage and show what you've got.  On the downside, watch out for dangerous love affairs because people do get hurt.  Don't gamble your savings just because you ran into a streak of lady luck.  Get physically fit by joining a sports team or taking up a sport.  You feel like a winner.

Sixth House:

Take care of your heart health.  Get a check up, exercise, and eat a clean diet.  Stay away from toxic people who can drain you of your heart energy and join a meditation group.  As far as the daily work environment, watch that you don't act like a tyrant to employees or co-workers.  If you freelance, keep your ego in check or burn bridges which you'll pay dearly when Jupiter transits into Virgo next summer.  On the plus side, now is the time to adopt a pet who opens your heart chakra and teaches you the true meaning of love.

Seventh House:

Partnerships get a boost under the Jupiter in Leo transit.  Everyone appears more attractive and glittery than usual, but watch out for clashes of ego.  Use this transit to heal broken hearts and to clear up communication with partners.  Communicate from the heart and learn the true meaning of cooperation, sharing and partnership.  Solid relationships expand while shallow relationships hit the dust.  However, all relationships teach us lessons of the heart so in that we gain wisdom.  Ditto for business partnerships.  It's all about love, right?

Eight House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits into the 8th House, we have the opportunity to delve into our deepest psychology and heal our wounded hearts/souls.  We visit shamans, psychoanalysts, life coaches while delving deeper into the metaphysical world.  We feel blessed with the resources, teachers and healers that arrive in our lives through sheer luck or synchronicity.  We might walk away from material wealth to find our spiritual calling or balance our spiritual calling with material life.  Either way, Jupiter in Leo transiting through the 8th House promises an awakening.  A true soul mate could also appear bringing more wisdom and healing.

Ninth House:

Take advantage of one of three things while Jupiter in Leo travels through the 9th House: Publish a book, travel the world, get a higher degree or all three.  Jupiter has returned home with sparkling Leo to light the doorstep. Opportunities for higher education show up in acceptance to schools, scholarships and esteemed teachers.  Those of you who work in the areas of religion, travel, publishing etc receive promotions or boosts in income or public esteem. Got something to tell the world, publish a book then do a book tour.  Also people in high places lend a hand. You have the world on a string.

Tenth House:

The watchwords for when Jupiter in Leo transits through the 10th House are career and public recognition. Everyone is watching you, for good or bad.  When Jupiter rolls into Saturn's house, we must move carefully and with integrity.  Reputations are made or destroyed during this transits.  People exaggerate our words and our actions so keep this in mind.  Take full responsibility for your choices and think of the Highest Good for all people and creatures.  Think of yourself as a king with a loyal following.  Mistreat the masses and they might just crucify you.  On the other hand, expect raises, career moves up the ladder and success for previous hard work.  You feel like you're in the right place at the right time so doors of opportunity fly open.

Eleventh House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits through the House of Friends and Colleagues, networking pays off big time.  However, don't just cram marketing down people's throats.  Mean what you say and practice sincerity because people know when you're genuinely interested in or if you're just using them.  Join groups on social media and engage people in dialogue.  Remember to listen as much as express.  You make new friends now and it's up to you to develop those contacts.  All of a sudden you feel like the life of the party and others swarm around you like bees.  If you have a message to spread, do it now.

Twelfth House:

When Jupiter in Leo transits through the 12th House, you could feel like the Sun has been drained out of you or you find the Sun draining.  This is a time of exhaustion and feelings of turning inward to find your heart-center.  Share your spiritual wisdom with the world, but don't fall into traps of delusions or narcissism.  Stay grounded through meditation and yoga.  You could emerge from this transit as a true spiritual teacher or a corrupted guru that leads the masses towards doom.  Spirituality and speaking with spirits from other realms acts as a lifeline, but don't lose yourself in those other realms unless you're ready to ascend permanently.

This could also be a time of escapism through drugs and alcohol, or getting caught up with a toxic guru that leads to co-dependency.  Remember that you are your own spiritual authority and connect to the Divine within you.

Well, there you go.  If you would like help with your Jupiter Transit for the upcoming year, I give astrology readings in-person or via long distance reports.  Sign up at Whole Music & Whole Astrology.  Details are on my Whole Astrology page.

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